Mark Challinor, Director of Media, Telegraph Media Group
A new interaction and revenue stream for news publishers?
May 24 2011
36 mins
Mobiles and Tablets
online media
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  • Join us on 29th July for a webinar looking at how to make the most of your entry into the Masters of Marketing. Covering the entry process, what to include, some ideas to help capture the judges attention, as well as some hints and tips to help you showcase your work in the best possible light.
  • Millennial consumers have different needs, wants and behaviours when compared to more traditional consumers that brands have typically engaged with. Many brands are struggling to find the best approach to engaging with this group and time is running out as Millennials are growing in purchasing power and will very quickly represent a very large proportion of brands’ market share.

    During this webinar 3radical will expose what motivates Millennials. Will Stuart-Jones will present on what drives their attitudes and behaviours as well as the challenges brands marketers face in reaching them. He will then present a range of best practice techniques to help marketers gain a competitive edge by creating a fun, challenging and rewarding brand experience that drives long term profitable engagement with Millenials; via their preferred channel of choice – ‘mobile first'.
  • Join guest Julie Ask, Vice President at Forrester Research Inc. and Bill Schneider, Director of Product Marketing at Urban Airship.

    Mobile has fundamentally changed customer expectations. They expect access to anything, anytime, anywhere and in context. Organizations that are successfully navigating this shift are transforming their customer journey into mobile moments.

    In this webinar, we'll present strategies and technologies to help you navigate the new mobile mindshift and seamlessly stitch together a contextual view of your customers. New data listening technologies that bridge key customer events in an offline system like a CRM with the rich behavioral mobile data captured by Urban Airship, can make your messaging more personal and relevant. Studies have shown that segmentation on even one data attribute like location history can increase mobile response rates by 4-7x. Join us to hear how the leaders in mobile are winning the hearts and minds of the mobile customer.
  • Social media, email marketing, local search, back-office solutions, mobile marketing and more are the focus of the third edition of The Local Merchant Report and topics for discussion in this webinar.

    The report offers an inside look at 500+ local businesses to understand which platforms they trust most, how they manage spend, where they struggle in local digital marketing, and much more.

    Join Street Fight's research director David Card and report author Stephanie Miles for a review of the findings and insights into the implications and opportunities for improving local marketing results.
  • Did you know that 73% of mobile customers say they're fed up with being shown irrelevant content?

    In this webinar Duncan Clark, Global Head of Research at Netbiscuits, will explain why you need to think differently about some familiar digital marketing metrics and how to use analytics to prove ROI on your content. Using concrete examples and case studies, we'll give you the tools you need to succeed with multiscreen content marketing. Including amongst others:

    * Content analysis blueprint: How to easily get started on improving your multiscreen content experience without getting swamped in data.

    * Case Study: Is my content mix increasing customer engagement across devices? And how much is my content costing me for every minute a user spends on my site?

    * Case Study: How to ensure you show the most relevant content to customers across different channels and devices.

    You'll come away with a clear plan of key steps to optimize your content marketing campaigns as well as tried-and-tested methodologies for proving the ROI on your content.
  • Personalisation in advertising has become a hot topic for UK brands and marketers. Retargeting uses the power of personalisation to turn shopping basket abandoners into customers, but what else can it do?

    In this Marketing Week webinar join Shane Murphy, AdRoll’s director of EMEA marketing, as he walks through the insights from our survey of 250 European marketers and AdRoll retargeting campaign data from nearly 4,000 advertisers:

    • Real world use cases for retargeting in driving brand awareness, customer retention, and driving sales

