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Are you an IT service management professional interested in developing your knowledge and improving your job performance? Join the IT service management community to access the latest updates from industry experts. Learn and share insights related to IT service management (ITSM) including topics such as the service desk, service catalog, problem and incident management, ITIL v4 and more. Engage with industry experts on current best practices and participate in active discussions that address the needs and challenges of the ITSM community.
  • The critical applications and services your end-users rely on every day can be deployed on-premise, hosted in the cloud, or even SaaS applications provided by a 3rd party that never cross your infrastructure. Your users don’t care where the app is running; they just need it to be available…and fast. And when there is a problem, they expect IT to resolve it!

    Join us for this webinar and see how to get visibility to all your applications so you can quickly and proactively identify where the problem is and resolve it quickly. Then, it really won’t matter where the applications are deployed!

    And the best news is this visibility is integrated with your Visual TruView system so you can have “single pane of glass” view of your entire network and cloud applications.

    During the webinar you will learn:

    •The challenges of today’s Borderless Enterprise (aka – the network is outside of your 4 walls!)
    •How to monitor all your applications
    •How to use this visibility with your Visual TruView system

    Bonus: We will offer a Free 15-Day Trial so you can start monitoring all of your applications immediately!
  • Joel Daly, Founder and EVP of Sales of HOSTING will discuss ways healthcare CIOs can leverage new business models to realize increased technology efficiencies, enable information-driven decisions and improve patient service. This session will draw upon real world case studies from Uber and the nation’s leading behavioral health organization to illustrate how healthcare CIOs can learn from other industry players to successfully meet today’s challenges including: management of data convergence, HIPAA compliance, mobile (BYOD) integration and securing protected health information (PHI) from sophisticated cyberattacks and breaches – all while meeting high patient expectations and adhering to best practices prescribed by the IHI Triple Aim.
  • This webinar is a webinar focused on a strategic view of risk mitigation:
    Vulnerabilities in commercial software remain one of the most common attack vectors for security incidents and data breaches, either as the entry point for hackers or the enabler of privileges escalation inside networks.
    Despite awareness of the risk, and the fact that most software vulnerabilities have a fix the day they are made public, organizations continue to fail to execute mitigation actions. The consequence is that we continue to see costly breaches affecting businesses around the globe.
    In this webinar, Marcelo will talk about how the use of vulnerability intelligence can be a game changer to help organizations become better at mitigating the risk of software vulnerabilities.
    Key takeaways:
    -Fresh data related to software vulnerabilities
    -The challenge of prioritizing mitigation
    -How the use of vulnerability intelligence can help support consistent risk reduction
  • With enterprise cloud adoption on the rise, CIOs are faced with creating a cloud strategy that will deliver greater business value and innovation. And while most are turning to hybrid cloud, this model does not factor in legacy infrastructure or give business users the unified experience they demand. The true solution is an integrated, multi-sourced operating model called Hybrid IT. The 451 Group VP of Research William Fellows shares why moving to the Hybrid IT model is the most complete approach and best practices for selecting the process and tools to get started.
  • Digital initiatives are very cross-functional by nature. Gaining and maintaining alignment on priorities can be quite difficult, particularly given the fast pace of retail and siloed nature of most retail organizations. Thus, the drive to achieve business benefits from digital initiatives can be elusive. In this webinar, we will discuss importance of governance and managing digital initiatives as a portfolio.

    Attendees will learn:
    •Leading practices for driving alignment on digital priorities
    •How to ensure digital efforts meet changing business needs and lead to business benefits (both near-term and longer term).

    This event qualifies for Project Management Institute (PMI) 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU).

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  • In this live webinar, Kevin Tolly, founder of the Tolly Group will review the results of the Tolly Test Report (June 2015.) AirMagnet commissioned Tolly to benchmark the interference identification and detection of their Spectrum XT and compare it to the MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx + Chanalyzer.

    The Bottom Line.

    AirMagnet Spectrum XT provides:

    •Automatic interference identification and classification of devices
    •100% accuracy of identification at all distances tested
    •Simple and intuitive signature adoption with ability to share with others
    •Multi-brand support to locate devices quickly

    Join us to get the full story.

    About the Speakers:

    Kevin Tolly is the founder of The Tolly Group, which has been a leading provider of third-party validation services in the IT industry for more than 26 years.

