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  • The Algorithmic Series- Part 1: The Algorithmic Retail Bank - How to be a leader
    The Algorithmic Series- Part 1: The Algorithmic Retail Bank - How to be a leader David Rosen, Digital Transformation Technologist & Strategist & Shawn Rogers, Sr. Director-Analytic Strategy, TIBCO Software Jul 19 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Depth and complexity of regional and global banks places an even higher level of urgency on algorithmic enablement than on other financial institutions.

    Join TIBCO’s strategy leaders David Rosen and Shawn Rogers for a discussion of the latest trends and capabilities required for financial services leadership. Four major themes define the algorithmic imperative:

    - Customer differences highlight the importance of deep and nuanced understanding of segments, propensities for action, engagement preferences and sensitivities to pricing
    - Channel and evolution forces banks to think analytically with respect to the investments they make in reshaping their distribution networks
    - Customer expectations with regard to experience require smarter processes both at the point of engagement and at the back-end decision systems that power the journeys
    - Wide product breadth forces banks to take individual approaches to design, recommendation and pricing

    Learn how each theme is affected by organizational leadership, strategic business initiatives and the underlying data science that enables the transformation towards becoming an Algorithmic Bank.

    Register now to learn how TIBCO’s solutions can help you become an Algorithmic Retail Bank!
  • 4 Must-Haves for a B2B Digital Experience that Delights & Differentiates
    4 Must-Haves for a B2B Digital Experience that Delights & Differentiates Matthew Clark, VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Premier Farnell Jul 25 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    EXECUTIVE SPOTLIGHT - Top Executives Share Insights for Success

    FEATURED GUEST: Matthew Clark, VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Premier Farnell

    What does it take to successfully deliver a digital experience for the B2B market?

    While, the whole enterprise needs to be aimed at driving a digital experience, there are 4 key areas which, if overlooked, will cause your B2B digital experience to suffer or fail, no matter how good your digital platforms or your core products are. Digital experiences are made of content, knowledge and data.

    In this one-on-one conversation with Matthew Clark, Premier Farnell's VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, EIS's Dino Eliopulos will explore what companies need to do to ensure that their product information, content, and know-how combine with insights that they have about their customers to elevate their digital experiences to the top of the industry.

    Topics for discussion:

    •How to make product catalogs robust and shoppable
    •How to leverage rich, well-structured content to reinforce brand, and improve SEO
    •How to embed the expertise of their engineering organizations and tech support specialists into things like site-search, chatbots and product recommendations, and
    •How to give customers real value in exchange for the information that they are sharing with you via their digital interactions.
  • Investigating Signal Integrity: Finding Problems Before They Find You
    Investigating Signal Integrity: Finding Problems Before They Find You Michael Griesi, Electrical Engineer Jul 25 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join PADT to learn how ANSYS can help you identify Signal Integrity problems and optimize potential solutions faster and cheaper than prototyping multiple iterations.
  • Panel Discussion: The Reality of Collaborative Banking
    Panel Discussion: The Reality of Collaborative Banking Head of Business Banking Barclays; Senior Manager, Business Model Innovation HSBC;Head of Digital Metro Bank; TIBCO Software Jul 26 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Platform companies are taking over, and changing the way companies do business. And with Open Banking now on the horizon, banks cannot afford to sit back and not seize the opportunities available from collaboration.

    Panel discussion will cover:

    - Forecasting the impact of increased collaboration in banking
    - What are the partnership features to look for in an over-crowded market?
    - Creating a mutually beneficial relationship: what should each party bring to the table?
    - Ensuring you have sufficient interoperability to deploy new technology in open banking
    - Understanding the impact of Open Banking: what will the future role of the bank be?
    - What strategies will be keep to retaining the customer interface?
  • Man Versus Machine for Editing Content
    Man Versus Machine for Editing Content Val Swisher Jul 26 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With the continued development of natural language processing (NLP), there are more software applications, doing more types of editing, than ever before. We will cover how an NLP works, editing tasks best done by a machine, and instances where only a trained human editor will really get the job done.

    In this talk, learn more about:

    * What is a natural language processor and how does it work?

    * What types of editing are done best by an NLP?

    * What types of editing are best saved for people?

    * How to use both machine editing and human editing to your best advantage
  • Smart Manufacturing 101
    Smart Manufacturing 101 Mike Alperin, Manufacturing Industry Consultant, TIBCO Software Jul 26 2018 11:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    In the next five years, almost three-quarters of manufacturing companies expect to have highly digitalized horizontal and vertical value-chain processes.

    At the heart of this digitalization are Smart Manufacturing principles, which are reshaping the competitive landscape and bringing fundamental change across the manufacturing industry.

