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IT Service Management

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Are you an IT service management professional interested in developing your knowledge and improving your job performance? Join the IT service management community to access the latest updates from industry experts. Learn and share insights related to IT service management (ITSM) including topics such as the service desk, service catalog, problem and incident management, ITIL v4 and more. Engage with industry experts on current best practices and participate in active discussions that address the needs and challenges of the ITSM community.
    • Service Desk Management

    • Upcoming May 14 2015
    • What makes up a modern service desk? Join this summit to find out how organisations are developing a fully integrated service desk strategy.
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    • Problem and Incident Management

    • Recorded: Mar 3 2015
    • Is your organisation getting the most from its data? This summit will address which tools and practices your organisation should implement to optimise problem and incident management to suite both your business goals and the culture of your company. Attend this summit to learn from leaders in this field who can help you develop a more holistic version of IT, build a system that has more long term value and discover tried and tested means to measure your progress.
    • 22 webinars
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    • Service Catalog and Request Management

    • Recorded: Feb 2 2015
    • Discover tools and practices that help organisations manage requests and get the most from a service catalog. This will help both customers and users to quickly identify the services they require and help organisations identify and manage key services that support business processes. In addition, request management will help IT service providers professionalise their customer interactions and deliver on the business’ goals.
    • 17 webinars
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    • Cloud, Mobility and Emerging Trends in ITSM

    • Recorded: Jan 7 2015
    • How will cloud, mobile and big data affect service management this year? What other emerging trends will have the biggest impact on how we practice ITSM in 2015 and beyond? One key ingredient in attainting a competitive advantage for your business is staying current with new trends and technologies all the while considering how it can benefit the business. Attend this summit as our experts weigh in!
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    • Service Management Design

    • Recorded: Dec 10 2014
    • The blueprint of how you are delivering your service is a crucial element in ensuring that you have the proper technology to align with your business goals. The service design stage is thus one that is critical in order to achieve fruitful delivery results. Careful planning and designing of your processes and resources are the keys to attaining enhanced quality of service delivery and management. Attend this summit where our panel of heavyweights will outline specific guidelines on everything from risk management, design coordination, and capacity management that you can use to construct your own service design strategy.
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    • Coaching y Competencias TIC que debemos entrenar

    • Recorded: Nov 6 2014
    • Estamos ante una década de profundos cambios en la función TIC, en los Departamentos y, por lo tanto, en los profesionales TI. Es una etapa positiva y de grandes esperanzas. Por fin, la profesión de TI está pasando de ser meros “automatizadores” de actividades humanas a ser el soporte fundamental para generar negocio. La apertura de la Era Digital posiciona a las tecnologías como elemento clave en la generación de nuevos negocios o diversificación de los tradicionales. Ésta época dorada que comienza no está exenta de importantes retos para los profesionales, mientras que las actividades tradicionales de los departamentos TI se están externalizando, se demandan perfiles capaces de responder las necesidades de agilidad y dinamismo necesitado por el Negocio Digital. En este contexto, la definición de especialidades y de todos los skills necesarios para su ejecución está siendo objeto de profundo debate. Dentro de las TIC hay una gran cantidad de funciones y especializaciones, y siempre ha sido un reto ajustar las organizaciones a las necesidades reales de cada compañía. Es fundamental, además, obtener el máximo rendimiento de los miembros de los equipos implicados para lo que disponemos de diversos métodos, como el coaching. Así pues, seamos gestores o gestionados, entender las nuevas necesidades, para poder plantear una buena gestión de las personas (en donde buena implica alineación con los objetivos del negocio, flexible y estructurada) es la clave para la adaptación al nuevo escenario económico que está surgiendo.
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    • Service Strategy

    • Recorded: Nov 4 2014
    • In order to develop a successful service roadmap, you need to pinpoint your goals. However, once these goals are established, how do you decide which service strategy is best for your organization and customer base? Service strategy requires you to analyze your target customer profile and understand their needs. Join this summit to learn how to find the right mix for your service portfolio, satisfy the needs of your clients through capacity management and manage your organization’s demand.
    • 19 webinars
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    • Emerging Trends and Technologies in ITSM

    • Recorded: Sep 30 2014
    • In order for an organization to prosper, the technology involved needs to be running smoothly. There has been a major shift in focus from purely IT-focused strategies to more business-focused IT services and cloud-based approaches. These new trends such as BYOD and automation come with dangers and risks. From agile methods like Kanban, scrum and DevOps, to looking beyond ITIL, attend our summit to gain a well-rounded view of the newest and latest trends to hit the service management world.
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    • Continual Service Improvement

    • Recorded: Sep 3 2014
    • Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is a timeless procedure which can never be totally “completed”. Because of this, it is important that each person in the organisation do his or her part to be aware and proactive of new opportunities to advance current services and practices. Attend this summit where our line-up of industry leaders tackle how to manage the entire service lifecycle while identifying current and future business needs.
    • 24 webinars
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