    In his career of over 30 years, Tolly has designed and run corporate networks, evaluated a wide range of leading-edge information technologies, written extensively about technology and presented to audiences all over the world.

    He has published and spoken on topics related to security, LAN/WAN infrastructure, application acceleration, virtualization, wireless, data protection and more. The company he founded works with leading-edge vendors to provide them with the crucial third-party validation of their product claims.

    Chris Hinsz, Sr. Product Manager with Fluke Networks manages the AirMagnet Mobile toolset at Fluke which includes Survey PRO, WiFi Analyzer, and Spectrum XT among others. Chris has been working in the Wi-Fi industry for over 15 years attending both IEEE802.11 meetings and Wi-Fi Alliance meetings in that time. Chris was previously at Motorola Solutions where he managed Access Point products and represented Motorola Solutions on the Wi-Fi Alliance Board of Directors.
  • This live demo will show you how to transform Zendesk into a unified communications hub, by integrating RingCentral.

    See how agents can make and receive calls, faxes, and texts, and schedule meetings without ever leaving Zendesk. They’ll get better, faster access to a customer’s history, plus tools to communicate more efficiently. The demo will show you:

    •How to place calls with one click from within Zendesk
    •Pop-up screens with customer profile and call history
    •Automated ticket creation from calls, voicemails, faxes and texts

    You’ll also see how easy and fast it is to set up new agents, make changes, and ensure that everyone is productive and professional no matter where they are.

    Our expert Sales Engineer will walk you through how it works and answer your questions.
  • Metrics and KPIs: always confused, hard to create, hard to align, hard to keep current, hard to report against and rarely ever helpful to use as an improvement tool. Why is this? What if you could create a simple balanced scorecard, or KPI tree, with no more than 15 measures that would keep your staff happy, you business stakeholders happy and your customers happy?

    Join Daniel Breston to learn how, in part 4 of his 6 part Lean ITSM series. He will be exploring some dynamic ways to use ITSM metrics in a lean manner.
  • Following on from their latest presentation on the behavioural trends of service management, Richard Josey and Toby Moore continue their exploration of the effective measurement of service metrics and human behaviours. The body of this presentation will focus on how you gain the level of insights you need in order to make balanced choices about your services KPIs and outcomes.

    Points covered:
    · Balancing your reliance on metrics and scorecards
    · Service intelligence: Business insights and analytics for ITSM
    · Decision making processes for service improvements. Inform, act and review
    · Understanding UX for ITSM and what insights can be gained
    · Using retrospective measuring to make proactive changes
    · Spotting trends in customer behaviours and engagement
  • Traditional reporting tools, for voice and contact center services, offer data records and static reports from the past, rather than insights for building a better future. Find out how the cloud leverages Big Data to open new insights that empower you to measure the performance factors that drive results.
  • Join Bob Plumridge, SNIA Europe Chairman, as he presents a brief overview of the solid state technologies which are being integrated into Enterprise Storage Systems today, including technologies, benefits, and price/performance.

    He will then describe where they fit into typical Enterprise Storage architectures today, with descriptions of specific use cases.
  • The business doesn’t understand how IT adds value to them!” is a common cry of IT departments the world over, but what is IT doing to make sure they clearly articulate the business value they deliver?

    Join Peter Hubbard, Principal Consultant at Pink Elephant EMEA, as he discusses how to identify the right behaviours, the impact of the wrong measurements on those behaviours and finally how to ensure that the business recognises the hard work that IT puts in.
  • What we track and measure has a direct impact on people’s motivation
    and drive at work – and therefore the actual outputs we are measuring.

    Find out how to ensure that your metrics are inspiring the right
    behaviour and thinking, and helping rather than hindering
    performance and what to do if they aren’t.

    Tips and techniques from a leading thinker and practitioner in the
    Organisational Behaviour field.
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) has focused on how to manage incidents quickly and effectively and generally speaking, we have become more operationally efficient in these areas, but what we did not foresee was the change in our users. They are comfortable searching for information online and communicating directly through social media – and they might be using tablets and mobile phones to do it. So how does your IT organization adjust especially if your ITSM technology stack is built for traditional communication?

    Watch this webcast to learn the steps you can take to introduce new strategies and technology that will help you meet the needs of your modern users. See how these practical steps can help you to improve your customer satisfaction, adoption, and service management cost structure.

