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Cloud Security Alliance: CloudBytes

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  • Cyber criminals are adopting cloud services just as rapidly as the rest of us!
    Cyber criminals are adopting cloud services just as rapidly as the rest of us!
    Paolo Passeri - Cyber Intelligence Principal; Neil Thacker - CISO EMEA; & Ross Asquith - Security Transformation Principal Recorded: Dec 10 2019 42 mins
    Join Netskope for a 45 minute webinar, looking at the dark side of cloud - where it’s used not by respectable enterprises like yours, but instead by cyber criminals intent on attacking your respectable enterprise.

    It’s not surprising that cyber criminals are embracing the cloud, they’re after the same benefits that you are, such as scalability, business continuity, reliability, and reduced costs. Your organisation is adopting cloud, and this means opening up access to those same cloud environments used by cyber criminals and hackers. So, how do you make sure you’re not inadvertently opening a backdoor that allows your organisation to be compromised?

    On this webinar Netskope’s expert panel will provide:
    -Insight into the rapidly growing cloud threat landscape, and an overview of the cloud-enabled kill chain.
    -A live demonstration of how cyber criminals are using cloud to successfully deliver threats, and then also remotely control compromised machines using popular cloud services.
    -Guidance on how to ensure your employees are not accessing high risk cloud applications, and that they are only accessing your instances of cloud services.
  • Network Security’s Future is in the Cloud
    Network Security’s Future is in the Cloud
    Jason Georgi, Field Chief Technology Officer for Prisma Access, Palo Alto Recorded: Dec 3 2019 52 mins
    Cloud adoption and user mobility are shifting the locations of applications, data and users. These changes create new vectors for cybersecurity risk. Organizations need a way to securely enable digital business transformation and innovation. We believe that this requires a fundamentally different approach: both security and networking must be delivered in the cloud.

    Join this discussion with Jason Georgi, Field CTO for Prisma Access at Palo Alto Networks, and explore best practices to secure your cloud initiatives with Prisma Access, a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform, by bringing together industry-leading security and SD-WAN capabilities in the cloud.
  • Rethink Infrastructure Access with Zero Trust
    Rethink Infrastructure Access with Zero Trust
    Ivan Dwyer, Product Marketing, Okta & Dr. Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst, Forrester Recorded: Nov 21 2019 57 mins
    As you adopt cloud IaaS to meet business goals, effective security controls can’t be an afterthought. This elastic infrastructure environment requires smart access controls; but how do you adhere to your security policies without limiting automation?

    Join this webinar to learn how to effectively secure server access by applying the core principles of Zero Trust and enforce strict just-in-time, least privilege access in a manner that doesn't get in the way of productivity.

    Featured guest Dr. Chase Cunningham, principal analyst for Forrester Research, and Ivan Dwyer from Okta will discuss:
    - Why you need to re-think your infrastructure access approach
    - Why identity is the cornerstone of securing server access
    - How to put Zero Trust in practice across the infrastructure layer
    - Why secure server access is a strong “tip of the spear” use case for larger Zero Trust initiatives
  • Incorporating Identity in Your Security and Zero Trust Strategies
    Incorporating Identity in Your Security and Zero Trust Strategies
    Joe Gottlieb, SVP of Strategy and Business Development, SailPoint & Erik Bartholomy, Security Architect, LogRhythm Recorded: Nov 19 2019 54 mins
    Experts predict that total losses related to cybercrime will reach $6 trillion in 2021. The weapon of choice has been compromised identity and yet security teams run for the door when discussing identity and access management. The rapid adoption of cloud and mobile is forcing organizations to rethink their security model, with Zero Trust generating the most noise these days. In this webinar, we’ll explore how the emerging intersection of identity and security can reduce the risk of a breach (and the resulting financial and reputational losses) and enable a modern day Zero Trust approach.

    The Identity Defined Security Alliance is dedicated to helping organizations improve their security posture through identity-centric security strategies, education and frameworks. Join Joe Gottlieb, IDSA Executive Board Member and SailPoint SVP of Strategy and Corporate Business Development and Erik Bartholomy, LogRhythm Security Architect, to learn how:
    - You can make identity and security work better together
    - Identity-centric security is redefining Zero Trust
    - LogRhythm was able to fully transition to the cloud, eliminate infrastructure (VPNs, firewalls and directories) and become more secure
  • Cloud Security Fails of 2019 and Where to Focus in 2020
    Cloud Security Fails of 2019 and Where to Focus in 2020
    Fernando Montenegro, Principal Analyst, 451 Research and Rachel Pepple, Cloud and Security Marketer, ExtraHop Recorded: Nov 14 2019 58 mins
    Security has become one of the most pressing issues for organizations that are moving to the cloud. In this webinar, industry analyst Fernando Montenegro from 451 Research and Rachel Pepple from ExtraHop will take us through the cloud security journey that many enterprises have been on during the past years, looking at the realities of the high points and low points. Based on this look back, Rachel and Fernando will then pivot to what organizations can expect in 2020, where investments should be made, what trends should be closely monitored, and what best practices security teams should consider for a stronger security posture in the cloud.
  • Reimagine Your Perimeter
    Reimagine Your Perimeter
    Bob Gilbert, Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Netskope Recorded: Nov 7 2019 57 mins
    Recent research shows that more than 85% of web traffic is comprised of cloud services. The rapid adoption of cloud and mobile is fundamentally changing network traffic patterns and the movement of data, rendering existing network and security models obsolete. This shift is resulting in enterprise security teams supplementing next-gen firewalls (NGFWs), secure web gateways (SWGs), and VPNs with cloud access security brokers (CASBs). 

