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Marketing Operations and Automation

  • In 2014, Passle undertook detailed research of 400 top professional service firms (law, accountancy & consulting) to determine which firms have been most effective at both building their presence and demonstrating their expertise online. We have now carried out this research again in 2015, which has enabled us to map a number of significant changes across those industries. We will go through this research pulling key trends and insights from the data.

    Using the Hero, Hub, Hygiene model, we will define clear, workable strategies for those industries in how to achieve their content goals.
  • According to Econsultancy’s 2014 email marketing census, 36 per cent of marketers cite poor measurement and analytics as barriers to effective email marketing. They know that the right metrics will drive the right business results but while the essential metrics (delivered, opened, clicked or click to open) have served us well, they are not necessarily the ultimate measure over a period of time.

    In this webinar Skip Fidura of dotmailer takes a look at:

    How marketers can measure engagement though 'click and open reach' and 'dwell (or read) time'.
    The term 'the halo effect', how it can be measured and how it's in line with multichannel marketing measurement.
    The 'post click funnel' metric and making sure your campaign assessment isn't incomplete.
    How to examine your 'time of action' which will drive tests and improvements.
  • Retargeting on Facebook has become an indispensable tool for digital advertisers. In our Facebook by the Numbers 2015 research report, we analysed AdRoll retargeting campaign data across our global customer base.

    During this Marketing Week webinar in association with AdRoll, Niamh Norton, Head of Product Marketing, AdRoll EMEA will share secrets, tips and tricks from our yearlong review of over 55,000 campaigns, which served a staggering 37 billion impressions worldwide. Key discussion areas:

    •What significant performance improvements did AdRoll advertisers see after adding Facebook to an existing display retargeting campaign?
    •What made B2B marketers change their minds about Facebook?
    •Which metrics increased —and decreased—after adding mobile retargeting to an existing Facebook campaign?
    •Tips and best practices, including mobile and multi-product ads
    •Retail, finance, travel, and B2B use cases
  • Email marketing has grown up. Advances in tools such as automation and data integration mean that email marketing is now capable of working in real-time, predicting the desires of people before they’ve even had the chance to voice them.

    At Pure360 we investigated how the UK marketing community is using email in relation to email maturity. By attending this webinar you will learn:

    - What email maturity is and how to measure it
    - Why maturity matters to marketers
    - How you can increase your email results by 20%
    - The barriers to maturity
    - How to join the 1% of brands using email to its full potential
  • In this modern world of marketing the continued diversification and proliferation of channels and information available to the consumer have led to a change in the attitude of business as they compete for customers. Retailers, telecommunications, financial services and technology companies are all changing the way in which they approach the customer and in turn the customer has changed their expectations of the Organisation. In this webinar we look at the drivers behind this and share some of the changes that are taking place as a result of it. Most importantly we will share our view of what will successful organisations need to change to win the battle for consumers
  • Econsultancy’s social media manager David Moth will give an insight into the company’s social and content strategy, including planning, measurement and reporting. Find out why social media isn’t rocket science and discover some free tools that will make your life a lot easier.
  • B2B marketing and sales teams are on a constant quest to improve upon their revenue-generating efforts, and the tasks involved — seeking out new business, creating a seamless buyer experience, building and tracking campaign efforts — all require significant time and effort.

    What if there was a way marketers and sales teams could save time and effort and increase revenue generation at the same time?

    Enter, your technology solution. With Pardot, B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce, marketing and sales teams can maximize campaign efforts, boost productivity, and shorten sales cycles — yielding consequential benefits both marketing and sales teams. Join us for a quick 30-minute look at how Pardot can:

    - Provide the insight sales needs to lead the conversation
    - Allow marketing to effortlessly nurture leads to a sales-ready state
    - Identify target buyers and key stakeholders, and more.
  • Working with limited marketing resources? Well, you’re not alone! Juggling what often feels like hundreds of marketing responsibilities on a high-growth team can make it difficult to focus on your day-to-day lead- and revenue-driving efforts.

