Prevent Spear-Phishing - Put Your Users in a Bubble

McAfee and Invincea
Your users face a constant threat of spear-phishing, zero-day attacks, and APTs. Until now, the answer to the spear-phishing threat has largely been end-user training. Join McAfee and Invincea for a look at a smart new solution to the problem – endpoint security software that puts every user in a bubble. In this session, you’ll learn:

• How Invincea and McAfee offer comprehensive protection to every endpoint
• An answer to the threat of zero-day attacks and APTs that protects every user
• Rich threat intelligence that feeds McAfee ePO dashboards to make your security administrator even more effective
May 15 2012
34 mins
Prevent Spear-Phishing - Put Your Users in a Bubble
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  • User-Driven Classification: Adding a New Dimension to McAfee DLP Recorded: May 21 2015 35 mins
    Keith Vallance, Product Director, Boldon James
    Organizations need to be more business-centric in their approach if data loss prevention is to be successful. By supplying McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with reliable insight into the meaning and value of data, Classifier complements the detection methods based on keywords and regular expressions alone, helping reduce the risk of data- loss.

    The combination of Boldon James Classifier and McAfee DLP reduces the likelihood of data loss by providing the DLP solution with predictable, meaningful classification metadata that greatly improves the reliability of DLP decision making, improves system effectiveness and reduces false positives.

    In this webinar we will explore:

    - The role of user-driven classification
    - How user-driven classification benefits DLP
    - When to introduce user-driven classification into a DLP project
    - How to measure and monitor the benefits of user-driven classification
  • Mobile and Cloud Computing Enterprise Security Platform Recorded: Apr 7 2015 24 mins
    Janine Terrano, CEO
    As enterprises struggle to control and secure their assets across internal file stores, an ever-increasing universe of mobile devices, and a plethora of non-secure cloud storage services, they are searching for solutions that allow them to quickly identify and isolate noncompliant data sharing and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

    Intel Security and Topia Technology have partnered to develop an integrated product for organizations to store, analyze and share documents from a mobile device or a cloud computing platform.

    Learn how:
    •Secrata deployed with McAfee provides a unified file sync and share experience with military-grade security, to address this need.
    •McAfee Enterprise Security Manager enables businesses with true, real-time situational awareness and the speed and scale required to identify critical threats, respond intelligently, and ensure continuous compliance monitoring.
  • Database Security: Don’t Forget to Lock the Back Door Recorded: Apr 2 2015 34 mins
    Charles Goldberg, Sr. Director
    Would you ever consider leaving your house for the day without locking your door? Of course not!!
    It is as important to protect and control front-door access of your databases as it is to lock the front door of your house. That is why we use a suite of database discovery and activity monitoring tools to control the front door access of our databases. Yet hackers and miscreant insiders know that the back door of databases are all too often left wide open—and it is the path of least resistance to steal valuable data.

    Vormetric has partnered with Intel Security to integrate with McAfee Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) to extend data-security coverage. Vormetric adds another layer of security to McAfee DAM by preventing unauthorized users and processes from accessing or viewing the database files through transparent encryption.

    In this presentation, Vormetric will demonstrate:
    • How to complete database security, to assure that back door entry is as locked down as the front door
    • How to protect the database, and its associated files such as configuration, logs and reports, from not only physical theft, but also from insider threats and hackers
  • Best Practices for Apple FileVault and Microsoft BitLocker Management Recorded: Jan 14 2015 57 mins
    Pat Correia, Product Marketing Manager, Intel Security and Stuart Bayliss, Group Product Manager, Intel Security
    Attend this webcast to learn about best practices for managing the native encryption for Macs (Apple FileVault) and for Windows based PCs (Microsoft BitLocker). The webinar will highlight functional aspects of McAfee Management of Native Encryption software.
  • Apple FileVault & Microsoft BitLocker Management - for EMEA Customers Recorded: Jan 14 2015 53 mins
    Pat Correia, Product Marketing Manager, Intel Security and Stuart Bayliss, Group Product Manager, Intel Security
    Attend this webcast to learn about best practices for managing the native encryption for Macs (Apple FileVault) and for Windows based PCs (Microsoft BitLocker). The webinar will highlight functional aspects of McAfee Management of Native Encryption software.
  • Use the Cyber Attack Chain to Make Intelligent IT Decisions Recorded: Dec 16 2014 49 mins
    Douglas Simpson - Manager of Field Sales Engineers Central US, Intel Security
    Cyber attacks frequently progress through a number of stages. Understanding each stage of an attack and the potential disruption points in the chain can assist IT security teams to better defend their networks. Join this webcast to look at today’s attacks relative to the stages of the cyber attack chain and discuss what defenses can mitigate each stage to help prevent an attack.

    •Understand how the cyber attack chain phases map to McAfee’s Security Connected solutions
    •Apply cyber attack chain mitigation strategies to specific projects or acquisitions
    •Articulate the importance of collecting intrusion artifacts and intelligence
  • Operation Archangel: A Deep Dive into Targeted Attacks Recorded: Dec 16 2014 46 mins
    Ryan Sherstobitoff - Principle Security Researcher
    McAfee Labs has followed a group of sophisticated actors who persistently and methodically attacked major global organizations for more than three years. This campaign involved a series of targeted attacks, primarily through email phishing, that resulted in the exfiltration of sensitive government data.

