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  • What Sales Can Learn From A Teacher
    What Sales Can Learn From A Teacher
    Carole Mahoney, The Sales Coach Expert Recorded: Aug 19 2019 34 mins
    Join host Carole Mahoney as she talks with Matt Miller, a teacher, blogger and presenter who has infused technology and innovative teaching methods in his classes for more than 10 years. He is the author of the book Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom and writes at the Ditch That Textbook blog about using technology and creative ideas in teaching.

    In this 30 minute interview, Carole asks Matt:

    1. What is the one thing that salespeople can do to better educate their buyers and adopt new ideas?

    2. What is one thing that sales managers can do to help salespeople learn and apply new skills?

    3. We are overloaded with tech- in every profession and market, it was supposed to make us more productive- but has it?

    4. What are some things that sales managers can use (like in GOogle apps) and how should they use them?
  • How to master sleep - Get your best night's sleep ever
    How to master sleep - Get your best night's sleep ever
    Nick Elvery - Human Optimisation Expert Recorded: Aug 16 2019 30 mins
    Sleep is an essential component of living an optimised life but good quality sleep alludes so many people these days. In this webinar, Nick will work your through the best practices to get the best night' sleep ever.
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Digital Transformation From Cisco to GE and Beyond with Bill Ruh
    Top 5 Podcasts: Digital Transformation From Cisco to GE and Beyond with Bill Ruh
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners & Bill Ruh, CEO of Digital Business at LendLease Group Recorded: Aug 15 2019 58 mins
    Bill Ruh is CEO of Digital Business at Lendlease Group, a global developer and construction company for high rise and other real estate developments. Previously, he was the Chief Digital Officer for all of GE and CEO of GE Digital. Our conversation explored the nature of digital transformation, the considerations for creating goals and aligning the organization for success. One of the key insights is that transformation for industrial firms draws from best practices of technology companies, and the core principle is that technology companies’ missions are tied to asset optimization and better outcomes. He also shared how large companies need to think of transformation in two speeds – shorter term and longer term, where Speed 1 is the quarter to quarter focus and Speed 2 is the long term “moon shots”. He compares and contrasts the innovation mindset and approaches between startups and established companies, and shares best practices for larger companies to bridge the cultural gaps between their legacy and digital businesses. He also shares his views of the future of the construction and real estate industries enabled by the transformative impact of new technologies, which he is spearheading in his new role at Lendlease.
  • Total BS: Using Brain Science to Debunk & Transform the Business of Speaking
    Total BS: Using Brain Science to Debunk & Transform the Business of Speaking
    Alyssa Dver, CCO at American Confidence Institute Recorded: Aug 15 2019 62 mins
    This week Alyssa Dver joins us to discuss total BS; using brain science to debunk and transform the business of speaking.

    Join two of Boston’s best speakers as they candidly discuss why so many speakers fail -- and the real secrets to speaking success. Whether you’re a speaker or an event professional, learn a bit of brain science to give yourself, and your audience real, sustained confidence.

    Innovation Women founder Bobbie Carlton will act as both host and mythslayer while she interviews the refreshingly candid Alyssa Dver. After years as a CMO for several companies, Alyssa founded and now helms the American Confidence Institute and the ERG Leadership Alliance. She speaks professionally 8-10 times every month and has trained over 300,000 people how to use the science of confidence to pitch, coach and be kickass. As both pro speakers and event planners, Bobbie and Alyssa will share real secrets and science so you can have remarkable impact on your audience and your career. Seriously, no BS.
    -The benefits and challenges of being a part- or full-time pro speaker
    -How to use brain science to make speaking more fulfilling for you and your audience
    -Expert tips to optimize speaking revenue and/or career opportunities

    About Alyssa

    Alyssa Dver is Co-Founder and Chief Confidence Officer at the American Confidence Institute. Recognized as the world’s Chief Confidence Officer and one of Boston’s Best Speakers, Alyssa helps students and professionals use brain science to inspire confidence in themselves and to anyone they pitch, coach, or care about. Alyssa is the co-founder of the American Confidence Institute which conducts and collects research that is then shared through keynotes, workshops, online and certification programs. Clients include Spotify, Wayfair, Pepsi, The US Air Force, State Street, Staples, The Royal Bank of Canada, plus dozens of other confidence-committed organizations, conferences, and associations. 
  • Managing culture during mergers & acquisitions
    Managing culture during mergers & acquisitions
    Bobby Melloy, Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp Recorded: Aug 13 2019 32 mins
    Mergers & acquisitions are a time of uncertainty for employees, managers, and leadership on both sides of the table. In fact, over half of mergers and acquisitions fail, and the most common reason is the human factor. Acquiring leadership may feel in the dark about the culture they are gaining, and unsure whether they’ll retain employees after the transition. There can also be cultural differences, employee politics, and ineffective communication. Knowing exactly what will happen to your own company culture during the process is nearly impossible.

    Organizations should consider the human factor just as important as any synergy, viability, or feasibility score. During this webinar, Dr. Bobby Melloy, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp will discuss how to manage culture during mergers & acquisitions.

