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Filling Positions and Fulfilling Potential in Accounting and Finance

Accounting Principals is a leader in finance and accounting staffing. With every assignment, we seek to prove our value to candidates and clients. Our people-focused approach is what sets us apart. Please join us quarterly for live company and IMA webcasts that feature the latest news and updates for accountants and finance professionals.

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Redefining Strategic Accounting & Finance Mike McNamara, Vice President The great recession has changed the accounting and finance landscape forever. As a result, the expectations for accounting and finance professionals have changed irrevocably as well.

In our FREE webinar, we'll help you make sense of the changes and help guide you to success in the new economy. Topics we'll cover include:

•Strategies for success in the new economy
•What CEOs and shareholders expect of you
•How to look beyond cost-cutting measures in order to deliver dynamic
and long-lasting change
•How you can turn your hiring strategy into a growth strategy
•And more!
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Aug 21 2012
26 mins
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