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Network Infrastructure

  • Stream Video to Your Global Users Securely and Confidently
    Stream Video to Your Global Users Securely and Confidently
    Derek Yee, PMM, Cloudflare | Cavin Kindsvogel, Stream Product Specialist, Cloudflare | Jon Levine, Stream PM, Cloudflare Recorded: Dec 11 2018 31 mins
    CDNs have played a significant role in successful video delivery, especially across OTT services, publishing, ad tech, gaming, and sporting sites. Cloudflare is building a better Internet, which includes delivering a fast, secure and reliable video experience for consumers anywhere in the world. Cloudflare offers a high performing distribution network that can meet the evolving needs of companies delivering video.

    Join us for this 45-minute webinar where we cover the following:

    - The foundations of building a resilient network to support high traffic video content
    - Advances in Cloudflare’s caching infrastructure for better streaming performance
    - How Cloudflare Workers provides video providers increased control of content distribution and visibility to user analytics
  • [Ep.24] Ask the Expert: Service Monetization in the XaaS Era
    [Ep.24] Ask the Expert: Service Monetization in the XaaS Era
    Arun Trivedi, Partner, Wipro and Kelly Harris, Senior Content Manager, BrightTALK Recorded: Dec 11 2018 49 mins
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Ask the Expert Series.

    Service monetization is sometimes a competitive differentiator or an answer to disruptive competitors. Irrespective of the reason for transformation, service monetization provides a great platform to model business models to improve customer retention and increase revenue in the longer term.

    This session will provide participants with an understanding of service monetization challenges and how companies can transform their overall business process and quote to revenue in particular.

    Join Arun Trivedi, Partner, Wipro Technologies and Kelly Harris, Senior Content Manager, BrightTALK for a live discussion on service monetization and revenue streams from XaaS.
  • Will You Still Love Me When I Turn 64GFC?
    Will You Still Love Me When I Turn 64GFC?
    Dean Wallace, Marvell; Barry Maskas, HPE Recorded: Dec 11 2018 50 mins
    Fibre Channel’s speed roadmap defines a well-understood technological trend: the need to double the bit rate in the channel without doubling the required bandwidth.

    In order to do this, PAM4 (pulse-amplitude modulation, with four levels of pulse modulation), enters the Fibre Channel physical layer picture. With the use of four signal levels instead of two, and with each signal level corresponding to a two-bit symbol, the standards define 64GFC operation while maintaining backward compatibility with 32GFC and 16GFC.

    This advanced technical session will cover the T11 standards which define 64GFC serial Fibre Channel, backwards speed auto-negotiation compatibility, and compatible form factors:

    •New physical layer and specification challenges for PAM4, which includes eye openings, crosstalk sensitivity, and new test methodologies and parameters
    •Transceivers, their form factors, and how 64GFC maintains backward compatibility with multi-mode fibre cable deployments in the data center, including distance specifications
    •Discussion of protocol changes, and an overview of backward-compatible link speed and forward error correction (FEC) negotiation
    •The FCIA’s Fibre Channel speed roadmap and evolution, and new technologies under consideration
  • Jacked, Extorted and Destroyed - The Threats of 2018 and Beyond
    Jacked, Extorted and Destroyed - The Threats of 2018 and Beyond
    Kevin Haley, Director Security Response, Symantec Recorded: Dec 11 2018 48 mins
    Today’s threats aim to do more than just steal intellectual property. They hijack software updates, destroy devices, steal resources, and take advantage of trusted tools within your network. To top it off, these threats are notoriously difficult to detect.

    Join leading threat expert, Kevin Haley, as he shares insights on trends shaping the threat landscape and how to best-protect your organization.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    • Insights on cryptojacking, fileless threats and ransomware

    • Capabilities you need to protect yourself from these threats

    • Best practices for more efficient and effective endpoint security

    Please Join Us, Register Today
  • Threat Detection in TLS: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    Threat Detection in TLS: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    Ian Farquhar, Distinguished Sales Engineer, Gigamon Recorded: Dec 11 2018 59 mins
    While TLS (formerly known as SSL) has become the de facto way of encrypting data in motion on networks, it can also hide threats from your InfoSec team. As the volume of encrypted traffic continues to grow, organizations become even more vulnerable to encrypted attacks, hidden command and control threats and data exfiltration exploits that go undetected.

