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IT Project Management

  • Securing Continuous Delivery Pipelines
    Securing Continuous Delivery Pipelines Scott Willson Recorded: Mar 22 2018 36 mins
    Is your continuous delivery pipeline vulnerable? How do you bring the control and visibility required to ensure security?

    As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the opportunities for data breaches have risen proportionately. Privileges are extended to users and bots to perform a specific job and often aren’t revoked upon completion. Administration credentials are being stolen and compromised accounts and unmanaged systems are proving to be real threats to enterprises. It’s clear that user governance isn’t a luxury then, it’s an imperative.

    CA Privileged User Governance (CA-PG) provides the functionality required to safeguard businesses from unauthorized access and breaches. It enables a high level of control, auditability and transparency to be introduced to your organization’s privileges.

    By combining CA-PG and Automic Release Automation, you can automatically provide – and revoke – users and bots with necessary access credentials and privileges as and when needed. Doing so limits the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

    This Webinar Explores:
    Automic Release Automation – what it is and why it’s the industry-leading solution
    The goals and challenges of continuous delivery
    CA Privileged User Governance
  • Webinar: Transitioning to Instant Payments in Germany
    Webinar: Transitioning to Instant Payments in Germany Britta Kotthaus-Kramer, Accenture Corinna Lauer, UniCredit, Elisabeth Kern-Thüringer, Raiffeisen Gene Neyer, Icon Solutions Recorded: Mar 22 2018 63 mins
    How can Banks in Germany prepare for Instant Payments whilst controlling costs and managing risks? And what can we learn from those who have already travelled the path to Instant Payments?

    This InstaPay webinar will explore some of the challenges in adopting instant payments in Germany and provide insights on how to prepare. You will hear from three very different perspectives, global industry insights from consultants Accenture, real world experiences from UniCredit and Raiffeisen, early joiners of the RT1 scheme, and from Icon Solutions a leading global payments practitioner currently implementing real time solutions internationally.


    - Britta Kotthaus-Kramer, Principal Director at Accenture GMBh
    - Corinna Lauer, Director, Global Transaction Banking at UniCredit Bank
    - Elisabeth Kern-Thüringer, Senior Product Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG
    - Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Icon Solutions
  • WiFi vs 5G: Is the end of wireless on the horizon?
    WiFi vs 5G: Is the end of wireless on the horizon? Paul Vanderlaan, Technical Manager - Standardization & Technology Recorded: Mar 21 2018 59 mins
    Now that 802.11ac Wi-Fi has established itself in the market, we’re already looking at what’s in development for the next generation of wireless communications. Will communication speeds continue on their rapid upward trend and, if so, what new applications could emerge as a result? And with 5G cellular garnering a lot of attention lately, will it make a play to obsolete Wi-Fi? Register for this webinar to learn:
    -The status of 802.11ax and ay
    -An overview of 5G cellular and how it will effect wireless
    -How infrastructure will adapt to support these new developments
  • The Anatomy of a 5-Star Employee Experience
    The Anatomy of a 5-Star Employee Experience Stacey Prezel, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Mar 21 2018 54 mins
    How can ServiceNow transform your HR Service Delivery? Start simplifying HR processes, reducing time spent on routine tasks, and modernizing the employee service experience.

    - The Big Picture: Why are we all investing in HR?
    - Real World Examples: What's possible in HRSD
    - Build your Business Case: Alignment, Impact, and your 4 steps to a killer pitch
    - Questions to expect: New demands and changes we see with Acorio clients as ServiceNow HRSD expands
  • Gain Panoramic Perspectives with Product Roadmaps
    Gain Panoramic Perspectives with Product Roadmaps Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc. and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing Recorded: Mar 21 2018 55 mins
    Organizations create roadmaps to communicate strategy. Roadmaps must have the right level of granularity and connect strategy with implementation to ensure desired outcomes are achieved and value is delivered. Roadmaps provide the benefit of visualizing future business outcomes in order to make better-informed investment decisions.

