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The marketing operations and automation community on BrightTALK is composed of thousands of marketing automation professionals. Learn and share best practices for marketing campaign analysis, outbound marketing and lead creation with hundreds of on-demand webinars and videos. Increase your engagement and fine tune your funnel management strategy by asking questions during live, interactive webinars with marketing automation peers and industry leaders.

Webinars and videos

  • Growth-hacking rose to prominence in 2010 as a model to rapidly grow a company through unconventional techniques. The concept caught on with marketers at large and small companies as well as its fair share of detractors. In this spirited interview, Christine Crandell discusses with Greg Ott, Intuit’s VP of Marketing for QuickBooks Online, growth-hacking’s applicability to larger organizations and if it can help to reverse Marketing’s cred as corporate bad boy.

    The 20 minute video interview with 10 minute audience Q&A will also explore how technology drives change companies may not be ready for and how marketers can turn to their advantage.
  • Building a culture of optimization from scratch is no easy task, especially in a large Enterprise organization. This presentation aims to walk through best practices for A/B testing, targeted for large organizations who are just getting into the optimization game. Educating teammates, showing & evangelizing big wins, and leading an organization mindset shift are key steps to taking your business to the next level of insights & growth.
  • If you’re trying to market to customers without taking data into consideration, then you’re marketing in the dark. To have a truly effective engagement with customers, marketers must get into the minds of their customers. Predictive data science can help businesses anticipate a customer’s next move and even optimize that customer’s potential lifetime value.

    This session will provide tips on how to leverage the power of predictive data science to build customer relationships that last a lifetime. Attendees will also learn how practitioners are putting predictive analytics into action to retain customers, boost margins and grow revenue.
  • Your digital assets rest at the heart of any successful engagement strategy. Understanding how different asset types relate to the action and reaction you are attempting to drive is critical.

    Sitecore solution partner Precedent have recently published their latest report - “Driving Actions and Reactions: Engaging your customers in the new digital world” and in this free webinar Precedent reveal their key findings to look at control, influence, tactics and strategies online. Precedent will also discuss how to know your customers and gives tips on how to deliver them value.
  • What is the value of an engaged, satisfied staff when it comes to influencing tangible customer metrics like retention, loyalty and even revenue?

    Learn how employee engagement is critical to your organization's overall wellness, and how happy employees will benefit your bottom line.

    Join Mike Phillips and Jerry Rackley as they discuss:
    - Executive buy in - how high employee engagement adds to the bottom line
    - How to increase and measure employee engagement
    - Who should own employee engagement
    - Examples of top engagement initiatives
    - Insights and best practices from Demand Metric and Cvent's 250+ organization study
  • Learn how Cisco is using big data to predict sales, improve marketing effectiveness and forecast business. Cisco uses a method called ESP—Enterprise Sales Predications — to understand in advance which prospects are likely to buy, what products/services interest them, when and how much they’ll buy. Get a sneak peak at their secret sauce, and deep dive insights into how these predictions accelerate the sale cycle, increase the funnel, and seamlessly integrating into all downstream sales and marketing systems (CRM, SFDC, marketing automation, and CMS for targeting and personalization).
  • Modern data provides a multidimensional view of the customer, giving necessary insight into campaign and budget planning. Digital marketers feel like they’re well covered. But there is still a major dimension that is missing from most digital marketer’s view, leaving them naked to a critical data point - those high value, offline conversions. Creating a clear, accurate marketing plan and budget is tricky enough on it’s own, and it becomes especially challenging when you don’t have insight into all of your conversion points and accurate ROI.

    Join Invoca CMO Eric Holmen and special guest Paul Wicker with Kenshoo, as they discuss how to get a complete picture of cross channel conversions, to create a complete and accurate marketing budget and plan. You’ll learn:

    ●How to leverage inbound call intelligence to get an accurate picture of your digital campaigns that convert offline

    ●How to overcome the challenges that come with connecting the data and budgets spread across multi-location and local campaigns

    ●How to accurately calculate the true ROI and budget of omni-channel campaigns
  • You already use analytics tools to get important data about your web traffic. But if you aren’t getting feedback from your users about why they’re doing what they’re doing, you’re only getting part of the story.

