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Product Overview - Knotice

Brian Deagan - CEO
This presentation is an overview of the Knotice Concentri™ product.
Mar 27 2009
18 mins
Product Overview - Knotice
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Marketing Operations and Automation

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  • Early on expectations from B2B buyers in their journey set the stage for marketing and sales to work together. As leads flow in, an agreed-upon plan and process should be in place for lead identification, distribution and follow-up. This optimized plan and process can make a huge difference between smooth sailing or rough seas in the next steps of the journey for the marketing and sales teams and most importantly, the buyer.

    So, what does this process look like, and how can an optimized lead process affect not only the quality of the buyer's journey, but opportunity generation? Join Isaac Payne, Marketing Operations Specialist, and Ali Gooch, Sr. Sales Manager-both of Pardot, as they explore and give us tips on how we can get the most out of an optimized lead process.
  • Speakers:
    John Koetsier: VP Research; VentureBeat
    Kristina Wallender: VP Marketing; Ticketfly
    Kelly Seelig: Head of Marketing & Communications; Blue Jeans Network
    Allyson Campa: VP of Marketing; Dot & Bo


    In a 2,000-product marketing technology ecosystem, marketing clouds attempt to bring all the functionality you need into one place, in one system of record, with one unified profile of your customers, and one unified, simple user interface to control it all.

    At least, that’s the theory. To find and report the reality, we surveyed 1,483 marketing technologists, studied marketing cloud penetration data on 10s of millions of websites, combed through vendor financials, conducted more than 20 personal interviews, collected over 150 feature and functionality data points on 19 vendors, and gathered and analyzed revenue share statistics for key vendors.

    Our webinar will be a condensed overview of our VB Insight Marketing Clouds report, which covered:

    - What is a marketing cloud, anyways?
    - Features of marketing clouds (plus: most used, least used)
    - Marketing cloud penetration data, including who is using them
    - The 5 different kinds of marketing clouds
    - Our scoring matrix
    - Vendors’ scores on 12 different categories
    - VB’s “best bet” marketing clouds for enterprise, midmarket, small companies, and startups
    - What existing marketing cloud clients say about what ROI they’re getting, what effect having a marketing cloud has had on their marketing, how long they took to research marketing clouds, how long it took to set up their marketing clouds, how much they intend to invest next year.

    Sponsored By: SDL
  • You've just learned that your CMS vendor has been acquired. Don't panic. Be prepared. Create an action plan that will guide you and your team through the uncertainty and to an informed decision that's best for your company.

    You’re probably asking a few questions:
    - What about the product roadmap they just showed me? Is it still valid?
    - What does this mean for our website update?
    - Who do we turn to for technical support?
    - What's the impact on our relationship with our service provider?

    Your CMS is the foundation for your website, so we know that this can be a time of stress, uncertainty, and misinformation. That’s why we've brought Cathy McKnight to the rescue. Cathy is a co-founder and the Vice President of Consulting at Digital Clarity Group, and has advised numerous clients who faced precisely this scenario. In this DNN webinar, Cathy covers:

    - Immediate next steps
    - How to weigh your options
    - Strategic advice on migrating your CMS to a new vendor (if necessary)

    Join Cathy to learn how to address your current (or future) situation.
  • By using an Issue--Solution--Impact diagram, three Tableau power analysts from Deloitte's analytics team will discuss actual problems organisations have faced and will share practical techniques for interpreting and communicating tonnes of heavy data into digestible content and visuals. Be ready for some amazing tips to take your dashboards to the next level!

    This presentation aims to answer the following:

    -How can data visualization and agile analytics be used to turn a mess of data into a clear, visual masterpiece?
    -Where is the organisation spending too much money, and what can you do about it?
    -Where is the business performing well, not well, and why?
    -How can you automate many of the reporting processes to make everything simpler and quicker?
  • Speakers:

    Steven Hill: Senior Analyst for Business Technology and Solutions at Current Analysis
    Sky Sharma: CIO at US Air Force
    Sam Eaton: Director of Engineering Operations at Yelp


    Got cloud? If you’re an SMB, you’ve already been there, done that. But are you really extracting maximum value out of your cloud hosted solutions?