    You will learn:

    -Why culture matters during M&A
    -Managing culture during each phase of an M&A such as target screening and due diligence
    -Actions for prioritizing culture during the integration period
    -The positive impact of post-integration employee surveys
  • The life you crave through self-awareness and mindfulness
    The life you crave through self-awareness and mindfulness
    Akeela B. Davis, President of Courageous Business Culture Recorded: Aug 13 2019 48 mins
    Self-Awareness? Mindfulness? Resilience? What do these words mean to you and your life?

    Do they really hold the key to coping and adapting in a world where change is happing at a faster rate than most of us can keep up with?

    Join Akeela Davis, I share some tips and tricks to use these tools for a happier, better life.
  • From Surviving to Thriving: Resilience and Self-belief
    From Surviving to Thriving: Resilience and Self-belief
    Harriet Waley-Cohen, Speaker and certified coach Recorded: Aug 9 2019 58 mins
    We are all so busy these days, and the pressures on us are many. Work, family, health, social life and personal life. When life throws curve balls, which it does, and sometimes many all at the same time, the key to how well you weather the storm and come out the other end of it all is your resilience, and how much you believe in yourself. A lack of resilience and self-belief can lead to unhappiness, feeling powerless over your future, and eventually mental and physical health issues.

    Resilience is essentially how well you deal with adversity and bounce back. In this talk you will learn 6 of the key ways that self-belief and resilience can be created, and understand how they apply to you personally.

    You will leave with tools and actions that you can implement right away that will sure up your ability to deal with adversity, and your trust in yourself to cope no matter what life throws at you.

    About the speaker:
    Hunted down to speak for audiences including Microsoft, WeAreTheCity, Barclays and Invesco, Harriet has empowered thousands of people over the last 15 years to believe in themselves and their potential.

    She has been through multiple transformations herself and knows what it takes to make deep rooted changes that stick, and to get through tough times and come out the other side stronger and wiser than ever. Harriet is 16 years in recovery from addictions, left an unhappy marriage and went on to thrive, shifted from a 10-year banking career into motherhood and entrepreneurship, lives with a permanent pain condition after being driven into on the motorway in 2016, and is a recent breast cancer survivor.

    Harriet's style is authentic, engaging and interactive, leaving her audiences with practical tools and processes they can use right away for maximum impact and transformation. Her topics sit especially well under the diversity and inclusion framework: mental health & emotional wellbeing, empowering women, and confidence building.
  • Where’s Waldo: Finding top talent in the crowd
    Where’s Waldo: Finding top talent in the crowd
    Lori Kleiman, SHRM-SCP, SPHR Recorded: Aug 8 2019 33 mins
    Recruiting has to be more than just filling a vacant position – and retaining top talent is all about making the right selection to begin with. Managers need to look at the scope of the role – and how that may have changed since the last person held the position. What do they really need in the future…and how can succession planning be impacted by hiring just the right person. Candidates look for jobs in a new way, and the tools available to managers to screen candidates should be utilized. Technology can be a huge time saver in communicating with and evaluating candidates. Tools in background evaluation and personality assessment will be reviewed to help managers determine which are appropriate to bring into their recruiting process. We will provide participants with recommendations to determine starting salary and the proper preparation of the offer letter. Finally, our discussion will conclude with the tools to identify top talent and ensure they are aligned with the long-term success of your organization.

    Learning Objectives:

    ·Options for filling the candidate pipeline
    ·Creating an interview experience that gets the information you need
    ·Embracing technology while still creating a personal connection
    ·Development in background and credit check compliance
    ·Full cycle recruiting goes beyond the offer letter
  • Engaging users and boosting advertising with AI
    Engaging users and boosting advertising with AI
    IBC365 | Media Distillery | Liberty Global | Grey Media Recorded: Aug 8 2019 63 mins
    The battle is on to win audiences and grow revenues - not only by having great content, but by delivering consistent improvements to user experiences and advertising models.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are creating new ways for content and platform owners to engage with consumers and compete in the new digital market.

    This webinar explores how cutting-edge AI and ML technology can:

    - Transform the way viewers discover and interact with content by extracting images, metadata and context
    - Analyse video to offer contextual advertising and increase revenues
    - Increase the value of existing video assets via content-based search and recommendations
    - Enable established operators to stay relevant for younger, digital-native viewers

    Martin Prins, product owner, Media Distillery
    Susanne Rakels, senior manager discovery & personalisation, Liberty Global
    Ruhel Ali, founder/director, Grey Media
  • The PFPS Recipe for Retaining Top Talent
    The PFPS Recipe for Retaining Top Talent
    Deb Calvert, Executive Coach, president of People First Productivity Solutions Recorded: Aug 7 2019 41 mins
    Slow down that revolving door of talent! Keep the people you want to have on your team! How? That's the BIG question.

    And we're going to answer it in this webinar. We'll take a look at the research and best practices that make some employers better at retaining top talent than others. Spoiler alert: It's not because they pay more or have better free food in their cafeteria! What they've got is a higher level of employee engagement. And you can have that, too.

