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IT Service Management

  • Digipalvelujen tarjoaminen ja saavutettavuus
    Digipalvelujen tarjoaminen ja saavutettavuus
    Jarkko Koivuniemi Recorded: Aug 16 2019 38 mins
    Laki digitaalisten palvelujen tarjoamisesta ja Saavutettavuusdirektiivi tarkoittaa sitä, että saavutettavuuden vaatimuksia pitää noudattaa 23.9.2019 alkaen. Vaatimus koskee kaikkia julkisoikeudellisia organisaatioita. Entä yritykset ja kolmas sektori, tule kuuntelemaan lisää.

    Tämä tarkoittaa julkisten verkkosivujen on oltava saavutettavia. Kaikki käyttäjät voivat toimintarajoitteistaan riippumatta käyttää julkisia verkko- ja mobiilipalveluja. Webinaarissa pureudutaan siihen, mitä tämä tarkoittaa käytännössä. Mitä saavutettavuus tarkoittaa digipalveluissa ja miten digitaalisten palveluiden laatua tulisi parantaa. Mitä prosesseja organisaation web-sivustojen suunnittelussa ja sisällöntuotannossa pitää tehdä.

    Mitä tarkoittaa saavutettavuus digipalveluissa?
    Miten pitää toimia toimia täysivertaisesti digitaalisessa yhteiskunnassa?
    Minimitason vaatimukset verkkosivustojen ja mobiilisovellusten saavutettavuudelle, tekniset vaatimukset
    Digitaalisten palveluiden laadun parantaminen käytännössä
    Mitä lainsäädäntö muuttaa?
    Yhdenvertaisuuden periaate ja digitaalisten palveluiden laatu, mitä käytännössä?
    Aikataulut ja milloin pitää olla valmista?
  • Deliver a Better Digital Workspace Experience featuring Forrester
    Deliver a Better Digital Workspace Experience featuring Forrester
    Calvin Hsu, VP of Product Marketing at Citrix, Andrew Hewitt, Analyst Serving Infrastructure & Ops Professionals at Forrester Recorded: Aug 15 2019 65 mins
    As your enterprise looks for better ways to drive employee productivity through a better technology experience, the infusion of intelligence, automation, and personalization into the digital workspace offers exciting potential. In this webinar, digital workspace thought leaders Andrew Hewitt (Forrester Analyst/Guest speaker) and Calvin Hsu (Citrix VP of Product Marketing) will explore the impact of digital workspaces powered by intelligence and automation.

    Attendees of the webinar will learn:
    -The top challenges organizations face in creating a technology experience that enables productivity
    -The evolution of digital workspace technology, and particularly the impact of intelligence and automation within the workspace
    -A day-in-the-life scenario of a digital workspace end user that shows specific processes and advantages
  • Building a connected service experience with Salesforce Service Cloud
    Building a connected service experience with Salesforce Service Cloud
    Esther Chen, Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft & Jimil Patel, Technical Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft Recorded: Aug 15 2019 38 mins
    Salesforce Service Cloud to systems like ERP, OMS, and databases to give agents a single view of customers and orders. Rather than switching between different systems, agents can instead focus on delivering superior service. Together, MuleSoft and Salesforce increase agent productivity by 25% by automating workflows and service actions and improve customer satisfaction by 35% with personalization throughout the service experience.

    Watch this webinar to:
    * See a live MuleSoft Flow designer demo with Salesforce Service Cloud to create a holistic view of your customer.
    * Learn how customers are transforming their service experience using MuleSoft to synchronize Service Cloud with other systems of record.
    * Get best practices to integrate Service Cloud with ERP, OMS, and third-party systems.
  • Building in the Cloud with AWS: Make the Move, Not the Mistakes
    Building in the Cloud with AWS: Make the Move, Not the Mistakes
    Scott Weber, EagleDream AWS APN Ambassador and Todd Bernhard, CloudCheckr Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Aug 15 2019 59 mins
    Strategic use of the cloud is a must for today's modern businesses. But building a scalable, cost-effective, and profitable infrastructure with today’s leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), requires expertise.

    Join CloudCheckr, the #1 independent cloud management platform (CMP), and EagleDream, an APN Advanced Consulting Partner, for a free webinar. Expert and AWS APN Ambassador Scott Weber discuss how EagleDream builds secure, agile, and efficient AWS environments for enterprises. And CloudCheckr Product Marketing Manager, Todd Bernhard, covers cloud optimisation strategies and the future of enterprise cloud.
  • August 2019 Patch Tuesday Analysis
    August 2019 Patch Tuesday Analysis
    Chris Goettl, Todd Schell, Brian Secrist Recorded: Aug 14 2019 48 mins
    Join us this month as we recap the Microsoft and 3rd Party security patches released on Patch Tuesday. We will discuss things to watch out for, products to be sure to test adequately, and which patches should be highest priority to roll out.
  • Cloud Burst your Application Performance Testing Needs
    Cloud Burst your Application Performance Testing Needs
    Robert Linton, Russ Inman Recorded: Aug 14 2019 60 mins
    This webinar is brought to you by the Vivit US Government Solutions Special Interest Group.

    Objective: Learn how to leverage the Cloud for realistic Performance Testing.

    Cloud Burst, a Micro Focus performance testing solution, is the only product on the market today that can automatically support your scalable performance testing needs in the Government FedRAMP Cloud environments.