    Fortunately, with the the perfect blend of marketing technology and strategy, you help optimize your marketing efforts and get more out of your programs! In this upcoming webinar, we will share best practices and let you in on the secrets of some of the most successful tactics to boost pipeline!

    We’ll take a look at how to:
    - Maximize lead management efforts
    - Keep your content strategy optimized
    - Identify and use your team’s skills for revenue-generating results
  • In today’s rapidly evolving marketing technology landscape, the one constant that remains is the need for a centralized source of customer data. With that, it becomes possible to build a unified customer view and create a superior customer experience across all stages of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition and growth to retention and service.

    Join David Raab, Principal at Raab Associates Inc., and Adam Corey, Vice President of Marketing at Tealium, as they discuss the emergence of the real-time customer data platform (CDP) as the critical element to achieving this. They will share:
    - Three components of a CDP
    - Five benefits of the CDP
    - How they work and what to look for
    - Customer case studies and best practices

    Register now to explore how this collection of new technologies allows marketers to re-imagine the boundaries of what can be done with customer data.
  • Join Tori as she walks through how to take a video campaign strategy from conception to completion! She'll start with the campaign concept that was developed by the Marketing team at Moz and what you need to take into account before implementation like scope, man power, and more. Tori will also cover how to schedule and release a campaign to increase goals and how to get buy-in for future campaigns by displaying valuable metrics.
  • Infotainment content is crucial to effective marketing programs, but content is nothing without an audience. Exceptional B2B marketers create more opportunities for lead generation by expanding beyond their own promotions and leveraging the network effect of social communities and channels for broad distribution.

    While the network effect can reap many benefits for marketers looking to generate leads, doing this manually can take time and result in lower ROI. Leading content platforms take the manual work out of promotion and sharing for the viewer to help B2B marketers increase their reach to generate more views and leads.

    Join Frost & Sullivan’s leading Unified Communications & Collaboration analyst to dive into some of the industry’s hottest trends and learn how to:
    - Distribute content and messages
    - Benefit from the network effect
    - Generate more views and leads
  • Editorial VB Insight webinar sponsored by Boomtrain

    Do you create the most relevant messages and experience possible for your customers? How's your accuracy?

    Or do they see generalized messages and offers that may be completely different depending on whether they engage with your company via ads, email, website, or your mobile app?

    Consumers are tuning out noise — unsubscribing from email, turning off notifications, blocking ads — and are increasingly expecting and engaging with personalized content. What's more, they're incredibly intolerant of mistakes and errors -- a recent study found that upon finding an error in personalized messaging, 16% would consider a competitor's business and 13% would immediately abandon the transaction all together. Yikes.

    In short, personalization is critical to the success of modern marketers, yet few are doing a good job today -- and are hemorrhaging customers without even realizing it.

    We'll help you not only understand who customers are, and how to personalize their experiences. By attending this webinar you'll:

    •Learn how to collect the right customer identity data
    •Benchmark according to what your peers are doing today
    •Objectives most commonly associated with personalization
    •Best practices for engaging customers across channels
    •Where in the funnel personalization can help most

    Andrew Jones, analyst, VB Insight, VentureBeat
    Cate Twohill, Senior director and managing partner of CRM services, WGBH, Boston
    Brian Witlin, COO, Yummly
    Wendy Schuchart, moderator, VentureBeat

    Check out VB Insight to access Andrew's Personalization research, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com
  • A referral program is a consistent channel for demand generation. Josh Beach, CTO of Amplifinity, walks through what marketers need to think about when planning to launch a referral program. You'll learn the key decision points in designing your program and best practices from the many customers Josh has helped to architect their referral success.
  • In this webinar, Rob Howze of CampFit will discuss the following topics:

    -Customer Service
    -Building your Brand
    -Understanding your Demographics
  • Join Maurice Flynn and Joe Pratt from Altaire as they discuss how to integrate your social media with your email marketing for max effectiveness including strategy, project planning & process, measurement & more!

