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Cleaning Up Your Low Hanging Fruit

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Brad Smith
Hacker are lazy just like me (you too?), so they often target the low hanging fruity networks first. This session is a how-to for finding and fixing the “low fruit” look you could be giving out to the Internet. Following a simple 3 step fruit raising program, this session might give your network the edge it needs to be skipped when the hackers are out for the low fruit.

Utilizing only Nmap and over 160 scripts that are now included with it, you’ll quickly learn how to scan for low fruit like:
•What do hackers see when they look at your network?
•Do you servers have easily found known compromises?
•Have you checked for vulnerabilities in VMWare, MS SQL server, IIS
and Conflicker?
•Can you locate Bit Torrent running inside your network?
•Is your DNS safe?
•How much info are you leaking via SMTP, SMB, SSH and RPC?
•Can you locate people using scanners inside your organization?
(They could be stealing passwords!)
•How can I get the most fruit raising power for the least work?

Attend this session and find out how to tell if you’re the low fruit and what you can do about fixing your fruit problems. Is your network low hanging fruit?
Nov 30 2010
53 mins
Cleaning Up Your Low Hanging Fruit

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  • Title: Cleaning Up Your Low Hanging Fruit
  • Live at: Nov 30 2010 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Brad Smith
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