    See how your testing can be hosted in a Private Secure Gov Cloud environment to automatically execute performance or stress test completely within the Gov Cloud environments, or from various cloud regions around the world, simulating real user’s experience during the performance test.

    Watch the live demo running in the FedRAMP Gov Cloud regions to see how easy, quickly and affordably you can plan, design and execute your application performance testing requirements.

    This offering with flexible pricing, allows clients to leverage their investment in the Micro Focus ADM software solutions, increasing their ROI, while reducing risk and adding value to their organization’s internal and external users.
  • Why IT Needs Real BI
    Why IT Needs Real BI
    Howard Dresner, CRO Dresner Advisory Services ; Gaurav Rewari, CEO Numerify Recorded: Aug 14 2019 57 mins
    IT produces large quantities of data across people, processes, and projects. The value of this extensive data, however, is often not exploited to its full potential.

    “Business analytics has become imperative for IT organizations as they seek to improve business alignment, adopt agile principles, and accelerate innovation,” says Howard Dresner, the father of modern BI and founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory services. “Deeper analysis of IT people, process, and project data is central to driving change and achieving these goals, and we’re seeing IT leaders rapidly increase adoption of the analytics practices that have been common to the rest of the business for years.”

    The Wisdom of Crowds IT Analytics Market Study, published by Dresner Advisory Services, can help you understand where your peers see the value of using IT Business Analytics. Join Howard Dresner, Numerify CEO Gaurav Rewari, and report author Chris von Samson to learn about the following topics:

    -Key takeaways for IT leaders from the “IT Analytics Market Study” conducted by Dresner Advisory Services
    -How your peers are using Metrics across Plan, Build, and Run processes to make informed decisions
    - How Business Intelligence can enable you to adopt advanced analytics like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    - How Fortune 500 customers use Numerify’s AI powered IT business analytics to drive better outcomes today
  • UC Smarter, with “Visibility without Borders” from NETSCOUT
    UC Smarter, with “Visibility without Borders” from NETSCOUT
    Ray Krug, Solutions Architect, NETSCOUT Recorded: Aug 13 2019 44 mins
    NETSCOUT Visibility without Borders, provides key service performance, and security insights into all digital transformation projects such as Enterprise UC&C; Contact Center; and Data Center Transformation to Private and Public Clouds.
    In this webinar explore how NETSCOUT provides actionable visibility into UC&C Service quality to increase enterprise collaboration and productivity or improve customer service in your Contact Center including:

    • Discover how NETSCOUT vendor agnostic Service Assurance platform can help minimize downtime, and maximize UC&C Service Performance in Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya Enterprise UC and Contact Center environments

    • With example customer use cases, learn how wire data, translated into actionable insights, helps solve UC&C problems faster -such as dropped calls and poor audio quality.

    • Realize UC&C Systems are a complex interconnected set of services, and with holistic visibility of all the moving parts, you can stop the finger pointing and reduce MTTR when troubleshooting issues.

    • Learn how NETSCOUT provides insights beyond just UC&C, and into all aspects of Data Center Transformation Projects in Private and Public Clouds
  • Previewing the Storage Developer Conference EMEA in 2020
    Previewing the Storage Developer Conference EMEA in 2020
    Alex McDonald, Vice-Chair SNIA EMEA, and Office of the CTO, NetApp; Paul Talbut, General Manager, SNIA EMEA Recorded: Aug 13 2019 29 mins
    The SNIA EMEA Storage Developer Conference (SDC) will return to Tel Aviv in early February 2020.

    SDC EMEA is organised by SNIA, the non-profit industry association responsible for data storage standards and education, and the conference is designed to provide an open and independent platform for technical education and knowledge sharing amongst the local storage development community.

    SDC is built by developers – for developers.

    This session will offer a preview of what is planned for the 2020 agenda ahead of the call for presentations and will also give potential sponsors the information they need to be able to budget for their participation in the event. If you have attended previously as a delegate, this is a great opportunity to learn more about how you can raise your profile as a speaker or get your company involved as a sponsor. There will be time allocated during the webcast to ask questions about the options available. Companies who have significant storage development teams will learn why this conference is valuable to the local technical community and why they should be directly engaged.
  • Installer un load balancer Kemp en moins de 5min
    Installer un load balancer Kemp en moins de 5min
    Yann Bouillon Recorded: Aug 13 2019 6 mins
    Dans cette vidéo, vous trouverez des informations sur l'installation d'un load balancer Kemp. L'installation est simple, rapide et vous pouvez l'essayer vous-même gratuitement: https://kemptechnologies.com/uk/server-load-balancing-appliances/virtual-loadbalancer/vlm-download/

    Présentation par Yann Bouillon, Senior Presales Engineer chez KEMP Technologies.
  • Tee vaikuttavaa esimiestyötä
    Tee vaikuttavaa esimiestyötä
    Mari Tasanto ja Kaisa Uurtamo Recorded: Aug 13 2019 29 mins
    Vaikuttava esimies tuntee itsensä, on tuloksellinen ja sekä tietää selkeästi, millainen johtaminen sopii yrityksen ja oman tiimin liiketoiminnan tilanteeseen. Webinaarissa paneudumme siihen, millaista on vaikuttava esimiestyö ja millaiset asenteet, kompetenssit, taidot ja työkalut mahdollistavat vaikuttavan esimiestyön.

    Webinaari on suunnattu kaikille esimiestyötä tekeville, tulevaisuuden esimiehille, ja henkilöstön kehittäjille, joiden tavoitteena on vaikuttavan esimiesvalmennuksen toteuttaminen.

