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  • How to Target the Best Accounts for Your ABM Programs
    How to Target the Best Accounts for Your ABM Programs Krystan Resch Director of Partnerships | DiscoverOrg & Torrey Dye Director of ABM | Terminus Recorded: Oct 18 2018 48 mins
    Do you feel like you have good visibility into the current status of your target accounts? Can you easily pinpoint which accounts and contacts sales should call next or which target accounts are not engaged and need to be added to a marketing campaign?

    Watch this webinar to learn how to build a 360-degree view of your target accounts that includes firmographic, intent, and engagement insights.

    You will learn how to:

    Prioritize accounts for marketing and sales programs.
    Identify segments of accounts for highly personalized campaigns.
    Ensure you are engaging the best contacts.
    Increase account engagement, opportunity creation, and pipeline velocity.
    Measure the success of your marketing and sales programs.
  • Cassandra, Spark, Kafka: The Benefits of the Managed Platform
    Cassandra, Spark, Kafka: The Benefits of the Managed Platform Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer, Instaclustr Recorded: Oct 18 2018 49 mins
    Instaclustr’s Managed Platform simplifies and accelerates the delivery of reliability at scale through open source solutions. By providing Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark and other leading open source technologies through single environment, Instaclustr make it easy to deliver applications at any scale and, most importantly, operate them at the highest levels of reliability. Instaclustr provides the benefits of open source without the risk and costs of learning to manage it yourself.

    This webinar will
    - walk through the key features of Instaclustr’s platform and offering;
    - illustrate specific features and value-adds for each of the open source technologies offered; and
    - provide insight into Instaclustr’s product roadmap for future enhancements.
  • Her View on Finding Funding
    Her View on Finding Funding Jessica Gulick, CEO of Katzcy & Gail Ball, Managing Partner of Chestnut Street Ventures Recorded: Oct 18 2018 30 mins
    As a woman entrepreneur, you know firsthand how challenging it can be to get venture funding. Finding the right investors and other sources of capital to get your idea off the ground can be difficult. There are ways to get the funding you need to get your business moving! Please join Jessica Gulick, Owner of Katzcy Consulting, and Gail Ball, Managing Partner of Chestnut Street Ventures, as they share how to navigate the funding challenge and match investors to the needs of your growing technology firm. This 30-minute webinar gives you keen insight and tactics to gain capital, increase funding success and launch your business.
  • Q4 2018 BrightTALK Community Update - IT Security
    Q4 2018 BrightTALK Community Update - IT Security Dave Klein (GuardiCore) | Jay Beale (InGuardians) | Marija Atanasova (BrightTALK) Recorded: Oct 18 2018 62 mins
    Discover what's trending in the IT Security community on BrightTALK and how you can leverage these insights to drive growth for your company. Learn which topics and technologies are currently top of mind for security professionals and decision makers.

    Tune in with Dave Klein, Senior Director of Engineering & Architecture at GuardiCore and Marija Atanasova, Senior Content Manager for IT Security at BrightTALK, to discover the latest trends in the community, the reasons behind them and what to look out for in Q4 2018 and beyond.
    - Top trending topics in Q3 2018 and why
    - Key events in the community
    - Content security professionals care about
    - What's coming up in Q4 2018

    Audience members are encouraged to ask questions during the Live Q&A.

    - Dave Klein, Sr. Director of Engineering & Architecture, GuardiCore
    - Jay Beale, Principal Security Consultant, CTO, and COO, InGuardians
    - Marija Atanasova, Sr. Content Strategist, BrightTALK
  • 10 Mistakes Brands Make on Black Friday
    10 Mistakes Brands Make on Black Friday Cara Wilson, Digital Marketing Manager, Pure360 & Kristian Bannister, Senior Marketing Manager. Pure360 Recorded: Oct 18 2018 47 mins
    It’s almost here. The most wonderful time of the year for retailers: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    For many it can make or break an entire year.

    Yet many brands are still delivering the same generic Black Friday marketing. Year in. Year out.

    In this webinar we reveal the 10 Black Friday mistakes that brands make and how to avoid them.

    You'll learn:

    → How to supercharge your sales funnel this Black Friday
    → How to convert new customers cost effectively
    → Why you shouldn’t neglect your existing customers
    → How to avoid bland Black Friday marketing
    → Why short term thinking could be damaging to your results

    Watch the webinar. Avoid the mistakes. Make this Black Friday your best ever.
  • Activating Voice for Experience Velocity
    Activating Voice for Experience Velocity Liz Miller, Stephanie Genin Recorded: Oct 18 2018 61 mins
    Marketers are listening for the voice of the customer. According to early findings of a study from the CMO Council in partnership with SAP Customer Experience and Hootsuite, over 60 percent of the marketers based in Europe have formal customer listening initiatives in place.

    Unfortunately, only eight percent of European marketers believe these programs are “excellent”, with most marketers admitting that their listening programs are just “fairly good”, listening through corporate owned formal feedback channels, but struggling to ingest unstructured intelligence from across the organization.

