Not all B2B web visitors are created equally - How to target your Sweet Spot

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Jason Hekl, Research Director of Demand Creation Strategies - SiriusDecisions and Greg Ott CMO - Demandbase
Jason Hekl, Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies of SiriusDecisions and Greg Ott CMO of Demandbase discuss the importance of optimizing your web experience for the visitors who represent future revenue- your Sweet Spot.

Hear case studies of organizations who have moved from “flying blind” to leveraging key firmographic data to drive their business decisions. Learn how to win at common B2B challenges, such as personalizing to your audience segments, addressing the home page real estate battle, and uncovering insights into strategic business opportunities.
In this session, learn how to:

-Personalize content to your audience segments
-Optimize conversion for your targeted accounts
-Accelerate ROI with an account based marketing approach
Jun 28 2012
62 mins
Not all B2B web visitors are created equally - How to target your Sweet Spot
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  • Mobile is taking over as the pre-eminent way companies connect with customers.

    For sales. For service. For feedback. For support. For … everything.

    In just 8 years, smartphones have taken over the world. In just 3.5 years, smartphone media consumption has overtaken television. In just 5 years, we have been talking on our phones the same amount, but our data usage has skyrocketed more than 3400%. Mobile commerce has jumped 123% just in the first quarter of this year. It's happening. It's happening right now.

    We're taking a hard look at how mobile is the new normal. Your customers expect it. Business demands it. Mobile marketing automation is only used by 1.5% of businesses today -- and those businesses are making a killing because they understand the unique relationships we have grown to expect with our mobile devices.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Learn how psychology meets technology with mobile marketing automation
    * Improve customer engagement and retention through marketing efforts
    * Get a running start on using the mobile revolution to drive massive engagement

    Speakers: John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
    Julie Gerola, VP Marketing, Viggle
    Arthur Madrid, Founder and CEO, Pixowl

    Sponsored by LeanPlum
  • For today’s digitally demanding customer, a rich, personalized customer
    experience is quite simply the cost of doing business. It is no longer a differentiator, but the standard. It is a journey defined by the customer, who is setting a new pace in an intensely personal race that, in their mind, only involves one runner. This leaves leading marketers to question where and how the next great evolution will happen…and whether their organizations are set up to leap ahead of the curve. Are they set up to thrive, or will they become irrelevant and eventually obsolete?

    Agility becomes a key denominator in this new marketing equation. With customer knowledge dispersed across systems of records, insights, interactions and an array of new sources of data, organizations need the business agility to be able to leverage insight from these disparate sources of information. This also requires the ability for the entire customer experience to be optimized—not just the deployment of campaigns—so that opportunities can be captured faster in order to beat out rivals also looking to connect through revitalized customer experience strategies.

    We will be joined by Pitney Bowes’ Jeff Goldberg, Product Marketing Lead for Customer Information Management, who will share an expert perspective around creation of a digital marketing record for increasing conversion rates and improving marketing communications overall.

    Full list of speakers are:

    Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing - CMO Council

    Jeff Goldberg, Product Marketing Lead for Customer Information Management - Pitney Bowes

    Maureen Duff, Managing Director, Head of Global Marketing - Pershing
  • In today’s fast changing IT support environments companies are looking to find ways to reduce cost while, increasing quality of service which are often opposing forces. By understanding IT support metrics, companies can better position themselves to measure success and turn opposition into opportunity.

    Join us on Wednesday, July 29th at 2pm EDT and learn about metrics that can help measure your IT support environment’s health, reduce costs and improve your IT support services.

    Key Takeaways:
    •How to determine the health of your IT Environment
    •Identify the top 10 recommended Service Desk Metrics
  • Join us on 29th July for a webinar looking at how to make the most of your entry into the Masters of Marketing. Covering the entry process, what to include, some ideas to help capture the judges attention, as well as some hints and tips to help you showcase your work in the best possible light.
  • Join Lattice for a guided tour of the marketing tech stack that powers Acquia's demand gen engine.

    In recent years, B2B marketers have been confronted with a barrage of new technologies and systems aimed at making them more productive, efficient and successful. But which technology investments are worth making and what do you need to know before adding new systems to your technology stack?

