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Learning and Development

  • Engagement and Performance Management of Caregivers in Assisted Living- What Wor Engagement and Performance Management of Caregivers in Assisted Living- What Wor Malou Van Eijk, HR at Applewood Our House Recorded: Feb 23 2017 28 mins
    Healthcare workers in assisted living facilities and nursing homes are a valuable asset. With a growing aging population, it is more important than ever to actively engage and develop high performing healthcare workers and caregivers. Malou Van Eijk with Applewood Our House will talk about some of the innovative approaches she has taken to accomplish just that.
  • Control the Chaos: 4 steps to succeeding as a HR Department of One Control the Chaos: 4 steps to succeeding as a HR Department of One Lori Kleiman, SPHR Recorded: Feb 21 2017 58 mins
    Sole member HR departments are saddled with administrative tasks, while they often have the desire to participate at a more strategic level. The executive teamexpects you to have CHRO depth of knowledge, the employees want answers to their questions now. Finance wants benefit bills yesterday and operations needs new candidates. How do you navigate to meet the needs of all your internal customers and still get your job done? Learn tips from a former sole practitioner and consultant to small businesses. Lori shares practical real world advice to get control of your day and shine in the HR function.
  • Mentoring or Coaching: What's the Difference and Why Do We Need Both? Mentoring or Coaching: What's the Difference and Why Do We Need Both? Deb Calvert, Executive Coach & President of People First Productivity Solutions Recorded: Feb 21 2017 46 mins
    The terms Mentoring and Coaching are not inter-changeable. Emerging leaders and front line contributors want both mentoring and coaching. You can improve employee engagement, retention and productivity by understanding the difference and ensuring both mentoring and coaching are available to members of your team.
  • Climbing the Corporate Ladder… in (Tasteful) High Heels Climbing the Corporate Ladder… in (Tasteful) High Heels Jo Stewart-Rattray (BRM Holdich) & Theresa Grafenstine (US House of Representatives) Recorded: Feb 16 2017 62 mins
    For many years, women have represented roughly half of all university graduates. Yet, there is a lingering imbalance of women that progress to senior leadership positions.

    Join two industry trailblazers, Jo Stewart-Rattray, the first woman to serve as CIO with responsibility for both operational and business IT in the Australian utilities space and Theresa Grafenstine, the first woman to serve as the Inspector General of the US House of Representatives, as they discuss how they cracked through the proverbial glass ceiling.

    Attendees will get practical advice on becoming a trusted advisor, building your personal brand, joining the “Old Boys Club,” and the art of gaining influence.

    Jo and Theresa will also reflect on their careers and share lessons learned on the bumps and bruises they encountered along the way with “What they wished they knew 20 years ago…”

    At the end of what will surely be a spirited discussion, attendees will have a chance to pose questions to these two role models who blazed a trail for women in the IT profession.
  • From Board Books to Boardroom: Tales from the Hi-Tech Working Mom Trenches From Board Books to Boardroom: Tales from the Hi-Tech Working Mom Trenches Jen Holtvluwer, Director of Digital Marketing, Cherwell Software & Elisabeth Thomas, President, Launch Product Marketing Recorded: Feb 16 2017 60 mins
    There is no question that being a working mom is a challenge. You never feel like you’re actually giving 100% to your family or your work. How do you manage everything amidst exhaustion and not feel guilty? Hear from two, hi-tech mommy marketers on how they have achieved a healthy balance of succeeding in the boardroom and on the home front. For entrepreneurs, learn how to find the right balance required to manage your own business. For women determined to climb the corporate ladder, hear tips on how to keep yourself and/or your team motivated.
  • Empowerment, Cultural Change & Driving Business Performance Empowerment, Cultural Change & Driving Business Performance Andrew Hastings & Philippe Cosson Recorded: Feb 14 2017 51 mins
    Join Andrew Hastings, Partner, AP Partners and Philippe Cosson, Managing Partner, AP Partners as they discuss how to empower not only yourself but also your team, in order to deliver your company’s strategy. How do you improve the level of engagement between team members and can you take ownership of the situation and build a more empowered team? How will empowerment accelerate implementation?
  • Let’s Go Kick Some Glass – How to be an Empowered Woman Leader & Negotiator Let’s Go Kick Some Glass – How to be an Empowered Woman Leader & Negotiator Pattie Grimm, Author, Speaker, Trainer & Coach, Advantage Training, LTD. Recorded: Feb 10 2017 60 mins
    When it comes to women in leadership positions, statistics show that about 15% of C-suite Execs are women and about 50% are managers. So by definition, most employees are led by male-dominated executive teams.

