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IT Project Management

  • Rescue Your Service Desk with Advanced ITSM Superpowers
    Rescue Your Service Desk with Advanced ITSM Superpowers
    George Spalding, Executive Vice President, Pink Elephant Recorded: Nov 15 2018 58 mins
    Are you sensing that your service desk might be in trouble? There are many threatening issues out there that can wipe out your team if you aren’t careful. But, there are also many evolving ITSM strategies you can incorporate into your service arsenal to become a real hero for your team.

    In this webinar, get lessons directly from the spectacled IT crusader George Spalding, executive vice president at Pink Elephant. You will learn about future service desk superpowers you can use to boost performance like:

    •Enhancing vision with intelligent service KPI reporting
    •Increasing strength with iterative process design
    •Running faster with superior service automation processes
    •Increasing agility by incorporating lean practices

    We look forward to seeing you on the webinar!

    Speaker Info:

    George Spalding,
    Executive Vice President, Pink Elephant

    In addition to co-authoring the ITIL® V3’s Continual Service Improvement core volume, George Spalding was honored with the 2012 Ron Muns Lifetime Achievement Award from HDI and is one of the world’s most insightful and engaging IT Service Management and Support experts. In addition to his extensive commitment to moving the industry forward, George spent several years as a consultant to the White House on technical presentations and White House conferences. He also coordinated technical presentations for members of the President's cabinet, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. George is an ITIL Expert, the highest level in the ITIL certification program, is a regular author of IT articles and white papers, and a frequent presenter at global IT conferences and events.
  • It’s Time to Rethink IT Self-Service: How to Improve the Service Desk
    It’s Time to Rethink IT Self-Service: How to Improve the Service Desk
    Rich Graves, Director of Product Management @ Serviceaide Recorded: Nov 15 2018 57 mins
    Self-service has been a key component of service desks for a decade but has yet to truly deliver the benefits that organizations were hoping for. Although self-service provides value for help desk teams, customers’ experiences often fall short of being satisfying. In fact, in a recent HDI survey, 71% of organizations say that improving customer experiences is a priority.

    This webcast discusses how service management teams can enable better experiences by providing conversational approaches to issue resolution using virtual agents. Luma, an innovative virtual agent from Serviceaide, guides users to create actionable tickets, performs knowledge lookups and streamlines tasks such as password resets, amongst other capabilities. Best of all, Luma is available 24x7 to ensure customers get their issues resolved rapidly anywhere, at any time. Attend this webcast to see how virtual agents can improve customer self-service experiences.
  • Corporate to Bank Integration: Keeping Pace with Today’s Demanding Requirements
    Corporate to Bank Integration: Keeping Pace with Today’s Demanding Requirements
    Patricia Hines, Senior Analyst, Corporate Banking, Celent & Brian Leibforth, Regional VP, Financial Services, Opentext Recorded: Nov 15 2018 54 mins
    Corporate to bank channel connectivity is a critical enabler for digital businesses of all sizes and industries. Corporate channels act as the digital backbone and flexible integration layer between banks and corporates — delivering operational improvements, improving visibility, and enabling new services. With new payment formats, standards, industry bodies, and the need of today’s business to track payments in real time, this landscape is becoming increasingly complex and difficult for both banks and corporate IT to keep pace with.

    To cope with the increasingly hybrid world of corporate to bank integration, banks must offer a full range of attended and unattended digital channels, tailored to a corporate’s specific business processes. It is also vital that banks deliver an omnichannel digital experience for business clients; one that meets each client’s unique business and technology requirements.

    Join this session to uncover the latest trends in corporate to bank integration, its challenges, and the benefits of a hybrid approach. Learn how a top multinational bank leveraged a managed services approach to hybrid integration and rapid onboarding, turning a barrier into a competitive advantage.
  • Ageas: Change without fear drives Digital Workforce success
    Ageas: Change without fear drives Digital Workforce success
    Emma Kirby-Kidd, Process Automation Lead - Katie Payne, Automation Aftercare Manager, Ageas Recorded: Nov 13 2018 60 mins
    Ageas is one of the largest providers of personal and commercial insurance in the U.K., and was no stranger to automation when it began using Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce in 2014. But from the very start, it knew it couldn’t achieve its process efficiency, waste reduction, and risk mitigation goals unless it built an internal culture in which everyone in the organization fully understood the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and embraced all it could do for them, the company, and its customers.

    In this episode of our Blue Prism Café, join the team behind Ageas’ leading change management practices, where their goals were to eliminate worries about the impact on employment,actively encourage their employees to welcome process automation, and create a culture in which the employees think of the robots as additional team mates that are responsible for doing mundane, repetitive back office tasks 24/7/365.

    Key takeaways will include:
    • Selling the benefits, and managing the message of RPA within the business
    • Real-life examples on how to humanize the Digital Workforce
    • Ensuring effective aftercare for implemented processes
    • Delivering maximum automation benefits back to the business
  • NNT Unveils the Future of Intelligent System Integrity Monitoring: Gen7R2
    NNT Unveils the Future of Intelligent System Integrity Monitoring: Gen7R2
    Mark Kerrison and Mark Kedgley Recorded: Nov 8 2018 53 mins
    NNT’s newly released Change Tracker Gen7R2 solves IT Security and the problems that plague all organizations – the overwhelming noise of change control and ensuring the integrity of IT systems.

