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Leadership styles are continually evolving to incorporate new ways of thinking about employee satisfaction, motivation and performance. Find webinars and videos on the strategies, techniques and qualities that make an effective leader. By participating in this community you will gain insight into current leadership theories and how to optimize employee performance.
  • Growing installs is the number one mission for any mobile app developer, and any user acquisition strategy generally consists of a mix of organic installs and paid campaigns. But many see these as separate and distinct. Not true. To get the most out of each — especially for smaller developers — it’s critical to understand how paid installs impact organic installs, and vice versa.

    In this webinar, Ian Sefferman of TUNE will share the eye-opening results of a study investigating the correlation between paid campaigns and organic installs (yes, it’s positive), and how this varies depending on the app category and operating system. Christian Calderon of DOTS will dive into the strategies and tactics that increase both paid and organic installs, and how they work together.

    What you’ll learn:
    For every paid install, how many organic installs an app can expect to see
    How the multiplier effect impacts app categories differently
    How organic installs and engaged users affect your paid strategy and spend
    Best-practice examples on what really works to maximize both organic installs and paid campaigns for highest yield


    Ian Sefferman, GM, App Store Analytics
    Christian Calderon, Head of Marketing, DOTS
  • ADP will train you. ADP will support you. ADP will reward you. Are you ready to learn how?

    Join the Webinar on Feb 25th @ 2pm EST to hear how you can build your career foundation at ADP in Outside Sales.

    Learn why ADP was nationally recognized for training and creates world renowned sales associates.

    Be Bold in 2015.
  • Small businesses are facing a massive shift driven by technology. To stay competitive they are turning to technology and the Internet to manage cash flow, increase productivity and streamline operations. And the small business market is primed to accelerate its adoption as newly developed apps are helping small business owners save time, reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity, and work more effectively.

    With traditional banks slow to respond, non-banking technology providers have obliged with innovative, intuitive solutions that integrate payments, receivables, and online banking data and offer reporting and cash flow management.

    Join Yodlee Interactive and a panel of experts for an animated roundtable discussion on how the development and start-up community can capitalize on the transformation occurring in the small business sector.


    Christine Barry, Research Director, Wholesale Banking Practice, Aite Group

    Kathryn Petralia, Co-Founder & COO, Kabbage

    Andy Childs, Vice President of Marketing, Paychex

    Greg Weddell, Practice Manager, Small Business, Yodlee
  • The BCI's annual Horizon Scan report, in partnership with BSI, was published in February 2015 and the BCI and BSI are hosting a webinar to highlight some of the results. Historically the Horizon Scan has shown that unplanned IT and telecoms outage is the greatest threat to BC practitioners, but will this remain the case? All will be revealed!
    In this webinar, the report's author - Patrick Alcantara - will discuss the findings in greater depth along with BSI's Lorraine Orr.
  • With the advent of proprietary video calling services like Apple's FaceTime, Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts, more people are adopting video calling in their personal lives. But they're quickly discovering that these "free apps" often aren't good enough for business! Discover why all HD video conferencing is NOT created equal. Industry expert and video evangelist Simon Dudley shares his insights on this webinar recording.

    Topics discussed in this webinar include:
    - Are Skype and Google Hangouts opposite ends of the same problem -
    - Why is this presentation not a video conference
    - What matters about human connections
    - The power of Metcalfe’s Law – The utility of a network increases at the square of the number of nodes within it
    - A quick comparison of Skype and Hangouts
    - Where all these different technologies fit
    - Why all solutions are not the same
    - Who really should be scared of Skype and Hangouts
    - Considerations when thinking of this technology
    - The future of video communications

    Video communications technology need to be above a certain subjective level of quality before it can actually be considered a useful replacement to meeting people in person. Skype and Hangouts are valuable tools, but fulfill a different role than what Lifesize is meant for.

    For the ultimate quality of experience, use professional grade video conferencing. If you want to disseminate data to large groups with limited interaction, Skype and Google Hangouts can work.