    • Industry insight on social, mobile, and attribution

    • Retargeting and attribution best practices
  • If you’ve been pouring both time and money into creating beautiful content marketing, then you’ll probably want to know how effective your assets actually are, right? We’ve compiled some practical examples for improving web traffic and customer engagement with content marketing campaigns across any screen.
  • In this hands-on tutorial, Netbiscuits uncovers some powerful content marketing insights that marketers can quickly and easily act upon to help them understand where they should be focusing their time and resources.
  • Whether currently engaging in online commerce or contemplating such a move in the future, successful CMOs are realizing that their customers want a personalized, frictionless purchasing experience. Consumers seek agile interactions, painless fulfillment, and a memorable experience. CMOs are increasingly embracing a new priority: Identifying new and recurring revenue opportunities and optimizing the consumer experience to maximize customer lifetime value. The good news is that the global digital consumer is ready to spend. According to analyst firm Ovum, global consumer spend on digital content will increase from $76 billion in 2013 to $145 billion in 2018, doubling in a short five-year span.

    Working in lockstep with CFOs, successful CMOs are implementing new strategies to price products and services, bill customers, offer seamless payment facilities, create new opportunities to retain customers, and grow recurring revenue streams – all while defining new business metrics to measure success in terms of customer lifetime value. They team with product management to identify new opportunities and even new products that meet their customers’ growing expectations for innovation, engagement and relevance.

    To address these new mandates for digital marketing, monetization, and frictionless commerce and experience, the CMO Council will be hosting an online webcast (06/18, 10am PST/1pm EST/5pm GMT) to discuss and debate the realities of transforming organizations, strategies and revenue models and develop winning strategies to successfully navigate the online revenue maze. Vindicia, a subscription billing and recurring revenue leader that is driving the pace of the digital economy, will share expert perspectives, along with key questions that marketers must consider when building new digital revenue models.

    Gene Hoffman, CEO/Chairman-Vindicia
    Miriam Volle, Business Marketing Communications Leader-Kaiser Permanente
    Vidya Vishal, Enterprise Growth Leader-Equifax
  • We caught up with Paul Berney, co-founder of mCordis, on how content marketers should think about the challenges of the multi screen world.
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  • Webtrends Analytics for Optimization Recorded: Jul 25 2013 60 mins
    Shawn Kimsey, Gareth Hebbron
    How Webtrends Analytics Can Guide Your Optimization Strategy
  • Join the “In-the-Moment” Movement Recorded: May 2 2013 60 mins
    Jeff Seacrist, VP of Product Strategy + Paul Lawbaugh, Senior Program Manager
    What if you could access visitor-level data as it happens?

    Now you can—and we’ll show you how. Join us for a special webinar where you’ll be among the first to preview our latest game-changing innovation.

    You’ll learn:

    • New marketing possibilities
    • How this technology provides you with as-it-happens, visitor-level data
    • Why interacting with your customer while they’re still on your site affects your bottom line
  • Webtrends Streams- Die neue Ära der Web Analyse Recorded: Feb 19 2013 45 mins
    Oliver Dohle - Senior Consultant, Webtrends
    Geben Sie Ihrem digitalen Marketing eine neue Struktur

    Stellen Sie sich vor, es wäre möglich auf die Vorlieben und Aktivitäten Ihrer Besucher zu reagieren noch während sie sich auf Ihrer Seite befinden, und die Ergebnisse zu beeinflussen bevor sie die Seite verlassen. Keine vergebenen Chancen – sondern Chancen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt ergreifen. Stellen Sie sich vor welche Möglichkeiten und welches Umsatzpotenzial sich dadurch ergäben.

    Diese Technologie gibt es nun.

    Durch Webtrends Streams wird die Art und Weise wie Digital Marketeers ihre Online Strategie angehen vollkommen revolutioniert indem das leidige Problem der Zeitverzögerung entfällt – nicht nur Real-Time, zur richtigen Zeit!

    Nehmen Sie an unserem Webinar teil, in dem wir Ihnen Webtrends Streams vorstellen – das revolutionäre neue Produkt, welches das digitale Marketing für immer verändern wird!
  • Unlocking the Business Value of the Social Enterprise Recorded: Feb 6 2013 62 mins
    Charlene Li ,Founder & Analyst at Altimeter Group and Jeff Seacrist, VP of Partner Solutions
    Everyone is talking about the Social Enterprise and how it can transform your organization – whether it’s unlocking expertise, connecting teams and people, or improving communications with customers. Ultimately, the real purpose of driving this business transformation is to improve business productivity and increase profitability. But how do you measure the success?

