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  • Availability is one of the core principles in the security CIA triad and one which business leaders tend to grasp more so than other technical risks associated with security. Customers want and expect access to their finances anytime and from anywhere. How is the financial industry grappling with distributed denial of service (DDoS)? What is the financial impact to an institution under DDoS attack? Are financial services firms witnessing an increase in DDoS attacks and duration? If so, what countermeasures are in place to ensure availability does not suffer?

    Lastly, what is the financial services industry relying on as sources of intelligence?

    Join us to hear answers to these questions and more as IANS Research and Arbor Networks present poll results from financial services’ security executive management surveyed.
  • The state of digital marketing has changed dramatically as of late, and many companies are struggling to keep up with the massive shifts of strategy and related tactics. Everything you were told to do from as recently as six months ago might no longer work.

    Food trucks bring a dining experience to the people. How can we make content marketing serve your business in the same way? Join business advisor and author Chris Brogan to find out.

    Photo credit: Vendela Media
  • Digital initiatives are very cross-functional by nature. Gaining and maintaining alignment on priorities can be quite difficult, particularly given the fast pace of retail and siloed nature of most retail organizations. Thus, the drive to achieve business benefits from digital initiatives can be elusive. In this webinar, we will discuss importance of governance and managing digital initiatives as a portfolio.

    Attendees will learn:
    •Leading practices for driving alignment on digital priorities
    •How to ensure digital efforts meet changing business needs and lead to business benefits (both near-term and longer term).

    This event qualifies for Project Management Institute (PMI) 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU).

    In accordance with its Privacy Policy, CA Technologies may disclose your registration information with its partner(s) which assist with this presentation. For more information about CA’s disclosure practices, please visit the CA Privacy Notice here
  • The application economy has fundamentally changed the relationship between the enterprise and its customers. The trends of this new business world—the cloud, mobile and social—mean that software is now the predominant choice for consumers to experience companies and their brands. Have you ever considered how you differentiate your products and applications for success in this fast paced application economy?

    In this webinar, Andy Jordan discusses innovative ways to deliver intuitive, engaging products and applications in this fast moving, highly competitive environment. He will explore how organizations are selecting the right products, applications and prioritizing feature requests while staying in alignment with business strategies. You will also learn about:

    •Efficient and effective resource investment – how to get the most return from your people in the fast paced modern environment
    •The need to focus on net benefits, not project constraints
    •The need for clear, consistent top down guidance
    •The need to effectively respond to (and predict) shifting strategic needs

    Don’t miss this thought provoking webinar that’s guaranteed to make you rethink how to deliver the products and features that will deliver real results.

    This event qualifies for 1 Project Management Institute Professional Development Unit (PDU) credit.
  • How do you deliver great digital experiences in today's mobile-first, multi-touchpoint, omnichannel world? The answer is to map customers' journeys against your mobile and web touchpoints, then harness context - full knowledge of a customer's history, preferences, behaviors, and location - to tailor the experience.

    Increasingly, organizations are looking at Web Content Management (WCM) solutions in the cloud. Why? Because in the cloud, you can rapidly deploy sites, reach mobile devices, secure against attacks, and scale to meet demand.

    In this session you will:

    * See the data highlighting major trends driving interest in "WCM in the Cloud"

    * Understand the pros and cons of moving your WCM to the Cloud

    * Master the role of the cloud in delivering great digital experiences.

    * Build support and a roadmap to use the cloud in your digital experience delivery strategy.
  • Does your organization have a reliable way to intake project ideas? Do you struggle with how to determine whether project requests align with business strategy? How do you know if the costs will outweigh the benefits?

    Join us for a webinar, where we will explore these topics and more. We’ll discuss:

    •Providing a standardized idea Input form, making it easier to evaluate potential projects
    •How to determine whether ideas align with strategic objectives
    •How to determine relative priority across ideas
    •The best way to evaluate costs and benefits of high priority ideas
    •How to use Idea portfolios for what-if scenarios
    •Converting ideas to projects
    •Using workflows for Approvals, Action Items and Governance

    After discussing these best practices, we’ll use CA PPM show how they can be implemented as a real world, practical solution!

    Register today!

    This event is approved for 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) credit.

    In accordance with its Privacy Policy, CA Technologies may disclose your registration information with its partner(s) which assist with this presentation. For more information about CA’s disclosure practices, please visit the CA Privacy Notice here
  • Watch how we do big room planning, and learn how you can do it, too.

