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Mobiles and Tablets

A new interaction and revenue stream for news publishers?
A new interaction and revenue stream for news publishers?
Recorded May 24 2011 36 mins
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Presented by
Mark Challinor, Director of Media, Telegraph Media Group
Presentation preview: Mobiles and Tablets
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  • The Video Marketing Playbook for Events - EMEA Edition The Video Marketing Playbook for Events - EMEA Edition Angus Henderson, Executive Producer at BrightTALK Studios Recorded: Apr 21 2016 43 mins
    Despite living in a mobile-first world, in-person events generate unrivaled opportunities for a marketer to capture premium content with clients, prospects, industry leaders, and employees. Whether you’re co-sponsoring or simply presenting - how do you know if you’re getting what you should? BrightTALK Studios' Executive Producer decodes the endless opportunities into a robust, actionable event video marketing playbook.

    Tune into this session to discuss (and debate):
    - The marketer’s approach to filming vs. the video producer’s - and how to speak each other’s language
    - What footage you should capture to achieve your goals
    - The best editing mix for your distribution channels
    - Where to leverage the video to see the best ROI for your goals
  • Growthhacking your app store downloads via AMO Growthhacking your app store downloads via AMO Peggy Anne Salz, analyst, Mobilegroove Recorded: Apr 20 2016 32 mins
    How do you ensure that your app will stand out against the avalanche of competing new apps (nearly 2,000 a day)? You need to increase your profile — and get more mileage out of the organic traffic that will make up the vast majority of your installs and your base of quality, loyal users — by optimizing your entire app marketing funnel, not just you app store presence. It's time to forget app store optimization (ASO) and prepare for AMO (App Marketing Optimization). AMO is a new approach that recognizes keywords alone won't cut it.

    Winning requires a rethink and a sharp focus on all the elements that define and drive the marketing funnel. But this can be a challenge as ASO evolves to consist of more "moving parts" —titles, descriptions, icons, screenshots, videos — and app stores shift rules and algorithms to reward apps that delight their users.

    Discover how your app company can benefit from the shift to AMO by attending this VentureBeat webinar, where Steve P. Young, ASO 'wizard' and founder of Appmasters will join Peggy Anne Salz, author of the report, to share his proven growth hacking tips and ways you can take your apps to new heights on a tight budget.

    In this half hour ASO masterclass, you'll:

    *Talk tools, tips and techniques to get your app in front of your audience and top of mind with app stores.
    *Identify the small changes in components, such as you in-app purchase descriptions, that will have big impact on downloads.
    *Walk through the differences between Google Play and Apple’s App Store, and map how you should adapt your ASO/AMO strategy for both.


    * Peggy Anne Salz, analyst, VentureBeat
    * Steve P. Young, ASO 'wizard' and founder of Appmasters
    * Wendy Schuchart, moderator, VentureBeat
  • O que você deve saber para criar Jornadas 1:1 do Cliente O que você deve saber para criar Jornadas 1:1 do Cliente Regina Garrido, Consultora Especialista de Marketing Digital Recorded: Apr 19 2016 59 mins
    As melhores experiências do cliente acontecem através da gestão de toda a jornada em todos os pontos de contato, e não apenas com comunicações uni-direcionais, da marca para o cliente. Além disso, a real jornada do cliente deve acontecer em qualquer contato com a empresa, em qualquer área, e não só através das ações de marketing.

    Junte-se a nós para aprender como planejar e criar jornadas 1:1 que mantêm os seus clientes engajados, de prospects, interessados, clientes à defensores da marca. Além do conceito, você terá a oportunidade de assistir uma demonstração ao vivo da solução Journey Builder – ferramenta de Jornada de Cliente da Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Driving Contextual Experiences in the Increasingly Anonymous Era Driving Contextual Experiences in the Increasingly Anonymous Era Andrew Jones, Industry Analyst/ Jay Calavas, Tealium Chief Innovation Officer Recorded: Apr 14 2016 46 mins
    While it may sound like a staggering figure, only two to three percent of potential customers will share identifying information as they browse your company's products or services across digital channels. That leaves a tremendous amount - 97 percent - of visitors as 'unknown,' yet a vast majority of today's marketers focus on providing a personalized experience only after an identifier is provided.

    Even in an anonymous state, visitors are leaving behind valuable pieces of data that provide insight into their interests, preferences, and purchase intent. On Thursday, April 14th, Andrew Jones, industry analyst and consultant, will team up with Tealium's Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Calavas, to lead an interactive discussion that explores:
    - building detailed customer profiles using anonymous data
    - developing personalized experiences -- before an identifier is provided
    - the technology solutions that enable you to capitalize on anonymous data

    We hope that you'll join us.
  • Make mo’ money: Using mobile app analytics to drive revenue Make mo’ money: Using mobile app analytics to drive revenue Lukas Sliwka, CTO, Grindr Recorded: Apr 14 2016 43 mins
    So, you’ve built an amazing app. Maybe hundreds or thousands of users are downloading it daily. But even if your audience is falling all over you, that’s no guarantee those users will make you money. That’s where mobile app analytics comes in – learning exactly what users are doing inside your app, and using that behavioral intelligence for successful monetization.