    Statistics also show that men are 3x more likely than women to succeed in salary negotiations, despite the fact that women ask for them just as frequently but receive them less often. Women are more reticent than men to negotiate, but why? Is there a correlation between less negotiation and less women leaders? More women are taking on more high-powered tech jobs, but still struggling with self-promotion.

    During this highly interactive and informative session, you’ll …

    - Learn what makes a great woman leader and how to use your unique talents to be successful women leader in any endeavor you chose
    - Understand your strengths and how to leverage your strengths to excel at any job
    -. Create your own personal vision statement to use as a guide for your career and life
    - Learn how to stand out and be valuable, visible, and vocal to get that job or promotion you deserve
    - Understand how to “pay it forward” and raise brave girls and supportive boys
    - Understand the skills and tactics to be a powerful woman negotiator
    - Learn the five biggest mistakes most women make when negotiating
    - Practice the steps for a successful negotiation
  • Yes! You do have a crystal ball - Megatrends impacting HR Yes! You do have a crystal ball - Megatrends impacting HR Lori Kleiman Recorded: Feb 2 2017 47 mins
    CEO's are focused on long-term success - and HR should be too. But how do we know what will impact our organization in 15 years? Business futurists are consulted to predict where trends are going what savvy organizations need to do to complete. Social, environmental, and global issues are touching all businesses today faster and with more impact than ever before. HR departments have to get ahead of the megatrends that are facing their businesses and anticipate trends. Explore the top megatrends CEO's are watching for the next 15 years, and determine how you can implement these to focus your human resources initiatives. Megatrends will change your business in the next ten years. Don't miss this opportunity to get ahead of the curve and bring the latest thought leadership back to your organization.
  • VR AR analytics platform to understand how users interact with virtual world VR AR analytics platform to understand how users interact with virtual world Robert Merki Recorded: Jan 25 2017 32 mins
    cognitiveVR is an analytics platform built for virtual and augmented reality. In this webinar, cognitiveVR’s Director of Product, Robert Merki, will showcase how you can leverage analytics and data to understand how users interact with your virtual worlds.
  • How to Avoid 3 Common Stumbling Blocks on Your Way to the C-Suite How to Avoid 3 Common Stumbling Blocks on Your Way to the C-Suite Deb Calvert, Executive Coach & President of People First Productivity Solutions Recorded: Jan 24 2017 43 mins
    HR Managers and Directors (+ those from other functions) often find themselves stalled out and wondering why. Join me as we review 3 common career stallers and how you can avoid them, correct for them, or rebound from them to continue your career progression.
  • Why Women Should Speak at Tech Conferences Why Women Should Speak at Tech Conferences Poornima Vijayashanker (Femgineer) and Karen Catlin Recorded: Jan 24 2017 60 mins
    To grow your career, you know what you need to do: improve your public speaking skills.

    Public speaking provides the visibility and professional credibility that helps you score the next big opportunity. But even more important is the fact that it transforms the way you communicate. Improved confidence and the ability to convey messages clearly will impact your relationships with your managers, coworkers, customers, industry peers, and even potential new hires.

    In this one-hour presentation, Poornima Vijayashanker and Karen Catlin will cover the importance of speaking at conferences and events, along with strategies to get started. They'll share some favorite tips from their book "Present! A Techie's Guide to Public Speaking," along with some embarrassing stories that are just too good to keep to themselves.

    - Poornima Vijayashanker, Founder of Femgineer
    - Karen Catlin, Advocate for Women in the Tech Industry, Author
  • Women in Tech Entrepreneurs & Founders Women in Tech Entrepreneurs & Founders Vinita Rathi, Systango, Tamsin Fox-Davies, HiBob, Marija Butkovic, Women of Wearables & Marie-Clare Fenech, Next Tech Girls Recorded: Jan 19 2017 64 mins
    What is it like in today's day and age to be a female entrepreneur? How do you successfully launch a tech startup or co-found a company as a woman in the industry? As the leader of such organizations, how can we continue to decrease the amount of gender imbalance and increase employee morale and retention? Tune in to our live, dynamic panel discussion moderated by Vinita Rathi, Co-founder and CEO of Systango and former Executive Director & VP at Goldman Sachs for a look into company culture and success from a female entrepreneur point of view.
  • HR Performance Metrics & Earning that Seat at the Executive Table HR Performance Metrics & Earning that Seat at the Executive Table Anisa Aven, CEO of TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions with Sri Chellappa, President of Engagedly Recorded: Jan 18 2017 30 mins
    What it really means to be a strategic HR leader.