    First, assemble the entire delivery group (dev teams, UX, architecture, product managers, business leaders) together, in the same room.

    Then share a high-level vision and business context; next, collaborate to identify risks and dependencies, and prioritize and plan work among teams and iterations; finally, commit to a shared plan.
  • July 9, 2015 at 1 pm ET/10 am PST

    The role of the CMO is more complex than ever before, and the battle to win over the customer can appear daunting. With over 120 digital marketing channels to choose from, and more than 2,400 products available to manage them, it is inevitable that marketing technology takes a driving seat. More technology means the CMO has now set up camp in the CIO's territory.

    But this doesn't have to lead to the next office battleground (we all remember the Great Sales & Marketing Wars of the '90s, right?); there is a way forward.

    We'll explain how marketing and IT executives can make cross-functional, cross-methodology teams work, without fisticuffs. We'll cover best practices to reduce fire drills, manage resources, and drive productivity. Those siloes that are in the way? Look out because we're going to bust 'em. Like peanut butter and chocolate, the CMO and CIO can work together to deliver awesome, tasty, results - we'll show you how that begins.

    After this webinar, you'll:

    * Identify problem communication areas within your organization that can lead to internal war
    * Learn how to speak fluent CIO, and discover your inner process junkie
    * Discover new, exciting acronyms, and find out why they're deadly important to your continue growth
    * Find out why fluidity will be the next big thing in executive circles

    It's time to sign up to avoid a war, not create one. Join us...

    Stewart Rogers, director of marketing technology; VentureBeat
    Philip Sheldrake, technology analyst and managing partner, Euler Partners
    Adam Messano, senior project manager; Advanced Auto Parts
    Eric Lopez, sales engineering manager; Workfront Inc.

    Sponsored by Workfront
  • While “content marketing” (the term) has been in vogue the past 2+ years, the discipline has existed for far longer. Many of us have been creating, publishing and sharing content with our target audience for years, all enabled by a Web CMS.

    Dennis Shiao manages content marketing for DNN. Join this webinar to learn how Dennis uses a CMS to fuel DNN’s content marketing. Topics covered include:

    - Permissions and workflow
    - Publishing
    - Analytics
    - Integration with content repositories
  • How many times have you been in a meeting where someone says, “What would happen if Bob was hit by a bus”? Not that anyone wants something bad to happen to Bob, but all too often too much knowledge is trapped in the head of a single person instead of a documented resource that can be shared for others to benefit from.

    Proper knowledge management ensures important information, processes and tribal knowledge flows freely within IT and throughout the entire organization. Utilizing Knowledge Management properly also helps identify common problems and issues to prevent future redundant incidents.

    The ServiceNow Express Knowledge Management application provides role-based tools to create, store and publish this important information, while providing a single resource for all users to find and view details on common inquiries.

    ServiceNow experts will discuss the benefits of deploying an integrated ServiceNow Knowledge Management solution across the organization.

    Join us to learn more about:
    How to capture, consolidate and publish company-wide knowledge for optimum adoption and usage
    Best practices for leveraging reporting to help identify usage and opportunities for additional articles
    Processes for creating proper Knowledge Management workflows
  • IT departments are challenged with maintaining systems while being charged with innovating to help their organisational productivity. Maybe you want to re-position IT as an innovative, changing and improving force but just can’t make it happen.

    In this webinar, we will address the challenges to introducing IT innovation in an organisation. Then using a number of real world examples, we will lay out a range of business and technology integration techniques and approaches proven to foster continual user centered service improvement.

    Subjects covered include: The IT Innovators Dilemma, Why ITIL Can’t Innovate, The Upgrade Fail, The UBER technique, Building an Innovation Machine, Pizza and Agile Improvement, and Gamification of Ideation.
  • Today it is generally recognized that projects must deliver value. But what is value, how do we ensure that it is delivered, and how do we group the set of investments into our portfolio to deliver the most value?

    Industry established standards and practices should form the basis for the approach to implementing portfolio management. These will guide us in the steps to prioritize and select the highest value investments.

    This presentation very simply walks through the steps to create and maintain portfolios within these best practice standards and practices.