    Completely redesigned with both security and IT operations in mind, Change Tracker Gen7R2 is the only solution designed to reduce chance noise and the complexity of integrity monitoring and policy management all while allowing for unprecedented scalability and management that meets the most demanding enterprise environments.

    Join Mark Kerrison, Chief Executive Officer of New Net Technologies and Mark Kedgley, Chief Technology Officer of New Net Technologies, in an interactive webinar as they showcase the all-new Change Tracker Gen7R2 Key highlights:

    • Embracing the SecureOps strategy: merging basic fundamentals of security and operations to deliver one unified solution
    • Automating the IT service management (ITSM) workflow to enable Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control
    • Utilizing pattern matching intelligence to identify expected, planned changes against changes that could represent a security breach
    • Adopting the basic underlying principle required for every security strategy- Security through System Integrity
    • Achieve real-time continuous compliance regardless of the standard or policy

    With Gen7R2’s integration and automation with ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow®, change noise is reduced by more than 90%, leaving only changes that are unknown unwanted, unexpected, or malicious in nature.

    Register now to learn more about NNT’s newly released Change Tracker Gen7R2 and how comprehensive and effective our SecureOps strategy can be to achieving operational excellence.
  • Over or Under Capacity? No Multi-Platform Plan? Lessons From the Industry
    Over or Under Capacity? No Multi-Platform Plan? Lessons From the Industry
    Denny Yost, Enterprise Systems Media; Gary Henderson, ASG Recorded: Nov 8 2018 25 mins
    Are you over-provisioning server capacity, experiencing unplanned capital expenditures or just lacking the necessary capacity planning information to help you make critical decisions? If you answered “YES!”, you are not alone. In a recent independent study conducted by Enterprise Systems Media, more than 50% of respondents acknowledged that they do not have a single, consistent multi-platform solution that provides information to managers, internal buyers, or end-users about performance and capacity across their enterprise. Additionally, close to 30% responded that they did not know if this capability even exists within their organizations.

    Join Enterprise Systems Media’s Denny Yost and ASG’s Gary Henderson on Thursday, November 8th to learn how your organization compares.

    During this presentation, the results of the survey will be reviewed and you’ll discover strategies for tackling challenges in enterprise capacity planning such as:
    -Accurate Tracking
    -Optimization of Resource Use
    -Controlling Costs
    -Improving Service Availability across all Platforms

    Don’t miss your opportunity to find out more - Register Now!
  • WINWIN neuvottelutaito®
    WINWIN neuvottelutaito®
    Satu Pitkämäki Recorded: Nov 8 2018 44 mins
    WINWIN neuvottelutaito® on 2020-luvun neuvotteluosaajan tuloksellinen valmennus. Se kattaa niin neuvottelun psykologisen osaamisen kuin systemaattisen neuvottelun läpiviennin prosessin. Webinaarista opit tärkeimmät kulmakivet neuvottelutaitojesi vahvistamiseksi. Osallistu 2-päiväisiin WINWIN valmennuksiimme Helsingissä, Oulussa tai Tampereella.

    WINWIN neuvottelutaito® on Completon valmennusmenetelmä, jolla on valmennettu tuhansia neuvottelijoita Suomessa ja kansainvälisesti. WINWIN neuvottelutaito® tarkoittaa omien tavoitteiden saavuttamista niin, että myös vastapuoli kokee voittavansa. WINWIN mindset – olemme vaikuttamassa neuvottelemalla toisten mielipiteisiin. Vahva neuvottelutaito on osaavan henkilöstön strateginen menestystekijä ja välttämätön käytännön taito. Tämä valmennus on konkreettinen ja käytännönläheinen ja kukin valmennettava valmistautuu omiin neuvottelutilanteisiinsa saaden niiden onnistuneeseen läpivientiin työkaluja.

    Webinaarin pitäjä Satu Pitkämäki on WINWIN neuvottelutaidon konseptin ja menetelmän luoja ja kehittäjä. Sadun tavoitteellinen ja selkeä valmennustapa auttaa löytämään käytännön keinot ja tuo tulosta. Kansainvälisen tason kokeneena valmentajana Satu on luotsannut tuhansia valmennettavia onnistuneiden neuvottelujen tavoitteelliseen voittamiseen. Valmennettavat ovat olleet huippujohdosta lähtien lukuisten yritysten myyntiä, hankintaa, projektien johtoa, asiantuntijoita. Satu valmentaa mukaansatempaavasti, voimaannuttavasti ja henkilökohtaisesti. Satu on Completon perustaja ja valovoimainen valmentaja ja coach.
  • Datan tulkinta informaatioksi ja tietämykseksi
    Datan tulkinta informaatioksi ja tietämykseksi
    Kalevi Kaski Recorded: Nov 8 2018 46 mins
    Webinaarin kuvaus - pitkä
    Monia kertoja on törmätty dataan, joka ei ole ymmärrettävässä ja helposti tulkittavassa muodossa. Data on satunnaista ja sekalaista. Jotta me saamme datasta kaiken hyödyn irti, tulee tiedon olla hallittua ja kumulatiivista. Asiayhteys ei yksin riitä, pitääkö siis olla spesifikaatiorajamenetelmä?

