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IT Security

  • Overcoming Security Threats in an Evolving IT Landscape Overcoming Security Threats in an Evolving IT Landscape Cris Thomas (aka Space Rogue), Strategist at Tenable Network Security Feb 22 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today’s attack surface is expanding and the network is becoming increasingly complex thanks in large part to the ephemeral nature of assets, including mobile devices, cloud, IoT, web apps, containers and virtual machines.

    ‘Space Rogue’ (aka Cris Thomas), strategist at Tenable Network Security, will look at the findings of the Tenable 2017 Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card and discuss strategies for staying ahead of sophisticated cyberattacks in the modern IT landscape.
  • Threat Actors Are Using Automation.. Are You Automating Threat Response? Threat Actors Are Using Automation.. Are You Automating Threat Response? Joseph Yun, Sr. Product Evangelist, ProofPoint Recorded: Feb 21 2017 43 mins
    Threat Actors figured out long ago that automating and orchestrating their attacks gives them the ability to conduct their campaigns more efficiently and effectively. The byproduct of these automated attacks is a high volume of events and alerts meant to overwhelm enterprises. Enterprises conducting predominantly manual investigations and remediations will never be able to scale to the level of those attackers utilizing automated tactics.

    Join us on February 21, 2017 at 1 PM PT and learn how to quickly and easily

    •Understand the scope of automation necessary to combat mass campaigns from attackers
    •Understand which automations can be accomplished with the fastest ROI
    •Understand how,you can automate and apply internal context, 3rd party intelligence, campaign data, and investigations
    •Deploy powerful and proven shortcuts to integrate with alert sources and enforcement systems
  • Technology Can Stop Phishing Breaches?  Oh, Really?? Technology Can Stop Phishing Breaches? Oh, Really?? John ‘Lex’ Robinson, Principal Information Security Consultant at PhishMe Recorded: Feb 21 2017 45 mins
    Ransomware was the #1 cybersecurity threat in 2016. Phishing continues to thrive as the #1 attack vector used by hackers today. And technology continues to fail to stop it.

    In 2016, spear-phishing attacks rose 55%, Ransomware attacks grew 4X and Business Email Compromise (BEC) losses skyrocketed 1300%.

    Join PhishMe as we look back on the top attacks and explore how to use a combination of Human and Technology to stop phishing attempts before they progress to a breach. In this presentation, we will cover:
    - The big phishes of 2016 and what to look out for in 2017
    - Why good employees click on bad emails – the emotional and situational triggers
    - How engagement can decrease susceptibility
    - How IR teams can stay on top of attacks in progress
  • Key Security Insights: Examining 2016 to predict what's coming in 2017 Key Security Insights: Examining 2016 to predict what's coming in 2017 Ken Dang Recorded: Feb 21 2017 64 mins
    Cyber-crimes are alive and well on the global stage. Don’t resist taking the necessary defense measures to stop threats from slipping through the cracks. In this SonicWall Security Annual Threat webcast, we’ll present the most common attacks in 2016 and the ways we expect new threats to affect businesses throughout 2017.

    Some report highlights:
    •Ransomware changes in 2016 and the effects on malicious email and exploit kits
    •The growth and challenges of SSL
    •How Internet of Things devices were exploited and different security steps some organizations are taking in response
    •Developments in Android security
    •Changes in Point of Sale Malware compared to 2015 and useful lessons to be learned
  • Security Myths Debunked: Running Your Business In the Cloud Security Myths Debunked: Running Your Business In the Cloud Adrian Sanabria, Senior Analyst, Information Security at 451 Research & Aaron Newman, CEO & Founder at CloudCheckr Recorded: Feb 21 2017 57 mins
    Organizational efficiency and convenience were the initial appeal of the cloud: add servers when you need them, get rid of them when you don't. Offering businesses the ability to automatically scale with workload and application needs, the cloud offers endless potential to grow at scale. As cloud technology continues to evolve and diversify—from public to private, hybrid to multi-cloud—the use cases and potential benefits have also expanded. And, unlike traditional IT, cloud performance and capacity drivers also tend to improve infrastructure security. During this webinar, we'll explore:

    *Using cloud security as a competitive advantage for your business
    *How focus on performance, agility, and efficiency in cloud mutually benefits security
    *The changes in thinking and design necessary to unlock the cloud’s potential for improving security
    *Practical strategies for automation, monitoring, mitigation and incident response

    Join 451 Research and CloudCheckr for an exclusive webinar to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities for organizations looking to leverage the true potential of the cloud.