    In accordance with its Privacy Policy, CA Technologies may disclose your registration information with its partner(s) which assist with this presentation. For more information about CA’s disclosure practices, please visit the CA Privacy Notice here

    This event qualifies for Project Management Institute (PMI) 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU).
  • The industry-leading VMware vSphere has just been updated to version 6.0, bringing with it a host of new features and improvements, including VMWare Virtual Volumes (VVoLs), fault-tolerance for multi-processors in virtual machines, and a variety of improvements to vMotion.

    Join VMware vExpert Maish Saidel-Keesing as he discusses how you can take advantage of what VMware vSphere 6.0 has to offer, and discusses some best practices on how to upgrade to this latest release. Maish will be joined by Veeam Software System Engineer Ryan Post, who will discuss ways that Veeam’s full suite of product offerings can help ensure that your upgrade to vSphere 6.0 will be a success.

    In they webinar you will learn:

    -Understand the upgrade path to VMware vSphere 6.0 and get advice on the best deployment methods.
    -What the changes are to VMware vMotion (cross-center and long distance) and how to use them.
    -How to take advantage of vCenter 6.0 to streamline management of your VMware environment.
    -More about VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) and how can you best take advantage of them.
    -What Veeam Software solutions can help make your vSphere 6.0 upgrade a success.
  • June 25, 2015 at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

    We are on the verge of a new era of smart connected things, where devices and machines are much more intuitive, simplifying and enriching our daily lives. As smart devices pack more powerful processors and sensors, they will become more aware of our preferences and surroundings, anticipate our needs, and provide us with relevant information at the right time. As machines of the future begin to see and hear in 3D through computer vision and perceive and understand through machine learning, new worlds of possibilities open. Cars, machines, robots, and other smart devices will become autonomous, anticipating outcomes far faster and more accurately.

    In this webinar, we’ll dig into how industry leaders are using cognitive technologies, such as machine learning, computer vision, and always-on sensing to reshape industries, including transportation, healthcare, banking and retail. Can your business keep up with the disruption that will be caused by these technologies? How can device intelligence add value to your organization? How can you balance the benefits of device intelligence with associated risks?

    In this webinar, you’ll:

    -Find out how you can drive innovations and create new business opportunities through these technologies

    - Discover ways cognitive technologies can help businesses drive revenue in unexpected -- and uncharted – ways

    -Balance the benefits of device intelligence and user privacy

    -Get the scoop on why on-device intelligence will be key in the new era of smart connected things

    - Realize the role of cognitive technologies and biometrics on securing your organization’s critical devices


    Maged Zaki, Director of Technical Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    Jim McGregor, Principal analyst and founder, TIRIAS Research
    Russ Fadel, President and General Manager; ThingWorx
    Chris Clayton, Senior vice president, business development; ColdLight

    Sponsored by Qualcomm
  • From students to executives, finding solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and communication has become vital. These end users are trying to excel in their work, and while they don’t mean to cause harm, in most organizations this desire leads to the use of applications, services, and data storage and sharing beyond IT's boundaries. This practice, known as “shadow IT,” is having an obvious impact on technical support teams. Attend this webinar to learn more about shadow IT and how you can strike a balance between reaping the benefits and avoiding the risk.
  • Big changes are currently underway in how IT is designed and delivered in the enterprise. Effective solutions must align all technology, strategy and deployment activities with the highly dynamic business demands of your organization – but how do you get there?

    In this webinar, Steve Carter, VP of Advisory Services, uses real world case studies to demonstrate how our enterprise clients have developed long-term ITaaS transformation goals, identified roadblocks and implemented change in the delivery of IT services within their organizations. He discusses the market and technology drivers that are forcing the need for change and how the 451 Research ITaaS Workshop can help kickstart your company’s ITaaS transformation.
  • Everyone loves a good user story, but how do you write one? Write compelling user stories that focus on business value. Enable conversations as the most important part of the story. Watch this video to learn how to:

    - Keep focused on customer value
    - Write acceptance criteria and define "done"
    - Create stories and tasks within Rally
  • As the gateway to IT for most end users, service and support is the biggest driver of customer satisfaction and can generate a tremendous return on investment. IT leaders and managers who ignore these facts do so at their own peril, for the simple truth is this: the success and longevity of an IT management team are directly tied to the success of service and support. In this session, Jeff Rumburg will use benchmarking data and case studies to demonstrate the untapped value of all service and support organizations.
  • You’ve read about keyword research, inbound links and optimizing web copy for search. If you follow the leading SEO experts, you undoubtedly know about Penguin, Hummingbird and Mobilegeddon… But what are they NOT telling you about?

