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Information Security

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  • Key Insights from NTT Security's Threat Intelligence Report
    Key Insights from NTT Security's Threat Intelligence Report Christopher Camejo, Director of Product Management – Threat Intelligence, NTT Security Recorded: Jan 18 2018 61 mins
    Cyber attacks are as unique as the attackers behind them and the organizations they target: both attackers and the organizations they target have different objectives. Analysis of attack trends can help determine where security efforts should be focused to prepare for the most common attack types and protect from the highest risk.

    In this talk we will walk through the latest data from NTT Security’s Threat Intelligence Reports to show the most common threats facing organizations in various sectors and geographies today.
  • Key Considerations for Building Stronger Security
    Key Considerations for Building Stronger Security John Bambenek (Fidelis) | Mike Bruemmer (Experian) | Kevin Lee (Sift Science) | Dennis Leber (Commonwealth of Kentucky) Recorded: Jan 18 2018 60 mins
    In the age of breaches and increased cyber attacks, security professionals are looking for the best ways to secure their organizations and prepare against upcoming cyber threats. Join this panel of experts are they look back the biggest events of 2017 and provide their recommendations for CISO's on what to look out for in the next months and how to improve their organization's cyber security in 2018.

    - Breaches and (Compromised) Identity
    - Lessons learned from 2017's major breaches (Equifax, Uber, etc.)
    - Fighting cyber fraud, identity theft, account takeovers
    - The likelihood of GDPR leading to companies not disclosing breaches
    - Cyber attack trends on the horizon
    - How to protect against these attacks and build a more resilient enterprise

    - John Bambenek, Threat Systems Manager, Fidelis Cybersecurity
    - Dennis Leber, CISO at Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Commonwealth of Kentucky
    - Kevin Lee, Trust and Safety Architect, Sift Science
    - Michael Bruemmer, VP Consumer Protection, Experian Consumer Services
  • API Security: The Past, Present, and Future
    API Security: The Past, Present, and Future Bernard Harguindeguy, Founder and CEO Elastic Beam Recorded: Jan 17 2018 55 mins
    API Security has moved from being an afterthought to a critical component of API deployments. Organizations are now evaluating many security services to meet business needs. Foundational security services, such as data encryption, rate limiting, and access control are now available across a range of on premise, CDN, and SAAS offerings to provide organizations the flexibility of aligning API security with overall security needs.

    Advanced attacks, including bot detection, API data and control system attacks, and API DDoS attacks are a big data problem which requires applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to reliably identify and remediate attacks. Once again, multiple security platform choices are becoming available. Moving forward, one can envision the availability of a security services menu that supports automated deployment and delivers the desired API security to protect an organization’s critical assets.

    About the Presenter:
    Bernard is the founder and CEO of Elastic Beam. He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven record of building high growth organizations and award-winning products. He brings strong expertise delivering security and data center software to large enterprises, government agencies, Telcos, and consumers. Most recently he was Chairman, President and CEO at Atlantis Computing. Previously, he was the CEO of Green Border (first security company acquired by Google), and the CEO of WorldTalk (acquired by Tumbleweed). Bernard was also the Chairman of Booshaka (acquired by Sprinkler), Chairman of Norskale (acquired by Citrix), and Chairman of BorderWare (acquired by WatchGuard). Bernard earned a MS in Engineering Management from Stanford University. Bernard was inducted into the University of California Irvine Engineering Hall of Fame in 2015.
  • Top Cybersecurity Priorities for CISOs
    Top Cybersecurity Priorities for CISOs Dr. Christopher Pierson, John Cloonan, Roselle Safran Recorded: Jan 16 2018 61 mins
    Aligning security with business goals remains a challenge for CISOs across industries. In an age of relentless attacks, CISOs need to be proactive, informed and have the resources to launch a resilient cyber defense.

    Tune in to this interactive panel discussion to learn the key cyber priorities for CISOs this year:
    - Cyber attacks and new threats on the horizon
    - Understanding your company's cyber risk
    - Cost of breaches
    - Best practices for improving security in 2018
    - Communicating security strategy to the board

    - Dr. Christopher Pierson, Founder & CEO, Binary Sun Cyber Risk Advisors
    - Roselle Safran, President, Rosint Labs
    - John Cloonan, Director of Products, Lastline
  • Securing Your Digital Way of Life
    Securing Your Digital Way of Life Ron Temske, VP Security Solutions, Logicalis Recorded: Jan 16 2018 59 mins
    In this presentation, Ron Temske, Vice President of Security for Logicalis US, will discuss the prevalence of cyberattacks through a variety of attack vectors.

    Attendees will also learn about market trends, malware evolution and smarter security strategies to reduce enterprise vulnerability and mitigate risks.

    About the Presenter
    Ron Temske is Vice President of Security Solutions for Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com). At Logicalis, he is responsible for defining the strategic vision for security solutions and ensuring that consistent methodologies and procedures are applied nationwide. Ron has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology-consulting arena and blends sales and management skills with his training as an engineer. Ron holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
  • Are You Ready for PCI D-Day? January 31, 2018 Is But 2 Weeks Away
    Are You Ready for PCI D-Day? January 31, 2018 Is But 2 Weeks Away Ben Rothke (Nettitude) | David Mundhenk (Herjavec Group) | Jeff Hall (Optiv) Recorded: Jan 16 2018 64 mins
    One of the big priorities for companies in 2018 is to achieve compliance. GDPR is going into effect in May, but even before that new new PCI DSS 3.2 requirements are set to become operational in February. According to the PCI SSC, these requirements were previously considered to be 'best practices' until January 31, 2018, after which compliance with them becomes mandatory. Although this is not connected to GDPR, companies that implement this standard will be some way to becoming GDPR compliant, at least as far as payments are concerned. E.g. In PCI DSS 3.2., multi-factor authentication (MFA) becomes mandatory, offering retailers and other companies a way of protecting customer personal details.