    Spesifikaatiorajamenetelmä ei anna mitään tietoa siitä miten prosessi toimii, mutta antaa karkealla tasolla kuvan missä olet, mutta ei kerro kuinka sinne jouduit, tai kuinka pääset ulos siitä sotkusta! Menetelmän tunteminen antaa sinulle tarvittavan määrän työkaluja päästäksesi taas ajan tasalle ilman sotkuja.

    Analysoinnin tarkoitus on oivaltaminen ja ymmärtäminen mikä on hukassa. Kun oivallat ja ymmärrät analysoinnin tarkoitusta, ymmärrät paremmin myös dataa, joka on ymmärrettävässä ja helposti tulkittavissa olevassa muodossa. Data on siis hallittua ja kumulatiivista!

    Kalevi Kaskella on 18 vuoden kokemus Lean Six Sigma ja Lean menetelmien menestyksellisestä soveltamisesta useassa Euroopan maassa. Kalevi on sertifioitu Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt ja Lean Master.
  • Data Provenance and Pedigree
    Data Provenance and Pedigree
    John Butler, Principal at Auxilium Technology Group and Co-Chair OMG Provenance and Pedigree Working Group Recorded: Nov 7 2018 24 mins
    Every wonder about the source of a seemingly legitimate post on Facebook or even in a mainstream media publication? How about the source of the food you're eating? If E.coli is found is produce from a particular farm, how do we know what products to take off the shelf? How do we know that the electronic records from a business have been maintained appropriately? If they've been changed, who could have done it? To answer these types of questions, we need to understand how each "artifact" was created and then handled and by whom. Understanding the source and and/or process by which a piece of data was created is the lineage or "pedigree" of the data element. Understanding who has possession or custody of a data element in addition to who "owns" or has responsibility for it is the "provenance" The OMG Provenance and Pedigree Working Group has been developing a set of standards for tracking and exchanging information related to the provenance and pedigree of artifacts, whether they be data or physical objects. This presentation was recorded in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Data Tagging and Labeling and the IEF
    Data Tagging and Labeling and the IEF
    Michael Abramson, President and CEO, ASMG, Ltd. and co-chair of the CFI Task Force Recorded: Nov 7 2018 48 mins
    This presentation, recorded at the OMG meeting in Ottawa, will outline the key concepts and components for automating the data tagging and labeling process and the OMG C4I Task Force efforts to address these issues in an open and non-proprietary manner. In addition, we will discuss the Information Exchange Framework (IEF) - an OMG initiative to establish a family of specifications for responsible information sharing using email, file share, instant message, chat, etc.
  • Innovation Through Digital Transformation
    Innovation Through Digital Transformation
    Dave Welch, Christine McMonigal, Oliver Linder, Jay Hibbin Recorded: Nov 6 2018 51 mins
    Join this live panel discussion with experts at VMworld Europe for up-to-date trends on what's disrupting the market and how to take your business to the next level.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world renowned IT and business leaders while they discuss the following:

    - How to declutter and take on today's most pressing IT priorities
    - The latest technologies, methodologies and best practices for IT leaders
    - How to ensure your organization is primed for 21st century trends from both a business and tech perspective

    This live panel will be streamed directly from VMworld Europe! Join us for live Q&A from the comfort of your desk.

    Dave Welch, CTO, House of Brick Technologies
    Oliver Lindner, Head of Business Line DCIM, FNT Software
    Jay Hibbin, Sales Director, Financial Services, CenturyLink EMEA
    Christine McMonigal, Director of Hyperconverged Marketing, Intel Corporation
  • Suorituskyvyn ja vireystilan ylläpito – parempaa palautumista
    Suorituskyvyn ja vireystilan ylläpito – parempaa palautumista
    Jaana Hautala Recorded: Nov 2 2018 32 mins
    - Aivojen palautuminen ja keskittymiskyvyn ylläpitäminen
    - Miten tunnistaa stressaavat tilanteet sekä kuormittavat tekijät
    - Fokuksen sekä mielen merkitys suorituskykyyn

    Webinaarin sisältö

    - Miten hahmotat omat kuormitustekijät ja ylläpidät hyvää vireyttä vauhdin keskellä?
    - Tunnista palauttavat hetket
    - Oivalla aivojen toimintamallit
    - Optimoi stressinhallinta
    - Aktivoi oma vireystilasi
    - Miten kuormittava stressi vaikuttaa vireystilaan?
    - Miten tunnistaa kehon kuormitustekijät?
    - Millä keinoilla parannan vireystilaani sekä palautumista vauhdin keskellä?


