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IT Security

  • Keep mobile employees and data safe with SonicWALL's Secure Mobile Access Keep mobile employees and data safe with SonicWALL's Secure Mobile Access Steven Sanderson Recorded: Jul 28 2016 33 mins
    Companies used to know where their data was at all times: It was in the data center, surrounded by physical walls. But today, your data is everywhere your employees and customers are — on phones, on tablets, on laptops, in the cloud. Anywhere, anytime access provides more work-life balance and helps employees stay productive, but it also puts data security at considerable risk. The challenge companies consequently face is how to provide fast, simple access to enterprise applications, data and resources without compromising security.

    Join Mark Hewett, senior product manager for Dell SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access, and Steven Sanderson, senior product marketing manager for Dell SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access, for a webcast on how to manage and provision mobile devices to protect company data and networks from cyber attacks, viruses, malware and other threats.

    •Ensure that only authorized users have access to appropriate data and through approved devices
    •Quickly and easily provision secure mobile access and role-based privileges
    •Keep company data secure in-flight and at-rest on devices
  • Applying the Scientific Method to Threat Intelligence Applying the Scientific Method to Threat Intelligence Tim Helming, Director of Product Management, DomainTools Recorded: Jul 28 2016 64 mins
    It has been said that there are two types of companies: those who have discovered they have been breached, and those who have not discovered it yet. Although unsettling, this rationale is conducive to constructing a healthy attitude towards your organization’s’ security practices. This hour long webinar will help guide your security process to protect your organization’s most valuable assets by applying the scientific method—specifically, forming and testing hypotheses about potential incursions, and then acting upon the results.
    In this webinar, you will learn:

    1. How to apply a hypothesis-driven approach to security activities
    2. Applying this mindset across time past, present and future—to enhance defenses
    3. How DomainTools data and tools enable you to apply this strategy to your own organization
  • Information Protection, DLP, Encryption Demo Information Protection, DLP, Encryption Demo Proofpoint Recorded: Jul 28 2016 54 mins
    No security posture is 100% effective against attackers. That is why IT teams must proactively identify and protect sensitive and regulated data whether “at rest” in file stores or “in motion” as it is sent or received.

    Proofpoint Information Protection is the only cloud-based suite of solutions designed from the ground up to provide visibility and control of sensitive data across cloud-based email such as Microsoft Office 365, on-premises email, file shares, storage area networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), and SharePoint — all with out-of-the-box policies that provide insight to your attack surface in just 24 hours.

    - Proofpoint Data Discover: Quickly discover exposed sensitive and confidential information in shared drives, NAS, SAN and SharePoint sites
    - Proofpoint Email DLP: Prevent accidental negligence by employees with greater accuracy and control
    - Proofpoint Email Encryption: Communicate securely with policy-based encryption of messages and attachments
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security Microsoft Cloud App Security Artom Harchenko Recorded: Jul 28 2016 40 mins
    Attend this session to discover Microsoft's Cloud App Security (CAS) as we take you through an in depth demo of this cloud technology . We will explore how Microsoft's CAS allows you to benefit from using cloud applications within your organization, without compromising the security of your organization's data.
  • Connected Health Devices – Biomed Benefit or Biohazard? Connected Health Devices – Biomed Benefit or Biohazard? Dan McWhorter, Chief Intelligence Strategist, FireEye, John Klassen, Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing, FireEye Recorded: Jul 28 2016 58 mins
    Medical devices (biomed) introduce many cybersecurity challenges into healthcare delivery organizations, but what can you do? Connecting medical devices to your network and in turn to your physicians and EMR system increases clinical workflow while opening security holes. Much is out of your control. Device manufacturers control patch cycles and vulnerabilities persist so you segment your network which introduces administration overhead and increases the possibility of breaches due to misconfigurations. As you try harder to improve efficiency, is your environment becoming less secure due to improved connectivity? And what about patient safety when medical devices are connected directly to patients?

