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Insights and perspectives on frontier markets

We are specialist investment managers focused on Africa and the Middle East.

We strongly believe that ‘the world is turning upside down’ from a economic perspective. Europe is mature. Asia is reclaiming its dominance. Africa and the Middle East are reopening to the global investor. The Silk route has been reestablished - hence the name of our company.

Silk Invest was established to harness this grand long term investment opportunity.

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2012, The year of moving towards the Frontiers (2pm GMT) Zin Bekkali, Baldwin Berges Silk Invest presents its investment outlook for 2012.

Silk Invest is an investment manager, specialized in the markets of Africa, the Middle East and Frontier Asia.

This presentation will cover Silk Invest's views on the following themes:

1. Continued two-speed world
2. Frontier equity Markets are expected to recover lost ground
3. Potential double digit equity returns and similar picture on bond side
4. Painful de-leveraging in developed world has limited impact on frontiers
5. Year of political clean-up
6. A year with low inflation with biggest falls in rates within frontier regions
7. Continued low volatility profiting from low correlation
8. Flows to frontier regions are at historical lows

The central investment theme for this year is that the political upheaval that marked 2011 will eventually fade away while investors return to fundamentals and increase their allocations to frontier markets.
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Jan 18 2012
22 mins
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