Computer Aided Detention - Exploring New Realms of Clinical Applications

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Kaavya Karunanithi, Frost & Sullivan, Research Associate
The commercialization of investigational CAD applications is leading to newer entries in the market. The greatest challenge is the need for evidentiary support from large scale clinical trials proving the value of CAD solutions in accurate diagnosis and staging of the disease.

Highlights of the briefing include handling the competition and price fluctuation, strategic marketing plans needed to increase adoption and penetration of CAD solutions, and drafting of structured reimbursement patterns.
Sep 8 2011
27 mins
Computer Aided Detention - Exploring New Realms of Clinical Applications
Frost&Sullivan CAD
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  • The New Age of Regenerative Medicine – Why Stem Cell Therapy? Recorded: Jul 28 2015 59 mins
    Jane Andrews, Ph.D ; Sanjeev Kumar ; Rhenu Bhuller
    Cell therapy is the fastest growing segment of regenerative medicine. Cell therapy is comprised of immune cell therapy and stem cell therapy, with stem cell therapy making up the largest part of this market: it is estimated that the global stem cell therapy market will reach $40 billion by 2020 and $180 billion by 2030.

    Many factors determine the rate at which the stem cell therapy market advances. It is driven by the success of stem cell treatments in curing life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and neuromuscular diseases in the worlds aging populations. In contrast, stem cell market growth rate is hindered by manufacturing and regulatory concerns. For example, if only 20% of the 318 global late stage clinical trials are approved for release on the market, there will not be enough stem cell therapy manufacturing facilities to produce the 64 resulting products. This is due, in part, to funding concerns, the high cost of build-out as well as cGMP compliance, standardization of production processes, and ever changing industry regulations.

    Join us as we discuss these and other key topics.
  • Pharmaceuticals Market Briefing Recorded: Jun 26 2015 62 mins
    Rathanesh Ramasundram
    The Asia Pacific is the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world after North America and Europe, with generics being the major driver for the pharmaceutical industry in this region, aided by factors such as the aging population and impending expiry of patented drugs. It is a necessity for pharmaceutical companies to be aware of the key trends in the APAC generics market and maximise the market opportunities in order to remain relevant.

    In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, pharmaceutical companies are also starting to realise the importance of the customer experience as a key differentiator. With a gradual shift from product to the customer, the pharmaceutical industry needs to keep up with other industries in terms of providing the perfect digital customer experience. A well-executed digital strategy is essential for today’s pharmaceutical companies to better connect with their clients.

    Join us as we discuss these and other key topics.
  • 2015 Healthcare Industry Outlook Recorded: Jan 27 2015 55 mins
    Reenita Das and Venkat Rajan
    The healthcare industry is entangled in a transitory phase where therapeutics, products and services are sold into traditional care settings that are saturated and exhausted. Yet, the opportunities for new services and care, like ambulatory, mobile, and home care, lack the appropriate level of maturity to provide robust revenue streams.

    As a result, Frost & Sullivan’s experts are predicting a year full of big disruptions, transformations and innovations. What’s in store for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, medical imaging, mobile health, healthcare IT, etc.? This briefing will provide an in-depth discussion examining at what degree we can expect the impact to take hold and transpire over the upcoming year.

    Attend this webinar to discover:
    •Insightful analyst predictions and probative analysis of the global healthcare industry in 2015.
    •Key strategies and initiatives executed by companies and organizations to capture opportunities for solutions in health, wellness, and prevention.
    •Track the progress of key macro level industry trends and their projected milestones for 2015.
    •An interactive Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan’s senior industry thought leaders.
  • 2015 Asia Pacific Healthcare Outlook Recorded: Jan 16 2015 110 mins
    Rhenu Bhuller, Natasha Gulati, Dr.Milind Sabnis
    Public and private sector initiatives continue to transform the Healthcare industry in the Asia-Pacific - and their impact is likely to be seen in the coming months. For example, improving access to quality and affordable healthcare is a major goal of governments across the region, and a focus for reform efforts in many countries.

    Frost & Sullivan provides in-depth insights on how impending regulations, ethics and compliance reforms, emerging business and service models and industry partnerships will impact healthcare in the region

    Join us as we examine key trends for 2015 and beyond and discuss their impact on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health technology, insurance, healthcare delivery and wellness across Asia-Pacific.
  • The Promise of Integrated Healthcare: Health Information Systems Recorded: Jul 31 2014 54 mins
    Bhargav Rajan, Research Analyst
    Given increasing healthcare consumerism and demand for round-the-clock healthcare delivery, hospitals and providers must upgrade their healthcare IT infrastructure to accommodate patient and provider needs. This briefing will investigate the changing technology landscape in hospitals globally and will specifically focus on how hospitals in North America and Europe are adopting health information systems (HIS).