    Some of the topics covered in the webinar:

    - How AI and machine learning algorithms can more accurately predict process and product performance to detect and react to problems as soon as they emerge
    - How the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Platform can help use cases like real-time factory monitoring, predictive maintenance, and process improvement
    - A sneak peak into the High-tech Manufacturing Accelerator, a free, open-source framework to help accelerate your adoption of a Smart Manufacturing fabric
  • The Algorithmic Series - Part 2: Dynamic Pricing
    The Algorithmic Series - Part 2: Dynamic Pricing Nina Jensen, Senior Quantitative Analyst, AA Ireland Colm Carey, Chief Analytics Officer, AA Ireland Aug 2 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dynamic Pricing – How AA Ireland Transformed into An Algorithmic Insurer

    In this webinar, you will learn how AA Ireland adopted TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform for dynamic pricing, fraud detection, and customer engagement. We will interview AA Ireland Senior Quantitative Analyst Nina Jensen to learn about the company’s digital transformation into a more agile and profitable business and its simple software solution for implementation of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models.

    During this webinar we will also discuss the algorithmic approach to the following challenges:

    - Implementation and governance of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models
    - Deployment of sophisticated pricing models into a real-time rating engine
    - Understanding of the likelihood to claim and the propensity to purchase insurance policies
    - Rebasing the models with frequent updates from customer interactions and transactions
  • Simulation in the Cloud - Challenges, Tools & Mindsets
    Simulation in the Cloud - Challenges, Tools & Mindsets Manoj Mahendran, Lead Simulation Support Application Engineer Aug 8 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In today's day and age, advancements in cloud computing technology have made it possible to run numerical simulation virtually, thanks to its improved compatibility, scalability, and efficiency. However, with all of its benefits, running simulation on the cloud isn't always perfect, as there are challenges that can limit its accessibility, and choosing the right tool is absolutely key to success.

    Join PADT's Lead Application Engineer, Manoj Mahendran for a look at the challenges that users of simulation on the cloud often face, the tools and methods they can use to avoid or overcome those challenges, and how having the right mindset when it comes to exploring new tools and solving methods makes all of the difference.
  • AI and Industry 4.0: The new Predictive Maintenance
    AI and Industry 4.0: The new Predictive Maintenance Alessandro Chimera, Industry Consultant, TIBCO Software Aug 14 2018 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Maintenance affects the total efficiency of the factory. What maintenance strategies increase it and reduce the downtime costs?

    Using machine learning, you can prepare a model of your factory, identify normal and abnormal states, then watch real-time sensor data to predict degradation and intervene to avoid inefficiency and downtime.

    The webinar will cover:
    ●The newest strategies and how to anticipate problems using machine learning
    ●A real case where TIBCO Software helped a manufacturer save 10% on maintenance costs
  • Elevate Your Post Processing & Visualization Quality with ANSYS EnSight
    Elevate Your Post Processing & Visualization Quality with ANSYS EnSight Clinton Smith, CFD Team Lead Engineer Aug 22 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    When examining the results of your numerical simulation, it is important to use software that not only provides a high quality visual representation of said results, but is also capable of presenting data from a variety of complex simulations in order to ensure the effectiveness and overall value of the insight that post processing and analysis can provide. Where other programs fall short in the quality of the results that they achieve, ANSYS EnSight succeeds in providing a highly effective environment regardless of the complexity of the situation and the simulation being run.

    Join PADT's CFD Team Lead Engineer, Clinton Smith for an in depth look at the benefits of using EnSight, including how it can help to communicate and create the best looking, clearest, and highest resolution simulation results on datasets that were previously thought to be too big to handle.
  • Blockchain: The Next Wave of Industry 4.0
    Blockchain: The Next Wave of Industry 4.0 Eric Carlier, Field Innovation Senior Consultant, TIBCO Software Aug 28 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Manufacturing is going through a deep transformation, with changes that all are all about digitalization. With Industry 4.0, digitalization is more visible and disruptive in manufacturing, expanding virtual data and processes in an industry that is fundamentally about dealing with physical products.

    This transformation has already started and its impact is expected to be massive, with changes across the whole manufacturing ecosystem technically, economically, and socially. Key elements of the Industry 4.0 transformation include 3D printing, robotizing and automation, smart factory with IoT and machine learning, and supply chain digitization.

    Now, blockchain is becoming a key technology driving this digital revolution.

    Join us for this webinar hosted by some of our best blockchain subject matter experts to learn:

    ● The impacts of technology on the manufacturing industry

    ● Why blockchain is a valuable technology for next-generation manufacturing use cases

    ● How blockchain is applicable to different areas of manufacturing