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Are you an IT service management professional interested in developing your knowledge and improving your job performance? Join the IT service management community to access the latest updates from industry experts. Learn and share insights related to IT service management (ITSM) including topics such as the service desk, service catalog, problem and incident management, ITIL v4 and more. Engage with industry experts on current best practices and participate in active discussions that address the needs and challenges of the ITSM community.
  • Join us on October 9th to learn how you can reduce costs and boost productivity with an enterprise-grade communications platform integrated into your favorite business apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Office 365, and others.

    This live demo will show you how easy it is for team members to initiate PSTN calls and SMS, host meetings and video conferences, view screen pops with relevant information, and more, without having to click from one tool to another --from anywhere, any time.

    Our Sales Engineer will walk you through how it works and answer your questions. You’ll see:

    •How to place calls with one click from within your business apps
    •How to view customer profile and communications history
    •How to add and manage users
    •And more!
  • Learn how data encryption and encryption key management address compliance for healthcare providers and payers. Join Derek Tumulak, VP Product Management at Vormetric, and Tricia Pattee, HOSTING Product Manager as they discuss how HIPAA/HITECH regulations impact electronic protected health information (PHI) and best practices to safeguard sensitive patient data.

    Discover how:
    • HIPAA and HITECH regulatory mandates impact data security for healthcare institutions
    • Strong encryption and policy-based access controls provide a separation of duties between data security and system administrators
    • Secure key management and policy management ensure consistency in applying policies and encryption keys to both structured and unstructured data
    • Rapid implementation is achieved because encryption is transparent to users, applications, databases and storage systems
    • The HOSTING and Vormetric cloud solution can satisfy HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements in the cloud
  • Migration to 802.11ac is about using optimal design techniques and network validation that achieve maximum performance and ROI. Join Devin in this live webinar to get best practices for the migration of your enterprise Wi-Fi network as he focuses on the following:

    •Details about channels widths that you didn’t know that you needed to know

    •The entire process of design, deployment, validation and remediation – in context

    •A detailed understanding of co-channel interference (CCI) and its effects on enterprise Wi-Fi networks

    Devin Akin is the founder of Divergent Dynamics, a Wi-Fi Systems Integrator, Value-Added Reseller (VAR), and Training organization. Akin has over 20 years in IT, with 15 years in WLAN specifically, and was recently named to the TWW Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts list for 2014.
  • Sponsored by Workfront

    Marketing teams get creativity. Creativity is their life’s blood. The concern is that by setting up rules and processes, we might kill that creative spark that drives the art created by the marketing directive. Agile methodology is applying the art of science in order to uncomplicate and reduce unnecessary admin time -- the very thing that keeps us from spending more time making beautiful campaigns and generating innovative copy.

    We’re going to talk to real life marketing teams who are using Agile methodologies to run their right-brained collaboration space – and are seeing tremendous results. We’ll talk war stories, great use cases, and ways to break down the siloes that are keeping your brilliant minds from making that next inspired leap.

    Join us for a free web event sponsored by Workfront to uncover the real-life ways that creative directors are harnessing the power of agile marketing methodologies to rapidly make fantastic leaps and discoveries that fuel careers.

    In this webinar, you’ll:

    * Hear first-hand experiences from current creative teams using tried and true methods to build faster and respond to industry trends quickly
    * Learn ways to increase the number of great ideas and proof of concepts
    * Use data to analyze and capitalize on changes in projects, marketing and industry trends… before your competitors know what hit ‘em.
    * Capture the lightning in a bottle that ensures amazing customer experiences.

    Register today!

    Sponsored by Workfront

    Jim Ewel, Principal, Agile Marketing
    Stewart Rogers, director of marketing technology, VentureBeat
    David Lesue, creative director, Workfront
  • "DevOps" is a term that has become mainstream enough to be hated, misunderstood, misused, and abused. But what is "DevOps"? And, more importantly, why should I care?

    DevOps isn't a tool or a product. It's an approach to operations. By uniting development and operations teams to automate and standardize processes for infrastructure deployment, you get faster innovation, accelerated time to market, improved deployment quality, better operational efficiency, and more time to focus on your core business goals.