    To make this situation even more complex, the TLS 1.3 draft 28 proposal, ratified at the IETF 101 conference in London and now moving toward official RFC status, has actually removed the visibility which was widely deployed for threat identification in TLS 1.2.

    Once again, InfoSec teams find themselves at the fulcrum of a delicate balancing act. On one hand, encryption is moving toward ubiquity but on the other, we need to detect when threat actors use it too. And in detecting that misuse, we need to acknowledge and address critical management, troubleshooting, legal, regulatory, ethical and technical concerns. For example, we can’t decrypt just at the edge of our networks if we believe “perimeter security is dead.” Proxies on the network edge are a step backwards.

    What can you do? “Threat Detection in TLS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” will discuss the necessity of deploying TLS decryption in the core of networks and will explore innovative architectures that deliver that capability while maintaining availability and reliability.

    Learn how organizations can manage growing SSL/TLS traffic volumes by creating a centralized “decryption zone” to decrypt traffic once and give security tools newfound visibility into formerly encrypted traffic and threats.
  • Cracking The Code on OT Security
    Cracking The Code on OT Security
    Mille Gandelsman & Michael Rothschild Recorded: Dec 11 2018 67 mins
    A confluence of trends has caused the security of industrial operations to take center stage in the C-Suite. The convergence of IT and OT environments, migration of once isolated OT environments to IIoT, and of course increased targeting of industrial networks just to name a few. With these emerging trends, there is an even greater need to have 100% visibility, security and control across industrial environments.

    One of the key design decisions needed when implementing an industrial cyber security solution is the approach best suited for your industrial control environment - passive, active or hybrid. Join us for our next webcast where Mille Gandelsman, CTO and co-founder of Indegy will explain what “active” security is, what it does, why you need it, how it is safe and how to get there. Learn from Indegy's experience of implementing active technology for the past four years in some of the most demanding and sensitive environments globally, and gain the field knowledge needed to secure your industrial operations both now and into the future.
  • Key Considerations for Stretching Your Storage Budget
    Key Considerations for Stretching Your Storage Budget
    Donna Pizarro, Product Manager, Storage; Bill Coker, VP, Hardware Business Unit; Bill Raftery, SVP Global Storage Solutions Recorded: Dec 11 2018 41 mins
    Storage Admins are continually challenged by the revolution in today's storage technology; the expansive growth of storage needs and the balance of getting the best performance and extended life of the storage product to stretch an existing budget.

    Want to learn more? Join us for an informative discussion where we’ll discuss:
    •Available N-1 options for hybrid systems
    •Options you should consider when purchasing a pre-owned N-1 hybrid
    •The pros and cons of purchasing a N-1 storage solution
    •How to save by extending the life of the asset
    •Why performance assessments and health checks are necessary, what is
    involved and what objectives should be expected
  • Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud
    Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud
    Jeff Behl, Chief Product Officer at LogicMonitor and William Fellows, Research Vice President and Founder of 451 Research Recorded: Dec 11 2018 59 mins
    Your cloud journey is underway. That’s a fact. So what’s next and how can you best prepare your organization for long term success? Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud from LogicMonitor provides answers. Compiled from the predictions of more than 300 industry influencers, this report outlines the future of the cloud computing industry and contains valuable insights and tips for IT leaders preparing for and continuing their cloud transition.

    Join Jeff Behl, LogicMonitor Chief Product Officer and William Fellows, VP of Research for 451 Research’s Cloud Transformation Channel as they reveal the survey results and discuss ramifications for the market.

    Cloud Vision 2020: Future of the Cloud Webinar will cover:
    -Will Enterprises ever be 100% in the cloud?
    -What trends are actually driving cloud engagement today?
    -What will the drivers to the cloud be in 2020?
    -Which cloud vendors will gain/lose market share?
    -How can these findings be applied to your cloud strategy?

    Learn why Forbes, USA Today, and TechRepublic are talking about LogicMonitor’s Cloud Vision 2020 study. Follow the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #CloudVision2020
  • Open Standard for Data Center Availability (OSDA)
    Open Standard for Data Center Availability (OSDA)
    Lex Coors, Chief Data Center Technology & Engineering Officer, Interxion Recorded: Dec 11 2018 40 mins
    The Green Grid is an industry organization focused on providing metrics, tools, and initiatives that enable the ICT industry to improve operations, increase efficiency, and deliver more sustainable products and services.