    We have invited Charlene Li of Altimeter Group, an industry leader in social business strategy, to join us and share her insight into understanding and measuring this growing market. Charlene will share her real-world experience and how she sees the Social Enterprise changing the way business is done, how to connect measurable concepts around engagement to ultimate business success, and the direction and impact the social enterprise will have on the future.
  • Measuring and Optimizing the Social Enterprise Recorded: Jan 24 2013 60 mins
    Jeff Seacrist, VP of Partner Solutions and Melissa Risteff
    As the social enterprise continues to grow, organizations are more challenged now than ever to understand how these emerging collaboration tools are being used to fuel business productivity and ROI. All too often, measurement strategies are ignored, or considered too late in the process to ensure that the right success metrics are being considered and able to be measured. In this webinar, learn how to measure what matters for the social enterprise and how to create a culture of measurement and optimization that can permeate the organization and help drive adoption, contribution, and ongoing collaboration.
  • Webtrends Streams - The New Era of Web Analytics Recorded: Dec 13 2012 75 mins
    Eric Butler, Director of Emerging Technologies + Steve Earl, Product Marketing Director - Webtrends
    Webtrends Streams is the revolutionary new product that will change the way digital marketers drive top- and bottom-line results. This technology enables immediate intervention to drive customer conversion.

    In this webinar, you’ll discover:
    • The game-changing power of “right time” analytics
    • Product demonstration of Webtrends Streams
    • 6 tenets of digital intelligence
    • 4 R’s of data relevance and how they impact conversion
  • Webtrends Streams - The New Era of Web Analytics Recorded: Dec 12 2012 75 mins
    Eric Butler, Dir. of Emerging Technologies + Rick Weithas, Sr. Product Marketing Mgr. - Webtrends
    Webtrends Streams is the revolutionary new product that will change the way digital marketers drive top- and bottom-line results. This technology enables immediate intervention to drive customer conversion.

    In this webinar, you’ll discover:
    • The game-changing power of “right time” analytics
    • Product demonstration of Webtrends Streams
    • 6 tenets of digital intelligence
    • 4 R’s of data relevance and how they impact conversion
  • Protect Your SharePoint Investment: Insight and Governance for Federal Agencies Recorded: Nov 8 2012 51 mins
    Maribeth Pusieski, Federal Strategic Account Manager
    Webtrends and Axceler, both Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, provide government agencies with a dynamic solution that combines business insights and administrative controls enhance user experience and governance. Together, Webtrends and Axceler offer the ability to improve usage and increase productivity, all while providing enhanced security and control.
  • Using Metrics to Prove Social Media ROI Recorded: Nov 7 2012 53 mins
    John Lovett, Sr. Partner, Web Analytics Demystified + Merlyn Gordon, Sr. Product Marketing Manger, Webtrends
    The social web is no longer a new channel. However, the volatility, fragmentation and unique characteristics of the social web continue to challenge brands seeking to quantify the success of social media initiatives, and tie them back to business outcomes.

    In this webcast, John Lovett, Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified and author of Social Media Metrics Secrets, will introduce four types of metrics for measuring the success of social media programs, and provide actionable take-aways that can be used immediately to help organizations develop a consistent and repeatable measurement program.
  • The Road to Measurement: Driving Adoption to Fuel Intranet Success Recorded: Oct 31 2012 63 mins
    Jeff Seacrist, VP of Partner Solutions
    The Road to Measurement is a journey, not a destination. And, it starts with one simple decision – the decision to measure. But, what comes next is the big, scary question – what to measure? This webinar is designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to get started on a measurement strategy that will unlock intelligence that helps you drive engagement and adoption, while putting in place the foundation for answering the tough questions regarding ROI and the overall business impact of your intranet strategies.
    •Framework for intranet measurement and growth
    •Measuring adoption to drive usage
    •Building toward a more social enterprise