    SMBs use an average of five hosted services, between IaaS, hosted email and collaboration and business applications – and that number is expected to climb to almost ten cloud services by next year. Everyone’s dabbling, but SMBs crave the cloud sophistication of their enterprise-grade competitors.

    - How are enterprises pivoting so quickly to respond to operational goals and drive bottom line results?
    - How can SMBs use cloud functions to serve an ever-impatient customer base?
    - Can SMBs realize the kind of growth and innovation through cloud services that enterprises expect?
    - And more importantly, how do SMB CIOs get their hands on all of those pretty, shiny enterprise toys?

    We’ll answer those questions and more with this expert panel of enterprise leaders who will share their strategies for success that SMBs can copy by using cloud services.
  • Join DemandGen for an exclusive “State of the Union” address on the Oracle Marketing Cloud from special guest Kevin Akeroyd, general manager and senior vice president for Oracle Marketing Cloud. Coinciding with Oracle’s first ever Modern Marketing Experience (taking place the following week in Las Vegas), David will ask Kevin to share his insights on what attendees can expect at the show -- including the future of Eloqua and Responsys, Oracle’s flagship B2B and B2C marketing automation systems.
  • Organizations of all types and sizes are awash in Big Data but lack the right tools to take advantage. Discover how to get the most from your own stores of information with a solution that provides everything from fast analytics and ease of use to ubiquitous to database and cloud services through smart dashboards and automatic updates.
  • Get your website visitors to take action:

    Social network share. Invite advocates to share content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Create content. Incent users to create blog posts, discussions, ideas and questions.

    Comment on content. When users receive comments on their content, they’re more likely to remain interested in participating.

    Answer a question. Save the time of your customer care team by having your customers help answer questions.

    Vote on an idea or answer. Encourage customers to provide feedback on ideas and answers submitted by the community.
  • Modern buyers are self-educating on purchase decisions at every stage of the sales funnel. However, many lead generation professionals reserve the most engaging content formats for specific stages – a strategy misstep that fails to encourage prospects to move to the next stage. Webinars and videos can be used to engage prospects in all phases of the lead generation process, allowing marketers to better qualify leads and pass them to sales teams with more confidence.

    In this webinar Frost & Sullivan will discuss:

    •What moderns buyers expect from lead generation content
    •When to use webinars and videos in the sales funnel
    •Tailoring the message to fit each stage of the sales cycle
  • Predictive analytics is old news in the B2C world with companies like Amazon driving as much as 35% of revenues through their recommendation engine. But over the past year, B2B companies have been adopting this powerful technology to better understand purchase propensity and focus their resources on the highest converting leads, most effective campaigns and best customer expansion opportunities.

    Learn about the most common uses of predictive scoring to prioritize leads for sales and hear how three Lattice customers creatively put their predictive scores to use to increase conversion and campaign performance rates.
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  • Boosting Engagement With Video: Media In The Fast Lane Recorded: Jun 26 2009 26 mins
    Ross McNab, Eyeblaster
    Ross McNab, Director of Digital Advertising Solutions at Eyeblaster is an experienced and prolific contributor to the digital media landscape, delivering thought leadership across the globe by leading conversations with high-level business, marketing and agency executives worldwide. Throughout McNab’s global experience, he’s worked closely with agencies to roll out solutions on a regional scale, helping advertisers to work in diverse markets to achieve brand impact through digital.
    With a background in mobile, online and marketing, McNab is instrumental in helping advertisers and agencies implement enhanced marketing strategies which balance across direct response and brand requirements and establish a framework that monetizes media and tracks results. Past speaking engagements include iMedia Summits, Ad Tech, Asia Business Forum and MSN Roadshow among others. Prior to joining Eyeblaster in 2005, McNab worked with Microsoft, PBL Media and Australia’s BlueSkyFrog and now resides in New York City.
  • 10 Tips For Success In Web Video Recorded: May 20 2009 28 mins
    Matt Deloca - SVP Sales and Marketing - FeedRoom
    The explosion of "Web 2.0" distribution models offers corporate communicators free sharing, huge reach...and very little control over the audience or message. This session will cover how affordable enterprise video publishing systems can provide the best of both worlds: boundless distribution options with complete control over creation, approval, presentation, and measurement of video communications.