    Targeted at Data Center Designers and Owners/Operators, The Green Grid’s new Open Standard for Data Center Availability (OSDA) tool promises to modernize data center availability classification and rating, similar to how PUE modernized data center power usage. Free for anyone to use, the tool will enable data center professionals to evaluate sustainable energy source availability.

    Attendees will:
    •Learn a new approach to increase resource efficiency and sustainability by integrating renewable energy sources into their overall availability considerations
    •Understand how data centers of the future – either large data centers or edge data centers – can leverage new energy options
    •Gain insight into how to use the OSDA tool for their own operations
    •Learn about the role of The Green Grid in fostering industry collaboration and innovation
  • Optimizing Data Plane intensive NFV workloads on VMware vCloud NFV and Intel®
    Optimizing Data Plane intensive NFV workloads on VMware vCloud NFV and Intel®
    Jambi Ganbar, Sr. Technical Solutions Manager NFV Ready Program, VMware and Petar Torre, Intel Lead Telco Architect Recorded: Dec 11 2018 61 mins
    Intel and VMware will explore the impact of NFV Infrastructure on VNF Data Plane performance. We will explain the correct hardware design and then discuss the optimal use of VMware vCloud NFV to achieve high throughput and low latencies. This will be excellent opportunity to learn about Data Plane HW configurations with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and Intel® Ethernet Adapters 710 Series, as well as VMware’s latest vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition 3.0 and NSX.
  • Field testing MPO/MTP connectors to support 100Gig and beyond
    Field testing MPO/MTP connectors to support 100Gig and beyond
    Jim Davis, Fluke Networks Recorded: Dec 11 2018 60 mins
    This webinar, presented by Jim Davis of Fluke Networks, will start with a basic review of the need for cleaning fiber and the differences between singlemode and multimode fibers. It will then cover the inspection and cleaning of fibers, the loss length and reflectance requirements, measuring loss, Tier 1 testing of MPO/MPT Connectors, Tier 2 testing for troubleshooting, and reading a test report.
  • Can you protect against what you can’t see?
    Can you protect against what you can’t see?
    Richard Leadbetter, EMEA Security Technical Sales Specialist Recorded: Dec 11 2018 14 mins
    This webinar discusses how multiple levels of visibility are essential to the digital transformation process.
  • SD-WAN Migration Strategies for Varying Network Architectures
    SD-WAN Migration Strategies for Varying Network Architectures
    Ray Wong, Principal Systems Engineer at VeloCloud, now part of VMware Recorded: Dec 11 2018 48 mins
    In this webinar, we go a level deeper into SD-WAN Migration by focusing on its architecture and its ability to adapt to the varied network requirements of global enterprises. Topics will also include best practices and recommendations for a successful SD-WAN transformation for both regional and worldwide deployments.
  • Лучшие практики OpenManage Enterprise: модернизация управления инфраструктурой
    Лучшие практики OpenManage Enterprise: модернизация управления инфраструктурой
    Артем Булкин, Системный инженер Recorded: Dec 11 2018 45 mins
    На каждом сервере PowerEdge «живет» умный и бдительный менеджер, который ждет вас. Присоединитесь к этой сессии, чтобы пообщаться с профессионалами со всего мира и узнать о том, как максимально использовать встроенные возможности серверов PowerEdge.
  • CEO Insights: 2019 Cybersecurity Predictions
    CEO Insights: 2019 Cybersecurity Predictions
    Brian NeSmith, CEO and Co-founder of Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Dec 10 2018 35 mins
    Cybercriminals continued on their rampage in 2018 stealing millions of records from Department of Homeland Security and successfully hacked into name brand companies like Adidas, Twitter, Cathay Pacific, and Ticketmaster. The pace is not expected to slow in 2019. With porous on-premises infrastructure, new cloud assets, and not enough people with cybersecurity skills to detect and respond to threats, 2019 should be a lively year.

