Kansas City IG: ITSM in a Multi-Model Environment

James R Howard, General Dynamics
This presentation will provide insights into the use of ITIL leading to ISO/IEC 20000 certification. The discussion will also touch on CMMI for Service and COBIT.

James Howard, General Dynamics Information Technology

Jim has been with GDIT for 40 years, more than 30 of which have been involved in Service Management. The last 6 of which as the ITSM Program Manager. His varied assignments have included 18 years in Europe and 8 in Hawaii. He has spoken frequently at government conferences and this year’s Pink Elephant Conference in Las Vegas. Jim holds a number of ITSM certifications including:

•ITIL v2 Service Manager and ITIL v3 Expert
•ITIL v3 Service Operations, Operational Support & Analysis and Release Control and Validation Intermediates
•Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)
•Certified ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant/Practitioner/Auditor
•Accredited Instructor for the above certifications
•COBIT Foundations
Jul 26 2012
59 mins
Kansas City IG: ITSM in a Multi-Model Environment
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    As needs arise, they may be travelling, working remotely or moving around your building completing assignments and solving problems for customers, often with reduced access to the service desk.
    With FrontRange™ HEAT Mobile Field Service there’s no reason for your technicians to go off the grid when they’re on a service call.
    HEAT Mobile Field Service turns a handheld smart-phone into a mobile service desk client, allowing technicians to take the office with them wherever they go.

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  • Best practice frameworks are in many ways comparable to the images and advice found in the columns of fashion magazines. IT Service Management, Program Management, and Software Development best practice frameworks portray flawless environments where projects and teams work in harmony; whereas fashion magazines portray flawless individuals dressed in perfectly tailored, top quality clothing that is impeccably put together. This is purposeful - Meant to inspire through providing suggestions and guidance on how we can improve our own situations.

    Join Amy and Drew through an interactive session that shows how mixing and matching frameworks for your organization is much like selecting a wardrobe. In this session, we will use ITIL, PMI, and Scrum as our best practice frameworks and demonstrate how organizations can mix, match, and tailor to create a style that is uniquely theirs.

    More about our Presenters:
    Amy Dykstra and Drew Walden of Cask, LLC bring more than 20 years of experience in the development, implementation, and application of systematic management frameworks supporting whole organizations, portfolios, programs, and individual projects and services. Within this context, they have developed and re-engineered business processes to align operations with business objectives and enabled organizations to acquire and employ the necessary resources and skills within agreed parameters of cost, time, and quality. Their combined portfolios of clients and experiences provide a unique take on the selection and implementation of various best practice frameworks.
  • Malware today is very different from just a few years ago. Traditional AV technology is no longer able to consistently and fully remediate or defend against today’s most advanced threats. New and emerging threats such as ransomware, social engineering driven attacks and micro variant financial threats are just some examples of difficult to remediate infections. This presentation will take a look at the malware landscape and explain why these tactics are so effective against traditional AV technology. We will examine three specific families of infections and highlight their tactics to evade detection and what issues occur with remediation. Lastly, we will talk about Webroot’s innovation and how our SecureAnywhere AV solution is capable of defending against, and remediating today’s most advanced threats.
  • We may not have flying cars yet but the self-driving car is actually beginning its infancy. With all the technology swirling around us and in our pockets and purses surely the paradigm of the Service Desk has changed as well. Yes and No. Today’s users are bright and more tech-savvy in terms of using technology than ever before. As long as it works. But when something doesn't quite work, they want to solve it themselves using the easiest means at their disposal, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This might work well from their perspective but not from ours.