    About CloudCheckr:
    CloudCheckr is a unified cost and security automation platform that gives you visibility, insight, and automation for your AWS environment. CloudCheckr delivers a suite of products for cloud operations, security and finance teams for Cost Management, Security and Compliance, Utilization and Inventory.
  • Scaling Security at DevOps Speed Scaling Security at DevOps Speed Mike Goldgof, VP of Marketing at WhiteHat Security Recorded: Feb 21 2017 43 mins
    Seamlessly integrating AppSec testing into CI processes earlier in the SDLC has become the holy grail of DevOps and security teams. Achieving this means apps are not only more secure and can be deployed more quickly, but companies are also able to reap substantial cost and resource savings.

    Join Mike Goldgof, WhiteHat Security’s VP of Marketing, to learn about best practices and what’s needed to fit security testing into highly-automated Agile DevOps processes, that are transforming the development world and speed of delivery dictated by businesses today.
  • Quantum Safety and Your Corporate Network Quantum Safety and Your Corporate Network Michael Brown, CTO & Co-Founder of ISARA Corporation Recorded: Feb 21 2017 52 mins
    The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping to fuel the fire to build Quantum Computers because they will be a great tool for areas such as Machine Learning (ML).

    Public Key Cryptography as we know it today ceases to be effective when the age of quantum computers begins. With practical examples and an emphasis on network technologies like VPNs, this presentation will explore:
    - The new quantum safe solutions that will replace and augment your existing security systems
    - Where and when you’ll need them
    - How to make the transition

    About the Presenter:
    Michael Brown is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of ISARA Corporation. At ISARA, Mike is focused on the technical vision and direction.

    Mike was most recently the Vice President of Security Product Management and Research at BlackBerry, where he co-founded the product security practice and was responsible for the vision and execution of security for all BlackBerry products. Mike has spoken at global security events including RSA, CTIA, GTEC, Bloomberg, APECTEL and InfoSec Europe.
  • Detect Ransomware Before it’s Too Late with AlienVault USM Detect Ransomware Before it’s Too Late with AlienVault USM Jim Hansen Recorded: Feb 21 2017 61 mins
    By now you've probably heard about new ransomware threats like CryptoWall, which encrypts your data and demands payment to unlock it. These threats are delivered via malicious email attachments or websites, and once they execute and connect to an external command and control server, they start to encrypt files throughout your network. Therefore, spotting infections quickly can limit the damage.

    AlienVault USM uses several built-in security controls working in unison to detect ransomware like CryptoWall, usually as soon as it attempts to connect to the hackers’ command and control server. How does it all work? Join us for a live demo that will show how AlienVault USM detects these threats quickly, saving you valuable clean up time by limiting the damage from the attack.

    You'll learn:

    How AlienVault USM detects communications with the command and control server
    How the behavior is correlated with other signs of trouble to alert you of the threat
    Immediate steps you need to take to stop the threat and limit the damage
  • Tech Demo - Imperva Application Protection Portfolio Tech Demo - Imperva Application Protection Portfolio Ajay Uggirala, Director of Product Marketing and Mina Mahdavi, Senior Systems Engineer Recorded: Feb 21 2017 52 mins
    Imperva offers comprehensive application protection that has the flexibility to be deployed on-premises or in-the-cloud protecting business-critical applications and infrastructure. This webinar will provide a complete overview of Imperva’s unique application security product portfolio that will enable your organization to defend itself against DDoS attacks, web-based threats and other emerging zero-day attacks. Learn how easy and flexible it is to deploy the solution in any environment and watch a live demo.
  • Top Trends That Will Shape Your Cybersecurity Strategy in 2017 Top Trends That Will Shape Your Cybersecurity Strategy in 2017 Mark Weatherford (vArmour), Ann Barron-DiCamillo (AmEx), Paul Kurtz (TruSTAR), Leo Taddeo (Cryptzone), Usman Choudhary(VIPRE) Recorded: Feb 21 2017 61 mins
    Discover the latest trends in cyber attacks and how they are shaping the security strategy across industries and on a national level.