    In this webinar, SEO expert Bruce Chapman from DNN shares 24 rapid-fire tips that you haven’t considered, including the role testing plays toward conversions. You’ll leave the webinar with tricks that you can apply to your website right away, tools you can use to test to find out the best results, increase engagement and outcomes.
  • Too many businesses are relying on the heroics of their people to accomplish business transformations mistakenly treating them as little more than operational changes. In fact, business transformations have all the hallmarks of the most complex projects and programs and the challenges can be just as overwhelming. Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) can save they day by providing the foundation and means to:

    •Identify and select the initiatives to create desired changes to the business

    •Enable the oversight necessary to monitor and adjust projects and programs to ensure successful execution

    •Provide the ability to measure results and realize maximum business value

    Join us for a webcast focusing on how PPM can be used to assure the transformation of your enterprise.

    All attendees are eligible to earn 1 Project Management Institute (PMI) Professional Development Unit (PDU).
  • Le processus de pilotage de vos projets est complexe, dépassé, pas assez aligné sur les besoins et attentes de vos équipes, ou peut-être les trois ?
    Pour y remédier, CA Technologies et ISPA Consulting vous invitent à découvrir lors d’un webcast de 40 minutes, comment BNP Paribas-Banque de Détail France (BDDF) a boosté son système de pilotage et amélioré les leviers de gestion opérationnelle et budgétaire de ses projets et portefeuilles avec la solution CA PPM et l'accompagnement d'ISPA Consulting.
  • June 11, 2015 @ 10am PST / 1pm EST
    Sponsored by Workfront, Inc

    David Linthicum - Senior Vice President; Cloud Technology Partners
    Rich Morrow - Principal Engineer; quicloud
    Nick McCleery - Agile project manager; Workfront

    As a second part of our discussion, we dig deeper into the concept that mixing Agile and traditional application development methodologies works well. This time we focus on outcomes, or what we know works. Most importantly, we’ll also talk about what doesn’t work and what should be avoided.

    Agile has more value in some aspects of the application development lifecycle than others. While organizations are changing around the notion of Agile, it’s healthy to take a close look at what’s practical as to the successful design, development, and deployment of new or existing applications.

    It’s time to start asking the tougher questions.

    We’ve got a panel of experts to address the issues around Agile and mixing more traditional approaches with new, from the perspective of the project managers.

    We’ll deal with the tough decisions that enterprise development project leaders and ISVs have to deal with today as they move to more “modern” approaches. What’s more, look at how the cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things are driving even more innovative thinking around development methods. If you’re moving to Agile, this is a must attend.

    After this webinar, you'll:

    · Discover what works when mixing traditional app dev techniques
    · Automate Agile principles while deploying new or existing apps
    · Learn how cloud and big data can complicate the Agile scenario
    · Avoid the pitfalls of bad development strategies
  • There are many myths that project managers and executives simply accept about project management. Dates are mandated. Project managers own the project. Resources are unlimited. On the other side, there are many excuses such as things will never change here. You don’t understand our corporate culture. Our organization can’t work like that. If you have heard any of this or believe any of this, than this session is perfect for you. Come hear world renowned speaker Rick A. Morris, President of R2 Consulting, LLC Mythbust Project Management for you! Rick is an expert in down to earth delivery of simple and executable tips and tricks to get you on a path of powerful change! In a quick hour, walk away with some simple facts and stories that can change the way you think about project management.
  • Unlike the service desk, which has been extensively benchmarked over the past two decades, desktop support benchmarking is a relatively recent trend. As a result, many support professionals are unfamiliar with the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to track and trend in desktop support and even fewer are aware of what constitutes acceptable performance. In this session, Jeff Rumburg will share the results of MetricNet’s 2014 Global Benchmarking Initiative for Desktop Support, discuss the methodology, define the KPIs used for benchmarking, and share performance data from more than 140 companies worldwide.
  • Resource management is one of the most trending topics in Project Portfolio Management. The itd Assignment Editor allows users to plan assignments directly via the CA PPM web interface without connecting to Open Workbench or Microsoft Project.

    Requesting capacity for projects is now simpler and easier than ever.

