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Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Navigating Dodd-Frank’s Whistleblower Provisions and the FCPA (2017 Update)
    Navigating Dodd-Frank’s Whistleblower Provisions and the FCPA (2017 Update) F. Joseph Warin, John W.F. Chesley, Greta B. Williams, Sean X. McKessy, Jim Barratt Recorded: Dec 7 2017 97 mins
    In the midst of reported declines in securities enforcement, 2017 was yet another record year for reports to the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower. In the six-year history of Dodd-Frank’s whistleblower provisions, the SEC has turned tens of thousands of tips into nearly a billion dollars in enforcement actions, returning over $160 million of the pockets of whistleblowers. In 2017, the SEC continued to financially reward those who come forward with information concerning potential securities violations as well as take aggressive enforcement actions against those alleged to have discouraged whistleblowing through retaliation or restrictive severance agreements. On top of all this, the federal courts continue to teem with civil anti-retaliation claims and the Supreme Court has agreed to decide the foundational question of whether Dodd-Frank’s anti-retaliation provisions apply to those who have not reported to the SEC.

    These trends, coupled with dynamic developments in FCPA enforcement, provide the perfect storm for keeping in-house counsel and compliance professionals up at night.

    Securities Docket is pleased to present its sixth annual webcast on the intersection of Dodd-Frank’s whistleblower provisions and the FCPA. This free 90-minute webcast will include a dynamic and participatory discussion on the statutory and regulatory framework of Dodd-Frank’s whistleblower provisions, discuss their interpretation by the SEC Office of the Whistleblower and federal courts, analyze their intersection with the FCPA, and provide participants with practical tips for navigating the minefield of whistleblower complaints.
  • Evolution and Adoption of Biometrics
    Evolution and Adoption of Biometrics Niosha Kayhani | Cubics and Ruta Sudmantaite from PatSnap Recorded: Dec 6 2017 41 mins
    Biometrics has slowly become more and more present in our everyday lives. We no longer bat an eyelid when our phones require us to use a finger print for a payment or even when its how you get into your gym. So whats the next step?

    Cubic, who are the people behind the payment technology of the London Transport System, have devised a system that can double the “throughput” of an entrance—from 25 people crossing a gate’s threshold per minute, to about 50 or 60. This idea could mean that we would no longer have gates at tube stations across London and instead your phone in combination with your face.

    Niosha Kayhani of Cubic will be taking us through the development of this Technology and also the growing uses and industry that is Biometrics.
  • Self-healing Materials: Innovation, Applications & Opportunities
    Self-healing Materials: Innovation, Applications & Opportunities Isaac Premsingh and Khadija Afia Allapitchai, Tech Vision Recorded: Nov 28 2017 51 mins
    Expert Insights You Will Not Want to Miss:

    · Learn about self-healing coatings for automotive, portable consumer products, exterior panels of aircraft, oil & gas, wind turbines, and military equipment.
    · Gain expert insight into the development of lightweight composites and reinforced polymers that are resulting in multi-functional materials.
    · Identify new opportunities in product development and the potential for wide-scale adoption of materials in automotive, construction and industrial applications are expected to ramp up from 2018 to 2019.
  • Patent Monetisation: Markets, Litigation and Legislation
    Patent Monetisation: Markets, Litigation and Legislation David Pridham and Brad Sheafe from Dominion Harbor and Jessie Parker from PatSnap Recorded: Nov 8 2017 59 mins
    David Pridham, Chief Executive Officer and Brad Sheafe, Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Dominion Harbor will be taking us through their recent acquisition of the Kodak Patent Portfolio and the steps they are taking to monetise over 4000 patents.

    Unfortunately patent monetisation isn't as simple as selling or licensing, it depends heavily on the other players in the market, where the market is moving and also the litigation and future legislation when it comes to that particular technology.