    Join Andy and CA’s Jim Tisch as they address:
    •Why product roadmaps are more important than ever in an agile operating environment
    •How roadmaps can be leveraged to develop proactive solutions that guide industry trends
    •The importance of integrated product and project portfolio management
    •The need for active roadmap management across the entire product portfolio

    This webinar will not only challenge your assumptions on modern business management, it will provide you a tangible action plan to improve your success through better product roadmap management. Don’t miss out, sign up today.
  • Transforming Customer Service with ServiceNow: A Midwest Lunch & Learn
    Transforming Customer Service with ServiceNow: A Midwest Lunch & Learn Adam Mason, Jerry Sweeney, Ravi Kaipa and Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Mar 20 2018 61 mins
    Today, modern, Customer Support teams use thoughtful, intuitive technology to solve customer issues at light speed. In some cases, they have even transformed from a cost center to a juiced up revenue producer.
    In our March Lunch and Learn our Customer Service experts will show how to do just that, with real-world examples from companies winning Customer Service right now, and a live demo.
  • Focus on the Right Stuff – Agile Metrics Matter
    Focus on the Right Stuff – Agile Metrics Matter Andy Jordan, Project Management.com Recorded: Mar 20 2018 61 mins
    There could be many reasons why you started down your Agile journey. There will be many more reasons why you continue with that journey today and in the future. But ultimately you have to deliver meaningful business results, and that requires you to validate your achievements and adjust as needed.

    In many organizations this requires change. You might not be measuring the most important factors, which could result in a misunderstanding of the value of Agile.

    Join ProjectManagement.com SME and industry expert Andy Jordan to discuss:

    -The importance of tying Agile performance to business results
    -Establishing the right, business focused metrics
    -How customer focused metrics drive business performance
    -The need to evolve and mature your metrics over time

    As always in one of Andy’s webinars he will not only make you think and challenge your assumptions, he will provide a tangible plan to help you take the concepts of effective metrics and measurement into your organization to drive even greater Agile success.
  • How to Jump Start Your Workload Automation
    How to Jump Start Your Workload Automation Neville Kroeger, CA Automic Recorded: Mar 14 2018 56 mins
    The Era of Digital Transformation has highlighted the need for effective workload automation. It is widely accepted that automation is one of the most crucial foundations of your digital enterprise. Getting the basics right is critical to the long-term effectiveness of your automation journey.

    In this webinar, we will discuss the value and importance of selecting the right platform on which to build your workload automation, and ways to achieve those measurable early wins important to any project.

    About our speaker:
    Neville Kroeger is Senior Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies, and has over 30 years’ industry experience. For the last 20 of these he has been designing and delivering workload automation solutions for enterprises of all sizes, around the world.
  • Ask an Agile Coach Virtual Discussion
    Ask an Agile Coach Virtual Discussion Doug Dockery and Laureen Knudsen, Resident Agile Experts Recorded: Mar 13 2018 56 mins
    Here’s your opportunity to ask an agile expert.

    Every organization undergoes different pain points during their agile transformation.

    We've been a part of many of those transformations, and our experts can offer insights and best practices for your organization to overcome those pain points. Join Doug Dockery and Laureen Knudsen, agile experts and co-authors of Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization and resident agile expert, on Tuesday, March 13, for your opportunity to ask the questions on your mind as your organization starts, expands and scales agile across multiple teams and departments.
  • Women in Tech Leadership: Building your Brand & Becoming a Better Leader
    Women in Tech Leadership: Building your Brand & Becoming a Better Leader Jeanne Morain, Emerald de Leeuw, Jill Donahue & Andrea Short Recorded: Mar 8 2018 59 mins
    2017 was a historic year for women and feminists around the world. With the #metoo and #knowno campaigns, gender gaps and disparities were brought to light in ways they hadn't been before.

    Now it's a new year and with it comes new challenges for women in hi-tech careers: whether it be navigating your career through these times, finding or becoming a mentor, building your personal and professional brand as a leader, dealing with office politics or maintaining work-life balance, the challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace are endless.

    Join this expert panel with moderator Jeanne Morain and panelists Emerald de Leeuw, Executive Director, EuroComply Data Protection Technology, Jill Donahue, Sr. Director of Marketing, PC Connection, and Andrea Short, Director, Supplier Marketing at Tech Data.

    They will share personal stories and experiences, tips and best practices, problems and solutions around these and other topics for women in tech leadership.
  • The role of machine learning and AI in your digital transformation journey
    The role of machine learning and AI in your digital transformation journey Infosys NIA Recorded: Mar 8 2018 67 mins
    Step beyond the hype and the myths about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Join us on this webinar to learn the real world significance of AI for an enterprise. This webinar will take a practical view of how ML can make a difference in your business, illustrating the role it plays in any meaningful digital transformation effort employing AI. The focus will be on the business value this technology can deliver.

