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Welcome to the mobile computing community on BrightTALK! With the consumerization of IT and the widespread adoption of mobile devices across the globe, mobile computing has become an important part of many people's lives in a culture of bring your own device (BYOD). With mobile devices doubling as work phones and more employees working from home, businesses need to provide secure access to data and work applications from anywhere at any time. Join this growing community and hear from industry thought leaders in webinars and videos as they share their insight on mobile computing research and trends.
  • Join us for a live demo of RingCentral’s flexible, scalable, secure, and reliable cloud communications solution. A sales engineer will walk you through the features that have made RingCentral the choice for 300,000 business customers.

    You’ll see the RingCentral interface, learn best practices for using cloud communications including how to empower your mobile workers, and see how integrations with key business systems aid productivity.

    Get your questions answered in an open Q&A session.

    Tune in every Friday for RingCentral Live. You’ll see the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform and best practices for leveraging cloud communications in your business.
  • A new analytics culture driven by millennials is emerging. It’s built on a foundation of widespread access to lots of data, an innovative, experimental and unconventional spirit, and the availability of powerful new techniques and scalable computing power.

    This unprecedented convergence of data, spirit and the means to process it is creating the “new analytics experience” right this minute. In this session, we’ll discuss how this unique combination of discovery, deployment and data management – three capabilities SAS has mastered – will affect and challenge your established decision-making activities and change business users’ perceptions of analytics and business intelligence.
  • The proliferation of smartphones, geofencing, indoor location and analytics has transformed the meaning of "native" for mobile marketers, app developers and consumers. "Native" used to mean a reliance on Facebook and Google for in-stream ads that seem like organic content. It now refers to the use of on-device, local intelligence to get beyond the beacon to understand the context of a mobile user's interactions. Native control of functionality makes apps more popular with customers. It spells the difference between single-digit usage and delivers the full potential of personalized mobile marketing.
  • June 25, 2015 at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

    We are on the verge of a new era of smart connected things, where devices and machines are much more intuitive, simplifying and enriching our daily lives. As smart devices pack more powerful processors and sensors, they will become more aware of our preferences and surroundings, anticipate our needs, and provide us with relevant information at the right time. As machines of the future begin to see and hear in 3D through computer vision and perceive and understand through machine learning, new worlds of possibilities open. Cars, machines, robots, and other smart devices will become autonomous, anticipating outcomes far faster and more accurately.

    In this webinar, we’ll dig into how industry leaders are using cognitive technologies, such as machine learning, computer vision, and always-on sensing to reshape industries, including transportation, healthcare, banking and retail. Can your business keep up with the disruption that will be caused by these technologies? How can device intelligence add value to your organization? How can you balance the benefits of device intelligence with associated risks?

    In this webinar, you’ll:

    -Find out how you can drive innovations and create new business opportunities through these technologies

    - Discover ways cognitive technologies can help businesses drive revenue in unexpected -- and uncharted – ways

    -Balance the benefits of device intelligence and user privacy

    -Get the scoop on why on-device intelligence will be key in the new era of smart connected things

    - Realize the role of cognitive technologies and biometrics on securing your organization’s critical devices


    Maged Zaki, Director of Technical Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    Jim McGregor, Principal analyst and founder, TIRIAS Research
    Russ Fadel, President and General Manager; ThingWorx
    Chris Clayton, Senior vice president, business development; ColdLight

