Smart Grid Virtual Summit 2010

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Online conference focusing on key smart grid advances and challenges.

The one-day Summit on Thursday, March 18 will highlight the perspectives of leading utilities, technology companies, systems integrators, and regulators in making the smart grid a reality. The focus will be on the business case for smart grids, how to implement effectively, recent technology advances, standards and regulatory progress, and identifying new business opportunities.

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Providing Demand-Based Ancillary Services via the Smart Grid Sempa Power, Parks Associates, OCWA, EnerNOC This session examines how smart grid applications like demand response can help manage the distribution of electricity while lowering energy consumption, reducing cost, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Innovative smart grid technologies have enabled an increasing number of demand response resources to provide ancillary services to grid operators and utilities by making it easier for end-users to respond to dispatch signals quickly and automatically. We will look at one case study of an innovative pilot project designed to demonstrate the capacity for water systems to provide demand-based ancillary services, such as system regulation, to Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). We will also discuss several other case studies where demand response is providing spinning serves, like PJM's Synchronized Reserves Market and ERCOT's Responsive Reserve Market. Read more >
Jul 29 2010
65 mins
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