    Join this keynote panel session for an interactive discussion on the emerging technologies and tactics used by attackers, the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in cyber attacks and cybersecurity, and the best practices for improving security for your organizations.

    - Mark Weatherford, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at vArmour

    - Ann Barron-DiCamillo, VP Cyber Threat Intelligence & Incident Response at American Express
    - Paul Kurtz, CEO of TruSTAR
    - Leo Taddeo, CSO of Cryptzone
    - Usman Choudhary, SVP & CPO at ThreatTrack (VIPRE)
  • Partnerworks Office Hours: Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization Partnerworks Office Hours: Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization Sean Roberts, Hortonwokrs Mar 21 2017 3:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Drive enterprise value via accelerated EDW optimization using the Hortonworks Connected Data platform. In this session we will provide an overview of:
    1) Key EDW challenges and opportunities for optimization
    2) Accelerate EDW optimization with Hortonworks connected data platform spanning:
    a. Data Modelling
    b. Data Ingestion
    c. Data Analytics
    d. Data Mart
  • [Video Interview] RSA 2017 - Ian Glover, President, CREST [Video Interview] RSA 2017 - Ian Glover, President, CREST Josh Downs, Community Manager, BrightTALK; Ian Glover, President, CREST & Rowland Johnson, MD, Nettitude Feb 24 2017 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    BrightTALK will be broadcasting its in-depth interview with CREST President Ian Glover and Nettitude MD Rowland Johnson jointly in conversation.

    Topics up for discussion will include:

    - The new political climate and it's effect on Cyber Security and global cyber warfare

    - The supposed Russian hack on the 2016 US election

    - GDPR and what companies need to be doing to prepare for 2018

    - Equal opportunities in the information security industry

    - The rise of AI & Machine learning and how it'll influence the cyber world

    - IoT and how to keep connected devices all safe and secure

    - Incident response and steps to take if you've been breached!

    - The 2017 threatscape and what you shoud be concentrating on

    All this and much more - join us for the broadcast.
  • How to Get the Best Out Of DevSecOps - From The Security Perspective How to Get the Best Out Of DevSecOps - From The Security Perspective Colin Domoney, Sr Product Innovations Manager at Veracode Recorded: Feb 21 2017 47 mins
    With application security rapidly moving towards a DevSecOps approach, it's important to understand from each team's perspective how to be the successful in the new agile process.

    Join this webinar to understand from the security perspective both the challenges and benefits of a DevSecOps approach, and how to integrate with the rest of the developer and operations teams.
  • Panel Discussion: Cyber Security Strategies and Trends in 2017 Panel Discussion: Cyber Security Strategies and Trends in 2017 Jeff Costlow, ExtraHop Networks; Francois Raynaud, DevSecCon; Rami Mizrahi, TopSpin Security & Josh Downs, BrightTALK Recorded: Feb 21 2017 48 mins
    These days it's not a matter of if you'll be breached, but when. Security teams in the modern enterprise must accept that as well as efforts to protect their perimeter, they must also focus on understanding their east-west traffic.

    This panel discussion will look at the trends and technologies influencing cyber security strategy in 2017, in particular those that deal with effectively monitoring your network to ensure your organisation handles vulnerabilities and stays breach free.


    - Josh Downs, Community Manager - Information Security, BrightTALK (moderator)