    Sponsored by Qualcomm
  • From students to executives, finding solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and communication has become vital. These end users are trying to excel in their work, and while they don’t mean to cause harm, in most organizations this desire leads to the use of applications, services, and data storage and sharing beyond IT's boundaries. This practice, known as “shadow IT,” is having an obvious impact on technical support teams. Attend this webinar to learn more about shadow IT and how you can strike a balance between reaping the benefits and avoiding the risk.
  • The 3 big Shock happening on the market 
    1 The standard Relational DB cannot handle Big data
    ==> How to manage this now ?
    2 the shift away from slice and dice reporting…
    ==> how to handle this now ?
    3 The Value of Big Data increases sharply as latency decreases and the data delivers faster
    ==> how to face to this challenge ?
  • One of the major barriers to improving healthcare is making sense of the large volume of data involved. We show that a combination of Google's BigQuery and Tableau allows insightful, interactive analysis of English primary care prescribing data – approximately £35bn of NHS spend, £4.5 bn prescriptions issued by 10k GP practices from about 25k drugs). Tableau can allow insights into national trends but also allow interactive drill down to analyse local prescribing patterns for narrow ranges of drugs. We show how interaction even with large datasets greatly improves the impact of analysis on behaviour.
  • Le niveau d’exigence des Utilisateurs et leur comportement changent. Les nouvelles technologies se développent à grande vitesse et permettent à l’Utilisateur d’accéder aux applications à travers différents moyens : agence, borne automatique, ordinateur, SMS, Smartphone, Tablette…

    Face à ces bouleversements les entreprises doivent investir dans le multicanal et s’assurer de la meilleure expérience de leurs Utilisateurs. Pour savoir comment, CA Technologies vous propose d’assister à un webcast de 45 minutes.
  • Forrester Research has stated that we are in the Age of the Customer. US Consumers say they’ve had unsatisfactory service interactions and want resolution on their terms. The proliferation of customer devices has shifted perspectives and expectations, increasing the need for companies to be available to customers across channels and on the customer’s terms. Join Niel Levonius as he discusses the age of the customer and how a cloud contact center supports the customer on their terms.
  • B2B marketing and sales teams are on a constant quest to improve upon their revenue-generating efforts, and the tasks involved — seeking out new business, creating a seamless buyer experience, building and tracking campaign efforts — all require significant time and effort.

    What if there was a way marketers and sales teams could save time and effort and increase revenue generation at the same time?

    Enter, your technology toolbox. With Pardot marketing automation, marketing and sales teams can maximize campaign efforts, boost productivity, and shorten sales cycles — yielding consequential benefits both marketing and sales teams. Join us for a quick 40-minute look at how Pardot can:

    - help generate new business
    - identify quality leads for quick conversion
    - create a faster, smoother buyer’s journey
    - prove real results

    Also hear from an awesome Pardot client, Gina Spero, Marketing Automation Manager at Mimeo, as she describes how using Pardot has helped their business!
  • June 24, 10 am PST/1 pm EST

    John Koetsier: VP Research; VentureBeat
    Ian Woods: Chief Engagement Officer; IMM
    Brian Witlin; COO and Mobile; Yummly

    Moderator: Wendy Schuchart, analyst; VentureBeat


    If you're only focusing on push notifications with your MMA solutions, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. We've got the inside story on the features used by the most successful mobile app teams ... and which vendors deliver those features. We'll also talk to industry insiders on how they're using MMA in ways you might not have thought of.

    We surveyed 375 mobile developers with over 900 million monthly average users, analyzed 1.8 million apps in Google Play and the iOS app store, conducted 17 live interviews, and surveyed 19 MMA providers to find answers to these questions.

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

    * Which features the most successful mobile app companies focus upon
    * Which MMA features you can't afford to ignore
    * How successful apps are using MMA in creative and unique ways

    Join us to learn how to successfully leverage mobile marketing automation to your advantage.

    Sponsored by: Kahuna
  • Join ESET and National University as we explore options for education and career advancement in the field of cybersecurity. Christopher Simpson, the Director for the National University Center for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program will look at the evolving technology job field and what specific cybersecurity related skill sets employers will want to look for.
  • Today's business challenges require real-time information and swift decision-making. Companies that want to remain competitive must empower their data analysts with tools that can prepare data quickly, then enable iterative, visual interactions that move at the pace of business. For deeper questions to be answered effectively, users need a solution that allows them fluid access to a variety of data sets, and a wide range of visual tools for understanding what it all means.

