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IT Service Management

  • Improving the ITSM experience will improve customer satisfaction. In this session, we will take a user-centric approach to discuss methods for ensuring the customer experience is engaging, consistent, and memorable leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Change Management challenges – people & process.
    Bring sanity to your IT Change process: Influence the Change Management Culture

    Change Management challenges with people & process – The first in a 3 part series on IT Change Management

    Following the path of Crawl, Walk, and Run; learn to crawl before you fall. Many IT shops have change management where everyone submits changes for work they want done, process and enforcement is simplistic, and reporting is minimal. Join Acorio for this lively discussion as we cover the following topics:

    Culture of Change
    Change Management Steps of Maturity
    Resistance to Process Enforcement
    You’ll come away with a better understanding of the challenges and practical ways to address them.
  • If you're yearning for more than the built-in reports your ITSM suite provides, you are in the right place. Join us as Jeffrey Toaddy, ITSM Coordinator for Miami University, walks us down the rocky road to process scorecards and service metrics the rest of the IT organization and clients can understand.

    Speaker bio: Jeffrey is an ITIL Expert with over ten years of IT Service Management experience. He currently serves as IT Service Management Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Miami's BI unit has been supporting University-wide decisions leaving Jeffrey and his colleagues to develop their own scrappy approach to coaxing complex conclusions from internal systems.
  • As wireless networks and usage demands continue their explosive growth, management of and troubleshooting wireless issues demands a standard approach to assure high performance and get to the root cause of issues. In this webinar, Dan Klimke, NETSCOUT Product Manager, will discuss the interdependence between the wired and wireless networks and best practices for troubleshooting issues including:

    - 4 key elements of usage vs. performance
    - Managing a hybrid network (802.11x)
    - Device discovery
    - Infrastructure analysis

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  • Operations teams face IT environments that are increasingly large, more dynamic, and distributed across private and public cloud infrastructure. To manage such environments effectively, IT operations team must reimagine traditional management models and design new approaches.

    In this webinar, Vistara sales engineer, David Portnoy, will discuss how administrators can use Vistara’s powerful policy framework to preprogram actions and automate routine tasks.
  • Cultural Change is one of the hardest things to crack within any organisation, let alone within IT. IT is fast paced - moving responsively to the business, technological and even public requirements. However, a required cultural shift from within is rarely successful. On average a mere 30% of Cultural Change Initiatives are successful, and a lot can be lost when it fails!

    Join Helen Windle, ITSM Consultant, as she guides you through the key points to get it right first time.
  • Most of you have started your journey to the cloud and for those farther along, you're probably using multi or hybrid cloud platforms and likely Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, VMware or OpenStack – the most common today.

    What are some of the challenges in getting a clear, holistic view across all cloud? How can you best manage usage and spend to optimize those investments? Can you show the business and finance teams exact spend today and clear forecast? Find out the tools, techniques, and capabilities you must have to do Cloud Analytics with hybrid cloud.
  • As business demands faster delivery of quality applications, the design, development, testing, and production teams need to work collaboratively, smarter, and faster to remove bottlenecks in the software delivery cycle. In the world of DevOps, it is important for each team to work beyond their comfort zones to adopt new processes, new cultures, and new tools to drive the transformation across the enterprise and make an impact on the business.
    In this web event, we will examine what challenges traditional “dev/test” teams face in moving faster and how they can start to remove these challenges.
  • When a company deploys new technology, success depends on effective user education and adoption. This means employees not only need to understand how the technology works, but they need to change their behaviors. This doesn’t happen through osmosis.

    From the earliest stages of planning new technology deployments, companies need to think about lines of business workflow. How do people currently work and what role will the new technology play in this work?

    In this webinar, you will learn fundamentals of building an adoption plan, including identifying use cases, internal marketing and collecting feedback to evaluate success.