    Join George Spalding, Executive Vice President, Pink Elephant, as he focuses on the evolution of the Service Desk and what’s in store for the next 5 years.
  • Forty-four states, DC and four territories have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This means that school districts across the country are planning for 100% online assessments during the 2014-2015 school year. One of the most important conditions needed for being able to administer online assessments is network infrastructure readiness.
    Attend this 30-minute webinar and join Gavin Lee, Senior K-12 Business Development Manager at Juniper Networks, to discuss the critical network must-haves that all school districts should consider when looking to deploy a robust and supportable network. You will also receive practical guidance on how to get the most out of your network infrastructure and how to best prepare for the CCCSS assessments:
    • Consortia network infrastructure
    • Wired and wireless network capabilities
    • Robust network security
    • Network support readiness
    • Juniper Networks network infrastructure readiness resources
  • This webinar will provide you with two complementary perspectives on Business Relationship Management that will help you achieve true romance rather than ending up in unrequited love!
    Based on recent and ongoing interest in Business Relationship Management, there can be no doubt that BRM is a hot topic. Organizations realize that a better relationship between business and IT will result in more business value from the IT provider’s products and services.
    But how do you achieve this from a provider’s perspective? What kind of knowledge, skills, behaviors and processes do you need? And because the relationship is by definition with the business, what do you expect from your partners on ‘the other side of the fence’? How can you help them to fulfil their side of the bargain?
    After listening to Aleksandr and Mark share their two perspectives, there’ll be ample opportunity for you to join in and contribute to the dialogue - you are most welcome!
  • Join us for a 30-minute live session every Friday, where we’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer. This week tune in and learn how your employees can hold multi-point HD video meetings around the world, anytime and anywhere with RingCentral Meetings.
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  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Service Managers May 19 2014 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Seven Habits of Highly Effective Service Managers
  • BRM - True Romance or Unrequited Love? Recorded: Apr 21 2014 61 mins
    This webinar will provide you with two complementary perspectives on Business Relationship Management that will help you achieve true romance rather than ending up in unrequited love!
    Based on recent and ongoing interest in Business Relationship Management, there can be no doubt that BRM is a hot topic. Organizations realize that a better relationship between business and IT will result in more business value from the IT provider’s products and services.
    But how do you achieve this from a provider’s perspective? What kind of knowledge, skills, behaviors and processes do you need? And because the relationship is by definition with the business, what do you expect from your partners on ‘the other side of the fence’? How can you help them to fulfil their side of the bargain?
    After listening to Aleksandr and Mark share their two perspectives, there’ll be ample opportunity for you to join in and contribute to the dialogue - you are most welcome!
  • The Next Generation Service Management Professional and the Skills Needed. Recorded: Apr 9 2014 58 mins
    Given the expansion in the use of ITSM software, we’re going to talk with ITSM Academy about the skills required for the next generation Service Management leader, how they, ITSM Academy, are preparing the next gens, and how they have shifted their curriculum, delivery methods, and approach for the next generation Service Management professional.

    Phone number: 1-415-906-5230
    PIN #: 76404785
  • Higher Education SIG - Building a Successful Service Catalog Recorded: Mar 27 2014 59 mins
    Join Mercedes Alvarez-Arancedo of California State University-East Bay, Richard Pilgrim and Jason Rosenfeld of Cask, LLC in this information session to learn how CSUEB:
    − Rationalized their services from over 150 down to just over 50 services
    − Developed a foundational Service Portfolio
    − Built a structured hierarchy and used terminology that was meaningful to faculty, students and staff
    − Defined each service family, service and request actions
    − Implemented their Service Catalog in ServiceNow
    − Communicated and marketed their Service Catalog across campus
  • Top 10 Things I Think I Think about ITSM Recorded: Mar 17 2014 48 mins
    There is no recipe for implementing ITSM. More often than not, "learn by doing" is how most of us become proficient with ITSM, and certainly there is no substitute for experience. However, there is a lot to be learned from others. This presentation shares many of Doug's "lessons learned" that can be applied to any ITSM implementation.
  • itSMF USA vendor shootout: How ITSM Tools Are Used Outside of IT Recorded: Mar 11 2014 58 mins
    This webinar will discuss ITSM tools and how they are being used beyond IT. We'll have vendors present to discuss how their tools transcend not just IT, but HR, Maintenance, Supply Chain Management, etc.

    BMC Software, CA Technologies, Cherwell Software and Fruition will be present.