    Part of the issue could be how organizations view critical listening posts. With early indicators pointing to marketers primarily viewing channels like social media as either free engagement tools or PR amplification channels, it is not a surprise that many marketing leaders are looking to tackle the issue of leveraging intelligence from customer voice to better deliver consistent, contextual and personalized experiences. The big question becomes how.
  • Global Payout Solution – The Secret Sauce for Your Digital Payment Strategy
    Global Payout Solution – The Secret Sauce for Your Digital Payment Strategy Hadi Hafez, Key Account Manager, Travel and Mobility & Asmir Lukavackic, Sales Manager, Travel and Mobility, Wirecard Recorded: Oct 18 2018 40 mins
    Today’s travel and mobility businesses have to deal with employee and customer needs in an instant and flexible manner. Having the right payout strategy in place is essential to accomplish this.
    Whilst various payout solutions are available on the market, only a few can deliver globally and in a fast, efficient and highly secure way. In this webinar, you will be presented with a number of different use cases from the travel and mobility industry that demonstrate how digital products can effectively replace outdated procedures.

    More specifically, you will learn how to:
    -better serve your customers in emergency cases,
    -better support your employees in critical and crisis situations,
    -carry-out occasional ad-hoc fund transfers globally and instantly,
    -immediately provide cash assistance,
    -improve the user experience for your customers.

    Furthermore, you will find out how the right payout card program can support operational efficiencies, security benefits and cost savings.

    By the end of the webinar you’ll walk away with the following:
    -possible use cases and scenarios that answer to your company needs
    -a clear understanding of the benefits of instant funding
    -proposals on risk, security and cardholder identification
    -techniques on how to minimize cash risks

    Wirecard’s Hadi Hafez and Asmir Lukavackic will be on hand to share industry insights, walk you through instant payout methods and answer any questions.

    Are you ready to quit outdated and expensive payment processes? Then join our webinar!
  • How To Get More Customers
    How To Get More Customers Peter Strohkorb Recorded: Oct 17 2018 54 mins
    B2B Sales and Marketing Growth Specialist Peter Strohkorb describes why and how every business now needs to apply push and pull selling techniques in order to win more customers.
    Peter will reveal the Ten Action Items you need to have in place to be successful.
  • How AI-Powered Consumer Messaging Can Help You Engage & Retain More Customers
    How AI-Powered Consumer Messaging Can Help You Engage & Retain More Customers Sameer Patel Recorded: Oct 17 2018 62 mins
    91% of consumers unsubscribe from emails. 60% of consumers opt out of push notifications. $280 billion is abandoned in digital shopping carts every year. Only 32% of customers make a second purchase with a brand within the same year.
    What do these startling facts about consumer habits tell us as marketers? Consumers’ attention and loyalty are not guaranteed. In fact, it’s an uphill battle for brands to stand out from the noise and compel consumers to not only listen to them but to buy from them, too.

    The great news is that AI technology is helping modern e-commerce brands take this challenge head-on by understanding the consumer at the individual level and then only sending them messages that are relevant, contextual, and timely, all in real time. As a result, consumers develop a deep connection to the brand as the brand starts meeting their expectations of a highly personalized experience time and time again. The brand starts to see an improvement in message engagement and conversion…and the rest is history.

    If an e-commerce marketer is struggling with one of the following problems, this webinar is for them:

    -Stagnant or decreasing marketing metrics: acquisition, engagement, conversion, revenue, and retention
    -Relying too heavily on demographic segmentation methods to “understand” the audience
    -Not having campaigns that are differentiated enough from competitors’
    -Trying to figure out how to survive and stand out amid the dominance of Amazon
  • More Than Just a Query: Using R/Python to Get More Out of SQL Outputs
    More Than Just a Query: Using R/Python to Get More Out of SQL Outputs Neha Kumar, Customer Solutions Engineer at Periscope Data Recorded: Oct 17 2018 53 mins
    As companies become more data driven, it’s not enough to deliver the same standard SQL queries. Instead, data teams today are transforming SQL results into models to deliver more value to their businesses. But making that jump is tough, it’s hard to determine where to get started in the complex field of modeling and regression analysis.

    The Periscope Data community has been buzzing with requests to demystify Python and R modeling so data professionals can boost their skill set. Get started by creating a linear regression model with Neha Kumar, a customer solutions engineer at Periscope Data, and start bringing new analytics value to your business immediately.

    Join Neha on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 at 11 a.m. PDT as she walks through:
    - What a linear regression is and when to use it
    - Setting up the framework for a linear regression
    - Step-by-step creation of a linear regression model in Python and R
    - Contextualizing a model for other business teams

    Link to the raw data file - https://community.periscopedata.com/t/h42dp1
  • Webinar: Understanding mail and the consumer mindset
    Webinar: Understanding mail and the consumer mindset Royal Mail MarketReach Recorded: Oct 17 2018 45 mins
    Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Understanding the behaviours that drive them will help you find new ones, keep them coming back and grow their lifetime value. Join us for a webinar that delves deep into understanding the consumer mindset.

    The Royal Mail MarketReach insight team will be showcasing new insights from a range of projects, including brand new neuroscience research that reveals how the brain reacts to advertising mail.
  • Ruths.ai: See Your Data For The First Time
    Ruths.ai: See Your Data For The First Time Kyle LaMotta, Analytics Director at Ruths.ai Recorded: Oct 16 2018 28 mins
    It’s an exciting moment when you see your data in a visualized graphic for the first time! In this webinar, we’ll talk about how data exploration for a small company led them to a surprising conclusion about one of their business units.