    This webinar will cover:

    - The analytical approach (using technology to help assess the opportunity)
    - The go-to-market strategy development
    - How to present this strategy to potential buyers without being exposed to litigation risks
    - Building global partnerships to maximise the monetisation potential of the portfolio in a heterogeneous, world-wide marketplace
    - Managing prosecution, maintenance, divestiture and abandonment
  • Maybe Unicorns Aren’t So Special: Regulatory Terrain Common to Public Companies
    Maybe Unicorns Aren’t So Special: Regulatory Terrain Common to Public Companies Lori Echavarria, Michael Mugmon, and Ed Westerman Recorded: Oct 4 2017 60 mins
    The rapid growth of so-called “unicorn” companies – privately held start-ups with valuations of more than $1 billion – presents a number of significant regulatory challenges and risks. Although many people believe that special rules and exemptions apply to unicorns, in fact, unicorns may not be so unique in the eyes of regulators. Much like public companies, it is more important than ever that they focus on developing appropriate legal and compliance procedures surrounding capital raising, public disclosures, options compensation, and related issues to avoid, or best respond to, scrutiny by regulators, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    Join a distinguished panel of industry professionals including WilmerHale partners Lori Echavarria (former SEC Associate Regional Director and head of Enforcement for the Los Angeles Regional Office) and Michael Mugmon, and Ed Westerman, Senior Managing Director and Co-Leader of Forensic Accounting & Advisory Services at FTI Consulting, to discuss important SEC trends and initiatives impacting unicorn companies. Topics to be covered include:

    · The Unicorn Landscape
    · Jurisdictional “Hooks”
    · The Vulnerability of Unicorn Companies
    · Transitioning from Private to Public: What Happens Next?
    · The Trump Administration and the Current SEC Environment
  • How Cyber Security affects R&D
    How Cyber Security affects R&D Jeff Middleton | CEO of Lantium | Presented by Jessie Parker at patsnap.com Recorded: Oct 4 2017 30 mins
    The recent global hacks on companies and organisations including Merck, Mondolez International, Rosneft and the NHS have demonstrated that all different types of industries are at risk when it comes to cyber attacks/hacks.
    Most people think about the obvious affects such as consumer data infringement or loss of functionality but what can an attack mean for your R&D department?

    Jeff Middleton, CEO of Lantium, who build bespoke cyber security solutions, will take us through the learning's of recent "Petya" and "WannaCry" attacks, as well as how we can prevent and minimise losses in such instances.

    Topics covered in this webinar:

    - Recent Global Attacks and learning
    - How Cyber attacks affect R&D, M&A and IP
    - What to consider when creating a cyber-safety strategy.

    Essential viewing for anyone that runs a company where data could be at risk.
  • How Governments Can Adapt - Making Digital Transformation a Reality
    How Governments Can Adapt - Making Digital Transformation a Reality Keith Dawson - Principal Analyst, 451 Research, Michael Mueller- Director - Solutions Management, CenturyLink Recorded: Sep 27 2017 53 mins
    Can government institutions use modern tools and technologies to become more flexible and responsive to their constituents? What should they be looking at, and how should they adapt to the challenges of data security, privacy, and reliance on legacy systems? Digital transformation is an ambitious project for any organization; government decision-makers are hoping it will provide a path to broader citizen engagement, empowered employees, and new digital infrastructures that will provide better access to data and services.

    In this webinar we will discuss the results of a survey on the challenges and imperatives of digital transformation, including the perspectives of government managers on their technology and operational challenges and expectations.
  • Win and Wow Customers – 6 Best Practices for Onboarding in Banking and Insurance
    Win and Wow Customers – 6 Best Practices for Onboarding in Banking and Insurance Sheryl Kingstone-451 Research, Jim Marous-Financial Brand, and Sarah Johnson-Kofax Recorded: Sep 21 2017 59 mins
    Banks, credit unions and insurance companies may have differing business models, but they all have a common goal: better conversion and retention rates.

    Fortunately, better customer onboarding usually translates to better conversion and retention. For this reason, organizations continue to invest in digital technologies to streamline operations and eliminate time-consuming online interactions in areas such as new account opening, loan origination and policy applications.

    Those first information-intensive interactions, of course, are the most critical: you usually only get once chance to win a new customer’s business. But winning is only part of the equation. What if you could win—and wow—customers from those first moments and keep them engaged throughout the onboarding process?