    Attend this webinar to discover:

    ·Information technology systems in hospitals
    ·Drivers and restraints of HIS
    ·A technology and adoption roadmap of HIS
  • Telecommunication Takes On Healthcare Recorded: May 6 2014 47 mins
    Daniel Ruppar, Natasha Gulati, and Shruthi Parakkal
    Telecommunication companies are increasingly seeking new revenue streams by exploring vertical markets like healthcare. Though traditional telecommunication services have achieved strong penetration in the healthcare industry, more sophisticated solutions are only now starting to generate sustainable returns and have a long way to go in terms of enabling a new-age healthcare system. While the industry presents promising opportunities, few telecommunication service providers have been able to establish successful business models in this space.
    Frost & Sullivan will present insights on critical factors that companies overlook while developing their healthcare strategy.

    Attend this webinar to discover:

    •Key success factors necessary for all telecommunication companies establishing a healthcare presence
    •Emerging business models that promise sustainable revenue for leading telecommunication companies in healthcare
  • Healthcare 2020: Disrupt, Transform and Collapse Recorded: Mar 19 2014 57 mins
    Reenita Das, Siddharth Saha, Venkat Rajan, and Natasha Gulati
    Attend this webinar to discover:

    •Changes to healthcare delivery: hospitals of the future, aging in place, cost of care innovations
    •Role of the patient and consumer influence
    •Role of emerging regions as a consumer and competitor
    •Novel industry business models
    •Key disruptive technologies
  • Asia-Pacific Healthcare Outlook 2014 Recorded: Feb 13 2014 44 mins
    Rhenu Bhuller, Reenita Das, and Natasha Gulatii
    Frost & Sullivan will provide an outlook for healthcare in 2014 with detailed insights on the regulatory challenges, investment trends, innovation temperature and emerging business models in the Asia-Pacific Healthcare market.
  • Technology Breakthroughs in Sleep Apnea Recorded: Nov 21 2013 48 mins
    Saju John Mathew, Industry Analyst
    Attend this webinar to discover:

    • Insight into the sleep apneic industry
    • Drivers and restraints of the industry
    • Current trends and technology roadmap
  • Are Biosimilars the Road to Certain Success or a High-Risk Venture? Recorded: Oct 17 2013 45 mins
    Deborah Toscano, Senior Industry Analyst
    Why You Should Attend:

    • Discover the issues involved in regulatory and payer acceptance of biosimilars in the US
    • Learn how biosimilars are forecast to penetrate the various biopharmaceutical segments and therapeutic areas
    • Understand the potential risks and rewards of this market
    • Gain insight into the competitive environment and the potential US market leaders
    • Identify the factors with the potential to impact the uptake of biosimilars
  • 3-D Printing - Healthcare in a Printed World Recorded: Oct 7 2013 34 mins
    Darshana De, Industry Analyst
    With the current advancements in 3-D printing technologies for customized fabrication of complex polymer-based objects, there is much focus on adapting the 3-D printing technologies for healthcare applications. This has aroused interests in engineering bioprinting devices that can develop 3-D structures and at the same time accommodate the incorporation of living cells.

    - The session will discuss the following:
    - The potential of 3-D printing in healthcareD
    - Drivers and challenges for the technology
    - Impact of 3-D printing, scenario melling
  • Next Generation Imaging Informatics: Identifying Unmet Needs in Radiology Recorded: Oct 2 2013 47 mins
    Rhenu Bhuller, Mark Dougan
    GE sponsored whitepaper research from Frost & Sullivan finds that the most severe obstacle in the daily work of Australian radiologists is data fragmentation and inefficient information management. Lack of interoperability and inadequate communication amongst systems and departments lead to critical time pressures that impact the radiologists’ productivity.
  • New Era in Revenue Cycle Management Emerges as Healthcare Transforms Recorded: Sep 24 2013 58 mins
    Nancy Fabozzi, Healthcare Principal Analyst
    Why You Should Attend:

    • Learn what RCM is and why it is so important

    • Discover why healthcare providers are increasing their focus on technology solutions to improve end-to-end RCM

    • Review the major disruptive trends in the industry

    • Find out how next-generation technology solutions will help providers streamline and enhance their RCM process
  • Effective Growth Strategies for the Soaring Russian Healthcare Market Recorded: Sep 4 2013 54 mins
    Research Director Siddharth Saha and Senior Consultant Vitaliy Lehkyy
    Attendees will learn about challenges in this diverse marker and pitfalls to avoid; hear about best practices and success stories; and gain insights on effective strategies.