    The cybersecurity experts at Arctic Wolf Networks (AWN), a leading Security Operation Center (SOC)-as-a-Service provider have seen all types of attacks that have attempted to sneak through many a company’s perimeter and endpoint defenses.

    In this webinar, Brian NeSmith, CEO and co-founder of Arctic Wolf will walk through the top predictions for 2019, based on what our security services team has seen across more than 500 customers.

    Here is a preview of the top 3 predictions that is bound to surprise you.

    - The new approach cybercriminals will employ to get into target organizations
    - Which industries will be most attractive to 2019’s hackers
    - Whether new security technologies can live up to their expectations
    - And much more!

    To hear from this security expert and to learn what to look for in 2019, register now.
  • The 2019 Security Strategy from the former CSO of Facebook and Uber
    The 2019 Security Strategy from the former CSO of Facebook and Uber
    Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer of Cloudflare & Tim Fong, Head of Security Solutions Recorded: Dec 10 2018 42 mins
    How are you planning to secure your employees, your company, and your customers in 2019?

    Prior to joining Cloudflare as its Chief Security Officer (CSO) in 2018, Joe Sullivan spent 5+ years as CSO for Facebook and 2.5 years as CSO for Uber. He also previously held security and legal roles at PayPal and eBay and served on the Obama Administration as a member of the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.

    With over a decade of experience from some of the world’s most influential companies, Joe will share the core strategies he is taking to help protect Cloudflare and, as a result, its 12M domains who rely on its services for security and performance.

    Register now to learn:

    - Major security risks to prepare for in 2019
    - The three areas Cloudflare is using its own products to secure the company
    - The plan to improve internal discipline around “incident response”
    - The critical shift in thinking and strategy around the world becoming “borderless”
    - The “security maturity model” to evaluate and plan the security roadmap

    If you and your team are in the middle of planning how to maintain and improve your security posture for 2019, sign up to attend now. Registrants will also get a copy of the actual Security Maturity Model you can use with your own team.
  • Achieve NERC CIP Compliance with FireMon
    Achieve NERC CIP Compliance with FireMon
    Robert Rodriguez, Senior Sales Engineer | Brian Dixon, Sales Engineer | Elisa Lippincott, Director of Product Marketing Recorded: Dec 10 2018 12 mins
    Utilities need scalable solutions to help them adapt and comply with the constantly changing NERC CIP requirements. FireMon can partner with utilities to automate their security policy workflows, optimize their vulnerability management efforts, and get their networks under control with complete visibility, real-time monitoring and continuous compliance checks.
  • Demystifying Service Mesh: New Pattern or New Technology?
    Demystifying Service Mesh: New Pattern or New Technology?
    Marco Palladino, CTO & Co-Founder, Kong Recorded: Dec 7 2018 64 mins
    In a short period of time, service APIs went from being primarily an edge interface connecting developers outside of the organization with internal systems to the glue that binds those internal systems (microservices) into a functioning whole. Consequently, one of the unavoidable results of microservice-oriented architectures is that internal communication within the data center will increase. Service mesh arose as a potential solution to the challenges that arise from increased East-West traffic by providing a different framework for deploying existing technology.

    However, most of what service mesh introduces has been provided for many years by API Management products. Features such as observability, network error handling, health-checks, etc. are hallmarks of API management. These features don’t constitute anything novel in themselves, but as a pattern, service mesh introduces a new way of deploying those features within our architecture.

    Join Kong CTO and Co-Founder Marco Palladino as he walks attendees through the architectural changes that have led to the rise of service mesh and why legacy API management solutions born before the advent of containers can’t keep up.

    Webinar takeaways:

    - Service mesh as an architecture pattern, not a technology
    - The implications of adopting microservices-oriented architectures
    - Why traditional API management solutions can’t keep up
  • RSA #3 - Transforming Secure Access to be Intelligent
    RSA #3 - Transforming Secure Access to be Intelligent
    Ayelet Biger-Levin, CISSP, Senior Consultant, Product Marketing, RSA Recorded: Dec 7 2018 54 mins
    When it comes to making access decisions, it’s all about being smart. In the speed of today’s business agility requirements, we cannot stop users at the door all the time and ask for their ID. We need to know them. Intelligent Authentication provides the benefit of reducing friction AND adding security to protect applications and data that are critical to the business. It provides security and convenience, considering the needs of the modern workforce. In this session we will discuss a simple process to gain visibility into the right listening posts, derive actionable insights and then drive action to protect the organization’s most valuable assets from rogue access and drive Identity Assurance.
  • IoTに迫るセキュリティ脅威に備えるには~シマンテックが提供するIoTソリューション~
    山内 正, テクニカルディレクター, 株式会社シマンテック Recorded: Dec 7 2018 52 mins