    This is the first step in our four-part webinar series called Everyday Analytics. In this series, we will be sharing stories of tough problems that clients have faced, and how TIBCO Spotfire® analytics was a part of that solution. It’s the human side of data analytics, and how Spotfire has helped businesses small to large.

    Join Kyle LaMotta, Analytics Director at Ruths.ai, who will show you how to easily find trends and insights in your data through visualization.

    In this webinar, Kyle will present:

    Exploring data in Spotfire for the first time, the best tips!
    Converting quick insights into dashboards in less than five minutes.
    Using the Spotfire Recommendation engine to quickly visualize data.
    Watch now to begin your visual analytics journey!
  • Analyzing global discussions with Exasol, Alteryx and the Twitter API
    Analyzing global discussions with Exasol, Alteryx and the Twitter API Natasha Kurakina, The Data School; William Guicheney, The Data School; Eva Murray, Exasol Recorded: Oct 16 2018 57 mins
    A small team of data experts collaborated to collect, analyze and visualize Twitter data from the UN General Assembly. In this webinar we will take you through the data collection, preparation, transformation and loading process and show a live demo of the Alteryx workflow that was used.
    Join us, ask questions during the webinar and see how you could easily build a data pipeline to collect information about a specific event or initiative.
    This webinar is targeted at any level of expertise, we will explain concepts, processes and individual steps taken with the different tools.
  • The Value of Visuals: How Visuals Can Unlock Dramatic Savings in Productivity
    The Value of Visuals: How Visuals Can Unlock Dramatic Savings in Productivity Ryan Knott, Public Relations Specialist at TechSmith Recorded: Oct 11 2018 53 mins
    We've all seen statistics suggesting people process and engage better with visual content over text. But what does the science actually say? In 2018, TechSmith embarked on a first-of-its-kind comprehensive study of visual communication in the workplace. The results are eye-opening to say the least. Using opinion data, scientific research, and economic modeling, the new study reveals how businesses are discouraging employee engagement and leaving productivity on the table. The study also points to solutions to fix these challenges.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Ryan Knott, Public Relations Specialist for TechSmith Corporation, for this free one-hour webinar. Attendees will learn what their employees really want in their workplace communications, how visual content helps people perform better, and just how easy it can be to add more visual content to workplace communications.


    Ryan Knott has more than 20 years of experience managing communications and content strategy, public relations, social media, and media relations. He joined the TechSmith team in 2016, and previously worked at nonprofits, the Michigan Department of Education, and as a coach, communications director, and announcer, for a number of Michigan roller derby teams. Ryan is passionate about creating content that communicates clearly, engages audiences, and inspires action.
  • Scientific Secrets of Superhero Sales Managers
    Scientific Secrets of Superhero Sales Managers Carole Mahoney, Founder Recorded: Oct 11 2018 40 mins
    This 30 minute webinar reveals best practice insights from decades of scientific research and data on:
    ●where sales managers should spend their time for business growth success
    ●how much time to spend in 3 crucial areas
    ●the power managers have over team performance
    ●what strategies and techniques to use today
  • How Identity Resolution Maximizes the Value of MDM
    How Identity Resolution Maximizes the Value of MDM Lesley Hanly, Sr Director, Product Management, Prash Chandramohan, Director, Product Marketing Recorded: Oct 11 2018 60 mins
    Enterprises seeking growth and competitive advantage turn to master data management (MDM). MDM provides the trusted foundation for delivering successful business outcomes from data-driven insights to mergers and acquisitions, governance and compliance, and customer experience programs.

    When identity resolution is at the heart of an MDM solution, it ensures the anticipated value of your most strategic business initiatives. Identity resolution enables you to search and analyze disparate data sets to find a match and create unique identities from multiple records. But not all identity resolution methodologies are created equal. In this webinar, Informatica experts will examine:
    •The common challenges associated with identity resolution
    •The various approaches to matching identities across applications, and where some methodologies fall short
    •How to evaluate your data matching tactics
    •The algorithms behind the most advanced data matching engine, only from Informatica

    Informatica’s innovative approach to identity resolution allows maximum impact from your MDM investment. Join the experts with more than a decade focused on applying the best techniques to ensure the success of your MDM journey.
  • Rehumanizing the Sales Process
    Rehumanizing the Sales Process Shari Levitin, CEO of Shari Levitin Group Recorded: Oct 10 2018 48 mins
    The of the biggest challenges facing sales reps and sales leaders is the failure to effectively connect, share and listen to our customers. In this session, you will learn:

    •Anything that can be told can be asked
    •The ASK, LISTEN AND LINK method to sales
    •Leveraging first, second and third level questions will get to the heart of why people buy your product or service
    •How to listen to the emotion behind the words
    •Unpack three methods for linking what’s important to the customer and your offering
  • What Every Sales Pro Needs to Know About AI
    What Every Sales Pro Needs to Know About AI Deb Calvert with special guest Adam Honig Recorded: Oct 10 2018 45 mins
    Have a love/hate relationship with your CRM? Prospecting frustrations? Never enough time? Then you’re gonna love using AI in your selling. Join Spiro CEO Adam Honig and Deb Calvert to learn how AI is the ultimate sales hack that can make YOU a sales machine!