    This presentation will explore the principles and forms of DevOps. I know DevOps when I see it and, soon, you will, too.
  • Capacity planning just may be the most crucial element that businesses are consistently struggling with. It is easy to see why, the impacts of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) has kept executive decision makers and IT managers on their toes. But this environment is not going to become any easier, and now is the time to make plans for the growing needs of data storage and reliable connectivity. In this live webinar we will discuss:
    •Five tips to business on the right track
    •The challenges that result from the common approaches utilized today in capacity planning
    •A better way to optimizing the bandwidth you may already have
  • SaaS, VoIP, Private/Virtualized, Public, Hybrid. There are many ‘shapes” of cloud and with each comes increasing reliance on a stable, high-performing network.

    Join Rick Blaidsell and NETSCOUT- Fluke Networks Enterprise Solutions, as we discuss the challenges of cloud networks and the solutions organizations around the world are sharing with us. You will learn:

    •Why initial intelligence gathering about your network is critical
    •How to use on-going monitoring to identify problem domains
    •What is needed to keep everything “clean” for hosted VoIP
    •When to stay with a physical environment
  • Charl Joubert from University of Pretoria in South Africa explains why HP Service Manager with Smart Analytics leverages Big Data to be a game changer for problem management at the service desk and how amazing gains have been measured on daily tasks.
  • When adding new 10G infrastructure to your network it is best practice to validate performance before making it operational. Yet this step is frequently skipped - increasing the likelihood of future problems such as:
    •More time spent troubleshooting
    •Sub-optimal application delivery

    In this webinar learn how the new OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant facilitates 10G infrastructure acceptance testing with automated, 1-button standardised testing and reporting.
  • Learn how to take control of your data by using advanced encryption, centralized key management and cutting edge access controls and policies. In this session, Imam Sheikh, Dir. Product Management at Vormetric, and Tricia Pattee, HOSTING Product Manager will discuss how to proactively address PCI Compliance in the cloud, protect intellectual property and comply with data privacy and system integrity regulations. Join this informative webinar to learn about HOSTING and Vormetric data encryption security solutions and best practices that have helped leading Fortune 500 businesses protect their sensitive data across their private, public and hybrid cloud environments!

    What you'll learn:
    • How data encryption helps prevent data breaches
    • How to address PCI compliance requirements in the cloud
    • How to safeguard cardholder information that is stored in a variety of different databases and versions
    • The HOSTING and Vormetric approach to securing data in motion and at rest
  • COMLINE has updated and improved its datacenter to the next generation, based on HP Cloud Service Automation and HP Operation Orchestration. COMLINE has built a secure and highly automated hybrid cloud architecture to deliver IT services to SMEs throughout Germany from an advanced data centre. Return on investment has been achieved in less than one year along with 80% company productivity gain.
  • Vistara service maps allow your IT operations teams to manage a service comprised of disparate resources as a logical entity. By visualizing service topology and understanding the relationships between resources and services, IT teams can proactively prevent business-impacting events and react to issues with better situational awareness.

    Vistara Solution Architect, RK Kukunuri will demonstrate best practices to create service maps in Vistara, including the right planning methodology, setting up policies and for an application like Exchange, as well as a more complex composite cloud service.
  • KEPNER-TREGOE will talk about the role of Root Cause Analysis in the context of IT support functions, the pressures they face as well as the goals and needs for specific results when deploying different RCA and troubleshooting techniques. Furthermore, they will discuss the challenges of adopting new skills in high-pressure, complex, process-driven service environments and ways to overcome the gap between the theory of training and on-the-job proficiency via coaching and simulation.
  • Connecting assets to audiences with speed and scale requires a data integration solution that allows you to integrate in real time via APIs, do batch tasks such as data ingestion or synchronization and handle a variety of data sources -- from JSON to XML to EDI. With Mule 3.7, we introduced DataWeave, a simple, powerful way to query and transform all types of data.

    We’ll be showcasing the power of DataWeave in the following scenarios:
    - Highly performant mappings and transformations
    - Simple one-to-one mappings
    - Complex mappings (e.g. joins, filtering, partitioning)-
    - Easy to write, easy to maintain, metadata aware mappings
  • KEPNERandFOURIE will explain the problem solving processes specifically designed for the IT environment. They will focus on the application of these processes to real world IT issues in which they have been involved. K&F will explain the importance of finding the technical cause of a problem/incident before trying to determine the Root Cause. They will also highlight the RCA application developed in conjunction with ServiceNow and available in their App Store.
  • Don’t fear Shadow IT, it offers great value to the organization, IT needs to work to minimize any possible negative impact from security risks and spend control challenges. IT should take a dual approach:
    •Provide users an approved consumption path for public cloud, with no barriers
    •Gain a new level of access and visibility to cloud resources, allowing IT to manage security risks and monitor spend

    Join Gravitant to learn how to provide users a “carrot” without the “stick” through an approved marketplace for purchasing public cloud. At the same time, you give IT the visibility and traceability to manage security and costs.
  • With cloud computing now becoming a mainstream technology for most companies, new opportunities have emerged for cloud and hosting providers that extend beyond their traditional infrastructure-focused businesses. The most interesting changes in cloud infrastructure, applications and services are yet to come.