    Show Me Your Stack (#MKTGstack) is an ongoing webinar series featuring a roster of forward-thinking B2B marketers that provides a glimpse into the marketing infrastructure that powers their demand gen engines and serves as the critical backbone to their business.

    Everything from CRM and marketing automation to content management, business intelligence and analytics systems will be covered – basically, anything in the stack!

    Each episode features a different marketer who will walk you through their marketing tech stack, share their goals and explain how their teams are structured. Don’t miss this rare chance to see how the best in the business invest in and use marketing technology.

    About Acquia:
    Acquia is the digital experience company. Intuit, Warner Music Group and Stanford University are among the more than 4,000 organizations that are transforming their digital businesses with Acquia’s open cloud platform. Global 2000 enterprises, government agencies and NGOs rely on Acquia to create new revenue streams, lower costs, and engage audiences more deeply through content, community, commerce and context.
  • How do you deliver great digital experiences in today's mobile-first, multi-touchpoint, omnichannel world? The answer is to map customers' journeys against your mobile and web touchpoints, then harness context - full knowledge of a customer's history, preferences, behaviors, and location - to tailor the experience.

    Increasingly, organizations are looking at Web Content Management (WCM) solutions in the cloud. Why? Because in the cloud, you can rapidly deploy sites, reach mobile devices, secure against attacks, and scale to meet demand.

    In this session you will:

    * See the data highlighting major trends driving interest in "WCM in the Cloud"

    * Understand the pros and cons of moving your WCM to the Cloud

    * Master the role of the cloud in delivering great digital experiences.

    * Build support and a roadmap to use the cloud in your digital experience delivery strategy.
  • Join Silverpop Marketing Expert Ellen Valentine, as she reviews customer journey planning techniques and how to use the output from this strategic work to improve your digital marketing efforts.
    Learn how to:
    •Determine the key stages in the customer journey
    •Map out the buyer’s thoughts and needs at each stage
    •Identify areas you can improve to enhance the customer experience
    •Use a multichannel approach to connect more effectively with contacts
    •Expedite prospects’ and customers’ movement along the customer journey
  • B2B marketing and sales teams are on a constant quest to improve upon their revenue-generating efforts, and the tasks involved — seeking out new business, creating a seamless buyer experience, building and tracking campaign efforts — all require significant time and effort.

    What if there was a way marketers and sales teams could save time and effort and increase revenue generation at the same time?

    Enter, your technology toolbox. With Pardot marketing automation, marketing and sales teams can maximize campaign efforts, boost productivity, and shorten sales cycles — yielding consequential benefits both marketing and sales teams. Join us for a quick 40-minute look at how Pardot can:

    - help generate new business
    - identify quality leads for quick conversion
    - create a faster, smoother buyer’s experience
    - prove real results

    Also, hear from one of Pardot's incredible clients as they share how using Pardot has their benefited their teams and business!
  • Ever wonder how we use our own products?

    At Pardot, we’ve used our own marketing automation solution to build our business as we’ve grown from a small start-up to a part of a Fortune 500 company. Now, Pardot is changing the way that other areas of Salesforce do business as well.

    Hear straight from the experts in this 40-minute webinar on how Salesforce uses Pardot. We’ll have representatives from Pardot,, and Salesforce Foundation to share insights on:

    - how Pardot powers their day-to-day marketing and sales processes
    - specific challenges that Pardot has helped them overcome
    - the killer results they’ve seen with marketing automation

    - Ryan Johnston, Demand Generation Manager - Pardot
    - Ginny McSwine, Campaigns Manager - Salesforce Foundation
    - Tracy Foster, Sr. Manager, Marketing Automation & Email -
  • To help drive incremental revenue and long-term value for its shareholders, First Niagara made a commitment to compete on customer experience and product innovation. By creating a customer-centric culture, the bank is empowering all of its team members to be even more responsive to customers’ individual needs across lines of business, channels and touch points.