    Join Dan McWhorter, Chief Intelligence Strategist at FireEye, and John Klassen, Sr Director Solutions Marketing, on this webinar to learn:

    •The impact on Healthcare cybersecurity from complex medical device ecosystems
    •What kind of attacks connected medical devices are vulnerable to
    •Strategies and tools to lower your risk from compromised devices

    Register today to understand this emerging threat landscape.

    The FireEye Healthcare Team
  • How To View Real-Time Web Application Security Data in Datadog How To View Real-Time Web Application Security Data in Datadog Ilan Rabinovitch, Director, Technical Community and Evangelism at Datadog and Mike Milner, CTO and cofounder of IMMUNIO Recorded: Jul 28 2016 34 mins
    With Datadog’s cloud-scale performance monitoring capabilities, users obtain invaluable operational data about their cloud environment and applications. IMMUNIO is the latest addition to the list of more than 100 turnkey Datadog integrations (a group that also includes Amazon Web Services, Docker, and Slack). The IMMUNIO integration makes your existing Datadog monitoring even more powerful. By using IMMUNIO with Datadog, you gain critical insights into how attacks are affecting your system -- and you get the tools you need to stop the attacks immediately.

    The data provided by your IMMUNIO integration with Datadog helps you determine what’s normal for your system and your apps -- so you can quickly zero in on abnormal activity, determine whether it’s malicious, and immediately safeguard your apps.

    Join IMMUNIO and Datadog for this informative webinar and get the scoop on all the benefits of the IMMUNIO integration, including the ability to:

    - Correlate CPU usage spikes with a brute force login attack
    - Diagnose database query latency by matching to a blind SQL Injection attack
    - Use IMMUNIO to stop bots by automatically serving CAPTCHAs, and set a Datadog alert based on number of CAPTCHAs served.
    - Harden your application against Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Remote Command Execution, and other vulnerabilities -- even many zero-day attacks
  • GDPR - Brexit Means More Changes GDPR - Brexit Means More Changes Darrin Reynolds, Reynolds Privacy; Graham Jackson, General Counsel, (ISC)2; Harvey Nusz, CISO, 4IT Security Recorded: Jul 28 2016 59 mins
    The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted on April 14, 2016 and threw infosecurity and privacy teams into chaos. While teams were trying to get their arms around the new regulations and rules, the UK voted to leave the EU, throwing another big wrinkle into the mix. What does all of this mean to you and your compliance and regulation efforts? What does the Brexit vote mean for the GDPR and for the UK's infosecurity and privacy rules? Imperva sponsors an (ISC)2 From the Trenches webinar discussion on this and answers questions from the audience on July 28, 2016 at 1:00PM Eastern.
  • Why Big Data and Cybersecurity are Meant to Be Why Big Data and Cybersecurity are Meant to Be Michael Schiebel, Hortonworks Recorded: Jul 28 2016 36 mins
    CISOs are often asked to justify a growing budget by showing ROI. But at the end of the day the security organization spends a lot of money and the answer to what is the ROI is that nothing happened. Because when the security leader is doing their job they are invisible. That is a very difficult conversation to have when you are trying to justify growing budget. The challenge is to change the perception as a cost center and become visible. This webinar will explore how to overcome these challenges by influencing the larger company’s budget to eliminate security concerns.

    •Thinking Differently about ROI as companies build IoT businesses and move into cloud-based environments where there are no walls
    •Mind Mapping the Business: The ROI Mind-Set of Security
    •How Threat Detection and Incident Management Becomes a Competitive Advantage
    •The Vision for Next Gen Automated Cybersecurity

    Speaker: Michael Schiebel

    45 Minutes Presentation/15 Minutes for Q & A/Crowdchat
  • From Signal to Action: Security Metrics that Drive Business Decisions From Signal to Action: Security Metrics that Drive Business Decisions Stephen Boyer, Jay Jacobs Recorded: Jul 28 2016 42 mins
    How can companies effectively measure their company’s risk of a data breach? Which security metrics are most important when it comes to determining cyber risk? How do different types of security compromises, whether botnet infections or brand name SSL vulnerabilities, contribute to an organization’s risk profile?