    Joerg Leute will demonstrate and explain in this webcast how to use CA PPM and the itd assignment Editor to improve the resource management process.
  • Are you migrating to Office 365 soon? What is your data protection plan? Get prepared by attending this live webinar featuring Petri IT Knowledgebase Contributor, Phoummala Schmitt, and SaaS data protection expert, Gina Rosenthal of Spanning by EMC, for a spirited discussion. We’ll explore common Microsoft Exchange administration “gotchas” and what to be aware of as you migrate to Office 365.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - What the common causes for data loss are when administering Microsoft Exchange
    - How to mitigate data loss caused by user errors
    - How these challenges appear when you move to Office 365
    - How cloud-to-cloud backup helps minimize data loss in Microsoft Office 365
  • In 2014, The COPD Foundation launched a branded online community on their website. They named it COPD360social and saw 1,000 member sign-ups in the first month alone. Today, COPD360social has over 7,000 members and engagement is through the roof.

    Register for this DNN webinar to learn how Vincent Malanga (CIO) and Sara Latham (Communications Director) planned and executed their community strategy. You’ll hear how they engaged with influencers before the launch (and what they asked them to do) and how they generated off-the-charts engagement, all without spending a dollar on outbound marketing.

    You’ll leave this webinar with actionable ideas to increase user engagement on your own website.
  • There’s no escaping change. And organizations that cling to the “tried and true”—whether it be existing business models and processes or perceptions of market conditions and customer preferences—are doomed to continually play catch-up in the marketplace.

    But, even recognizing the inevitability of change isn’t the same as managing the challenges it presents.

    Change is opportunity. Successful organizations embrace change and leverage the outcomes into growth and competitive advantage. Join Rego Consulting and CA Technologies for an informational webinar where we’ll share how organizations are successfully managing business transformation initiatives with CA PPM. Key topics of discussion include demonstrating how organizations are utilizing CA PPM to:

    •Effectively prioritize and select which change initiatives to fund and pursue
    •Manage all the moving pieces of transformation across organizational and geographical boundaries
    •Efficiently and effectively track progress and measure success
    •Document and report the benefits realized to the appropriate stakeholders
  • There’s more marketing data available than ever, and that’s exactly why it’s so challenging to truly make sense of it all. While cloud-based data platforms have accelerated the availability and access of marketing data, it hasn’t made the marketer’s job any easier. It’s just the opposite. ‘Mo’ data, mo’ problems.’
    VB Insight’s new research on analytics shows that brands plan to increase their spending on the category by a whopping 73 percent over the next 3 years. For big market cap B2C companies, it’s closer to a 100 percent increase.

    The trouble is most marketing organizations are lukewarm on both how good their own insights are and how good their business partners are at making their insights actionable.

    This webinar will cover how top marketers are using marketing data to their advantage and driving huge value with data.

    Attendees will:
    * Learn the primary objectives for marketing analytics organizations today
    * Get an overview of the massively complex marketing data ecosystem. We counted 800+ vendors in use across 10 key marketing use cases
    * Understand and be able to outline the top vendors available for every use case, who's meeting expectations and who's lagging
    * Gain guidance for the types of advanced analysis your marketing organization needs to be investing in now to compete for customer relevance

    This webinar will be based on Jon Cifuentes' VB Insight report, published August 21, 2015.

    Check out VB Insight to access Jon's Marketing Analytics report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology:
  • Robots and drones have captivated us for more than half a century. When you think about a robot, you might automatically think about Rosie from the Jetsons. However, the next revolution of robotics will be very different than what you think. Robotics will enhance everyday life by enabling a broad range of applications from smart home to healthcare and transportation.

    Why now? Historically, robots have been pre-programmed to complete tasks in industrial settings, but thanks to the same technology powering our smart phones, robots are poised to evolve into intelligent, intuitive machines capable of processing their environments quickly and efficiently - both on the ground and in the air. Robots will be seamlessly integrated with everyday life, handling tasks once too time-consuming or tedious for us.

    In this webinar, we'll discuss:

    *The key consumer and commercial applications of robots and drones

    *The role robots will play in societies and economies

    *How smartphone technologies will pave the way to robotics' future

    * How cognitive technologies will transform our lives and business

    * How Qualcomm is fostering innovation and helping the ecosystem

    * The foundation of many IoT applications in shaping the way to robotics


    Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics
    Hugo Swart, Senior Director Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    Chad Sweet, Director Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    Maged Zaki, Director of Technical Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

    Sponsored by Qualcomm
  • With cloud computing now becoming a mainstream technology for most companies, new opportunities have emerged for cloud and hosting providers that extend beyond their traditional infrastructure-focused businesses. The most interesting changes in cloud infrastructure, applications and services are yet to come.