    Infosys Nia, a comprehensive AI platform, comes equipped with Advanced Machine Learning that works in concert with its other aspects rendering effective digital transformation solutions for an enterprise. Join us to learn how you can embark on your own digital transformation journey.

    Guest Speaker:
    - Mike Gualtieri, VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals, Forrester

    Infosys Speaker:
    - Sudhir Jha, Senior Vice President, Infosys.
  • Digital Transformation in Treasury: Reducing complexity with better connectivity
    Digital Transformation in Treasury: Reducing complexity with better connectivity Presented by OpenText Recorded: Mar 7 2018 36 mins
    As companies seek to improve cash flow, achieve greater cash visibility, consolidate their bank relationships, increase straight through processing, and reduce bank fees and costs, treasurers are undertaking strategic digital transformations of their financial, IT and business operations. Part of that transformation should include an examination of whether their network connectivity is hampering the process.

    In this webcast, OpenText will review its own treasury transformation journey and describe how, by leveraging the capabilities of its Business Network division, it was able to speed up its connectivity to banks and achieve higher STP rates and better cash visibility across its global banking system. We will review the challenges of corporate to bank integration and the solutions that OpenText can provide.


    Mark Mixter, Financial Services Solutions Expert, OpenText Corporation
    Jonathan A. Burkhead – Director of Global Treasury, OpenText Corporation
    Trevor Jones - VP, Finance & Treasurer, OpenText Corporation
  • Analyst's View for CXOs on Dev Transformation
    Analyst's View for CXOs on Dev Transformation Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester Vice President & Principal Analyst and Laureen Knudsen, Agile Advisor at CA Technologies Recorded: Mar 6 2018 59 mins
    Business leaders everywhere are plotting out their digital transformation strategies, and how to get closer to customers - fast. In the second part of this webinar series, guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond and Laureen Knudsen, Agile Advisor, Executive Management, at CA Technologies, will expand on their February 6th discussion and take the conversation straight to the C-suite:

    During this webinar, they’ll discuss:
    -Why scaling agile is a top transformation priority to optimize software delivery processes
    -How to use predictive planning to better prepare your organization’s delivery efforts
    -Effective measurement using agile software with automated data roll-ups that show how and where your dollars are spent
    -Exactly how organizational transformation occurs beyond the dev teams
    -How an agile transformation can reduce the stress of constant requests and pressures felt at the executive level
    -The role modern technology platforms and tools play as complements to your process improvement efforts

    Ultimately, the goal of an agile transformation is to provide your organization’s top-level of leadership the ability to see more of what is happening, so they can make critical business decisions that shape and steer the future of the digital enterprise.
  • Keeping your SAP Test Data in Compliance with GDPR
    Keeping your SAP Test Data in Compliance with GDPR Craig Kirkeide, Solutions Architect at CA Automic; Lorenzo Squellati, Director at SNP Transformations Recorded: Feb 27 2018 37 mins
    May 25, 2018 is the countdown for compliance with GDPR: the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation that threatens potentially enormous penalties for companies that don’t provide sufficient privacy to data for EU citizens: including customers, employees and prospects. There isn’t much time – and GDPR compliance can be especially tough for enterprises with complex environments like SAP. In this webinar, we’ll describe how powerful automation tools can make your path to GDPR compliance painless, rapid and low risk. The countdown to May 25 doesn’t have to be a doomsday clock.

    About our Speakers:
    Lorenzo Squellati Director, SNP Applications Americas, Inc. Lorenzo Squellati has over 20 years of experience in IT Services, all centered around IT Operations and Infrastructure Management. Today, he serves as the Director of SNP Applications Americas and works with organizations to identify automated solutions to optimize and support all aspects of the SAP application lifecycle. Lorenzo’s experience in both IT project execution and solution opportunity identification makes him a great resource for any internal stakeholder planning their application lifecycle management strategy.