    Join us for a webinar to hear how Jeff Semonovich, SVP & Managing Director of Enterprise Services at First Niagara, is leading the effort to implement a Customer360 platform to help improve customer service and increase cross sell revenue. He will explain how the bank is rethinking the way it manages and internally shares customer data to be more agile, to innovate faster, and to future-proof the bank’s customer-centricity strategy.

    Find out how First Niagara is using the Informatica Total Customer Relationship solution to bring together business-critical customer data from multiple siloed applications, clean and enrich it, merge duplicates, and manage household, business and influencer network relationships. Then, fuel their analytics and operational applications so employees are empowered to execute the bank’s customer-centric strategy.

    During this webinar, Jeff Semonovich from First Niagara, Satish Puskoor, Specialist Leader in Information Management from Deloitte, and Jakki Geiger, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing in Information Quality Solutions from Informatica, will:

    • Discuss barriers to seeing a total customer relationship view across products and channels
    • Explain how First Niagara is shifting from a product-centric to a customer-centric view
    • Share the business benefits First Niagara expects to achieve
    • Reveal the lessons First Niagara has learned from this experience
    • Answer your customer data management questions in the live Q&A
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  • Advertising to Buying Signals with Demandbase B2B Retargeting Recorded: Dec 3 2013 50 mins
    Nick Alesandro, Director of Product Management; Louis Moynihan, Business Development Director; Rachel Balik, Moderator
    For B2B companies, it’s far more powerful to reach multiple stakeholders at specific companies than anonymous individuals with the “right” profiles and titles. Unfortunately, current B2C ad technology lacks the ability to target prospects in way that drives revenue in a clear, measurable way for B2B companies. This technology disparity is particularly evident with retargeting, which serves ads to visitors who have previously engaged with your brand online.

    However, B2B companies had no choice but “borrow” B2C tech – until now with Demandbase B2B Retargeting. It’s the first, ground-breaking technology designed to help business marketers connect their ad investments to revenue.

    Our “Advertising to Buying Signals with Demandbase B2B Retargeting” webinar will offer insights on why retargeting is so critical to your B2B advertising programs, and share how Demandbase B2B Retargeting helps businesses deliver targeted ads to prospects demonstrating buying intent.

    You’ll learn:
    •Why B2C tech is a mismatch in the B2B world
    •The benefits of integrating Demandbase B2B Retargeting into your advertising programs
    •How to execute, measure and optimize Demandbase B2B Retargeting successfully
  • Favorite B2B Analytic Reports and Insights Recorded: Nov 7 2013 44 mins
    Moderated by Adam Greco, Sr. Partner at Web Analytics Demystified
    Join Adam Greco, Sr. Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, and author of Adobe SiteCatalyst - The Adobe SiteCatalyst Handbook as he speaks with Demandbase customers about their favorite B2B analytic reports. They’ll describe how they have each optimized their existing web analytics package with Demandbase and share best practices for implementing a B2B solution that drives marketing performance.

    Register now to learn:
    • What metrics are important to top B2B companies
    • How to understand your B2B analytics and how make them actionable
    • What you should be measuring differently in B2B vs. B2C
    • How to understand site behavior by target segments
  • Marketing's Next Move: Live Engagement Recorded: Oct 15 2013 13 mins
    Scott Benedetti, The Pedowitz Group, David Lieberman, Demandbase, John Janetos, Liveperson
    Hosted by the experts at The Pedowitz Group, learn how live engagement through chat, enhanced by real-time ID of companies as they visit your website can help you engage in a relevant way with target accounts and customers, converting those visits into revenue. This session will feature a case study featuring Adobe, and how they saw a 300% increase in conversions through the implementation of chat, through integrated technologies from Demandbase and Liveperson.
  • Demandbase Target Account Marketing Recorded: Sep 16 2013 2 mins
    Is your Marketing Mass Backwards? Move away from marketing to the masses and target the companies most likely to become revenue with Target Account Marketing.
  • The New Connected Conversation Recorded: Jul 10 2013 58 mins
    Meagen Eisenberg (DocuSign, Inc.), Allison Metcalfe (Demandbase), and Liz Miller (CMO Council)
    How are you Tying and Tracking Engagements and Experiences Across the Buyer 2.0 Journey?

