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Mastering B2B Video Marketing

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Lindley Gooden, Greenscreen; Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners; Eamonn Conway, BrightTALK; Jonny Bentwood, Edelman
Many organizations use rich media to engage audiences across the social web, however have any of those organizations mastered video? According to the Content Marketing Institute, the use of video in B2B marketing is on the rise. As we compare these to the Hollywood blockbusters, are B2B videos a bore? Can they become viral as their B2C cousins? Join this live video as experts discuss the use of video in B2B content marketing, what organizations should be doing and the trends and best practices the B2B world is seeing today.
Aug 15 2012
60 mins
Mastering B2B Video Marketing
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Marketing Operations and Automation

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  • Agile marketing in the age of the customer

    Sponsored by Workfront

    Scott Brinker, CTO of Ion Interactive and Chiefmartec.com
    Stewart Rogers, Director, Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    Dave Lesué, Creative Director, Workfront

    Think about your creative, dynamic marketing team. Now, think about your process-driven, planning-centric IT department. What comes to mind?

    Oil and water? Chalk and cheese?

    Maybe, but it turns out there is a lot that marketing can learn from how IT gets things done. In fact, the top performing teams have a lot more in common with each other than you may think.

    Join Chief Martec's Scott Brinker, and other experts as we explain how marketing teams can adopt IT's best practices to best effect -- without losing the creative and artistic elements that make them shine.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Learn how top-performing marketing teams win by planning work in sprints
    * Understand how to organize priorities strategically
    * Discover how to prove your value as a creative team with continuous improvement
    * Find out why agile methodologies are the key to driving results

    Register today!
  • Sponsored by Janrain

    Modern marketing has become customer-centric. Rather than one-way, generic message broadcasting, marketing today is about delivering a relevant, personalized experience… but how do you deliver relevance if you don’t know who you’re talking to?

    Knowing who each customer is and what she cares about is a major challenge with two parts:

    * Data collection - picking up the digital breadcrumbs from each customer interaction
    * Data unification - tying together customer details from multiple interactions and databases

    This webinar will explain:
    * Why customer identity is more critical than ever
    * The challenges of collecting and unifying customer data
    * Key tools for capturing customer data
    * Best options for enriching existing customer profiles
    * Methods and technologies to unify customer data

    And includes data from:
    * A survey of 506 marketers about customer identity and personalization
    * 27 vendor and brand interviews

    Andrew Jones, Analyst, VentureBeat
    Scott Kabat, CMO, Prezi
    Shawn Burns, SVP web and digital marketing, Schneider Electric
    Zouhair Belkoura, CEO, KeepSafe

    This webinar will be based on Andrew Jones' ID Unification report, published in July, 2015.

    Check out VB Insight to access Andrew's ID Unification report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com
  • Marketers today enjoy potential opportunities from data like never before. While the insights gained from this information can lead to great things, in the age of Big Data, there is more information available than can be easily managed.

    Marketers must cope with obtaining meaningful data from a growing range of sources, maintaining and updating the data as it decays, and being able to use the data across systems and applications to draw actionable insights.

    Looking at these big challenges, it’s easy to see why a Gartner survey found that 82% of CMOs feel underprepared to deal with the data explosion. CRM tools that help manage customer relationships help direct a marketer’s focus and create efficiencies, but without quality data, a CRM’s potential benefits cannot be fully realized. In turn, the customer relationship suffers.

    Marketers need a way to make technology work for them to drive insights, while being able to acquire and retain the referential external data from trusted sources to fully understand their prospects and customers. With this ideal world in place, marketers can drive decisions, increase ROI, and maintain great customer relationships to keep their organizations competitive. Register for this webinar for a look at the three key challenges marketers face with data today, and the strategy for mitigating the issue using a new way of looking at data.

    Presented by Dun & Bradstreet and Informatica Data as a Service.
  • Most savvy businesses understand that webinars can help them connect with prospects and customers by building brand awareness, driving loyalty, and feeding the sales pipeline. However, many companies don't leverage the data online events deliver to successfully customize follow-up sales calls.

    Whether prospects are reading reviews, looking for analysis and insights, asking questions, or sharing their own best practices, sales people can use this information to further the relationship and offer meaningful, relevant content. This awareness helps the sales team become trusted advisors, drive loyalty, and close more deals (even faster).