    For more info about Lifesize visit http://www.lifesize.com/demo
  • The words video conferencing technology often strike fear into the hearts of some IT pros due to perceived complexity. However, recent developments have made the technology MUCH simpler to implement, manage and understand. This webinar will uncover how new cloud-based video conferencing solutions have eliminated complicated hardware from the conference-room video experience and how you can connect your office and employees to the world.

    You will learn:
    1. How we’ve revolutionized how your users will utilize video conferencing technology

    2. The benefits of having your video environment hosted in the cloud, like freeing up IT resources and time

    3. How cloud video conferencing can fit your organization’s specific needs, mobilize your workforce, and make your life as an IT pro easier (and all without breaking the bank!)
  • Watch Simon Dudley, Lifesize’s video evangelist, and Dr. S. Ann Earon, President of Telemanagement Resources International, as they discuss the real ROI of video conferencing in part one of this two-part webinar.
  • Watch Simon Dudley, Lifesize’s video evangelist, and Dr. S. Ann Earon, President of Telemanagement Resources International, as they discuss the real ROI of video conferencing in part two of this two-part webinar.
  • Your hosts, Phil Karcher from Forrester Research and Simon Dudley, Video Evangelist from LifeSize will share critical tools and methodologies available to IT and business teams to help your organization harness the power of video collaboration.
  • Over 50 million mobile apps are downloaded daily. One in four is abandoned within 24 hours. In other words, creating a successful app is incredibly difficult. Pressure from internal and external sources to increase downloads, engagement, and create new and/or enhance existing revenue streams is constant. App owners must differentiate products while making experiences more fluid to ensure they become essential to the lifestyles of their users.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

    -Data-driven context: The anatomy of a “location” data point and how to put it to work in your experience.
    -Categorizing behavior: Learn how to categorize user actions and what to do with the results.
    -Building App modes: putting the power of place to work in your app to anticipate user needs, monetize your app, and differentiate your app experience.
    -Case studies to demonstrate what leading apps are doing and current best practices.

    Join us to get actionable takeaways, gain insight, and to pose questions to the leaders in location about our experience in how to make your app become a vital part of your users’ everyday lives.
  • This webinar addresses the aims of risk identification and analysis Workshops and majors on tangible advice and rehearsals of Risk Workshop techniques
  • Put the customer at the center of your business. Watch this short video for 12 recommendations on how to improve your customer engagement, with fresh research from Thunderhead.com and carried out by Populus.
  • Watch this short video and hear CEO Glen Manchester talk about the new and exciting innovations happening at Thunderhead.com. He'll explain how thunderhead.com's solutions enable businesses to solve the key problem in customer experience, managing the customer journey across all touchpoints so that they can create enduring and engaging relationships with their customers.
  • Insurance Customer Engagement scenario video with Customer First Insurance Inc. and Nick an insurance policy holder.

    Watch this 3 minute video about Nick, a car insurance policy holder, and Customer First Insurance Inc., an insurance company to see the impact of Thunderhead.com's ONE Engagement Hub.

    ONE Engagement Hub gives businesses:
    •Continuous understanding of customers’ intent, behavior and context to inform and deliver value-driven interactions
    •Real-time customer insights, contexts and journey behavior all tied together
    •Enables businesses to deliver valuable, relevant content and interactions the customer is interested in
    •A continuously updated adaptive customer profile with each customer interaction.

    ONE Engagement Hub gives your customers, like Nick, valuable, relevant experiences and content which they want across all touch-points.
  • Join our Divisional Vice President for a live webinar about great sales opportunities in Northern California on 12/4 at 12PM PST .

    It will be an exciting discussion on Human Capital Management and how our cloud based SaaS solution has led to 5 years of double digit growth!

    Join and propel your sales career to the cutting edge.

    This Webinar is for exclusive openings in Northern California.
  • Lead Generation & SEM. Sometimes, digital marketing may seem a bit daunting. We know what we want to bring in – business – and we know that online inbound marketing is the way to do it…but we may not sure of exactly how to go about it. Highly competitive, yet highly profitable – if done right – this webinar helps simplify SEM and its best practices, introducing you to keyword selection, landing page optimization, tracking, testing, and maximizing your return.
  • If you ever have found yourself “stuck” with a tricky dilemma we will show you how to use a simple framework to bring structure to your thinking and incorporate those all important personal and corporate values for a sound solution which you can stand behind.