    Craig Kirkeide is a Solutions Architect at CA Automic with over 20 years industry experience. For the last 14 years, he has been delivering solutions for running end-to-end business processes across SAP and other ERP systems to companies worldwide.
  • Where’s My Data? Managing the Data Residency Challenge
    Where’s My Data? Managing the Data Residency Challenge Claude Baudoin, owner, cébé IT & Knowledge Management and Geoff Rayner, CEO, Data Advantage Group Recorded: Feb 27 2018 62 mins
    Introducing the OMG’s Data Residency Maturity Model

    With the rise of managed IT services and cloud computing, sensitive data is regularly moved across countries and jurisdictions, which can be in direct conflict with various international, national or local regulations dictating where certain types of data can be stored (e.g., the European Union’ General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR). Data residency is also a consideration of data owners responsible for protecting and securing data from unintended access.

    The Object Management Group® (OMG®), a technology standards consortium, launched a working group in 2015 to address the challenges of data residency and define a standards roadmap to help stakeholders manage the location of their data and metadata.

    Given the complexity of the issue, a stepwise improvement plan is necessary. This webinar will introduce a new Data Residency Maturity Model (DRMM) proposed in December 2017. Similar to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) invented in 1990 at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), the DRMM contains five maturity levels aimed at helping an organization improve their practices and governance of data residency. The OMG seeks feedback on the DRMM and calls on all interested parties to contribute to this work.
  • The ServiceNow Kingston Update: Machine Learning, AI, UX, Oh My!
    The ServiceNow Kingston Update: Machine Learning, AI, UX, Oh My! Marci Parker, Garrison Ball, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Feb 22 2018 54 mins
    With the ServiceNow’s new Kingston release, fans will not only get new functionality for a richer user experience but enjoy important strides in perhaps the most anticipated areas area of the day: machine learning and automation.Every release brings us more expansion across the ServiceNow Platform, and Kingston is no exception, adding new features and functionality including advances in the ServiceNow Platform, CSM, HR Service Delivery, ITOM, ITBM, Performance Analytics, Security Operations, GRC, and, of course, IT Service Management (including Software Asset Management). Taken in context, these new capabilities make a strong case that ServiceNow is setting itself up to act as the technology backbone for modern organizations (so keep an eye out for future platform plays!).
  • Continuous Improvement - Business Transformation
    Continuous Improvement - Business Transformation Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc. and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing Recorded: Feb 21 2018 59 mins
    Not that long-ago business transformation was a major, disruptive event that an organization went through every few years when it felt it had no choice. In this webinar industry expert and ProjectManagement.com contributor Andy Jordan is joined by CA’s Jim Tisch to discuss how today’s world of business transformation is very different. They’ll discuss:

    •How business transformation is now an integral part of every planning session
    •The evolution towards continuous business transformation
    •How project portfolio management (PPM) lessons learned drive transformation
    •The concept of strategic continuous improvement

    If you feel as though your organization could be faster to respond to challenges, could do a better job of managing transformation or simply isn’t evolving as fast as it should, you cannot afford to miss that webinar.
  • Building an Agile Enterprise
    Building an Agile Enterprise Andy Jordan, Project Management.com and Elizabeth Schulheisz, CA Technologies Recorded: Feb 20 2018 60 mins
    A lot has been written recently about Agile expansion. That might sound scary when you are still new to Agile and might only have a few teams onboard. However, it is still important to start thinking about how you envision Scaling Agile and incorporating your business strategy.

    Industry expert and ProjectManagement.com SME Andy Jordan believes that even for someone who is early in their agile adoption, it is essential to understand the concept of business agility.
    Join Andy for this high energy, thought provoking webinar to learn:

    -Why business agility matters and why you need to care about it
    -The role of strategic agile models in supporting your agile success
    -The importance of broadening Agile across multiple departments