    In this presentation, we'll show you how:

    - Employee engagement really does matter when it comes to retention (and every other indicator of business success!)
    - You can boost engagement levels and have a positive impact on retention (and every other indicator of business success!)
    - HR and front line managers can impact employee engagement even in a difficult corporate environment
    - YOU can make a difference that makes a positive impact

    There's a reason that human capital tops the list of C-Suite concerns in 2019. And we're going to cover that, too. We'll address some of the myths and mis-perceptions that get in the way of truly engaging and retaining people in your organization. You'll also receive a free checklist for daily engagement activities that you can distribute to all your managers. Don't miss this presentation from Deb Calvert, president of People First Productivity Solutions -- we can help you build organizational strength by putting PEOPLE first.
  • Women & Money: 5 Steps to Create Financial Freedom
    Women & Money: 5 Steps to Create Financial Freedom
    Kelly Gushue, Founder & CEO at Personal Finance Warrior Recorded: Aug 7 2019 62 mins
    This week Kelly Gushue joins us to discuss steps to creating financial freedom.

    What does financial freedom mean to you? Female leaders need to think about making their money work for them because females live eight years longer than men and make $0.80 on the dollar. In this webinar, we will discuss five key steps to organize your money, think bigger about money and make your money work for you through investing. You will walk away with the Wealthy Warrior Woman Money System and a financial plan to own your financial power!


    •How to think bigger about managing your money
    •A new way to manage your money and accounts
    •How to maximize your retirement plan and investing
    •How to use speaking as a way to start building your wealth

    About Kelly

    Kelly is a financial professional with 15 years of investment, money management and personal finance experience. Kelly is passionate about empowering individuals to take ownership and responsibility of their personal finances. This is what inspired Kelly to establish Personal Finance Warrior, a financial consulting platform for women.
    Before starting her own company, Kelly served as a portfolio consultant at Natixis Global Asset Management. Kelly has also served in a variety of roles at top companies in the industry such as Citi and JPMorgan. Kelly is a Harvard graduate and received an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.
  • Engaging employees through idea management
    Engaging employees through idea management
    Andrea Goodkind, Head of Marketing Recorded: Aug 7 2019 47 mins
    Tune into this webinar to learn how Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL) engaged over 67% of their global workforce by implementing an integrated and strategic innovation scheme.

    Learn how implementing an idea management platform enabled SSCL to:
    - Engage over 67% of their global workforce
    - Generate over 400 ideas
    - Achieve 400% ROI

    By adapting their company culture to focus on people-led improvements and innovation
    the organisation reduced cost and delivered wide value for their business and their customers.
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Managing Expectations - A Conversation with Guido Jouret
    Top 5 Podcasts: Managing Expectations - A Conversation with Guido Jouret
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners Recorded: Aug 6 2019 49 mins
    Our conversation explored Guido Jouret’s core principles around digital transformation, best practices for implementation as well as key lessons as they have applied in his career. Notably, we explore the implications of how the coming transition in transportation from internal combustion engines to self-driving electric powered transportation has implications all across the value chain.

    We explored a range of topics including:

    - What does digital transformation mean?
    - How to asses where change is occurring external to the organization, and how best to map impact on the business, the organization and the market;
    - How to asses with which customer journeys matter most to the company;
    - How to effectively organize sponsorship and leadership;
    - Best practices in implementing an iterative approach to improvement;
    - How to evaluate and challenge ideas;
    - How to ensure effective collaboration between IT and the rest of the organization;
    - How to manage resistance and/or risks related to the existing business;
    - Common mistakes organizations make early in the process of launching digital initiatives.
  • Failing Forward for Business & Personal Success
    Failing Forward for Business & Personal Success
    Deb Calvert, Certified Executive Coach Recorded: Aug 1 2019 35 mins
    Are you risk averse? Tentative about trying new approaches or voicing your ideas? Concerned about failing so you stick to what you know?

    Then this webinar is for you! Let's re-frame failure and help you be bolder in your work (and even elsewhere!). You'll get:

    + A better understanding of what's holding you back
    + Practical tips for scoping the true size of the risk
    + Questions that help determine whether or not it's worth it
    + A handle on those fears about failing
    + A step-by-step guide to make the most of any failure

    This will be useful for people in any role, any industry who struggle with those nagging doubts that keep them from contributing their best.
  • Future-Proof Your Sales Career and Beat the Bots!
    Future-Proof Your Sales Career and Beat the Bots!
    Deb Calvert, The People Engagement Expert Recorded: Jul 31 2019 46 mins
    As a salesperson, you need confidence and passion to win. But as buyers and AI options continue to gain power, it’s easy to feel beaten down in a world where customers no longer seem to need you. As deals fall through and commissions dwindle, you feel desperation begin to sink in. Blow after blow, you wonder: Am I going to lose the career I love—to a robot?
    Join Anita Nielsen, author of Beat the Bots, and host Deb Calvert to learn strategies so you can get up off the mat and come out swinging.

