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  • Security challenges of connecting & collaborating with Microsoft™ SharePoint®
    Security challenges of connecting & collaborating with Microsoft™ SharePoint® Phil Tidmarsh, CA Technologies; Christian Dalsgaard, INTRA; Geoff Evelyn, Afren Recorded: Jun 20 2012 44 mins
    Security challenges of connecting & collaborating with Microsoft™ SharePoint®: Addressing the risks associated with information sharing within and beyond the enterprise.

    As organizations seek to grow their business and create new revenue streams, they need to be able to connect and collaborate with a highly distributed group of employees and business partners around the globe to enable efficient sharing of critical business information.

    SharePoint is a predominant collaboration solution used across many European enterprises. However, concerns about how to leverage SharePoint whilst also managing risk are increasing as the practice of storing sensitive data and documents in SharePoint becomes more common amongst larger and more diverse user bases.

    This document-centric nature presents many unique challenges as documents are dynamic and often hide sensitive data within. Securing SharePoint often requires coordination between multiple controls and processes depending on the customer’s unique environment.

    This webcast provides expert insight into the challenges associated with managing a SharePoint environment and advice about how to address this complexity including:

    •How to provide access to SharePoint both within and outside of your environment
    •Managing content security in a dynamic environment
    •Addressing the challenges of providing access from mobile devices

    Phil Tidmarsh, Vice President, Engineering Services at CA Technologies
    Christian Dalsgaard, Senior SharePoint Consultant, INTRA
    Geoff Evelyn, SharePoint Architect, Afren
  • PCI Compliance From Virtualization Perspectives
    PCI Compliance From Virtualization Perspectives Guy Balzam, Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies; Eric Chiu, Founder and President, HyTrust Recorded: Dec 1 2011 48 mins
    PCI compliance has become a business requirement for any company involved in the processing of credit card information. It requires strong security controls over all systems and applications that process or store cardholder information. The PCI Council released new Guidelines for Virtual Environments on June 2011 that include new requirements for PCI compliance. These new requirements require security capabilities not mandated by the original PCI Guidelines. In this session we will review the new requirements and see how CA Security solutions may help customer complying those new challenges.

    Guy Balzam has over 12 years of experience in IT and Information Security both as a developper and consumer of IS products. In his past roles Guy specialized in enterprise security, managed the ELAL airlines IT security unit and led their PCI certification process. With his vast knowledge of identity and access management Guy is now a Principal Product Manager of leading security products for CA Technologies.

    Eric Chiu is CEO and co-founder of HyTrust, Inc. (http://www.hytrust.com/), a virtualization security company based in Mountain View, CA. He brings significant executive experience in high tech management and finance to this role. Previously serving as Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Cemaphore Systems, a leader in disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange, Chiu built these departments from the ground up, consistently delivering significant quarter-over-quarter revenue growth and putting in place key OEM partnerships. Before that, he led Business Development at MailFrontier until its successful acquisition by SonicWALL. Formerly a Venture Capitalist for Brentwood (now Redpoint) and Pinnacle, he also served in the M&A Group for Robertson, Stephens and Company. Chiu holds a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from UC Berkeley.
  • Virtual Roundtable: Evolving Your Authentication Methods for the New IT Order
    Virtual Roundtable: Evolving Your Authentication Methods for the New IT Order Richard Nealon, (ISC)2 (Chair); Eve Maler, Forrester Research; Doc Vaidhyanathan, CA Technologies Recorded: Nov 1 2011 58 mins
    With the emergence of Cloud Computing, mobility and consumerization of IT and the sophistication of new attacks, there is a clear need for a more granular security trust model. What are the implications for authentication, what changes are required, what are the benefits and how can it combat the new breed of threats?