    In this webinar, Phil Sharp, Senior Marketing Manager of UserTesting, will show you how usability testing can help you get inside your customers’ heads and uncover the hidden problems that are affecting your bottom line.
  • Big data has received a lot of media attention in the last two years, but the noise is drowning out the real opportunity. That is to use more available data to help your business win, serve and retain increasingly powerful customer. This webinar will present Forrester's point of view on why most firms are missing the true nature of big data, and illustrate how leaders are using data that is more diverse, messy, and large to make better competitive decisions.
  • Collaboration, coordination, and consistency around marketing campaigns and messaging can be challenging when running a global marketing organization. Without the ability to store, share, and monitor your campaigns and content on a common platform, marketers struggle with communicating across the silos of their company. The potential result of this disconnect can range from wasted content to inconsistent messaging.

    Join this webinar with Fathom, a top digital marketing agency, to learn how their marketing team works together with Box to save time, keep branding consistent, and increase efficiency.
  • Collaboration is crucial when it comes to your marketing team. No matter if you're based locally or globally, the concept of work and the way we interact is completely changing. With smartphones and tablets taking over our lives, efficient collaboration, coordination, and consistency around marketing campaigns and messaging can be challenging when running a marketing organization.

    Join this webinar to discover:

    - The latest and greatest in marketing automation and file sharing platforms
    - Content collaboration tools that save time and keep branding consistent between teams
    - How centralizing assets can ease global content translation and localization
    - Real-time content and campaign sharing that can spark new ideas and educate your organization
  • Jeanne Bliss, Author of The Chief Customer Officer, will break down how to deliver meaningful customer experiences that drive profitability and growth. It’s not about a point in time; it’s about a process that leads to customer rave. Learn 5 key competencies every company must have and why a new kind of executive – the Chief Customer Officer – is paramount to this process.

    Omer Gotlieb, Chief Customer Officer at Totango, will follow Jeanne to briefly share his experiences in setting up Totango's customer success team and how they strive to continuously deliver value to their customers.
  • Während in Deutschland immer mehr Marketing-Verantwortliche Content-Marketing einsetzen, haben viele noch keine dokumentierte Content-Strategie entwickelt. Dabei ist klar, dass die verschiedenen Content-Marketing-Taktiken dann am effektivsten sind, wenn Sie strategisch geplant und umgesetzt wurden. In diesem Webinar lernen Sie, wie eine Content-Strategie vorbereitet, geplant und ausgeführt wird und wie Sie deren Wirksamkeit messen - auch auf mehrsprachigen Webseiten. Von Buyer Personas bis zum Redaktionsplan und mit Praxisbeispielen einer breiten Palette von Unternehmen bietet dieses Webinar eine Reihe von Werkzeugen, um Ihr Content-Marketing effektiver zu machen.

    Frank Hartkopf ist Head of European Content bei NewsReach, einer internationalen Content-Marketing-Agentur mit Sitz in London. Als Deutscher in Großbritannien ist es ihm eine Herzenssache, deutsche Vermarkter dabei zu unterstützen, die Kraft des Content-Marketing besser zu nutzen.
  • Der heutige Kunde hat sein Kaufverhalten stark verändert. Er entscheidet nun selbst, wann und was er kauft. Wir Marketer müssen nun einen Weg finden unsere Marken auch ohne den Einsatz von Push-Marketing in den Fokus zu stellen. Inbound Marketing geht genau diesem Ansatz nach und richtet sich auf den Konsumenten und seinen Interessen aus. Dieses Webinar wird zeigen, wie Marken Inbound Marketing erfolgreich einsetzen können und warum es der Schlüssel zum schlussendlichen Erfolg ist. Nur ein persönlicheres Marketing wird in der heutigen Zeit Bestand und Erfolg haben.Lassen Sie 2014 das Jahr Ihres Erfolges sein und richten Sie Ihre Wettbewerbsstrategie durch dieses Webinar neu aus.
  • Die Präsentation stellt die Ursachen für das Aufkommen von Inbound Marketing und Content Marketing vor.
    Aus diesen Ursachen wird abgeleitet, dass es sich bei diesen Marketing Ansätzen nicht um kurzlebige Hypes handeln kann, sondern um Methoden-Ansätze, die im modernen Marketing unverzichtbar sind.
    Die Präsentation stellt die Schlüsselelemente jeder Inbound/Content Marketing Implementierung vor und erläutert sie.
    Abschließend werden Empfehlungen gegeben, zur Optimierung von Content Marketing Programmen.
  • Mit Inhalten erfolgreicher verkaufen. In diesem Webinar spricht Daniel Horzetzky, Head of Content Marketing - plista, über die Entwicklung der Kommunikation zwischen Brands und Konsumenten und welche Rolle dabei Content Marketing heutzutage einnimmt. Neben einigen Content Marketing Beispielen aus dem B2C und B2B Bereich geht Daniel Horzetzky auf wichtige Faktoren der Content Strategy ein und erläutert in diesem Zusammenhang insbesondere die Rolle der aktiven Verbreitung von Inhalten(Content Distribution/Content Discovery). Welcher Content eignet sich um verbreitet zu werden, welche Kanäle gibt es und was sollte man beim distribuieren von Inhalten noch beachten, um nicht nur Leser für den Content zu begeistern sondern ebenso neue Kunden zu generieren und mehr abzuverkaufen.