    In this session, you'll learn how a successful strategy always begins with your own Web site, including tips on how embedding video content into contextually relevant pages on a site -- together with social networking features, podcasts and other documents -- can dramatically increase viewership, relevance and brand affinity. Learn 10 secrets to success that the world's most successful brands already know!
  • Landing Page Optimization - A B2B Case Study Recorded: May 13 2009 18 mins
    Jon Miller - Marketo
    Part of the Upshot Institute Landing Page Bootcamp, this presentation showcases real-world examples of organizations improving the performance of their landing pages.
  • Integrated Marketing with Tri-Messaging Recorded: Apr 20 2009 27 mins
    Erick Mott - Lyris
    Marketers today are required to find and connect with target audiences in real-time, wherever they live, work, play and learn. In order to boost ROI and campaign effectiveness, marketers should consider applying "tri-messaging" best practices - a catalyst for conversations and marketing ROI across three dominant channels. Tri-messaging is essentially marketing messages that are written, packaged, orchestrated and unleashed for email, social and mobile experiences. Through this method, marketers can essentially understand and reach end-users where they prefer to engage and interact. In turn, this facilitates conversations, commerce and loyalty that can subsequently be managed, measured and monetized.
  • Double Your Sales Without Spending Another Dime on Marketing Recorded: Apr 15 2009 25 mins
    Landon Ray - CEO, :
    You're probably spending time and money to drive visitors to your website. Maybe it's a pay-per-click campaign, direct mail, or print ads. Maybe you spend a bunch of time on twitter, or flying around to trade shows. Whatever you do, if you're not testing everything, measuring your results, and optimizing over time... you're leaving a TON of opportunity on the table.