    Why Should You Attend:
    - Learn best practices and what works and does not from the trenches
    - Discover lessons to take from India and China and adopt to Russia
    - Assess specific market opportunities for growth
  • Next Generation Imaging Informatics: Identifying Unmet Needs in Radiology Recorded: Aug 29 2013 49 mins
    Rhenu Bhuller, Mark Dougan
    GE sponsored whitepaper research from Frost & Sullivan finds that the most severe obstacle in the daily work of Australian radiologists is data fragmentation and inefficient information management. Lack of interoperability and inadequate communication amongst systems and departments lead to critical time pressures that impact the radiologists’ productivity.
  • Outlook of Iran and Azerbaijan Healthcare Markets Recorded: Aug 1 2013 36 mins
    Hilal Cura, Research Analyst and Uldouz Berenjforoush, Research Analyst
    This analyst briefing will discuss:

    - High government focus on growth of the healthcare industry and implementing healthcare reforms
    - Growing economies, with their oil-rich and wealthy position
    - Increasing awareness and affluence among their population for healthcare consumption
  • Original Drugs Pave the Way for Follow-on-Biologics Recorded: Jun 18 2013 29 mins
    Sandhya Kamath, Technical Insights Manager
    With the impending patent expiries of biologic drugs, there is a huge market potential for subsequent entry biologics. A strong integration of R&D and marketing is key to success, and this briefing will highlight the technology advancements.

    Why you should attend:
    ·Learn about the growth of follow-on-biologics
    ·Identify the drivers and restraints
    ·Discuss trends in technology development
  • Will BRIC be the Savior for the Life Sciences and Medical Devices Sector? Recorded: May 15 2013 59 mins
    Reenita Das, Eduardo Golisano, Sandeep Sinha, Xuchao Glenn Hou, and Siddharth Saha
    Attend this webinar to discover:

    ·Insight from BRIC healthcare leaders as they share field experiences and best practices gathered through hundreds of successful cases
    ·Common obstacles international companies must overcome in these regions
    ·How to exploit the hidden potential of BRIC countries
    ·Tactics to adjust strategy to successfully penetrate BRIC markets
    ·The top 10 technologies and products expected to drive growth in these regions
  • Global Trends and Transitions Shaping the Future of Medical Imaging Equipment Recorded: Apr 25 2013 39 mins
    Roberto Aranibar, Medical imaging Industry Analyst
    Attend this webinar to discover:

    •Evaluate market potential for basic and advanced medical imaging modalities
    •Learn about important market characteristics and trends
    •Identify opportunities for growth in medical imaging equipment markets within each region of the world
    •Consider factors affecting market growth internationally
  • APAC Market Poised for Electronic Medical Record Growth Recorded: Apr 25 2013 32 mins
    Natasha Gulati, Industry Analyst, Healthcare
    As the healthcare industry across APAC moves toward digitization, electronic health information exchange becomes a stepping stone to success. Governments, non-profit entities and the private sector are aggressively investing in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. This Frost & Sullivan briefing presents a comprehensive analysis of the EMR and EHR markets in APAC, with special focus on emerging opportunities in the region.

    Why You Should Attend:
    - Learn about the rapidly developing EMR and EHR markets in APAC
    - Understand key market drivers and restraints
    - Identify leading market participants and their role in the competitive environment
    - Recognize areas of growth within this space
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Our Helthcare webcasts cover Connected Health, Life Sciences and Advanced Medical Technologies to help you to better understand buyer-seller dynamics as the healthcare system transitions to digital information, the pace at which new and innovative medical devices and systems are being adopted and getting embedded into the typical clinical pathway, both in mature and emerging markets, and enables you to bring clarity to pharmaceutical/biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics and life science research tools market decisions and implementation tactics.

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  • Title: Computer Aided Detention - Exploring New Realms of Clinical Applications
  • Live at: Sep 8 2011 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Kaavya Karunanithi, Frost & Sullivan, Research Associate
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