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Mobile Computing

  • Excelling in the Experience Economy
    Excelling in the Experience Economy
    Trevor Schulze - Global CIO, RingCentral & Hunter Muller - President & CEO, HMG Strategy Recorded: Nov 27 2020 44 mins
    As companies build out their Systems of Experience™, CIOs and technology executives must ensure these systems are hyper-personalized for customers and employees and tailor them to address changing behaviors and expectations. Companies that fail to make this pivot will lose out. Watch this webinar and learn:

    * How the Experience Economy is evolving and why companies need to get onboard to survive and thrive
    * Why CIOs and technology executives are at the nexus of this shift and how they can enable their organizations to accelerate into the future
    * Why the rules for customer engagement have changed along with recommendations for decision-makers to adopt
    * Advice on how companies can strengthen their experience strategies now and into the economic future
  • JamfによるAppleデバイス管理の基本
    Jamf Japan株式会社 松嶋真悟 Recorded: Nov 27 2020 48 mins
    Mac、iPad、iPhone、Apple TVの管理にお困りではありませんか?
    Jamf Pro、Jamf Connect、Jamf Protect の製品に関する詳細のご紹介をいたします。また、最新OS対応など、最新アプリケーション情報のキャッチアップを行いたい方もぜひお気軽にお申し込みください。
  • Managing secrets sprawl – 3 reasons why you need a root of trust
    Managing secrets sprawl – 3 reasons why you need a root of trust
    John Boero, Sr. Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp and Juan C. Asenjo, Ph.D., CISSP, nCipher Security Recorded: Nov 26 2020 58 mins
    As organizations migrate to the cloud to manage workloads in a more flexible and cost-effective manner, the number of passwords, PINs, keys, tokens, and other secrets used to access application platforms and data is increasing exponentially. Maintaining centralized repositories of secrets enables organizations to apply consistent protection policies that strengthen security and facilitate auditing and compliance.

    This webcast will look at the growing challenge faced when deploying centralized secrets management tools and how to mitigate risks associated with aggregation of sensitive assets. Our speakers will examine how cloud migration, DevOps, and regulatory compliance require a root of trust, and will describe best practices for deploying these solutions.

    Join the webcast and learn:
    • What challenges secrets sprawl represents for organizations
    • How centralized key management ensures consistent policy
    • Why cloud, DevOps, and regulations require a focus approach
    • Where is a root of trust required for high assurance security

    This webinar is for you if you are responsible for:
    1. Managing digital transformation and cloud migration
    2. Overseeing security best practices in your organization
    3. Auditing and ensuring your organizational compliance
  • Navigating Through a Pandemic as a CISO, and Beyond
    Navigating Through a Pandemic as a CISO, and Beyond
    Fabrice Bru, RSSI, Administrateur du CESIN, Loïc Guézo, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint Recorded: Nov 26 2020 28 mins
    Cybercriminals continue to leverage uncertainty and fear to launch malicious campaigns with one aim in mind – to get your people to click. These attacks are targeted at people and require social engineering to succeed. What’s more, the disruption we are all facing today has forced us all to quickly adapt, move to a WFH environment and potentially exposing our users to increased attacks – from phishing to business email compromise attacks.

    While the cybercriminals remain busy in their pursuit of exploiting our employees, the CISOs role has been pushed to new limits. So how must CISOs and their security teams evolve to better protect your organisation this year?

    Join Fabrice BRU, CISO, Administrator of ‘Club des Experts de la Sécurité de l’Information et du Numérique’ (CESIN) and Loïc Guézo, Senior Director, Cybersecurity at Proofpoint as they share real life experiences on how this community of CISOs have joined together to update their security programmes to ensure we thrive in this digital-first world, despite the pandemic.
  • Gérer l’impact d’une pandémie sur l’entreprise en qualité de RSSI - Français
    Gérer l’impact d’une pandémie sur l’entreprise en qualité de RSSI - Français
    Fabrice Bru, RSSI, Administrateur du CESIN, Loïc Guézo, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint Recorded: Nov 26 2020 35 mins
    Les cybercriminels continuent d'exploiter nos craintes et nos incertitudes au moyen de campagnes malveillantes dont l'unique objectif est de nous inciter à cliquer sur des liens dangereux pour notre sécurité.

    Ces attaques visent directement les personnes et recourent à des techniques d'ingénierie sociale. De plus, la situation exceptionnelle que nous vivons aujourd'hui nous oblige à nous adapter rapidement et à adopter massivement le télétravail, une transition qui expose nos utilisateurs à davantage d'attaques, du phishing au piratage de la messagerie en entreprise (BEC, Business Email Compromise).

    Et tandis que les cybercriminels continuent de prendre pour cible nos collaborateurs, le rôle des RSSI évolue de façon inédite. Comment les RSSI et les équipes de sécurité peuvent-ils s'adapter pour mieux protéger l'entreprise en cette année difficile ?

    Fabrice Bru, RSSI, Administrateur du Club des Experts de la Sécurité de l'Information et du Numérique (CESIN), et Loïc Guézo, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy de Proofpoint, font le point avec vous lors d'une intervention Live Talk de 30 minutes.

    Au programme :

    L'impact de la pandémie et l'évolution des campagnes de phishing exploitant le thème du COVID-19
    Partage de l'expérience d'un groupe de RSSI qui ont collaboré pour adapter leurs programmes de sécurité afin de garantir une utilisation sûre et productive de l'environnement numérique, malgré la pandémie
  • My Virtual Test Drive: Design your solution to win customers
    My Virtual Test Drive: Design your solution to win customers
    Hong Liang Low, Associate Account Partner, Salesforce Recorded: Nov 26 2020 90 mins
    As we all adapt to a 'new normal' and prepare to accelerate out of crisis, small businesses must change customer engagement throughout the lifecycle.

    Making the leap from spreadsheets to CRM will have a lasting impact on the people and processes in your organisation, and on customer acquisition and retention rates.

    Join this CRM test drive webinar to get a comprehensive step-by-step walkthrough on how to quickly set up a Salesforce Essentials to make your business more successful.