    In this 10 minute presentation, you'll see how one small business lowered his cost per lead 80% with 3 hours of work. You'll learn not just WHY to test your marketing but HOW to test anything and WHAT kinds of changes are most likely to improve results.
  • The Urgency of Marketing Automation Recorded: Apr 13 2009 20 mins
    Christopher Doran - Manticore Technology
    Marketing Automation technologies – including lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead management are critical today more than ever. During this webinar, Manticore Technology's vice president of marketing, Christopher Doran will provide insight into how your peers are adopting marketing automation and the business impact they are seeing. He'll offer insights on marketing processes and share best practices necessary to get the most out of marketing automation.
  • 5 Ways web activity tracking can improve your B2B lead generation Recorded: Apr 10 2009 31 mins
    Kevin Miller - SalesFusion
    If you have researched a product or service either for personal or business use in the last 12 months, ask yourself how your search began. It’s a good bet a significant percentage of your pre-purchase research occurred online. As a B2B marketer, you can rest assured; the vast majority of your sales pipeline in the next 12 months will come from prospects that began their search for products and services on the web – probably through some combination of Google, association websites or via direct organic research.
  • Marketing SuperPlatform Summit Introduction Recorded: Apr 8 2009 10 mins
    Chris Ross - Upshot Institute
    10 Minute introduction to the Upshot Institute Marketing SuperPlatform Summit.
  • Marketing Automation 101 Recorded: Apr 7 2009 33 mins
    Malcolm Friedberg
    Marketing automation has become an even more critical opportunity for any business with a marketing budget as the pressure to ensure ROI for marketing campaigns increases. As part of the Upshot Institute Marketing SuperPlatform Summit, this presentation provides an overview of marketing automation basics and how to apply these ideas to your organization.
  • Aligning Marketing & Sales through Real-time Marketing Automation Recorded: Apr 3 2009 23 mins
    Scott Mersy, Senior Director of Products -
    In today’s world, Sales and Marketing needs to be aligned to ensure that no lead is left behind and that every opportunity receives the right service at the right time from the right team member. In this informative session, you’ll learn how new technologies are eliminating the Sales and Marketing disconnect, driving more qualified leads into Sales for a more efficient pipeline, better customer service and ultimately faster sales.
  • Product Overview - Knotice Recorded: Mar 27 2009 18 mins
    Brian Deagan - CEO
    This presentation is an overview of the Knotice Concentri™ product.
  • The New Key to Digital Marketing Relevance Recorded: Mar 27 2009 18 mins
    Brian Deagan, CEO - Knotice
    Direct Digital Marketing, a relatively new term that is defining a new technology market segment, has become increasingly important in today’s digital marketing landscape as consumers are demanding relevance in communication they receive from marketers. However, there has always been a disconnect between the consumer’s demand for relevance and the marketer’s ability to supply it. In his presentation, Brian will discuss the evolution of direct digital marketing, the definition of direct digital marketing and how it will affect the industry, the tools needed to successfully execute it, and common misconceptions surrounding direct digital marketing.
  • Six Principles of Effective Landing Page Design Recorded: Mar 24 2009 22 mins
    Tim Kauffold - Director of Operations at Oneupweb
    As the Director of Operations, Tim Kauffold is in charge of planning and overseeing the execution of Oneupweb’s strategic vision. Handling everything from employee concerns to client side technology issues, Kauffold’s role in the organization is critical to its mission. Tim brings nearly a decade of experience in successful online operations and innovative marketing to the Oneupweb team.
  • Landing Pages that Convert Visitors to Customers Recorded: Mar 23 2009 24 mins
    Matt Dombrow - Master of Clickability and Founding Partner @ Clixo
    The rate at which your landing pages convert traffic to leads and sales is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing. This 15 minute presentation is jam packed with actionable tips and examples you can use to create new landing pages or instantly boost conversion rates on existing pages.
  • Oneupweb Recorded: Mar 23 2009 11 mins
    Maureen Michaels - Media Planner and Public Relations Manager
    Lisa Wehr is CEO and founder of Oneupweb, a digital marketing agency. She has been counseling clients on improving website ROI and search engine marketing since 1996. Oneupweb is an innovator in digital marketing, creating integrated online marketing plans that incorporate natural search engine optimization (SEO), paid search marketing (PPC), conversion improvement and analytics, podcast production, social media marketing, online media planning and placement and search marketing consultation for in-house marketing teams. Heralded by an independent research firm for their leadership team, Midwestern work ethic and solid experience in optimizing complicated sites, Oneupweb has twice been named a Top 20 Search Marketing Agency by Advertising Age, and CEO Lisa Wehr is recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. To contact her, visit, email or send her a tweet @LisaWehr.
  • The Evolving Marketing Platform - Making Marketing Interactive Recorded: Mar 20 2009 30 mins
    Alan Bunce - Unica Corporation
    Gone are the days when marketers could get away with “shouting” at customers by blasting them with messages and treating them differently in every channel. Today’s customers and prospects have too little patience for irrelevant marketing messages and too much control over their own exposure to them. The time has come for marketers to engage their customers and prospects in a cross-channel dialog that builds on past and current behavior. Unica calls this “Interactive Marketing.” In this presentation, attendees will learn more about Interactive Marketing and the key technology requirements needed to support it.
  • Secret Sauce for Demand Generation Recorded: Mar 17 2009 30 mins
    Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-Founder
    In this fact filled webinar, Jon Miller, author of the Modern B2B Marketing blog and VP Marketing of Marketo, will share his “secret sauce” for generating a continuous supply of hot leads for the sales team. Using Marketo’s own marketing programs as an example, he’ll share
    · The effectiveness of various lead generation channels (paid and organic)
    · How to use lead nurturing to develop relationships with prospects that are not sales ready – plus the ROI of lead nurturing
    · Best practices for using lead scoring to identify sales-ready leads
    · Metrics and conversion rates for every stage of the demand generation funnel
Making Sense of Marketing Technology
Upshot Institute provides resources to help marketing professionals improve their awareness of emerging marketing technologies and their effectiveness using existing marketing tools.

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