    While CASBs address a key set of cloud-specific use cases tied to visibility, data security, compliance, and threat protection, your dissolving corporate perimeter is also forcing security teams to rethink their entire legacy security stack. After all, if most of your web traffic is comprised of cloud services, why does a majority of your security spend on security tools that are not effective in this new world?
    Join this session to learn about:
    - New blind spots that exist with legacy security tools
    - Why simply moving legacy security tools to the cloud is not enough
    - Top cloud security use cases driving the need for a new perimeter
    - The essential requirements for a new, more effective perimeter
  • Is Your Business Audit-Ready? 3rd Party Risk Management Best Practices
    Is Your Business Audit-Ready? 3rd Party Risk Management Best Practices
    Kelsey Naschek, CIPP/E, CIPM, Privacy Engineer at OneTrust Recorded: Nov 5 2019 59 mins
    As the regulatory landscape for data privacy, security, and third-party risk management continues to change rapidly, so do the needs of the businesses that need to comply with the laws. Many organizations are still unsure of how to best tackle their most challenging tasks to not only maintain compliance internally, but across their third and fourth party relationships as well. In this webinar we'll cover the following:
    - How to streamline third-party risk management for compliance with major regulations like GDPR, CCPA, OCC, etc.
    - The key requirements of major third-party risk management regulations and standards
    - What activities should be completed to prepare for third-party risk compliance
  • Transformation of Cybersecurity Risk
    Transformation of Cybersecurity Risk
    Alex Heid the Chief Research & Development Officer at SecurityScorecard Recorded: Oct 31 2019 55 mins
    The cyber landscape is continuing to evolve, and we're seeing digital trends continue to change. Digital technologies are accelerating the ability to do business, and really digitizing everything. In some ways, it's becoming quite common and helping people grow, fast. But at the same time, it raises incredibly significant challenges about cyber security risk, and challenges the way that we should structure our programs - safely. Join us as we discuss how organizations deal with cyber security risk, how they can influence others - all while evolving and transforming their own programs.
  • How to Stop Cloud Threats by Leveraging CASB With a People-Centric Cybersecurity
    How to Stop Cloud Threats by Leveraging CASB With a People-Centric Cybersecurity
    Itir Clarke of Proofpoint & Rich Mogull of CSA Recorded: Oct 29 2019 56 mins
    Once your organization migrates to the cloud, protecting your people and the data they create becomes more challenging and critical than ever. Cybercriminals are launching wide-scale brute force attacks on cloud services to compromise user accounts. 85% of Office 365 and G Suite tenants are targeted. After taking over your trusted accounts, threat actors use social engineering tactics to trick even the most savvy users to install malware, transfer money or hand over sensitive data. That's why a people-centric approach to your cloud security is one of the most effective ways to provide visibility and control over your cloud applications. So what does a people-centric strategy look like and how can you use it to better your overall cloud security?

    Join our experts for a deep dive into how to use a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to protect your organization's IT-approved applications, such as Office 365 and G Suite that contain your most valuable assets: your people and data.

    In this session, we'll examine:
    - What the most prevalent cloud attacks are and how they target your VAPs, or Very Attacked People
    -Why a people-centric approach to cloud security is one of the most effective ways to protect your VAPs
    - The different CASB use cases, features, and architectures
    - What to look for in a CASB solution to mitigate the risks you're likely to face
  • A New Prescription for Cyber Security - Global IT Asset Inventory
    A New Prescription for Cyber Security - Global IT Asset Inventory
    Chris Rodgers, Director of Product Management, Qualys & Jim Reavis, CEO and Co-founder of CSA Recorded: Oct 24 2019 62 mins
    Most people think that a network is a static event. However, with new types of devices, transient workloads, contract and guest participation, the system is fluid. At any given time,15-20% of the network is unseen or unmanaged. This is why the principle of maximum IT asset visibility is a fundamental prerequisite to improving your security posture. Simply put, it is difficult, if not impossible, to secure what we do not know or cannot see.

    During the webinar, Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance, will discuss the challenges facing today's complex and hyper-connected IT environments. Additionally, Qualys' Chris Rodgers will explore:
    - Why comprehensive visibility is the foundation for your security architecture
    - The importance of visibility as it relates to compliance
    - A demonstration of the role visibility plays in threat hunting
    - Customer success stories highlighting how access to clean, reliable data with visibility and context enabled leads to effective business decisions

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