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How to Use 7 Simple Quota Practices to Skyrocket Sales Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power, Poornima Mohandas, Product Marketing Manager, CallidusCloud Balancing territories properly is critical for maximizing your sales force's success, and doing so correctly means using data to establish sales territories that will reach their full profit potential.

Gartner estimated that, on average, enterprises will miss the equivalent of 10 percent of total sales in lost revenue that could have been captured with improved processes for defining, assigning and managing territories, quotas and compensation plans. Without data, territory mapping and quota calculations become subjective, favor certain sales reps, and often do not maximize the company's overall revenue potential.

Join us for this webinar and learn how to:

- Simplify and accelerate the territory and quota planning process
- Reduce the risk of errors in the planning process
- Use data to avoid the most common territory planning pitfalls
- Give reps clarity on how quotas are calculated and improve sales rep retention
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Oct 14 2015 3:00 pm
45 mins
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  • As mobile devices become ubiquitous communication tools in business, text messaging is emerging as a powerful communication channel. But, can it be used effectively for sales prospecting. Jeb Blount, author of Fanatical Prospecting says yes!

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - 7 Keys to Text Message Prospecting
    - How Text Message Prospecting Fits into a Balanced Prospecting Methodology
    - The Law of Familiarity and Why it Matters
    - When to Leverage Text Messaging to Open New Doors
    - Text Messages that Get Responses

    In this practical, no-holds barred webinar you'll get real tips and techniques, that work in the real world, with real prospects.
  • Introducing the Sales Performance Manager QuickStart Package

    In the era of the complex B2B sale, every major sale involves multiple decision makers, elongated selling cycles, and ever-more informed customers. This presents sales reps with a golden opportunity to be a trusted, respected, and valuable advisor to the buyer through a labyrinthine buying cycle. But for this companies have to know how their sales reps are performing and coach them to put their best foot forward.

    CallidusCloud offers you the quickest way to adopt coaching. We are excited to show you our most recently launched, Sales Performance Manager (SPM) QuickStart Package that can help you hit the ground running so you can transform your B players into A players.

    The SPM QuickStart Package packs in the most-demanded starter features and can be implemented in a matter of two weeks. The SPM QuickStart Package by CallidusCloud streamlines coaching to make it easy and effective, delivering performance visibility and transparency across the sales organization with up-to-date dashboards, reporting, and analytics.

    Come to this webinar to learn:

    - The value of coaching and why you should care about it
    - What is the quickest way to deploy coaching in your organization?
    - Key benefits to sales leaders, managers, and sales reps
    - The value of rich performance data
    - Get a live walkthrough of the SPM QuickStart Package
  • Great communication starts with great listening. And great listening starts with an inner listening called Mindfulness, a simple practice done 10-20 min. a day that makes an average communicator into a great one. Transform hollow interactions into engaged, dynamic relationships by being present and in the moment. Learn why successful organizations all over the world are bringing Mindfulness to the workplace. Developing inner awareness leads to productive relationship building, sharpening crucial skills in management, improving sales & operations at successful firms. Win the trust across the spectrum of those you communicate with, from clients to colleagues, employees to senior management, in every interaction.

    You Will Learn:
    1.What Mindfulness is & why it is useful in the business world.
    2.How this simple practice enhances self-awareness, making one a potent & attentive listener.
    3.How to be 100% in the present moment, focused, free of distractions.
    4.A 5-phase process that leads to effective communication & deep trust, yielding sustainable professional & personal relationships.
    5.How Mindfulness training has been embraced across industries, including health, financial services, technology, government, journalism, entertainment, social services, think tanks, law enforcement, the military & education. (Google, Apple, Aetna, Virgin, Madison Wisconsin Police Dept, Congress, & House of Commons.)

    Can’t Miss Takeaway:
    You will:
    •Learn the daily practice of Mindfulness & how it delivers practical benefits.
    •Have access to an audio guide to a daily Mindfulness practice.
    •Receive a free on-line copy of George Kinder’s book, Transforming Suffering into Wisdom: Mindfulness & The Art of Inner Listening.