    SiriusDecisions estimates that the buyer's journey is 70 percent complete by the time a salesperson is contacted -- and a recent CMO Council study of B2B buyers indicates that 87 percent of buyers believe that online content impacts their buyer journey from vendor selection and purchase decisions. In spite of this growing shift to online, most B2Bs organizations have been slow in reacting to the changes with their prospects' purchasing activity, particularly the engagement with their company website during the evaluation process.

    Yet, some marketers are looking at this rise in "Buyer 2.0" behavior as a problem to be solved rather than an opportunity to be embraced. Join the CMO Council as we delve into the opportunities gained by bringing relevance, precision and personalization across critical digital touch-points, connecting conversations to meet the expectations of today’s connected customer. We will be hearing from Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign, who will be sharing how the world’s leading electronic signature solution has more effectively connected with customers, delivering highly personalized experiences in real-time, and exactly where customers are consuming content to shape their buying journey.

    We will also be joined by a leading thought leader in account-based marketing, Allison Metcalfe of Demandbase, who will share insights into the shifts and requirements of the new “Buyer 2.0”, including the new behaviors that boost the criticality of adopting a more targeted and relevant approach to connected engagements.
  • Buyer 2.0 - Today's B2B Buyer Recorded: Jun 28 2013 2 mins
    Buyer 2.0 is the informed customer. They spend most of their buying process independently searching for and accessing information to learn more about the potential impact of their priorities and how to best go about addressing them. For B2B vendors to successfully attract and engage these buyers, new approaches, thinking and technology must be applied.
  • The Value of Visitor Identification: Selling to Buyer 2.0 in the Information Age Recorded: Feb 28 2013 41 mins
    Jason Stewart, Director of Marketing, Demandbase
    Recent research from Google has indicated that buyers are generally at least 60% through the sales process before identifying themselves to a seller. How do you best identify, engage, and influence the buyer you cannot see? Which website visitors are most likely to become customers? The self-guided tactics of "Buyer 2.0" have many B2B marketing and sales organizations on their heels … but the reality is that the evolved buying cycle should be welcomed as an opportunity to retire the resource-intensive, hit-or-miss sales and marketing models of old and replace them with the proactive, precision-guided engagement efforts which the new B2B buyer is looking for today.
  • The Account-Based Approach: What Marketing Can Learn From Sales Recorded: Jan 30 2013 54 mins
    Jason Stewart, Director of Marketing, Demandbase ; Amy Holtzman, Senior Marketing Manager, Demandbase
    According to research collected by B2B analyst firm SiriusDecisions, leads sourced by sales typically outperform those coming from other sources. In other words, leads sourced by sales are more likely to become revenue. This is not good news for sales managers, however, as prospecting is not how they want their top sales performers to spend their time. But how do they approach the prospecting process? How is it different than the ways marketers generate leads, and is there anything that we can do to increase the percentages of marketing sourced leads moving through the sales funnel?
  • How Demandbase Uses Demandbase Recorded: Dec 20 2012 47 mins
    Jason Stewart, Director of Marketing, Demandbase & Alina Oenning, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Demandbase
    Hear how Demandbase applies real-time ID to account-based marketing.

    Register now to join our discussion on:
    -How to drive sales with a focus on marketing to your “sweet spot”
    -Extending account-based marketing and account segmentation beyond email and into your website and content strategy
    -Making it all work by combining your existing content assets, website, CRM, MAS or Live Chat
    -Actionable ways to think big, start small, and move fast to incrementally improve web conversions of your highest value prospects.
  • Direction of B2B Marketing Automation for 2013, What's Next? Recorded: Dec 13 2012 49 mins
    Heidi Melin, Eloqua; Jon Miller, Marketo; Adam Blitzer, ExactTarget and Greg Ott, Demandbase
    Join industry leaders from the top Marketing Automation organizations on the future of marketing automation for 2013! Marketing automation professionals bill themselves as the most progressive marketers in the world, so drawing direction from these professionals will give insight to what is next for progressive marketers. CMO of Demandbase Greg Ott, will moderate the discussion helping frame the direction for the processes, technology and people we will see in the coming year. Also discussed will be challenges and opportunities organizations will see in taking their marketing operations to the next level.

