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  • Global Automotive Aftermarket in Developing Markets Opens Up New Opportunities
    Global Automotive Aftermarket in Developing Markets Opens Up New Opportunities Kumar Saha, Research Director, Anuj Monga Global Program Manager, Frost & Sullivan, Brad Fry, Senior Manager, eBay Recorded: May 22 2018 59 mins
    The global automotive aftermarket is undergoing a massive transformation. Some of the significant disruptors picked up the pace in 2017 and will continue to change supply and demand dynamics in 2018 and beyond. The briefing will highlight some of these short-term market shifts (e.g., North America will lag in aftermarket growth in 2018 while India and Latin America will see sharp upticks) as well as medium- and long-term trends such as digital B2B.

    Key Takeaways:
    · Understand the main factors that will influence the size of the global automotive aftermarket.
    · Discover the emerging regions served, or underserved, by automotive parts and services suppliers.
    · Participate in an interactive question-and-answer session with Frost & Sullivan experts.
  • Beneficios saludables de añadir fibra en panificación
    Beneficios saludables de añadir fibra en panificación Francisco Ibarzabal, Gerente de Marketing Segments, Ingredion México Recorded: May 22 2018 41 mins
    Conoce las cuales son los beneficios de utilizar fibra en tus productos de panificación, así como la percepción de los consumidores mexicanos. Presentado por: Francisco Ibarzabal, Gerente de Marketing Segment
  • Understanding What's Blocking Digital Transformation (DX)
    Understanding What's Blocking Digital Transformation (DX) Joseph Pucciarelli, Group Vice President, IDC IT Executive Programs Recorded: May 21 2018 2 mins
    Watch this video to understand where IT and business leaders are being challenged in their digital transformation journey and key ways to take on the challenges.
  • Simulate Moving Parts Faster & Easier with Overset Mesh
    Simulate Moving Parts Faster & Easier with Overset Mesh Tom Chadwick, Senior CFD Engineer Recorded: May 16 2018 35 mins
    Join PADT's Senior CFD Engineer Tom Chadwick for an introduction to overset meshing and an explanation of how it can speed up your simulation and help you to mesh more efficiently.
  • From BI to AI
    From BI to AI Naser Ali, Head of Solutions Marketing, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: May 16 2018 38 mins
    Business intelligence is evolving from traditional look-back analysis to forward-thinking prediction and prescription. Join Naser Ali of Hitachi Vantara in this webinar where he'll cover the following concepts:

    - Understanding why AI isn’t an academic pursuit or anything like traditional analysis
    - Why the value of AI comes from developing whole new processes
    - What to expect and when on the journey to predictive and prescriptive outcomes
    - A skills and infrastructure checklist
    - Plus: Gotchas - spotting the pitfalls and roadblocks
  • Next steps for Metal Bulletin's benchmark cobalt prices
    Next steps for Metal Bulletin's benchmark cobalt prices Charlotte Radford, Inaki Villanueva Recorded: May 8 2018 51 mins
    Following huge increases in the price of cobalt, Metal Bulletin has consulted with the market to decide the next steps to ensure price assessments are relevant and fit for application in a rapidly evolving market.

    Join our team as we discuss:

    • Findings from the industry-wide cobalt pricing consultation
    • Updates to specifications & changes to be implemented from January 2019
    • Price assessments vs. indexation; insights from our data history
    • What does the emergence of the electric vehicle boom mean for cobalt pricing?
  • How to Extract Content from Outdated Systems
    How to Extract Content from Outdated Systems Stephani Clark Recorded: May 1 2018 60 mins
    Moving from legacy systems to modern technology can be a daunting task. Depending on the number of documents you currently have, just deciding what to move can be difficult.

    Join The Content Wrangler and Stephani Clark of Jorsek LLC to learn how to perform a content audit, develop a conversion plan, and learn about other considerations when transferring content.

    About Stephani Clark

    Stephani Clark is a Customer Success Manager for easyDITA, a DITA Component Content Management System based in Rochester. She works to train and assist users of easyDITA’s software. Stephani also works on easyDITA’s information development team and spends about half her time creating technical documentation for the software.

