Combining the TKI and MBTI® Assessment Tools

Dr. Ralph Kilmann
For four decades, Dr. Ralph Kilmann has been using the MBTI and TKI tools to help organizations identify and then resolve their most troublesome problems.

His approach starts by bringing recurring and unresolved differences between people out into the open, using four MBTI type groups (based on the functional pairs ST, NT, SF and NF). Once these differences have been identified, the TKI’s five conflict modes are used to develop an effective resolution for all concerned.

In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Kilmann will describe how the combined TKI and MBTI assessments offer a powerful toolkit for solving complex problems and conflicts.
Sep 19 2012
61 mins
Combining the TKI and MBTI® Assessment Tools
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Organizational Development
February 25 and 26, 2015
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  • Top tools for type facilitators Mar 27 2015 1:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Principal Consultant, Alice King shares hints and tips for running engaging and dynamic type events. Drawing on her own considerable type knowledge and experience she’ll step through materials and approaches that will enable you to:

    •increase the impact of your type events
    •save time and create efficiency in the training room
    •accelerate learning
    •make core type concepts more accessible
    •allow teams to quickly identify patterns in their team type
  • Trends in global leadership – where does MBTI type fit in? Recorded: Jan 30 2015 41 mins
    What will a ‘leader’ look like in 2050? The world is changing physically, technologically and demographically, and this will have a huge impact on HR and in particular leadership. John Hackston, Head of Research and Development at OPP, will describe these trends, the implications for future leaders, and how the MBTI can help.
  • Top 10 tips for using type Recorded: Dec 2 2014 60 mins
    Experienced type practitioners know that there is always more to learn about psychological type, new ways to enhance training and facilitation skills, better tools for communication, different applications to explore. In this session, participants will explore Jane Kise’s top ten lessons learned from 20 years of experience. Participants will have the chance to reflect on “next steps” in deepening their knowledge and practice, explore new exercises they might use with groups, and consider how the type community can work together to ensure that the use of type has a lasting impact on our clients, customers, and selves.

    Jane Kise, Ed.D. is an executive coach, consultant, and author of over 20 books including Intentional Leadership, Introduction to Type and Coaching and Using the MBTI Tool in Organisations. A past president of the Association for Psychological Type International, and a faculty member of the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Kise consults worldwide, helping individuals and organisations be more intentional about how they plan, lead, influence and change.
  • How to enhance your selection decisions with the 16PF Recorded: Nov 25 2014 32 mins
    The 16PF questionnaire provides powerful insights into personality and behaviour which improve the accuracy of your hiring decisions. Join Ben Vernazza, Senior Consultant at OPP, to find out how to get the most out of 16PF within selection by mapping the 16PF onto the key competencies for the role and assessing the likely fit of your candidates to reduce risk when recruiting.
  • How types perceive time Recorded: Nov 5 2014 45 mins
    We don’t all experience time in the same way, and one factor is psychological type. A knowledge of this and type dynamics in particular will help us navigate our way through time. Based on recent research and experiential work, and building on a theme presented by them at the BAPT conference at Greenwich in May 2014, Ingrid Manning, Head of Group Learning, and John Hackston, Head of R&D at OPP, show how our perceiving function holds the key to understanding how we perceive time.
  • The power of the 16PF – with and without qualification Recorded: Oct 6 2014 30 mins
    The 16PF psychometric assessment is a powerful personality questionnaire, trusted by both business and psychologists. While qualification in the instrument is the most effective way to realise its benefits, OPP have developed several applications designed specifically to allow those without qualifications to benefit from the 16PF; these span career guidance, recruitment and self-awareness. Join Rob Bailey, Principal Consultant in OPP’s R&D department, to find out how.
  • Type in space and time Recorded: Sep 1 2014 34 mins
    We are all individuals, and our personality follows a unique path through time and space; but our Type can provide signposts to help us develop over time. John Hackston, head of research and development at OPP, will illustrate how we can use timelines to navigate our way through life, and to help others do so. He will also draw on research to show how insights we can gain from MBTI feedback relate to age trends seen in other personality measures.
  • Giving effective MBTI feedback remotely Recorded: Aug 21 2014 31 mins
    We can’t always give people MBTI feedback face to face, so feedback via telephone or video conferencing can provide a useful alternative. Join Pauline Siddons, Learning Implementation and Development Manager at OPP, for a 30 minute webcast in which she will use her many years experience as an MBTI practitioner to provide advice on the best way to approach remote feedback.
  • Using type to manage energy Recorded: Jul 11 2014 47 mins
    Individuals in today’s society face a range of competing pressures and many turn to “time management” to try to obtain support in reducing these challenges. A body of work by Tony Schwartz focuses on managing energy (a renewable resource) versus managing time. His work describes four types of energy (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) which, when controlled and monitored, can increase productivity and personal resilience. In this session we will review and practice how we can use the knowledge of type to help in raising personal resilience.