    In today’s business world every organization has to be able to react quickly and with minimal disruption to the inevitable changes they face. Business agility maximizes your ability to do that. Start improving things right now by signing up for this webinar.
  • Infosys Nia Use Case: Understanding Contracts
    Infosys Nia Use Case: Understanding Contracts Infosys NIA Recorded: Feb 16 2018 4 mins
    One of our clients operates with multiple entities under multiple contracts that govern how business is conducted. They were dealing with extended lead times manually reviewing contracts and handling exceptions. Infosys Nia ingested all contract agreements to create a knowledge model that captured rules, exceptions and resolutions. The model responded to incoming queries and resolved exceptions based on information captured from the labor contracts. A conversational interface provided natural language query into the knowledge models, helping the client reduce lead times, lower costs and improve efficiency.
  • Infosys Nia Use Case: Product Compliance
    Infosys Nia Use Case: Product Compliance Infosys NIA Recorded: Feb 16 2018 4 mins
    Large multinational organizations need to ensure that they are always compliant with regulatory requirements. Trade names for raw materials change across markets and can pose a challenge for regulatory teams to be on top of. Infosys Nia with advanced machine learning and natural language processing helps you build knowledge models breaking down the composition into trade names which can be tested automatically against defined rules. See how Infosys Nia makes it easier for companies to be compliant and reduce fines and increase employee productivity.
  • Infosys Nia Use Case: Predictive Costing
    Infosys Nia Use Case: Predictive Costing Infosys NIA Recorded: Feb 16 2018 4 mins
    Infosys Nia lets you accurately predict the cost of product development by applying machine learning and advanced text analytics on historic cost data. Understand all factors that influence cost of development accurately. Increase profits, reduce costs and shorten your development cycles by improving employee productivity and eliminating iterations between design and operations.
  • Infosys Nia Use Case: Asset Maintenance
    Infosys Nia Use Case: Asset Maintenance Infosys NIA Recorded: Feb 16 2018 4 mins
    Asset operations and maintenance are critical business processes for many organizations. Watch how Infosys Nia’s machine learning and natural language processing help a Chiller Unit save on costs and improve efficiency. Learn how Nia implementation improved issue resolution times by up to 75% and increased the productivity of maintenance engineers by 50%.
  • Infosys Nia Use Case: L3 Automation
    Infosys Nia Use Case: L3 Automation Infosys NIA Recorded: Feb 15 2018 3 mins
    Infosys Nia ingests source code, historical incident tickets, and other documentation to build a knowledge model of the source code with mapping across modules. Natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning techniques are applied to perform bug localization, root-cause and impact analysis, and test plan generation.


    • Amplified staff capabilities
    • Improved staff productivity and utilization
    • Lowered Average Handle Time
    • Lowered Mean Time To Resolve
  • Meet Box GxP Validation: Regulated and unregulated content now in the same cloud
    Meet Box GxP Validation: Regulated and unregulated content now in the same cloud Riju Khetarpal, Life Sciences Managing Director, Box & Manu Vohra, Life Sciences Vice President, Content Management, USDM Recorded: Feb 14 2018 58 mins
    To quickly bring life-saving therapies to market, the drug development process relies on secure collaboration across the extended enterprise. However, organizations find that today's legacy content management systems lead to silos between their regulated and unregulated content.

    With Box GxP Validation, pharma and life sciences companies can now validate Box so they can collaborate on, manage and distribute regulated clinical, lab and manufacturing content in Box. That means all of your content is standardized on a single content platform that meets regulatory and compliance standards, so you can eliminate inefficient silos, enable seamless collaboration and accelerate the validation process.

    Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to:
    - Leverage Box for your GxP content — such as collaborating with CROs — and consolidate expensive GxP-specific systems
    - Cut validation time in half and save up to 75% in validation costs with always-on testing
    - Meet CFR Part 11 requirements by integrating Box with e-signature providers, such as DocuSign

    Hear about this new game-changing model for maintaining GxP compliance in the cloud with Riju Khetarpal, Life Sciences Managing Director at Box, and Manu Vohra, VP of Content Management at USDM Life Sciences.
  • 2018 Trends in Infrastructure
    2018 Trends in Infrastructure John Abbott, Co-Founder & Research VP Recorded: Feb 12 2018 57 mins
    In 2018 we expect to see the gap between private and public clouds narrow, with hybrid IT widely adopted. Scale-up, scale-out, hyperconverged and accelerated systems operate under unified management as a spectrum of infrastructure resources to which appropriate workloads can be directed.

    Join 451 Research Co-Founder & Research VP John Abbott for a live webinar on February 12 as he reviews the trends expected to shape the infrastructure landscape in 2018, and the level of impact those trends will have. Come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps
    Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps Ron Gidron Mar 27 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    DevOps is a crucial element of digital transformation, but how do you avoid hidden pitfalls when adopting the practice?