    Jaana Hautala on erittäin kokenut yritys- ja mentaalivalmen­taja, NLP kouluttaja ja tietokirjailija. Jaanan intohimo on mentaalivalmennus – itsetuntemus, henkinen suorituskyky, mielentaidot sekä vuorovaikutus kiihtyvästi muuttuvassa ympäristössä. Hän tuo rohkeutta, innovaatisuutta ja uudenlaista näkökulmaan kokonaivaltaiseen hyvinvointiin. Työotteeltaan Jaana on vahvasti läsnäoleva, innostava ja oivalluttava. Hän haastaa osallistujia pysähtymään oman ajattelunsa ja toimintansa äärelle sekä antaa tilaa osallistujien ajattelulle ja kokemusten jakamiselle. Tietosisällön lisäksi toiminnallisuus sekä omakohtainen tekeminen ja harjoittelu ovat Jaanan koulutusten keskiössä. Coachina Jaanan ydinosaamista ovat: itsetuntemus, erilaisuuden ymmärtäminen, aito vuorovaikutus, mielentaidot, palautuminen, suorituskyvyn ylläpito, pysähtyminen sekä muutoksessa toimiminen.
  • How to Use Agile to Engage Employees
    How to Use Agile to Engage Employees
    Longda Yin, Principal Agile Consultant & SPC Recorded: Nov 1 2018 60 mins
    Creating an organization focused on employee happiness is a major step to retaining your employee base, motivating them, and increasing engagement (saving money!). To do this, many organizations are implementing agile across the business and creating a purpose-driven, outcome-oriented culture.

    In this webinar, Longda Yin, Principal Agile Consultant at CA Technologies, will give clear examples of how you can use agile to influence happiness, specifically because agile delivers work with a purpose.

    During this webinar, Longda will discuss:
    -Why implementing agile will give your employees a clearer sense of purpose
    -How to implement agile correctly, using an example
    -What to expect in terms of culture, after implementing agile and giving work purpose
  • Digital Transformation Demystified
    Digital Transformation Demystified
    Steve Walker and Abram Maldonado Recorded: Nov 1 2018 41 mins
    Digital transformation requires specific investments and actions across many disciplines. How quickly an organization evolves depends on how it approaches the process. Learn the criteria to evaluate to enable faster, more agile digital transformation, and hear real-world examples of how a digital leader is using these principles to transform his organization.
  • Data Governance: Challenges and Opportunities
    Data Governance: Challenges and Opportunities
    Claude Baudoin, Governance WG; John Butler, Provenance and Pedigree WG; Mike Abramson, C4I Task Force Recorded: Nov 1 2018 61 mins
    In a globalized world in which we need to share information across entities, while at the same time respecting confidentiality constraints and a complex web of laws and regulations, governments as well as commercial enterprises face a growing need to manage the processes, roles and responsibilities related to the handling of sensitive data. This webinar will explore the many initiatives OMG has underway to help meet this challenge.
  • The Path to a Software-Defined Business - Next-Gen Trends and Technologies
    The Path to a Software-Defined Business - Next-Gen Trends and Technologies
    Omar Alassil, Dave Welch, Melinda Safdarzadeh Recorded: Oct 31 2018 62 mins
    With just a few days to VMware’s premier digital infrastructure event, we've gathered some of the elite speakers who will be taking the stage to debate the hottest solutions, trends and the biggest opportunities and challenges for businesses to successfully embrace digital change.

    - Innovation Through Digital Transformation
    - The Future of Data Centres and Cloud in a Virtualized World
    - Securing Your Cloud Networks
    - Next-Gen Trends and Technologies

    Join this session to get a glimpse of the innovations that will accelerate your journey to a software-defined business—from mobile devices to the data center and the cloud!

    This session (and VMworld Europe) is specifically aimed at CTOs, CIOs, heads of IT infrastructure, security specialists and technical experts.

    What will they be talking about at the Fira Gran Via Barcelona, on the 5 – 8 November 2018, what do they want to hear about, what are they looking forward to?

    Moderator: Omar Alassil, Cloud Solution Owner, Nokia

    Dave Welch, CTO, House of Brick Technologies
    Melinda Safdarzadeh, Senior Business Manager, Hybrid Cloud, Data Center Group at Intel
  • Demo Center - See ServiceNow Software Asset Management in Action
    Demo Center - See ServiceNow Software Asset Management in Action
    Pat Herbert Recorded: Oct 30 2018 56 mins
    Discover firsthand how ServiceNow® Software Asset Management (SAM) and Discovery helps clients reduce software spend with automated detection, consolidation and reclamation of Software Assets.

    We’ll explore:

    How Discovery enables you to create an accurate, up to date, single system of record for IT infrastructure, both on premises and in public clouds
    How to identify IP enabled configuration items (CIs), maps your interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
    Register now to see for yourself how SAM uses a single system of action that helps seamlessly transform operations from reactive software asset management practices to a proactive culture that is audit ready and optimizes license spend.
  • Retail: The Age of Experience
    Retail: The Age of Experience
    Shery Kingstone, 451 Research & Eric Mahecha, Adyen Recorded: Oct 30 2018 49 mins
    Retail is evolving.

    Shoppers today are enjoying elevated experiences and are demanding that brands deliver the best, both online and in stores. Prices alone aren’t enough to influence decisions. With retailers catering to shopper demands, the market is ushering in a new era: “The age of experience.”

    Join retail experts from 451 Research and the payment platform Adyen, to learn what customers are demanding — with a focus on the next generation of shoppers — when you join this live event.