    A key characteristic of Cloud 2.0 is that 70% of the opportunity is beyond infrastructure hosting, with application, managed and security services demand growing from enterprises. To capture this providers must continue to evolve their offerings to meet the increasingly complex demands of customers who are now in the driver's seat. These customers need not only infrastructure, but also wrap-around services and support that they have come to expect from their corporate IT departments.

    During this data-driven discussion you will learn:

    - What Cloud 2.0 means for your business
    - Cloud adoption trends
    - How to innovate without risk
    - Who are the primary decision makers
    - How customers choose a service provider and what requirements are important to them
    - Where customers allocate their budgets
  • Learn how to implement ITSM into your organization with success, with ITSM expert Matt Hooper.  Learn how to position executive management support for your improvement initiative.  Understand how to establish a culture of change adoption, that will enable you organization to improve their effectiveness.  Lay a foundation of ITSM processes that will demonstrate real results and build momentum for your continual improvement roadmap.
  • Vistara is disrupting the way the enterprise manages IT operations. Today, heterogeneous and dynamic IT environments are growing in complexity with the shift to cloud and DevOps. At Vistara, we unify lifecycle management for IT operations in a SaaS solution built for modern IT. Learn more or request a live demo at
  • DevOps breaks down the barriers between Dev, Ops and business teams to deliver measurable business results. Vistara lets you keep pace in this continuously changing environment with hybrid cloud management and policy driven discovery and device management.
  • The cloud is fundamentally remaking enterprise architectures. Partners need to be seen as trusted advisors to enterprises embarking on cloud transformation initiatives.

    This webinar discusses how service providers can provide the management and support for hybrid cloud environments. Watch this webinar to learn:

    * Key hybrid cloud management trends that affect you and your customers
    * How to manage a hybrid cloud service, with a VSPEX use case
    * A roadmap to moving up the value chain with your customers
  • As application release velocity becomes a reality for the enterprise, DevOps professionals must consider how and when to transition brownfield enterprise applications to an agile approach. With production applications on legacy infrastructure, how do you think about “changing the engine on a flying plane”?

    Rob Berger is currently Architect at Mist Systems and a noted visionary in the DevOps space, with hands-on experience in automating large enterprise class workloads and migrating traditional product development to agile methodologies.

    Join Varma Kunaparaju, CTO of Vistara, as he hosts Rob Berger to discuss:

    - What elements of legacy applications can and should be changed
    - Common pitfalls and challenges in transforming an application “in flight”
    - Deep dive into best practices in re-engineering APIs, responsive and automation
    - Best practices and what’s next for enterprise DevOps
  • Whether it’s public or private cloud, compute or any other resource, Vistara allows you to manage any cloud element in a single dashboard. Vistara is ideally suited for enterprise customers that need to holistically manage legacy on-premise infrastructure and dynamic public cloud environments.
  • Robots and drones have captivated us for more than half a century. When you think about a robot, you might automatically think about Rosie from the Jetsons. However, the next revolution of robotics will be very different than what you think. Robotics will enhance everyday life by enabling a broad range of applications from smart home to healthcare and transportation.

    Why now? Historically, robots have been pre-programmed to complete tasks in industrial settings, but thanks to the same technology powering our smart phones, robots are poised to evolve into intelligent, intuitive machines capable of processing their environments quickly and efficiently - both on the ground and in the air. Robots will be seamlessly integrated with everyday life, handling tasks once too time-consuming or tedious for us.

    In this webinar, we'll discuss:

    *The key consumer and commercial applications of robots and drones

    *The role robots will play in societies and economies

    *How smartphone technologies will pave the way to robotics' future

    * How cognitive technologies will transform our lives and business

    * How Qualcomm is fostering innovation and helping the ecosystem

    * The foundation of many IoT applications in shaping the way to robotics


    Jim McGregor, Principal Analyst, Tirias Research
    Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics
    Anthony Lewis, Senior Director of Technology, Qualcomm
    Maged Zaki, Director of Technical Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

    Sponsored by Qualcomm
  • Virtual desktops are being widely adopted as a cost-effective way of providing users access to enterprise applications. Performance of these desktops and the scalability of virtual desktop deployments are a key to the success of these IT initiatives.