    1. How we think email marketing and social media work best together - strategy, project planning & process, measurement & more!
    2. Which brands do this well and why - in retail, financial services, travel, utilities, other verticals.
    3. Final tips, tricks and solutions.
  • There are almost 3 billion potential customers online. In theory, the internet allows all brands equal access to them. But in practice, very few midsize brands succeed outside their home market.

    This talk will will help listeners assess their readiness to market abroad, explore different growth strategies and provide useful real-life cases.
  • So I think we can all agree Social Media in digital years is getting on a bit. Might not be the "email grandfather" yet but is definitely getting the middle-aged spread – or maybe that’s just me… anyway …

    Back when social media started, the companies who were first to adopt, typically got the first advantage, failed faster, learnt quicker and could show the results. We live in a world of too much content, the churn is horrible! Now, more than ever, it’s important to be brave with your social media communications and engagement, to get the ROI you need for the business.

    In this presentation Joe discusses what it takes to be brave with your social media efforts and the need for it, from putting your brand in the hands of others (employees and influencers) to sacrificing your brand for the greater good of results. From the presentation Joe will provide you with actions you can take to the office tomorrow.
  • Do you have questions about Twitter? Maybe you’re not sure who to follow or how to find interesting people to follow? Are you stuck at the dreaded following 2000 people limit?

    Learn how to compose the perfect Tweet, with tips on how to get more engagement during this Twitter Masterclass with @DanielDoherty. Learn some top twitter tips and tricks, plus tools and techniques to get ahead.

    In this webinar, Daniel wil cover:
    - How to manage multiple twitter accounts with 1 app
    - Learn where your followers are in the world
    - Add a Twitter widget to your website without worrying about moderating the tweets
    - How to do analysis of competitors twitter accounts for FREE

    Use this great opportunity to ask any Twitter questions that might be bothering you.
  • Webinars are a critical, proven lead generation tactic that can fuel your pipeline with buyers across all stages. However, not all B2B marketers are maximizing their webinar efforts to see the best ROI.

    Join the BrightTALK Academy live with Salesforce as their webinar lead shares critical learnings from executing 100+ broadcasts annually, and how webinars became invaluable to Salesforce’s go-to-market strategy. Whether you are small company delivering your first broadcast or a large organization keeping pace with the industry trend, you’ll be able to elevate your program through the actionable takeaways presented in this webinar.

    Register to learn how to -
    - A real-life case study of Salesforce’s most successful webinar in 2015
    - Salesforce’s promotion strategy that lead to a 34% increase in registrations year-over-year
    - Create a two-way dialogue with your audience
    - Deliver flawless productions that are scalable
    - Transform on-demand assets into often missed lead generation opportunities
  • These days, marketing is under big time pressure to perform. With budgets rapidly shifting to the CMO, the demand for marketing to prove its value to the business is only going up.

    Smart organizations are using data science to capture and disseminate this insight. The trouble is most marketing organizations are lukewarm on both how good their own insights are and how good their business partners are at making their insights actionable.

    Advanced analytics and data science, when used the right way, can result in better allocated budgets and a more accurate measure of marketing performance — which can mean better, smarter marketing overall.

    This webinar will cover how top marketers are using marketing data to their advantage and driving huge value with analytics.

    Attendees will:

    * Learn about the different types of advanced analysis most commonly used today and how they impact marketing (segmentation, multi-variate testing, marketing-mix modeling, etc.)

    *Learn about attribution, and the most common models used that aren’t last touch.