    The right analytics solutions will allow you to capture necessary data against your most essential KPIs. But in a landscape that now offers hundreds of analytic platforms, how do you know what’s best and which ones will be best-suited to your specific business needs?

    We’re going to share the top 15 analytic platforms, how they compare, and the most important features to consider. We’ll also dive into analytic methods including what KPIs matter and ones that don’t. And how analytics will ladder up to the holy grail: monetization.

    What you’ll learn:
    * The top app analytics solutions
    * The most important features in an analytics platform
    * The KPIs that matter to the most successful developers
    * The most overlooked app analytics methods


    * Lukas Sliwka, CTO, Grindr
    * Jon Cifuentes, mobile analyst, VentureBeat
    * Wendy Schuchart, moderator, VentureBeat

    Register today for this interactive discussion with today's top leaders!
  • How To Run A/B Tests That Matter How To Run A/B Tests That Matter Alex Gray - Director of Sales Engineering Recorded: Apr 14 2016 40 mins
    It is well known that A/B testing is a powerful tool, but how you use that tool is as important as the tool itself. In this 45 minute session, you'll learn how to run A/B tests that give you real insights and what pitfalls to avoid when testing.
  • Leading businesses in Ecommerce Marketing & Technology Leading businesses in Ecommerce Marketing & Technology Werner van Ekkendonk, CEO EURObizz Group Recorded: Apr 14 2016 59 mins
    Ecommerce has come a long way in the past decades. Think about guest blogging, ecommerce stores, new techniques and facilities that make online business a whole new experience.

    We also have news from Microsoft Amsterdam.

    According to Statista global B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach 1.92 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016 and according to internetretailer.com, B2B e-commerce sales will top $1.13 trillion by 2020.

    Ecommerce Marketing & Technology is now or never. In 60 minutes EURObizz and BrightTALK will take you on a journey in the world of Ecommerce Marketing & Technology and the 2016 trends on this area.

    Recommended sites:
    EURObizz: http://www.eurobizz.eu
    BrightTALK: www.brighttalk.com
    Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/bizspark
  • How the IoT hype is changing an entire industry How the IoT hype is changing an entire industry Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems Recorded: Apr 13 2016 44 mins
    · IoT represents the biggest IT opportunity since decades. How to find the path of market or targeted audience?

    · The hype of IoT attracts a vast majority of new vendors, products and solutions. How to position, reposition your offering/message to find your niche and to be unique?

    · For a vendor of an end-to-end IoT solution there is a mix of business models to reach an one-stop-shop for the their customers. What could be of guidance in exploring new business models and what are the boundaries in making them successful RoI?

    · Is a “blue ocean strategy” a perfect concept to use for an IoT offering?

    · Much of IoT focus in offerings and media channels are consumer driven. How to make a consumer driven demand in a IoT B2B solution?
  • Webinar: Visual Marketing Series - Converting bystanders to buyers Webinar: Visual Marketing Series - Converting bystanders to buyers Becky Dutta, Account Director, Olapic Recorded: Apr 6 2016 50 mins
    Learn how to use visual marketing and earned content to drive sales through social

    According the 2015 Customer Acquisition Barometer social media is not working to acquire customers. Yet.

    This doesn’t mean that social media advertising is worthless – far from it. Social can play a decisive part in the success of failure of your campaign.

    Join Olapic’s director of account management, EMEA, Becky Dutta. She will explain how to convert bystanders to buyers, using social media. Learn:

    Video and photo advertising
    The differences and benefits with Facebook, Atlas, Instagram, Twitter and Bloggers
    How to identify highest converting visual content
    A-B testing on social
    UX: from ads to purchase
    Case studies on successful ad campaigns
    In addition, Becky will present a case study on Unilever’s Magnum ‘Pleasure Store’.

    At the end of this series you will be able to run a visual marketing strategy that supports conversion, engagement and loyalty for your brand.

    Take each webinar as a training session. Test your knowledge at the end of each one and, by the end, you can obtain a Visual Marketing Series certificate of completion.

    Sign up now for the low-down on social media advertising
  • 5 Steps to Master Mobile ROI 5 Steps to Master Mobile ROI Lauren Wendland, Director of Customer Success at Leanplum Recorded: Apr 5 2016 32 mins
    Each mobile touchpoint throughout the customer journey presents unique challenges and opportunities. That’s the key to mastering mobile lifecycle marketing: different strategies for different customers at different times.

    During this session, we'll highlight real-life scenarios based on actual use cases. We’ll review each situation, then lay out the most effective tactics and tips to optimize each lifecycle stage.

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  • Title: Mobiles and Tablets
  • Live at: May 24 2011 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mark Challinor, Director of Media, Telegraph Media Group
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