    In My Virtual Test Drive, you'll see how easy it is to set up your sales organisation to win more customers:

    -Customise and map sales stages for team success
    -Engage customers at scale
    -Close more deals and track all of your customer information, all in one place
    -Test your new sales process, from a new lead to a closed deal and repeat customer
  • Beware of Holiday Phishing Scams - APAC, APJ
    Beware of Holiday Phishing Scams - APAC, APJ
    Andrew Warren-Nicholls, Cyber Security Specialist, APJ Recorded: Nov 26 2020 29 mins
    The holidays can be a threat to businesses and consumers alike. Fake offers and notices flood corporate and personal emails, mobile devices and social sites. Cybercriminals know people are distracted and cloak their intent as legitimate holiday commerce. The time is now to remind your users that extra caution and diligence is needed!

    Join Andrew Warren-Nicholls as he sets out the best practices for better protecting your end users as the holidays approach. In this session, he'll cover:

    - What methods and techniques do scammers use during the holiday season
    - Examples of scams and phishing emails cybercriminals will be deploying this holiday season
    - Steps and resources you can leverage during the holiday season to keep your end users safe

    Specific focus on Asia-Pacific Region
  • Comment fermer votre coffre-fort à double tour: Hashicorp + nCipher
    Comment fermer votre coffre-fort à double tour: Hashicorp + nCipher
    Gauthier DONIKIAN, Solutions Engineer, Hashicorp and Jerome Beclin, Sales Engineer, nCipher Security Recorded: Nov 25 2020 44 mins
    Au fur et à mesure que les organisations migrent vers le cloud, le nombre de mots de passe, PIN, clés, jetons et autres secrets utilisés pour accéder aux plates-formes applications et aux données augmente de façon exponentielle. La gestion centralisée de répertoires de secrets permet aux organisations d'appliquer des politiques de protection cohérentes qui renforcent la sécurité et facilitent l'audit et la conformité.

    Ce Webinar présentera le défi croissant rencontré lors du déploiement d'outils de gestion centralisée des secrets et les solutions pour atténuer les risques associés à l'agrégation d'actifs sensibles. Nous examinerons le besoin d'une racine de confiance pour la migration vers le cloud, les DevOps et la conformité réglementaire et nous décrirons les meilleures pratiques pour déployer ces solutions.

    Rejoignez ce Webinar et découvrez:

    • Quels défis représente la multiplication des secrets pour les organisations
    • Comment la gestion centralisée des clés garantit une politique de sécurité cohérente
    • Pourquoi le cloud, les DevOps et les réglementations nécessitent une approche ciblée
    • Où une racine de confiance est-elle nécessaire pour garantir une sécurité élevée

    Ce webinaire est pour vous si vous êtes responsable de:

    • La gestion de la transformation numérique et de la migration vers le cloud
    • La mise en place des meilleures pratiques de sécurité dans votre organisation
    • Auditer et assurer la conformité de votre organisation
  • Rapport Verizon sur la sécurité des paiements – PSR 2020
    Rapport Verizon sur la sécurité des paiements – PSR 2020
    Xavier Michaud | Abdelkrim Ahmed Bacha Recorded: Nov 25 2020 61 mins
    Les institutions financières et organisations gèrent plusieurs types de données sensibles et mettent en œuvre des efforts importants afin de sécuriser, mettre en conformité leurs périmètres soumis à des exigences réglementaires ou de l’industrie.

    Verizon publie son rapport annuel « Payment Security Report – PSR » depuis 2010 et continue d'offrir un point de vue unique sur l'impact à long terme des standards de sécurité des données de l'industrie des cartes de paiement (PCI DSS).

    Le rapport de Verizon, détaillant la sécurité des cartes de paiement et la conformité au standard PCI DSS, est devenu une lecture incontournable pour chaque entité devant protéger des données privatives dont les cartes bancaires (GDPR/PCIDSS).

    Vous y trouverez des informations sur :
    * Les principales conclusions du rapport 2020 et leurs significations.
    * Les 7 pièges à éviter pour vous aider à faire évoluer votre gestion actuelle de la conformité à un meilleur niveau de maturité.
    * Comment aider à développer la visibilité, le contrôle et la prévisibilité des performances en matière de conformité.
    * Une analyse de l’impact COVID 19 sur la sécurité des paiements et un retour sur les principales mesures à mettre en place.

    En conclusion de cette session, vous aurez la possibilité d’échanger avec nos experts sur les différents challenges et de découvrir d’autres approches à la conformité (PCIDSS/PCI Office/Compliance Office).

    Xavier MICHAUD, Managing Principal Security Consultant, Security Assurance
    Abdelkrim AHMED BACHA, Senior Security Consultant, Security Assurance
  • Cybersecurity Frameworks - How Helpful Are They Really?
    Cybersecurity Frameworks - How Helpful Are They Really?
    Sid Deshpande, Akamai Technologies; Amol Dabholkar, Deloitte & Touche Enterprise Risk Services Recorded: Nov 25 2020 63 mins
    Gartner's Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is the newest addition to a collection of cybersecurity frameworks security practitioners rely on to plan their security architecture strategy. Other popular ones are the NIST Zero Trust Architecture, MITRE Attack among others. These frameworks are certainly useful in 'normal' times, but can security practitioners benefit from them in uncertain times like these, when long term planning is proving to be tough?

    Join Akamai Technologies and (ISC)² on Nov 25, 2020 (Wed) at 1pm (GMT +8), this session will explore trends and best practices around how these frameworks can be most useful to security practitioners today.

    Presenter: Sid Deshpande, Director of Security Strategy, Akamai Technologies
    Presenter: Amol Dabholkar, Director, SEAsia, Cloud Security & DevSecOps, Deloitte & Touche Enterprise Risk Services
    Moderator: Tony Vizza, CISSP, CCSP, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy, APAC, (ISC)²
  • Industry 4.0: Radical Digitisation
    Industry 4.0: Radical Digitisation
    Toby Redshaw | Simon Parry | John Crawford Recorded: Nov 25 2020 38 mins
    The pandemic has shone a spotlight on how digital can be a truly transformative investment. Enabling companies to not only boost productivity, but also engage and communicate with their employees, customers and stakeholders in a way that they didn't think possible.

