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Data protection and security solutions to help companies meet compliance and protect the security of your most sensitive data leveraging encryption and key management.

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5 Ways to Measure the Quality of Your Crypto Encryption, and cryptography in general, has been thrust into the spotlight as a critical technology for combating surveillance, data breaches, insider threats, and more. But encryption is no silver bullet, and the quality of its implementation is the major determining factor in the protection it actually provides. Join us on Thursday April 24 to learn about:
•Five ways you can measure the quality, or trust level, your crypto systems provide
•Effective strategies for dealing with the key management pain many organizations are starting to feel as they increase their deployment of cryptography
•Use cases for strong cryptography and trusted key management with hardware security modules (HSMs)
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Apr 24 2014 6:00 pm
60 mins

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  • Want to have a deeper understanding of how to deploy Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) with the added capability of generating and controlling your own key that secure your sensitive data? Join us for a joint webinar with Microsoft, Synergy Advisors, and Thales to learn how to deploy Microsoft RMS with the unique bring your own key (BYOK) capability across multiple operational scenarios including:

    • Subscription-based service in Azure
    • On-premises in Windows Server
    • Cross-premises in mixed environments

    You will also learn how to take advantage of the BYOK offering to secure your RMS private key within a Thales hardware security module (HSM) to maintain control of the critical keys securing your most sensitive data and intellectual property.
  • Want to take advantage of the cloud for collaboration but feel you will lose control of your sensitive data? Join us for a joint webinar with Microsoft, Synergy Advisors, and Thales to learn how you can deploy a unique solution that enforces strict security policies on your data assets and achieves persistent information protection. Learn how to:

    • Deploy new features and capabilities of Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS)
    • Protect your sensitive files in any format and in any device, including iOS and Android
    • Share protected information with anyone, inside and outside your own organization

    You will also learn how the unique bring your own key (BYOK) capability enables you to generate and safeguard your own RMS private key within a Thales hardware security module (HSM), ensuring you that Microsoft operators cannot see or leak the keys during import or use.
  • For many companies thinking about moving sensitive data to the cloud, security issues remain a significant concern. But Operational Research Consultants Inc. (ORC) and Thales e-Security are proving that the cloud really can be made as safe or even safer than on-premise deployments even for organizations as security-focused as the U.S. Federal Government.
    Join Daniel Turissini, CTO, WidePoint Corp. and Founder of ORC, Inc., a WidePoint company, and Richard Moulds, VP Product Marketing & Strategy at Thales e-Security
  • The recent Snowden disclosures regarding the NSA’s alleged activity, as well as its influence on NIST and other organizations, put existing industry standard cryptographic algorithms and key lengths under renewed scrutiny. Equally, academic analysis of the same algorithms may indicate their useful lifecycle to be shorter than previously predicted. This combination may precipitate the need for rapid shifts from outdated algorithms and key strengths, to different ones less susceptible to attack or collisions.

    In this webinar, analyst Securosis will discuss these important landscape changes and you’ll hear strategies for managing the cryptographic algorithm and key length elements necessary for data protection, separate from core application functions so that algorithms can be replaced quickly and administratively - without requiring changes to application code. You’ll leave knowing how Prime Factor’s EncryptRIGHT makes encryption easy and Thales HSMs make encryption even stronger!
  • Veja como as organizações brasileiras estão aumentando o uso da criptografia para atender aos novos regulamentos e aos ataques cibernéticos. Pesquisa multi-nacional da Thales conclui que a criptografia e o uso de chaves criptográficas tem se tornado questões estratégicas de negócios para abordar os regulamentos de segurança e gerenciar os riscos
  • Join Entrust and Thales e-Security as we share our practical knowledge of securing mobile payment solutions, underpinned by real-world use cases and proven technology. If mobile payments are important for your future company success please register below to join us and learn more about how we can help.
  • Organizations more confident transferring sensitive data to the Cloud despite data protection concerns. Join Thales e-Security and the Ponemon Institute as we discuss the results of a new survey on cloud security that shows an increasing number of organizations transferring sensitive or confidential data to the cloud despite concerns over data protection. The Encryption in the Cloud global study interviewed more than 4,000 organizations in seven countries and was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and commissioned by Thales.

    This webinar will discuss the results of the 2012 study that examines perceptions and current practices surrounding the threats and protection issues relating to sensitive or confidential data in the cloud. We’ll reveal surprising attitudes about who is considered responsible for protecting this valuable and often regulated class of data – the cloud service provider or cloud service consumer. The findings are also significant in explaining how that data is protected and where data encryption is applied inside and outside the cloud. Most important is who manages the associated encryption keys and therefore who ultimately controls access to the data. Join us to learn more and download a copy of the new Encryption in the Cloud report.
  • Join BlueCat and Thales for a solution webinar on how you can better protect your sensitive data with DNS security extensions (DNSSEC). The Domain Name System (DNS) is what allows you to connect to anything and anyone on the Internet. Yet for all its business criticality, most organizations don’t properly secure it. DNSSEC provides a trust relationship within DNS that protects your organization from falling prey to attacks or attempts to steal your – or your customers’ – data.

    Managing DNSSEC security keys has traditionally been complex, costly and time consuming, but it doesn’t need to be. BlueCat combines the ultra-high security of the Thales nShield Connect HSM with the simplicity of our IP Address Management (IPAM) platform to deliver the simplest and most secure solution available for managing DNSSEC. Learn what to look for in a DNSSEC solution and why some of the most demanding and secure organizations in the world trust BlueCat to securely manage their networks.
  • Global Encryption Trends Report: Encryption usage is an indicator of a strong security posture. Is your organization ready? Organizations that deploy encryption extensively throughout the enterprise as opposed to limiting its use to a specific purpose are more aware of threats to sensitive and confidential information and spend more
    on IT security.

    The Ponemon Institute and Thales e-Security are pleased to present the findings of the 2012 Global Encryption Trends Study. Ponemon surveyed 4,205 business and IT managers in the United
    States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Japan and Brazil. The purpose of this
    research was to examine how the use of encryption has evolved over eight years and its impact of this technology on the security posture of organizations. Join us to learn more and find out how you can determine the barometer of your company’s overall security posture!
  • Organizations that are expanding their use of encryption technology for data protection are increasingly turning their attention to developing an overarching enterprise key management strategy. However, the complexities of meeting current needs while trying to account for future requirements and evolving virtualization and cloud computing initiatives can easily cause confusion and frustration. This webinar, the second in a two-part series from Securosis and Thales e-Security focused on key management, explains deployment options, describes important technology and management features, and includes a practical checklist to use when selecting a key management solution to best fit the needs of specific projects and environments.

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