    In this webinar, Jeff Stokes, Senior Content Developer, Microsoft and Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO, eG Innovations will focus on Windows virtual desktops and VDI image creation best practices that you can adopt to get the most of your virtual desktop infrastructure investments. Some topics will include:

    - Best practices for building images in persistent and non-persistent virtual desktop deployments
    - Tools for building optimized virtual desktop images
    - Optimization techniques for Windows 7, 8 and 10 workloads
    - Performance impact of changes and how to measure them at the desktop level
  • In this 30-minute webcast, industry experts Mike Rothman, President of Securosis Research and Wolfgang Kandek, CTO of Qualys will share their top recommendations for making the most of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. With data breaches in the headlines of nearly every online magazine, it’s never been a better time to maximize cyber security awareness and translate it into pragmatic results for the enterprise.

    During this webcast, attendees will learn
    * Which tactics have the greatest effect on fostering cyber security awareness throughout the enterprise

    * How to foster a risk-aware security culture while still encouraging trust among your employees and partners

    * How to bridge the gap between IT security and IT operations (hint: knowing more about your assets is the first step)
  • There are as many approaches to troubleshoot network issues as there are pros doing it. Lack of time and impatient users sometimes force us to skip steps and quickly band-aid network issues. In this webinar Chris Greer, Network Analyst, Love My Tool blogger, and packet analysis expert, will provide you a road map to more effectively and systematically troubleshoot and analyze your network including:

    • Where you should start
    • What to look for, starting with the OSI layers
    • How to rule out common causes
    • What tests/tools you should use
  • How do we effectively tackle the current, and mitigate the future, challenges of ITSM? How do organisations understand the customer needs and provide the right solutions? To what role, and how prominently, should we deploy our CSI capabilities? This session will help uncover how CSI can become the key to understanding the desired state of Service Delivery, how we are going to get there , and how we can measure progress in order to improve.
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI) provides the mechanism to enable IT to exploit the insight, knowledge and skills of its people to deliver the improvements that can make a difference and truly enhance customer satisfaction.

    In this session we will look at how you can unlock the potential of your
    teams and individuals to make CSI an integral part of the day job and
    develop an approach where improvements however small can be viewed as a ‘marginal gain’ that in aggregate, i.e. lots of small improvements can make a big difference. The session provides the results from a case study to show how this approach can be successfully applied.


    Speaker BIO

    A Chartered IT Professional and industry acknowledged leader in the field of IT Service Management. Has a proven track record of delivering IT and organisational performance improvement through the adoption and deployment of IT and Quality Management best practice frameworks. An ITIL accredited author who has achieved UK and International recognition for his ‘thought leadership’ and is a regular contributor and speaker at Industry bodies and forums on IT best practice.
  • Hear it from the experts: a realistic depiction of the DDoS attack landscape today. In this session Arbor’s Darren Anstee, Chief Security Technologist, will review current ATLAS statistics showing the frequency of attacks, the volume of attack traffic clogging the pipes of the world's largest enterprises and service providers networks and theorize as to why the upward trend in DDoS attacks is happening – and more importantly what you can do to protect your organizations from these attacks.
  • Is CSI a specialized function, following a process from a book? In this session we will discuss various models for CSI and how they can be implemented within an organization. This session will show that CSI is not just something for mature ITSM organizations, but something we all can participate in, because of, or in spite of, our leadership.
  • It’s increasingly clear that improving the customer experience and reducing customer effort are critical in today’s competitive environment. It’s also clear that businesses and solution providers are embracing omnichannel customer care with the goal of seamless customer engagement. Is omnichannel realistic?

    Why you should attend:
    • Learn where companies are in providing omnichannel customer care
    • Identify the drivers and restraints in omnichannel delivery
    • Hear a key global systems integrator and solutions provider talk about the challenges and successes of omnichannel delivery
  • There’s little doubt that DDoS attacks continue to rise in size, frequency and complexity. It’s also true that DDoS attacks impact organizations of all types – from service providers to cloud/hosting providers to enterprises in all verticals and regions of the world. In this session, Arbor’s Carlos Morales, VP of Sales Engineering, along with a panel of Arbor Service Provider and Enterprise customers, will discuss their experiences with DDoS attacks and best practices for DDoS attack defense.
    The panel will discuss:
    -Their DDoS attacks trends and top challenges.
    -Their recommended best practices in DDoS defense.
    -The importance of threat intelligence.
    -The future of DDoS and role of Arbor products and services.