    In this session, we’ll discuss the technologies that forward-thinking business are prioritising and already investing in, such as:
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Automation and Robotics
    • Core network technologies and 5G

    Attendees to this webinar will hear about:
    • The importance of maintaining the human touch in organisations by finding the right balance when allocating tasks between automation, AI, and humans
    • Why 5G can be such a game-changer. How it can be used to create private wireless networks that provide secure, high-bandwidth, low-latency connections, enabling exciting new solutions like driverless vehicles such as robots and automated forklifts and near-real-time tracking of manufacturing lines. The range of solutions is huge from tracking to safety, predictive maintenance to digital twins.
    • How to leverage these technologies whilst ensuring that human choices shape the workplace and that we are not drawn into an algorithm-driven structure

    Toby Redshaw, Senior Vice President – 5G Solutions & Enterprise Innovation, Verizon Business
    Simon Parry, CTO, Nokia Enterprise UK, Nokia
    John Crawford, General Manager, Enterprise Innovation and 5G solutions, Verizon Business
  • Your guide to reopening and growth: Salesforce and SafetyCulture
    Your guide to reopening and growth: Salesforce and SafetyCulture
    Kathleen Francis, Salesforce | James Frawley, Salesforce | Hamish Grant, Salesforce | Tina Rozul, Salesforce Recorded: Nov 25 2020 43 mins
    Every business is built on great relationships – on expectations being exceeded. Overnight, the expectations employees, customers and the community have for your business changed.

    Reopening your business, and building productivity and resilience in your team requires safety and trust with employees, customers and the community. So we’ve gathered industry experts across HR, business operations and IT to share best practices that will help you build tomorrow’s safe and trusted workplace.

    Register for this webinar to learn about:

    -The structures, processes and tools Salesforce is using to protect, empower and ensure the safety of employees with work.com

    -The steps SafetyCulture is taking to help companies achieve safer workplaces around the world

    -Best practices from industry experts in HR, business operations and IT to support business growth in the workplace today and the future

    Register now to find out how to reopen and grow safely with work.com.


    Kathleen Francis | Senior Director, Employee Success | Salesforce

    James Frawley | Senior Director, Workplace Services | Salesforce

    Hamish Grant | VP of Marketing | SafetyCulture

    Tina Rozul | Director, Product Marketing | Salesforce
  • リモートワークのはじめかた
    Jamf Japan 飯田拓也 Recorded: Nov 25 2020 40 mins



  • IoT, Hybrid Cloud & the Broadening of Enterprise Security
    IoT, Hybrid Cloud & the Broadening of Enterprise Security
    Jon Ferguson, Director of Product Management for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Recorded: Nov 25 2020 54 mins
    In a recent report, ABI Research forecasts that IoT connections will exceed 28 billion by 2026, as adoption increases enterprises are adapting to support a wide range of on premise and cloud based services to keep pace. As the number of tools and the network boundaries become blurred, the attack surface is expanded. With more data out the door, and corporate infrastructures running remotely, organizations become more vulnerable and at high risk of cybersecurity attacks. Current centralized security architectures aren’t enough, and it’s critical for organizations to understand and embrace a new reality.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss:
    1. The market trends and drivers of IoT security
    2. Understanding the connection between Hybrid Cloud models and IoT
    3. How organizations need to plan and design to support the move to this environment
    4. The need for a specialized integrated IoT security solution
  • Four keys to a successful transition to zero trust network access
    Four keys to a successful transition to zero trust network access
    Akhilesh Dhawan, Michael Stringer Jr. Jason Willis, Christopher Barnum Recorded: Nov 24 2020 58 mins
    Today, remote work is the most predominant version of the “new normal.” What that means is that IT organizations must deliver flexible work alternatives that are all about equipping employees anywhere -- and enabling them to seamlessly do their best work at any time, on any device over any network. This new world has made stringent security like zero trust crucial. A zero trust model relies on contextual awareness to adaptively grant access to authorized employees using patterns based on identity, time, and device posture. Zero trust helps mitigate risk and it improves the user experience. Even more compelling, it eliminates the need for traditional VPNs. The catch is that most IT teams already have a remote access solution in place. So how do you make the switch?

    Join this webinar to hear tips and best practices from security experts who can help.

    - Define your remote access strategy
    - Understand gaps with your existing VPN solution
    - Augment the existing solution with new use cases like BYO, web and SaaS apps
    - Start migration from existing VPN to cloud delivered security solution
  • El futuro en la Emisión de Tarjetas Instantáneas
    El futuro en la Emisión de Tarjetas Instantáneas
    Agustin Guzman , Sales Director - Instant Issuance Entrust Recorded: Nov 24 2020 51 mins
    Los consumidores aman que todo sea instantáneo. Respuestas instantáneas a cualquier pregunta. Acceso instantáneo a cualquier canción. Y cuando se trata de tarjetas de débito o crédito, quieren el poder de compra inmediato. Ellos quieren entrar a su sucursal y salir con su tarjeta en la mano. Únase a nuestros expertos de Entrust para esta mesa redonda virtual y conozca como poder transitar en las oportunidades únicas que tienen los Bancos e Instituciones Financieras ahora mismo, mientras obtiene una ventaja competitiva sobre otras Empresas, solamente con Emitir una tarjeta de manera instantánea.

    Acompáñenos para conocer información vital:
    ¿Cómo puedes ofrecer de manera segura, tarjetas con imagenes de alta calidad, elegidas por los consumidores?, que seguramente serán sus tarjetas preferidas.
    ¿Cómo puedes asegurar una gratificación instantánea para tus consumidores, dándoles una tarjeta permanente, activa y que tiene la funcionalidad Contacless?
    ¿Cómo puede la Solución de Emisión Instantánea de Entrust darle valor a tus sucursales para cubrir las necesidades de los consumidores, logrando estar por delante de las complejas necesidades de los Sistemas de Pago.
  • Riding the Innovation Wave: Top 2020 Unified Communications Trends
    Riding the Innovation Wave: Top 2020 Unified Communications Trends
    Nishit Rao - VP of Product Marketing, RingCentral Recorded: Nov 24 2020 37 mins
    2020 is a year of uncertainty. But one thing is certain; the way we work has changed forever. Business Communication preferences and practices have had to change overnight to adapt for the new normal.