    Register for free now.

    Here’s what we’ll discuss:

    •Top findings from the 2018 US retail survey, conducted by 451 Research for Adyen
    •The new group of shoppers you need to know about
    •3 fundamental customer demands that can make or break your business
    •How much business you are losing by not meeting customers’ expectations

    •Eric Mahecha, VP of Retail Business Development, Adyen
    •Sheryl Kingstone, Research VP & GM, 451 Research
  • Build Your 2019 ServiceNow Roadmap for Long-Term Success
    Build Your 2019 ServiceNow Roadmap for Long-Term Success
    Juliet Acuff, Adam Mason, Grant Pulver, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Oct 30 2018 54 mins
    Join our ServiceNow experts to find out strategies to help you start off 2019 on the right talk - from quick wins to proving ServiceNow's ROI.

    Look back at 2018 and ask yourself, how effective was my roadmap? In what ways could it change to align with my companies goals for ServiceNow?

    In this webinar, we'll be discussing trends we see from our clients, different use cases to set yourself up for success for the long-term, plus tips on how to communicate the business value of ServiceNow.
  • Building a Business Case for Implementing an Advance KM Solution
    Building a Business Case for Implementing an Advance KM Solution
    Bill Pollie Recorded: Oct 30 2018 42 mins
    These are exciting times! Never before have we seen more new technologies being delivered internally or new products and services being delivered to customers.

    Today’s organizations are faced with challenges to meet increased service level agreements in many cases with outdated tools, strained resources and no processes in place to capture and reuse knowledge to provide acceptable support.
    If Knowledge is Power, many companies today are suffering severe power outages and disruptions to service!

    It is estimated today that 23% of a company’s knowledge walks out the door every year. The value of a company is not solely based on the products and services that you provide, but how you provide them better that your competition. Service and support is a driving factor in how consumers make their buying decisions. More and more, companies are realizing that the knowledge management solution they use is an important asset that insures a competitive advantage and a key component to implementing advanced technology.
    Effective support of new internal technology roll outs and new products and services could make a difference in you making your goals or increasing the risk of failed projects or error prone product roll outs.

    In this webinar, you will hear how customers of an advanced Knowledge Management solution from ComAround are driving significant and measurable return on investment for their companies.
  • Managing Resources Across Multiple Projects Made Easy
    Managing Resources Across Multiple Projects Made Easy
    Rick Morris, R2 Consulting and Alf Abuhajleh, CA Technologies Recorded: Oct 30 2018 52 mins
    Resource management - ensuring projects are given the right people, with the right skills and the right availability to do the job. This is often easier said than done when you lack a single view of what people are doing today and what’s planned for tomorrow. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Join agile project management expert Rick Morris of R2 Consulting and CA Technologies to learn how people in charge of key resources can overcome common issues such as:

    •Team members assigned to multiple projects, making it hard to see who's working on what and when.
    •Developers track time in one system, contractors in another.
    •Resources with varying experiences and expertise are scattered around the globe.
  • Automating Oracle Financial Close
    Automating Oracle Financial Close
    Tony Beeston - Product Marketing Manager CA Automation Recorded: Oct 30 2018 55 mins
    Do your month-end close processes take days to complete? Do errors frequently appear in your reports? This webcast describes how automating your Oracle Financial Close systems introduces the agility needed by the digital age.
  • The Unknown Hero In Financial Services: Hybrid Faxing
    The Unknown Hero In Financial Services: Hybrid Faxing
    Jim Wieser, Senior Strategic Manager, Opentext Recorded: Oct 25 2018 19 mins
    Learn how hybrid faxing can eliminate the paper-based and manual processes plaguing financial services today.

    With a fully managed hybrid information exchange solution, your organization can:
    -Cut telco costs
    -Improve customer satisfaction
    -Collaborate both internally and externally faster – and easier

    Jim leads strategic programs for the Americas region for OpenText’s information exchange (fax) solutions. Jim is an expert in designing solutions for enterprises of all sizes to enable secure, efficient information exchange.
  • Secure from the Ground Up: How to Vet Cloud Vendors
    Secure from the Ground Up: How to Vet Cloud Vendors
    Paul Chapman, CIO @ Box | Sanam Saaber, VP, Legal @ Box | Crispen Maung, Chief Compliance Officer, @ Box Recorded: Oct 25 2018 61 mins
    When you do business with one SaaS vendor, you're also doing business with every other vendor they do business with. So one weak link in that chain could jeopardize your entire enterprise. Watch this webinar to learn best practices of vetting vendors for security and compliance with standards like GDPR, HIPAA , PCI DSS and more. Our business is built on security, compliance and governance — and that means we make sure all our vendors comply with strict guidelines and standards so we can safeguard our customers' security.