    Steve Bendall
    Head of Network Security DDoS
    BT Security

    Roman Lara
    Network Engineer II

    Alexander Miranda
    Director of Security

    J. Marc Hopkins
    Network Services Manager
    SouthWest Ohio Computer Association
  • Is Continual Service Improvement (CSI) an afterthought at your organization? Has CSI implementation taken a “back seat” to other ITSM processes? What happens to all of the good ideas that the ITSM team comes up with as processes are designed and tools are implemented? What about improvements suggested from business partners? In this session, Doug Tedder discusses how the CSI Register can be just the means to a beginning of a culture and approach to Continual Improvement.
  • The words “Customer Support” and “Customer Service” accurately describe the role of Service Desk and Desktop Support Professionals. Unfortunately, these words sometimes carry negative connotations, and do not accurately convey the strategic potential of user support. The fact is very few support organizations operate in a Strategic Paradigm. The result is that most do not fully exploit the inherent leverage of user support to achieve a competitive advantage for IT.

    In this session Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner at MetricNet, will discuss what it means to be a Strategic Support organization, and provide case study examples of support organizations that operate in a Strategic Support Paradigm.

    Attendees of this webcast will learn:

    •Three Sources of Leverage in a Strategic Support Organization

    •Two Metrics to Measure Your Progress Towards Strategic Significance

    •Key Success Factors for Achieving Strategic Enlightenment

    •Benchmarking Results from Strategic Support Organizations
  • The 2015 Alert Logic Cloud Security Report (CSR) has been released! This year’s CSR provides new insights that can prove valuable to organizations who are in the process of building out their security framework. Join Johan Hybinette, HOSTING CISO, and Stephen Coty, Chief Security Evangelist at Alert Logic, for a discussion on the latest industry research findings, trends and best practices on protecting your organization’s IT infrastructure. We’ll discuss these three trends and their impact on the industry:

    •Cloud adoption remains strong as cloud attacks grow.
    •Industries and customers drive threat profile.
    •Examining the kill chain construct drives understanding
  • In the past months, a cascade of significant data breaches have occurred resulting in the loss of millions of customer records, intellectual property and financial data.  These losses are usually the result of a targeted attack (sometimes known as an APT) and over the past few years many vendors have addressed this problem through Breach Detection Systems.  Not all solutions to these advanced threats are equal however, but benchmarking their effectiveness can be difficult.  NSS Labs recently put top breach detection systems through a grueling series of real-world tests and evaluated their ability to detect targeted attacks and deliver an effective return on investment.  This webinar will discuss the various approaches vendors take to addressing targeted attacks, and how they performed in the 2015 Breach Detection System tests.
  • What can IT leaders and teams learn about CSI from an 18 year old in a shed?

    Last summer, my 18 year-old son James taught himself to use a wood
    turning lathe and made a goblet with an ‘impossible ring’. This is not a proud mum story, (though of course I am!) but an exploration of how social learning – the behaviour - is the heart and driver of Continual Service Improvement.

    Join me on Thursday 15th October at 11 am, UK time, to find out
  • Most of us live in a service-dominant economy, yet we still think about services in goods-dominant terms that emerged from the industrial revolution. The Taking Service Forward initiative has embraced modern service-dominant thinking and proposes a ‘service architecture’ called the Adaptive Service Model (ASM). Its potential benefits include a better understanding of how to align services and the management thereof to customer needs, leading to more value for the consumer and lower costs for the provider. This presentation introduces ASM and how organizations can benefit from it by incorporating this thinking into their CSI initiatives.
  • Watch a cyber-attack unfold live to show you how your vendors can unwittingly leave the door open to your network and understand how to prevent these by managing, controlling and auditing all vendor access This webcast will offer best practice recommendations on how to secure vendor access to your organization. Hear top tips on how to protect your company and customer data, infrastructure and assets from cyber-attacks by securing vendor access while improving productivity.

    This webinar will offer best practice recommendations on how to secure vendor access to your organisation. Hear top tips to protect your company and customer data, infrastructure and assets from cyber-attacks by securing vendor access whilst improving productivity.
  • This webinar is presented by Eddie Potts, Senior Service Management Consultant, who recently completed an MBA achieving a Distinction. His study included a research project concerning the "implementation of service management”.