    - Jeff Costlow, Director of Security, ExtraHop Networks

    - Rami Mizrahi, VP of R&D, TopSpin Security

    - Francois Raynaud, Founder, DevSecCon

    Tune into this panel conversation if you're a network or security professional looking to hear the latest trends and security best-practices to defend against a constantly evolving opponent.
  • Au-delà du GDPR –Une cyberdéfense intégrée Au-delà du GDPR –Une cyberdéfense intégrée Zoltán Précsényi, Director European Government Affairs – Symantec EMEA ; Hervé Doreau, Directeur Technique - Symantec France Recorded: Feb 17 2017 57 mins
    Comment éviter que le GDPR ne devienne qu’un simple surcoût pour votre entreprise?Profitez-en pour remettre à plat vos stratégies de sécurité des informations et de confidentialité des données.Pourquoi?Le GDPR se fonde sur le principe de la bonne gouvernance des données. En l’adoptant, ce concept vous aidera à respecter plus facilement la réglementation tout en réduisant d'autres risques pour l’entreprise.En matière de protection des données, le choix d’une stratégie de long terme solide apportera des avantages permanents, en particulier à l’heure où les cybermenaces et la protection des données figurent parmi les plus grands risques pour les organisations.En intégrant la protection et la sécurité des informations dans votre plan GDPR, vous pourrez exploiter l’infrastructure existante pour apporter des améliorations dans des domaines jugés prioritaires.Notre panel de spécialistes vous expose les principaux obstacles à franchir pour les entreprises et explique comment les surmonter grâce à l’intégration technologique.Ce webcast vous présentera les grandes lignes du règlement GDPR, identifiera l’une des approches possibles pour mettre au point votre plan, et évoquera les atouts des différentes technologies disponibles pour améliorer la protection des données.Nos experts examineront également les répercussions à plus long terme, notamment en ce qui concerne la culture de la sécurité et le processus de conception, pour que vous puissiez mettre en œuvre votre stratégie avec succès.
  • Combattez les cybermenaces grâce à la sécurité réseau adaptative SonicWall Combattez les cybermenaces grâce à la sécurité réseau adaptative SonicWall Florian Malecki Recorded: Feb 17 2017 62 mins
    Les ransomwares sont une forme de logiciels malveillants qui bloquent l’accès au réseau/aux données jusqu’à ce que la victime s’acquitte d’une rançon. Ils se sont propagés à une vitesse record en 2016. Les cybercriminels en usent activement pour prendre en otage des entreprises, des institutions et même des particuliers. Les experts en sécurité parlent à cet égard de nouvelle crise de la cybercriminalité.
    Participez à notre webcast en direct où un expert en sécurité vous dira :

    •comment les cybercriminels peuvent exploiter les vulnérabilités de votre réseau ;
    •quelles mesures prendre pour prévenir et stopper cette menace dangereuse et potentiellement coûteuse ;
    •quelles sont les entreprises les plus à risque ;
    •comment protéger vos données où qu’elles circulent.
  • Spotlight on INDIA – Beyond Compliance: Conquering Data Security in Pharma Spotlight on INDIA – Beyond Compliance: Conquering Data Security in Pharma Chaitanya Singh Rathore, Pre Sales Engineer Feb 22 2017 9:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Economies hit annually with billions through cybercrime & implications of cybercrime within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry go beyond the obvious financial damage because of the:

    •Intellectual property
    •Lack of right Data Security strategy to protect against cyber-attacks
    •Insiders rather than external hackers who hold large amounts of valuable IP and trade secrets (DuPont breach in 2012)

    Key learnings:
    •The best way to protect sensitive information, including Patent Files, Legal filings, Prescription Records, Insurance Records, and Sales Details from breaches
    •How to secure private data from theft or loss to reduce liability
    •How to manage a multi-device complex IT environment with ease
  • Securing The Multi-Dimensional Cloud Securing The Multi-Dimensional Cloud Ronen Shpirer, Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet Feb 22 2017 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Software is eating the world – driving digital transformation and changing the way businesses do business. Cloud is a core enabler in every enterprise’s digital transformation voyage - facilitating innovation, agility and cost efficiency.

    But harnessing the power of the cloud creates a multi-dimensional environment where applications, data and information are borderless and yet, regardless of their changing location and existence, must be protected and secured as part of the enterprise overall security strategy and posture.

    This session will provide an overview of the unique security challenges in a multi-dimensional cloud environment, and the solution framework required for empowering and securing digital transformation.
  • Die aktuelle Lage beim Endgeräteschutz - wie maschinelles Lernen Angriffe stoppt Die aktuelle Lage beim Endgeräteschutz - wie maschinelles Lernen Angriffe stoppt Sven von Kreyfeld & Thomas Hemker Feb 22 2017 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    In der Welt von Endgerätesicherheit und Virenschutz sind in den letzten fünf Jahren sage und schreibe 37 neue Endpoint Security-Produkte auf den Markt gekommen, von denen jedes von sich behauptet, die Herausforderungen der sich wandelnden Sicherheitslandschaft anzugehen. Doch ist das alles nur Hype?

