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When Does Electronic Espionage Become an Act of War?

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David Willson, Attorney at Law, Security+
Since 2007 the press has been claiming we are in a cyber-war. It began with Estonia, shifted to Georgia, then to North Korea, Google, attacks on the Pentagon, and the list goes on. We have also heard claims of a potential “cyber Pearl Harbor.” So, are we, the US or any other nation currently engaged in a “cyber-war?” Some would now claim that with Stuxnet and the New York Times article stating that the US and Israel developed Stuxnet and used it to disrupt Iran’s nuclear weapon development that now we are in a cyber-war. I say, no! We are not in a cyber-war. This lecture will discuss the current events, some perspectives, the law, and why we are not currently in a cyber-war, as well as my prediction for if and when any nation might be in a cyber-war.

David is a leading authority in cyber security and the law. He is a licensed attorney in NY, CT, and CO, focused on technology and the law, and helping companies lower the risk of a cyber- incident and reducing or eliminating the liability associated with loss or theft of information. DavidisaretiredArmyJAGofficer. Duringhis20yearsintheArmyheprovidedlegaladvicein computer network operations, information security and international law to the DoD and NSA and was the legal advisor for what is now CYBERCOM. He has published many articles, the most recent, “Hacking Back In Self-Defense: Is It Legal; Should It Be?”, and another popular one, “When Does Electronic Espionage Become An ‘Act of War’?” His speaking engagements include: the FBI ICCS conf., RSA, CSI, HTCIA, ISSA, FBCINC, the 4th Int'l Cyber Crime Conf., Australia, Cornerstones of Trust, FISSEA and others. He holds the CISSP & Security + certifications and has two LLM’s in International Law and in Intellectual Property law. He is a VP of his local ISSA chapter and a member of InfraGard.
Aug 9 2012
49 mins
When Does Electronic Espionage Become an Act of War?

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  • Title: When Does Electronic Espionage Become an Act of War?
  • Live at: Aug 9 2012 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: David Willson, Attorney at Law, Security+
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