    Attend this 45-minute webinar to see how Tableau Software can help you see, understand and share your data like never before.
  • Industry trends strongly suggest that hybrid ITSM solutions are the wave of the future in ITSM. So why have analysts at Gartner predicted that 30 percent of the companies that are currently using cloud-based ITSM tools will go back to premises-based solutions by 2014? When it comes to choosing an ITSM solution, is a cloud-based model inherently superior? Watch this webcast to find out!
  • When we talk about Big Data, we imagine large stores of data that needs to be mined and analysed. This data is "at rest" - in a database, in Hadoop. But data at rest is old data, and may be beyond its shelf life. Some data needs to be analysed while it is still moving. This is FAST DATA, and it represents the single most important opportunity that all manner of businesses are looking to exploit.

    But how to use fast data, capture its meaning and react immediately? These are some of the topics that will be covered by Ana Costa e Silva in this interactive and thought-provoking webinar.
  • As a Pulse Secure customer, you already know about our portfolio of security solutions from Pulse Connect Secure (SSL VPN) to Pulse Workspace (Mobile platform). Now, join us to learn how the latest features in Pulse Policy Secure 5.2 can make your job easier for managing BYOD, Guests, and more

    In this Pulse Secure webinar you will learn:

    1. How Pulse Policy Secure enables your network to be more secure
    2. Best practices for integrating Pulse Policy Secure into mixed environments with Cisco and Aruba wireless products
    3. How you can utilize the new features of Pulse Policy Secure 5.2 including optimized guest access
  • Noted industry analyst Jon Arnold provides an update on 3 hot button UC trends that decision makers need to consider with the cloud. To complement this industry-based perspective, ShoreTel's Richard Winslow will explain how ShoreTel is addressing these trends. Jon and Rich will also converse about how these trends are evolving and where the opportunities lie for businesses. Specifically, you will learn about the latest developments and implications in the following areas:

    1. How you can leverage the cloud to scale your business with UC.
    2. Why application integration matters and what to look for in a hosted partner.
    3. What security vulnerabilities you need to understand with the cloud

    Jon Arnold is Principal of J Arnold & Associates, an independent telecom analyst and marketing consultancy with a focus on communications technologies such as VoIP, Unified Communications, video, SIP trunking and the cloud.
  • Join us on Friday for a 30 minute live demo of RingCentral’s cloud communications system. A sales engineer will demo how you can boost productivity by integrating RingCentral with Google Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Contacts, and more, enabling users to:

    · Make and receive calls and business texts
    · Listen to voicemails
    · Schedule meetings or audio conferences
    · Increase Google Hangouts attendance to 1,000 with RingCentral conferencing, and more.

    A live Q&A Session will follow the demo.
  • In today's world where applications are distributed through cloud and mobile platforms, the risks to vulnerable applications are multiplying. Application managers are looking for ways to consolidate controls around their disparate applications and assign the proper staff, leadership and workflow processes to do this.

    Based on the 2014 Application Security Programs and Practices survey, application security is on the rise, with 83% of 488 respondents reporting some sort of application security program in place (up from 66% in SANS' 2013 survey). In the 2014 survey, respondents' primary focus for their security programs was around web applications.

    This year's survey intends to find out how the rise of mobility and cloud applications is changing respondents' application security program efforts and to gather best practice advice for secure management of disparate applications throughout their lifecycle.

    This second part of the webcast will focus on issues in application development.
  • Software drives business optimization, and agile software development approaches help drive innovation. Yet managing disparate applications deployed across a range of platforms without consistent agile quality strategies is costly, inefficient, and inherently risky. Effective approaches to agile quality are becoming increasingly vital to success.

    Agile development provides tremendous opportunities for efficient, adaptive code creation, yet organizational strategies to manage code quality and agile testing as part of an agile lifecycle remain woefully inadequate. In addition, as mobile, cloud, and social platforms themselves are evolving at an agile pace, complexity increases, adding further quality challenges.

    Join IDC analyst Melinda Ballou as she discusses business and development strategies to leverage an agile quality community culture, agile techniques, and automation as the complex sourcing of software creation evolves.