    Amy Thacker is a marketing veteran with a graduate degree in teaching. Her experience allows her to meld internal marketing strategies with training best practices.
  • С помощью программ-вымогателей киберпреступники могут зашифровать ваши данные и не давать возможности использовать ваши системы до тех пор, пока вы не заплатите выкуп. Этот вид вредоносного кода попадает в организацию разными путями - по электронной почте, с помощью фишинговой атаки или вредоносной веб-загрузки. Как и в случаях других сложных угроз, для защиты от вымогателей рекомендуется использовать несколько уровней защиты - конечных точек, шлюзов и почтовых серверов. Программы-вымогатели постоянно развиваются и становятся все более сложными, что делает защиту от них также все более сложной задачей. Примите участие в нашем вебинаре, чтобы получить рекомендации Trend Micro по конфигурации средств безопасности и узнать о лучших практиках для защиты от программ-вымогателей!
  • Like peanut butter and chocolate or bacon and eggs, Chef and Microsoft Azure just go better together. Join Corey Wagehoft of 10th Magnitude and Andre Elizondo of Chef for this live webinar to learn how Chef and Azure can help your organization accelerate its adoption of DevOps practices. Combining Azure’s cloud services with Chef’s automation capabilities can make you faster, more flexible and better able to deliver value to customers.

    Join the webinar to learn:
    • What makes Chef and Azure a powerful combo, and how to decide whether they’re the right fit for your organization
    • How Chef and Azure enable DevOps practices and benefits
    • A real-world example of how one company uses Chef and Azure to automate the configuration and maintenance of hundreds of servers
    • How to get started with Chef on Azure
  • Today we're experiencing tectonic shift in our threat landscape, where nation states and terror groups engage in highly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Windows 10 is designed to help curb this trend and return control back to your organization. At the top of our nation's defense command center, the Department of Defense recently made an announcement to switch over 4 million seats to Windows 10 to leverage the security features Windows 10 provides, while reducing cost to its IT processes and infrastructure. Windows 10 is your trusted platform to protect your hardware, your identity, and your data.

    In this webcast, viewers will learn more about:
    •Why the Department of Defense is moving its 4 million seats to Windows 10
    •Why Cybersecurity should be top of mind for everyone
    •How Windows 10 combats today's cybersecurity issues
  • Today, poor user experience is a business problem, not just an IT problem. If the performance of your web applications is consistently poor, your users will take their business to a competitor.

    Traditionally, IT managers have been “data center” focused, looking at system resource metrics rather than the end user experience. Even when performance is considered at the application level, the metrics are based on individual elements (SQL response time, application heap usage, etc.) and are not focused on what is really happening from the users’ perspective. The data center-centric approach is insufficient for effective application performance management. Performance could be perfectly fine on the server-side, but be horrible when viewed from the end user perspective.

    Watch this webinar to learn how to monitor, diagnose and report on the real user experience for your business-critical web applications.
  • Cyber criminals can hijack your business by encrypting your data and holding your systems hostage until you pay up. Ransomware can enter an organization through many vectors; including via email spam, phishing attacks, or malicious web downloads. Like other high sophisticated threats, organizations are recommended to employ multiple layers of protection on the endpoint, gateway and mail servers for the highest level of protection against ransomware. Ransomware has become increasingly complex and advanced over time and making prevention and protection more challenging.

    Join our webinar and get information about Trend Micro's recommended configuration and best practices to better protect and combat ransomware!
  • As the gateway to IT for most end users, service and support is the biggest driver of customer satisfaction and can generate a tremendous return on investment. IT leaders and managers who ignore these facts do so at their own peril, for the simple truth is this: the success and longevity of an IT management team are directly tied to the success of service and support. In this session, Jeff Rumburg will use benchmarking data and case studies to demonstrate the untapped value of all service and support organizations.
  • If you’re an IT leader, then buying Service Management solutions is nothing new. What is new is buying solutions that address the evolved mobile enterprise. With the impact of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) in recent years, requirements have changed. It’s not just about internal-facing IT operations; it’s about reinventing service management for the mobile user, making it easy to deliver and easy to use. It’s about automating and personalizing service delivery for employees and other end users so they get the consumer-like experience engaging with IT that they’ve come to know in their personal lives. For IT, this is an exciting and progressive challenge with the right solution. But, with the wrong solution it can be an expensive disaster that leaves you in stuck in the IT world of yesteryear.
    Join us for this webcast to get a complete view of service management in 2016 and beyond from 451 Research Director, Chris Marsh, selection process and best practices from an IT Executive from [company tbd], and Kevin Coppins, GM at EasyVista.
    Learn what you need to know about today’s Service Management with the following topics:
    • The market forces and trends driving a new era service management
    • How to meet the service expectations of your mobile users
    • What is the impact of not meeting user needs
    • What is a “mobile-first" solution and why it is important
    • The 10 "must ask" questions for solution vendors to ensure your success
    • How to avoid the “gotchas” in service management solutions today
  • Good quality software may not be enough to provide a brilliant user experience, but it’s clear that mobile apps with sluggish load times and cluttered interfaces will only push users away. To deliver a great user experience, mobile app developers and testers must continuously improve the quality and velocity of testing practices.