    You will learn:

    1.How to use the power of personalized value to differentiate yourself.
    2.Make Human-to-Human connections with your buyers.
    3.Use the new ABC: Always Be Considering your client’s needs.
    4.Psychological principles that make you more effective in delivering value.
  • Data Forensics: What is it?
    Data Forensics: What is it?
    David Morris, Nick Vigier and Mark Rasch Recorded: Jul 31 2019 47 mins
    This session will delve into the area of Data Forensics specifically addressing when and why a Data Forensic investigation would occur and how to conduct a Data Forensic investigation.
  • How to Excel as a Non-Executive Director
    How to Excel as a Non-Executive Director
    Karen Moore, In Touch Executive Coach Recorded: Jul 31 2019 50 mins
    This insightful and practical webinar will explore the behaviours, skills and knowledge necessary to ensure you add maximum value to any board and cement your place at the table.

    Executive coach and non-executive, Karen Moore will look at what it takes to excel in a portfolio career and will also explore the different expectations and issues facing non-executive directors in the public sector versus the private sector.

    After the presentation there will be a Q&A session.
  • How to raise your personal brand on LinkedIn
    How to raise your personal brand on LinkedIn
    Jennifer Corcoran, Social Media Consultant, My Super Connector Recorded: Jul 31 2019 46 mins
    This webinar is for service-based professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to differentiate themselves from the rest of the LinkedIn crowd.

    You will leave it with a better understanding of how to clarify and strengthen your personal brand.

    Anyone looking at your LinkedIn profile will understand what you do and what you stand for, quickly and without doubt.

    The content is especially useful if you’re a time-pressed business owner or entrepreneur who wants to understand more about LinkedIn and how to use it to grow your business.
  • Cybersecurity: A Strategic Approach to Building Board Confidence
    Cybersecurity: A Strategic Approach to Building Board Confidence
    Doug Grindstaff (SVP of Cybersecurity Solutions CMMI® Institute) and Gregory Touhill (President of Cyxtera Federal Group) Recorded: Jul 30 2019 28 mins
    Join one of the nation’s premier cybersecurity, information technology, and risk management senior executives, Gregory Touhill, President of Cyxtera Federal Group and retired Brigadier General, and Doug Grindstaff, Senior VP Cybersecurity Solutions at CMMI Institute, as they explore how approaching cybersecurity as a business imperative can help companies stay resilient to the ever-growing list of cybersecurity threats.
  • Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally
    Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally
    Nick Elvery - Human Optimisation Expert Recorded: Jul 26 2019 24 mins
    Energy is our greatest resource but often times we get energy slumps after meals, in the afternoon and times when we really need to be functioning well. This webinar will teach you 10 ways to boost your energy.
  • Why Executive Coaching May Work For You
    Why Executive Coaching May Work For You
    David Wheatcroft, Director of Executive Coaching Recorded: Jul 25 2019 49 mins
    David Wheatcroft, Director of Executive Coaching at In Touch, will look in to the many ways coaching could accelerate the journey to the boardroom and help build an impressive portfolio career.

    During the 30-minute webinar, David will explore:

    -An introduction to Executive Coaching
    -The Power of Coaching; who hires a coach and why?
    -How executive coaching can help you in your career transition
    -Mentoring or Coaching; what's the difference and how to recognise each
    -The key steps to finding the right coach for you
  • Building tomorrow's OTT platforms
    Building tomorrow's OTT platforms
    IBC365 | Akamai | France Télévisions | Spicy Mango Recorded: Jul 25 2019 62 mins
    Broadcasters and platform owners are investing millions in building and upgrading OTT platforms to ensure they can compete successfully with a growing array of digital competitors and deliver compelling user experiences.

    Many of these broadcasters are beginning to move from their initial OTT offerings to more mature services that can scale for the future, and answer the requirements of demanding viewers and regulators.

    This webinar uncovers the critical success factors for building a successful OTT service, including:
    - Delivering content at scale as more viewing and live events move to OTT
    - Ensuring a class-leading user experience and quality
    - Using analytics to maximise revenue and engagement
    - Ensuring cost efficiency in the OTT workflow
    - Securing platforms and content against piracy and malicious attacks

    Natalie Billingham, vice president, Media and Carrier EMEA, Akamai
    Raphaël Goldwaser, lead video architect, France Télévisions
    Chris Wood, chief technology officer, Spicy Mango
  • Laying a foundation for Diversity & Inclusion as you scale
    Laying a foundation for Diversity & Inclusion as you scale
    Jess Brook - Senior People Science; Bailey Edgell - Senior Customer Success; Gabriela Matias - Go Cardless Recorded: Jul 25 2019 31 mins
    Diversity and Inclusion are not new concepts, but as we look to an increasingly intersectional future, many growing businesses are considering their approach.

    Some Diversity and Inclusion strategies sound great but are harder, in reality, to implement and many just feel like 'checking the box'. This is a new field full of challenges, so embedding D&I in your culture's architecture early on will ensure your organization has a diverse and inclusive culture as you grow.