    Attend this webinar to learn how selling with AI can make your job more fun, easier, and more rewarding. You'll discover how AI:

    - Provides faster and better business insights
    - Creates reminders and updates for you and your team
    - Identifies contacts for you
    - Gives early alerts about problems in your pipeline
    - Reduces data entry

    Register today to learn about the future of selling, because the future is now!
  • How to Empower Yourself to Empower Others
    How to Empower Yourself to Empower Others Sheree Atcheson, Board-Appointed Global Ambassador, Women Who Code Recorded: Oct 10 2018 62 mins
    This webinar will focus on understanding your own value and how you can use that to become an influential person in your industry.

    Listed as one of the UK's Top Most Influential Women in Tech & an international multi-award winner for her services to Diversity & Inclusion in the Tech industry, Sheree (@nirushika) is a Consultant, Deloitte; Founder, I Am Lanka; Board-Appointed Global Ambassador, Women Who Code; Forbes, Contributor.

    Sheree is a global tech outreach leader and the aim of her career is ensuring people are aware of the fantastic opportunities the tech industry has to offer & make certain that people (regardless of gender, race, social stature) are able to benefit from these & reach their full career potential.
  • The future of satellite uplink amplifiers
    The future of satellite uplink amplifiers Rohde & Schwarz Recorded: Oct 10 2018 22 mins
    This webinar, brought to you by Rohde & Schwarz, explores the future of uplink amplifiers, including solid-state designs, linearity, signal quality in order to help you select the right amplifier for uplink scenarios.

    Christian Baier, Product Manager Satellite Amplifiers, Rohde & Schwarz
    Dr Florian Ohnimus, Director R&D RF Power Components, Rohde & Schwarz
  • Single Customer View – A Mythical Beast or the Holy Grail of Marketing?
    Single Customer View – A Mythical Beast or the Holy Grail of Marketing? Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant at BlueVenn Recorded: Oct 10 2018 55 mins
    According to our research to 1,000 global marketers only 1 in 5 have access to unified online and offline data in a Single Customer View. Having been referred to in some marketing circles as ‘the mythical beast of marketing’, we’re going to set the record straight and show you 3 things:

    (1) How to unify data and the process data must go through
    (2) The benefits and gains seen from a Single Customer View
    (3) Evolution of the marketing database and rise of Customer Data Platforms.

    Grab your notepad and pen and join us for this monster of a session!

    Questions to ask:

    1) Do you have a CDP, Single Customer View or Data Warehouse?
    2) If yes, is it owned by marketing or IT?
    3) What question would you like to post to the presenter Jim?
  • Publishing DITA Content to a Chatbot
    Publishing DITA Content to a Chatbot Patrick Bosek Recorded: Oct 9 2018 60 mins
    Chatbots have a long way to go to be self-sufficient, but if you build them on a base of structured content, they can be an extremely helpful content delivery tool.

    Join Paul Perrotta, sitting in for Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Patrick Bosek, co-founder of Jorsek LLC, makers of easyDITA, to learn how to you can create a chatbot using your DITA content.

    As a part of this presentation, we’ll discuss how chatbots fit into your total content delivery strategy, how to transform DITA content for chatbots, and how to update and maintain chatbots as a delivery system.
  • 12 Ways to Turbocharge TIBCO Analytics with TIBCO Data Virtualization
    12 Ways to Turbocharge TIBCO Analytics with TIBCO Data Virtualization Shawn Rogers, Bob Eve, Steve Archut Recorded: Oct 9 2018 51 mins
    In this webinar, we will explore today's analytics data challenges from both the analytics and data engineering leaders perspectives so you can learn about:

    -The 12 analytic data challenges faced by data scientists, business analysts, BI developers, and other analytics users
    -How data engineers can use TIBCO Data Virtualization to overcome these challenges
    -Best practices for implementation success
  • How to Make Third-Party Risk Management Less Painful
    How to Make Third-Party Risk Management Less Painful Amy Hayenhjelm and Neil Isherwood Recorded: Oct 8 2018 52 mins
    Managing a compliance program can be extremely disruptive to an organisation. Firms must not only run checks on potential customers, but also ensure that third-party risk is a key part of their comprehensive compliance program, to avoid exposure to bribery and corruption and the associated reputational ramifications.

    Dun & Bradstreet’s Amy Hayenhjelm and Neil Isherwood discuss “How to make third-party risk management less painful”, in this latest webinar, as part of the International Compliance Assocation's (ICA) #BigCompConvo webinar series. Watch this video to hear practical recommendations for faster & efficient onboarding and the successful management of third party compliance.
  • Data Analytics are Changing Marketing Forever
    Data Analytics are Changing Marketing Forever Melanie Turek,Fellow & Vice President, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Oct 4 2018 36 mins
    With the rise of mobile and social, customers are more knowledgeable and empowered than ever. Their ability to access and share information anytime and anywhere gives them enormous control over their interactions with the companies they do business with—and they know it. As a result, they expect data-driven, personalized interactions at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel. One way marketers can adjust for the new normal is by leveraging big data and analytics—along with artificial intelligence, mixed reality and machine learning.
  • Как запустить резервное копирование файловой системы через админконсоль?
    Как запустить резервное копирование файловой системы через админконсоль? Дмитрий Иванюк, эксперт по решениям Commvault Oct 23 2018 8:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Быстрый старт - это то что необходимо!
    Настройка бекапа операционной и файловой системы в несколько кликов!