    About Susan Nash
    Susan is an international expert in business applications of Type and Temperament focusing on improving team productivity and leadership effectiveness. Susan has authored "Turning Team Performance Inside Out" published by Davies Black, "Dating, Mating and Relating" and the new "Teamwork from the Inside Out Field Book".
  • Taking on the MBTI sceptics Recorded: Apr 7 2014 31 mins
    As MBTI practitioners, we often meet people who are sceptical about the instrument’s potential and credibility as a development tool. Criticisms can range from saying that the tool is nothing more than a horoscope that puts people in unrealistic boxes, to it being based on out-of-date theory and lacking any evidence of reliability and validity.

    In this 30 minute webcast OPP practitioners and researchers (and Chartered Psychologists) John Hackston and Rob Bailey discuss the basis for these challenges, why they don’t hold up and how you can respond to them.
  • How SMEs can avoid hiring mistakes Recorded: Mar 5 2014 61 mins
    Recruiting the right people is never easy, especially for smaller organisations without a dedicated HR team. This webcast will outline the challenges faced by organisations, drawing on real-life examples to show when the best of intentions can have disastrous consequences. We’ll explore a new way of identifying the underlying competencies and attributes needed for success in a job. With the help of Melanie Francis, Head of HR at The University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, we’ll learn how this new approach has helped them to objectively assess and shortlist candidates against these criteria, using psychometric tools and structured interviews. Even if you have limited experience in this area, you’ll learn how you can achieve greater hiring success simply and cost-effectively.
  • Best people in = best results out Recorded: Nov 27 2013 61 mins
    With more people chasing fewer jobs, and new technology to help, you might think that selection and recruitment is easier than ever; but more applicants is not the same as more good applicants, and more choice of assessments can just lead to confusion.
    John will go through the reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) change what you are doing, and how to put together a cost-effective, fair and valid selection process that will enhance your organisation’s reputation.
  • Brain-savvy basics: the brain science behind personality Recorded: Sep 18 2013 62 mins
    Join neuroscience and personality expert Dario Nardi, PhD, to get up to speed on the cutting edge of neuroscience. Using colourful slides and humorous anecdotes from his lab, Dario introduces the latest insights and answers:
    - How do people of various personality types use their brain differently?
    - What's "flow", and how can we get into it?
    - Your brain's terrain: What cognitive and emotional skills do you favour?
  • Be better at managing conflict under stress Recorded: Jun 5 2013 60 mins
    The co-author of the TKI assessment will provide a deep understanding of how the increasing levels of stress experienced in the workplace can not only prevent people from using the best conflict mode in a given situation (competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, or accommodating), but can also push people to react blindly to conflicts with fight, flight, or freeze.

    Join Dr Ralph Kilmann on 5 June to find out how you can help people maintain moderate stress (neither high nor low), enabling them to manage their conflicts mindfully and thus successfully.
  • Stress doesn’t have to be distressing Recorded: Apr 24 2013 62 mins
    Workplace stress is always a hot topic in the HR press, and even more so currently as organisations push to achieve more with reduced resources and budget. Is the media’s portrayal of stress as bad correct – or is stress something we can learn to manage and even harness for positive benefit? Although most of us know what stress feels like, many of us fail to identify the best coping strategies for the productive management of the challenges that we face. And if we have trouble managing our own stress, how can we best support colleagues who experience stress differently?

    Penny and John will step through a well-established dynamic model of the stress process and explain how you can build individual and organisational resilience, not only to avoid stress turning into distress, but also to understand when it can be a positive, motivating force.
  • Applying personality insights to kick-start successful careers Recorded: Mar 27 2013 56 mins
    When it comes to offering career guidance to students, educational institutions have a vested and growing interest in giving them the boost they need to enter the workplace. Personality questionnaires are sometimes used to inform decision-making about next steps, but some assessments are more robust than others, and timing is everything. So what are the key ingredients for delivering valuable perspective? And how can careers advisors and tutors provide the best possible experience for their students?