    In this webcast, McAfee principal security researcher Ryan Sherstobitoff provides an in-depth look at the Archangel cyber-espionage campaign and give recommendations on how to prevent similar attacks from impacting your organization.
  • Why You Need Advanced Security for Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Recorded: Dec 10 2014 30 mins
    Catherine Hwang - Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Microsoft Office 365 enables customers to work in the office or on the go, with the idea of enabling businesses to run more effectively. Yet, phishing tactics are increasingly sophisticated. As organizations consider moving email infrastructure to Exchange Online, is there a need to complement built-in security with additional solutions?

    Join this session to learn how advanced threats are being delivered, and how McAfee uniquely extends critical protection to organizations using Office 365 for email. A free offer to run an assessment of your organization’s ability to detect phishing will also be provided.
  • Best Practices for Implementing Data Loss Prevention Recorded: Dec 9 2014 51 mins
    Michael Avdeev - Enterprise Solutions Architect
    Vast amounts of your organization's sensitive data are accessible, stored, and used by authorized employees and partners on a host of devices and servers. Protecting that data where ever it is stored or travels is a top priority. Join the webinar and learn from an DLP expert from Intel Security on best practices on implementing DLP in stages, including:
    •Understand what data is leaving your organization
    •Build and manage policies
    •Simplify workflow
    •How to automate remediation.
  • Resilient, Optimized & Secure Distributed Networks with McAfee Augmented VPN Recorded: Nov 19 2014 41 mins
    Steve Smith - Senior Technical Manager
    The Enterprises today want secure, highly resilient and high bandwidth WAN connectivity. But to accomplish this, can be expensive, time consuming and can affect the overall end-user experience. Find out how augmented VPN capability can give you more control over usage while lowering costs and keeping end user satisfaction high. Join Steve Smith, Senior Technical Manager at Intel Security, as he explores the latest advances in VPN technologies, including augmented VPN, bandwidth aggregation, quality of service techniques, and building redundancy. Plus, get a link to a VPN cost calculator to find out how much you can save over existing MPLS circuits.
  • McAfee Introduces the Industry’s Most Expansive NGFW Threat Ecosystem Recorded: Nov 12 2014 51 mins
    Dan Frey - Senior Product Marketing Manager
    McAfee Next Generation Firewall protects enterprise networks with high-performance “intelligence aware” security supported by real-time updates from McAfee’s Security Connected ecosystem. This enables McAfee to deliver the industry’s best defense against, zero day malware, advanced malware, advanced evasions and along with complete next generation firewall protections “when and where you need it” - remote sites, branch offices, data centers and the network edge.

    Please join Dan Frey as he discusses McAfee Next Generation Firewall’s expanded threat ecosystem accelerates discovery and remediation of advanced threats across large networks, integrating intelligence aware security controls that leverage information across distributed security solutions including endpoint protection, SIEM, threat sandboxes, and global threat intelligence networks.
  • Advanced Remediation: Gone in 60 Seconds Recorded: Nov 11 2014 47 mins
    Steve Grossenbacher - Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    The task of preventing Advanced Malware shouldn’t be a difficult process. All you need is the right information at the right time. With a properly integrated IPS platform, you can find and remediate malware in no time at all. When network security data is unified, you get big picture visibility, decisions can be accelerated, and human error is minimized. Join this Webinar to:

    •Understand how McAfee’s IPS can help you solve the malware mystery.
    •See how an integrated IPS platform can break down data silos.
    •Learn the power of having all security context in one place.
    •Hear how to understand and block advanced malware in a matter of seconds.
  • Advanced learning with Advanced Threat Defense: It’s how we find lower life-form Recorded: Oct 21 2014 44 mins
    Peter Ingebrigtsen - Technical Marketing Engineer
    One of the hot technologies in security is “sandboxing”. While it’s an idea that’s been around for years it has recently garnered more attention. Despite the uptick in the application of this technology there also seems to be an increasing amount of organizations being compromised.

    The value of data lies in it’s ability to empower good decision making. McAfee’s Advanced Threat Defense presents data in a way that’s easy to understand and more importantly, “actionable”.

    In this webinar we’ll go through the output of McAfee’s Advanced Threat Defense on a recent zero-day threat and demonstrate how we can take actions from this information to better protect our organizations.
  • NIKSUN presents: McAfee Security Connected Architecture - Know the Unknown Recorded: Oct 9 2014 50 mins
    Anwer Siddiqui, Systems Sales Engineer and Robert King, VP of US Sales Engineering, NIKSUN
    McAfee’s Network Security Platform (NSP) identifies malicious network attacks without existing signatures. This pairs well with NIKSUN’s prominent capabilities of providing organizations with the power to instantly Know the Unknown® within networks. The full integration of NIKSUN’s NetDetector and NetDetectorLive with McAfee’s NSP and ESM, provides customers with a new doorway into the most stable network environments of today and of the future.