    Melinda will:
    • discuss the benefits and challenges of agile quality adoption
    • explain how agile quality and related lifecycle approaches enable speedier and collaborative code creation
    • provide visibility into software assets that improve software development and business adaptability
  • DevOps shifts the IT organization and how engineers interact. It brings a set of best practices that defines how engineers and IT work together that is markedly different than how work has been traditionally accomplished. It’s a culture of automating, measuring, and sharing in the software development life cycle. Where is your company on the DevOps journey? Join Hart Hoover, a Rackspace DevOps Automation Engineer, as he walks through points on that journey you will need to reach to be successful.

    In this webinar, we will cover:
    •Config Management
    •Automating Waste / Defining Correct Process
    •Testing Automation
    •Code Deployment
    •Leadership Buy In
    •Team Buy In
    •Security Involvement

    Speaker Bio:
    Hart Hoover started his career as a Racker in 2007 as a Linux Systems Administrator, providing technical support for bare metal servers. He moved to the cloud in 2009 to help design the Managed Cloud Servers support model. He now serves customers as an Engineer with the DevOps Automation team at Rackspace. You can follow him on twitter at @hhoover.
  • The modern workforce is more mobile than ever before. Between 2013 and 2015, Gartner predicted an increase in mobile workers of nearly 30% globally. Matt McGinnis, Senior Director, Product Marketing will discuss the importance of cloud communications in supporting this shift and how IT can support an ever growing and dynamic mobile workforce.
  • We’ve entered an unprecedented age in B2B marketing.

    Today’s buyers are savvier, more connected, and more informed than ever before — and they’re well aware of the power they possess. When companies fail to deliver the smooth and personalized buyer experience that consumers have come to expect, favorable alternatives are little more than a Google search away; it’s no secret and it’s a challenge that all B2B organizations face.

    But here’s the bottom line that’s too-often forgotten: delivering a seamless buyer’s experience starts with seamless alignment internally. Marketing and sales must work together throughout the decision-making journey, sharing insights and updates and allowing each team to play to their greatest strengths.

    Enter, Pardot plus Salesforce Engage. Join us on June 11th for this 30-minute webinar, as we explore the capabilities of these two powerful tools and discuss how they can streamline workflows to enable joint sales and marketing success. Attendees will learn how to:

    - provide real-time visibility into a prospect’s digital engagements
    - deliver content to prospects how and when they want it
    - translate data into actionable insights for both sales and marketing
  • Organizations have started to realize the benefits of “developing and deploying software quickly” through the concept of Continuous Delivery. Although this process enables quick delivery of developed features it does not address the productivity issues like lack of historical knowledge, complicated configuration management, remote access to developer workspace, poor collaboration due to desktop IDEs and so on.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to optimize your complete software development lifecycle through cloud-based agile process.

    Key takeaways:
    •How to scale up development in the cloud for distributed teams
    •How to enhance developer productivity efficiency
    •How to effectively manage code and releases in the cloud
    •How to continuously monitor and measure the quality of software development
    •Agile + CI/CD+ CLOUD - A case scenario
  • These days, every aspect of educational development creates digital data. Students, faculty, and staff are continually creating files for assignments, lectures and lesson plans, lab and field research, plus the administrative “paper trail”, challenging you, the IT manager, to secure, protect, and manage the growing data sprawl. Schools are just as susceptible to security breaches as other organizations and must comply with stringent data privacy regulations, all while supporting a diverse and constantly changing user base.

    These days, IT managers are challenged with the task of successfully securing, protecting and managing the growing data sprawl across all industries. In this webinar, hear a unique perspective on how digital data affects the educational sector and how it measures against other verticals.

    Join guest Mark Lamson, Director of IT at the Westerly, RI public school system, and David Stevens, Technical Marketing Manager at DataGravity, as they explore ways that local school districts, colleges and universities can use automated file and data analysis to reduce complexity and better serve their constituents. You’ll learn strategies to:

    •Enhance data compliance and security
    •Increase visibility and understanding of your data sets
    •Rein in data growth and storage utilization