    Erfahren Sie mehr über maschinelles Lernen – was es ist, wie es funktioniert und was Sie sonst noch benötigen, um sich an allen Angriffspunkten schützen zu können.

    Wichtigste Lernziele:

    • Wie die aktuelle Lage in der Branche im Hinblick auf Endpoint Protection-Technologie ist

    • Warum maschinelles Lernen nicht ausreichend ist

    • Entdecken Sie, wie Sie die Anzahl der auf Endgeräten installierten Agenten reduzieren können – mit einem leistungsstarken, ressourcenschonenden Agenten, der Advanced Machine Learning, Exploit-Schutz, Anti-Malware und weitere Funktionen umfasst.
  • Panel Discussion - AI & Machine Learning in Cyber Security Panel Discussion - AI & Machine Learning in Cyber Security Josh Downs, BrightTALK; John Laliberte, FireEye; Natalino Busa, TeraData & Neill Gernon, AI.Dublin and Atrovate Feb 22 2017 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    A live online panel discussion focused on the debate around AI and machine learning and how they can automate cyber security; catch more threats and malicious attacks and prove a useful weapon against cyber crime.


    - Josh Downs, Community Manager - Information Security, BrightTALK (moderator)

    - John Laliberte, VP, Endpoint and ICE, FireEye

    - Natalino Busa, Head of Applied Data, TeraData

    - Neil Gernon, MD, Atrovate & Founder, Dublin.AI
  • State of Endpoint Protection & How Machine Learning Helps Stop The Attacks State of Endpoint Protection & How Machine Learning Helps Stop The Attacks Robert Arandjelovic & Jose Carlos Cerezo Feb 22 2017 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In the world of endpoint security and antivirus there no less than 37 new endpoint security products that have emerged in the past five years, each claimed to address the changing landscape, but is it all just hype?

    Learn more about Machine Learning, what it is, how it works, and what else you need to protect yourself across all points of attack.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    •What is the state of the industry for Endpoint Protection technology
    •Why machine learning is not enough
    •Discover how to reduce the number of agents on your endpoint with the high-performance lightweight agent that includes advanced machine learning, exploit mitigation, antimalware, and more
  • Rise of the Zombie Army - A Study of Botnets Rise of the Zombie Army - A Study of Botnets Ronan Lavelle, General Manager EMEA, Zenedge Feb 22 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    From Haitian folklore to George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, the use of Zombies in fictional settings has experienced a strong resurgence in recent years. With fact mirroring fiction, the real world has also faced the terror of dealing with a rise of mindless automatons capable of creating mass devastation on an international scale.

    We are of course talking about the rise of Botnets.

    Come join us for an interactive presentation with chief zombie-wrangler, Ronan Lavelle, on the insidious rise of this threat looking at recent attacks, the link in growth to insecure IoT devices and just what we can do to combat them.

    This webinar is perfect for cyber professionals those who want to:

    - stop data loss by defending against botnets
    - better respond to incidents and remediate
    - reduce attack surfaces and counter threats
  • Protection next-gen des terminaux et machine learning Protection next-gen des terminaux et machine learning Herve Doreau, Directeur Technique - Symantec France Feb 22 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sur le marché de la sécurité des terminaux et des antivirus, pas moins de 37 nouveaux produits ont fait leur apparition au cours des 5 dernières années et chacun affirmait répondre à l’évolution des menaces. Mais peut-on vraiment s’y fier ?
    Découvrez la nouvelle technologie de machine learning, comment cela fonctionne et ce à quoi vous devez l’associer pour vous protéger sur chaque point d’attaque.