    Dial-in phone number: 1-415-906-5230
    PIN #: 33243936
  • The Service Desk, A Strategic Asset for the Business Recorded: Mar 10 2014 58 mins
    There are many organizations who consider the service desk as a fully operational area which adds no value as such, in fact, they think that the service Desk is there to “repair” or “fix” things and that’s it. For the past six years Mauricio Corona has been conducting a scientific research within Service Desks and other departments in order to answer a detailed question. Does the service desk can provide value to the business? To answer this question, the ITIL process Incident management and the function Service Desk were translated into variables and, at the same time, were measured against business alignment dimensions.The findings were surprising, the Incident and Service Desk variables not only showed that there is a positive correlation with business alignment dimensions, they showed too that they can improve the business operations and value generation when the Service Desk is mature
  • itSMF USA New Jersy LIG | priSM Certification – What’s It All About? Recorded: Feb 26 2014 52 mins
    priSM is itSMF International’s (www.itsmfi.org) unified worldwide professional recognition and credentialing program for service management professionals.
    priSM credentials demonstrate an individual’s ongoing commitment to developing their knowledge of service management theory and practice through a structured program of continual professional development (CPD) activities and recognition of their achievements as their career progresses.
    David Clifford, Fellow in Service Management (FSM) and the President of priSM, will highlight some of the activities that contribute to CPD credits, such as LIG involvement. David will also share his experiences regarding why he applied to become a priSM credential holder and what it has taken to maintain the credential and the resulting benefits.
  • The Business Manager’s Guide to IT Symptomology Recorded: Feb 10 2014 64 mins
    When you buy something you expect a good value in exchange for the money paid - after all it is your hard earned money! Business managers are no different – they expect IT to provide value for the money that is invested in IT services and products.
    Business managers can become displeased when comparing the money spent on IT services to the benefits they get from those services. They voice that displeasure by asking for more from the existing services at the current service costs, or for a decrease in costs for the services currently delivered. To an business manager, everything is in the language of business performance and financial impact.
    There are symptoms business managers should be aware of that indicate where improvements can be made within the business and IT relationship that will result in improved IT service quality and performance. The challenge to making these improvements is recognizing their symptoms.
    This session will describe the symptoms that business managers should be aware of in order to understand the performance of their IT organizations and lead to improvements within the business and IT relationship. Attendees will learn:
    •Typical IT Symptoms that indicate a problem with value
    •How to address problematic IT symptoms
    •IT talking points to use with business executive management to establish IT and business improvements
  • A Word or Two: thoughts on the profession and service management past, present Recorded: Jan 20 2014 61 mins
    The ITSM profession is in danger of losing its value to the industry and its members – but it’s not too late to change that

    The industry is going through dramatic changes and our careers are following. What do we need to do to keep our skills relevant and our career paths growing?
    David will pontificate, as only he can, on his thoughts about the profession of Service Management with a focus on gaps in the industry and what Service Management Professionals should be thinking about and doing!
  • Behind the Scenes look at a Successful Service Catalog Recorded: Jan 13 2014 60 mins
    Behind the Scenes look at a Successful Service Catalog
  • itSMF USA SIG: ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope: Info Security Management Recorded: Dec 19 2013 58 mins
    The presenter is: Ronnie Baugh, Network Security Specialist at Verizon.
    The moderator is: Subrata Guha, Director IT Services at UL DQS.
  • New Jersey LIG: Achieving Value from our External Suppliers Recorded: Oct 16 2013 46 mins
    Achieving Value from our External Suppliers: Leveraging Standards and Governance to get results

    Have you ever signed contracts with external suppliers expecting all your problems to go away and over time discover that the value seems to bot be what you expected?