    Webinaarissa vaikuttavasta esimiestyöstä alustavat ja keskustelevat HRM Partnersin valmentajat Mari Tasanto ja Kaisa Uurtamo.
  • Platform of the Future - Smart Routing and SDWAN (Part 3)
    Platform of the Future - Smart Routing and SDWAN (Part 3)
    Fady Sharobeem, Systems Engineer, Cisco Meraki Recorded: Aug 13 2019 18 mins
    IT can be a complex topic for all businesses. In this 5 part video series, we’ll cover how Meraki is changing the industry and simplifying IT with modern technology.

    Learn how to build a full Meraki stack from scratch as well as taking advantage of APIs for variety of use cases.
  • The evolution of the virtualisation marketplace
    The evolution of the virtualisation marketplace
    BT's network experts: Adrian Comley, Anne-Gaelle Santos, Brian Lappin, and David Llewelyn-Jones Recorded: Aug 9 2019 4 mins
    In the new age of technology, customers increasingly need to deliver services on a platform defined by flexibility and agility. The future promises to enable this with a mass transformation to more attractive, hardware-free, network-solutions.

    We’ve already witnessed the arrival of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) — moving away from the necessity for box connectivity and towards an array of virtualised services across a software-defined network. But when the global NFV/SDN market is set to grow at a CAGR of 25 per cent between 2018 and 2023 , how can we expect the network evolution to continue into the years ahead?

    With the emergence of IoT, the growth of 5G capabilities and the unbounded possibilities of edge computing, the future of the virtualisation marketplace becomes a huge and exciting unknown. How can businesses cater for such disruptive and expansive transformation?

    Watch our video to discover how our experts view the future of virtualisation.
  • Osaamisen kehittyminen ja kasvu työyhteisössä
    Osaamisen kehittyminen ja kasvu työyhteisössä
    Anniina Hukari, TAITO TRAINING OY Recorded: Aug 9 2019 32 mins
    Osaamisen kehittyminen ja kasvu työyhteisössä

    · Miten osaamisen jakamista ja oppimista voisi optimoida työyhteisössä?

    · Miten aikuinen ihminen oikein oppii?

    · Miten voin auttaa kollegaa/tiimiläistä kehittymään ja kasvamaan?

    · Miten autan itseäni uudelle polulle ja varmistan opitun menon käytäntöön?

    Kehittyminen, uuden oppiminen ja omaksuminen ovat äärimmäisen tärkeitä työelämätaitoja jo nyt ja niiden merkitys tulee korostumaan tulevaisuudessa. Valitettavan harvoin pysähdymme kuitenkaan miettimään sitä, miten aikuinen ihminen oikein oppii ja miten oppimista&kehittymistä voisi parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla tukea yksilö-, tiimi-, ja organisaatiotasolla.

    Webinaarissa pysähdymme näiden teemojen äärelle.

    - Aikuinen ihminen oppijana

    - Oppimisen tukeminen yksilö-, tiimi- ja organisaatiotasolla

    - Oman oppimisen suunnittelu ja käytäntöön viennin varmistaminen
  • Cloud Computing Magazine Webinar: Consolidation of NetOps and SecOps
    Cloud Computing Magazine Webinar: Consolidation of NetOps and SecOps
    Sanjay Munshi Vice President, Product Management, NETSCOUT Recorded: Aug 8 2019 41 mins
    Attendees will better understand how to derive and manage “smart data” and how it drives NETSECOPS consolidation. Key to realizing benefits is a platform architecture with distributed instrumentation and centralized analytics. Learn how to solve tool clutter through streamlining the multiple tools used today across environments. Further, attendees will understand how Smart data and a Smart Platform can propel early warning detection. Finally, discover how to consolidate detection and forensic investigations using smart data methods.

    What Attendees will learn:

    • What smart data means and how it drives NETSECOPS consolidation
    • The value of a smart platform architecture with distributed instrumentation and centralized analytics
    • How to solve “tool clutter”
    • How a Smart data / Platform can drive early warning detection
    • How to consolidate Detection and Forensic investigations


    Sanjay Munshi
    Vice President, Product Management, NETSCOUT

    Bio - Sanjay Munshi is the Vice President of Product Management at NETSCOUT, a leading provider of business assurance, a powerful combination of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions. In this role Sanjay is responsible for Product Management and Sales Enablement functions defining the vision, strategy, and execution plans that drive the company’s business results for software solutions in the data centers of Enterprises and Service Providers.
  • Fast-Tracking Your Service Transformation with Salesforce Lightning & Coveo
    Fast-Tracking Your Service Transformation with Salesforce Lightning & Coveo
    David James, Product Marketing Director at Coveo & Neil Kostecki, Sr. Product Manager - Salesforce at Coveo Recorded: Aug 8 2019 32 mins
    The customer community. The contact center. The self-service support site. The chatbot you’re struggling to implement.

    With so many customer touchpoints, how do you keep pace and transform your service delivery to ensure customers and support agents alike are delivered the most relevant content, in the right context and at the exact moment of need?

    Coveo for Salesforce brings AI-powered search and recommendations directly inside your Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Sales Cloud and Salesforce Platform investments. The best part? Coveo is Lightning ready. So goodbye to custom coding and hello to drag and drop components. Whether you’ve already made the switch, or you’re looking to make the transition to Lightning, we have you covered.