    In today’s application economy, behind every digital transformation success story, there’s the agility facilitated by DevOps. And with agility the key to both success and survival, businesses are rushing to implement DevOps across their organization. But for each successful DevOps story, there’s at least one example of failure. In their haste to achieve agility, organizations the world over are making the same mistakes.

    In this webinar, Automic’s own Product Marketing Director, Ron Gidron discusses the Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps as learned from organizations around the globe. But, in taking a look at how to fail at DevOps implementation, Ron has also been able to uncover the successful patterns of DevOps high achievers.

    This Webinar Discusses:
    Lessons learned from companies attempting to adopt DevOps
    The need to recognize and fund DevOps as part of your digital transformation initiative
    Successful patterns demonstrated by DevOps high achievers
  • The Role of Colocation in a Multi-Cloud World
    The Role of Colocation in a Multi-Cloud World Melanie Posey & Dan Thompson of 451 Research & Charisse Richards of Iron Mountain Mar 27 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The business imperatives fueling digital transformation are changing not just where enterprise IT is located but how it gets used to support business innovation and reinvention. As a result, enterprises are embracing new, heterogeneous IT deployment models that combine on-premises and off-premises, cloud and non-cloud; and public cloud/private cloud resources. Colocation plays a key role in the increasingly complex workload placement decision process, helping organizations get out of the business of managing their own datacenters while also facilitating access to the expanding array of services offered by cloud providers.

    Join 451 Research’s Melanie Posey, Research Vice President and General Manager Voice of the Enterprise and Dan Thompson, Senior Analyst, and Iron Mountain’s Charisse Richards, Senior IT Leader for Iron Mountain Data Centers to explore how colocation is evolving into an important foundation of hybrid IT, integrating the security and compliance of private IT infrastructure with the flexibility and agility of public clouds.
  • Containerology – DevOps, Docker and Microservices in a Continuous Delivery world
    Containerology – DevOps, Docker and Microservices in a Continuous Delivery world Scott Willson Mar 29 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Understanding the benefits and mashed-up world of containers, microservices, continuous delivery

    Join Automic Software and learn about containers, Docker and their place in DevOps, as well as their role in building out a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

    In this webcast we will discuss:

    -Container basics – what they are, where did they come from, what they can do for me
    -Docker – a container management framework
    -DockerHub – a repository of reusable app-in-a-box images or micro-services
    -Micro-Services - light-weight and portable app-in-a-box containers

    Containers are transforming IT and application distribution models much like virtual machines did during the late 90s and early 00s. OS containers wrap-up an application in a self-contained filesystem and that includes everything the app needs to run independently: binaries, runtime libraries, system tools, system packages, etc. This level of simplification and compartmentalization allows applications to be spun up much faster than before while ensuring consistent and predictive up time.D
  • The Age of Agile Automation - Don’t Get Left Behind
    The Age of Agile Automation - Don’t Get Left Behind Ron Gidron Apr 3 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Application Release Automation has transformed the speed at which DevOps teams increase business agility

    Are you under pressure to contribute to your company’s digital transformation? While matching consumer trends is the priority today, most IT departments struggle for true agility when struggling with the diverse combination of skills, tools and technology that application release entails today.

    In this webinar, Automic DevOps evangelist Ron Gidron introduces you to Automic Release Automation, a market-leading platform that automates all components of the release cycle and its complex dependencies, and takes you through the ground-breaking features of the new v12. Gartner predict that “by 2020, 50% of companies will have implemented at least one application release automation solution, up from less than 10% today.”

    Crucial topics that can transform your release velocity include:

    -Automating Container adoption, monitoring and management
    -Cloud adoption strategy
    -Making core back-end apps agile
    -Removing maintenance windows
    -Driving intelligent automation across you islands of automation
  • 3 Challenges of Distributed Agile Retrospectives and How to Solve Them
    3 Challenges of Distributed Agile Retrospectives and How to Solve Them Michael Ball-Marian, Agile Expert at CA Technologies Apr 5 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Of all the Agile practices, none is more foundational than the inspect & adapt cycle of the retrospective. Even if you struggle with every other aspect of Agile, if you consistently engage in productive retrospectives, you will get better.

    Industry surveys and studies suggest that 80% or more of Agile organizations have at least some distributed teams. Most of the traditional retrospective methods assume that all team members are co-located.