    Давайте ВМЕСТЕ узнаем об этом БОЛЬШЕ!!

    Так же на в процессе вебинара мы поможем Вам ответить на вопросы:
    - Стоит ли использовать дефолтные шаблоны или создать свои!?
    - Как установить агент!?
    - Как выбрать контент или добавить фильтры !?

    Все это вы узнаете, посетив наш вебинар!

    По завершению состоится сессия вопросов и ответов- не упустите возможность узнать больше о решении Commvault!

    Будет интересно! Присоединяйтесь!

    Курс предназначен для product manager, архитекторов, инженеров, администраторов
  • La Data Virtualization au service de la BI self-service
    La Data Virtualization au service de la BI self-service Sihem Merah, Denodo Sales Engineer Oct 23 2018 9:00 am UTC 75 mins
    La Data Virtualization au service de la BI self-service
    Comment livrer les données aux métiers de manière agile sans compromettre sécurité, gouvernance et performance.

    Comment combler le fossé entre l'IT et le métier pour livrer les données aux utilisateurs qui en ont vraiment besoin sans compromettre la sécurité et la protection des informations?

    Grâce à la BI self-service, les utilisateurs métier peuvent générer leurs propres rapports, exécuter leurs requêtes et effectuer leurs analyses sans toujours dépendre du département IT. Résultat: le temps d'obtention des rapports est plus court et les métiers peuvent prendre de meilleures décisions plus rapidement.

    Cependant, lorsque l'accès aux données est démocratisé, il faut une plateforme intégrant des informations provenant de sources multiples afin d'éviter l'anarchie des données; quel Data Analyst n'a pas été confronté aux problèmes d'accès aux sources de données pertinentes, à devoir effectuer diverses opérations de transformations et de calculs sur les données qui ne pourront être réutilisés par d'autres, à ne pas pouvoir trouver tous les jeux de données qu'il pourrait utiliser comme il le ferait dans un catalogue?

    Dans ce webinar en français d'1 heure, vous verrez comment la Data Virtualization permet de satisfaire aussi bien les besoins des métiers que ceux de l'IT, en accélérant et en améliorant les initiatives de libre-service, en offrant aux utilisateurs une vue globale de toutes les données à sa disposition et en assurant une vue cohérente dans les différents domaines de l'entreprise :

    - Abstraction / création de vues

    - Pour les utilisateurs métiers : le Data Catalog, aspects abstraction et connectivité (gains de temps pour les analystes)

    - Pour l'IT : suivi / monitoring, sécurité/gouvernance

    - Machine Learning MPP
  • [Ep.1] What's Big in BI: An Ethical Foundation for the AI-Driven Future
    [Ep.1] What's Big in BI: An Ethical Foundation for the AI-Driven Future Harry Glaser, Co-founder and CEO of Periscope Data and Erin Junio, Content Manager at BrightTALK Oct 23 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's What's Big in BI series.

    What is the moral responsibility of a data team today? As artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies become part of our everyday life and as data and big data insights become accessible to everyone, CDOs and data teams are taking on a very important moral role as the conscience of the corporation.

    In this episode of What's Big in BI, Harry Glaser highlights the risks companies will face if they don't empower data teams to lead the way for ethical data use across a variety of functions including business intelligence, analytics, big data initiatives and more.

    Harry founded Periscope Data in 2012 with co-founder Tom O’Neill. The two have grown Periscope Data to serve more than 1000 customers. Glaser was previously at Google, and graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Ship from Store - Making Stores Your Competitive Advantage (North America)
    Ship from Store - Making Stores Your Competitive Advantage (North America) Alexei Haigh Oct 23 2018 4:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ship from Store is an innovative way for retailers to respond to the changing delivery landscape by making use of their store network. Ship from Store allows retailers and brands to make deliveries from their local in-store inventory rather than from a regional hub or warehouse.

    Learn how the ‘Ship from Store’ model puts retailers back in the driving seat. Increased customer conversion, improved inventory optimisation and lower shipping costs are just some of the benefits we’ll cover. Join us on October 23rd to help define your future delivery strategy.
  • Debunking Customer Experience Myths
    Debunking Customer Experience Myths Lynn Hunsaker Oct 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ask ten people what customer experience or customer-centricity means and you could get ten different answers. This is a grave concern as studies show 90% of executives say customer experience is mission-critical. Like any hot topic, everyone wants to join the bandwagon, claiming their products and services enhance customer experience and customer-centricity. This has muddied the waters as mainstream adoption follows what’s advocated by the biggest marketing budgets and as benchmarking studies underscore mainstream practices.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction Continuum, for this free, one-hour webinar. Lynn will go beyond “best-practice” to a clear view of what’s what in customer experience and customer-centricity. Recent studies show that no brands today – even the ones perpetually at the top of the most admired companies lists – are performing to customer experience quality expectations.