    Join us for a live demo webinar to learn how fast-tracking your service transformation using Lightning and Coveo can:

    - Improve the agent experience inside Service Cloud to make them more productive and proficient
    - Deliver more relevant digital experiences for your customers on your community or website with chatbots and case deflection workflows
    - Gain deeper customer insights with rich analytics and reports to help your support org make better decisions
  • RPA + AI – Delivering intelligent automation in supply chain & logistics
    RPA + AI – Delivering intelligent automation in supply chain & logistics
    Ramesh Muniyandi, Senior Manager - RPA Recorded: Aug 8 2019 58 mins
    According to ISG, a global technology research firm reports that in forthcoming years, most enterprises will shift towards using RPA to increase productivity & level of compliance and efficiency in Supply Chain & Logistics.
    The webinar will shed lights on why intelligent automation is the future of supply chain and how enterprises can quickly adopt RPA to streamline processes, increase productivity and deliver exceptional results.
    Join this webinar to learn:
    1. How to implement RPA in supply chain & logistics processes
    2. Creating a smart data-centric supply chain organization
    3. Making better & faster decisions with Intelligent Automation
    4. Deliver better customer satisfaction using Intelligent Automation
    5. Success Story
  • How to achieve GRC Maturity using ServiceNow? (Part-2)
    How to achieve GRC Maturity using ServiceNow? (Part-2)
    Clara Abraham, GRC Consultant; Swetha Shankar, ServiceNow Specialist; Kaviarasan S, ServiceNow Evangelist. Recorded: Aug 7 2019 50 mins
    In this part-2 of the GRC webinar, we are going to cover the stage 2 in achieving GRC maturity – ‘Improve Visibility and Performance’. In the previous session, we have covered how to get on-board in ServiceNow GRC from a manual processes. This session would cover step-by-step process on the following areas:

    Key takeaways:

    Introduction to stage 2: Repeatable (Improve Visibility and Performance)

    - Expand GRC/IRM to 2-3 use cases
    - Adoption expansion to process and control/risk owners
    - Monitoring on a point- in-time basis
    - Visibility through Dashboards & PA.
    - Start top-down. Leverag the Profiling engine

    Demo on ServiceNow GRC to cover the following:

    - Scoping for GRC using profiles
    - Controls management - Control Attestation and Control Indicators
    - Enterprise risk management - Risk assessments, Upstream and downstream risks and Risk Indicators
    - Dashboards to monitor controls and risks
  • AI Myths Debunked Series: AI and the Nature of Work
    AI Myths Debunked Series: AI and the Nature of Work
    Stephen Rahal, Director, Product Marketing, Coveo Recorded: Aug 7 2019 45 mins
    The biggest fear in the advancement of AI is its impact on our work. But we’ll look beyond the most common myths to uncover and understand the supporting role AI and machine learning can play in helping workers grow and perform in their roles, and how relevancy can be injected throughout the employee experience. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - The relationship between AI, machine learning and knowledge work
    - Work scenarios that are optimized through the practical use of AI
    - How to digitally-enable your employees and deliver a consumer-like experience
  • Cloud Done Right! 9 Critical Elements for Success
    Cloud Done Right! 9 Critical Elements for Success
    Unisys - Raj Raman, Lakshmi Ashok, Allen McMichael, Lori Pierson, Lisa McLaine, Brenda Celeste Recorded: Aug 7 2019 63 mins
    Enterprises need to modernize their operations to grow and stay competitive. But changes to IT infrastructure can quickly get out of hand. This involves moving workloads from on-premises data centers to public-cloud, private-cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions. The process is challenging and time consuming, leaving many organizations struggling to meet their business initiatives. In this webinar we’ll describe the nine key attributes that enterprises must master to be successful.

    Please join us on July 24th to learn how Unisys CloudForte™ helps our clients accelerate their migration to the cloud, while mitigating their risk and managing their costs.

    •Lisa McLaine - Global Director - Cloud and Infrastructure Services
    •Raj R. Ramen - Chief Technology Officer - Cloud
    •Lori Pierson - Portfolio Head - Global Cloud, Infrastructure and Application Services
    •Lakshmi Ashok - Chief Technology Officer - Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure
    •Allen McMichael - Head - Global Cloud Managed Service Operations
    •Brenda Celeste - Director - Analyst Relations, North America
  • Improving IT Service Capability and Resilience
    Improving IT Service Capability and Resilience
    Troy DuMoulin VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant & Vincent Geffray Senior Director, Product Marketing, Everbridge Recorded: Aug 7 2019 57 mins
    The three key words that lay at the heart of improving IT organizational capability and sustainability are: Recovery, Resilience and Antifragility. These three words and their underlying meanings have become key in achieving business objectives in a digital economy where system uptime, performance and security are critical attributes for business survival.