    Join this web event to learn how to better test and deliver on mobile apps through the latest HPE Mobile Center innovations—from placing mobile analytics at the core of your testing practices to supporting the latest OS versions and devices.

    You’ll also learn how to:

    Improve the quality of your testing practices by using HPE AppPulse Mobile real-time analytics and sentiment analysis
    Implement continuous testing into your mobile app development
    Get an accurate picture of your end-to-end mobile performance by blending virtual users and real devices
    Seamlessly report back on defects and provide feedback to your team on the design
  • Enterprises across all industries are in the midst of difficult, bet-the-company changes called digital transformation. Such transformation comes with the risk that slow, traditionally run IT organizations can’t keep up with the faster, customer-facing digital efforts. How can IT adapt? Join Jason Bloomberg from Intellyx and OutSystems to learn how to bridge the gap between the ‘old’ way of doing IT and the ‘new,’ more innovative and customer-focused approach that digital efforts require. You will learn how to empower self-service app development and resolve issues with shadow IT.
  • Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop are among the most performance-critical technologies being used in enterprise networks today. Just a small glitch - anywhere in your infrastructure - can result in a poor user experience. The growing number of tiers in the Citrix stack and the increased use of virtualization technologies and cloud-based services all make Citrix performance management even more challenging.

    In this webinar, you will discover why enterprises utilizing Citrix technologies must look to adopt a monitoring strategy that is focused on three key dimensions - reach, depth and speed. You will learn why:

    - Reach of performance monitoring to cover every layer of every tier of the Citrix infrastructure is important to help identify and remediate slowdowns - regardless of their origin
    - Depth of visibility into the Citrix stack and the other tiers matters for ensuring truly preventive performance management
    - Speed of problem resolution is critical for ensuring user satisfaction and how it can be achieved through automatic analysis, baselining and root-cause diagnosis

    In addition, we will address how a comprehensive performance monitoring solution goes well beyond routine troubleshooting and problem isolation by helping to optimize and right-size the infrastructure as well as deliver maximum value for the organization's IT investment.
  • Safe Harbor was repelled by the European Union. The US and EU have come together with a new agreement called Privacy Shield. The changes may impact not only your business but technology strategy in purchasing solutions and creating architectures that are compliant. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests Emerald de Leeuw (EuroComply) for learn more about how Privacy Shield can affect your organization.
  • Join Kate Leggett, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester and Becky Levy, Associate Director of Member Services & Development Operations at WGBH as they discuss tips to transform the customer experience, how to create a profitable customer service strategy, and what technologies to utilize when increasing business and customer value.

    Learn more from WGBH on:

    •The pains of an antiquated, disjointed contact center strategy.
    •Vision for a modern customer service experience.
    •The business value of a consolidated customer engagement strategy through Salesforce
    •How they successfully led the evaluation and four-day implementation of NewVoiceMedia.
    •Their transformation results and lessons learned along the way.

    A lively Q&A will follow this presentation with Kate and Becky – come ready with your questions!
  • Together, Windows 10 and Intel deliver the productivity, security and manageability you need to advance your business.

    Intel and Microsoft have been collaborating for more than 30 years, creating technology that has changed the way we do business.

    With Windows 10, we’ve taken this partnership to a whole new level, with new hardware lighting up key Windows features that help you stay ahead of security threats, while making it easy for you to manage devices across your business.