    * Gain guidance on how top companies are investing in data talent, and best practices for building a data-focused marketing team

    Jon Cifuentes, Insight analyst, VentureBeat
    Steven Rosenblatt, CRO, Foursquare
    David Giannetto, SVP Services, Astea International
    Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    More panelists to be announced

    This editorial webinar will be based on the data uncovered in Cifuentes' latest research report "State of Marketing Analytics: Insights in the Age of the Customer"


    Check out VB Insight to access Jon's marketing analytics report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology:

  • While the appointment of a CMO sends the right signal, the credentials, character and capability of this emerging C-level executive member are of critical importance to internal acceptance and permanency. Combined with title inflation in the C-suite with multiplying turfs and sub-divisions of responsibility, including “chiefs” of revenue, digital, data, customer experience, relationships, insights and innovation, chief marketing officers are constantly being challenged to fortify their positions, expand authority and assert ownership of critical leadership roles in their organizations.

    Along with trying to establish themselves in the C-Suite, global marketers are also facing an increasingly complex, distributed and digitally driven marketing ecosystem. With unmeasured pressure to better integrate and manage data, best of breed solutions, creative resources, brand assets and go-to-market functions, they are also called on to collaborate on an unprecedented level with CFOs, CIOs and COOs as well.

    A true CMO must be the CEO-in-waiting, groomed in all aspects of the business and a true leader and value-setter for the organization. Many CMOs aspire to this role, but few make it to the corner office and even less serve on corporate boards. As the realities and requirements for a CMO are reflected in the selection and appointment process, this is likely to transform.

    Please join the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in a live, one-hour, interactive webinar as we discuss our upcoming CMO Summit in Napa and how the role of the CMO must be reshaped in order for the CMO to rise as a true business leader.

    Some of the broad areas we will explore include:

    •The biggest shifts in the CMO role during the past five years
    •What has most impacted the CMO role: talent, technology or transformation of the business and the customer?
  • Not long ago, pushing a button and immediately receiving your product seemed the stuff of futuristic movies with the likes of time travel and hover cars. While we’re still waiting on the latter, the On-Demand Economy has made (almost) immediate delivery a reality.

    Companies like Uber, Airbnb, Postmates, and more, have disrupted their respective industries by creating solutions to meet the unstoppable demand from consumers to have what they want, when they want it – and that usually means right now.

    By putting control over delivery into the hands of the consumer (i.e. do you want it now, or at a specified later time?), companies are allowing them to interact with products and services truly on their terms. This requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior and expectations, as well as the tools, payment options and customer experience to drive on-demand loyalty.

    Join us for a conversation on the on-demand economy, and how it's changing the future, and the present, of commerce.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Get insights into the changing consumer landscape

    * Learn how successful on-demand companies are effectively addressing customer needs

    * Enhance customer experience and offer better deals

    * Change the relationship between your customer and the business

    * Terry Angelos, Co-Founder and CEO, Trialpay
    * Jared Simon, Co-Founder and COO, Hotel Tonight
    * Sean Behr, CEO, Zirx
    * David Frankel, Managing partner, Founder Collective

    Sponsored by Trialpay
  • What are the new techniques you should be thinking about implementing in 2016? Dave will cover examples of innovation in best practices across all the core digital marketing techniques including Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, AdWords, SEO, Social media, Email marketing and website design.
  • Our new benchmarking research takes a look at how the UK marketing community is using email and provides key insights into the challenges and barriers that marketers face. Just 1% are using email to its full potential, leaving the other 99% missing out on significant returns…
  • In the face of digital transformation, marketing leaders must not blindly follow the hype and chase after new technologies. This webinar takes you back to the basics by providing practical tips and design examples (B2B and B2C) of how to identify your biggest marketing problems, map out a digital roadmap aligned with the customer journey, and deliver a consistent desktop and mobile experiences to win.
  • Understand the importance of regularly auditing your AdWords account to ensure it adheres to best practice principles to drive improved growth, performance and efficiency. Plus, we will dig into the trends and considerations for your 2016 paid search strategy.
  • Find out what the “end of online equality” means in practical terms for online merchandising in 2016. Not all channels are equal. Mobile First has a corollary: Desktop Second. And not all products are equal - brands are fighting back. They’re hiring ex-retailers to change their former employers’ List-Curate-Automate approach.
  • With a backdrop of political turbulence and economic constraints, never has digital been so important for charities to highlight causes and find solutions. This webinar will highlight trends affecting the sector and showcase examples of best practice from the UK and internationally.
  • René, author of the Smart Insights Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing guide, will give examples showing how to choose the best types of content that will be most effective across the experience you create from web to marketing automation and social media.
  • There’s no shortage of predictions and advice for 2016, here are 5 items that consistently surface as THE key issues for digital marketers in 2016
  • You're creating great content and working tirelessly to get that content in front of your best prospects. But if you're only creating content in English, you might be ignoring copious amounts of potential customers. Seventy-one per cent of the global market prefers to be spoken to in a language other than English.