    If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – Peter Drucker
  • Developing a Framework for Social Measurement Recorded: Sep 26 2012 65 mins
    Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group + Merlyn Gordon, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Webtrends
    The social web is no longer a new channel. However, the volatility, fragmentation and unique characteristics of social data continue to challenge brands. They are now seeking to quantify the revenue impact of social media initiatives, and to tie these initiatives back to business outcomes.

    According to research conducted by Altimeter Group, the primary business impact of social media for many brands today is less about revenue generation, and more about insights that help brands meet customer experience goals. While social media insights are critical to business decisions, the imperative to quantify investments in the social channel, as well as the returns from this investment, continues to escalate. Through the design and execution of a well-formed social measurement strategy, it is possible to measure the revenue impact of social media, and position brands for success in this rapidly evolving channel.

    In this webcast, Altimeter’s Susan Etlinger will present the findings from her research report, “The Social Media ROI Cookbook.” She will provide actionable take-aways to help organizations develop a social measurement strategy. Susan will introduce a top-down and bottoms-up approach to measuring social, and will describe four key factors critical to assessing an appropriate measurement mix.
  • The Era of Digital Intelligence is Here – Are you Ready? Recorded: Sep 19 2012 58 mins
    Joe Stanhope, Principal Analyst, Forrester + Steve Earl, Product Marketing Director, Webtrends
    The success of digital marketing programs hinge on a marketer’s understanding of his or her customers. Sounds familiar, sure, but the marketing landscape has altered. The ways brands interact with customers have changed, and the ability to understand customers across digital channels requires a new approach.

    Traditional web tracking techniques were not designed for the breadth of channels, devices and speed that fuel today's digital interactions. And while web analytics is the logical hub of interactive channel analysis, a multifaceted digital landscape requires an approach that breaks down the walls between analytics and business, eliminating passive insights and making digital data actionable. Forrester Research is redefining this new era of web analytics as "digital intelligence."

    In this webcast, Joe Stanhope, Principal Analyst with Forrester, defines the notion of digital intelligence, from digital data inputs to action. You will also discover:

    • Why digital intelligence demands a broad measurement strategy shift
    • How to adapt your measurement strategy to take full advantage of this new analytics standard
    • What you can do immediately to start the transition to an analytics culture centered on digital intelligence

    Firms, regardless of size, that leverage digital intelligence can use the take-aways from this webinar to deliver relevant and coherent customer experiences, and create sustainable competitive advantages within their markets.
  • Using Analytics to Optimize your SharePoint Intranet Recorded: Jun 13 2012 61 mins
    Jeff Seacrist
    Webtrends is pleased to invite you to attend a webinar on maximizing your SharePoint intranet using analytics. Analytics is a key component to measuring the effectiveness of your intranet investment, demonstrating ROI and creating a more social and collaborative environment. Analytics delivers the insight into your audiences’ behaviors; empowering you to provide more relevant experiences that translate into increased collaboration, more efficient and satisfied knowledge workers
  • Deliver the most relevant digital experience to your target audience Recorded: Mar 14 2012 58 mins
    Eric Peterson, Senior Partner and Founder – Web Analytics Demystified and Steve Earl – Director Product Marketing Webtrends
    Learn how best-in-class marketers are dramatically increasing customer acquisition by delivering more relevant experiences that improve campaign conversion.
    Consumers are increasingly demanding that their favorite brands be more attuned to their personal interests. But how do you deliver relevance to your digital marketing efforts?

    Join industry experts for a free webinar to find out how to deliver the most relevant content to your target audiences across digital marketing channels (web, mobile and social), and get remarkable ROI.
  • Optimizing SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Recorded: Jan 19 2012 56 mins
    Geoffrey Edge, Microsoft; Jeff Seacrist, Webtrends; Justin Calvo, Avanade
    Are you using your SharePoint to its full potential?