    Mark your calendars for this upcoming webinar, where industry experts will share six best practices to help your organization win and wow customers:

    • Easy—Enable instant image and data capture via web and mobile technology
    • Accurate—Extract data from pictures of physical documents without error-prone manual entry
    • Automated—Invest in workflow tools to automate and track completion of process steps
    • Visible—Empower staff and customers with process transparency and timely communication
    • Consistent—Ensure data is complete and integrated across internal systems
    • Efficient—Meet expectations for speed, while effectively managing regulatory risks

    Speakers will include:
    •Sheryl Kingstone, Director, 451 Research
    •Sarah Johnson, Industry Solutions Architect, Kofax
    •Jim Marous, Owner and Publisher, Digital Banking Report

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  • Navigating Concurrent Matters in Multiple Jurisdictions
    Navigating Concurrent Matters in Multiple Jurisdictions Michele E. Rose, Robert P. Howard, Jr., Jim Barratt, Amy Gonce Recorded: Sep 19 2017 60 mins
    After a significant corporate crisis event, issuers are often forced to navigate concurrent matters in multiple jurisdictions. The matters at issue may involve internal investigations, SEC and DOJ investigations, exchange listing inquiries, private class actions and derivative actions. There are multiple constituents in each of these forums -- many of which have competing interests and agendas.

    Decisions made in one forum can, and often do, have significant impact on the other. Having a thorough understanding of these competing interests and procedures is imperative in successfully coordinating navigating this complicated playing field.

    Join an experienced panel of securities lawyers and forensic accountants who conduct investigations, interact with government regulatory entities, audit committees and independent auditors, and represent issuers in multiple jurisdictions, as they discuss the often overlooked implications of dealing with multiple investigations and actions.

    Panel: Michele E. Rose and Robert P. Howard, Jr., of Murphy & McGonigle PC; and Jim Barratt and Amy Gonce of Ankura Consulting, LLC
  • Preeminent PE: The new Masters of the Tech Universe
    Preeminent PE: The new Masters of the Tech Universe Brenon Daly, Research Director, Financials, 451 Research Recorded: Sep 7 2017 63 mins
    Forget Oracle, IBM or any of the other big-name, publicly traded acquirers that – until now --have always set the tone in the tech M&A market. If a tech deal printed in 2017, the buyer is more likely a private equity firm than any of the well-known serial acquirers on the US stock market. This is the first time in the history of the multibillion-dollar tech M&A market that financial acquirers have been busier than these strategic acquirers. To understand how the ever-growing influence of buyout shops is reshaping the tech industry, join 451 Research for an hour-long webinar on Thursday, Sept. 7 2017.
  • High Scale, High Stakes: Adjusting Focus and Investment at the Network Gateway
    High Scale, High Stakes: Adjusting Focus and Investment at the Network Gateway Dan Cummins, Senior Analyst with 451 Research and Tim Chiu, Senior Director of Product Marketing with Symantec Recorded: Aug 2 2017 50 mins
    As cloud continues to erase the network perimeter, it’s more important than ever to align IT infrastructure to track more closely to the businesses it serves.

    As a result, gateway technology choices and investments need to fit the cloud model and fit in terms of security use case, value, and real-world business requirements.

    Join Dan Cummins, analyst with 451 Research and Tim Chiu, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Symantec, for an informative webinar on August 2 to hear a discussion of network security today.


    - Discussion on the increased dependence on HTTP and HTTPS

    - The limitations of Firewalls in the web and cloud world

    The increasing critical need for web gateways, both on premise and in the cloud, for achieving:

    - Access governance for users and devices

    - Verifiable protection against advanced attack methods

    - Agile risk management and measurable return on investment.

    Important opportunities are at hand right now to integrate network and cloud-based approaches to achieve coordinated and robust anti-malware, privacy, policy and connectivity capabilities, while continuing on a path to flexible, software-defined infrastructure.

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  • Workloads, Data Centers & Cloud Strategy: Market & Technology Trends
    Workloads, Data Centers & Cloud Strategy: Market & Technology Trends Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst with 451 Research, and Don Davis, Technology Director for Iron Mountain’s Data Center busines Recorded: Jul 25 2017 58 mins
    IT planners have far more options as to where to run their workloads than ever before. On-premises data centers, co-location facilities and managed services providers are now joined by hybrid multi-clouds – a combination of Software-, Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service (SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS) execution venues. All have unique operational, performance and economic characteristics that need to be considered when deploying workloads.