    Join McAfee and NIKSUN for an overview of the threat landscape and its implications on society. This webcast seminar will cover current as well as advanced methods of defense against such persistent attackers in a global cyber environment, and demonstrate the benefits of utilizing big data analytics to discover, mitigate, and prevent large scale cyber attacks.
  • McAfee and MEAS present: How do you know your mainframe is secure? Recorded: Oct 7 2014 54 mins
    Mike Epplin, SE McAfee and Bob Fake, CTO DG Technologies
    Companies that rely on Mainframes invest tremendous amounts of time and manual efforts checking compliance and proving that the mainframe is safe. Traditional approaches to security on the Mainframe are different from other platforms and in the past required advanced skills and knowledge that are unique to the platform. However, with cloud, mobile and other new initiatives the Mainframe is exposed to additional threats that did not exist in the past and requires new techniques to ensure the mainframe is protected. It is no longer is possible or acceptable to rely on legacy manual processes or older in-house written programs to prove compliance and ensure the platform is safe and compliant. During our session we will discuss new approaches to compliance checking and security controls monitoring .

    Key Take Aways

    1.Why do the legacy approaches need to change?
    2.What are the new approaches?
    3.Why ESM and MEAS help with the new approach?
    4.The mainframe is no longer “negotiable” in terms of security and compliance
    5.Outdated in-house processes are not reliable and create risk of security and compliance failure
    6.For companies that have mainframes, it is the most mission critical platform in the infrastructure
  • Data Loss Prevention Best Practices for Healthcare Recorded: Sep 30 2014 38 mins
    Cindy Chen, McAfee Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Healthcare, probably more than any other industry, has to focus on keeping highly sensitive information safe and confidential. Join us to learn about some best practices to help you ensure your regulatory compliance, give you oversight and control, and help you maintain the trust of your auditors, practitioners, and their patients.
  • Anatomy of an Attack – How to defend against a multi-stage attack Recorded: Sep 24 2014 56 mins
    Michael Osterman, Principle - Osterman Research
    Recently, we’ve seen the emergence of multi-stage attacks, such as the widely reported Target breach. Multi-stage attacks employ multiple technologies, deployed in multiple stages, to penetrate an organization’s defenses. For example, a phishing email can result in a malware download which, in turn, can collect and transfer credit card data to an external server.

    In this session, respected industry analyst Michael Osterman will examine the anatomy of a multi-stage attack and describe how an organization can employ a defense- in-depth strategy to block the attempt to compromise your security at each stage.

    Join this webinar on Anatomy of an Attack as:
    •You will learn details of how a multi-stage attack works.
    • Examine the vulnerabilities which each stage of the attack is targeting.
    •Learn how to protect each stage in a coordinated defense.

    This session is a must-see for any IT or security professional concerned with protecting an organization against the type of sophisticated, multi-stage attack which resulted in the breach of more than 40 million credit card numbers.
  • Tips and Tricks on Securing a Virtual Network Recorded: Sep 16 2014 40 mins
    Steve Smith - Senior Technical Manager
    Do you know the difference between virtual appliances and virtual contexts? Did you know that you could help minimize your investment in hardware and simplify network operations by using one or both? Join Steve Smith, Senior Technical Manager at Intel Security, as he explains the various ways you can create and secure your virtual enterprise. He’ll demonstrate how you can lower maintenance costs while managing up to 250 firewalls on a single physical appliance.
  • How many firewalls does it take to protect an enterprise? Recorded: Sep 9 2014 43 mins
    Steve Smith - Senior Technical Manager
    Easy answer is the number of Firewalls required to protect your perimeter. The right answer is the number of firewalls required for all entry points – perimeter and internal. Why? Internal threats are often more dangerous than external. Now you must protect multiple segments of your enterprise network. The perimeter is just the start. Multiple internal locations may need protection in addition to branches, cloud services and data centers. And what about mobile devices, home offices and temporary office workers like auditors and consultants? Join Steve Smith, Senior Technical Manager at Intel Security, for an informative review of where to put your firewall, IPS, VPN and other associated network security equipment. And learn how next generation firewall technology can help you manage and multiple security appliances across your enterprise.
  • Conquering the Advanced Malware Onslaught Recorded: Sep 2 2014 21 mins
    Kristen Jacobsen, Product Marketing Specialist
    Advanced malware is an increasing concern for businesses. According to the latest Quarterly Threat Report from McAfee Labs (Q1 2014), there are currently 236 new threats every minute. That’s almost 4 new threats a second. Finding them is only the first step; limited integration between threat detection, network, and endpoints lengthens response time and complicates remediation.

    McAfee Advanced Threat Defense detects advanced malware with an innovative, layered approach including in-depth static code and dynamic, malware analysis (sandboxing) for efficient, accurate detection. It integrates with McAfee security solutions from endpoint to network to create defenses that can act without boundaries or delays.
Security Connected for Enterprises
Security Connected provides McAfee customers the ability achieve optimized security each day, enabling their business while reducing risk, driving compliance and realizing operational efficiencies

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