    In this webinar, OPP’s John Hackston, Head of R&D, and Amy Baskerville, Education Sector Manager, share their thoughts on the challenges currently facing careers advisors and students, and consider the value of applying personality insights to course and career choice.
  • Deeper Leadership Coaching Using Type Recorded: Feb 27 2013 60 mins
    At every level, leaders struggle to receive, and use, constructive feedback – subordinates hesitate, leaders lack time for reflection, ‘edgy’ managers think their edge is effective, and acknowledging any weaknesses hints at incompetency. Psychological type, the framework behind the MBTI instrument, depersonalizes many critiques, helps leaders make sense of feedback, and provides pathways for successful change tailored to the leader's own style.

    Jane’s webinar will introduce several easy-to-use yet profound strategies that take your leadership coaching skills to the next level.

    Jane Kise, Ed.D. is an executive coach, consultant, and author of over 20 books including Intentional Leadership, Introduction to Type and Coaching and Using the MBTI Tool in Organizations. A past president of the Association for Psychological Type International, and a faculty member of the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Kise consults worldwide, helping individuals and organizations be more intentional about how they plan, lead, influence and change.
  • Reinvigorate your MBTI feedback with new resources to bring type to life! Recorded: Jan 30 2013 61 mins
    As an MBTI practitioner, you’ve had time to realise the value of MBTI insights. But for many people who receive feedback, knowing their four-letter type and understanding that people have different preferences is often where their journey ends.
    Improve the return on your MBTI training and the value of your interventions by helping participants to apply their MBTI type knowledge more effectively, every day, with our brand-new resources.

    Join Pauline Siddons, Learning Implementation and Development Manager at OPP, as she presents the new recommended MBTI feedback process, and shares her experiences using our newly developed materials, including:

    • Practitioner feedback prompt cards to facilitate better quality individual feedback sessions
    • A group feedback kit containing interactive exercises to help your clients identify their best-fit type as a group
    • A practical desk resource that makes the MBTI concepts readily available for clients to refer to, supporting their ongoing development.

    What will I learn?
    • How to deliver more inspiring and impactful individual MBTI feedback, which provides a platform for users to continue their application of type beyond their feedback session.

    It is for me?
    • This webinar is ideal for all MBTI practitioners who qualified before July 2012. It will enable you to reinvigorate your MBTI work with new exercises, approaches and materials to create more memorable feedback sessions and add value to your work.
  • Enhancing leadership effectiveness through the use of psychometric tools Recorded: Dec 6 2012 60 mins
    For over 20 years, OPP has been using psychometric tools with leaders to enable them to reach their potential, by developing self-awareness. Our approach to leadership development is based on understanding the whole person, and enabling each individual to develop an authentic style of leadership, allowing them to make the most of their inherent strengths and drive organisational success.

    Join Alice King and Lorraine Mills from OPP’s Consultancy team as they share insights from their work with leaders, and discover the benefits of using psychometric tools to enhance authentic leadership.
  • Optimising team performance in competitive times Recorded: Nov 22 2012 60 mins
    Teams are the building blocks that hold your organisation together. High-performing teams have a positive business impact, boosting operational efficiency and avoiding waste and missed opportunities. But even the best teams need help to maintain their effectiveness over time – particularly in times of change.

    Join our webinar ‘Optimising team performance in competitive times’ and discover how psychology can play a vital role in improving team performance.

    What you will learn:

    - The benefits of investing in team development
    - How to achieve optimum team performance
    - How psychometric instruments and expert facilitation can encourage team development
    - The steps taken by an international consulting firm to develop a key leadership team
    - Hints and tips for leaders and facilitators in developing high-performing teams

    Who should attend:

    - Anyone interested in how people working together in teams can become more than ‘the sum of their parts’
    - Anyone keen to understand how psychological insights can transform lacklustre teams into high-performing dynamic units
Personality awareness to unlock individual and team potential
Webcasts to help organisations unlock potential in individuals and teams. Our training, resources and consultancy support effective and innovative people development and talent identification. We are the European distributor of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), 16PF® and other leading psychometric tools.

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