    This webinar will help you understand:
    - What we look for when evaluating vendors for security and compliance
    - What to consider about vendor security posture
    - Questions to ask every vendor about data privacy and compliance

    Box is trusted by 69% of the Fortune 500, because of its track record for securing data in compliance with a host of regulations and standards around the world. This is your chance to hear from Box experts on what you can do now to ensure your business's data security.
  • Portfolio Manager Perfection – is there such a thing?
    Portfolio Manager Perfection – is there such a thing?
    Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc. and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing Recorded: Oct 25 2018 50 mins
    At a time when effective portfolio management can make or break an organization’s ability to deliver on strategy, it is vital to understand the different aspects for Portfolio Management. Please join us on September 12th to discuss:

    •What to look for in hiring and developing a portfolio manager
    •How to position the role within the management structure for optimal performance
    •How to leverage portfolio management expertise in future career growth

    Andy combines exceptional industry insight with practical experience delivering strategy, which will help you understand how to build perfect portfolio management in your organization.
  • Women In Cloud: The Shared Experience of Female Tech Entrepreneurship
    Women In Cloud: The Shared Experience of Female Tech Entrepreneurship
    Jacquie Touma, Chaitra Vedullapalli, Terri Stephan Nov 20 2018 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We live in a truly amazing time. Technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives at breathtaking speed. Advances in medicine, education, communication, and productivity have increased life expectancy around the globe and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.

    The ability to connect to people and information instantly is so commonplace that many take it for granted and now, we’ve arrived at the beginning of an era of even more profound transformation, all centered on the cloud. We’re excited to bring more opportunities through cloud computing to address issues in healthcare, the environment, cybersecurity, and underserved communities. And we’ve seen the incredible good that can come from the cloud, but with it also come challenges. For women in technology, there are increased challenges in a cloud-based world.

    Women in Cloud initiative is designed to empower female tech entrepreneurs by providing Access, Acceleration, and Actions so women entrepreneurs can take Actions every day to achieve their business goals!

    In this webinar, we will share experiences and tips for female tech entrepreneurs in building their cloud B2B with enterprise companies in a simple and predictable way. This is going to be a panel discussion with great conversation with female tech entrepreneurs in driving customer traction.

    Also, learn how you can participate in the next cohort of women in cloud accelerator to build your business with enterprise brands!
  • Mission Leads, Technology Follows
    Mission Leads, Technology Follows
    Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems, ASG Technologies Nov 27 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Technology serves business and people. Business serves people - not technology. Having a perfectly tuned mainframe, server, virtual, or cloud technology stack won’t provide your business with value – only the ability to leverage the technology to focus on business outcomes will add that insight.

    As Gartner wrote in its Insights from the 2018 CIO Agenda Report, “The CIO role is changing from IT-outcome-focused to business-outcome-focused." Does your enterprise support this view?

    In this session, find out what you should be looking for from software products and the vendors supplying them to ensure you can focus on mission critical processes, and less on the underlying technology.
    Aria Naderi Nov 28 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Künstliche Intelligenz, einst auf den Großbildschirm beschränkt, steht den Verbrauchern in Grundform mit Alexa-, Siri- und selbstfahrenden Tesla-Autos zur Verfügung. Aber was bedeutet das für die Wirtschaft? Wir haben vielleicht noch keine Ex-Machina-ähnlichen Roboter, aber engagierte "Futuristen" schließen sich in vielen Unternehmen der C-Suite an, um zukunftssichere Entscheidungen zu treffen und sich auf zukünftige technologische Innovationen vorzubereiten.

    KI-Tools basieren auf datenbankgestützter, prädiktiver Technologie, die die kognitive Leistungsfähigkeit des Menschen verbessert. Lernen Sie mit uns, wie Sie mit guten Wissensmanagementpraktiken eine solide Grundlage für KI-Initiativen schaffen können.
  • 2018 Service Management Executive Vision Report: The State of ServiceNow
    2018 Service Management Executive Vision Report: The State of ServiceNow
    Ellen Daley, Meghan Lockwood Nov 28 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The first of its kind ServiceNow exclusive insight report includes all new original research providing industry benchmarks on the tactics, challenges, priorities, KPIs, and budgets shared by ServiceNow platform owners and executives across the globe.

    Join Acorio's CEO, Ellen Daley, and VP of Strategic Marketing, Meghan Lockwood to learn about the ServiceNow findings.
  • The State of the Modern PMO 2018
    The State of the Modern PMO 2018
    Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting and Alf Abuhajleh, CA Technologies Nov 29 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    While the pressure remains to constantly do more with less (time or money or resources) are we, in 2018, functioning at the highest level possible? How are we performing the mechanics of project delivery - converting plans into delivery and achieving the defined scope on schedule and budget? Are project investments being converted into business outcomes, growing the business as a result?

    PM.com and CA Technologies partnered together to learn exactly where project management stands globally. Join us to discover the key findings with recommendations for actions you can take today to improve the return on your project investments.
  • Optimizing Your Enterprise Architecture to Scale Your Datasets
    Optimizing Your Enterprise Architecture to Scale Your Datasets
    Pieter Cailliau, Solutions Architect, Redis Labs Nov 29 2018 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    Redis is the perfect fit for microservices, distributed and cloud agnostic applications in a container world. Performance is increasingly important in critical and customer facing applications. Redis is known for its linear scalability in performance; recent benchmarks show up to 50 million ops/sec <1ms with only 26 ec2 instances. Redis Enterprise makes Redis highly available, multi model (like search and graph) and makes scaling in the cloud, on prem, in Kubernetes, seamless, while reducing your TCO.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - How the Redis Enterprise architecture assures predictable high performance and high availability
    - How to achieve seamless linear scale and grow your dataset beyond the largest node in the cluster while choosing your own sharding policy
  • Unify Portfolio Planning with Lean Thinking
    Unify Portfolio Planning with Lean Thinking
    Anthony Okumura, Doug Page Nov 29 2018 8:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    In this webinar, you’ll learn about optimizing your business while starting to shape the future.