    The new devices on Windows 10 and the new Intel 6th generation processor (Skylake) deliver:
    •Better Productivity: Do more and be more productive with improved multi-tasking, less waiting, familiar interface and app compatibility
    •Better Security: Helps protect identity, data and devices against modern security threats
    •Better Manageability: Stay current with less effort, manage devices more effectively, remotely provision and deploy applications

    Watch this webcast to:
    •Discover Windows 10 productivity, security and manageability features that new hardware lights up
    •Learn more about the Intel 6th generation processor (Skylake) and how it helps give time and money back to your company
    •Get additional resources to evaluate when it might be time for new devices and what devices are right for you
  • The cloud is here to stay. However, that also means more and more companies are realizing that they’ve built two separate IT teams and are struggling to deliver quality services without a unified view. A true hybrid monitoring solution is the answer to this common problem.

    Join Jay Lyman, Analyst at 451 Research, and Kent Erickson, Alliance Strategist at Zenoss, as they discuss what is shaping hybrid IT, where it's going, and what to do about it.
  • As the Internet of Things encourages businesses to embrace big data, IT professionals turn to online resources to house and manage applications. However, cyber attacks are increasingly becoming a matter of “when,” not “if,” leading IT professionals to seek robust security solutions. Still on the fence about whether your small to medium sized enterprise really needs that much protection? Join Tricia Pattee, Product Manager at HOSTING, for a 30 minute webinar about scary facts about online security you need to know. Bring your questions – we’ll host a Q&A at the end of the presentation.
  • As more organisations look to adopt Service Integration & Management (SIAM) Operating Models, there is a tendency to focus solely on the IT Service Management processes, and a fixation on Incident, Problem, Change and Configuration Management. Whilst these areas are important, SIAM offers us the opportunity to deliver greater benefits to the organisation, in areas such as project management, commercial governance, contractual structures, organisation design and overall IT eco-system culture and behaviour.

    This webinar will consider these opportunities, and how your SIAM programme can benefit from them.
  • Microservices is one of the hottest technology trends for 2016. Join us to learn what microservices mean for your business, as our technical experts take you on a journey through microservices best practices and implementation using Anypoint Platform.
  • Many companies implement Scrum and other agile practices at the team level expecting to solve key problems and often end up asking more questions. Are our teams building the right things the right way? Are we working on projects that deliver the highest value? Are we delivering what we promised, on time?

    In this webinar, we’ll take you beyond agile processes and ceremonies to agile at the business level, so you can experience what delivering with speed and satisfying customers looks like. You’ll come away understanding:

    •How to build the features customers actually want, and see a return on investment
    •How to build things right to become a fast, predictable, high-quality delivery engine
    •How to coordinate work effectively and efficiently across all levels in the organization
    •How to become a responsive, dependable partner to the business

    If it’s time for a consistent, strategic approach to work across multiple departments in your organization—from your portfolio group to your team—then you won’t want to miss this webinar.

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  • Vietnam continues to be a major foreign direct investment destination in Asia Pacific. The country has positive macro-economic factors demonstrated by its solid and continued GDP growth, a number of free trade agreements, improving infrastructure and a young demographic and low labor costs which has encouraged businesses to relocate there. However, there remain a number of potential uncertainties and risks for inbound investors given the new government administration following the Communist Party of Vietnam’s 12th National Congress in January. The geo-political situation around the South China Sea is also an issue for those operating in Vietnam, and limitations in obtaining information and disclosures can present challenges to parties executing transactions.

    Join Kroll and Duane Morris to learn about the risks and opportunities offered by Vietnam. Richard Dailly, Managing Director at Kroll, Giles Cooper, Partner, and Manfred Otto, Associate at Duane Morris will share more about Vietnam as an investment destination, what the legal and political risks are of doing business there and how the new administration and free trade agreements could affect inward foreign investment. They will also address the complexities of running a business in Vietnam, reviewing operational risks from investigations Kroll has conducted, Duane Morris's experiences with respect to due diligence of Vietnamese partners, compliant and workable solutions.
  • Multi-sourced IT environments are often seen as complicated, hard-to-understand jungle of contradiction and oddities. All parties have their own expectations, rules, tools and of course people are jealously guarding their interests. Guess what? IT does not need to be so hard.

    This presentation will tell how to navigate successfully in the multi-sourced IT environments and actually manage it. We share our best practices and experience by telling a customer story about how Europe’s strongest bank executed unique IT service integration
  • Why you need to get in control now before it controls your destiny.