    How do you reach these prospects? Where do you start? Good news: it's not nearly as difficult as you think it is.

    Register our webinar, "How to optimise your marketing content for international markets" and discover:

    •Why language matters and the importance for growing businesses
    •Best practices for creating content that's easy to translate and
    •An introduction to the SDL Language Cloud Managed Translation
    solution for centralizing translation processes
  • Marketing analytics is no longer just about tying in marketing initiatives with revenues. Top marketers are now able to predict the outcomes of their marketing efforts and optimise them accordingly.

    This webinar will look at the technologies, the metrics and processes you need to put in place to achieve this level of sophistication.

    Join Julian Buhagiar from BrightTALK as he moderates the discussion.
  • In the age of engagement, information silos are holding organizations back from delivering great customer experiences, from sharing more meaningful product information across channels, and from running demand-driven supply chains that are risk-aware. Are you struggling due to multiple information silos that are impacting your ability to deliver value to your business?
    The latest version of Informatica’s market-leading, multidomain MDM platform will enhance business and data steward experience by providing -

    - A reinvented user experience for the new paradigm in the digital workplace: A flexible and powerful user interface, with rich new page layouts that make it easier to view, add and update business-critical data and relationships. Intelligent, high-performance search, with auto suggestions for locating data quickly and intuitively. Enhanced collaboration with intelligent task management that enables data stewards to work together more effectively.

    - A faster, higher, stronger platform: Provide up to 6x faster speed when managing your business critical data.

    Big Data is adding a new dimension to customer experience, decision making and more. Informatica helps you leverage big data with MDM. Our next-gen MDM capabilities allow you to master big data and explore hidden relationships and insights that you were never able to gain before.

    Informatica offers master data fueled apps (Customer 360, Product 360, Supplier 360) that come with pre-built business logic and a new unified user experience, embedded data quality engine, business process management, search, and metadata, inheriting the built in architecture of Informatica MDM.

    Join us as we introduce latest updates to our flagship MDM platform and demonstrate how we are delivering revolutionary new approaches to your core business processes such as client onboarding, product introduction or supply chain optimization.
  • Join Carolyn Corda, VP, Industry Strategy and Amit Deshpande, VP, Analytics from Epsilon as they take you through the travel industry, one of the first sectors to become fully digital, and where personalisation matters.

    Holidays are important, and knowing whether your customers need a villa by the sea, a tent by the mountains, or just the flight to the airport matters.

    Consumers are generally unhappy with the levels of personalisation they receive from brands. Epsilon will take you through the travel sector and show you how personalisation can work for you, but more importantly, for your customers.
  • Natascha Thomson, CEO, MarketingXLerator, co-author of 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing: Natascha has over 15 years experience in enterprise marketing, and holds two Master’s degrees. She is an Adjunct Instructor for Advanced Social Media at UCSC Extension Silicon Valley.

    Chris Raulf, Founder, Boulder SEO Marketing: Chris' international background makes him one of the few professionals in the industry who truly live and breath international and multilingual search engine optimization on a daily basis.

    Steven Zielke, Founder & CEO of Blappsta: Steven co-hosts "ROCK the BLOG“, one of the largest blogger conferences worldwide, which takes place in Germany.