    Here’s how to invest your money in all the right places:

    Learn how application portfolio management is changing in a “cloud-first” world
    See how ITBM does this via application portfolio management by mapping business capabilities to strategy
    Learn how to unify all the planning that occurs in an organization between business owners, application portfolio professionals, finance, and the PMO
  • Become a Purpose-Driven Organization
    Become a Purpose-Driven Organization
    Shannon Mason, VP of Product Management and Val Zolyak, Director of Product Management Dec 5 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In today’s fast-paced, disruption-prone markets, it’s not enough to simply optimize for feature delivery. Your entire organization must be aligned around the right outcomes and empowered to achieve them, because velocity and throughput count for nothing if you’re not delivering real customer value.

    In order to do this, your data has to be transparent and actionable, enabling stakeholders at all levels to see how their efforts are impacting the business. Team members need the autonomy to make informed decisions about how their work gets done, while those at the program level need to see dynamic data roll-ups and help remove barriers that create the dreaded “work about work.”

    Leadership needs clarity to ensure that the organization’s strategy is delivering on key objectives and producing high-value outcomes.

    During this webinar, Shannon Mason, VP of Product Management and Val Zolyak, Director of Product Management, will discuss how purpose-driven organizations can:
    •Align teams and empower them to innovate
    •Plan quickly, continuously and confidently
    •Create an outcome-oriented culture

    It is this shared understanding of work that helps to create an outcome-oriented culture, where everyone is accountable for delivering value instead of just velocity.
  • The journey towards a faster, safer and more efficient payments system in the US
    The journey towards a faster, safer and more efficient payments system in the US
    Gene Neyer - Icon Solutions, Carl Slabicki - BNY Mellon, Steve Ledford - TCH, Jim Reuter - FirstBank, Connie Theien - Fed Dec 6 2018 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The Federal Reserve recently requested public comment on a number of proposals. What does the Fed request for comment mean to the Financial Community and ultimately, to the end-user?

    This webinar is an opportunity to hear directly from the Fed on what is included in the request, an insight into the reaction of The Clearing House, as well as hearing the views of both a large and a mid-sized bank. As your institution is thinking through the strategic implications, take a listen to the experts and then form your own opinions. We also do encourage you to submit your comments to the Fed by the Dec 14th!

    The webinar will be moderated by Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Payments, at Icon Solutions. Gene’s extensive payments experience includes membership of the successor to the Fed Fast Payments Taskforce, GFFT, and President of the Supplier Committee at BAFT.
  • See how to scale agile across the enterprise
    See how to scale agile across the enterprise
    Troy DuMoulin, Thom Gray Dec 6 2018 10:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    Join Troy DuMoulin, VP of R&D at Pink Elephant, and Thom Gray, Senior Staff Product Manager at ServiceNow, as they discuss how to close the gap between enterprise strategy and team-based backlogs using integrated planning processes, key stakeholder roles, and visual management tools.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    How to connect the strategic planning process with team backlogs
    How to create visibility for both planned and unplanned work
    The role of product owner in bridging strategy with team work
    Learning visual management tools such as Kanban boards, Shared Backlog, and Big Room Planning for easier collaboration.
  • Siemens | Leveraging cognitive technologies to drive RPA innovation
    Siemens | Leveraging cognitive technologies to drive RPA innovation
    Nikolas Barth, Head of Innovation & Digitalization & Andrea Martschink, IT Strategy & Business Development Robotics, Siemens Dec 11 2018 4:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Innovation has always been at the heart of Siemens. In addition to being the largest manufacturing company in Europe, the German conglomerate continues to innovate in a startup fashion and has embraced Digital Transformation and has won their CIO Award based on the work they are doing with RPA.

    In this episode of our Blue Prism Café, discover how Siemens has been leveraging Robotic Process Automation as part of this Digital Transformation journey, and how their global RPA service, run jointly by the Shared Services and IT department, has enabled their lines of business in realizing true efficiency and quality gains along end-to-end processes. You will also get insight as and how they are leveraging some of the latest intelligent automation technologies such as IBM Watson, Celonis and MSFT Azure Chatbot Technology with their Blue Prism Digital Workforce.