    In this webinar, we’ll take a look at who’s doing best, and what’s still needed to deliver the financial promises of a truly customer-centric business. Join us to 1) Get real: what’s customer experience and what’s customer-centricity from customers’ viewpoint? 2) Raise your game: practical ways to leapfrog current practices to achieve higher performance, and 3) Keep it real: how to instill momentum to make highly profitable customer-centricity a way of life.
  • Ruths.ai: Signs of a Successful TIBCO Spotfire Deployment
    Ruths.ai: Signs of a Successful TIBCO Spotfire Deployment Lucas Wood, Technical Director at Ruths.ai Oct 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 23 mins
    Bringing impactful analytics into a company comes with challenges. How do you deploy it? How do you know when it's working? We’ve looked at some of the most successful analytics deployments and put together a list of how you can know your company is smarter and faster using TIBCO Spotfire® analytics.

    This is the second in our four-part webinar series Everyday Analytics in which we share tough problems that clients face, and how Spotfire® analytics is part of the solution. In this webinar, we dive into the human side of data analytics and show how Spotfire has helped businesses small and large.

    Join Lucas Wood, Technical Director at Ruths.ai, who will show you how to deploy analytics and measure its impact at your company. Lucas will present:

    -How to envision visual analytics in your daily routine
    -A deployment schedule for getting there
    -The 5 signs of a successful deployment

    Watch now to begin your analytics journey!
  • Don't be a copywronger! The dos and don'ts of effective email marketing copy
    Don't be a copywronger! The dos and don'ts of effective email marketing copy Aparna Gray & Beatrice Ellefsen Oct 24 2018 2:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    Creating copy for marketing emails is no easy job. And let’s face it, not everybody is a natural copywriter. However, it’s critical that your email content is relevant and engaging so that your emails are opened and acted on.

    Join us for our webinar: Don't be a copywronger. Where we'll be discussing the dos and don'ts when it comes to writing engaging copy, helping you to send better emails now.

    Join our webinar to:

    • Learn five tips to help you write better content

    • Discover which one of your emails is the most important and learn how to optimise it

    • See strong content examples to help you become a copy-RIGHT-er!

    Aparna Gray, Head of Marketing, APAC, dotmailer
    Beatrice Ellefsen, Head of Customer Success, APAC, dotmailer
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Why Information Developers Should Care
    The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Why Information Developers Should Care Ray Gallon, The Transformation Society Oct 24 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Major industries, backed by government initiatives, are promoting what has variously been called Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet, or — most appropriately— the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Many technological innovations have claimed that they will “change everything.” This one really will.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for a presentation by Ray Gallon, co-founder of The Transformation Society, a research and consulting company focusing on the challenges of adaptation of organizations and leaders to digital transformation. In this webinar, we will examine why, and explore ideas of how, information developers can plan for, respond to, and take an important role in this revolution.

    We call this set of ideas Information 4.0.

    Attendees will learn:

    –What makes Industry 4.0 truly revolutionary?
    –Characteristics of Information 4.0
    –About volatile contexts and volatile information
    –Why documents are obsolete
    –What we know (and don’t know) about governance in Information 4.0


    Ray has over 40 years as a professional communicator, first as an award-winning radio producer and journalist, then in the technical content industries. His management experience includes a stint as program manager of WNYC-FM, New York City’s public radio station. Ray has always been interested in the meeting point between technology and culture, and has used his broad experience to advantage with companies such as IBM, General Electric HealthCare, Alcatel, 3M, and the OECD, as well as in smaller companies and startup enterprises. Ray is a university lecturer and a speaker at events throughout the world. He has contributed articles and chapters to many books and periodicals and is the editor of the recently published "Language of Technical Communication." (XML Press).
  • 5 Easy Steps to Scaling Personalized Content Experiences in Marketing Campaigns
    5 Easy Steps to Scaling Personalized Content Experiences in Marketing Campaigns Jay Baer, President @ Convince and Convert & Randy Frisch, CMO and President @ Uberflip Oct 24 2018 4:00 pm UTC 8 mins
    In this 9-minute webinar hosted by Randy Frisch and Jay Baer, you'll learn about a 5-step framework that will help you easily create personalized experiences for your marketing campaigns.
  • Five Ways to Prepare for AI in Sales, Marketing and Beyond
    Five Ways to Prepare for AI in Sales, Marketing and Beyond Nathan Decker, Director of eCommerce, evo Oct 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Enterprise preparation for AI has centered almost exclusively on data prep and data science talent. While without data there would be no AI, enterprises that fail to ready the broader organization, chiefly people, process, and principles, don’t just stunt their capacity for good AI, they risk sunk investment, jeopardize employee trust, brand backlash, or worse.

    Ensuring sustainable deployment starts with assessing enterprise data strategy, aligning myriad stakeholders, technological feasibility assessment, and a coordinated approach to ethics.

    Join VentureBeat and industry analyst and founding partner of Kaleido Insights, Jessica Groopman for discussion on the five fundamentals of AI readiness at our upcoming VB Live event!

