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itSMF USA Problem Management CoI - Improving Problem Mgmt: A Real Life Strategy Joseph A Kuti, Senior ITSM Process Manager, Marriott International A successful process improvement strategy will first begin by leveraging the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) model:

•What is the vision?
•Where are we now?
•Where do we want to be?
•How do we get there?
•Did we get there?
•How do we keep the momentum going?

This presentation will provide a real life example of how to apply the CSI model in order to define a problem management improvement strategy. Joseph will discuss his improvement strategy and his approach of implementing process improvements to improve the maturity of problem management process. The goal is to share with other practitioners in the problem community of interest:

•Real life techniques
•Lessons learned
•Sample artifacts
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Aug 19 2015
60 mins
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