    Eddie previously delivered a successful webinar about “Implementing Service Management” in which he compared and contrasted the real life practice to the academic theory concerning service management implementations which can be found on our BrightTALK channel. This follow up webinar builds upon this theme and discusses “at what point have we implemented service management” and “how do we maintain the momentum".
  • In the past months, a cascade of significant data breaches have occurred resulting in the loss of millions of customer records, intellectual property and financial data.  These losses are usually the result of a targeted attack (sometimes known as an APT) and over the past few years many vendors have addressed this problem through Breach Detection Systems.  Not all solutions to these advanced threats are equal however, but benchmarking their effectiveness can be difficult.  NSS Labs recently put top breach detection systems through a grueling series of real-world tests and evaluated their ability to detect targeted attacks and deliver an effective return on investment.  This webinar will discuss the various approaches vendors take to addressing targeted attacks, and how they performed in the 2015 Breach Detection System tests.
  • This webinar is for business leaders who wish to understand vulnerabilities on commercial software and how they can impact organizations:
    Software vulnerabilities remain one of the most common attack vectors for security incidents and data breaches, either as the entry point for hackers or as the enabler of privileges escalation inside networks.
    This webinar demystifies software vulnerabilities, shows how they relate to the wider ecosystem and demonstrates how this knowledge can be used to define strategies and improve security.
    Key takeaways:
    -What is a software vulnerability
    -How a software vulnerability becomes a threat
    -A glimpse of how threats multiply
    -How closing vulnerabilities impacts risk reduction
  • As Myanmar’s pivotal November elections are almost upon us, recent events have prompted serious questions about the viability of the country's reform process. Observers around the region and around the world - including sanctions officials in Washington DC - are monitoring the situation carefully.

    Part Two in a three-part series, the webinar will begin with Kroll Associate Managing Director Cem Ozturk and Senior Associate Shaun Sandu’s discussion on changes in the political playing field, sources of instability, and other factors influencing the elections. Ozturk and Sandu have deep experience in the country, and have worked on many of Kroll’s most challenging cases in Myanmar.

    In the second half of the discussion, Kroll will be joined by Inle Advisory Group’s Peter Kucik, a recognized expert on US sanctions and regulations. Kucik spent six years as a policy adviser at the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control, helping to craft regulations around today’s Myanmar sanctions regime. Kroll and Inle will discuss recent changes to the US sanctions regime, the potential for further changes, and what it means for business.
  • The Internet of Things is an ideal concept for the digital connected world that we live in. Many technology organizations disagree because of the security risks. What are the top security risks? How do you address them before it becomes an epidemic? Join Jeanne Morain with special guests Alex Ryals & TBD to learn more about the best practices when planning your IOT strategy.
  • Almost every IT shop claims that increasing their IT Service Management (ITSM) maturity is an important objective, but very few have gotten far down the road.

    What exactly is ITSM “maturity”? Is it the same for everyone? Is it truly attainable? How do we get there? And how do we measure our progress during the journey? Hear about models that measure ITSM maturity and where most organizations stand today. Get ideas about where you may focus to get some quick hits increasing your ITSM maturity.

    These questions and topics are explored in what will surely be a highly relevant and entertaining webcast by PINK Elephant’s George Spalding and CA Technologies’ Allen Houpt. Buckle your seatbelt and enjoy the ride to ITSM maturity; but, don’t ask “Are we there yet”?
  • The fall semester has started at universities across the country, and many schools are beginning to look out into 2016...With over 150 universities across the globe downloading our white paper, Services University: Transform Higher Eduation IT Organizations with a Services Focus, we thought it made a ton of sense to talk to some of our customers about these topics and share this conversation with you!

    Join us on October 21st, to hear from Cask's panel of university customers who are transforming their IT organizations by making the shift to become a services-focused organization. Cask’s Director of Enterprise Solutions, Jason Rosenfeld, will be hosting a panel with several university leaders, to hear their advice, learn from their successes and pitfalls, and hear what they are looking forward to for 2016. We welcome our amazing panel including:

    Lisa Kass, Associate Director, University of Southern California
    Carol Gonzales, Associate CIO, Cal Poly Pomona
    Borre Ulrichsen, CIO, California State University - East Bay

    In this webinar, you will get the opportunity to hear the opinions of industry experts based on their first-hand experiences. Some of the questions we’ll be sure to ask are:

    How are Higher Ed IT Departments different from IT departments in other industries? How are they similar?
    What is the most important step in becoming a services-focused organization?
    What is the biggest challenge in transforming an organization to a services focused one?
    What initiatives are you focusing on for 2016?

    Register now and bring your questions to learn how a shift to a services focus can help your organization.