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The software-defined data center

Virtualization is no longer a passing trend. Organization deploying it in their servers, desktops, storage and networks are experiencing increased performance and decreased costs, when implemented and managed properly. Join this channel to hear leading experts discuss this maturing technology and how you can create your own software-defined data center.

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Sustainable Data Centres? A recipe for ICT, power and cooling solutions Prof. Ian Bitterlin, CTO, Emerson True sustainability is achieved in three discrete steps - Firstly Reduction of Consumption, secondly Minimisation of Losses and, finally, Power from Renewable Sources. All of these are possible in modern data centre design but come with some increased risks. These risks may be more perceived than real but we have to accept that the primary purpose of a data centre is not to save the user energy but to provide reliable digital services that meet their business case. The users risk profile comes at the top of the design wish list.

Join Prof. Ian Bitterlin for this presentation as he shows how a sustainable design can be forged for a user with a low appetite for risk and a high appetite for risk with the rewards that accompany it.
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Apr 28 2015 11:00 am
45 mins
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