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Security Analytics and Compliance

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Protect your business with security analytics and compliance solutions

Your organization, regardless of its size, must turn security and log data into actionable intelligence to make smarter, more efficient decisions. This channel features presentations that help answer your security questions. For example, you can learn how to manage business risk, monitor your IT infrastructure and automate compliance. Take your security knowledge a step forward with best practices in the latest security trends like Big Data Security Analytics, combating Advanced Persistent Threats and understanding the costs of cyber crime.

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Simplifying Compliance and Forensic Requirements with HP ArcSight Logger Dave Shackleford, SANS Analyst and Sri Karnam, HP ArcSight Product Marking Manager Simplifying Compliance and Forensic Requirements with HP ArcSight Logger

The ever-increasing amount of logging output that IT organizations need to retain to have an accurate picture of what happened in their systems-and when-is a classic "big data" problem. Data categorization and normalization are imperative when sifting through a mass of data that can exceed a petabyte, while eliminating false negatives can aid a forensic investigation. This webcast focuses on HP ArcSight Logger 6, featuring a review of the product by SANS senior analyst Dave Shackleford.

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Apr 24 2015
61 mins
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