    Daniel Horzetzky ist seit 2011 Head of Content Marketing bei plista in Berlin. Zuvor war er 5 Jahre beim Axel Springer Verlag in verschieden Positionen tätig u.a. im Print und Online Sales sowie zuletzt als Crossmedia-Berater bei BILD/ Das Berliner Unternehmen plista bringt über seine Content- und Werbeplattform Advertiser und Publisher zusammen. Der eigens entwickelte Empfehlungs-Algorithmus von plista ermöglicht es redaktionelle als auch Sponsored Content an passende User, nach Lese-& Klickverhalten auszusteuern.
  • The last decade has seen significant changes to the social fabric of the UK. The new version of Experian’s Mosaic has identified new consumer groups like ‘Boomerang Boarders’ and ‘Rural Vogue’, which have changed the landscape of society beyond recognition. Understanding these changes and what they mean for your marketing strategy is now more important than ever.

    Join this live webinar to:
    - Understand how UK consumer profiles have changed
    - Find out what these changes mean for your marketing strategy
    - Get intelligence to reach your customers with the right message at the right time, every time

    Danny Thompson has been with Experian for over 13 years and has overall responsibility for the portfolio of customer insight products. For the last two years he has been dedicated to the development of Mosaic in the UK with the remit to deliver new and in-depth consumer insights utilising a mix of data innovation, analytics and cutting edge technology.
  • The Single Customer View is for making informed decisions, not just storing data.

    Marketers work with data from everywhere. Marketing databases, data marts, and customer databases have been talked about, built and rebuilt. In this webinar, we explore how simply gathering data to power intelligence isn't enough, the data must better inform the marketer to make better decisions - it must provide wisdom. We discuss how the fundamental facets of our personal relationships can be incorporated into a Single Customer View providing memory, perspective, and a trustworthy foundation for analytics, segmentation and campaign management.
  • Marketing and presentations go hand in hand; whether it’s a pitch, a presentation to the board, or simply a staff briefing, most marketers accept that presentations are part and parcel of the job.

    Whether you’re a seasoned on-stage rock star or just starting out, this Silverpop Book Club webinar will introduce you to the formula behind powerful presentations.

    The book; The Presentation Lab brings together ten years of presentation experience and development allowing readers to access the very latest thinking and apply it to their own presentations.

    Author Simon Morton founded a consultancy and design service that started in a spare bedroom in the UK and went on to become one of the best regarded presentation companies in the world.
  • Maximizing the trade show, conference and exhibition is always a priority for high performing technology marketers. Marketers will have multiple goals covering brand development, awareness, customer engagement and pure lead generation. Join Quoc Dang of BrightTALK and Thomas Stanley of Cloud Expo Europe as they discuss getting the most out of the event.

    You will learn how to:

    How to make impactful content at a physical event
    How to avoid the pitfalls that marketers consistently make
    How to engage with the best prospects before, during and after the event
    How to enrich nurturing and trigger based campaigns with event content
    How to measure the impact of your event on revenues using CRM and Marketing Automation tools.