    Each of these three key words has a different meaning, set of associated IT Management practices and automation requirements that support their goals. Join Troy DuMoulin, VP Research & Development of Pink Elephant and Vincent Geffray, Senior Director, Product Marketing of Everbridge as they provide an overview of these key concepts and describe how any organization can improve their IT Service delivery capability and sustainability by focusing on these core concepts.
  • The 3 Seismic Shifts in IT and how to be Ready when they Come
    The 3 Seismic Shifts in IT and how to be Ready when they Come
    Kevin J Smith Recorded: Aug 7 2019 56 mins
    The next 10 years will bring changes to IT unlike anything we've seen in the wonderful 30 history of the IT organization. These changes will reshape everything we do every day and transform the relationship between the teams of IT and our customers and the business. Assume nothing, and be ready to question everything.
    This session will look at 3 of the biggest changes coming our way, what each of these really mean and what we can be doing as IT professionals to help our organization to be ready and to elevate the teams of IT as new leaders in the business.
  • Cybercrime’s Innovation Machine
    Cybercrime’s Innovation Machine
    Hardik Modi, Senior Director, Threat Intelligence, NETSCOUT & Jessica Gulick, CEO, Katzcy & VP, Women's Society of Cyberjutsu Recorded: Aug 6 2019 25 mins
    It’s hard to express the scale of today’s cyber threat landscape, let alone its global impact. We can tell you that there were nearly four million DDoS attacks around the world in the last six months, and that attack frequency grew by 39 percent. Or that the NETSCOUT ASERT team saw 20,000 unique samples per month from just one family of IoT malware. Or even that it can take only five days from the discovery of a new attack vector to the availability of tools for the script-kiddie designed to exploit that vulnerability.

    These numbers, while startling, don’t fully convey the impact of that steady drumbeat of new threats. Cybercrime has entered the mainstream of our culture to an unprecedented extent, and it is here to stay.

    Join this video interview live from Las Vegas during Black Hat to learn more about:
    - The big trends in DDoS
    - New attack vectors found in the past six months and what this means for device and software security
    - What enterprises can do to protect themselves
  • Security Without Borders In the Multi-Cloud
    Security Without Borders In the Multi-Cloud
    Rick McElroy (Carbon Black) | Neil Thacker, (Netskope) | Hardik Modi (NETSCOUT) | Shahrokh Shahidzadeh (Acceptto) Recorded: Aug 6 2019 59 mins
    Digital Transformation, 5G and the Internet of Things are creating wider and deeper opportunities and risks for technology and business organizations to pioneer and navigate. These new boundaries are difficult for organizations to get visibility into and contain threats across them. In a the new world of micro services, serverless computing, software defined infrastructure and Multi-Cloud, old enterprise threat and vulnerability models must transform.

    Learn how to achieve consistent and continuous monitoring across your entire infrastructure, as well as within the services and providers you rely on. Getting early, accurate warning into the risks that threaten applications and infrastructure is critical.

    Learn why Security and DevOps / Infrastructure teams need to lean into and how to do it at scale.

    - Rick McElroy, Principal Security Strategist, Carbon Black (Moderator)
    - Neil Thacker, CISO, Netskope
    - Hardik Modi, Senior Director, Threat Intelligence, NETSCOUT
    - Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO, Acceptto
  • Platform of the Future - Network as a Sensor (Part 4)
    Platform of the Future - Network as a Sensor (Part 4)
    Fady Sharobeem, Systems Engineer, Cisco Meraki Aug 20 2019 1:00 am UTC 28 mins
    IT can be a complex topic for all businesses. In this 5 part video series, we’ll cover how Meraki is changing the industry and simplifying IT with modern technology.

    Learn how to build a full Meraki stack from scratch as well as taking advantage of APIs for variety of use cases.
  • HTTPS: SSL Certificates and Phishing (EMEA)
    HTTPS: SSL Certificates and Phishing (EMEA)
    Kelvin Murray, Sr. Threat Research Analyst, Webroot Aug 20 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    ** This is an EMEA focused webinar **

    When we see HTTPS at the beginning of a URL, or the accompanying lock icon in our browser’s address bar, we tend to think it means we’re safe from harm. But HTTPS isn’t really about security. It’s about privacy. That lock icon simply means any information we transmit on that site is encrypted. It makes no guarantees the destination itself is safe.

    Cybercriminals know users are trained to look for the lock icon in the address bar, and have been working hard to take advantage of that trust.

    Join our 30-minute webinar to learn more about the tradeoffs between privacy and security, and discover why HTTPS may not really be as secure as we think.
  • Learn How Dirty Data can increase Profitability at Banks
    Learn How Dirty Data can increase Profitability at Banks
    Anand Subramaniam, Principal Architect AI & ML Practice, Aspire Systems Aug 20 2019 1:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Figuring out how dirty data can be converted into useful insights can be a pain. Information about your customers can be easily retrieved if you have correct and actionable data that can be worked on. AI can only do wonders if this is the case. Banks that segment their customers’ data using AI have increased their revenue up to 30%. But let’s take a step back and think – when was the last time you checked for data accuracy. Or how sure are you that the data you’ve entered into your AI algorithm is correct? To predict what your banking customers are looking for, you need to have the data cleaned and all set for AI initiatives to succeed.

    In this webinar, you will learn

    • How to get the data cleaned up?
    • How to use them to get better insights?
    • How to use insights to improve your ROI?

    Speaker - Anand Subramaniam, the Head of AI Practice at Aspire Systems

    Join us on a August 20, Tuesday for an hour, discussing vital topics that can place you ahead in your data transformation journey.
  • NTT 2019 Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report
    NTT 2019 Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report
    Wayne Speechly -VP: Advanced Competencies – NTT Ltd. Aug 20 2019 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Key highlights from the NTT 2019 Digital Means Business Benchmarking Report which provides insights and analysis from surveying more than 1,150 executives across five regions, 15 countries, and 11 industry verticals.