    Key takeaways will include:
    • How Siemens built their RPA Centre of Excellence to future proof their RPA and Intelligent Automation Growth
    • Real-life scaled examples of automated processes across various lines of businesses
    • An overview of Siemens' use of Cognitive Automation leveraging RPA
    • Achievements and results from their service delivery model

    • Nikolas Barth, Head of Innovation & Digitalization in Siemens Shared Services
    • Andrea Martschink, IT Strategy & Business Development Robotics
  • 3 Key Essentials for Moving AV to the LAN
    3 Key Essentials for Moving AV to the LAN
    Brian Simmons, Copper Product Manager Dec 12 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    AV technologies are advancing rapidly, and the amount of video traffic crossing IP networks is growing at a rate of 25% every year. By 2021, it’s expected that one million minutes of video traffic will cross global IP networks every single second. With that kind of demand, it’s more important than ever to install an AV system that not only delivers flawless image quality with low latency but also delivers the scalability and flexibility needed to expand your system. Attend this webinar to learn best practices for enterprise AV systems.

    This webinar will cover:
    -AV technologies available today and on the horizon
    -Benefits of migrating your AV system to the IP network
    -How to select the right solution to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Reimagining the Contact Center with Bots, AI, and the Gig Economy
    Reimagining the Contact Center with Bots, AI, and the Gig Economy
    Rachael Brownell, Moderator, Venturebeat Dec 13 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Bots, artificial intelligence, and messaging — cost-effective, easy-to-implement automation technology —- is gaining a major foothold in customer service organizations, and the impact is palpable. Contact centers are on track to shrink by 50 percent in the next three years as routine tasks are taken over by faster, efficiency-saving bots that can triage requests, boost customer satisfaction, and offer an 8.6 percent increase in profit margin per customer.

    These technologies are also making it easy to tap into the gig economy, which is producing a growing supply of tech-savvy labor for companies that also saves costs. For workers, it means flexible arrangements with low barriers to entry, plus more satisfying employment, now that the grunt work has been eliminated by automation.

    AI and automation is set to level up the workforce, the economy, and your bottom line. For a closer look at the long-term implications of automation, how to invest in the brave new world of work, and more, don’t miss this VB Live event!

    Attend this webinar and learn:

    The workforce implications of customer service bots

    How bots and employees can work side-by-side

    What smart companies are doing to lay the groundwork

    Future of work - what does it look like?


    Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
    Abinash Tripathy, Co-founder, Helpshift

    More speakers to be announced soon.

    Sponsored by Helpshift
  • Maximize IT Efficiency with SAM on a Single Platform
    Maximize IT Efficiency with SAM on a Single Platform
    Ryan Wood-Taylor, Martijn Braamskamp Dec 13 2018 9:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    Join this webinar to learn how you can enable end-to-end software life cycle management from a true single platform to optimize software spend and reduce license compliance risk. You will hear from Softline, a ServiceNow SAM partner, about the critical functions and processes that can make your SAM program successful. See a demo of how embedding SAM into everyday IT management such as IT infrastructure changes and Application Portfolio Management are industry game changers.

    Imagine what’s possible when you run SAM from the same place you manage IT.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    How to reduce your software spend
    Where to mitigate license compliance risk
    To drive action natively on the Now platform with intelligent IT operations
  • How AI and machine learning are supercharging cybersecurity
    How AI and machine learning are supercharging cybersecurity
    Rachael Brownell, Moderator, Venturebeat Dec 18 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cyber threats continually evolve, growing more sophisticated and aggressive, regularly overwhelming and bypassing traditional security solutions. With AI-powered software trained on large datasets of cybersecurity, network, and even physical information, cybersecurity solutions are increasingly able to detect and block abnormal behavior, even without a known signature or pattern.

    Adding AI into the mix is a major turning point for cybersecurity. It’s growing clear that artificial intelligence and machine learning is the safest, and perhaps the only, path for cybersecurity professionals to really lock down their data and protect the enterprise. These systems offer the fastest, smartest ways to identify and analyze threats in real time -- and find the quickest way to taking them down.

    To learn more about how to improve privacy and security, and how new AI-powered security can protect companies and their customers better, don’t miss this VB Live event!

    Registration is free.

    Attend this webinar and learn:

    How AI is defeating and preventing cyberattacks
    When AI analytics need to be deployed and for what reason
    How to build AI-powered tools that can assure consumers their data is secure
    Real-world AI applications and what they mean for cybersecurity

    Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    More speakers to be announced soon.
  • Break the chains of legacy virtualization
    Break the chains of legacy virtualization
    Rachael Brownell, VentureBeat Dec 19 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    IT leaders look to technology as a business differentiator and rely on it to foster innovation. Enterprises have discovered that hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) can be the foundation of a modern, cloud-like datacenter. But don’t stop there — going beyond HCI delivers more savings, increases IT agility, and supports multi-cloud goals when you add virtualization as an integral part of your stack.

    How do you harness the power of HCI and virtualization? Sure, there are a wide variety of tools on the market, but choosing the wrong HCI platform could limit your options in how you operate your datacenter or could impede cloud goals — including those associated with virtualization.

    To learn more about the power of HCI and virtualization, how virtualization can remove complexity and increase efficiency, and how to choose the right HCI tool, don’t miss this VB live event!

    Registration is free.

    Attend and learn:
    · How virtualization platform options on the market compare
    · Why to consider changing virtualization solutions
    · How to choose the right virtualization solution
    · How to save thousands in virtualization licensing costs

    · Mike Wronski, Principal Marketing Manager, Nutanix
    · Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    More speakers coming soon!

    Sponsored by Nutanix