    Before she worked for easyDITA, Stephani spent over ten years working for her family’s energy efficiency company. During that time, she worked in sales management, operations, and project management. Stephani also developed the company’s training program and served as their National Training Administrator, which brought her to Rochester in 2010 when the company opened an office there.
  • What's New & Exciting in Mechanical Simulation
    What's New & Exciting in Mechanical Simulation Eric Miller, Co-Owner and Principal PADT Recorded: Apr 24 2018 59 mins
    The use of FEA and CFD techniques to simulate the behavior of structures, fluids, and electromagnetic fields has gone from an occasional task done by experts to a standard method for driving product development.

    Join PADT's Co-Owner and Principal, Eric Miller for a discussion on the recent advances in simulation that are pushing the technology towards covering more phenomenon, faster run times, and greater accuracy. From up-front real-time stress and fluid flow to massive combustion models with chemistry, fluid flow, thermals, and turbulence; simulation is how products are designed.
  • Transform Your Appliance: adopt a modern hyper-converged architecture
    Transform Your Appliance: adopt a modern hyper-converged architecture Quentin Esterhuizen, Sr Product Mgr, Storage & Josh Adkinson, Business Development Mgr - both of Dell EMC OEM Solutions Group Recorded: Apr 24 2018 36 mins
    Cloud adoption continues to grow with an increasing number of customers choosing this operating model for their data, virtual machines and applications. The traditional appliance must evolve to provide a more cloud like experience for your customers who are experiencing a digital transformation.

    In the session we will be covering:
    *Overview of the two HCI strategies you can adopt
    *Benefits of adopting a modern HCI architecture
    *The Dell EMC OEM solutions approach
  • The outlook for the OCTG market through to 2019
    The outlook for the OCTG market through to 2019 Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov, Edison Luo, James Ley Recorded: Apr 20 2018 52 mins
    Join the team as they discuss:

    - Global market impacts of trade action in North America and the Middle East
    - Will we see a recovery in the offshore OCTG markets?
    - Will current prices prevail or are we headed for a correction?
    - Are there opportunities for capacity enhancement?
  • Corrosion Clinic: Solving Engineering Challenges in Corrosion Using Knovel
    Corrosion Clinic: Solving Engineering Challenges in Corrosion Using Knovel Matteo Caligaris Recorded: Apr 19 2018 42 mins
    When managing process safety and asset integrity issues, corrosion is a pervasive and complex problem. The serious risks are of global concern and cause material waste, plant shutdowns, and safety hazards.

    However, corrosion can be prevented or managed in various ways: selecting the right materials, using inhibitors, design modifications, etc. The challenge is finding an engineering solution that has relevant and trustworthy answers & insights all in one place.

    Knovel contains trusted & vetted best practice guidelines, case studies, property data, interactive content and more so engineers have confidence to solve corrosion problems.

    In this webinar, see how Knovel can help save you time and cost the next time you have a corrosion challenge.
  • Repurposing DITA Content for Microsoft Office Users
    Repurposing DITA Content for Microsoft Office Users Eric Kuhnen and Bill Gamboa Recorded: Apr 18 2018 56 mins
    Technical communicators around the globe use the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) to help them create structured, semantically rich, topic-based technical documentation designed for reuse. The benefits of DITA, including content reuse, are limited to content teams who use XML editing tools. Content creators working with Microsoft Office tools cannot reuse DITA content easily, so content silos coalesce around the tools that content teams use.

    It’s one thing to understand the value of content reuse. It’s another to find a solution that defeats tool-driven content silos so that teams who don’t have access to—or knowledge of—XML editing tools are able to effectively reuse and repurpose DITA content. Attend this free, one-hour Content Wrangler webinar, brought to you by the content management gurus at Astoria Software, to learn how technical content teams are sharing and repurposing DITA content with team members who create content using Microsoft Office software.
  • From Ideation to Operation: The ANSYS Discovery Product Family in R19
    From Ideation to Operation: The ANSYS Discovery Product Family in R19 Ted Harris, Simulation Support Manager & Bob Calvin, Simulation Solutions Manager Recorded: Apr 11 2018 51 mins
    From ideation to operation, the bundles that make up the ANSYS Discovery Product Family help to bring the power of simulation driven product development to every engineer, faster and more affordably than ever before.

    Register to explore an in depth look at ANSYS Discovery AIM, Live, and SpaceClaim, covering their individual capabilities and newly updated features thanks to the latest version of ANSYS, ANSYS R19.