    HR leaders who want a seat at the executive ​"​strategy planning​"​ table need to become Human Resources critical thinkers who align their people plans (HR strategy) with the strategic goals and profitability of the company. (Look at any HR discussion forum, and you’ll find some version of this question: How can HR get a “seat at the table” and become a strategic business partner?) But most HR leaders find themselves occupied in a problem-solving role as employee reactionaries; "we need a new hire"... "we need disciplinary help" "We have a problem employee"... "We need our managers to get training on the new compliance laws." Far too often, people-pleasing HR leaders fail to cultivate the mindset necessary for creating strategy that adds value to the overall organizational success. This not only stems from traditional HR expectations which focus on people, compliance, and problems but also from HR leaders not managing their own strategic value and ​intentionally ​building their department​ and initiatives ​​​​​on a profitability mindset.​ ​ Companies that want to ensure future success will look to HR to furnish better succession plans, more effective methods of retaining employees, programs to improve employee engagement, and refined performance management and training processes. (If they don’t find what they need from HR, they will reduce budgets, outsource, and shift responsibilities to other service departments.)​ HR departments won’t see improved budgets or more power and responsibilities until there’s a shift in HR mindset and a focus on HR Strategy that aligns with business needs. ​

    This relaxed chat addresses how HR leaders can earn that seat at the table by focusing on profitability, innovation, and the growth of the company.
  • Comment mieux vendre vos prestations MBTI ? Comment mieux vendre vos prestations MBTI ? Antony ERB Recorded: Jan 12 2017 46 mins
    Vous êtes un praticien certifié MBTI et vous souhaitez développer votre activité sur le marché des prestations de conseil et de l’accompagnement. Quels arguments utiliser pour convaincre vos clients d’entamer un parcours de développement à vos côtés ?

    Lors de ce webinaire, Antony Erb, directeur OPP France, partagera avec vous son expérience de plus de 20 ans auprès de nombreux clients. Il vous proposera des pistes concrètes pour aider le client à décider ou à convaincre sa hiérarchie.
  • Fireside Chat: Trends in Performance Management Fireside Chat: Trends in Performance Management Sri Chellappa, President-Engagedly & Aaron Adams - Partner HR Strategy Recorded: Dec 28 2016 30 mins
    With research showing the current practices in employee performance management getting dismal results, there is been a movement towards a more progressive approaches to performance management. In this fire side chat with Aaron Adams- Partner of HR strategy and Sri Chellappa- President of Engagement, we will explore the new trends and some of the best practices based on research and evidence that have shown promising results
  • How to Launch a Successful Career as a Woman in Marketing Technology How to Launch a Successful Career as a Woman in Marketing Technology Cindy Cardinal, Isabelle Dumont, Liz Bullock and Aya Fawzy Recorded: Dec 13 2016 55 mins
    What are the skills and techniques needed to be successful in tech? As roles in technology are continually shifting, discover what you need to know in order to advance in your tech career.

    Join our panel of experts as they discuss the following:
    - How do you pivot your career to a tech path?
    - What tools/experiences do you need to get into tech?
    - How do you deal with people who have more experience than you and how do you get them to respect your opinions?
    - Many vendors and organizations are offering certifications and badges. Worth it? If you decide to pursue one, how do you decide which organization to get your additional education from?

    Cindy Cardinal, Owner of CC Communications

    Isabelle Dumont, Head of Marketing at BlueTalon
    Liz Bullock, Director Digital & Paid Media at Rackspace
    Aya Fawzy, Marketing Manager at Captora
  • Sales Managers: How to Coach Salespeople Who Don't Want to Seem "Pushy" Sales Managers: How to Coach Salespeople Who Don't Want to Seem "Pushy" Deb Calvert, President, People First Productivity Solutions Recorded: Dec 8 2016 44 mins
    What's holding your sellers back from asking for the sale and even asking again when they get a continuance? We've talked directly to prospects and sales pros to understand the difference between customer service and pushiness. It's a difference every sales organization ought to understand! Join us to hear the research and the tips for coaching your sellers when they're holding back instead of advancing the sale.
  • Leading yourself and others through change Leading yourself and others through change Kevin Johnson Recorded: Dec 8 2016 61 mins
    How do you make sure changes are smoothly implemented? How do you achieve lasting benefits? Kevin Johnson focuses on the impact of change on people as they move from one situation to another.

