Celebrating Contact Center Excellence at MassMutual

Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director of CCNG Magnet Program
MassMutual Culture Inspires World-Class Excellence. The MassMutual Retirement Services Division's Call Center has earned the first-place gold award from the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) for "Best Job Creating a Culture That Inspires World-Class Excellence." This is the third consecutive year that MassMutual is among the Best in Class winners. We want to share our congratulations with the teams at MassMutual for this outstanding achievement.
Aug 6 2010
5 mins
Celebrating Contact Center Excellence at MassMutual
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  • When video conferencing works like you do, it naturally becomes a part of every meeting you make. In this webinar, we will share the techniques you can use to elevate your user adoption and highlight the features that make Lifesize Cloud as lifelike and as natural as meeting in person. Come learn from Sr. Product Manager Rafi Anuar as he shares his expertise and best practices for:
    • Scheduling and conducting meetings on Lifesize Cloud
    • Deploying room video systems with Lifesize Cloud
    • Participating in Lifesize Cloud meetings from anywhere, anytime
    • Utilizing Lifesize Cloud as a full-featured audio bridge

    Follow us on Twitter @LifesizeHD and use the hashtag #AskLS to ask questions.
  • The risks and opportunities which digital technologies, devices and media bring us are manifest. Cyber risk is never a matter purely for the IT team, although they clearly play a vital role. An organisation's risk management function need a thorough understanding of the constantly evolving risks as well as the practical tools and techniques available to address them
  • Growing installs is the number one mission for any mobile app developer, and any user acquisition strategy generally consists of a mix of organic installs and paid campaigns. But many see these as separate and distinct. Not true. To get the most out of each — especially for smaller developers — it’s critical to understand how paid installs impact organic installs, and vice versa.

    In this webinar, Ian Sefferman of TUNE will share the eye-opening results of a study investigating the correlation between paid campaigns and organic installs (yes, it’s positive), and how this varies depending on the app category and operating system. Christian Calderon of DOTS will dive into the strategies and tactics that increase both paid and organic installs, and how they work together.

    What you’ll learn:
    For every paid install, how many organic installs an app can expect to see
    How the multiplier effect impacts app categories differently
    How organic installs and engaged users affect your paid strategy and spend
    Best-practice examples on what really works to maximize both organic installs and paid campaigns for highest yield


    Ian Sefferman, GM, App Store Analytics
    Christian Calderon, Head of Marketing, DOTS
  • ADP will train you. ADP will support you. ADP will reward you. Are you ready to learn how?

    Join the Webinar on Feb 25th @ 2pm EST to hear how you can build your career foundation at ADP in Outside Sales.

    Learn why ADP was nationally recognized for training and creates world renowned sales associates.

    Be Bold in 2015.
  • Small businesses are facing a massive shift driven by technology. To stay competitive they are turning to technology and the Internet to manage cash flow, increase productivity and streamline operations. And the small business market is primed to accelerate its adoption as newly developed apps are helping small business owners save time, reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity, and work more effectively.

    With traditional banks slow to respond, non-banking technology providers have obliged with innovative, intuitive solutions that integrate payments, receivables, and online banking data and offer reporting and cash flow management.

    Join Yodlee Interactive and a panel of experts for an animated roundtable discussion on how the development and start-up community can capitalize on the transformation occurring in the small business sector.