    Business communication requirements have changed and a new segment of workers who never had a choice to work from home are now forced to not only work from home, but to keep similar productivity levels. This has placed new demands on unified communications tools. Let's discuss the top three trends of 2020 shaping the Unified Communications business.
  • Honeycomb Learn # 2: De-stress Debugging -Triggers, Feature Flags & Fast Query
    Honeycomb Learn # 2: De-stress Debugging -Triggers, Feature Flags & Fast Query
    Michael Wilde, Dir Sales Engineering @honeycombio & Peter Tuhtan, Product Manager Recorded: Nov 24 2020 44 mins
    Second episode in our Honeycomb Learn series looks at how to cut stress levels when debugging issues in production. Starting with a hypothesis, run fast queries and then navigate to the code where the problem lies. Be proactive and set triggers to let you know if something needs attention. When engineering is about to ship a new release, set a feature flag to watch how production behaves in real-time. Curtail performance issues and reduce customer impact with the right tools to better understand production systems, right now.

    * Quickly go from hypotheses to fast query and pinpoint exactly where the issue is
    * How to set triggers based on thresholds important to your business
    * Set feature flags to control specific parts of your environment to reduce stress levels.

    See a Honeycomb demo, ask questions and learn more.
  • Best Practices für die Verwaltung von TLS-Zertifikaten im Unternehmen
    Best Practices für die Verwaltung von TLS-Zertifikaten im Unternehmen
    Sven Skerka, Senior Strategic Account Manager und Athar Anjum, Enterprise Security Specialist, DigiCert Recorded: Nov 24 2020 47 mins
    TLS/SSL-Zertifikate gelten nach wie vor als globaler Standard zum Schutz der Kommunikation zwischen IT-Netzwerken, Geräten und Anwendungen. Trotzdem kommt es immer wieder zu Ausfällen, entweder durch menschliche Fehler oder aufgrund schlecht organisierter TLS-Lebenzyklusprozesse. Nehmen Sie am Webinar von DigiCert zum Thema „Best Practices für die Verwaltung von TLS-Zertifikaten im Unternehmen“ teil. In diesem 30-minütigen Vortrag mit anschließender Live-Beantwortung von Fragen geben unsere Experten Sven Skerka und Athar Anjum Einblicke in Best Practices für das TLS/SSL-Management und stellen ein Sicherheitskonzept mit vier Phasen vor:

    • Identifikation und Analyse Ihrer TLS-Umgebung
    • Fehlerbehebung und Kontrolle Ihrer Zertifikate
    • Sicherung Ihrer Ressourcen mittels Standardisierung und Automatisierung
    • Tools und Taktiken zur Überwachung

    Verpassen Sie nicht diese Gelegenheit, mehr über eine robuste Strategie zur TLS/SSL-Zertifikatsverwaltung zu erfahren und Ihre Fragen direkt an ausgewiesenen Experten aus diesem Bereich zu stellen.
  • 2020 Global Encryption Trends: Are you protecting what matters the most?
    2020 Global Encryption Trends: Are you protecting what matters the most?
    Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute; John Grimm, VP Strategy & Business Development, nCipher Security Recorded: Nov 24 2020 60 mins
    With the explosion and proliferation of data that comes from new digital initiatives and increased mobility, most organizations are expanding their use of encryption. And for the first time protecting customer data has become the number one priority.

    The 2020 Global Encryption Trends Study highlights how leading organizations are applying their encryption strategies, with detailed insights into the use cases that are growing the fastest.

    Join Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, and John Grimm, VP of Strategy and Business Development at nCipher Security, as they review key insights and findings from this industry-leading study, and give advice on addressing encryption's top challenges. You'll take away:

    - Data to benchmark your encryption strategy by industry and by country
    - Where organizations are using Hardware Security Modules for increased trust and key protection
    - Features of encryption solutions that provide the most value
  • Airheads Tech Talk: Introduction to ClearPass Device Insight
    Airheads Tech Talk: Introduction to ClearPass Device Insight
    Chandrakanth Narayanabhatla, Technical Lead, Aruba ERT Recorded: Nov 24 2020 101 mins
    "Aruba ClearPass Device Insight provides a full-spectrum of visibility across the network by intelligently discovering and profiling all connected devices. This includes detailed device attributes such as device type, vendor, hardware version, and behaviour including applications and resources accessed. This allows organizations to create more granular access policies, reduce security risks and meet key compliance requirements.

    Join this webinar to learn more about:
    · Quick Introduction
    · CPDI Components and their function
    · Context based profiling in CPDI vs existing conventional profiling
    · ClearPass Integration with CPDI
    · Demo of some features in CPDI
    · Troubleshooting
    · Caveats
    · FAQ

    Your webinar details follow:

    Date & Time: Tuesday, 24 November 2020 at 11:00 CET

    Speaker: Chandrakanth Narayanabhatla, Technical Lead, Aruba ERT

    For previous webinars do check our Airheads webinar page:
  • IoT/OT cybersecurity: What’s new in Cyber Vision 3.2?
    IoT/OT cybersecurity: What’s new in Cyber Vision 3.2?
    Laurent Hausermann, Nicolas Deville and Fabien Maisl, Cisco IoT Security Recorded: Nov 24 2020 61 mins
    Protecting industrial networks against cyber threats requires visibility and insights into industrial assets and processes. It requires Cisco Cyber Vision!
    Attend this session to see what Cyber Vision can do for you and learn about the great new features of the new 3.2 release:
    •How can Cyber Vision give you visibility on your industrial assets to help you implement security best practices?
    •What threat detection capabilities does Cyber Vision offer?
    •How does Cyber Vision enhance your existing IT security tools?
    •What are the new features of Cyber Vision 3.2?
    •See a comprehensive demo of Cyber Vision
  • CMSIS: Practical use in embedded software development
    CMSIS: Practical use in embedded software development
    Vladimir Marchenko, Product Manager MDK Core and Middleware, Arm & Bruno Castelucci, Principle FAE, Arm Recorded: Nov 24 2020 65 mins
    Arm creates standards, tools and design flows that help developers create reliable and secure products faster. Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) helps to:

    - Improve the software portability and re-usability
    - Move quickly through product development from evaluation platform to bespoke production hardware
    - Easily manage software components over the product lifecycle
    - Optimize the resource use to minimize system cost
  • Archiving Innovations: Meeting today’s Compliance and e-discovery needs
    Archiving Innovations: Meeting today’s Compliance and e-discovery needs
    Michael McGrath, Senior Director, Compliance and Digital Risk, Proofpoint Jen Gough, Competitive Specialist, Proofpoint Recorded: Nov 24 2020 37 mins
    Economics, social and regulatory pressures have fundamentally changed the demands on archiving solutions. This creates new challenges and opportunities for the enterprise – from need of supervision to help ensure regulatory compliance and provide proof of compliance, to broader application of the technology. For instance, the monitoring of business digital communications for opportunities for training or targeted actions can help improve employee performance, reduce policy violations, and much more.
    Welcome to the next wave in Archiving Compliance technologies.
    In this Live Webinar, we’ll discuss how archiving has evolved to address today’s information management challenges and unveil how you can improve information governance, compliance and financial position by:
    Streamlined e-discovery to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
    Refined insights expand visibility for mitigating risks.
    Enhanced regulatory compliance supervision to improve review accuracy across email, social, and enterprise collaboration data.
    As an added bonus, we’ll wrap up the webinar with a live demo of Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, including key features in E-Discovery Analytics and Intelligent Supervision.
  • 東映アニメーション担当者に聞く、クラウドシフトを支えるモバイル活用基盤のつくり方
    東映アニメーション株式会社 経営管理本部 情報システム部  賀東 敦 氏 / Jamf Japan 松嶋 真悟 Recorded: Nov 24 2020 59 mins
    #Mac #複数拠点のデバイス管理 #リモートワーク #セキュリティ #Jamf Pro #Active Directory
    #クリエイティブ #製作


    同社は、複数拠点でアニメ制作が進行し、リモートワークも導入されています。これらは、従業員が安心して業務に集中できる生産性高い環境を提供するために、モバイルを活用して様々な機能をクラウドへ移行することで実現されました。IT基盤の構築・運用を担当される賀東 敦氏から、IT環境のクラウドシフトの取り組みついてお話を伺います。

    Jamf Pro 導入前の製品検証、導入プロセス、そして、運用まで。Jamf Pro によって現場の力を最大限に高めるためにフォーカスしたポイントや、乗り越えた課題まで、率直なお話を弊社Jamfの松嶋が聞き手として加る、対談形式のウェビナーです!


    入力いただいた情報は、Jamf および Jamf のパートナー企業からの電話、Eメール、郵送物などにより、Jamf のサービス、イベント・セミナー、その他業務にお役立ていただける情報のご案内に利用します。個人情報は、Jamf のプライバシーポリシーに基づいて適切に取り扱います。個人情報の利用は、各案内でお知らせする手順に従って停止することができます。
  • SSCPオンラインチャレンジセミナー
    安田良明, CISSP, SSCP, (ISC)² 認定講師; 小熊慶一郎, CISSP, (ISC)² Director of Business Development, Japan Nov 30 2020 7:00 am UTC 120 mins




  • Data Protector zum Wochenstart: Data Protector Neuerungen – November Release
    Data Protector zum Wochenstart: Data Protector Neuerungen – November Release
    Sprecher ist ein Technical Consultant mit Spezialisierung auf Data Protection Nov 30 2020 8:00 am UTC 90 mins
    In den Webinaren „Data Protector zum Wochenstart“ stellt Ihnen unser Team regelmäßig Neuerungen zu Data Protector in Theorie und Praxis vor. Aktuelle Trends und Entwicklungen rund um die Themen Data Protection, Data Backup und Recovery fließen ebenfalls in die Webinare mit ein. Ein Blick in die Zukunft rundet die jeweilige Session ab.

    Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden und freuen Sie sich auf hilfreiche Informationen, Demos und Empfehlungen zu Data Protector aus erster Hand.

    Je nach Thema dauern die Webinare zwischen 60 und 90 Minuten.
  • Master the Art of Zero-Touch Deployments
    Master the Art of Zero-Touch Deployments
    Jim Grandbois Nov 30 2020 11:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    In the era of zero-touch deployment, IT can now successfully deploy Mac, iPad and iPhone to users directly without ever having to open the box. Apple’s deployment programs enable this by automating enrolment and configuration from a central location — eliminating the need to ever physically touch the device.

    In this webinar, Master the Art of Zero-Touch Deployments, we will demystify Apple’s deployment programs and walk through what it takes to implement these programs in your organisation.
  • iPadとMacを使った先進的な学びと学園改革
    北鎌倉女子学園中学校・高等学校 ICT教育推進委員会委員長・先進教育推進室室長  三室 哲哉 氏 / Jamf Japan 吉野 啓介 Dec 1 2020 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    #ICT教育 #iPad #Mac #学校改革 #Apple Distinguished School #Jamf Pro


    改革の先頭に立って推進されてきた三室哲哉先生をお招きし、3年間の同校の改革の歴史、Jamf Pro を活用した具体的な施策の詳細や子どもたちの成長も合わせて、弊社Jamfの吉野が聞き手として加わりお話を伺います。


    入力いただいた情報は、Jamf および Jamf のパートナー企業からの電話、Eメール、郵送物などにより、Jamf のサービス、イベント・セミナー、その他業務にお役立ていただける情報のご案内に利用します。個人情報は、Jamf のプライバシーポリシーに基づいて適切に取り扱います。個人情報の利用は、各案内でお知らせする手順に従って停止することができます。
  • Driving Real Behaviour Change: Build a Security Awareness Program that Works
    Driving Real Behaviour Change: Build a Security Awareness Program that Works
    Paul Down, Director & Matt Cooke, Cybersecurity Specialist, Proofpoint EMEA Dec 1 2020 10:00 am UTC 36 mins
    When it comes to modern Cybersecurity – ultimately your users are your last line of defence. So you need to arm them with both knowledge and practice to mould dynamic, alert guardians of both your organisation and your data. The key to your success is engaging, entertaining - and crucially - topical security awareness training.

    So where to start, or how to renew your program? Are you one of the 80% of organisations who allocate two hours or less per year for security awareness, how useful do you judge this small amount of user training to effect behaviour change?