    In this Webinar Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst with 451 Research, and Don Davis, Technology Director for Iron Mountain’s Data Center business will discuss how industry leading enterprises determine the best execution venues for their workloads by addressing:

    •The market and technology trends that influence workload, data center and cloud strategy
    •How to evaluate the characteristics of various workloads and execution venues
    •How to manage workloads across on-premises and off-premises ecosystems
    Attendees will learn how to formulate an IT strategy that can be used to guide the decision criteria needed for placing workloads on their best execution venues, and enable the migration and ongoing management of workloads across a hybrid multi-cloud enterprise architecture.
  • How Will FRP Composites Shape the Future of Building Materials?
    How Will FRP Composites Shape the Future of Building Materials? Vinay Venkatesan, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan and Mark Singleton, Startlink Systems Ltd. Recorded: Jul 6 2017 51 mins
    Strong growth in building and construction activity in North America is expected to drive demand for composites. The poor state of US infrastructure is creating opportunities for composites in highways and bridge applications. In Europe, steady recovery of construction activity, mainly in residential and commercial construction, provides several opportunities for use of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. The highest demand is likely to come from customers seeking alternatives with key properties of anti-corrosion, resistance to chemicals, light weight and longer life spans compared to traditional materials such as steel, concrete and aluminum. This briefing provides a broader understanding of regional growth trends for composites, their use in building and construction, supporting regulations, drivers and challenges. It also demonstrates opportunities wherein fiberglass composites can outperform conventional steel and concrete.
  • UK Bribery Act Update: Enforcement, the Future of the SFO and Much More
    UK Bribery Act Update: Enforcement, the Future of the SFO and Much More Vivian Robinson QC, Barry Vitou, Richard Kovalevsky QC, Julian Glass Recorded: Jul 5 2017 63 mins
    As the Bribery Act starts to bite, the UK Government looks to abolish the SFO!

    On the 6th anniversary of the Bribery Act entering into force we have now seen further significant enforcement activity in the UK.

    In this webcast, our panel of expert UK attorneys and consultants look back over the last 12 months and forecast where we see developments in the year to come. The panel will discuss issues including:

    -- Key developments over the last twelve months, including the Rolls Royce DPA and corporate prosecution under the Bribery Act.
    -- What’s next:
    * DPA’s v. Prosecution. Latest developments?
    * Privilege and bribery investigations, what are the issues coming out of ENRC?
    * What is the future of the SFO?
  • Digital Technologies are Transforming the Chemical Industry
    Digital Technologies are Transforming the Chemical Industry Dr. Brian Balmer, Industry Director, Chemicals & Materials Recorded: May 31 2017 56 mins
    Frost & Sullivan has identified eight key themes through which digital transformations are affecting the chemical industry. Investment in digital technologies is booming in all industries, and the chemical industry is no exception. Furthermore, since chemicals are the raw materials for all other industries, digital transformations in these industries will have a massive effect on their demand for chemicals. The opportunities presented to chemical companies by digital transformations are therefore many and complex, and consequently hard to navigate. For chemical companies to make the most of the opportunities presented by digital transformations, they must be aware of the range of these themes and also their interconnectedness.
  • In the Driver's Seat - What's Trending for Electric Motors in 2017?
    In the Driver's Seat - What's Trending for Electric Motors in 2017? Krishna Ramen, Industry Analyst, Industrial Automation & Process Control Recorded: Apr 27 2017 56 mins
    The electric motors market is driven by an increase in the electrification of different applications across industries and the need to enhance energy efficiency of existing applications.

    Demand for motors from heavy process industries is expected to stabilize in 2017 due to an increase in commodity prices. Food and beverage, water and wastewater, and discrete industries are expected to continue to strengthen in 2017. An increase in the electrification of automobiles (applications such as vehicle traction and other controls), growing adoption of higher-efficiency motors such as brushless DC motors, and Mega Trends such as innovating to zero and green energy are expected to influence customer preference in the electric motor market.
  • Analysis of the Global Commercial UAS Market to 2020
    Analysis of the Global Commercial UAS Market to 2020 Mike Blades, Senior Industry Analyst, Aerospace & Defense Recorded: Apr 5 2017 30 mins
    The commercial UAS ecosystem is growing rapidly, but there has been a movement within the industry toward utilizing UAS to make almost any aerial data collection faster, cheaper, and more efficient. This presentation will provide a realistic assessment of the commercial UAS industry, accounting for current regulatory environments and industry trends.