    Kevin gained the majority of his business experience in senior management in the financial services industry. As a senior consultant he worked with blue chip organisations across Europe, Asia and the United States including Banco de Portugal, Ford Europe, VW, the Whitbread Group and Delta Airlines.
  • Building Your Career Resilience Building Your Career Resilience Christine Brown-Quinn, Career Expert, Author & Thought Leader- Women in Business Recorded: Dec 7 2016 51 mins
    Does it feel sometimes like you're being stretched in a million different directions and that you're close to a breaking point? You're not the only one! Unfortunately, this is not an unusual experience given the current business climate combined with our demanding personal lives.

    In today's hyper-busy world it's not only about career progression, but also importantly about career resilience. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, only 13% of 180 million people considered themselves "happily engaged at work." Many studies have confirmed what we know instinctively - being happy and motivated has a huge impact on our effectiveness and resiliency.

    In today’s webinar we’re going to uncover which strategies result in high performance AND well being in our careers and our lives.
  • How Can You Inspire Girls to Explore the Possibilities of Technology How Can You Inspire Girls to Explore the Possibilities of Technology Sarah Johnson, National Outreach Manager for TechGirlz Recorded: Nov 30 2016 20 mins
    Only 25% of technology professionals are female. Girls are opting out of STEM classes in HS. Fewer women earn degrees in Computer Science now than 30 years ago. The numbers are bleak but you can help!

    TechGirlz can help you organize a technology workshop in your community and inspire girls to explore the possibilities of technology. Learn how you can use TechShopz in a Box (TM) free workshop curriculum to introduce middle school girls to topics such as website design and development, game design and development, mobile app design, media editing, robotics, computer hardware, and much more!

    All materials are free for you to use and TechGirlz is here to help you get started in your community. Be sure to ask some friends to help - it's more fun together!
  • Exploring Mobile VR: Insights and Strategy Exploring Mobile VR: Insights and Strategy David Mullett, Virtual Reality Content Innovator, Virtualize: david@virtualizevr.com Recorded: Nov 30 2016 36 mins
    Mobile VR is going to be far and away the largest market for virtual reality in both the immediate term and as the VR market expands. This is where VR is going to come in and disrupt entrenched competition in the digital landscape. Currently less than 1% of PCs worldwide are powerful enough to run the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, so producing VR for low end hardware specs on Mobile VR is going to be the best strategy for accessing large numbers of consumers. 5G and expanding wifi is going to explode current bandwidth limitations and be the backbone for next generation Mobile VR experiences. Together with the new WebVR format, 5G and Mobile VR will be the place to build your disruptive VR application and open up a whole new realm of solution, acquisition, and engagement. Through social VR, sharing, avatars, and solutions-based VR, Mobile VR is going to be the brand of VR that changes the world. What can you build in VR that has the same value, or more value, than non-VR applications?
  • Augmented Construction: How Virtual Environments are Impacting the Physical Augmented Construction: How Virtual Environments are Impacting the Physical Rob Charlton, CEO, Space Group & Adam Ward, Director, BIM Technologies Recorded: Nov 30 2016 48 mins
    In an age of perpetual advancing technology, it’s often difficult to keep up with what’s going to be the “next big thing”.

    Traditional construction methods are fast being overtaken by modern building processes, and what we’re now terming; digital construction.

    As industry innovators, we’re championing the leap from digital construction to augmented construction. There is scope for augmented reality to play a major role in helping construction teams in the field understand how various systems and components fit together during production. But more importantly, it can facilitate a route for architects to take their designs into a virtual environment before the high risk move to construction.

    The current process for a structure is that it is designed in 3D, transferred to 2D documents and then built in a virtual

    3D format. The transition from 3D to 2D and back again can often lead to errors, therefore, what if we could cut this middle step out altogether?

    Just imagine being able to put on an AR headset and see exactly which line on a 2D construction document corresponds to a given object, such as a section of pipe or cable network. Being able to bring drawings into a physical model, giving a sense of scale, proportion, form and space.

    In this webinar, we’ll take you through the following:

     What is Augmented Construction

     Technological advancements and what benefits they bring to the industry

     How to use AR effectively

     What role does data play in this?

     Example projects, who’s using this now

     The next step