    What will you do different after this webinar?

    •Analyse a difficult decision holistically
    •Appreciate the importance of knowing your values
    •Understand how people make AND take decisions
    •Recognise that listening to others’ viewpoints is crucial
    •Responsible decisions start and end with YOU!
  • At the BCI World Conference and Exhibition, the BCI will publish its latest research project, the emergency communications report. This report considers emergency communications planning and arrangements deployed by organisations across the world. Imad Mouline, CTO at Everbridge who sponsored the report, and Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate at the BCI and author of the report, will discuss some of the findings and provide some examples of best practice in critical communications.
  • Does your organisation overlook the human factor?

    Join our webinar Addressing the full risk agenda: Human Factor Risk at 11 am on 28th October 2014 and learn how to broaden your organisation's risk management approach to take in human behaviour rather than just procedures and regulations.
    You will discover a tool for measuring how people perceive, and therefore act on, risk. You will identify your own propensity for risk-taking, and find out how to both evaluate and influence other people's behavioural biases.
    What you learn from the webinar, intended for professionals at all levels, can be usefully incorporated into your risk tool kit and make an immediate impact on your organisation's risk strategy.
  • Great content engages your audience, helps with lead generation, lets you learn where leads are in the buying process, and helps sell. Creating content that includes all of these components happens because it’s designed to pass leads along a guided pathway from basic curiosity toward a desire to buy. It includes clear directions toward action, with compelling content that encourage conversion. It can be used and reused across websites, blogs, emails and more. When it all comes together, how a visitor consumes your content tells you where each lead is on the path towards becoming a customer.
  • You already understand the process of risk management. The next step is to equip yourself to fully integrate business risk and opportunities for innovation into your organisation's corporate governance model.
  • Project Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities.
  • Effective information management is becoming a key priority for many organisations in the area of business continuity. Managing golden data sources (people, resources, locations, processes etc), managing activities to support effective recovery, managing the information gathering process through risk assessment, BIA, Plans and Exercising, managing potential capability gaps and effective workflow.

    During webinar, Charles Boffin will to focus on how the origins of information management in the arena of IT disaster recovery have migrated to a fully-rounded business continuity proposition. From a focus on hardware and related applications availability with a relatively narrow agenda, we now have a proposition which encompasses all parts of the organisation, all touch points, all core data sources and all core processes.

    This change has meant change in practices in organisations too. And smart software underpins this. Software which

    - Co-ordinates and focus all data flows into a single point
    - Genuinely sits ‘pan-organisation’ in reach – one of the very few corporate areas that can make this claim. BC has to cross hierarchical silos in order to be effective.
    - Supports BC as both a strategic and an operational process i.e. from assessment through to practical application
    - Recognises that BC has the power to ‘make or break’ a business depending upon how effectively it is managed and executed
    - Supports key standards and governance – the business of the 21st Century.

    We will want to look at some of the practical applications of above, where we can show that information management using software is now becoming a norm. For those organisations who do not have this, there is a very real capability gap.
  • The primary purpose of any debriefing process is to identify areas from which lessons can be learnt, discover good practice and to implement procedures for improvement. At the end of the session participants will have gained the basic tools to run effective incident debriefs.
  • Organizations both large and small have adopted cloud solutions to achieve business objectives. However, disaster recovery (DR) remains the responsibility of the organization.

    The key topics that will be covered are:
    - DR for Cloud based systems
    - Cloud DR for tradition non-Cloud systems
    - Considerations when adopting Cloud DR
    - Implementation case studies
  • The risks and opportunities which digital technologies, devices and media bring us are manifest. Cyber risk is never a matter purely for the IT team, although they clearly play a vital role. An organisation's risk management function need a thorough understanding of the constantly evolving risks as well as the practical tools and techniques available to address them
  • When video conferencing works like you do, it naturally becomes a part of every meeting you make. In this webinar, we will share the techniques you can use to elevate your user adoption and highlight the features that make Lifesize Cloud as lifelike and as natural as meeting in person. Come learn from Sr. Product Manager Rafi Anuar as he shares his expertise and best practices for:
    • Scheduling and conducting meetings on Lifesize Cloud
    • Deploying room video systems with Lifesize Cloud
    • Participating in Lifesize Cloud meetings from anywhere, anytime
    • Utilizing Lifesize Cloud as a full-featured audio bridge