    Digital is starting to gain meaningful traction in organizations. They’re focusing internally to see quick wins but are still grappling with prioritization and organization-wide execution of digital transformation.
  • Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to Multi-Cloud Operations | Multi-Cloud
    Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to Multi-Cloud Operations | Multi-Cloud
    Becky Ransdell, Cisco IT Aug 20 2019 3:00 pm UTC 24 mins
    When your digital platform is the lifeline of the core business serving a run-rate of $2M/min, the role of IT Ops matters! Cisco shares their digital transformation journey with practical insights on services enabled, services planned, and the underpinning architectural evolution towards an AIOps model for multi-cloud.

    Learning Objectives:

    In this session, you will:

    Hear Cisco IT’s multi-year journey

    Discover key use cases for bringing data together from many sources into a common data model

    Understand how Cisco is building a unified solution for next-gen application management

    Learn how they are adopting a software-defined data center as part of their multi-cloud strategy

    Gain insights into how they plan to leverage a real-time data lake to drive automations
  • B2B Site Search Best Practices: Give Customers What They Need, When They Want It
    B2B Site Search Best Practices: Give Customers What They Need, When They Want It
    Andrew Crowder & Lipika Brahma Aug 20 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Are visitors looking for a needle in a haystack when they come to your website? Prospects and customers have an insatiable need for information. If they can’t find what they are looking for quickly and easily, they will stop looking and leave.

    That’s why personalized search results delivered with lightning speed are critical. Search is the most popular site function for manufacturers, and the biggest indicator of a customer’s intent to purchase from distributors. The website is now a crucial priority that directly impacts business revenue.

    Join us to learn how Acuity Brands -- the largest manufacturer of lighting and lighting control systems in North America -- completely rebuilt its search-led website in just five months and on budget. Andrew Crowder, VP of Enterprise Architecture, will share his team’s strategy for executing on a critical imperative that came with high expectations, with tips on planning, lessons learned, and what’s next for search.

    Attend this webinar and learn:

    - How to plan and execute a large search-enabled site on time and on budget
    - Why machine learning, AI and a server-less environment are key to delivering quality content for every search use case, every time
    - The efficiencies of enabling business users to manage search right from Sitecore
  • ITSM Trends You Can't Ignore, and How Your Tech Stack Must Support It
    ITSM Trends You Can't Ignore, and How Your Tech Stack Must Support It
    Josh Caid, Chief Evangelist, Cherwell Software Aug 20 2019 7:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    The pace of change within the modern enterprise is nothing short of dizzying. Evolving workforce demands, emerging technologies, and increasing expectations that IT deliver quantifiable business value means that pressure on the service desk has never been higher. Unfortunately, many IT organizations continue to rely on a combination of poorly integrated, legacy technologies that create friction for end users, consume precious IT resources, and prevent IT from taking a proactive and strategic role within the business.

    Join Cherwell’s Josh Caid, Chief Technology Evangelist, for a lively discussion on the top trends shaping IT service management, and how IT teams must evolve their ITSM tech stacks in order to keep pace with digital transformation initiatives and ever-changing business needs.
  • The Risks From Unsecured Networks (APAC)
    The Risks From Unsecured Networks (APAC)
    Jonathan Barnett, Sales Engineer Aug 21 2019 12:00 am UTC 30 mins
    ** This is an APAC focused webinar **

    More than 88% of malware trying to enter your network can be stopped with a DNS filtering solution. These allow admins to take back control of their network, securing all devices, preventing internet misuse, and improving productivity. A filtered DNS solution is capable of blocking DDoS attacks, botnets, cache poisoning, and other threats.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss the importance of network security and how Webroot® DNS Protection can benefit your business and protect against attacks.
  • [Ep.1]: AI Drives Measurable Success in Customer Engagement
    [Ep.1]: AI Drives Measurable Success in Customer Engagement
    Robin Gareiss, President & Founder, Nemertes Research Aug 21 2019 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Intelligent Customer Engagement Series [Ep.1] AI Drives Measurable Success in Customer Engagement

    Nearly 50% more companies are using or planning to use AI in their customer engagement initiatives.
    Nemertes recently studied how 518 companies are using AI and analytics to improve their customer experiences. This webinar details:
    • how these companies use AI
    • what measurable improvements resulted.
  • Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center Monthly Intelligence Briefing (MIB)
    Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center Monthly Intelligence Briefing (MIB)
    John Grim, Senior Manager, PS Advisory Services Aug 21 2019 2:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Join us—the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center – for our Monthly Intelligence Briefing (MIB) to discuss the current cybersecurity threat landscape.

    Our Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center presenters will be:

    •Erika Gifford, Senior Manager, GSS | Security Operations Advisory
    •Hayden Williams, Senior Manager, VTRAC | Investigative Response
    •John Grim, Managing Principal, VTRAC | Innovations and Development
    •David Kennedy, Managing Principal, VTRAC | Open Source Intelligence

    Preparing for and responding to data breaches and cybersecurity incidents is never easy. It takes knowledge of your environment and its unique threats, effective teamwork, and just as importantly, a rigorous Incident Response (IR) Plan. We'll introduce our monthly listeners to the VIPR Report – the Verizon Incident Preparedness and Response Report. We'll provide a high-level overview of our findings across three years of IR Plan assessments and data breach simulations. Insight will include:

    •Observations and recommendations across the six phases of incident response
    •Top takeaways for building a solid IR Plan and capability
    •Breach Simulations Kits and using these resources to run data breach tabletop exercises

    This webinar will also cover:

    •Current Intelligence Overview
    •Attacks and Threat Indicators
    •Latest Malware Trends
    •Significant Vulnerabilities

    If you have any questions related to social attacks and data breaches that you'd like us to cover on the call, please send them to the following email address: Intel.Briefing@verizon.com

    Then tune in for an information-packed session brought to you by our very own Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center investigators, analysts, assessors, and researchers!
  • AI for Business & IT - 8 Technologies, 9 processes, 10 checklist items
    AI for Business & IT - 8 Technologies, 9 processes, 10 checklist items
    Arun Trivedi Aug 21 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    As AI becomes all-pervasive, more and more companies need to start thinking about how AI can help in their business transformation and optimization journey. According to a Gartner survey, 54% respondents plan to start deployment within the next few years. However, their are multiple barriers, including finding a starting point and fear of the unknown.

