Preventing Malware – Keeping Safe and Out of the News

Sioux Fleming; Director of Product Management at CA
Malware is being creating at a volume that now increases tenfold every few months. Other sorts of attacks also affect the security of your organizations confidential data and systems. Come hear a discussion of the security best practices you need to consider when evaluating whether or not you are doing all you need to prevent such attacks from compromising your security
Mar 24 2009
32 mins
Preventing Malware – Keeping Safe and Out of the News
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  • BYOD Challenges, Recommendations & Best Practices from Box Apr 24 2014 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    85% of enterprises permit BYOD, but only 25-30% of them actually have policies and technology to manage these devices. What is your business doing to ensure that the content on that device stays secure, regardless of what device your employees are using? If you are considering moving to a BYOD strategy or are in the midst of doing so, join this webinar to learn how to develop and execute a BYOD plan in your company. We'll talk about major challenges from creating a BYOD strategy and best practices from ensuring that the content on your device stays secure with Box.
  • Increase Productivity By Moving Your Phone System To The Cloud Recorded: Mar 25 2014 61 mins
    Businesses today are navigating a complex field of communication services and solutions in search of a comprehensive system that will keep up with the needs of an ever-evolving organization.

    In this live discussion, Forrester’s VP, Principal Analyst, Art Schoeller and Mike Zavos, IT Director of TruGreen Landcare will share leading trends and first-hand experiences in adopting and deploying a cloud-based phone solution.

    Join this eSeminar to learn:

    -Top drivers and trends in the integrated communications market
    -Best of breed capabilities that scale with your business and decrease common IT complexities
    -Success steps for transitioning your on-premise PBX solution to a cloud-based phone solution
  • Adding Mobile To Your HP Best Practices Recorded: Mar 19 2014 59 mins
    Mobile technologies can open amazing opportunities to extend market reach, drive productivity and innovation, and build closer relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. Mobility is no longer a luxury; it is a competitive requirement. But for companies trying to keep pace with the proliferation of mobile operating systems and devices, maintaining high performance and security standards can place a strain on established QA methodologies.
  • How are Cloud and Mobility Affecting VoIP? - Panel Session Recorded: Feb 26 2014 58 mins
    According to Infonetics Research, the VoIP industry will grow to $76.1 billion by 2015. It is safe to say that VoIP is here to stay, making it crucial to stay up to date with the latest industry shifts to ensure easy, cost-effective and efficient communications within your business.

    Join industry experts in this panel session as they discuss the impact cloud computing and mobility are having on the VoIP industry and what this means for your enterprise. Attend this webinar and participate in the discussion in real time.

    The panelists will discuss:
    - the drivers for moving to cloud, the different types of cloud and its benefits for small and medium businesses and enterprises
    - the security concerns of moving to the cloud
    - mobility strategies and BYOD
  • Business Benefit and Mobility in the Workplace Recorded: Feb 26 2014 33 mins
    With the changing dynamics of the business workplace where location is no longer important, we take a look at what business need to do to better enable their workforce to remain connected whilst communicating effectively. Customer demands and expectations are higher now than ever before and customer response times have significantly reduced meaning regardless of where you are, your customers expect answers faster. Mobility in the workplace looks at how you can remains connected regardless of location securely to provide a consistent user experience to your customers to ensure you are reachable all of the time.
  • The Next Frontier for the Mobile Enterprise Recorded: Jan 29 2014 44 mins
    Did you know that more than 1.5Bn mobile devices will be shipped in 2016? These devices are more powerful than ever, empowering users to access, share, and collaborate on information in new ways that we never thought possible.

    Join us as we explore current trends in enterprise mobility and how to get ahead of the explosion in devices that will soon hit your company.
  • Analyze Results of 3rd Annual Survey of IT Pros on Managing Mobile Devices Recorded: Dec 18 2013 64 mins
    Each year, the Enterprise Device Alliance surveys hundreds of IT professionals for their perspectives on managing mobile devices.

    The speakers will respond to your questions and comments.
  • Enabling BYOD: Tips for Choosing a Cloud-Based Communications System Recorded: Dec 12 2013 62 mins
    Where do you start when choosing a business phone system? You need to choose a product that works right from the start so you can stay focused on your business.

    In this live presentation, Forrester Research Analyst Henry Dewing talks about issues concerning business owners and IT departments, including: BYOD, improved customer service, and collaboration You'll also hear a real-world experience from Finfit's Director of IT, Vernon Giroud who successfully rolled out a new system to his highly dispersed work force.

