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Higher Ed SIG: The Power of Metrics for Optimal ITSM Performance; “Metricity – E

In everyday life, measurement is an essential component; how big? How far? How high? What’s the time? What’s the cost? But what is good measurement & how can it impact performance when aiming to exceed targets?

ITSM has access to a phenomenal amount of data, which can be transl
In everyday life, measurement is an essential component; how big? How far? How high? What’s the time? What’s the cost? But what is good measurement & how can it impact performance when aiming to exceed targets?

ITSM has access to a phenomenal amount of data, which can be translated into information to create knowledge. Learning how to harness knowledge begins with learning how to apply wisdom in order to achieve optimal ITSM performance. For this we will look in depth at the 2011 Edition metrics for Incident, Problem, Change & Service Desk. To this end you will learn:

•A review of the roles of data, information, knowledge & wisdom & the joint role they play in endorsing the power of metrics for optimal performance.

•How the same metrics can be viewed from a different angle. We will investigate a hierarchy of metrics using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs as our inspiration.

•We will discuss Critical Success Factors & Key Performance Indicators which used properly can be an immensely powerful tool used wrongly will lead you down a yellow brick leading nowhere.

•Using the ITIL 2011 Edition publications we will review how the metrics for Incident, Problem, Change & Service Desk are addressed in the ITIL 2011 Edition publications.

Speaker Bio:
Malcolm Fry, is a recognized IT industry luminary with over 40 years experience in Information Technology & the author of many bestselling books on IT Service Management & is the solo performer in a highly successful best-selling DVD series made for the Help Desk Institute explaining the relationship between the ITIL processes & the Service Desk. He has written 6 ITIL focus booklets of which over 100,000 copies are now in circulation; publications include ‘A step-by-step Guide to Building a CMDB’ & ‘How to build & ITIL Service Management Department’ while his latest publication ‘ITIL Lite’ was released early in 2010.
Recorded Jun 20 2012 48 mins
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Presented by
Malcolm Fry with host Hillary Rosenfeld
Presentation preview: Higher Ed SIG: The Power of Metrics for Optimal ITSM Performance; “Metricity – E
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  • Cloud is rapidly entering an entirely new phase, one destined to prove far more transformative and disruptive than the initial phase of cloud computing. It is driving comprehensive transformation of digital assets in organizations of all stripes as IT decision makers begin to view this emerging cloud construct as a proxy for digital transformation. No single vendor can offer the end-to-end services that can satisfy all of a customer’s IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and business processing as a service needs, which is why a multi-cloud approach makes sense. 451 Research's William Fellows will discuss while technology is not the only consideration in cloud transformation – organizational change, risk posture and the adoption of cloud’s operating model are key – the fact is that a Cloud Management Platform which includes automation and orchestration wlll be necessary to navigate this journey. We look at the key trends and technologies which will enable this in 2016.

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  • Title: Higher Ed SIG: The Power of Metrics for Optimal ITSM Performance; “Metricity – E
  • Live at: Jun 20 2012 6:15 pm
  • Presented by: Malcolm Fry with host Hillary Rosenfeld
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