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Are you an IT service management professional interested in developing your knowledge and improving your job performance? Join the IT service management community to access the latest updates from industry experts. Learn and share insights related to IT service management (ITSM) including topics such as the service desk, service catalog, problem and incident management, ITIL v4 and more. Engage with industry experts on current best practices and participate in active discussions that address the needs and challenges of the ITSM community.
    • The Next Decade of DDoS Defense

    • Upcoming Oct 14 2015
    • Innovation in DDoS attack targets and techniques show no sign of slowing. Attackers today are launching sophisticated multi-vector attacks, targeting key applications and infrastructure. They continue to leverage the reflection amplification capabilities of DNS, NTP and other vulnerable protocols to launch very large attacks. Given the size and complexity of the modern DDoS attack, you need to be ready with the right technology, customizable deployment options and a process to quickly detect and stop DDoS attacks – before they impact your business.Join Tom Bienkowski, Director of Product Marketing, as he hosts a DDoS protection focused summit with Arbor's experts and customers, whose insights can help your organization understand the threat and defend itself using Arbor Products, Services and other industry best practices.
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    • DevOps: Real-World Tactics that Work

    • Recorded: Sep 29 2015
    • If your company has moved past "what is DevOps?" to "how to implement DevOps now!" then you won't want to miss this summit. Not another introduction to DevOps theory, this virtual summit convenes thought leaders, customers and experts to discuss how teams convert strategy into executable tactics. The best part is that you can attend without ever leaving your seat. Phoenix Project author Gene Kim, acclaimed DNA consultant Dan North and guest speaker Milan Hanson of Forrester Research, Inc. join leading customers to discuss how DevOps is put into real-world practice and what business results can be realized. You will learn how to: Accelerate build, test, release and operations, How to implement Continuous Delivery strategies and where monitoring can be used in pre-production.
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    • IT Monitoring and Metrics in ITSM

    • Recorded: Aug 4 2015
    • What are the metrics and KPI’s that matter most when monitoring your IT software, hardware and processes? Industry leaders will give insight into proper measurement and reporting to help align IT with your business goals.
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    • Service Strategy and IT Governance

    • Recorded: Jul 8 2015
    • Performance of your service desk massively inform service strategy and IT governance but as needs, certifications and regulations change, so does your strategy! Join this summit as experts talk about the latest in frameworks from ISO/IEC to Cobit and give you their top tips for your next service strategy!
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    • Service Desk Management

    • Recorded: May 14 2015
    • What makes up a modern service desk? Join this summit to find out how organisations are developing a fully integrated service desk strategy.
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