    Join this eSeminar and learn:

    -How FinFit saved 65% on their phone bill
    -How they quickly brought 60 remote offices into the cloud
    -Who the market leaders in cloud communications are
  • Managing Wireless Network Performance: A Proven Methodology Recorded: Dec 10 2013 35 mins
    As a network manager, your job relies on the ability to keep your company’s IT infrastructure available, top performing, and secure. Wireless complicates your IT mix. BYOD, rogue access, bandwidth abuse and access point performance are the key issues impacting your ability to control your wireless environment. Our WUG guru Jason Williams shows you a proven methodology to addressing these key issues through best practices and wireless management software.
  • Wi-Fi Performance: How To Avoid Another #WiFail Recorded: Dec 10 2013 48 mins
    What’s a #WiFail? We’ve all experienced it. It’s that moment you really need the Wi-Fi to work, but the network is so congested your productivity is halted. Enterprise IT operates in a world full of buzzwords like BYOD and mobility. But at the root of it all is the necessity to maintain performance.

    In this webinar, we’ll look at some key technology considerations to make when evaluating Wi-Fi solutions to ensure your network doesn’t #WiFail, like:

    - Best practices for controlling traffic and applications to ensure QoS
    - How different Wi-Fi network architectures affect performance
    - Understanding how Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection can prevent another #WiFail
  • UCaaS and a world gone Mobile Recorded: Dec 10 2013 41 mins
    What exactly is UCaaS and why do I need to know? Business communication is no longer dependent on the telephone. In addition to the phone we communicate everyday using all kinds of modalities, features and apps. UCaaS unifies and simplifies all of the ways a business communicates and collaborates. This entertaining webinar will explore why the world of business is leaning into the future by adopting UCaaS.
  • The Top 5 Factors in Successful UC Monitoring Recorded: Dec 10 2013 36 mins
    Most UC application failures aren't caused by inadequate pre-deployment testing. Most of them are caused by an absence of post-deployment foresight. In fact, the challenges are typically recognized months later and wind up jeopardizing the significant dollars already invested in UC. So how do you get ahead of these problems? And what steps can you take to avoid them?

    Join us for this session where you'll learn how to ensure UC success by understanding the challenges network teams encounter and how to apply the Top 5 Success Factors for UC monitoring. Also learn how multi-campus university Texas Tech fine-tuned performance of a multi-million dollar high-definition videoconferencing system utilizing these practices.
  • Business Communications: Managing BYOD to Your Advantage Recorded: Nov 14 2013 46 mins
    Frost & Sullivan research shows that one of the biggest trends in business communications is BYOD, or “bring your own device.” As more employees use their personal smart phones, tablets and even preferred applications and services at work, businesses can benefit from the cost savings and increased accessibility and productivity. But the trend presents challenges, too, from concerns about security and control to management and support issues. In this webinar, Melanie Turek, Vice President of Research at Frost & Sullivan, will discuss the drivers behind the trend, highlight the benefits and pitfalls of BYOD, and offer best-practices recommendations to help ensure your organization gets the most out of its—and its employees—communications technology.
  • Four Performance Strategies for Today’s Trends: Social, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud Recorded: Nov 13 2013 48 mins
    As your employees become more mobile and embrace social collaboration, the way they communicate and work together could be impacting and slowing down business. A big data and cloud to the mix and you get infrastructure complexity and security concerns that could compromise internal and external user experience and drive up costs.

    Join this live broadcast to learn how to:
    - Maximize the availability of your business processes
    - Don’t just preserve but IMPROVE user experience
    - Simplify infrastructure complexity to reduce costs
    - Deliver a better, faster return on your megatrend projects

    Register now to walk away with Rob’s four key strategies for today’s megatrends and a framework for intelligent performance management that can help you accelerate business success.

    About the Presenter:
    Rob Whiteley was previously at Forrester Research as an industry analyst, research director and operation effectiveness leader for the past 10 years.
  • Your Data Center is on the Move Recorded: Nov 13 2013 41 mins
    Cloud computing, mobility and Big Data trends are driving phenomenal growth in transaction and data volumes. At the same time, accelerating consumerization is changing the relationship between the enterprise consumer and corporate IT. Businesses require agility to deliver services quickly at minimal cost, but aren’t always focused on the scalability, reliability and security of the overall IT infrastructure. Join a discussion on how you can transform your dynamic data center to empower business velocity with a balance of control and agility. Explore strategies to be in control, not an afterthought to your business.
  • Game Changers Mobility: Keynote Speaker: Will Allen and Birds of a Feather Recorded: Nov 6 2013 97 mins
    Everywhere you turn these days, someone is talking about cloud computing and mobility, and with good reason. The cloud represents a paradigm shift in computing—one that enables highly scalable applications and services to be delivered on demand. For mobility, it’s no longer a question of bring your own device—it’s about the relationship and potential you have with multiple devices and how they make your life and work easier, faster and better. But, if you’re like most IT professionals and technologists, realizing the potential of the cloud and mobility requires answers to questions that may not have occurred to you yet.