    This webinar breaks down AI for the business & IT - what use cases should CIOs and business organizations focus on and how do we get started? What are the possible use cases? How do we even go about thinking about AI in our organization in a structured way?
  • 3 Tips for Maximizing the Business Value of ITIL and ITSM
    3 Tips for Maximizing the Business Value of ITIL and ITSM
    George Spaulding of Pink Elephant and Matt Klassen of Cherwell Software Aug 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    Value may be overused word, but there is no escaping the reality that IT is faced with pressure to deliver more of it with each passing day. So how can you take what some would make you believe is a legacy framework like ITIL and a commodity technology like ITSM and extract maximum value?

    Join us for this relevant and compelling webinar in which George Spalding, VP at PinkElephant and Matt Klassen, VP at Cherwell Software, will unpack the key challenges IT faces today such as self-service, accelerating pace of change, AI and automation technology, Agile and devops practices, and more. They will show you which value levers have the most effect and give you 3 practical tips you can use today in your organization to impact the business in a real way.
  • Application Awareness with the Power to Take Action
    Application Awareness with the Power to Take Action
    David Davis, Partner & Vexpert, ActualTech Media and Bassam Khan, VP, Product & Technical Marketing Engineering, Gigamon Aug 22 2019 1:00 am UTC 54 mins
    Managing and securing a network can feel like a lot like navigating a ship in a turbulent storm at night. You might hear thunder and see lightning, but you never really know when or from where the next threat is coming.

    What if you could permanently illuminate the best path forward? Better visibility will help you uncover hidden threats in your network traffic and prevent waves of duplicate or irrelevant data from overwhelming your analytics and security tools.

    Join Gigamon and ActualTech Media in this webinar and learn how to:
    - Unleash visibility to secure and optimize your network
    - Discover applications that you didn’t even know were running on your network
    - Increase overall performance of your network and shared components
    - Spot potential security vulnerabilities before they become a problem

    Join Gigamon and ActualTech Media in this webinar to learn how to discover applications that you didn’t even know were running on your network.

    Watch as we share insight and demonstrate live how to increase overall performance as well as spot potential security vulnerabilities before they become a problem.
  • [Panel] The New Era of Proactive Problem & Incident Management in the Enterprise
    [Panel] The New Era of Proactive Problem & Incident Management in the Enterprise
    Elisabeth Thomas, Mohan Kompella, Christoph Goldenstern, Beverly Weed-Schertzer Aug 22 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As AI-enabled tools continue to make a mark on IT operations, the face of proactive problem and incident management in the enterprise is starting to change.

    From making IT staff roles’ easier to encouraging self-service, there is a broad range of AI-powered solutions on offer. Join leading ITSM experts as they debate the complexities, functionalities, benefits and considerations of next-generation cloud and hybrid problem and incident management tools.

    Moderator: Elisabeth Thomas, Launch Product Marketing
    Panellists: Christoph Goldenstern - VP, Kepner Tregoe; Mohan Kompella - VP, BIgPanda and Beverly Weed-Shertzer - ITSM Author
  • ITSM 2020: Top 5 Predictions to Guide Your Service Desk Strategy
    ITSM 2020: Top 5 Predictions to Guide Your Service Desk Strategy
    Stephen Mann of ITSM.tools, Matt Klassen, Cherwell Software, VP, Product Marketing Aug 22 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    2020 is just around the corner, and it’s time to begin defining your ITSM goals, strategy, and related investments—with a focus on delivering business value. Join Kari Nelson of Cherwell Software and Stephen Mann of ITSM.tools for an in-depth discussion of the five most significant business and industry trends that will shape the service desk in 2020 and beyond.

    This webinar will explore:
    •Key shifts in both business and IT that will revolutionize the role of the service desk
    •Common barriers to embracing emerging trends and the opportunities they present
    •The imperative of shifting from an operational mindset to a business value mindset
    •How to build a practical roadmap that ensures not only the success but the very survival, of the IT service desk
  • IT Change Management in a High-Speed World
    IT Change Management in a High-Speed World
    Greg Sanker, Roy Atkinson (Moderator) Aug 22 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Organizations are increasingly caught between competing goals: They must meet compliance and cybersecurity requirements and produce stable technology environments while simultaneously allowing for high-velocity changes. How can these competing goals be managed?

