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EMC Atmos: a cloud storage platform that lets enterprises and service providers store, manage, and protect globally distributed, unstructured content at scale. EMC Atmos provides the essential building blocks to implement a private, public, or hybrid cloud storage environment.

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Object Storage: Appliances and Software Defined? How and When to Choose. George Hamilton, EMC Object Storage Product Marketing Manager Join George Hamilton, EMC Object Storage specialist to learn about purpose-built Object storage appliances - like Atmos and Centera - and software-defined object storage such as the EMC ViPR Object data service that brings object capabilities to multiple EMC and third-party hardware platforms. Learn how to evaluate the different approaches for managing your cloud data and unstructured content today and how EMC’s overall object strategy provide customers with flexibility, choice, and investment protection. Read more >
Nov 14 2013
63 mins
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