    Join our Security Awareness Training experts as we review valuable strategies on how to create and sustain an impactful cybersecurity awareness education program. Plus we delve deep into thought-leadership on the following questions:

    - How do I ensure my users embrace the training? Who are the key influencers internally?
    - What is the minimum – and maximum – levels of training shown to have been successful?
    - How do I motivate and reward my last line defenders?
    - What reporting and measures are the most pertinent to the IT team and alternatively to the C-suite?
  • Accessibility Testing: Ensure Superior Digital Experiences For All Customers
    Accessibility Testing: Ensure Superior Digital Experiences For All Customers
    Guy Arieli, CTO Digital.ai (Formerly Experitest) Dec 1 2020 1:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    Achieving digital transformation requires thorough testing of web and mobile applications to ensure stability and a positive user experience.  COVID-19 quarantines have highlighted the lack of access to basic services apps that deliver to users with auditory and visual disabilities, the elderly, and other at-risk groups. This new reality underscores the need for accessibility testing – to hold businesses accountable for building accessible apps and meet compliance and regulatory mandates.

    Join this webinar to learn why accessibility testing is critical and view first-hand how Digital.ai's (formerly Experitest) new accessibility cloud delivers a maximal testing experience for all app users. During this session, we will cover:

    -Why and how to use accessibility cloud
    -Accessibility testing regulations and how legal actions influence testing cycles
    -How to efficiently implement performance and accessibility testing as part of your app testing plan
  • The Importance of App Security in the Securitization of DevOps
    The Importance of App Security in the Securitization of DevOps
    Paul Dant, Vice President of Product Management, Security at Digital.ai Dec 1 2020 4:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    DevSecOps is a popular buzzword in the DevOps ecosystem. Understanding why people care about DevSecOps is simple - It extends DevOps processes into software security. The goal of DevSecOps is to build the mindset that everyone is responsible for security — and that security needs to be built into the development process, rather than as a perimeter around apps and data.

    In practice, implementing DevSecOps is problematic, with no single button that can be pushed to achieve DevSecOps. Nor is there a specific tool that can be acquired or particular process to follow.
    Achieving DevSecOps requires a revisiting of existing DevOps processes and IT resources, then designing a comprehensive strategy that integrates application security into all of them.

    Topics in this webinar include:
    • Value of transforming existing DevOps to embrace DevSecOps practices
    • Understanding how to achieve the perfect balance on the DevSecOps 'shift-left' approach
    • Application security and its importance in DevSecOps processes
  • Webroot 2020 Threat Landscape Roundup
    Webroot 2020 Threat Landscape Roundup
    Tyler Moffitt, Senior Threat Research Analyst @ Webroot Dec 1 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    SMBs were one of the major targets for cybercriminals in 2020. In 2019, two out of five SMBs have fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Register now for this 30-minute webinar on the key threats businesses faced during 2020, see what's upcoming in 2021, and get tips to help you to keep your business and clients safe.

    In the webinar, Tyler Moffit will be discussing information theft, information stealers, COVID, AI and machine learning, and all thing that made the cybercrime headlines of 2020.
  • Ep. 3 See The Trace? Discover Errors, Latency & More across Distributed Systems
    Ep. 3 See The Trace? Discover Errors, Latency & More across Distributed Systems
    Molly Stamos, Customer Success Engineer and Ben Hartshorne, Senior Engineer Dec 1 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Distributed systems bring complexity for developer and ops teams. When incidents occur in production, expected and unexpected, you want to pinpoint which part of the service is giving problems. Distributed tracing illuminates distributed systems, making your logs easier to navigate. Quickly identify where there are errors or latency in your code or service, even within 3rd party services you use. Instrumentation is the key to the best tracing experience possible.

    We will dive into the importance of tracing when debugging, and show how Honeycomb Beelines fast-track instrumenting code. You will learn:

    * The importance of tracing when debugging production along with other types of analysis
    * how to debug by analyzing patterns and trends in the data generated by traces
    * how to work with OpenCensus or OpenTracing (yes you can with Honeycomb).

    Join this exciting session and discover the value of tracing. Spoiler: it's easier than you may think.
  • Road to 398 Pt-1 Complying with Reduced TLS/SSL Certificate Lifetimes
    Road to 398 Pt-1 Complying with Reduced TLS/SSL Certificate Lifetimes
    Chris Bailey, Vice President of Trust Services, Mark Giannotti, Manager, Technical Sales Consulting, Entrust Dec 1 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Reduced certificate lifetimes to 398 days took effect on Sept. 1, 2020. Watch our webinar as our TLS/SSL experts share some tips to avoid unexpected certificate lapses and simplify certificate management.

    Topics will cover:
    • The details of the new CA/B Forum baseline requirements
    • The potential impact of shorter certificate lifetimes
    • How to use the Ansible Module to automate certificate deployment at scale
    • Other tools that can help simplify certificate lifetime management
  • Improve public safety & simplify traffic management with industrial connectivity
    Improve public safety & simplify traffic management with industrial connectivity
    Arik Elberse, Director Product Management, and Stan Schreyer, Sales Manager, Cisco Dec 1 2020 5:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    Rising number of cars on roads, traffic congestion, increase in percentage of connected cars, are all inescapable problems in growing metropolitan cities. There is an increasing need to connect, secure and optimize our critical roadways and intersections infrastructure to respond to these changes to improve public safety, make travel easier for drivers and pedestrians and reduce response times for emergency vehicles and first responders. Remote access to traffic management is also needed with growing demands for communication and data sharing among transportation, police, and emergency responders.

    Join this webinar to learn how Cisco IoT solutions:
    -Secure and connect intelligent transportation systems, allowing vehicles, roadways, and traffic management centers to all communicate in real time.
    -Collect roadside data for analysis, real-time control and visibility.
    -Allow cities and transportation agencies to simplify operations and maintenance.
  • Remote access workflows and where do we go from here?
    Remote access workflows and where do we go from here?
    Jason Blum:GPL Technologies, Paul Austin & Jack Liu:Teradici, Karen Gondoly & Robert Ewanouski - Leostream Dec 1 2020 6:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    Panel discussion with GPL Technologies, Teradici, and Leostream on high performance remote access workflows with a focus on media and entertainment.
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Cloud Service or On-Premises Upgrades
    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Cloud Service or On-Premises Upgrades
    George Kuruvilla, Ryan McClure, Carisa Stringer Dec 1 2020 7:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    IT planning takes into consideration unpredictable events, but the 2020 calendar year presented an unprecedented challenge which put many IT initiatives on hold. While there has been a lot of excitement surrounding recent on-premises releases of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops solutions, in this pandemic era many businesses are weighing that effort alongside the decision to embrace new cloud technologies. In this webinar, we will walk you through key datapoints and considerations to help guide you through your decision.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    - Important considerations for evaluating an on-premises upgrade or cloud service transition

    - Updated details on Citrix packaging and licensing options in order to provide greater choice
    - How Citrix is simplifying hybrid cloud deployments for organizations of all types and sizes
    - Enhancements released through 2020 and how they shape IT planning
  • How Salesforce is Reopening with Work.com
    How Salesforce is Reopening with Work.com
    Tina Rozul | Judy Fang | James Frawley | Leandro Perez | Vincent Cotte | Dec 2 2020 2:45 am UTC 4 mins
    Learn how Salesforce used Work.com to reopen their Sydney office in 3 months.

