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Key topics on leveraing Marketing Automation Technology

Browse our insightful webinars around lead management, demand generation, and using marketing automation technology most effectively to drive revenue for your organization.
Topics Include:
- Lead Scoring
- Lead Nurturing
- Data Funnel Reporting
- Data Governance
- Managed Services
- Product Spotlights

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“State of the Union Address” on the Oracle Marketing Cloud Solution David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen, Kevin Akeroyd Join DemandGen for an exclusive “State of the Union” address on the Oracle Marketing Cloud from special guest Kevin Akeroyd, general manager and senior vice president for Oracle Marketing Cloud. Coinciding with Oracle’s first ever Modern Marketing Experience (taking place the following week in Las Vegas), David will ask Kevin to share his insights on what attendees can expect at the show -- including the future of Eloqua and Responsys, Oracle’s flagship B2B and B2C marketing automation systems. Read more >
Mar 25 2015
61 mins
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