    Who Should Attend?
    Anyone who wishes to be more effective in their communication skills, with greater control, clearer focus, more patience, flexibility & skill, greater leadership & access to intuition, values, creativity, & managing stress & difficult emotions with poise.
  • In this webinar you will learn why its imperative to produce quality content so you can control the buyers journey and close more deals.
  • In this webinar we focus on where you should be directing your time to optimize your investment in Sales, and what results you should expect. There is a lot of confusion out there about how to fully enable Sales for success. This has left businesses turning towards their marketing teams or supporting departments to assist in hitting their sales targets, but there is another way!

    In this webinar we gain some key insights from two prominent sales and marketing consulting leaders as they show you what, where, and how much to invest in your Sales enablement. Throughout this journey we are going to highlight the impact of misdirected sales enablement and share some of the findings of our global sales and marketing study.
  • Welcome Staffing & Recruiting Agency Professionals to Jobscience & Menemsha Group's 3-Part, Sales Productivity Series --- "The Road to Winning More Business."

    Part 3: Cold Calling Techniques That Can Take Your Agency To The Finish Line. No Joke.

    Cold calling is the lifeblood of the staffing sales rep yet so few find it an effective use of their time.

    Proven sales coach for staffing agencies, Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group will dispel the myth around the ineffectiveness of cold calling, and in fact provide a a fresh approach to cold calling that actually yields results.

    Key learning experiences:

    •Why (and how) you need to do the opposite of what prospects expect from sales people?
    •How sales people create objections (and how to stop these behaviors)?
    •How to craft a message that cuts through the clutter and will compel the client to engage?
    •How to power your recruitment agency CRM with market intelligence so a cold call isn't so cold?
  • To win in today’s highly-competitive marketplace, modern enterprises turn to innovative cloud-based solutions and technologies to transform and streamline their sales processes and drive digital business ROI.

    Join DocuSign Regional Vice President of Emerging Markets, Chris Barone, as he explores how to identify the right combination of solutions to not only disrupt the status quo, but also accelerate and improve the sales cycle experience for everyone.
  • At a time when information and products are available to you the split-second you want them, what do you think your producers want the most? What is it that can make producers sticky?

    To keep producers loyal, offer them:
    •Quality education
    •Training on demand
    •Mentoring and coaching
    •And more…

    If you don’t already, start thinking about an overhaul of your distribution channels today. PwC and CallidusCloud can guide you in the right direction.

    Register for the July 9, 11 am PST webinar How to Future Proof Your Distribution Channels by Paul Livak, Director, Advisory Services at PwC and Tom Davis, VP, Insurance at CallidusCloud.
  • The capacity of your sales force isn't just feet on the street. What type of conversations are your reps having with customers? Are they strategic or are they product (read: price) driven? Now, more than ever, sales reps need knowledge about your company and products in order to better respond to your customers with the answers they need. This knowledge is critical in connecting your customers to your company. Sales reps have an overwhelming amount of information coming to them at various stages of the sales cycle. Balancing mission-critical sales activities with both the tools and information that sales reps must leverage can be a difficult task. The result is slowed sales cycles and clogged pipelines.

    This webinar will help you:
    - Identify obstacles that slow down the sales process.
    - Build a plan to give time back to your sales reps.
    - Unclog your sales pipelines.
  • Social Selling is a hot topic with Sales Enablement professionals. That's because social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter have become one of the best ways to reach decision makers. Still, many companies struggle with how to turn grass-roots social selling tactics by a few leading salespeople into a coordinated, strategic approach by the entire sale organization.

    Register for this seminar to see how to do it. Attendees will learn:

    The 3 Stages of Corporate Social Selling
    Options for Training Your Sales Team
    How to Put the "Social" into Social Selling Training

    Kurt Shaver speaks and trains corporate sales teams on advanced Social Selling skills. He has appeared at conferences like Sales 2.0, AA-ISP Social Selling, and LinkedIn's Sales Connect. Clients include leading companies in the technology, telecom, and business services industries. Learn more at The Sales Foundry.

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