    Principaux thèmes abordés :

    • Quel est l’état de l'art des technologies de protection des terminaux

    • Pourquoi le machine learning ne suffit pas

    • Comment réduire le nombre d’agents sur les terminaux
  • Immune System Cyber Defense: Across the Cloud and Beyond Immune System Cyber Defense: Across the Cloud and Beyond Andrew Tsonchev, Principal Consultant; Simon Wilson, Senior Cyber Technician Feb 22 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    By 2020, 92% of all business will rely on cloud infrastructure. The shift to cloud and virtualized environments is changing the nature of network borders, and creates a new frontier for cyber-attackers. How do security teams defend their organizations against emerging threats within the cloud and beyond?
  • Reducing Open Source Risk and Remediation Costs Early in the SDLC Reducing Open Source Risk and Remediation Costs Early in the SDLC Pat Durante, Senior Director Education Services; John Beaudoin, Senior Instructional Designer Feb 22 2017 4:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Increasingly, organizations worldwide are implementing open source security and license risk assessment capabilities early in the software development lifecycle when the cost to remediate issues is lowest. This webinar will demonstrate Black Duck Hub’s effectiveness in providing comprehensive risk assessments when used in combination with our Eclipse IDE plugin, Build Tool, and CI Tool integrations. Additionally, we'll review valuable new features in Black Duck Hub 3.5.
    You’ll also learn:
    - How to improve the accuracy of your open source inventory by leverage open source dependency discovery techniques for build tools and package managers
    - Options for incorporating Hub scanning into your Continuous Integration environments
    - How to track remediation tasks using the Hub-Jira integration
    - How to streamline your component review process
    - Use cases for scanning binary repositories such as Artifactory
  • AI & Machine Learning in CyberSecurity. What Is the Difference? AI & Machine Learning in CyberSecurity. What Is the Difference? Sven Krasser, Igor Baikalov, Stephan Jou, Engin Akyol, and Sean Martin Feb 22 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming more pervasive in the cybersecurity space, but it is not the panacea everyone thinks it is. Lacking real case studies, many vendors must resort to simulated data and made-up scenarios to demonstrate their product capabilities. Moderator Sean Martin, Editor in Chief of ITSP Magazine, will ask the expert panelist to share their insights as to how AI and/or ML can be used to help address a variety of cybersecurity risks.

    Leading into this actionable advice, the panel will provide additional insights, including:
    • The difference is between AI and ML
    • How AI and ML can be used for good … and evil
    • What the future of AI and ML looks like

    Sean Martin, Editor in Chief of ITSP Magazine

    • Sven Krasser, Chief Scientist at CrowdStrike
    • Igor Baikalov, Chief Scientist at Securonix
    • Stephan Jou, CTO of Interset
    • Engin Akyol, Co-Founder & CTO of Distil Networks
  • IIoT Endpoint Security – The Model in Practice IIoT Endpoint Security – The Model in Practice Marcellus Buchheit, Co-founder, Wibu-Systems AG; Terrence Barr. Head of Solutions Engineering, Electric Imp Inc. Feb 22 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What is your first line of defense against cyberattacks? Secure endpoints! Endpoints are everywhere in the IIoT landscape. Without proper security, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems are not trustworthy, putting organizations, their missions and the greater public at increased risk. The viability of the IIoT depends on proper implementation of security to counter the growing and ever changing threats that are emerging.

    On February 22, 2017, editors of the IISF and security experts from the Industrial Internet Consortium will discuss the endpoint protection/security model and policy in its Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF) document and present a real-world customer use case for an approach taken to secure an industrial system.
  • 2017 Predictions on Data Security Trends for the Banking Industry 2017 Predictions on Data Security Trends for the Banking Industry Lynne Courts VP of Global Marketing, Seclore Feb 22 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    2016 was a wild ride, with cybersecurity and warfare dominating the headlines. The new EU General Data Protection Act (GDPR) impacts many financial services organizations globally and may be an indication of what’s ahead for North America.

    On top of that, we have the growing use of innovative, and often unsanctioned, collaboration technologies such as Enterprise File Sharing Services, further accelerating the flow of information outside of the organization’s perimeter.

    It is safe to say that ensuring the security of information is an even higher concern than ever before and that the current Information Security infrastructure isn’t making the grade.

    Join us for this webcast in the field of data-centric security will discuss the top seven security trends that will impact banks and financial institutions in 2017.

    Join this presentation to learn the top security trends that will impact banks and financial institutions in 2017, including:

    · Impacts of anticipated cybersecurity legislation and new global regulations on protecting data.

    · What’s missing the Information Security arsenal?

    · How to embrace collaboration and other technology innovations with less risk.

    · Is the shift to data-centric security the answer?