    Join PADT's Simulation Support Manager Ted Harris, and Simulation Solutions Manager Bob Calvin as they cover each of the products that makes up the Discovery Product Family, how they are bundled for your benefit, and how the new ANSYS Discovery Marketplace simplifies the purchasing process.
  • Metal Bulletin fob China indices: Steel market changes & new trading strategies
    Metal Bulletin fob China indices: Steel market changes & new trading strategies Paul Lim Recorded: Apr 10 2018 48 mins
    China continues to dominate the Asian steel markets. The outlook for the rest of the year remains uncertain and the Asian steel markets continue to be heavily exposed to price volatility. Metal Bulletin’s fob China indices can help you increase your trading margins and reduce price risks in the face of price uncertainty.

    Join our free webinar to find out more.
  • Build Telco Solutions of Tomorrow, Today
    Build Telco Solutions of Tomorrow, Today David Lin, Telco Business Development Director, Dell EMC OEM Recorded: Apr 9 2018 14 mins
    Today we're in an exciting time with new technologies driving new opportunities to innovate. This is especially true in the telco space. This short video will walk through challenges and opportunities facing services network service providers today.
  • Global Smart Cities Investments:  Key Spending Trends
    Global Smart Cities Investments: Key Spending Trends Ruthbea Yesner, Serena DaRold Recorded: Apr 5 2018 62 mins
    This web conference will present the findings from the newly launched Worldwide Smart Cities Spending Guide in which 15 smart cities use cases were sized and forecasted by nine global regions. We will discuss the trends that are impacting investments, the highest areas of spending and growth, and differences between regions. Smart Cities investments will be discussed in the context of global trends in cities, and how these are impacting budget priorities and spending on specific use cases.
  • What’s driving the battery raw materials market?
    What’s driving the battery raw materials market? Charlotte Radford, Susan Zou, Justin Yang, Will Adams, Martim Facada Recorded: Apr 5 2018 61 mins
    Substitution risk, EV policy, lithium, cobalt, nickel supplies.

    Join the team as they discuss the key drivers and price trends in the lithium, cobalt and nickel markets, along with the outlook for battery raw materials.

    - EV subsidies and government policy in China and beyond
    - Changes in battery chemistries and their effect on demand for nickel and cobalt
    - Cobalt sulfate market trends
    - Developments in nickel: pricing sulfate and the impact on premiums
    - Lithium price fundamentals and outlook

    Presented by:
    - Charlotte Radford, senior pricing reporter and battery raw materials team leader
    - Susan Zou, cobalt industry analyst
    - Justin Yang, nickel market reporter
    - Will Adams, head of base metals and battery research

    The interactive web seminar will include an opportunity to submit questions or comments to the speakers. If you have any questions about Metal Bulletin’s pricing and coverage of illiquid markets – including those not covered in the case studies mentioned above – please send them in advance to Charlotte Radford at charlotte.radford@metalbulletin.com.

    Unable to attend? Register now and you’ll be able to listen to the recorded web seminar after it finishes.
  • Smart, Mobile, & Collaborative Robots: The Rise in Commercial Service Robots
    Smart, Mobile, & Collaborative Robots: The Rise in Commercial Service Robots Jessica Goepfert and John Santagate Recorded: Apr 4 2018 55 mins
    This session will look at the drivers, trends, impacts, and overall market for non-traditional robotics on the modern digitally connected business. The evolution of technology in general has helped to drive the evolution of robots for non-traditional business applications.

    John Santagate, Research Director for Service Robotics at IDC, says “We are in a very interesting place relative to robotics. There has been a convergence of technology maturity and market acceptance that is helping to drive new robotic applications in business areas where robots have not typically been deployed”. Join us as we dig into what is driving the market, why this time it's different, and how the market will shake out over the coming several years.
  • Publishing DITA Content to a Chatbot
    Publishing DITA Content to a Chatbot Patrick Bosek Recorded: Apr 3 2018 60 mins
    Chatbots have a long way to go to be self-sufficient, but if you build them on a base of structured content, they can be a helpful content delivery tool today. Join The Content Wrangler, and Patrick Bosek of Jorsek LLC to learn how you can publish your DITA content to your chatbot.