    In several years, commercial UAS platforms, like computers and smart phones, will become ubiquitous; however, the commercial UAS ecosystem will be driven by the number of platforms demanded worldwide.
  • Australian Precision Agriculture Market, Forecast to 2020
    Australian Precision Agriculture Market, Forecast to 2020 Dev Anand Dorasamy, Consultant, ANZ, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Apr 3 2017 19 mins
    The global precision agriculture market is currently at a nascent stage of growth. With the rise of tech-savvy Gen Y and millennial farmers, as well as the need for increased cost efficiencies associated with climate change, including water management and pollution control, Frost & Sullivan anticipates a substantial increase in precision agriculture over the next five years. Markets such as North America and Australia will see the biggest boost.

    Why You Must Attend:

    · Understand the key technologies impacting the precision agriculture market in Australia.
    · Discover what is driving growth in this sector and where the opportunities will be in the next five years.
    · Find out the challenges facing this market in Australia.
  • Energy Efficiency to Redefine Gearbox and Gear Motor Market
    Energy Efficiency to Redefine Gearbox and Gear Motor Market Krishna Raman, Industry Analyst, Industrial Automation & Process Control Recorded: Mar 21 2017 56 mins
    The global gearbox and gear motor market is highly diversified with competition distributed across a wide range of industrial and geographic product segments.

    Each market segment provides varying levels of growth opportunities and competitive landscape, and requires different product portfolios and competencies to be successful. The gearbox market is impacted by penetration of gear-less drive technology and the increasing preference for bevel gear system over worm gear system. Market participants need to understand which segments will be impacted by these major trends.
  • How to Prove/Defend Fraudulent Transfer Claims–A Legal and Valuation Perspective
    How to Prove/Defend Fraudulent Transfer Claims–A Legal and Valuation Perspective Dion Hayes, Jeff Litvak, Scott Friedland, Clara Chin Recorded: Mar 16 2017 93 mins
    This webcast will consist of an analysis of the issues commonly confronted in fraudulent transfer litigation under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and state law. The first portion of the program will provide attendees with an overview of the relevant legal aspects of the fraudulent transfer litigation, including discussion of:

    •Relevant provisions of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, including §548;
    •Bankruptcy Code §544 and the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act;
    •Proving constructive fraud versus actual fraud; and
    •Recent developments in case law.

    The second half of the program will focus on valuation analyses often performed in conjunction with constructive fraud claims under §548 and state law, including:

    •Performing the balance-sheet test;
    •Assessing the adequacy of capital; and,
    •Analyzing the debtor’s ability to pay debts as they become due.

    Numerous case studies will be used during the program to highlight the legal and valuation issues.

    The program and a Q&A session will be presented by litigation and bankruptcy attorney Dion Hayes from the law firm of McGuireWoods LLP and valuation experts Jeff Litvak, Scott Friedland and Clara Chin of FTI Consulting.
  • What Legal and Compliance Professionals Should Know About Data Breach Response
    What Legal and Compliance Professionals Should Know About Data Breach Response John Reed Stark, Jason Smolanoff Recorded: Mar 15 2017 65 mins
    For legal and compliance professionals, data breach response is where FCPA and AML were fifteen years ago – quietly and quickly emerging as the fastest and most lucrative legal and compliance practice area. Every white collar defense and commercial litigator, and attorneys and other professionals in related areas, should be preparing to enter this exploding marketplace.

    Just like any other independent investigation, data breach response requires careful legal navigation. In addition to the governmental investigations and litigation, the list of civil liabilities after a cyber-attack is almost endless, including shareholder lawsuits for cyber security failures; declines in a company’s stock price; and management negligence. There may also be consumer/customer driven class action lawsuits against companies falling victim to cyber-attacks, alleging a failure to adhere to cyber security “best practices.”

