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The official J.P. Morgan Asset Management webconference channel for UK Advisers, Wealth Manager and Paraplanners lets you stay up-to-date with our fund range, the investment markets and major issues currently confronting investors.

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Bitesize update: JPM US Equity Income Fund Fiona Harris, Client Portfolio Manager Join Fiona Harris, client portfolio manager for the JPM US Equity Income Fund, as she discusses how the fund’s focus on high quality companies, with sustainable dividend yields, can provide an ideal way for your clients to share in the attractive long-term returns from the US stock market. Read more >
Oct 8 2015 8:30 am
30 mins
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  • The recent turbulence in global markets has highlighted the increasing difficulty for investors to generate attractive returns without having to weather higher volatility. Hear Talib Sheikh, JPM Multi-Asset Macro Fund portfolio manager, discuss how the fund exploits global macro trends with a flexible and dynamic multi-asset portfolio that aims to generate positive returns in different market conditions.
  • Chinese markets have experienced a volatile summer, starting with a sharp domestic A-share market sell-off in June, spilling over into the offshore Chinese and Asian markets. This was followed by concerns around China’s potential exit from its supportive measures for the A-share markets, weaker than expected macro data and finally the People’s Bank of China’s (PBOC) decision to weaken the yuan reference rate in mid-August. Throughout this period the Chinese government’s response has been deemed as disjointed and inadequate, and consequently, policymakers have lost some credibility with investors in their ability to support the market. Whilst the presence of imbalances in the Chinese economy and slowing nominal GDP growth have been widely acknowledged, recent events have raised concerns about the risks of a ‘hard landing’. Given this challenging backdrop Shumin Huang, co-portfolio manager for the JPMorgan Chinese Investment Trust, will share her views on the market and how this has impacted portfolio positioning. Audience dial in
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  • Hear Hannah Sparrow, JPM Multi-Asset Income Fund client portfolio manager, as she discusses how the fund draws upon the global resources of J.P. Morgan Asset Management to seek out the best risk-adjusted yielding securities across geographies, asset classes, and the capital structure.
  • Fears over global growth, particularly in China, and the potential for rising interest rates in the US look to have spooked global equity markets. After falling nearly 6% last week, their biggest weekly decline in over four years, global markets continued their rout into what is now being referred to as ‘Black Monday’. With the Dow-Jones industrial average opening down 1,089 points, the largest single point loss ever during a trading day. With some markets showing signs of recovery on Tuesday investors will be no doubt concerned about the recent moves and whether the recovery will continue. To put all this in context please join Stephanie Flanders, Chief Market Strategists for Europe to discuss the latest market movements Stephanie will be joined by Talib Sheikh, portfolio manager in Multi-Asset Solutions, who will discuss the impact of recent market moves on the team’s macro views and implications for a multi-asset investor.

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  • George Iwanicki, our dedicated Emerging Market (EM) Equity Strategist, will host his regular EM Strategy webconference which draws heavily on the discussions we have in the Emerging Market and Asia Pacific Equities Team in weekly macro calls, monthly asset allocation meetings and the output of proprietary top down models. The presentation will cover both the strategic, long-term asset allocation opportunities as well as key ideas from our tactical models.

    Don't miss this opportunity to hear from our emerging market specialist and put forward your questions.

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  • Since September 2014, the Shanghai Composite had risen +131.1% to its most recent peak on 12 June 2015, but has now fallen -28.2% (as of July 9) from this high over the last 3 weeks.

    Listen to Tai Hui, Chief Market Strategist Asia, and Lilian Leung, our dedicated China A-shares Portfolio Manager, Sherene Ban, Client Portfolio Manager, to share their insights on the Chinese equity markets, in particular what has been happening with China A-shares.

    The discussion focuses on the following topics:
    • China A shares' recent correction and the policy response from Beijing
    • Is the rally over? If not, how should investors be positioned for China's long term growth themes
    • From a portfolio manager’s perspective: What are the opportunities and challenges investing in volatile markets such as this?
  • Join Stephanie Flanders, as she provides an interactive market update in her upcoming Market Insights webconference.

    Stephanie will explore the key trends and themes that have been shaping global markets including:
    •Greece – events have taken a dramatic turn, what are the likely implications?
    •Volatility is probably here to stay and is often being magnified by a lack of liquidity.
    •European fixed income – sell-off has helped reverse some of the negative yield, but the search for yield has not gone away
    •Europe – faster growth is now feeding through to higher corporate earnings.
    •US equities – run has continued and there are suggestions of some form of correction
    •Japanese stock market has been one of the best performing developed markets in the first half of 2015.

    This call will qualify you for 45 minutes of Structured CPD accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI).

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  • Join Emily Whiting, client portfolio manager and Leon Eidelman portfolio manager for the JPM Emerging Markets and JPM Emerging Markets Income Fund bitesize webconference, on Tuesday 16 June at 09:30 as they discuss the emerging markets environment in 2015, our portfolio positioning and why this asset class continues to be one that long-term investors shouldn't ignore.

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  • Hear Neil Gregson, manager of the JPM Natural Resources Fund, and James Sutton, client portfolio manager, as they discuss how the fund is position to benefit from a diversified exposure to the commodities sector.

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  • Join Stephanie Flanders, chief market strategist for UK and Europe, and Stephen Macklow-Smith, portfolio manager in the European Equity team as they discuss how the results of the UK general election will potentially impact financial markets.

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