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    * What you need to do to prepare for AI-- beyond the data science team
    * Real-world examples and research findings
    * Top 5 best practices for strategic AI implementation

    * Nathan Decker, Director of eCommerce, evo
    * Ken Natori, President, Natori Company
    * Jessica Groopman, Industry analyst and founding partner of Kaleido Insights
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • The Rise of Exponential Organizations (ExO)
    The Rise of Exponential Organizations (ExO) Salim Ismail Oct 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    A new technology that scales quickly from one to a million users has become a common and straightforward phenomenon. Scaling an organization at exponential speed, however, is quite another matter. Organizational growth is usually linear—incremental and slow. In recent years, however, exponential organizations (ExOs) such as Oculus, Airbnb, WhatsApp, and DropBox have experienced dramatic growth trajectories and achieved multi-billion dollar valuations in just a few years.

    Unlike traditional businesses that combine assets and workforces within organizational boundaries, ExOs leverage the world around them, such as other people’s cars and spare rooms. In some cases, they are outperforming their competitors by as much as tenfold.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for one of the most interesting presentations you will attend all year. Scott's special guest presenter is Salim Ismail, the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations, a sought-after business strategist, and a serial entrepreneur, having founded technology companies including Ångströ, which was acquired by Google in 2010. He is also the Founding Executive Director of Singularity University.

    Salim is a prolific speaker, having given more than 100 talks in 2017 to audiences of all sizes in 12 different countries. He has been profiled across a vast array of media outlets, including The New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, WIRED, Vogue, and the BBC.
  • The Business Value and Bottom Line Impact of Taxonomy
    The Business Value and Bottom Line Impact of Taxonomy Seth Earley, CEO, EIS & Carla Pealer, Taxonomy Consultant, EIS Oct 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Business agility rests upon a well-architected environment of business processes, workflows, and communications.

    So how does taxonomy fit in? It’s everywhere - taxonomy is the foundational building block that improves efficiencies, collaboration, and cost reductions across the enterprise. And the more agile you are, the better opportunity you have to compete and win.

    In this webcat you will learn:

    • Industry-agnostic best practices to boost your bottom line and beat your competition through taxonomy design and semantic integration
    • How taxonomy design enables customer acquisition, search relevancy, structured data, faster time to market, asset reuse, and more.

    Speaker: Carla Pealer, Consultant, Earley Information Science
  • The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Sales & Marketing Alignment
    The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Sales & Marketing Alignment Peter Strohkorb Oct 24 2018 8:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    We have been talking about Sales & Marketing Alignment for for a long time, yet we STILL see THE SAME SEVEN MISTAKES being made.
    This webcast describes all 7 mistakes and offers a solution to each.
    Highly informative and engaging. RECOMMENDED !
  • Preparing for Exponential Transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Preparing for Exponential Transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution Francisco Palao Reines Oct 24 2018 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We are living in a new age of exponential technologies that is impacting every industry and generating a new type of business: the Exponential Organization (ExO).

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Francisco Palao Reines, Co-Founder and CEO of ExO Lever for this free, one-hour webinar. During this webinar, you will learn how to transform an existing business into an ExO in order to navigate industry disruption and achieve exponential growth. You'll learn how organizations and institutions around the globe are overcoming resistance to change, leveraging on-demand staff, the power of the crowd, and innovative new technologies to build scalable, profitable, and wildly disruptive organizations.


    Francisco Palao Reines is an award-winning entrepreneur who has inspired and advised organizations around the world to design and implement disruptive innovation strategies for various industries including energy, health, finance, retail, insurance, and more. Francisco, along with Salim Ismail, is the co-author of the book ‘Exponential Transformation’ which focuses on helping organizations to change and adapt their business models for external industry disruption.

    Currently, Francisco is the CEO of ExO Lever, a Global Transformation Ecosystem focused on supporting organizations, institutions and people to transform themselves for the current abundance-based environment. ExO Lever was co-founded by Francisco Palao Reines and Salim Ismail.
  • The B2B Data Activation Priority: Learn how to turn your data into opportunities
    The B2B Data Activation Priority: Learn how to turn your data into opportunities Sean Crowley - Leader, Integrated Marketing of D&B and Cinny Little - Senior Business Insights Analyst at Forrester Oct 25 2018 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The increased use of data and analytics to guide business decisions has become a critical priority for B2B sales and marketing executives. Unfortunately, the silos of data across technologies, and the lack of a consistent data structure to link systems, make it difficult for teams to activate campaigns in a scalable way and achieve the performance they desire.

    Join Forrester’s Cinny Little and Dun & Bradstreet’s Sean Crowley to learn how to overcome the obstacles of data activation and drive stronger sales & marketing results.

    They will share findings from Forrester’s Data Activation Survey of over 500 B2B data strategy and management decision makers, along with real-world case studies on B2B organizations that have driven higher performing go-to-market strategies through strategic use of data.

    Attendees will learn about:

    - 5 tactics for data activation that high performing firms do best
    - The key gaps where lagging organizations need to improve
    - How advanced analytics can help you meet rising customer expectations
    - Real-world examples of how data activation drove improved business performance
  • Creating a Unified Customer Experience with SDL and Smartlogic
    Creating a Unified Customer Experience with SDL and Smartlogic Bob St. Clair, Managing Consultant, Smartlogic & Chip Gettinger, VP Global Solutions Consulting, SDL Oct 25 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Great customer self-service enables customers to quickly locate the information they need, using a vocabulary they understand, in real-time.