    In the webinar, Greg Sanker, author of IT Change Management: A Practitioner’s Guide will shed light on how these goals can be reconciled using accepted frameworks and proven methods, including:
    •The changing role of the Change Advisory Board (CAB)
    •Enabling change rather than inhibiting change
    •Using the “blast radius” model to determine risk
  • Control Your Digital Transformation with IT4IT Value Streams
    Control Your Digital Transformation with IT4IT Value Streams
    Lars Rossen, Micro Focus Fellow, Ph.D. MBA and Travis Greene, Director of Product Marketing, Micro Focus Aug 22 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Digital transformation can be a costly failure without proper controls. How can we learn from others who have succeeded in the journey to avoid repeating mistakes?

    The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture is a vendor-neutral standard maintained by The Open Group that provides a comprehensive framework for delivering value to the business.

    Join us for this webcast with Lars Rossen, Micro Focus Fellow and co-inventor of the IT4IT standard, as he takes you on a fast-paced tour of the nine value streams that tie together the essential functions of IT.

    Learn how each value stream delivers a measurable improvement to controlling and delivering digital services, by connecting enterprise DevOps and hybrid IT management with built-in security and end-to-end insight.
  • Conversational AI: Go beyond chatbots with intelligent customer and employee exp
    Conversational AI: Go beyond chatbots with intelligent customer and employee exp
    Kevin Fredrick, Managing Partner, OneReach.ai and Vishnu Samevedula, Senior Solution Engineer, ISV Partnerships Aug 22 2019 5:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    In this webinar we’ll attempt to go around the chatbot hype. With conversational AI, your customers and employees get the answers they need fast. It’s more than simple “if-then” logic; it incorporates natural language to make human-to-machine conversations more like human-to-human ones. The result? Increased customer engagement, continued trust and reliability in your business, and the ability to free up your best thinkers and doers to become more productive than ever before.

    Watch this live webinar to learn how to:
    - Automatically parse data, intent, and tasks from customer interactions using the power of Anypoint Platform combined with no-code/low-code conversational AI solutions from OneReach.ai
    - Build task-specific, channel-agnostic experiences by integrating data from systems and channels like Slack, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.
    - Retool your team for operational efficiency by automating the known, handing off the unknown, and more.
  • Cost Optimize Your Success in the Cloud
    Cost Optimize Your Success in the Cloud
    Mike Boudreau, Director of Cloud Optimization at Mission Aug 22 2019 5:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    There is a lot of information out there about saving money/cost optimization on AWS, but a lot of it comes with a catch. In this webinar, the Director of Cloud Optimization at Mission, Mike Boudreau, will identify these potential snags and how to avoid them, so you can optimize your success in the cloud.
  • Using Complete ITAM Data to Improve Your ITSM
    Using Complete ITAM Data to Improve Your ITSM
    Jason Yeary Aug 22 2019 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    IT asset management (ITAM) and IT service management (ITSM) are the perfect partners in crime (so to speak). An organization’s success within each discipline can impact the employee’s experience. In fact, these two areas of IT should live together, fully integrated and compliment each other.

    The service desk is the epicenter for employees’ relationships with business technology, and IT asset management holds the data for the technology they use. That means a clear view of asset data and histories can help deliver better incident management and request fulfillment. It can drive successful change, problem, and release management. It can drive automated actions that connect employees to the resources they need, and help manage the risks that you don’t need.

    In this presentation, you’ll learn:
    - How to build a self-sustaining IT asset management strategy as a main pillar to growing your ITSM strategy
    - How to improve your existing incident management process by automatically linking tickets with the underlying assets related to them through asset discovery
    - How to analyze the impact of technology changes, and improve tracking and resolutions of employee impacting issues
  • Data Loss Prevention Deep Dive: Protecting Sensitive Data
    Data Loss Prevention Deep Dive: Protecting Sensitive Data
    Shamil Turner, Industry Principle, Dropbox & Dror Liwer, CISO & Co-Founder, Coronet Aug 22 2019 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Data volume has been growing exponentially, dramatically increasing opportunities for theft and accidental disclosure of sensitive information. Companies are looking at Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to help identify, monitor and protect sensitive data.
    Watch this Webinar to learn the importance of DLP, and how our products together can help you automate and align to your company’s security strategy.

    Coronet and Dropbox will cover how you can provide risk visualizations and implement a remediation strategy without disrupting end user productivity.

    In this Webinar, we will cover:

    - How to identify and block insider suspicious behavior
    - Ways to protect company data and content via DLP rules
    - How to protect Dropbox Business from malware and ransomware attacks
  • Platform of the Future - Efficiency (Part 5)
    Platform of the Future - Efficiency (Part 5)
    Fady Sharobeem, Systems Engineer, Cisco Meraki Aug 27 2019 1:00 am UTC 9 mins
    IT can be a complex topic for all businesses. In this 5 part video series, we’ll cover how Meraki is changing the industry and simplifying IT with modern technology.

    Learn how to build a full Meraki stack from scratch as well as taking advantage of APIs for variety of use cases.
  • 5 Apple Security Misconceptions
    5 Apple Security Misconceptions
    Kat Garbis, Solutions Architect – Jamf Aug 27 2019 1:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    Despite Apple’s growing market share in the enterprise, there are still misconceptions and concerns surrounding Apple hardware and device security compared to other platforms.

    In this webinar, 5 Apple Security Misconceptions, we examine areas where misinformation lingers and empower IT administrators and their organizations with the facts regarding Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV device security.
    Five misconceptions we’ll cover:

    1.Deploying and securing devices is the same across all platforms
    2.Additional encryption tools are required for Apple
    3.Apple IDs are cumbersome and difficult to use
    4.Apple's native security features are not enough
    5.Binding Mac devices to a network is a must