    Christine Barry, Research Director, Wholesale Banking Practice, Aite Group

    Kathryn Petralia, Co-Founder & COO, Kabbage

    Andy Childs, Vice President of Marketing, Paychex

    Greg Weddell, Practice Manager, Small Business, Yodlee
  • Instant Messaging is quickly overtaking email and phone calls as a dominant form of communication on the go. Quick to embrace the trend, brands are finding inventive ways of integrating themselves to reach these massive audiences, especially the millennials they may not reach on more traditional media. And although it’s still early days of testing and optimizing advertising, platforms like Kik, Snapchat, and WeChat will become meaningful players in the media business and will start to command both creative mindshare as well as share-of-wallet.
  • It’s inescapable. Marketing is increasingly a technical discipline. Data and algorithms allow us to scale up the reach while refining targeting and personalization. But most brands are selling products that can’t be instrumented as easily as a digital product, especially after purchase. Ashu Garg of Foundation Capital will talk with Doug Miliken, VP, Global Brand Development, Clorox, Jeremy Wacksman, VP, Marketing & Product, Zillow about the challenges facing both traditional and digital brands. How can CPG brands monitor digital attribution the way mobile-first businesses do? And should they? Can a strictly digital brand like Zillow learn a few new tricks from an old dog like Clorox?
  • The BCI's annual Horizon Scan report, in partnership with BSI, was published in February 2015 and the BCI and BSI are hosting a webinar to highlight some of the results. Historically the Horizon Scan has shown that unplanned IT and telecoms outage is the greatest threat to BC practitioners, but will this remain the case? All will be revealed!
    In this webinar, the report's author - Patrick Alcantara - will discuss the findings in greater depth along with BSI's Lorraine Orr.
  • Most mobile experiences today are subsidized by advertising. In order to make that model sustainable, developers and advertisers have to make sure the user experience integrates the branded message in a pleasant way. Hear from Kiip's CEO Brian Wong how his company serves up advertising as "rewards" triggered by "moments" in mobile apps -- like passing a level in a game -- and how this model worked so well it is now expanding to offer white label loyalty solutions to the world's top brands. He'll be joined by MC Hammer to discuss how the next generation of connected devices will enable a whole new range of triggers and moments, and how brands will embrace a more natural relationship with consumers.
  • News happens around the clock. Reaching audiences on mobile at the right time, with the right message is crucial. Properly navigating the fine line between engaging and frustrating can make or break a customer relationship. Peter Roybal, Head of Mobile, ABC News/Disney ABC Television will discuss how they adapt the formats of storytelling based on the story and their audience’s expectations, to create varied audience segments of satisfied returning customers.
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  • Intraday Automation - The Next Big Thing in Workforce Management Recorded: Mar 3 2015 25 mins
    Contact centers are faced with constant pressure to carefully examine and reduce costs and the need to put forth a customer-centric strategy is now more important than ever. All of this against a backdrop of increasingly complex operating environments. Businesses must create a strategy and roadmap for creating a customer-centric, cost-conscious frontline workforce. Those businesses that make the leap strategically and operationally will reap significant revenue and cost benefits. Learn how leading contact centers are thinking and acting differently to produce dramatically better results.
  • Not All Contact Center Solutions are Created Equal Recorded: Dec 19 2014 25 mins
    In today’s business environment we talk about “the cloud” so loosely that cloud contact center systems begin to all seem the same - but the reality is not all solutions are created equal. This session will offer guidance to help ensure you’re getting the best for your company as we cover:

    > Why you should be thinking about moving to the cloud if you haven’t already
    > Common misconceptions about the cloud and how to prevent them from steering you wrong
    > Key factors to consider
  • Customer Experience Spectrum of NACR’s Contact Center Practice Recorded: Dec 16 2014 24 mins
    An overview of NACR and its associated companies and partners. Our Contact Center Practice Lead, Bret Lathrop will introduce the company and its system integrator capabilities, and areas of expertise.
  • Perspectives on Leadership with Kim Bachmeier Recorded: Nov 18 2014 31 mins
    Perspectives on Leadership is a one-on-one interview series with contact center executives.
  • Perspectives on Leadership with Lark Will, eBay Recorded: Oct 9 2014 40 mins
    Perspectives On Leadership is an executive interview series from the CCNG Magnet Program. These one-on-one conversations with Contact Center Leaders explores their perspectives, insights, and experiences on effective leadership.
  • Identifying Future Leaders For Your Contact Center Operations Recorded: Sep 23 2014 28 mins
    Leadership is critical to running an effective call / contact center. In this webcast I’ll discuss how the skills, abilities and personal characteristics of leaders can be evaluated and how that information can be used to select and develop them.
  • Delivering on the Promise of Work-Life Balance for Contact Center Agents Recorded: Sep 3 2014 23 mins
    Contact center operators understand that agent satisfaction drives customer satisfaction and that agent scheduling flexibility drives agent satisfaction, yet many companies “institutionally restrict” their agent’s ability to easily change their schedules due to the time and effort it takes to manually analyze and administer change requests. See how WorkFlex has finally “cracked the code” on this paradox by empowering agents with the flexibility to instantly change their schedules anywhere, anytime while ensuring that each change actually helps optimize staffing levels.
  • Investing in The Agent Experience! Recorded: Sep 2 2014 43 mins
    The customer experience is what the agent delivers through their actions but we fail to consider what transpires during a conversation from the agent perspective. We train agents to deliver a great customer experience by arming them with soft skills and techniques to manage the conversation and steer it to a positive outcome. However, this is difficult to accomplish when agents must search an information landfill full of documents instead of answers. It’s a scenario playing out every day in contact centers, but the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Intraday Automation Solutions Recorded: Aug 12 2014 27 mins
    Intradiem is the leader in intraday automation solutions, empowering organizations to create extraordinary customer experiences by optimizing the workday. With automated workforce adjustments, we make sure people on the floor, in the call center and behind the counter can effectively respond to any situation. Capturing these real-time opportunities throughout the day drives productivity and a new level of customer confidence. Featuring Intradiem’s Jennifer East, Director of Product Strategy, this webcast provides an overview of Intradiem’s intraday automation solutions and how Intradiem prompts extraordinary customer experiences.
  • Key Ingredients for Building a BI Hub in A Customer-Centric Organization Recorded: Jul 11 2014 31 mins
    Picture it: You are dining at a five-star restaurant and about to order a four-course dinner. Sadly, your menu reads as follows:

    First course: Data. Second Course: More data. Third course: Still more data. Final course: Oh wait! Here’s more data.

    You’re practically bombarded on a daily basis with metrics and reports that are intended to help you manage your customer-facing business units. While you have a plethora of information at your fingertips, do you have intelligence that can really help you change your business?

    Join OpenSpan EVP of Strategy, Anna Convery, as she shares the recipe for building a successful business intelligence hub for your customer-centric organization. During this presentation, you’ll get the key ingredients to help you develop a successful strategy when it comes to collecting, analyzing and initiating transformation projects that can positively impact your business.
  • Selecting Great Call Center Agents Recorded: Jul 4 2014 24 mins
    Every company has a process for evaluating job candidates. The question is whether they are effective and are they delivering people who will be productive and stick with the job. In this webinar we'll discuss some of the characteristics of great call center agents and how you can measure them in your candidates.
  • Putting the Contact Center at the Center of Your VoC Program Recorded: Jul 2 2014 33 mins
    CCNG partner HP Qfiniti is an established leader in contact center management with a 30-year history of innovation and helping companies provide a superior customer experience. Now part of HP Software, Qfiniti is backed by the full portfolio and global reach of HP products and services to ensure customer success, especially in terms of omnichannel analytics and Big Data management. For the contact center, this means building your Voice of the Customer program on all of the critical customer understanding that is handled through this business-critical, frontline customer channel. After all, isn't that why we call it the contact center?
  • Why Migrate to a Cloud Call Center? Recorded: Apr 11 2014 30 mins
    Why are so many companies moving to the cloud? What is motivating the shift from traditional premise-based phone systems to the cloud? Learn about the benefits of cloud based call centers from Evolve IP’s Contact Center Practice leader, Rich Fox. Rich spent many years leading call centers with thousands of agents. Find out why the cloud is a game-changer in the industry.
  • Simple is Better – Top 5 Reasons to Implement an Integrated WFO Strategy Recorded: Apr 2 2014 27 mins
    Industry analysts agree, an integrated WFO and analytics strategy drives key benefits in efficiency and cost. And yet less than 10% of the market has implemented a truly integrated approach to optimization. By not optimizing resources, business are hindered by limited insight to drive the informed decision making that is required to optimize their operations. They are leaving opportunity on the table. In this presentation, Calabrio will review the top reasons that customers are implementing WFO to drive better results in their contact center and through their organization.
  • InnoSource, Higher Standards for Hire Solutions Recorded: Apr 1 2014 14 mins
    A brief overview of the people and process that make InnoSource stand out against traditional staffing firms.
  • Perspectives on Leadership with Jim Vitali Recorded: Mar 13 2014 26 mins
    Perspectives is an executive interview series. These one-on-one conversations with Contact Center Leaders let us explore their insights and personal experience on effective leadership.
  • Trend Spotting: 7 Big Contact Center Changes to Look Out for in 2014 Recorded: Mar 10 2014 24 mins
    Join this podcast to review key findings of the 2013 Contact Center Benchmark Assessment. Compiled from the insights of over 300 contact center professionals, it unearths the trends and objectives at the heart of contact center strategy in 2013. Join Mariann McDonagh, Chief Marketing Officer at inContact, as she shares the results and the 7 big changes set to impact the contact center industry this year.
  • Perspectives on Leadership with Linda Souva Recorded: Feb 5 2014 27 mins
    Perspectives is an executive interview series. These one-on-one conversations with Contact Center Leaders let us explore their insights and personal experience on effective leadership.
  • Perspectives on Leadership with Yolanda France, Salt River Project Recorded: Feb 4 2014 27 mins
    Perspectives is an executive interview series. These one-on-one conversations with Contact Center Leaders let us explore their insights and personal experience on effective leadership.
  • Perspectives on Leadership with Steve Riddell, COO, Blinds.com Recorded: Nov 20 2013 33 mins
    An interview series with Contact Center Leaders to explore their perspectives, insights, and experiences on effective leadership in the contact center environment.
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