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Security is hard. Working with a security VAR doesn't have to be. At GalaxyTech International we focus on making your life easier. Simplified product offerings, professional services you can afford, and an attitude of service are how we do it. We want you so happy with our service, that you could never imagine working with anyone else!

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Next Generation IPS Allan Cole, Director of Engineering at GalaxyTech International Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems – exactly what does that mean?

We hear the same story from IT decision makers all the time –

“How do we cut through all the marketing fluff and get to the real meat of the solution? Vendors are always jumping on the bandwagon with new buzzwords for what their products do.

How do we get to the TRUTH about these solutions!?”
That’s the purpose of this webinar. We will go through what Next Gen IPS can mean, and how it is interpreted differently by various vendors.

In this webinar, you will learn:

1.A clear Understanding of what IPS is
2.The Features that make something “Next Gen”
3.When those features are important to you
4.How to determine if you need an IPS solution in your network
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Feb 26 2013
36 mins
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