    Join Frost & Sullivan and BrightTALK to learn how to:
    - Leverage activity data to interact with prospects & customers
    - Engage with customers and prospects through key content
    - Deliver real value to your prospects through webinars
  • In 2014 RNDC, the second largest wholesaler of alcoholic beverages in the US, built a suite of Sales Force Automation tools that would transform the way their field sales force went to market. Their focus was to drive sales success by increasing the sales rep’s effectiveness on each sales call, delivering higher customer satisfaction with the sales process and information.

    RNDC's challenges were:
    Provide best-in-class information technology that outpaces their competitors and creates a significant point of difference
    Keep pace with emerging technologies
    Build mobile solutions focused on Sales Force Automation
    Standardize wherever possible and drive utilization

    In this presentation, Bill Smith, Director of Sales Quality Assurance, will discuss how sales leadership and BI developers, working with MicroStrategy Mobile technology, developed best-in-class mobile applications, delivering real-time analytics to the field sales teams at RNDC.
  • There is a lot of buzz about Advocacy, but should you care? Jonathan Murray, Draper Triangle Managing Director, provides a breakdown of the types of technologies that are being grouped under “Advocacy”. Brian Gladstein, EVP of Technology Marketing at GYK Antler discusses what both brand awareness and demand generation marketers should be considering within Advocacy and will provide an approach to help you figure out how to get started with advocacy technology.

    What you’ll learn:
    The 4 different technology groups under the Advocacy market
    The challenges that are driving technology purchases
    The buyers for each group
    Where to start leveraging advocacy for your business
  • For the best chance of winning well-deserved publicity and prestige for you team, you’ll want to be working with all the information available. Join Ashley Friedlein, President of Centaur Marketing, to get insider insight on exactly what the judges are looking for and discover how you can truly benefit from the wider Masters experience.

    We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this, so Ashley will explore what ideas and formats could work for the different categories and talk through the judging criteria, as well as the opportunities available to entrants and how best to benefit from them.

    You’ll also be able to put your questions to him, so join us at 3pm, 29 August and put yourself ahead of the competition.
  • Despite past investments, obtaining a trusted 360-degree view your customer information across business lines to increase wallet share, streamline client on boarding, and improve customer experience has been difficult to achieve in the financial services industry. If these challenges are familiar to you, you are not alone. But what does it take to achieve success and become Customer Ready?

    It starts with treating data as a critical business asset, investing in a repeatable data governance program, supported by the latest data management solutions. Solutions that automate the creation, governance, and sharing of trusted customer profiles across the business that require a single, trusted, and consistent view of their customers, accounts, products, and business relationships.

    Join us for this special one-hour webinar as Informatica experts show the latest and proven Customer Ready solutions adopted by leading financial institutions to support the industry’s most pressing needs from growing revenue to complying with new and existing regulations. During this session, you will see how Informatica solutions can help:

    *Automate the connection, cleansing, reconciliation and enrichment of disparate customer data on an ongoing basis

    *Relate customer profiles across product and business lines with critical data about interrelated customer, accounts, products, services, and employees to gain a multi-dimensional view of customers’ preferences and interactions

    *Future-proof customer-centric strategies with flexible technology that quickly adapts to changing business needs and new data sources

    Register today and learn how great data can fuel your financial enterprise with trusted customer profiles.
  • The world of ad technologies is exploding and Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are the next wave. Companies are talking about audience management capabilities, but they may not be offering true data management platforms.

    Join this Marketing Week webinar, in association with Adobe, to learn the jargon and get smart on DMPs. In this webinar, James Trudgian, Head of Strategy, Data & Insight at Adobe, and Aiden Caroll at Digital Doughnut, will demonstrate how DMPs:

    •Create a single customer view, providing ways to identify users, enrich their profile and action these across the digital landscape.

    •Help find new and high value audiences and monetize them.

    •Drive efficiencies across multiple channels and devices.

    •Learn how to create high value audiences and increase conversions on media campaigns.

    Register today to overcome your growing data challenges, create powerful customer insights and deliver personalised marketing campaigns.
  • Content is the fuel of marketing. But delivering enough content to generate consistent results is hard.

    Lean Content Marketing is a set of strategies and best practices that help resource-constrained marketers achieve ROI from their content efforts.
    Learn how to:

    - Leverage content curation to generate content at scale
    - Amplify your content reach by integrating content, social and email
    - Extend the lifetime of your content
    - Measure ROI and content impacts on revenue

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  • Title: Mastering B2B Video Marketing
  • Live at: Aug 15 2012 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Lindley Gooden, Greenscreen; Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners; Eamonn Conway, BrightTALK; Jonny Bentwood, Edelman
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