    Legal and compliance professionals who understand data breach response can also provide critical strategic benefits for their clients, such as: 1) serving as an objective sounding board to IT staff tasked with designing, implementing, and reviewing data security practices and remediation; 2) reviewing privacy policies; testing representations made to consumers, and evaluating how outsiders might exploit those representations in court; and 3) assisting in litigation-testing the "reasonableness" of cybersecurity practices.

    In order to meet this growing client need, legal and compliance professionals must first understand the intricacies of a data breach response. This webcast fills that critical gap — reviewing data breach response workflow in plain English, designed exclusively for legal and compliance professionals who want to take the lead of, or assist with, data breach response engagements and investigations.
  • Agriculture & Nutrition Opportunity —Trends in the Health Ingredients Market
    Agriculture & Nutrition Opportunity —Trends in the Health Ingredients Market Chris Shanahan, Global Director, Agriculture & Nutrition, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Mar 14 2017 40 mins
    The health ingredients (omega-3 EPA + DHA, calcium/vitamin D and Lutein & Zeaxanthin) market is set to demonstrate steady growth in the future. Factors that stimulate the unit shipment and revenue growth of these markets include increased awareness of health benefits; rise in chronic and cardiovascular diseases, stimulating health consciousness among the population towards prevention of diseases; and manufacturers contributing to the market with new product launches and innovative technologies to cater to different end-applications and offer superior products. Among the end-application segments, dietary supplements and infant formula are expected to witness growth.
  • A View of the World's Largest & Fastest Growing Data Center Spot
    A View of the World's Largest & Fastest Growing Data Center Spot Kelly Morgan 451 Research and Mark Kidd Iron Mountain Recorded: Mar 9 2017 33 mins
    A View of the World's Largest & Fastest Growing Data Center Spot and why you should be there

    The Northern Virginia market, which includes multiple locations in/around Washington DC, continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing datacenter hot spots in the world and top market for cloud providers. While much has been said about the area, please join us to discuss the latest in: what makes the market special, why so many firms want datacenter space there, how the market is evolving, and which locations to consider when thinking about a deployment in the area.

    Please join us for a webinar with Kelly Morgan, Vice President at 451 Research and Mark Kidd, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Iron Mountain Data Centers, for a discussion on the Northern Virginia market and Iron Mountain’s approach to the market.
  • Innovations Contributing to the Overall Growth of Smart Agriculture Technology
    Innovations Contributing to the Overall Growth of Smart Agriculture Technology Chris Shanahan, Global Director, Agriculture & Nutrition, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Mar 8 2017 61 mins
    The global agriculture sector has encountered challenges with the lack of adequate food for the growing malnourished population, the continued radical decrease in the areas of global arable land, and a dearth of technology that supports increased productivity and reduced labor dependency. These challenges are being addressed by integrating farming with technologies that provide decision support systems, effective farm monitoring, crop management, improved farm household income and farm output, and an overall improvement in the efficiency of the agricultural system. Critical factors for successfully exploiting opportunities in the smart agriculture sector include providing a means to enable continuous monitoring, enabling real-time data collection, increasing automation of crop cultivation and livestock production systems, and effectively demonstrating increased farmer return on investment.
  • Operational Excellence: The Key to Safeguarding Your IT Infrastructure
    Operational Excellence: The Key to Safeguarding Your IT Infrastructure Dan Thompson Senior Research Analyst 451 Research and Kelly Sullivan, VP Global Data Center Operations at CenturyLink Recorded: Mar 2 2017 42 mins
    Data center uptime is more critical than ever as more and more business processes are digitized. Having a sound foundation starts with having a solid and reliable data center in which to deploy your IT infrastructure. The data shows that how a data center is run and managed is the single biggest contributor to uptime.

    Join 451 Research Senior Analyst, Dan Thompson, and Kelly Sullivan, VP Global Data Center Operations at CenturyLink for a dialog on how operational excellence is put into practice and has become a core of the organizational culture at CenturyLink.

    Hear real-world experience and insight derived from managing a global fleet of 57 data centers and how the Uptime Institute Management and Operations Stamp of Approval program helped them raise their game through a regiment of continual improvement.