    In this presentation, BitSight’s Chief Technology Officer Stephen Boyer and Senior Data Scientist Jay Jacobs answer these questions and more. This data-driven webinar will highlight the extensive analysis that the BitSight Data Science team undertakes to make security signals into concrete risk mitigation actions. Perhaps most importantly, the speakers will give guidance on how security and risk professionals at every level - from the board room to the server room - can drive positive change throughout their organizations.
  • Connecting Network and Application Operations for Optimal ADC Health Connecting Network and Application Operations for Optimal ADC Health Milan Bundalo, Product Manager, Comtrade Software Recorded: Jul 28 2016 28 mins
    Lightning-fast and impeccable application delivery performance has nowadays became a modern standard in digitalized world, therefore a daily struggle to deal with increasing network loads has been undertaken into a large amount of attention and work to enable consistent flow in the delivery chain. Applications have become the new gold and protecting application delivery is the most important task for your business.

    Application performance and availability is impacted by a wide variety of factors, therefore Comtrade’s SCOM Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP identifies specific nodes affecting applications and enables complete approach for resolving and maintaining operational functionality.

    In this webinar, you will:
    - Learn how to identify application servers which are unavailable or under heavy load
    - See how to track selected load balancing algorithm performance for the specific application delivery
    - See how repetitive issues can impact overall application delivery
  • Five Steps to Protect Your Data Center Against Cyber Threats Five Steps to Protect Your Data Center Against Cyber Threats Christina Hausman (Product Manager, Cisco Data Center Security) Recorded: Jul 28 2016 37 mins
    Data centers are under unprecedented threat from hackers, malware, and insider threats. Yet modern data centers require security that doesn't compromise speed, performance or functionality.

    Join the data center security webinar "Five Steps to Protect Your Data Center Against Cyber Threats" and learn how to secure your data center and achieve consistent security across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

    In this webinar, data center security expert Christina Hausman (Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Data Center Security) will share with you how to:

    - Identify gaps in your data center security posture
    - Gain visibility and control over custom data center applications
    - Address the full attack continuum before, during, and after an attack
    - Manage traffic flows securely between devices and data centers
    - Adapt fluidly as data centers and threat landscapes evolve
    - Reduce risk and accelerate business outcomes
  • Fighting Claim Fraud with InsurTech Fighting Claim Fraud with InsurTech Ina Yulo (BrightTALK), John Erik Setsaas (Signicat), John Egan (Anthemis Group), Jason Peto (360global net) Recorded: Jul 28 2016 60 mins
    When it comes to analysing and managing insurance claims, the market still runs in a very old school manner — human intervention, lots of paperwork and phone calls. This unfortunately also poses a real threat when it comes to fraudulent claims and applications. With digital advances and the rise of InsurTech, these risks can be minimised and fraudulent applications detected way before they can do any harm.

    Join this panel where we’ll discuss:
    -How predictive analytics can help spot fraudulent applications before they can do proper damage
    -How new technologies can help investigate and monitor specific claims
    -The need for more transparency throughout the claiming process and the importance of identity validation
    -Improving the customer journey by empowering the individual to report and settle claims online or through mobile devices
  • Do You Really Know Your Users? How Security Analytics Can Detect User Threats Do You Really Know Your Users? How Security Analytics Can Detect User Threats David Gorton, Senior Product Manager, LogRhythm & Mark Settle Product Marketing Manager, LogRhythm Recorded: Jul 27 2016 59 mins
    As a cybersecurity pro, you already know that users are both an organization’s greatest asset and its greatest vulnerability. Users can do great damage—and they’re notoriously difficult to catch.