    This instalment brings research and customer experience together to look at ways Culture First organisations make D&I an important pillar in their organisational culture.
  • S5 06 - Recruitment through the lens of Social mobility and Returners
    S5 06 - Recruitment through the lens of Social mobility and Returners
    Julia Streets Recorded: Jul 25 2019 33 mins
    In the final episode of Series Five, Dominie Moss, Founder of the Return Hub, and Reggie Nelson from Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM), discuss Returners and those beginning their career in the City. The two consider senior female returners heading back to financial services or transferring their skills to other sectors and reaching the talent pool of young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. They focus on what can organisations do to attract, motivate and retain young and returning talent, the future of work and how the outsourced recruitment process needs to change.
  • How to Develop a Winning Strategy for your Top 5X Account
    How to Develop a Winning Strategy for your Top 5X Account
    Lisa Magnuson, The Landing 7-Figure Deals Expert Recorded: Jul 24 2019 45 mins
    Do you know how to build a winning strategy to land your largest prospect? Has the account team mapped out all the strategy points? Do you have short, medium and long term account goals?

    You will learn:

    1.Why account strategy development is a fundamental element required to win 5X deals (i.e. contracts valued at 5X your average deal size).
    2.What are the most important aspects to a winning strategy?
    3.How to determine if you are on the right track and set up for success.
  • Using Employee Feedback in line with the UK Corporate Governance Code
    Using Employee Feedback in line with the UK Corporate Governance Code
    Jess Brook - Culture Amp; Darryl Mead - Emperor Aug 21 2019 11:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code, issued by the FRC, for private companies now requires businesses to report on purpose, culture and employee engagement. This webinar, in partner with Emperor, will explore the new regulations and reporting requirements, the role of the board and how they demonstrate how culture is aligned with its purpose, values and strategy. Finally, we will share how you can use employee feedback to support the Corporate Governance Code to ensure you give your workforce a voice on the board.
  • The Power of The 4th Quarter – Sales Strategies To Finish Strong
    The Power of The 4th Quarter – Sales Strategies To Finish Strong
    Meridith Elliott Powell, The Connection Expert Aug 21 2019 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    It is fourth quarter what is your plan? Believe it or not, the fourth quarter is the most important business sales quarter of the year. What you do in fourth quarter not only determines your numbers for the year, it has a major impact on your future success as well.
    But fourth quarter is famous for being the quarter you slow down, stop selling, and over-indulge in activities that do anything that keep sales growing.
    Keeping the energy high and the drive going through fourth quarter can be tough! First you’re tired; you have worked hard all year long to meet your sales quotas, excel at your goals and ensure that your bottom lines is healthy and strong. Not to mention the fact that fourth quarter comes with schedule overload: budgeting, holidays, parties and a much needed break from the everyday routine.
    But if you want a strong first quarter – the key is to start now. You need a strategy to keep the momentum going. Join us for this high-energy, power-packed webinar designed to put you ahead of your competition, and drive strong to the finish line.

    You will learn:

    1. Why fourth quarter is the key to success in sales
    2.Proven strategies that keep clients engaged, an business moving through fourth quarter
    3.Epic ideas to position yourself for more closed sales first quarter
    4.Secrets to getting clients to put you at the top of their holiday list
    5.Your personal plan of action
  • Best Practices in Threat Hunting: Optimizing the Anomalous Activity Search
    Best Practices in Threat Hunting: Optimizing the Anomalous Activity Search
    Brenden Bishop, Data Scientist, the Columbus Collaboratory Aug 21 2019 3:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    Join us for this webinar that will present an advanced data science approach to detecting anomalous behavior in complex systems like the typical corporate network that your IT Security team is trying to defend. Generalized anomaly detectors, without tuning for a specific use case, almost always result in high false alarm rates that lead to analyst alert fatigue and a detector which is effectively useless. In this session, Brenden Bishop, Data Scientist at the Columbus Collaboratory, will present an open source tool and best practices for building specific, repeatable, and scalable models for hunting your network’s anomalies. Through iteration and collaboration, defenders can hone in on interesting anomalies with increasing efficiency.
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
    Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
    Mia Zambarano, Psychotherapist, Lifestyle Coach & Author Aug 21 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mia Zambarano joins us to discuss the importance of mindset and the way we think.

    Everyone has bad days, but do you have to simply put up with them? What can you do to dispel those nagging self-doubts and expose your potential? Cognitive behavioral techniques help create positive changes in all aspects of life – including business and personal.

    When you take control of your mindset and learn to use it in your favor, success follows. As a licensed psychotherapist, Mia can open a window into your thought processes and show you how they impact our realities. She will discuss how to crush our limiting thoughts and build self-belief.
    Learn how to:
    - Use the power of your mind for good
    -Crush negative thought processes and behaviors
    -Harness your super powers and control and create the life you want

    About Mia:

    Mia Zambarano is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Coach, specializing in cognitive behavioral work. Mia has worked as a psychotherapist in since 2015; where she specializes in child, adolescent and family therapy. In her coaching practice, Mia focuses on empowering individuals to create positive changes and improve their overall wellness. Mia received her Master’s in social work in 2015 from Boston University and has a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Sacred Heart University.