    Greg Ott, CMO Demandbase (moderator)
    Responsible for Marketing and Product strategy and execution, Greg brings experience from both large corporations and startups in B2B and B2C. Before joining Demandbase, Greg was in leadership roles at Global Marketing at,, RealNames Inc., and Procter & Gamble.

    Heidi Melin, CMO Eloqua
    Heidi is the Chief Marketing Officer of Eloqua, a leader in Marketing-Automation She has also led many of Silicon Valley's most respected technology brands. Ms. Melin led marketing and demand generation efforts at several successful businesses throughout the Bay Area, including Oracle, Polycom and Taleo.

    Adam Blitzer, VP of B2B Marketing Automation at ExactTarget
    Adam is responsible for product management, marketing, and operations. He is a frequent speaker at industry events such as Dreamforce, SugarCon, and American Marketing Association panels. In 2011 Adam was named to BtoB Magazine’s annual Who’s Who list.

    Jon Miller, VP Marketing Content and Strategy Marketo
    Jon leads strategy and execution for all aspects of Marketo’s thought leadership and content marketing programs. In 2010, The CMO Institute named Jon a Top 10 CMO for companies under $250 million revenue. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard College and has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • The Art and Science of Building the Perfect Named Account List Recorded: Aug 21 2012 35 mins
    Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, VP Marketing & Demand Operations at Demandbase
    B2B companies recognize they’re most likely to sell to the accounts that fit the profile of their current customer base. To continually improve quality lead generation, it’s critical to identify the distinguishing characteristics of these customers -- especially because they aren’t always an enterprise’s biggest customers with the most impressive logos. Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, VP of Marketing and Demand Operations at Demandbase, shares tips and tricks on how to build a target account list that both sales and marketing will love. Avoid the pratfalls of list building by focusing on your corporate “sweet spot” – the companies most likely to become revenue.

    About the speaker:

    Jennifer Pockell-Wilson leads the demand-focused marketing teams and demand operations at Demandbase. She is passionate about aligning sales & marketing toward common goals through the coordination of language, systems and process. Before joining Demandbase, Jen was the Senior Director of Global Marketing Operations at Polycom and has also spent time at Hyperion, PeopleSoft, Ernst & Young LLP and Lotus Development.
  • Expert Panel: Account-Based Lead Management and Nurturing Strategies Recorded: Aug 21 2012 49 mins
    Matt Heinz, Carlos Hidalgo, Adam Needles; Moderated by Jason Stewart, Demandbase
    Marketing automation systems focus on driving prospects through the marketing funnel in order to identify the qualified individuals that are ready to talk to a salesperson. There are more subtle indicators of interest at the account level, however. Buying signals across multiple contacts that fly beneath the radar when considered individually, and that could be missed altogether if you don’t know what to look for.

    Lead management and marketing automation thought leaders Adam Needles, Carlos Hidalgo and Matt Heinz discuss incorporating Account-Based selling strategies into B2B lead management and nurture campaigns in this panel discussion moderated by Jason Stewart.
  • Creating Content for the Accounts that Matter Recorded: Aug 21 2012 45 mins
    Robert Rose, Author of Managing Content Marketing
    Crafting content for the B2B marketplace is a challenging proposition. Long sales cycles, and multiple decision makers mean that the buyer's journey can be frustratingly complex. Creating content that resonates and engages both influencers and buyers at the accounts we value most should be relevant, personal and, most importantly, influential to his or her journey. Meanwhile, B2B websites are still cluttered with generic, "one-size fits all" content designed to convert the generic "buyer persona." What happens when you move to a focused, quality-first personal engagement strategy? What happens if you spend the time to fully engage at the top of the funnel, rather than at some generic "sales handoff" stage. Join Robert Rose, as he discusses the best practices of putting your best content in front of the people at the accounts that matter most.