    Follow us on Twitter @LifesizeHD and use the hashtag #AskLS to ask questions.
  • Implementing video conferencing is no longer an effort of epic proportions. In the past, many professionals shied away from the technology due to perceived complexity and cost. Recent developments have made it MUCH simpler to implement, manage and understand, and completely accessible for companies of all sizes. Join Simon Dudley, Lifesize Video Evangelist, as he reveals how new cloud-based video conferencing solutions can transform the way you do business and how they enable you to connect your office and employees to the world in this fun, yet informative, webinar.

    You will learn:
    •How Lifesize has revolutionized how users utilize video conferencing technology
    •The benefits of having your video environment hosted in the cloud, like freeing up your resources and time
    •How cloud video conferencing can fit your organization’s specific needs, mobilize your workforce, and make your job easier (without breaking the bank!)

    Follow us on Twitter @LifesizeHD and use the hashtag #AskLS to ask questions.
  • Join one of ADP's Divisional Vice Presidents for a live webinar about great sales opportunities on March 10 at 3PM EST.

    It will be an exciting discussion on Human Capital Management and how our cloud based SaaS solution has led to 5 years of double digit growth!

    Join and propel your sales career to the cutting edge.

    This webinar is for exclusive openings across the United States.
  • In the consulting world, time is the most precious commodity. And although video conferencing can help you save time, most consulting professionals have shied away from the technology due to perceived complexity and cost. Recent developments have made it MUCH simpler to implement, manage and understand, and completely accessible for companies of all sizes. Join Simon Dudley, Lifesize Video Evangelist, as he reveals how new cloud-based video conferencing solutions can help get YOUR time back as well as improve your customer service with improved communications. Learn how you can connect yourself, your office and your team to the world in this fun, yet informative, webinar.

    You will learn:
    -How Lifesize has revolutionized how users utilize video conferencing technology
    -The benefits of having your video environment hosted in the cloud, like freeing up your time and resources
    -How cloud video conferencing can fit your organization’s specific needs, mobilize your workforce, and make your job easier (without breaking the bank!)

    Follow us on Twitter @LifesizeHD and use the hashtag #AskLS to ask questions.
  • Business needs to run at the speed of life. Unfortunately, far too often our corporate communications are encumbered by overly complex technology or distance which slows down our decision making and general business processes. In this webinar, Lifesize Video Evangelist, Simon Dudley, will reveal how you can transform your business and save time through the implementation of extremely simple and cost-effective cloud-based video conferencing. Join Simon to learn how you can connect yourself, your office and your team to the world in this fun, yet informative, webinar.

    You will learn:
    -How Lifesize has revolutionized how users utilize video conferencing technology
    -The benefits of having your video environment hosted in the cloud, like freeing up your time and resources
    -How cloud video conferencing can fit your organization’s specific needs, mobilize your workforce, and make your job easier (without breaking the bank!)

    Follow us on Twitter @LifesizeHD and use the hashtag #AskLS to ask questions.
  • - I purchased my trainers from a sports consultant (I have a BCM plan from a consultant – now what?)
    - My trainers have gathered dust (My BCP is covered in dust and coffee stains)
    - Dusting off the trainers and setting goals (Is my plan fit for purpose and what outcome am I wanting to achieve from the exercise?)
    - It’s a long road, with hills and valleys and even a pothole or two (Exercising maturity and challenges along the way)
    - Committed to fit! (Exercising your BCP is a journey in maturity)
  • The 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study, conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM, recently revealed that the costs associated with a data breach are rising. That, coupled with the increased prevalence and sophistication of attacks, might make you think there’s a cloudy forecast for data security.
    There is a silver lining, however, for organizations that want to limit the cost of these incidents; the study also showed that involving business continuity specialists in your security planning and having a continuity plan for your business can:
    - Lower the probability that you will experience a data breach
    - Reduce the follow-on impact of a data breach, should one occur
    - Help cut data breach costs by an average of $9 per compromised record, from $145 to $136
    Join this webcast to hear Paige Poore talk more about why a resiliency plan’s maturity, reach, and role in security planning are key factors in reducing the cost of a data breach and will share her insights based on case studies and experience working with organizations to integrate resiliency into their security planning.
  • Kathleen and Rob will discuss the benefits of injecting chaos / reality into various kinds of BC/DR exercises. Special attention will be paid to the development and and delivery of complex table-top exercises. They will also talk about how tabletop elements can enhance more traditional DR exercises by injecting realism into what are often extremely artificial events. Tabletop exercises are extremely useful for three reasons:

    - They exercise areas of disaster management not often covered in DR and BC testing.
    - They exercise those teams that are not often rehearsed together in realistic scenarios.
    - They teach loosely formed emergency teams how to work together efficiently and effectively under stressful emergency conditions.

    The benefits delivered to BCM programs through the use of tabletop exercises are extraordinary, but many practitioners do not yet have the necessary skills to design and execute them. This webinar will give the audience concrete tactics and techniques, as well as a defined methodology that will lead to tabletop successes.
  • One of the most important activities to address when developing a technology disaster recovery plan is the plan test. The primary mission of the test is to validate that the data backup/recovery, system failover/recovery and system failback/restoration procedures you have defined work correctly. These activities will help you fine-tune your DR plans more precisely, and will ensure that your recovery teams know their roles and responsibilities during and after a recovery. This webinar provides guidance on how to plan and execute a successful DR test.
  • Recognizing the availability of managed services firms that specialize in data backup and disaster recovery, it may make sense for your organization to partner with a firm that offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), especially as it applies to DR plan testing. This webinar provides guidance on key activities to address when planning and executing a DR test in partnership with a DRaaS firm.
  • Many companies have their data backed up but it’s where it is backed up to that is important, the location of that data and how quickly you can access the data to enable the company to continue trading, which is vital.
    Unless you can test these aspects you will not know until it is crunch time if your plan is faulty and by then it may well be too late.
    Most importantly we will be looking at how you can test your plan without disruption to your business. We will also be hearing from Nikki Goringe Larkin, who has recently had to put her BCP into action, on the outcome and how important it is to test your BCP.
  • Phoenix has been recovering technology, people and processes for over 25 years. During that time, they've built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in recovery situations. No-one is better placed in the industry to understand the significance of testing business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

    In this session, Chris Coulson reviews feedback from Phoenix Recovery Engineers around the country, highlighting the common causes of invocations and the sometimes unexpected issues arising from rehearsal situations. If ever you needed evidence that an untested plan is worthless, you'll get it here! Experience a rehearsal from the perspective of a Phoenix recovery engineer, who will deliver practical tips to take back to your business and we discuss some compelling services that help both rehearsals and real-life invocations, run smoothly.
  • In this webinar, Clare and Helen will be sharing best practice from their CIR award winning supply chain business continuity strategy.
  • This webinar will delve into organizational preparedness, response, recovery, and business continuity considerations for active shooter incidents, including:

    -Training and education before an incident occurs, so that individuals are empowered to make choices as to how they will react when confronted with an active shooter incident, as well as how to best coordinate with law enforcement and other pertinent stakeholders on preparedness measures for an active shooter incident.
    -The importance of emergency notification, and having the tools and procedures in place so that they work seamlessly in emergencies like active shooter incidents that require immediate attention.
    -The crisis management efforts required in the aftermath of an active shooter incident and associated challenges, including public information and outreach, deploying mental health and counseling resources, planning and conducting memorial services, and facilitating the resiliency of the organization and its people.
    -Balancing the response and emotional aftermath of an active shooter incident with business continuity priorities and continuing essential functions and critical operations, including the challenges associated with dedicating the multitude of resources required to manage such an incident.
  • Robert Clark MBCI will use case studies from his new book “Validating Your Business Continuity Plan” to consider the arguments for and against running unannounced live exercises. The studies will be based upon his own first-hand experience along with that of business continuity colleagues that he has worked with over the years. The live unannounced test scenarios will include:

    - Testing for a 9/11 type scenario 16 years before the event
    - Evacuating staff from their normal place of work, closing the building down for three days
    - ICT Disaster Recoveries with a 30 minutes’ notice
    - How a Christmas four day cruise sank a live test before it had even started
  • IT has always been important as the back office, “nervous system” of the business, but now it is front of house, often defining the organisation to its customers. Furthermore, IT is changing rapidly to meet the flexibility, any place, any time and information demands of businesses today. Maintaining the resilience of cloud, mobile, social media, and “big data” based IT services is paramount for the organisation's reputation. But how do we assure this when the complexity and interconnectedness of IT services is increasing? - yet scheduled time to enhance resilience is diminishing.
    Noel and Tony will explore these issues and the ways in which organisations are addressing them based on their experience with working with many of the world's most successful companies.
  • This session will focus on the common risks and threats across the financial services sector that drive clients to invest in designing and delivering simulation exercises to help them build and maintain readiness capabilities. Using a range of case studies, we will explore the benefits and challenges of running exercises in the sector, including some of the drivers and approaches to obtaining senior stakeholder buy-in (budget and time). Participants will learn about some of the key trends and learnings identified across the sector, in particular what best practices they can leverage for their own sector/ industry/ company, as well as what we anticipate the ‘big ticket’ scenarios will be this year.
  • Every practitioner dreams that when exercise participants receive the «save the date» invite that they are all excited to attend the next tabletop exercise. This webinar will give tips on how to make tabletop exercises dynamic with real-life examples while meeting set objectives.
  • Whether you’re simply ratifying the completeness of a new business unit plan, testing a single response component, or hosting a complex, unannounced simulation, it is critical to have Exercise Documentation on hand. Utilizing an Exercise Documentation template has many advantages such as:

    - Provide you with an Auditable History that can be used for approvals, budgetary concerns, objective setting and measurement.
    - Create a generic template to accommodate all exercise types.
    - Provide you with a vehicle for follow-up on lessons learned and next steps.
    - Provide you with the framework to create the next exercise.

    This webinar offers you a generic BC Exercise template that can be used for all exercise types and budget levels.
  • Getting, and keeping, Executive engagement for exercises is often the most 'testing time' for the BC practitioner. During his 20 years designing, running and observing Executive BC and Crisis Management exercises Ken Simpson has seen (and made) many mistakes. This session will share 5 of the more common mistakes observed and some learnings to help you avoid make the same mistakes.
  • Regular and representative testing is the only sure-fire way of confirming that you have the capability, people, and processes in place to respond to unplanned events - whether they be positive, such as a sudden increase in demand for your products, or negative, such as a fire in your Head Office. However, at IBM we believe that Resilience should be designed in from the start; not just in IT systems but across the entire seven layer model of all Enterprises - from the Business Strategy, through the Organisational structure, within the Applications that support Business processes, through infrastructure and into the underlying building fabric of office and data centres.
    Martin and his team will outline the important aspects all Enterprises should be adopting to prepare themselves for today's modern Business demands as the need to be 'always on' becomes a reality.
  • This session will focus on sharing some of our thoughts on crisis simulations methodology that creates a lasting value that goes beyond a simple 'fire drill' focusing only on the short term crisis. The foundation to our approach is preparation: the efforts an organisation puts into planning and customizing its crisis simulation approach can pay off many times over when a real crisis strikes- in personal preparedness, process improvement, team coherence, and raw confidence. We will explore what those are in more detail and their benefits of taking such an approach.
  • Given the rising concern for Supply Chain incidents amongst Business Continuity professionals (up 11 places to 5th in BCI Horizon Scan Research Report 2015), we will look at considerations for those businesses managing complex supply chains and a best practice approach for mitigating the associated risks.
  • Tous les professionnels rêvent que les participants aient hâte au prochain exercice sur table lorsqu’ils reçoivent l’invitation. Ce webinaire fournira des trucs sur comment rendre les exercices sur table dynamiques avec des exemples concrets tout en permettant de rencontrer les objectifs fixés.