    Running effective retrospectives for distributed teams presents unique challenges, but also, potentially, some great advantages. In this webinar, Agile coach and Instant Agenda co-founder Michael Ball-Marian will discuss the three greatest challenges to running distributed Agile retrospectives and how to solve them. Michael will share a variety of tips and techniques that you can use in any retrospective, co-located or distributed. Finally, he’ll present a few ways in which a distributed retrospective can actually be better than a co-located one.
  • Effizientes Informationssicherheitsmanagement (ISMS) mit Cherwell
    Effizientes Informationssicherheitsmanagement (ISMS) mit Cherwell Patrick Schweichler, Implementation Specialist, DextraData GmbH Apr 11 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Im Zusammenhang mit der ab 25. Mai 2018 gültigen EU Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSVGO) ergeben sich für Unternehmen neue Compliance-Verpflichtungen. So müssen sie u.a. die Sicherheit personenbezogener Daten durch ein Informationssicherheitskonzept garantieren.

    Patrick Schweichler, Implementation Specialist bei DextraData, zeigt Ihnen in unserem exklusiven Webcast, wie Unternehmen von Cherwell mergeable Apps und einem kostengünstigen, effizienten und gesetzeskonformen Informationssicherheitsmanagement profitieren. Mit mApps von Cherwell können Sie der Wirksamkeit der EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) gelassen entgegensehen.

    Der Webcast richtet sich insbesondere an IT-Service Verantwortliche, Service Manager, Operations-Verantwortliche und Datenschutzbeauftragte, die sich mit dem Thema Informationssicherheitsmanagement beschäftigen.


    Lernen Sie die Vorteile der Cherwell mergeable Applications kennen
    Übersichtlich und komfortabel: Die ISMS mApp im Detail
    Live Demo
    Wrap Up
    Q & A
  • Paging Doctor IoT:  IoT’s growing influence in healthcare
    Paging Doctor IoT: IoT’s growing influence in healthcare John Spooner, Senior Analyst, IoT Apr 12 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The ability to remotely connect and collect data, coupled with the immediacy, breadth and depth of the insights generated by all that data, will impact healthcare over the next 12-24 months, greatly influencing payers, providers and patients, alike, as all three seek better experiences, more proactive treatments and lower costs.

    Join 451 Research Senior Analyst John Spooner as he discusses his perspectives from HIMSS18 and beyond, including views on the overall status of healthcare digital transformation and its impact on payers, providers and patients as well as semiconductors, devices, infrastructure, applications and platforms that serve them.
  • Ask an Agile Expert Virtual Discussion
    Ask an Agile Expert Virtual Discussion Laureen Knudsen, Executive Management, Agile Advisor Apr 17 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Here's your opportunity to ask an agile expert.

    Every organization undergoes different pain points during their agile transformation.

    We've been a part of many of those transformations, and our experts can offer insights and best practices for your organization to overcome those pain points. Join Laureen Knudsen, Agile Advisor, Executive Management at CA Technologies, agile expert and co-author of Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization and resident agile expert, on Tuesday, April 17, for your opportunity to ask the questions on your mind as your organization starts, expands and scales agile across multiple teams and departments.
  • The Coming Enterprise Service Desk – How Information Technology Can Lead The Way
    The Coming Enterprise Service Desk – How Information Technology Can Lead The Way Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner at MetricNet May 8 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    ITIL, and more broadly, IT Service Management, is now a 31-year-old discipline. It was originally established in the UK under the government of Margaret Thatcher in 1985. For those working in IT Service and Support, the implications of this are profound. First, it means that IT support professionals have an enormous body of knowledge to draw upon for industry best practices. Secondly, it almost always means that other corporate services, such as HR, facilities, safety, etc., are far less mature than IT Service and Support. Savvy IT managers recognize this opportunity, and are increasingly taking up the challenge of providing enterprise leadership in corporate services.

    I want to challenge leaders from both IT and non-IT services to give serious thought to the role of enterprise services in your organization. This is the kind of opportunity that doesn’t come along very often. It has the potential to transform the delivery of all services in the enterprise, while saving money and improving the quality of service that your customers receive. Moreover, it can be a game changer for your career. Enterprises worldwide are in desperate need of leadership on this issue. So if you have been looking for that next big career opportunity, it may be right in front of you!