    Leveraging standards for your key suppliers around performance management, governance and contract management can help you get this under control.
  • itSMF USA SIG: ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope: Service Reporting Recorded: Aug 22 2013 61 mins
    • The ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope – Service Reporting and the SMS
    o What is the ISO/IEC 20000 SMS?
    o Service Reporting – Basic Concepts
    o Service Reporting and the Service Management System
    o Business Relationship Management – Implementation Guidance
    o Q&A
  • itSMF USA SIG: ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope: Business Relationship Mgt Recorded: Jun 20 2013 60 mins
    itSMF USA SIG: ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope: Business Relationship Management

    The ISO/IEC 20000 SIG Board Members are excited to announce the seventh episode of series of 17 webinars providing implementation guidance of the ISO/IEC 20000 Service Management System. The program is designed to educate our audience on the components of the Service Management System (SMS) of ISO/IEC 20000 and which best practices to adopt to meet the standard’s requirements to accomplish effective management of IT services.
  • itSMF USA SIG: ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope: Configuration Management Recorded: Apr 18 2013 62 mins
    ”The ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope –Configuration Management and the SMS”

    • The ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope – Configuration Management and the SMS
    oWhat is the ISO/IEC 20000 SMS?
    oConfiguration Management – Basic Concepts
    oConfiguration Management and the SMS
    oConfiguration Management – Implementation Guidance
  • itSMF USA Higher Education SIG | How to Ride the Maturity Model Wave Recorded: Mar 21 2013 56 mins
    How do you cope, and excel, when you know how your IT department needs to evolve but no one else seems to understand? The process of introducing an organization to a new way of doing things can be very frustrating and uncomfortable.

    This presentation is a pragmatic complement to improvement frameworks such as the ITIL CSI model and John Kotter’s 8-step change model. This webinar focuses on what it’s like to be the person pushing for change, and how to build short-term wins, “anticipated pains,” and feedback loops to successfully “ride the maturity model wave” from one level to the next.

    Speaker Bio:
    John Borwick has worked in higher education for over 10 years–principally at Wake Forest University from 2003 to 2012, where he was a systems administrator, team lead, assistant director for data delivery, associate director for continual service improvement, director of service management, and finally director of the portfolio management office (including service management and project management).
  • itSMF USA SIG: ISO/IEC 20000 SMS Under the Microscope: Service Level Management Recorded: Feb 21 2013 61 mins
    This session on ISO/IEC 20000 is primarily focused on deep diving into Service Level Management and its relevance in the overall Service Management System.

    By the end of this webinar, you would have a fair understanding on the requirements and implementation guidance to fulfill the ISO 20K Clauses pertaining to Service Level Management.
  • itSMF CobIT SIG | Frameworks, Standards & Models: What's Out There and ... Recorded: Jan 10 2013 58 mins
    Frameworks, Standards and Models - What's Out There and Which Should I Use?

    In the IT Governance environment there are multiple frameworks, models and standards to choose from. A challenge for most organizations is simply understanding what all of these are, and which ones are applicable or appropriate for them. Some common questions include: If we’re using ITIL, should we consider COBIT? How does Kepner Trego fit with ITIL? Will using Six Sigma compete with ITIL’s CSI? How does ISO 20000 leverage ITIL? In this insightful presentation on Frameworks, Standards, and Certifications explore the many models that are available today: what they are, how they fit, and why choose them. We’ll look at the essential information as well as the applicability of the following: ITIL, COBIT, SIX SIGMA, ISO20000, KEPNER TREGO, PRINCE2, AGILE, and TIPA to name a few.

    About the Speaker

    Mark Thomas is the President of the itSMF Cobit SIG and previously served as the President of the itSMF Kansas City LIG. As a nationally known ITIL and CobiT expert with over 20 years of professional experience, Mark’s background spans leadership roles from datacenter CIO to Management and IT Consulting. Mark has led large teams in outsourced IT arrangements, conducted PMO, Service Management and governance activities for major project teams, managed enterprise applications implementations, and implemented governance processes across multiple industries. Mark has a wide array of industry experience with ‘Big Five’ consulting in the health care, finance/banking, manufacturing /distribution, services, high technology, and government verticals. Mark is a problem solver who is committed to solving hard problems and delivering excellent strategic results. Additionally, Mark has forged a reputable competency as a consultative trainer and speaker in several disciplines receiving exemplary evaluations.
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