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Security Metrics to Manage Change: Which Matter, Which Can Be Measured? Successful organizations run on key metrics and IT security should be no different. But which security metrics should operations, management and the boardroom be focused on? Factories focus on “days without an accident” Is the cyber parallel “days without a breach?”
What to measure, how to measure, and how to communicate performance is key to improving the security team’s effectiveness and standing within the organization. Information like:
- Which departments have access to which servers?
- Who are the privileged users and when are they most active?
- Where are the assets with vulnerabilities that can be reached from outside?
- When are security defenses like firewalls likely to maxout?
Join Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder of the Ponemon Institute, for key results of a new research study on security metrics and change management, and Jody Brazil, Founder, President and CTO of FireMon, for a pragmatic perspective on generating actionable metrics from your network security infrastructure and reducing the risks of relentless change.
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Apr 23 2014
49 mins

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