    Michael Brito, Group Director, WCG: A frequent guest lecturer at various universities including Cal Berkeley, Stanford University, Syracuse University and more.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must in the digital age, how else can your company and products be discovered by new clients?
    But increased search traffic by itself is not an end goal. It needs to convert into bigger sales and less spending, exactly what you as the CMO are tasked to achieve.

    • Many companies spend a large part of their budgets on PPC. Learn why organic SEO can be a better investment than PPC and how to make it happen.
    • Are you ready for the mobile and App revolution? SEO is no longer limited to website optimization, so how can your organization stay competitive in the inbound marketing race?
    • Why Social Media isn't SEO.
    • International SEO - how can you manage this global challenge?

    This webinar will explain what the modern CMO needs to know about SEO to stay competitive and where SEO fits in the organization.

    Key Take-Aways Include:
    • How to make the most out of SEO for your organization.
    • How to increase sales and decrease cost with SEO.
    • Do you need to have an App?
    • Organic SEO vs. PPC - how should you allocate your budget?
    • Why you can’t forget about customer support when it comes to SEO.
  • Integrating any new technology into your sales and marketing stack requires some pre-planning and team alignment. In this webinar Hootsuite will share the steps they took to ensure the smooth introduction of predictive marketing analytics into their own organization. You’ll learn which process changes you need to be thinking about and how to get buy-in from other teams, all with the goal of giving you a faster return on your investment. And their foundational steps have paid off! Hootsuite has increased the velocity of deals in their pipeline while also uncovering dozens of “hidden gem" opportunities through the power of predictive analytics. If you’re ready to add predictive to your marketing stack in 2016 and want to lay the proper foundation for success, this webinar is for you.
  • There is incredible pressure on marketing to show ROI. At the same time, there are some amazing new technologies and initiatives we are being asked to tackle. How do today’s marketing leaders navigate this and obtain budget for these new projects? Join Trisha Winter, CMO of Amplifinity and a panel of executives to discuss how to get executive buy-in for new marketing projects.

    • Trisha Winter, CMO at Amplifinity (moderator)
    • Jeff Day, CEO at Bluewater Technologies
    • Mitzi Hunter, VP of Marketing at Compuware
    • Ginger Stegmire, VP Global Marketing at Llamasoft
  • Ever wonder how top sales reps are driving sky-high revenue and reaching the winner’s circle? Their secret lies in the winning plays that help them recognize opportunities sooner and sell faster!

    In this webinar, we’ll take a look at some of the winning plays that sales execs use to crush quota and connect more effectively with buyers. Today’s buyers expect a personalized and efficient purchase experience, and the true sales MVPs know how to deliver it without breaking a sweat. You’ll learn:

    - How to gain early insights into buyer activities
    - How partnering with marketing can yield great benefits as a secret weapon
    - How to use winning tactics to bring super success to your deals
  • Discover why brand and culture are two sides of the same coin in professional services, and how to align them to achieve your strategic goals. In this webinar, Monica Ralli CMO and Arch Singh CHRO share how they initiated a transformation effort to renew the organization’s brand and culture, increase employee engagement and accelerate commercial success. By developing a Client Value Proposition and Employee Value Proposition in tandem, Hay Group has created a compelling story on releasing the full people potential of both clients and colleagues that resonates in both the marketplace and the organization. Learn why HR and marketing should work so closely together and how to achieve this in your organization.
  • CMOs all over the globe are inspiring their organizations to work smarter and significantly surpass 2015’s marketing influenced revenue.

    Join BrightTALK’s CMO to learn how B2B marketing leaders are optimizing their resources to accelerate 2016 sales pipeline. This session will highlight the top strategic planning initiatives that generate growth including:
    - Attracting and leveraging industry influencers
    - Building a hyper-effective rich content plan
    - Leveraging professional communities to build premium demand
    - Integrating the marketing operations stack for maximum results
    - Creating a winning hybrid sales development process
  • Business intelligence becomes marketing intelligence: How data visualization and super-dashboards are helping companies finally understand marketing impact

    Doing marketing in an omnichannel world means the data coming in is uniquely messy. It’s in different formats, with systems naming things differently measuring differently, and reporting differently. It’s a hugely manual effort to reconcile all your data and is at best, daunting, and at worst, a complete disaster.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    *Discover the top platforms marketers are using to measure marketing impact from multiple sources

    *Learn best practices for managing your marketing data and making sense of the chaos

    *Get the secrets of marketing intelligence from today's experts in top companies.

