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This channel will feature presentations by influential representatives from academia, producers, healthcare providers, payers and regulators to explore hot topics in healthcare. Thought leaders will debate the scientific, economical and political challenges and propose viable solutions to optimizing healthcare and medicine.

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The 4 C's for Using Cloud to Support Scientific Research Jeff Tabor & Scott Jeschonek While cost is a primary "c" driving the adoption of object-based cloud solutions in the life sciences, compute, capacity, and collaboration may all be bigger incentives. In this webinar, we'll examine how to use an Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS infrastructure to gain big benefits in areas like genomics research, personalized medicine, drug discovery, imaging, and other data analysis applications.

• Compute - Building production environments in the compute cloud without rewriting existing applications

• Capacity - Modernizing storage archives and disaster recovery by adding object storage for durability while leveraging existing on-premises NAS

• Collaboration - Using the cloud t o safely and securely share data globally

• Cost - Using cloud to lower overall costs to keep pace with fast-growing demands of research initiatives
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May 19 2015
46 mins
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