    Mia’s work involves understanding what contributes to our reality, the interactions between our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and ways to create a better reality for ourselves through better insight and positive thinking.
  • How to Lead the Buyers’ Process in Large Accounts
    How to Lead the Buyers’ Process in Large Accounts
    Barbara Weaver Smith, The Large Account Sales Expert Aug 21 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Description: Part #8 in the series Your Growth Ecosystem: Don’t Think Small About Your Big Accounts. For CEOs, Presidents, Founders/Owners, Business Development Heads, Sales VPs, and Key Account Managers of companies of any size, with special relevance to those with $10 million to $500 million in annual revenue. The series is a strategic, high-level approach to managing your organization to successfully sell and grow sales to multinational and global corporations.
    Volumes have been written about how to match your sales process to “the buyers’ journey.” Frankly I think most people involved in selecting and influencing big, complex buying decisions in large corporations don’t have any real clue how to do it. Procurement people have a set of procedures and rules, but they still have to satisfy the end users, who may have very different ideas about what criteria are most important. And the relative power of procurement and executive users varies greatly. Smart sellers know how to lead the buyers to the right decision, and how to do that is the subject of this webinar.

    You will learn:

    1. How to locate and connect with the appropriate buyers and influencers.
    2. How to plan with an internal team.
    3. How to plan for the initial meeting..
    4. How to prepare great questions.
    5. What to do when the process stalls.
  • NO’ing Your Way to Being a Successful Leader
    NO’ing Your Way to Being a Successful Leader
    Whitnie Wiley Aug 21 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As leaders and business owners, there are thousands of different ways we can spend our time. However, not all of them are equally important or will yield the best return on investment. Protecting our time requires being in touch with our values and priorities and then saying “NO” to those distractions that are not in alignment.

    In this webinar, Whitnie will share with you why it’s important to say, “no,” how to say, “no” and when to say, “no.” Once you master saying “no,” you will see how your “yes” gets you want you want.
  • Payments & Retail: the impact of friendly fraud
    Payments & Retail: the impact of friendly fraud
    BRC & The Chargeback Company Aug 22 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This webinar will explore how retailers can manage payment disputes and stop revenue loss with key trend analysis and case study examples.
  • Be the CEO of Your Sales Career
    Be the CEO of Your Sales Career
    Scott Ingram, The Sales Success Stories Expert Aug 22 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Whether you're looking to get started in sales, or are already established and want to plan the next steps of your sales career path this, is for you! In this webinar Scott Ingram, founder of Sales Success Media, will talk with David Weiss, Sales Executive at ADP and author of “Your Definitive Sales Career Guide,” about how to start, grow and manage your sales career journey.

    You will learn:

    1.    The best way to get a strong start in the sales profession
    2.    Intentionally advancing into better opportunities and bigger earnings
    3.    How to develop relationships with mentors
    4.    What it will take to get to the next level
  • Top 5 Podcasts: Helping Industrial IoT Become a Reality with Dr. Richard Soley
    Top 5 Podcasts: Helping Industrial IoT Become a Reality with Dr. Richard Soley
    Ed Maguire, Principal Partner, Momenta Partners & Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group Aug 22 2019 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    Richard Soley is Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and founding partner of the IoT Solutions World Congress. In this special edition of the Edge Podcast recorded on site in Barcelona, he shares some of the notable developments coming out of the conference.

    The IoT Solutions World Congress is differentiated from other events through the focus on end users and case studies, showcasing test bed work shepherded by the IIC. In our conversation, Richard Soley shares stories and examples of notable work underway, the potential for productivity gains across industries, and the view that manufacturing represents the industry with the most to gain from connecting assets and advanced analytics. Additionally he discusses the launch of the IIC’s new Resource Hub. Finally he shares a fascinating story about standards that connected the design of Space Shuttle booster with the Ancient Romans.
  • Positioning Your Company for Sales Success
    Positioning Your Company for Sales Success
    Liz Heiman, Chief Strategy Officer Aug 22 2019 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Understanding how to position your company for sales success is critical. In this program, you will understand how to improve sales and marketing alignment with a clearly defined market position and value prop. You will know how positioning yourself with the right buying influences is key to sales acceleration.
  • Combining  #3brainselling with Neuroscience to accelerate growth
    Combining #3brainselling with Neuroscience to accelerate growth
    Mark Erskine: ISM Fellow Aug 27 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Understanding brain development since caveman times provides the key to influencing others especially given the massive advances in neuroscience over recent years which has taken the art of persuasion beyond psychology into brain chemistry. The Reptilian brain, the Limbic system and the Neo Cortex can be likened to your “Gut”, “Heart” and “Head” brain. These three brains transmit data constantly to each other when we make decisions but if we want sales success we must first understand our own preferences by using behavioural profiling and then diagnose which of these dominates the customers brain to stimulate sales, increase conversion ratios and shorten sales cycles.