    Jon Cifuentes, research analyst, VentureBeat
    Michael Healey, CEO, Yeoman Technologies
    Susan Fant, University of Alabama, Professor Masters of Marketing Specialization
    Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    This discussion will reveal research from Jon Cifuentes' latest VB Insight report, to be released in November 2015.
  • In the mobile-first era, you can reach customers anytime, anywhere. But don’t think that means a spray and pray approach across channels will work. 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchase decision and 48% say they purchase more when marketers use their interests to personalize across channels.

    Brands who are defaulting to siloed, batch-and-blast email and push marketing strategies are failing to meet these expectations, leading to lower performance, opt-outs and uninstalls.

    Successful brands overcome these challenges by orchestrating a united email and push strategy rooted in deep customer understanding. Once you understand your customer, then -- and only then -- can companies execute a communication strategy that drives customer delight and business value.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    The role of email and push messaging in a cross-channel communication strategy
    The changes in customer behavior that demand a new communication approach
    How to marry your diverse messaging channels to drive great brand experiences
    The results of adopting an integrated approach to customer communications

    Register today for the December 10th webinar, “Not Just A Hook Up: Marrying Your Push & Email Strategies.” Even if you can’t attend live, registering ensures you’ll have on-demand access to the webinar.
  • According to a recent CMO Council study, the ability to achieve a truly personalized, enriched and highly relevant digital experience has been challenged by data availability and aggregation—and more specifically, getting to the right intelligence that can be learned from this wealth of data. “Brand Attraction From Enriched Interaction,” a report completed in partnership with IBM, reveals that only 21 percent of corporate marketers believe they are doing a very good job of captivating and engaging their audiences while only 19 percent feel they are doing a good job of creating campaigns that reach and resonate with their diverse and complex customer bases.

    But just as customers keep evolving their own expectations for experience, service and engagement from the brands they choose to do business with, global trends and technology evolutions also threaten to drive the ability to exceed customer expectations further and further out of marketing’s reach. This digital disruption that is being powered by the customer requires each marketer to look forward to spot key trends that are on the horizon so that organizations can start laying a solid foundation to enable the rapid advancement of the digital agenda.

    Join the CMO Council, in partnership with IBM Digital Experience, as we explore the opportunities, requirements, challenges and strategies needed to stay ahead of the curve and take optimal advantage of the key experience trends and transformations shaking up marketing in the coming year. Among the issues to be discussed in the interactive hour-long webcast:

    •Marketing’s reaction to how key tech trends will impact operations and business
    •Insights into where, how and why these technology trends will change how our customers choose to engage—and who customers will turn to for new experiences
    •Best practices in leveraging and integrating these technology trends, from APIs to capitalizing on the Internet of things
  • To help launch our INmarket15 rewind, where we’ll make available online 12 keynote addresses from this year’s 6sense user conference, we wanted to take stock of this transformative year in marketing.

    To do that we asked 4 of the top minds in B2B marketing a question: what are the biggest ideas that will impact the world of B2B marketing next year? And we’ve asked them to do it in 8 minutes or less.

    So please join us for an amazing round of lightning talks and at the conclusion of the webinar we’ll offer all the attendees access to the 12 INmarket15 keynotes.

    Our lightning talk presenters and topics:

    Cross-channel, customer-centric marketing
    Andrea Ward, VP of Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud

    Relevance Marketing at Scale
    Russell Glass, Head of Products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

    Interactive Content Marketing
    Scott Brinker, Editor, chiefmartec.com

    Customer Lifecycle Marketing
    T. Baxter Denney, VP of Online Marketing and Operations, New Relic