    What are the cloud technologies and management challenges that they present?
    What’s driving cloud adoption?
    Who is responsible for managing cloud services?
    What are the risks?
    What impact will this have on legacy IT service models?
    How do you harvest value without killing it?
    Where will you get the resources?

    This session is about updating your ITSM strategy and best practices to help the business manage cloud technologies. Understand the cloud components, how they fit together, governance mechanisms and underlying foundation required for successful IT Service Management.

    In 45 minutes we’ll cover: 
    What’s cloud computing all about
    Why are organization adopting it
    Traditional vs. Cloud (shared) responsibility model
    Cloud computing benefits and challenges
    Cloud Computing Reference Architecture model and terminology
    Why you need to get ready now
    How to learn more: training/ certifications available
    Tips on how to get started
  • Join us for our live webinar on May 11th at 1 p.m.ET and 10 a.m. PT when Storage Switzerland and Tegile Systems will discuss how the acquisition and operating costs of flash make it feasible to build a private cloud that is responsive to the needs of the business and cost effective.
  • DevOps is the marriage between Agile, Lean and IT Service Management (ITSM). To begin your journey and be successful you need to adopt and adapt from all 3 movements.

    DevOps is best defined as the capability to cooperate, collaborate, communicate and continuously improve how an organisation uses and benefits from technology to satisfy the goals of a customer or help them remove a problem.

    In the webinar, we will discuss:
    •What are these 3 movements?
    •How are they different?
    •How are they similar?
    •How they get you to begin a DevOps journey?
    •Tips on the journey of idea to realisation?

    If you are thinking of how to benefit further from Agile, looking to remove the complexities of your ITSM processes or want to understand why lean is important to your success; listen to this interactive session.
  • Over the past five years, cloud computing has become an essential element in an organization’s IT mix. At the same time, savvy IT decision-makers want to manage potential security risks involved when migrating their organization’s business-critical data to the cloud. Join Johan Hybinette, HOSTING’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and Cliff Turner, Alert Logic’s Solution Architect for this interactive webinar.
    Johan and Cliff will answer your cloud security questions including:
    •What are key challenges that IT leaders face when planning for a cloud migration?
    •What security factors should you consider when considering a hosted vs. on-premises solution?
    •As your business moves to a cloud-based infrastructure, how do you adapt your IT security strategy?
    •How do you make sure that your security policies are robust and implemented correctly by your teams and partners?
    Bring your cloud questions and be prepared to walk away with key insights from two of the industry’s top thought leaders!
  • Join Storage Switzerland and Caringo on Thursday, May 12th at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT for a live webinar event, “Designing Storage to Enable Data Monetization”. Our experts will discuss unstructured data monetization use cases, how organizations are trying to band-aide legacy storage infrastructures to work in those cases and how a modern storage system can provide the answer IT is looking for.
  • Computing models in today’s dynamic data centers and clouds are changing dramatically. Application-centric enterprises are finding that they need to develop nimble operational models for infrastructure, networking, and application services. Application delivery controllers (ADCs) are an important part of the networking and application services considerations for software-defined data centers.

    New software-defined load balancers are significantly improving the way that application services are delivered and scaled, while freeing IT from repetitive tasks through intelligent automation. Application developers and lines of business are benefiting from better APIs that align with their goals for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and cloud-native applications.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    – How to eliminate the overprovisioning and overspending that is typical with traditional hardware-based load balancing solutions?
    – How to scale not just load balancers but also applications, elastically and predictively based on real-time traffic patterns?
    – How to take advantage of x86 servers, VMs, or containers to deliver application services close to individual applications?
    – What are the best ways to support multi-cloud deployments and cloud-native applications?
    – Ways to troubleshoot applications in minutes with the ability to record and replay traffic events, security and client data.
    – How to accelerate application services for SDN environments such as Cisco ACI and private clouds such as OpenStack or for container-based microservices applications?
    – The move to agile infrastructure and operations is already happening and it is now reaching critical networking components in the stack such as ADCs.
  • Bimodal IT has been the topic of great debate amongst both DevOps and Traditional IT enthusiasts. Hands on practitioners realize that IT will always be biomodal because certain functions require a waterfall approach like building out infrastructure. DevOps enthusiast worry about legacy processes impeding progress and business agility. The missing link is building a bridge between development methodologies using a common language and tool - Business Requirements Document. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests - Dave Angradi (Logicalis) and Paul Peisner as the provide prescriptive guidance on building the Bimodal bridge to reduce friction while enhancing agility, time to value, and benefits of DevOps.
  • In Unleashing the Enormous Power of Call Center KPIs, MetricNet provides an overview of the Best Practices in Call Center Performance Measurement. Our best practices help call centers lower costs and increase customer satisfaction!