    This session is approved for 1 priSM Continual Professional Development (CPD) credit.
  • In this session, we will continue our detailed investigation of the ITIL framework with IT Service Continuity Management. It’s one of the better known (named) processes from the Service Design book

    IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM) is a process that is commonly talked about, but often largely ignored. To make matters worse, it's often confused (and then conflated) with its siblings -- Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery. The unfortunate part of this is that many think of ITSCM in the context of a high visibility, major event (e.g. earthquake, forest fire, hurricane, etc.), not those events which are likely to occur on a near-routine basis. Having an understanding and appreciation of the fit of ITSCM is an important element of any ITSM initiative. During this presentation, we’ll talk about:

    How IT Service Continuity Management can be useful to you beyond what is written in the ITIL publications;
    What role IT Service Continuity Management plays in improving your current practices;
    What you must do to get serious about IT Service Continuity Management;
    What you should pay attention to, to ensure you are getting all you can from your IT Service Continuity Management activities.

    Register now - gain a fresh perspective on how IT Service Continuity Management can help your organization.
  • In any endeavor, having clear line of sight of the road ahead is better than “driving blind.” The constant struggle in the IT service support and IT operations disciplines is how to move from fighting day to day fires, of repeating the same tasks over and over, to one where we become more strategic, less reactive, and have the ability to anticipate and avoid problems in the future.

    Join us as we discuss how to better utilize the operational data that exists at the Service Desk to mature Incident and Problem management, to elevate our service levels by the use of end user experience monitoring and analytics, and to advance by taking advantage of new big data possibilities.
  • DevOps is a key ingredient for success to meet the rapid fire changes of the Digital Revolution. Despite that fact - many projects start out with the right intentions but quickly fizzle and fade because of common implementation mistakes that impact the Business and IT alike. Join Guest Speakers - Andi Mann (formerly of CA/EMA) and Brian Elkins (VP Technology) along with host Jeanne Morain - for tips, tricks and strategies for avoiding or recovering from common DevOps implementation mistakes.
  • As the threat landscape continues to evolve and expand, how best can your security solution adapt to the changes? To keep up with the pace, IT security needs quick and accurate information in order to identify and remediate these incidents. The new updates for Trend Micro OfficeScan and Trend Micro Control Manager offers you just that. A better security with products working together to provide customized defense to help you rapidly adapt and respond to this ever evolving threats.
    Join this webinar to learn:
    1.Trend Micro’s new technology to protect against Ransomware
    2.What’s new with the release of OfficeScan 11 SP1 and Control Manager 6.0 SP3
    3.How does our “Connected Threat Defense” fits in your company security
  • In today’s modern infrastructure, it’s imperative to have situational knowledge about what’s going on...the good, the bad, everything. The DevOps movement has taught us that monitoring is a key component of adopting the best practices of highly efficient software delivery teams. These metrics are not only useful as context during incident management but also to analyze once an outage has been resolved.
  • In the first two parts of our SURVIVAL GUIDE webinar series, we taught you how to not only ASSESS potential problems but also how to easily FIX your SharePoint environment.

    Now that you’ve corrected all of your issues, have your SharePoint running the way you want it, and on the right path – how can you ENFORCE your policies to make sure you don’t get lost in the SharePoint jungle again?

    Typical questions you must think about:
    * How do I enforce the changes I just made to fix my SharePoint throughout ALL the various stages of deployment?
    * Can I even monitor and detect unauthorized changes to my policies, permissions, and configurations?
    * Can I really control EVERY aspect of how SharePoint is managed by my team and end users?
    * How can I regulate what people do, what they say, or what they upload within SharePoint? * Do I have the right resources to prevent losing control again?

    Register now to join AvePoint VP of Product Management John Peluso, as he shows you how our GUIDE can empower you with complete control and unmatched governance ENFORCEMENT across all of your on-premises, hybrid, or Office 365-hosted deployments.

    No gimmicks. Just a simple guide to SURVIVE SharePoint governance.
  • A successful process improvement strategy will first begin by leveraging the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) model:

    •What is the vision?
    •Where are we now?
    •Where do we want to be?
    •How do we get there?
    •Did we get there?
    •How do we keep the momentum going?

    This presentation will provide a real life example of how to apply the CSI model in order to define a problem management improvement strategy. Joseph will discuss his improvement strategy and his approach of implementing process improvements to improve the maturity of problem management process. The goal is to share with other practitioners in the problem community of interest:

    •Real life techniques
    •Lessons learned
    •Sample artifacts