    As your workforce returns to the workplace or continues to work from anywhere, Work.com will help you build trust within your organisation, your customers, and your community so you are resilient today and prepared for what tomorrow brings.


    Tina Rozul | Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce
    Judy Fang | Solution Engineer, Platform specialist, Salesforce
    James Frawley | Senior Director, Real estate and projects, Salesforce
    Leandro Perez | Vice President, Asia pacific Marketing, Salesforce
    Vincent Cotte | Senior Director, Go-To-Market Marketing, Salesforce
  • The Digital Workplace
    The Digital Workplace
    Dirk Schlotter Dec 2 2020 3:00 am UTC 36 mins
    68% of companies now believe that the future workforce will be remote*. A hybrid of remote working and reduced office working will be the new reality. On one hand, this could have positive outcomes such as increased productivity for some departments, but on the other hand, it may also negatively impact work/life balance and raise mental health issues.

    In this session, we will be discussing the changing concept of work, the workplace and the environment that business leaders need to create to thrive in this new world in relation to:

    • Changes to the physical workplace: Offices may need to be repurposed as drop‐in collaboration centres rather than everyday bases, and use more tech such as VR
    • Smarter working: With the proliferation of video and web conferencing, how can you enable more productive collaboration tools such as document sharing, annotation and white‐boarding
    • The importance of security: How to protect the organisation from today's evolving threat landscape especially when the employee's environment is out of your control
    • What to prioritise to enable your digital workplace: Simplicity and integration are key in this area in order to provide employees with a single, app‐like experience across the tools they use every day

    Attend this session to solidify your plans and uncover the journey to the new digital workplace.

    Presented by:
    Dirk Schlotter, Director Global Real Estate & Supply Chain for Verizon Communications.

    * 2020 The Future of Work, Reimagining business as usual, Verizon Research report
  • 边缘之上的客户身份管理蓝图
    李国庆, 亚太区高级云安全架构师, Akamai Technologies Dec 2 2020 6:00 am UTC 60 mins

    参加Akamai Technologies和 (ISC)² 在12月2日下午2:00至3:00的在线研讨会,聆听专家分析客户身份管理安全,还等什么?赶紧加入我们吧。


    演讲人: 李国庆, 亚太区高级云安全架构师, Akamai Technologies
    主持人: 李杺恬, CISSP, (ISC)²北京分会理事
  • Banking Security and Instant Issuance: Virtual learn & win
    Banking Security and Instant Issuance: Virtual learn & win
    Vincent Carolius Ondiff - GM Fintech Group, Jean-Louis Meyer - Dir. Payment Solutions, Chris Saxton, Product Mktg Mgr ENTRUST Dec 2 2020 12:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    In the last 50+ years in securing transactions we have seen many changes in our payment landscape; especially in these particular times. But it’s those years of experience that have allowed us to share insights and best practices to help financial institutions in Eastern Africa like yours to navigate your current and future challenges.

    Please join us in this virtual webinar to Learn and Win a leather bag

    Timely topics:

    We will kick-off the session navigating the payment landscape and discuss:

    • Latest payment trends
    • Contactless rapid growth (cards & mobile)
    • Innovation in card design and security
    • Future use cases: issuance of digital and physical cards

    Time for open discussion:

    Our market and solution specialists on hand to answer your questions

    This session has a limited capacity of 50 people among Eastern Africa regional banks and Financial institutions.

    As an incentive to join, the first 50 to register and participate will win a leather bag
  • KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity Governance and Administration
    KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity Governance and Administration
    Chris Barngrover, Senior Strategist within the Micro Focus Product Management team. Dec 2 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In this webinar, we will walk you through the news that Micro Focus has been ranked as one of the overall market leaders in the KupingerCole’s Leadership Compass.
    Micro Focus NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration was rated as an Overall Leader for Identity Governance and Administration, as well as a Leader in the three areas of assessment: Product, Innovation, and Market.

    Key Micro Focus strengths as noted by KuppingerCole include:
    Strong, mature functionality covering all major aspects of Identity Provisioning and Access Governance
    Aggressively moving to a more modernized and flexible architecture
    Strong support for a variety of target systems
    Strong support for IGA analytics and access intelligence capabilities
    Very large customer base and strong partner ecosystem

    The second part of the webinar will be focusing on the coming roadmap we have to ensure we will continue to be ranked as an overall leader and even further strengthen this position.
    Join us and learn the last news from an expert in this field.
    Chris Barngrover, Senior Strategist within the Micro Focus Product Management team will introduce the topic.
    The full report of KuppingerCole Leadership Compass is available for download at:
  • The ITAM Triforce: Discover the power of SAM, HAM, and the CMDB
    The ITAM Triforce: Discover the power of SAM, HAM, and the CMDB
    Daniel Slocum and Eric Martinez of ServiceNow ITAM Dec 2 2020 4:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    The workforce is rapidly changing in the new normal, and your asset management must adapt—requiring increased visibility into your hardware and software estate. Otherwise, the risk of IT overspending will continue to grow.