    Join ISC(2), Forrester Research and CA Technologies as they discuss current strategies and best practice approaches to securely embrace evolving trends and protect against emerging threats:

    -Why should you move beyond the aging hardware tokens to a new generation of layered software-based authentication?
    -How are organisations today increasingly relying on risk-based authentication to better support business initiatives while minimizing exposure to fraud and attacks?
    -Holistic Identity & Access Management (IAM) is greater than the sum of its parts- What are some of the compelling use cases and incremental benefits of integrating advanced authentication with other IAM disciplines?
  • Cloud, Consumerization & Identity–Transforming the Security Model
    Cloud, Consumerization & Identity–Transforming the Security Model Shirief Nosseir, EMEA Product Marketing Director, Security Management, CA Technologies Recorded: Oct 12 2011 49 mins
    As the adoption of cloud computing and consumerisation of IT continues to accelerate, many IT organisations are forced to revisit their traditional security models in order to address the new risks being introduced. This session explores the impact of cloud computing and consumerisation of IT on security and how these emerging trends are reshaping the evolution of identity & access management (IAM), information protection, and compliance-related technologies and architectures.

    In this session, we’ll look at:
    •Understanding the various cloud security approaches – security to the cloud, for the cloud and from the cloud – and the key challenges facing them
    •Security considerations for embracing cloud computing, consumerisation of IT and social computing
    •The growing trend towards context- and content-aware IAM and the key role it plays in bridging the traditionally separate identity management and information protection silos

    Speaker Biography
    Shirief Nosseir is EMEA product marketing director of security management solutions at CA Technologies. With 25 years in the software industry, Shirief’s experience ranges across the fields of security management, service and infrastructure management, application lifecycle management and business intelligence. This allows him to have insightful understanding of how to assist enterprises in developing business-oriented architectures, while melding traditionally disparate technologies into whole solutions. Shirief is a regular speaker at conferences and educational events and presents frequently on the impact of emerging trends and technologies on enterprise security architectures.

    Speaker details:
    Shirief Nosseir
    CA Technologies (www.ca.com)
    EMEA Product Marketing Director, Security Management, CA Technologies
  • Authentication Requirements for the Consumerization of IT Era
    Authentication Requirements for the Consumerization of IT Era Andras Cser, Principal Analyst, Forrester Recorded: Oct 5 2011 38 mins
    Longstanding concerns around cost, complexity and ease of use of second factor authentication have been compounded by jitters emanating from the RSA breach. With a new era of consumer driven technologies dawning, what are leading organizations doing both to take advantage of dynamic, flexible working practices and to improve security at the same time?

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • What organizations are doing to securely take advantage of consumer driven technologies
    • Which new authentication techniques offer the best security while also being cost effective, convenient and user-friendly?
    • How risk based authentication technologies are proliferating outside of traditional web environments
  • (ISC)² e-Symposium July 19th, 2011
    (ISC)² e-Symposium July 19th, 2011 David Gormley Recorded: Jul 19 2011 43 mins
    Advanced Authentication: Embracing Expansion, Evolution and Mobile Devices
  • ISACA e-Symposium June 28, 2011
    ISACA e-Symposium June 28, 2011 Matthew Gardiner; Director Recorded: Jun 28 2011 56 mins
    Overcoming the Impending Cloud Stall – The Central Role of Security Management
  • The Evolution of IAM to Enable Security in The Cloud
    The Evolution of IAM to Enable Security in The Cloud Tim Dunn, Vice President of Strategy, CA Technologies Security Europe Recorded: Jun 16 2011 45 mins
    Traditional Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms were built with one primary scenario in mind, to run on an enterprise’s premises for their tightly scoped user community.

    The business and technology world has moved on, businesses want to be more innovative and agile. Gaining a competitive edge means exploiting technologies such as cloud, virtualisation, worker mobility enablement, personal device adoption, and business collaboration tools. IAM has become pivotal in enabling business innovation.

    The session discusses:
    •Challenges for IAM from the business and technology perspective – current and future
    •How will IAM evolve to meet the new requirements and demands.
  • Cloudonomics or Risky Business? How to Architect your Services
    Cloudonomics or Risky Business? How to Architect your Services Gregor Petri ; Advisor on Lean IT and Cloud Computing, CA Technologies Recorded: Jun 16 2011 49 mins
    The economies of cloud computing promise great rewards. But these rewards will only become reality if the associated risks of cloud computing are addressed. And preferably these risks should be addressed early on, ideally during the design of these services. In this session you will learn about a ground breaking new way to design, build and run new, reliable and secure cloud services. In the age of cloud computing, leveraging virtualization, abstraction and sourcing are key to delivering greater returns. See how this can be achieved in a simple and repeatable way.

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