Building and Managing Partner Demand Centres

John Sweeney, DemandGen; Dejana Stankovic, Cisco & Laz Gonzalez, SiriusDecisions
For many of DemandGen’s clients most of their revenue is generated by partners but enabling effective partner marketing in a scalable yet consistent fashion can be a real headache. Recreation of assets, inconsistent messaging, slow turnaround, and unmeasurable results all make co-marketing campaigns with partners quite a challenge and results are all too often unsatisfactory.

Better results can be achieved by building a Partner Demand Centre (PDC). A PDC creates the mechanism through which your partners can engage in a co-marketing program easily, with little or no setup, and with approved yet customisable assets. When it works well marketers can enjoy much higher quality control, and an ability to then focus on optimisation and measurement.

So this month John Sweeney’s Marketing Automation webcast will consider what best in class Partner Marketing looks like and how you build and manage a PDC.

John will be joined by Laz Gonzalez (SiriusDecisions)and Dejana Stancovic (Cisco) and they’ll share their experience and thought-leadership on best practice Partner Demand Centres strategy and management.

Why do you need a Partner Demand Centre?
What are the major challenges when setting up a Partner Demand Centre?
What are the benefits?
How do you start and develop?
Dejana Stancovic, Head of Partner Demand Generation for EMEAR, will outline how Cisco has overcome many of these challenges with the creation of their Partner Demand Centre.
Aug 23 2012
50 mins
Building and Managing Partner Demand Centres
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  • Title: Building and Managing Partner Demand Centres
  • Live at: Aug 23 2012 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: John Sweeney, DemandGen; Dejana Stankovic, Cisco & Laz Gonzalez, SiriusDecisions
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