    Join the PCI Dream Team as they discuss:
    - What are the new PCI DSS 3.2 requirements?
    - Who needs to be PCI DSS 3.2 compliant?
    - What is the impact on data protection and cyber security?

    - David Mundhenk, Senior Security Consultant at Herjavec Group
    - Jeff Hall, Principal Security Consultant at Optiv Security
    - Ben Rothke, Principal Security Consultant at Nettitude Group
  • Crafting Smarter Security Strategy in 2018
    Crafting Smarter Security Strategy in 2018 Raef Meeuwisse, Paul Swarbrick, Cristiano Cafferata, Graeme Park Recorded: Jan 16 2018 61 mins
    Last year's massive cyber attacks and data breaches that disrupted organizations and governments worldwide are a major wake up call for CISO's everywhere. Now, more than ever, it's paramount to make invest in smarter security to protect your organizations critical data assets and workloads.

    Join this panel of top industry experts as they discuss:
    - Why businesses should put cybersecurity a key priority in 2018
    - Key factors to consider when crafting your security strategy
    - How to prevent breaches, detect them faster and launch an appropriate response
    - Recommendations for CISO's and CIO's
  • Making Security Strategy Reality: Winning Strategy through Tactics
    Making Security Strategy Reality: Winning Strategy through Tactics Griff James, Director, Damrod Analysis Recorded: Jan 16 2018 32 mins
    In cyber security the strategic goals are often clear, while the methods to achieve those goals is anything but. This webinar introduces Damrod’s Cyber Strategic Framework that applies military analysis to cyber security challenges. Aimed at security teams trying to implement high level goals in the real world, this talk focuses on effects based planning that integrates disparate elements of IT and security into a cohesive package. Defending the network is about more than technology. Analysis and leadership are critical elements of an effective cyber defense. You will leave this webinar better equipped to develop the tactics that make strategy a reality.

    About the Presenter:
    Griff is trained as a Canadian Infantry Officer and is a holds a Master’s Degree from the LSE. Unable to find “real” work, he got into software development as a Scrum Master, leading the development of a web based application. This experience fostered an interest in cybersecurity, and Griff went on to a boutique start-up providing application security to Fortune 500 companies. Frustrated by the disconnect between technologies and poor analysis within cyber security, Griff founded cyber defense firm Damrod Analysis in 2017.
  • 5 Digital Asset Security Risks Someone Should Have Warned Me About
    5 Digital Asset Security Risks Someone Should Have Warned Me About Todd DeCapua Recorded: Dec 26 2017 40 mins
    Todd will walk you through the 5 digital asset security risks someone should have warned him about. You will enjoy the stories, see the key learnings, and know what you need to do as you are likely headed down this path.

    With examples in the media, at least on a weekly basis, where realities of risks to Revenue, Brand, Customer and Competitive are all too real. Join the leading expert in Digital Asset Security and Performance Engineering, ensuring you will know where to focus first; enabling you to mitigate some of the higher profile risks, which you and your team may not be aware of yet.

    You will hear about:

    •Domain Management and Strategy
    •Online Brand Protection
    •DNS Services and Analytics
    •SSL Certificates
    •Social Media Username Registration and Management
  • Career Conversations w/ Kristi Horton  - Threat Intel and Forensics Expert
    Career Conversations w/ Kristi Horton - Threat Intel and Forensics Expert Kristi Horton and Jessica Gulick Recorded: Dec 22 2017 60 mins
    Join us at our next Career Conversations session. We'll discuss topics such as: what made them decide on IT or Cyber Security, what were some of their work/life challenges, and what skills and education do they see as essential to success?

    Whether you are an experienced professional or just contemplating a future in Cyber Security, WSC's Career Conversations allows you to have a conversation with women making a difference. Join us and share in Career Conversations with successful women in cyber security!

    Guests: Kristi Horton, Threat Intelligence and Forensics Expert, Founder of Horton Technologies, LLC

    Hosted by Jessica Gulick, VP of the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu

    About the Speaker:
    Kristi Horton is a pioneer with an entrepreneurial spirit. She challenges conventional thinking and encourages peers, team members, and students to seek solutions from other disciplines and leverage any resources at their disposal to overcome barriers to success. Kristi has built and led cyber threat intelligence programs for a top 10 US financial institution, founding and running a commercial digital forensic practice for a Fortune 500 firm, developing new courses and training modules in cyber security, intelligence, and digital forensics along with developing assessment exercises, and serving as an evaluator and coach for forensic professionals. Kristi has mobilized collaborative groups in the financial services industry to develop a common lexicon to enhance threat information sharing among cyber security peers, and initiated a forum for the discussion cyber intelligence strategies. Kristi is active in the community through presentations, panel discussions, and organizing training for intelligence analysts on topics ranging from "what is intelligence", to "Applying Analytic Tradecraft to Overcome Bias". Her work has been recognized by government agencies and commercial firms alike.

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