    Join HP Fellow and Futurists Will Allen, for a conversation on how cloud and mobility are challenging technology professionals to be more creative and innovative than ever before. Hear about the mega trends in cloud and mobility and what they see happening in 5, 10 and 15 years into the future. HP Fellows are internationally recognized as being thought leaders and trend "predictors” of technology, government, business and economics. They’ve worked with all the Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of government agencies around the world. They are members of the World Futurist Society, World Economic Forum, NASA, the Nobel Prize Organization, and collectively hold hundreds of patents. Bring your questions for a lively conversation into the "art of the possible.”
  • Removing Technology Barriers in Healthcare: The solution is not more technology Recorded: Oct 30 2013 44 mins
    Persona Workshops. Executive Sponsorship. Collaboration. The solution to a successful VDI implementation is not adding more technology. The proof in this logic is evident at Metro Health, an OST client, which is a leading example of VDI implementation. In fact, according to an executive at Hewlett-Packard, much of what HP has learned about VDI has come from their experience working with Metro Health.

    At the end of the day, leveraging technology successfully in today’s healthcare environments boils down to the following:
    - Speed and Efficiency: Deliver the most flexible and adaptive experience for clinicians & staff by giving them access to their data in 10 seconds or less
    - Access to Data & Mobility: Provide hospital staff access to their personal desktop where they need it, when they need it
    - Security and Safety: Increase security by removing patient data from physical desktops and exceed industry safety standards
  • The 3 Keys to Secure and Successful Mobility Recorded: Oct 22 2013 56 mins
    How do you enable mobility while balancing security and user experience? Join this free webinar with Box and MobileIron to learn how three factors - Convenience, Confidence, and Choice translate into successful mobile security and collaboration initiatives that form the basis of partnership between IT and employees.

    We will also cover:

    •Case study showing how a mutual customer improved performance through mobile enablement
    •Exclusive early preview of the upcoming iOS Box app that received press coverage for bringing consumer user experience to the enterprise
    •How a Layered Security Model protects corporate data on mobile endpoints without compromising user experience and collaboration internally and externally

    Mobile devices drive velocity of information in your business. Explore the latest insights and integrated solution from Box and MobileIron. Over 180,000 businesses around the world use Box for content sharing that both users and IT love and adopt. MobileIron is a Box partner and a recognized leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management.

    Alex Pozin, Head of Product Marketing for Enterprise Partnerships - Box
    John Briar, Director of Business Development – MobileIron
  • Empower Your Mobile Workforce with Box + MobileIron Recorded: Sep 12 2013 49 mins
    Discover how to avoid missteps on your path to mobility.
    •How can you quickly and securely mobilize your workforce?
    •What controls should be available to IT for a BYOD initiative?
    •How do innovative companies collaborate in a mobile-first world?
    Get your questions answered and explore the latest integrated solution from Box and MobileIron in Europe.
  • Delivering First Class IT Service Management at Kempinski Hotels Recorded: Aug 29 2013 61 mins
    William Shirtliff, Manager of IT at Kempinski Hotels needed to provide IT services and support to thousands of users around the world. The biggest issue was scalability. With nothing but a simple database to track and manage the chaos, his team was unable to monitor service levels and proactively support the needs of their customers.

    Join us on Thursday, August 29 important IT Service Management (ITSM) infrastructure to care for internal and external customers.

    Attend the webinar and learn how the Kempinski team was able to:

    •Quickly increase the installation from 100 to 5,500 users based on the usefulness and easy scalability of Absolute Service

    •For the first time accurately track technician activity to properly predict expected peaks and distribute resources accordingly

    •Leverage data from Absolute Service to spot trending issues and to invest real time service as soon as it’s required

    Speaking Panel:

    • William Shirtliff, Manager of IT, Kempinski Hotels
    • Darren Williams, Vice President and General Manager of Service Management, Absolute Software
Business in an "Always On" Society
With our ‘always-on’ society, business users are demanding untethered access to communication and information. Enterprise mobility and its integration with other forms of communications within the enterprise has forever changed how we interact in the business environment and is empowering organizations – large and small.
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