    A key characteristic of Cloud 2.0 is that 70% of the opportunity is beyond infrastructure hosting, with application, managed and security services demand growing from enterprises. To capture this providers must continue to evolve their offerings to meet the increasingly complex demands of customers who are now in the driver's seat. These customers need not only infrastructure, but also wrap-around services and support that they have come to expect from their corporate IT departments.

    During this data-driven discussion you will learn:

    - What Cloud 2.0 means for your business
    - Cloud adoption trends
    - How to innovate without risk
    - Who are the primary decision makers
    - How customers choose a service provider and what requirements are important to them
    - Where customers allocate their budgets
  • Date & Time are TBD and are subject to change.

    Abstract: Stay tuned for more details!

    This webinar will be based on Jon Cifuentes' VB Insight report, which will be published in September, 2015.

    Check out VB Insight to access Jon's report and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology:
  • Project Portfolio Management is often seen—and sold—as a tool for IT. PPM is embraced by IT as a way of gaining control of their world to focus on managing scarce resources and making or prioritizing decisions. Guess what, IT isn't the only team with scare resources, making bad decisions and no priorities. If a company is only using PPM for IT they are missing the real value. Managing all types of business strategies through projects is a must for every business, and successful customers have realized the real value of PPM to make better choices, balance opportunities and meet goals.

    In this webinar, Mark Mullaly examines how the role of PPM can be expanding and why PPM isn’t a tool for just one part of the organization; it is a way of thinking and working that can benefit everyone.
  • As Agile has gone from acceptance to leadership in project execution for many organizations, it is only natural that those organizations look to implement Agile philosophies at the strategy level. Organizations must now learn to harness the power of their Agile teams to drive delivery of the right products, applications and features at the right time.

    In this webinar, Andy Jordan will provide insights on how the business is scaling agile across their organization. Learn how businesses can set strategic guidance and create organization alignment from strategy to product to delivery, including:

    •Prioritizing portfolio elements using Agile principles
    •Balancing portfolio needs with financial restrictions in an Agile world
    •Ensuring Agile teams are delivering optimal results for their work
    •Communicating Agile approaches to the organization in ways they can understand and leverage

    This webinar will challenge your thinking of portfolio definition and execution, register now to ensure you are able to effectively and efficiently add Agile to your annual planning processes.
  • You have seen the value of PPM. You understand its promise, and you embrace its principles. You endeavor to deliver the best possible value to your customers, and PPM is an essential tool to help you do that.

    Yet if PPM is only being used within IT, it is only living up to a fraction of its potential. While PPM has helped IT organizations get control of their resources and priorities, it is often seen to be focused on solving IT’s problems, not the organization’s. It doesn’t have to be that way. But making the case for PPM means you need to demonstrate what it can do for the organization as a whole, not just what it does for you.

    In this webinar, Mark Mullaly guides you through making the case for PPM as a tool for the whole organization. If you are an IT executive that values PPM but struggles to communicate that value to the rest of the organization, this is the presentation for you. In it we’ll guide you through building the case for change in adopting PPM organizationally. You’ll explore how to present PPM as a tool for collaboration and cooperation, not just command and control.
  • Date & Time are TBD and are subject to change.

    Abstract: Stay tuned for more details!

    This webinar will be based on John Koetsier’s VB Insight report, which will be published in December, 2015.

    Check out VB Insight to access John's new report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology:
  • Implementing PPM organizationally isn’t about defining the structure you need. Effect PPM is about making it work in the structure that you already have. The focus of PPM is about the envisioning, evaluating and delivery of effective value. Value gets delivered at the front-line of the organization, and that is where PPM needs to best play a role.

    Too many PPM implementations assume that PPM is focused on only one part of the organization, or on one type of projects. Worse, there is often a presumption that to implement PPM requires organizational restructuring and the creation of new organizations, roles and processes.

    The most effective organizations leverage PPM to enable making and delivering on their strategic priorities. Success is not about structuring the organization in order to adopt PPM, it’s PPM serving the needs of the organization. In this presentation, Mark Mullaly highlights the strategies, approaches and principles necessary to bring your strategy to life and ensure it delivers value. He defines what it takes to realize success in the organization that you have today. You’ll get practical, pragmatic insight about harnessing PPM as an approach that serves your requirements, not one that drives your processes.