    About the speaker:
    Robert Rose, author of Managing Content Marketing, is the Chief Troublemaker at Big Blue Moose and is a strategist in residence for the Content Marketing Institute. Robert is responsible for innovating creative and technical content marketing strategies for a variety of clients at Big Blue Moose, including AT&T and musician Dwight Yoakam.
  • Ignite the Pipeline! Personalized, Integrated Communications Drive Revenue Recorded: Aug 21 2012 44 mins
    Lauren Goldstein / VP Strategic Planning / Babcock & Jenkins
    Driving engagement with sophisticated B2B buyers requires an deep understanding of their business needs and challenges. In this presentation, you'll see a proven approach to buyer-centric marketing. The outcome - personalized, relevant and integrated communications that drive engagement and revenue.

    About Lauren Goldstein:

    Leveraging more than 16 years of sales and strategic leadership in direct marketing, Lauren has been at the core of Babcock & Jenkins’ success for nearly 14 years. She has achieved business objectives with campaign results for companies including LinkedIn, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Adobe, Jive Software, Symantec, Getty Images, NetApp, Sterling Commerce and Starbucks.
  • Analyze and Optimize your Web Experience for your Sweet Spot Recorded: Jul 31 2012 45 mins
    Ted McDonald- Verisign, Adam Greco - Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.
    Demandbase Customer Ted McDonald of Verisign and Adam Greco of Web Analytics Demystified, discuss how to optimize your web experience for the visitors who represent future revenue – your Sweet Spot.

    The power of personalizing your web experience for your target accounts and Identifying business opportunities that you are missing out on with visibility into your visitors company data.

    -Provide richer offers to your prospects on customers by segmenting by account data
    -Insight into your current web traffic by industry and company size
    -Give your sales team insight into their named account who are engaging in key content
  • Not all B2B web visitors are created equally - How to target your Sweet Spot Recorded: Jun 28 2012 62 mins
    Jason Hekl, Research Director of Demand Creation Strategies - SiriusDecisions and Greg Ott CMO - Demandbase
    Jason Hekl, Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies of SiriusDecisions and Greg Ott CMO of Demandbase discuss the importance of optimizing your web experience for the visitors who represent future revenue- your Sweet Spot.

    Hear case studies of organizations who have moved from “flying blind” to leveraging key firmographic data to drive their business decisions. Learn how to win at common B2B challenges, such as personalizing to your audience segments, addressing the home page real estate battle, and uncovering insights into strategic business opportunities.
    In this session, learn how to:

    -Personalize content to your audience segments
    -Optimize conversion for your targeted accounts
    -Accelerate ROI with an account based marketing approach
  • The Rearchitected SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall Examined - Panel Discussion Recorded: Jun 19 2012 67 mins
    Doug Sechrist, Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Dave Lewis
    Join Demand Generation industry leaders to discuss the new SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall. Just unveiled at the recent SiriusDecisions Summit in May, the latest evolution of the Demand Waterfall's re-architecture was released, to incrementally improve insight and effectiveness of the current model. But what impact will this have on organizations? 

Hear from industry leaders on their key takeaways and strengths and challenges of the new model.

    •The increase in market focus on inbound marketing and how it will effect inquiries
    •The new AQL (Automation Qualified Lead) and TAL (Teleprospecting Accepted Lead) up leveling the role of teleprospecting
    •The "route around" taking into account non-marketing sources leads and how this will impact marketing and sales alignment

    Panelists include: Doug Sechrist - VP of Demand Marketing Eloqua, Jennifer Pockell-Wilson - VP of Marketing Demandbase, Dave Lewis - DemandGen
Real-time targeting and personalization platform for B2B
Demandbase integrates with other sales and marketing technologies to deliver unique intelligence about web visitors, and better attract, convert and retain the right customers. Enterprise leaders and high-growth companies alike use Demandbase to drive better marketing performance.

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  • Title: Not all B2B web visitors are created equally - How to target your Sweet Spot
  • Live at: Jun 28 2012 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jason Hekl, Research Director of Demand Creation Strategies - SiriusDecisions and Greg Ott CMO - Demandbase
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