    Key Takeaways

    •Understand how the human brain has developed and how to use this in sales
    •Discovering your own behavioural brain preferences is the critical first step to managing your selling style
    •Learn what techniques stimulate which part of the brain and how to leverage them
    •Understand why selling has to stimulate each part of the brain to ensure success
    •Learn why so many training methodologies and programmes are too one dimensional to succeed.
  • Three Strategies to Accelerate Sales in the Age of Information Overload
    Three Strategies to Accelerate Sales in the Age of Information Overload
    Shari Levitin, The Sales Evolution Expert Aug 27 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Here’s a statistic that will boggle your mind: Humans consume 74 gigabytes, the equivalent of 175 newspapers of content, per day. Customers are assaulted with facts, pseudo facts, white papers, media and statistics all posing as relevant information. Much of the well sourced information is contradictory. Sorting the “need to knows” from the “nice to knows” can be exhausting. Add to this a new average of
    ten stake holders and more and more customers are defaulting to the status quo or a no deal. What’s the solution? New research, just released by Gartner, reveals that sellers who help make sense of information, who can simplify and tune into the feelings of their customers rather than piling on more data, significantly outperform
    their peers. How must sellers adapt to this new reality? What are the three most important behaviors to this new reality of sense making?

    In this webinar you will learn to:

    1. Leverage video to reach additional stakeholders and improve customer experience.
    2. Create buyer focused presentations that drive your unique value.
    3. Ask questions that line up with how the brain processes information.
    4. Guide buyers to a buying decision through stories, metaphors and anecdotes.
  • Building a world-class sales organization
    Building a world-class sales organization
    Dell for Entrepreneurs Aug 27 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The quality of your sales force has a direct, accumulating, impact on your business as you grow – and building it from the ground up is the way you turn your business into a world-class sales organization. But it's not just about how many clients you're speaking to or closing, but how many clients feel like your sales team partners with them as true advisors.

    Join this VB Live event to learn the essential strategies and key best practices for small and mid-sized companies to not just keep up with your competition but pull ahead.

    Register for free now!

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    *How to effectively hire and train a top sales force
    *What the smartest sales quotas look like, and how to set them
    *How to create and implement business management systems
    *What motivates sales teams, and how to take advantage
    *What an effective sales culture looks like and how to build one

    *Burt Powers, Senior Director of Dell Small Business Sales
    *Stewart Rogers, Analyst At Large, VentureBeat
  • Building an evolving culture of continuous improvement
    Building an evolving culture of continuous improvement
    Andrea Goodkind, Wazoku Aug 28 2019 9:00 am UTC 38 mins
    Businesses today must be set up to change, but, more importantly create change as a constant capability inside it’s organisation.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    - The importance of building a culture of EveryDay innovation where employees are engaged, and recognised and rewarded for their contributions.
    - How Waitrose has engaged senior leadership by demonstrating how small changes add up and are tied to the overall strategic vision.
    - How organisations can start in one area and use the lessons learned to build an organisation-wide capability.
  • The 3 steps to your marketing and sales success
    The 3 steps to your marketing and sales success
    Reshma Jobanputra, Founder, Velocity Coaching Services Aug 28 2019 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This webinar will cover the 3 key areas of

    -Ideal customer; why create a detailed profile, how to do it, really getting familiar with the pain, problem and challenges their clients face.

    -Locate: Once they know who, the next step of course is; where. Where are their ideal clients going to be. Some tips to help them do this. My focus is very much on offline methods of reaching clients. So here I will be speaking about networking, speaking, press releases etc.

    -Communicate: The above two will ensure that they will get in front of their ideal client. However, it is the third element which will make the difference between being able to generate the clients interest, and desire to work with them. Or ignore them.

    Here I will explain about the 5 questions that go through any audiences mind when watching and listening to a speaker, and how to address them.
  • How to Leverage the Account Team to Win your Top 5X Opportunity
    How to Leverage the Account Team to Win your Top 5X Opportunity
    Lisa Magnuson, The Landing 7-Figure Deals Expert Aug 28 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Do you know how to leverage the account team to win your biggest (5X) opportunity?

    You will learn:

    1.Why the full account team must be activated to win your biggest contracts.
    2.What you need to know about the pitfalls associated with team selling.
    3.How to determine if you are on the right track and set up for success.
  • How to 10X Your Sales Pitch’ Effectiveness Using Storytelling
    How to 10X Your Sales Pitch’ Effectiveness Using Storytelling
    Lloyd Yip, The Startup Sales Expert Aug 28 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In this presentation, we’ll go through how Storytelling can help you better capture your audience’ attention, create more urgency, and ultimately win more business. We will show you how to create those magic moments that give your audience the “aha”feeling that ultimately drives them to purchase.

    You will learn:

    How storytelling relates to sales
    How to create a story arc that pulls your audience in
    How you can transform your pitch using storytelling to 10X your sales
  • The Science of B2B Sales
    The Science of B2B Sales
    James Isilay, CEO & Founder, Cognism Aug 29 2019 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Imagine if you knew the formula for outbound success.