    Viewers will learn:

    How the industry's top performing Call Centers track and trend their performance.

    How to use Call Center KPIs diagnostically to achieve World-Class Performance.

    How to apply Best Practices in Call Center Performance Measurement and Management.

    The key success factors in performance measurement from the industry's top performing Call Centers.
  • As a security professional, getting to know your current vulnerability data from your mobile workforce is a difficult task. If the mobile devices are not on the network at the time of your scan, or if you do not schedule a scan for the devices specifically, your data could become out of date by weeks or even months.

    During this webcast, Corey Reed from Synovus Bank and Wolfgang Kandek from Qualys will discuss how Qualys Cloud Agent has helped Synovus Bank to:

    * Perform frequent vulnerability scans for all internal and external assets.

    * Receive faster notification and remediation for zero day and critical threats.

    * Improve their vulnerability analysis and security patching programs by providing data that can be used to prioritize patch distribution.
  • Managing complex, multi-vendor UC&C environments over the converged network is hard enough for experienced IT teams but doing so without strong performance management visibility is exponentially more difficult.

    Join our webinar and see how the new NETSCOUT portfolio of solutions can provide a single monitoring application for UC&C deployments that includes voice, video and data services and enables and empowers IT teams to assure the availability and quality of UC&C services.

    In this webinar you will learn how you can:
    •Rapidly triage complex UC&C problems related to:
    oVoice and Video Media Performance
    oCall Signaling Server Performance
    oNetwork and Service Enablers (i.e. DNS, DHCP, Active Directory/LDAP, etc.)
    •Use a top-down approach to problem identification, service triage and resolution of issues with your IP Telephony, SIP Trunking, Microsoft Lync or Cisco Jabber environments
    •Reduce the MTTR of UC&C Service disruptions or degradations that negatively impact the business, organization or agency.
  • Managing complex, multi-vendor UC&C environments over the converged network is hard enough for experienced IT teams but doing so without strong performance management visibility is exponentially more difficult.

    Join our webinar and see how the new NETSCOUT portfolio of solutions can provide a single monitoring application for UC&C deployments that includes voice, video and data services and enables and empowers IT teams to assure the availability and quality of UC&C services.

    In this webinar you will learn how you can:
    •Rapidly triage complex UC&C problems related to:
    oVoice and Video Media Performance
    oCall Signaling Server Performance
    oNetwork and Service Enablers (i.e. DNS, DHCP, Active Directory/LDAP, etc.)
    •Use a top-down approach to problem identification, service triage and resolution of issues with your IP Telephony, SIP Trunking, Microsoft Lync or Cisco Jabber environments
    •Reduce the MTTR of UC&C Service disruptions or degradations that negatively impact the business, organization or agency.
  • Join Forrest McMahon from Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Coalfire for an insightful view of PCI DSS 3.1 requirements in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and more complicated deployment scenarios:
    1. How to approach the task of PCI DSS 3.1 compliance
    2. What the impacts of different deployment environments (physical, virtual, cloud) have on compliance
    3. What key tools & approaches can be used to streamline and ease compliance impacts
  • The colocation industry is currently undergoing a significant change. Where the industry traditionally have focused solely on providing power, cooling and space at scale and with high resilience, today’s buyers are more frequently expecting additional services made available. Join us for this Brighttalk, where we’ll discuss what these additional service are and how you can enable your organisation to deliver this with the support of FNT’s market leading software suite to support your future growth.
  • Join cloud security expert Tricia Pattee on August 27 for a quick, cut-to-the-chase analysis on where to get the most bang for your security buck. The interactive, hour-long discussion will include:

    -The five most common security mistakes
    -Top six areas of security spend
    -How to maximize budget – and minimize risk
    -Hidden cloud security costs

    The presentation will include a Q & A to answer your specific questions about security budgeting and cost management.

    Register today.