    Hardware Asset Management (HAM) is a powerful starting point for a robust CMDB—empowering the asset and discovery data Software Asset Management (SAM) needs. Join us as we walk through how you can:
    -See how SAM, HAM, and the CMDB work together for optimal ITAM practices and workflow
    -Showcase SAM, HAM, and CMDB relationships and workflows by demoing cross-product use cases
    -Understand the value ITAM can deliver to your organization’s teams and departments—driving down IT spend and providing crucial data to decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Security Manager 10: Next-gen PKI
    Security Manager 10: Next-gen PKI
    Paul McBride, Sr. Product Manager PKI, Entrust Dec 2 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Entrust Security Manager is the world's leading public key infrastructure (PKI), trusted for over 25 years by organizations and governments with the most demanding security environments.
    With our rich toolchain of application-specific registration authorities, powerful validation authority services (OCSP), and crypto toolkits for enterprise development and embedded IoT use cases, Security Manager 10 provides a comprehensive backbone to any organization looking to establish a scalable security practice. Watch our webinar to learn why Security Manager 10 is Next-Gen PKI.

    Topics will cover:
    • High availability (near-zero downtime)
    • Significantly increased throughput
    • Horizontal scalability
    • REST API configurations
  • Effective Leadership in a Virtual Workplace
    Effective Leadership in a Virtual Workplace
    Ron Insana, Senior Analyst, CNBC & Susan Scott, Fierce Founder Dec 2 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Authenticity, inclusion and transparency are always key to effective leadership. But they're more important than ever when workers have gone virtual. These are the muscles that today's leaders must exercise if teams are to succeed, because "team" means something different now than it did a few months ago.

    Find out what Susan Scott, founder of Fiercelnc.com, and business journalist Ron Insana have to say about leadership in this new way of working.
  • Edge Networking Architectures for the Borderless Enterprise
    Edge Networking Architectures for the Borderless Enterprise
    Brandon Butler, Senior Research Analyst, IDC & Glenn Sullivan, Principal Product Manager Infoblox Dec 2 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    It's a dynamic time in enterprise networking. Organizations across the globe are increasingly relying on cloud-based platforms for mission critical applications. Enterprises are realizing the need to enable secure connectivity to a range of endpoints both inside and outside the traditional confines of the enterprise network.

    Legacy networks have been built around the idea of the data center as the central control point, but businesses today operate in a much more distributed reality. The key to a modern edge network architecture is a cloud-based platform that allows network operations and security to be managed centrally but distributed to wherever enterprises need to extend traffic too. The borderless enterprise requires a new way of thinking, and a new architecture, one built on cloud-native principles with the tenants of scalability and security engrained in the platform.

    Join Infoblox and a guest speaker from IDC for a discussion on edge network challenges, how borders between the datacenter, cloud and edge are evolving, what architectures enterprises are looking for to manage this new reality, and an exploration of the critical role DDI and DNS-Layer security play in achieving a modern, cloud-native enterprise network.

    Brandon Butler, Senior Research Analyst, IDC
    Brandon is a Senior Research Analyst with IDC’s Network Infrastructure group covering Enterprise Networks. In this role, he is responsible for market and technology trends, forecasts and competitive analysis in Ethernet switching, routing, wireless LAN, and adjacent emerging segments such as SDN and SD-WAN.

    Glenn Sullivan, Principal Product Manager, Infoblox
    Glenn Sullivan is a Principal Product Manager at Infoblox and joined the Infoblox team when SnapRoute, a company he co-founded in 2015, was acquired by Infoblox.
  • How data is revolutionizing game creatives for UA
    How data is revolutionizing game creatives for UA
    VentureBeat x YellowHEAD Dec 2 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Creative is the key to user acquisition and is going through an evolution. Gone are the days of
    guesswork and hunches for creative production — data is now leading the charge, and
    industry/category best practices have evolved. With data, you can optimize creatives for
    different social media platforms, find the right creative for each audience in each geo on each
    platform, drill down to the elements that resonate with your audiences, and more.

    In this VB Live event, GamesBeat, yellowHEAD, Zynga, and Snapchat will discuss how to
    optimize creative for user acquisition; how to create your own set of best practices for every
    target audience and geo; how to gain a competitive edge through new, groundbreaking creative
    processes and technologies; and more.

    Registration is free!

    You'll learn about:
    - How data-based creatives boost user acquisition
    - Developing your own set of best practices
    - Optimizing creatives for every social media platform
    - How to gain a competitive edge in your UA efforts with smart creative ideation
    - And more!

    - Maria Waters, Head of Conversion Optimization, Zynga
    - Oliver Wapshott, Creative Strategist, Snap
    - Noa Miller, Marketing Creative Strategist, yellowHEAD
    - Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat (moderator)
  • Proactive Security and Incident Response in the “New Normal”
    Proactive Security and Incident Response in the “New Normal”
    Chris Hallenbeck, Tanium CISO Americas and Chris Novak, Global Director, VTRAC Dec 2 2020 7:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to transition to a remote work environment overnight, disrupting processes and workflows, reducing budgets, and increasing their attack surface exponentially. One recent global survey of more than 1,000 IT leaders found that 90% saw more frequent cyberattacks than usual due to the shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Nowadays, organizations know it’s not about if they are going to be compromised, but when. The Verizon Rapid Response Retainer provides organizations access to the expertise, tools, and intelligence they need to limit the theft of data, preserve incident evidence, and maintain their reputation.  New add-on capabilities, such as endpoint telemetry analysis (ETA) allows organizations to create a customized, proactive incident response agreement that helps mitigate risk, augment cybersecurity personnel and control costs.
    In this webinar, you’ll learn:
    How to strengthen security posture despite budget constraints

    The fundamental importance of IT health and hygiene, and how to improve it

    How the Verizon’s Rapid Response Retainer can provide enhanced SLA’s, reduced incident response time, and drastically improve security posture, all remotely
  • Jamf Protect: Compliance, threat detection, and malware prevention for macOS
    Jamf Protect: Compliance, threat detection, and malware prevention for macOS
    Gib Chan Dec 2 2020 11:00 pm UTC 18 mins
    An organisation’s security posture is paramount to its enterprise success. As employees continue to demand Mac for their work computer, it’s time to get serious about Mac endpoint protection. Instead of leveraging a Windows security solution in an attempt to protect Mac, you need a security solution that's purpose-built by Mac users for Mac users.

    In our webinar, Jamf Protect: Compliance, threat detection, and malware prevention for macOS, we’ll walk you through the capabilities of our new solution and demonstrate how you can:

    Comprehensive detection of Mac-specific threats and malware prevention
    Monitor compliance of macOS devices
    Secure Apple devices with minimal impact to end-users