    As a part of this process, Patrick will talk about how chatbots fit into your total content delivery strategy, how to transform DITA content for chatbots, and how to update and maintain chatbots as a delivery system.

    About Patrick Bosek

    Patrick is a co-founder and Director of Customer Success at Jorsek LLC, the makers easyDITA. Since beginning with Jorsek LLC in 2005 Patrick has worked on a wide range of projects all focused on improving authoring, production, and distribution of content. Most recently, his primary focus has been empowering the users of easyDITA and generally advancing the product documentation industry.

    Patrick is a software industry professional specializing in developing, productizing, and solving problems with product content software. He is a highly skilled developer, thoughtful manager, passionate customer advocate.
  • Discovery Live For All Engineers - Static Structural & Modal Analysis
    Discovery Live For All Engineers - Static Structural & Modal Analysis Manoj Mahendran, Lead Simulation Support Application Engineer Recorded: Mar 28 2018 48 mins
    There is no question, ANSYS Discovery Live has drastically changed the way engineers approach numerical simulation with it's ground-breaking capability for producing results that are both instantaneous and interactive.

    When it comes to structural and modal analysis, Discovery Live provides the opportunity to interactively understand and improve part or small assembly strength and stiffness, as well as easily determine the natural frequencies for those parts and assemblies when necessary.

    Join PADT's Simulation Support Application Engineer Doug Oatis, for an exploration of the static structural and modal capabilities available within ANSYS Discovery Live.
  • Future of Thinking Series: Disruptive Thinking
    Future of Thinking Series: Disruptive Thinking Veena Rajkumar, Learning & Development Program Manager, Tegile/Western Digital Recorded: Mar 21 2018 49 mins
    The future of work will look different than the current landscape, and it is approaching rapidly. To prepare, companies must “future-proof” their organizations through a re-evaluation of behaviors to embrace change.

    One of these behaviors is how we think which has the capacity to handle the significant challenges (and opportunities!) that will come from IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning and many other Industry 4.0 trends.

    Simple tweaks to existing “thinking” will not be a match for what’s coming. We need a fresh and powerful perspective - a disruption - in the way we’ve approached thinking in the past.

    Sign up for our free webinar to understand Disruptive Thinking to future-proof your organization.

    Join Veena Rajkumar, Learning & Development Program Manager with Tegile, A Western Digital brand, in the first part of a webinar series about The Future of Thinking. Veena will discuss Disruptive Thinking – a method to alter the status quo, identify unique ways to solve real-world problems using simple ideas and existing resources and build effective results.

    You will learn:

    . The three parts of disruptive thinking: inquiry, discovery, and development

    . Methods to leverage challenge as a vehicle for opportunity

    “If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ~ Maya Angelou
  • State of the Market: IT Spending Review and Outlook
    State of the Market: IT Spending Review and Outlook Stephen Minton, VP, IDC Customer Insights & Analysis Recorded: Mar 21 2018 56 mins
    In this IDC web conference, Stephen Minton will review the latest ICT spending data and leading economic indicators for ICT budget trends and new 3rd Platform technologies, alongside updated market sizing and forecasts from the IDC Worldwide Black Book, answering questions such as:

    • How has the technology market performed so far in 2018, and how have forecasts for 2019-2022 changed as a result?
    • What impact will economic trends have on IT spending over the next 5 years, and what are the main downside risks to the outlook?
    • Which new technologies are experiencing the fastest growth in emerging markets, and which geographies are set to emerge as global leaders beyond 2020?
    • How quickly are tech budgets moving from traditional IT deployments to the 3rd Platform of cloud, mobile and new technologies such as IoT and robotics?
    • What does the expansion of the ICT industry and the emergence of new categories mean for traditional tech vendors and buyers?
  • Blockchain: Market Spending and Trend Outlook for 2018 and Beyond
    Blockchain: Market Spending and Trend Outlook for 2018 and Beyond Stacey Soohoo, Research Manager and Bill Fearnley, Research Director, Worldwide Blockchain Strategies Recorded: Mar 21 2018 60 mins
    The future of blockchain remains promising as enterprises move along their digital transformation journeys. End users will realize the long-term value this new and innovative technology holds, building upon their existing technology infrastructure and also layering on new and emerging technology to create a complete ecosystem. In order to help vendors capitalize on the opportunity, we will share market insights and data on the key blockchain use cases and trends.