    As a key part of their Customer Experience Management (CXM), organizations around the world use SharePoint for websites, extranets, employee collaboration, web content management, business intelligence and more.

    Join Microsoft, Webtrends, and Avanade for this free webinar to learn how you can fully harness the power of SharePoint 2010.

    Webtrends, a Microsoft Preferred Analytics Provider for SharePoint 2010, provides a comprehensive, integrated solution companies can use to test, target, measure, segment and optimize to improve content, usability, search and collaboration across the enterprise.

    Avanade provides business technology solutions and managed services that connect insight, innovation and expertise in Microsoft technologies to help customers realize results. Avanade has helped thousands of organizations in all industries improve business agility, employee productivity, and customer loyalty.

    In this webinar, you'll learn how to:
    > Unlock the value of SharePoint across your enterprise.
    > Gain productivity and increase engagement through optimized content.
    > Measure return on investment using the powerful integrated solution of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint 2010.
  • Optimize Your SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Recorded: Dec 13 2011 54 mins
    Mitch Gatchalian, Senior SharePoint Product Manager, Microsoft and Jeff Seacrist, Director of Product Marketing, Webtrends
    Are you optimizing your SharePoint for Internet Sites environment?

    If you've already made an investment in SharePoint for Internet Sites, ask yourself: are you measuring and optimizing that investment?

    Webtrends, a Microsoft-preferred analytics solution for SharePoint 2010, provides an easy-to-implement, comprehensive solution to measure, test, and optimize content, design, usability, search and collaboration.

    Join Microsoft and Webtrends for this free webinar to learn how you can significantly improve the results of your SharePoint for Internet Sites initiatives.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    How SharePoint for Internet Sites provides a platform for Customer Experience Management

    How to leverage Webtrends, a Microsoft-preferred analytics solution for SharePoint, to measure and optimize your SharePoint environment

    How Microsoft has optimized their own business results using the unique and powerful combination of Webtrends and SharePoint for Internet Sites
  • Picking Up the Pieces: Secrets of Marketing in a Fragmented Digital World Recorded: Sep 22 2011 62 mins
    Joe Stanhope, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research and Steve Earl, Director Product Marketing at Webtrends
    Webtrends Webinar
    Picking Up the Pieces: Secrets of Marketing in a Fragmented Digital World

    Mobile is not social media and social media is not site. Marketing channels are clear. What is not always clear is how to achieve marketing success across digital channels.

    Marketing is going through a period of significant evolution. The era of easily compartmentalized silos has been usurped by the Splinternet, a large-scale fragmentation of devices, data access, and technology standards.

    The Splinternet upends many of the assumptions upon which interactive marketing is based and, at the same time, presents both challenges and opportunities for marketers.

    In this webinar, Joe Stanhope, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, will present new research insights into the current state of marketing fragmentation and how it is changing the way companies approach digital marketing.

    Webtrends Director of Product Marketing, Steve Earl, will provide insights on how marketers can best position their companies for success, including:

    > Measuring what matters
    > Analytics that provide insight for marketers at all levels
    > Driving consumer engagement through segmentation and targeting
    > The emerging channel marketers should get ready for now
  • Mobiles and Tablets Recorded: May 24 2011 36 mins
    Mark Challinor, Director of Media, Telegraph Media Group
    A new interaction and revenue stream for news publishers?
  • Is Your Marketing As Relevant as it Could Be? Recorded: Dec 1 2010 53 mins
    Webtrends & Semphonic
    The convergence of Database Marketing and Web analytics
Insights For Digital Marketers
Digital marketing success depends on measuring what matters and gathering insights that drive action and learning. Absorb digital analytics best practices, learn from best-in-class case studies, and get the information you need to excel in interactive marketing with the Digital Analytics channel.

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