    In our upcoming webinar, learn how to create better self-service experiences by combining structured content and metadata management.

    Join Bob St. Clair (Managing Consultant, Smartlogic) and Chip Gettinger (VP Global Solutions Consulting, SDL) to learn how:

    •SDL Tridion Docs structured content management integrates with Smartlogic Semaphore to manage, tag and serve content across the enterprise.
    •Product content is managed and reused across departments and groups.
    •Customers and agents can quickly find the information they need when they need it.

    With SDL and Smartlogic, users can find the information they need, using a vocabulary they understand to save time and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Independent Thinking: How Neural Networks Are Changing Marketing
    Independent Thinking: How Neural Networks Are Changing Marketing Val Swisher Oct 25 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    After years of promises and hype, artificial intelligence has finally reached the stage where it is impacting our lives on a daily basis. The things that computers can do with us and for us is rapidly expanding. This live webinar will provide an overview of how artificial neural networks are changing marketing.

    Here's what you'll learn:

    * What are artificial neural networks and deep learning? How do they work?

    * Where are artificial neural networks used today?

    * What do artificial neural networks mean for marketers?
  • A Tactical Approach to Debugging Queries
    A Tactical Approach to Debugging Queries Charlotte Campbell, Senior Customer Solutions Engineer Oct 25 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    For some people, learning a new coding language is easy. For others, the process involves stumbling through a series of individual error messages. When that language has at least 7 major dialects with unique error messaging formats, things get even more confusing. The ability to break down code, understand errors, read documentation and re-write queries are valuable skills all coders and analysts should have. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

    To enhance the learning process, Charlotte Campbell, senior customer solutions engineer and resident debugger at Periscope Data, has put together a collection of advice to help first-time coders write SQL that runs smoothly.

    Join Charlotte on October 25th, 2018 at 10 a.m. PDT as she walks through how to:
    - Understand differences in SQL database syntax
    - Interpret error messages properly
    - Format your code for easy reading and debugging
    - Trace through long code to locate an error without error line numbers
  • Empower your sales team: Streamline inefficiencies to close deals faster
    Empower your sales team: Streamline inefficiencies to close deals faster Mike Paladino, Head of Sales & Adrian Chow, EVP of Sales & Marketing Oct 25 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    How do you ensure that you are staying ahead of the prospecting game? What are you doing differently than your competitors to win more business?

    Even if your product is superior, you still have to sell a step above everyone else.

    Join PandaDoc and Autoklose to learn how we empower our own sales teams with technology and the right training to boost productivity and double revenue.

    You’ll learn:
    -How the right tools can save your reps time and reduce your time to close
    -Strategies you can employ to maximize efficiency at both the top and bottom ends of your sales funnel
    -What to include in your cold email outreach to increase your conversion rate
    -The analytics you need to monitor to bring more deals to the finish line
  • Get Optimal Results from Time Spent at Conferences: Next-Level Strategies
    Get Optimal Results from Time Spent at Conferences: Next-Level Strategies Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener Oct 25 2018 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    You only get one shot at a first conversation with new prospects and influencers. Join Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener, as she shares:

    •What to do ahead of and after the conference (that most don’t do) which makes a lasting impact
    •Important next-level strategies for gaining relationship momentum with new people you’ll meet at the conference
    •The methodology for creative strategic alliances and centers of influence

    Remember, “The Best Connections Win!” so join us for this webinar.
  • Cloud Modernization with Data Virtualization - A Case Study by TransAlta
    Cloud Modernization with Data Virtualization - A Case Study by TransAlta Paul Moxon, VP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist, Denodo and Alejandro Ocando, System Analyst , TransAlta Oct 25 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    TransAlta is an electric power generator company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. TransAlta developed a Energy Trading and Risk Management System (ETRM) for hourly energy pricing, but business users needed the ETRM data to be blended with many other sources of data in near real-time. At the same time TransAlta's IT department wanted to move their entire data layer to the cloud for flexibility, agility and lower TCO. Data virtualization technology played a central role in TransAlta's real-time data integration, while helping them move to the cloud with zero down-time. Attend this webinar to learn:

    * Who is TransAlta and why data driven insight is critical for their energy trading system
    * Why Data Virtualization played a critical role in TransAlta's cloud modernization effort
    * How Data Virtualization offers a faster and better data integration over legacy systems
  • Implementing a governance framework
    Implementing a governance framework Kevin Taylor, Sales Consultant & Michael Hetrick, Senior Product marketing Manager, Tableau Oct 30 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    When exploring self-service analytics at enterprise scale, governance is likely one of your top considerations. Combining people, process, and technology, the Tableau Governance Framework creates accountability and enables access to secure and trusted data and for all skill levels in your organization.

    In this webcast you'll learn:

    - The benefits of when the business and IT strike a balance between agility and control of data
    - Considerations when designing your own data governance processes
    - Features of Tableau Server that are critical to implementing a successful governance strategy