    If you’re focused on addressing user threats, User Behavior Analytics (UBA) can be a powerful tool in your kit. In this webcast David Gorton and Mark Settle from LogRhythm, discuss the elements of an effective user threat detection program. You’ll learn:

    - Why detecting user threats is so important—and so difficult
    - Different approaches to UBA
    - The value of data from across your enterprise
    - How to maximize the efficiency of your security analysts

    Watch the webcast to learn how UBA can help you discover hidden user threats, reduce false-positives, and properly prioritize the most concerning threats.
  • Making sense of Microsoft security tools Making sense of Microsoft security tools Artom Harchenko Recorded: Jul 27 2016 31 mins
    Let our experienced Avaleris consultants paint a picture of the Microsoft Security solutions from end to end. See the mosaic of Microsoft security tools in this webinar, and we will help you wrap your head around the many solutions available to you and your organization.
  • Webcast:  Mid-Year Threat Review Webcast: Mid-Year Threat Review Stephen Cobb, Senior Security Researcher, ESET Recorded: Jul 27 2016 59 mins
    ESET’s Sr. Security Researcher, Stephen Cobb, will analyze the current cybersecurity threats trending during the first half of 2016. We’re covering everything from ransomware to regulatory risks and mobile malware to IoT vulnerabilities. Learn about what trends are on the horizon and gain practical advice for managing these risks:
    •Regulatory risk
    •PoS malware
    •PCI and two-factor authentication
    •PUAs and scamware
    •IoT vulnerabilities
    •Privacy by design
    •General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Virtualization Unwrapped – How to Scale While Remaining Secure Virtualization Unwrapped – How to Scale While Remaining Secure Chris Olive, Vormetric & Adam Sekora, SimpliVity Recorded: Jul 27 2016 57 mins
    There is no doubt that virtualization can reduce complexity and cost…So are all organizations not fully adopting it? Studies show that the two major reasons that organizations have delayed virtualization initiatives is due to scaling and security/compliance issues. Join us for the insightful webcast where we will show how many organizations are tackling these concerns faster and easier than they thought possible. Come away from the webcast with your action plan on how you can start or continue your journey to the cloud without the challenges that may have been holding you back.
  • Ransomware: The Darker Side of Bitcoin Ransomware: The Darker Side of Bitcoin JP Vergne (Scotiabank Lab, Ivey B-School), Alexander Hinchliffe (Palo Alto), Samee Zafar (Edgar Dunn) Mark Lavender (BT) Recorded: Jul 27 2016 61 mins
    Bitcoin has been making remarkable breakthroughs in the currency world. Its ability to allow users to be fully in control of their transactions along with its no-borders transfer policy have made it attractive to both investors and consumers alike.

    However, recent reports have revealed a darker side to Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is being hoarded by financial institutions as ransom money to pay off potential cyber attackers. Has Bitcoin officially crossed the line and now become a black market currency? Has its untraceable nature inspired the new generation of cyber criminals to initiate unprecedented levels of targeted Ransomware attacks?
    Join this panel of industry-leading speakers, who'll be discussing the following:

    -Why has Bitcoin-related ransomware become more popular in recent years?

    -How can you prevent a Ransomware outbreak in your organisation?

    -Is it possible to catch and subsequently prosecute blockchain criminals?

    -How can authorities and financial institutions adopt and adapt in the face of rising levels of Ransomware threats?
  • SANS Health Care Provider Breaches and Risk Management Roadmap SANS Health Care Provider Breaches and Risk Management Roadmap Sandeep Kumar, Director of Product Marketing, Forescout Recorded: Jul 27 2016 62 mins
    This webcast will look at health care security from the top down, focusing on what the survey tells management in terms of priorities, breach management, controls and budgets. Attendees will learn about:

    - Supporting operational priorities and business drivers (including mobile and cloud computing priorities)
    - Reducing risk while supporting new business drivers
    - Educating leadership and getting them on your team
    - Efficacy of controls, desired improvements and wish lists
    - Budgets and best practices