    Attend the Revenue AI: The Science of B2B Sales with James Isilay CEO of Cognism and you will! Learn how you can use a simple formula to improve your outbound B2B marketing and sale.

    Key Takeaways

    •Areas of AI in Sales & Marketing
    •Impact of AI in Sales & Marketing
    •Benchmark with conversion rates
  • Venture Industrialist: Investment Strategies for Connected Industry
    Venture Industrialist: Investment Strategies for Connected Industry
    Ben Steven, Associate Partner, Momenta Partners Aug 29 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The digital transformation of industry is creating significant opportunity with millions of devices connected to the internet for the purpose of collecting data, tracking usage, monitoring functionality, automating and optimizing systems and processes. While traditional venture capital has shied away from industrial applications and hardware, there’s been a rise of a new class of ventures investors: the venture industrialist. In this webinar, Momenta Ventures will share their insights and practitioner's perspective on investing in Connected Industry, understanding the market, trends and risks. This webinar is for ANYONE seeking insights on investing in Connected Industry.

    - What is Connected Industry?
    - How do Connected Industry investments differ from traditional venture investments?
    - Momenta’s Connected Industry investment themes
    - Momenta’s investment criteria
    - Q&A; ask our practitioners your burning questions
  • Driving the Enterprise Sale
    Driving the Enterprise Sale
    Michael Dalis, The Drive-Sales Expert Aug 29 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    You are a CXO, you want to increase enterprise sales.  You spend a lot on marketing and business development, so why aren’t your share of large sales opportunities growing at the pace you need?  While you have had success in new client pursuits, it is less clear what role you and your Leadership team play in enabling stronger performance on larger deals. Michael Dalis — a recognized leader on the subject of B2B selling, sales leader and author of Sell Like a Team - How to Win Big at High Stakes Meetings — invites you to join him in this webinar to enable you to:

    -identify the likely root causes of your organization’s slow growth in enterprise selling,
    -avoid the common failure points in enterprise sales initiatives, and
    -pick your spots where strong Leadership and Coaching accelerate growth in this important part of your business.

    Following this webinar, it will be clear what you can do as a leader to drive faster Business Development growth through enterprise selling, by making the right adjustments to your Business Development investment.

    You will learn:

    1.Why the responsibility for your company's growing enterprise sales cannot be fully delegated.
    2.What roles senior leadership plays in closing larger sales
    3.How to play those roles effectively
  • Becoming a High-Performing Coach
    Becoming a High-Performing Coach
    Ryan Mathie, Head of Performance, Training & Development MoreCommittedClients.com Aug 30 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Learn how to make the shift from being a passionate Coach to a High-Performing Coach. In this live webinar, Ryan will walk you through the Essential Elements to building your Coaching Practice from the inside out so you can create more high-paying clients and make a bigger impact in the world.
  • From candidate to employee: Aligning expectations to reality
    From candidate to employee: Aligning expectations to reality
    Melissa Paris - Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp; Chris Platts - Founder & CEO, ThriveMap Sep 3 2019 11:30 am UTC 30 mins
    Companies are doing more than ever to hire the best talent, and retain their employees. Yet, research consistently shows one of the key reasons employees leave an organisation, particularly within the first year, is set before they even begin. The candidate and new starter journey, and whether expectations meet reality, have lasting impacts on engagement, retention, and business performance. Here, we’ll explore the impacts of the candidate and onboarding experience, pitfalls to avoid, and how companies have connected the dots between the candidate and employee journey to drive business results.
  • How to Design Inclusion into your Events
    How to Design Inclusion into your Events
    Jennifer Riggins Sep 3 2019 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Diversity on stage is pretty common at tech and business events these days. Not so much for the audience. Why is that? Certainly there are many benefits to attending industry events, including networking for future job opportunities.

    We are going to talk to the few, the proud, events organizers that are working hard -- with some success! -- to make sure under-represented groups feel not only welcome at events, but who are taking proactive steps to prioritize diversity and inclusion on and off the stage.
  • Navigating the future of work
    Navigating the future of work
    BRC & Kronos Sep 3 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Tune in on the 3rd September at 2pm to join discussions on how the delivery of the ‘Good Work Plan’ and recent ECJ rulings will impact the future of work and how technology can empower your workforce to deliver sustainable performance.
  • Automated media workflows in the cloud
    Automated media workflows in the cloud
    IBC365 | IBM Aspera | BASE Media Cloud Sep 3 2019 2:30 pm UTC 75 mins
    Across the media and entertainment industry, more organisations are moving to modern, cloud-based applications to meet growing demands for scale and flexibility.

    As a complement to the scale and efficiency of high-volume cloud-based IT operations, process automation can greatly streamline media workflows.

    In this webinar, learn about the new automation functionality available in IBM Aspera on Cloud and how it can transform routine processes.

    BASE Media Cloud will join IBM Aspera to describe purpose-built cloud workflows for digital media companies, including automated quality control and content distribution.

    James Wilson, director of engineering, SaaS, IBM Aspera
    Ben Foakes, managing director, BASE Media Cloud