  • SD-WAN Best-of-Breed vs All-in-One: Which should you choose?
    SD-WAN Best-of-Breed vs All-in-One: Which should you choose?
    Dr. Jim Metzler and Joel Christner Recorded: Dec 6 2018 43 mins
    The WAN has been fundamentally upended by SD-WAN and IT decision makers now have to reconsider what the branch of today and tomorrow looks like. Do you choose a best-of-breed solution or do you settle on a solution that includes SD-WAN and other capabilities?

    Join our webinar to learn the pros and cons of each and which dimensions should power your decision.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    * The similarities and differences between best-of-breed SD-WAN and all-in-one systems
    * Which challenges and complexities are either presented or remedied by each model
    * How best-of-breed SD-WAN and all-in-one systems affect long-term remote office architecture
    * And most importantly, which provides the most value in different circumstances

    Dr. Jim Metzler is the Founder and Vice President at Ashton, Metzler & Associates. Dr. Metzler has worked in many positions in the networking industry. His current interests include Application Delivery, Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization.

    Joel Christner is the VP of Marketing at CloudGenix and has two decades of experience in building distributed systems, infrastructure, and application delivery.
  • The Digital Workplace Requires AI-Driven IT
    The Digital Workplace Requires AI-Driven IT
    Jeff Aaron, VP of Marketing, Mist Systems; Kevin Fenn, Global Head of Networks, ThoughtWorks Recorded: Dec 6 2018 57 mins
    Join this webinar where Kevin Fenn, Global Head of Networks at ThoughtWorks, and Jeff Aaron, Vice President of Marketing at Mist, will discuss the emerging role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IT and how you can benefit from this trend. AI is critical to the emerging digital workplace, reshaping the way IT organizations deploy and manage infrastructure and how users consume those services.

    The IT department at ThoughtWorks is on the leading edge of the “AI for IT” movement, bringing unprecedented automation and insight into daily operations with a state of the art AI-driven Wireless LAN from Mist. Their new digital workplace, which enables new initiatives such as open seating and video collaboration, is boosting employee efficiency and experience.

    We will explore:

    · AI technology and the impact it has on wireless networking

    · Best practices for deploying an AI-driven WLAN

    · How to support wireless video conferencing, open seating, and other strategic initiatives

    · Quantifying the benefits of a new AI-driven network infrastructure
  • Let's Talk About Security IT: Why 24x7 Monitoring is Critical
    Let's Talk About Security IT: Why 24x7 Monitoring is Critical
    Sonu Shankar - Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Dec 6 2018 52 mins
    Data breaches are now a common global occurrence, causing real economic damage to businesses. Lost revenue, damaged reputations, disrupted operations, and significant costs to recover, attackers are adapting their techniques at a much faster pace than most businesses. These once less sophisticated cyber criminals now have easier access to exploits that were previously only available to highly skilled nation-state actors.

    Without access to the large IT budgets to fend off these bad actors, small and medium businesses continue to struggle with determining the right approach to cyber security. Lacking the resources to build or staff a Security Operations Center (SOC), companies continue to invest in endpoint and perimeter security products. However, even with several security products deployed, breaches keep occurring. So, is there a way you could detect data exfiltration attempts early, even if the attackers were able to evade your endpoint defense mechanisms?

    In this webinar, we talk about:

    - Why investing heavily in endpoint and perimeter security products may not be enough
    - The top reasons why 24x7 security monitoring is critical to defend your business from today’s attackers
    - How you can transform your cyber security strategy today with advanced threat detection and response

    To discover why 24x7 monitoring is critical, register now.
  • The Ghost in the Machine: Who Will Win the AI Race?
    The Ghost in the Machine: Who Will Win the AI Race?
    Simon Bryden, Consulting Systems Engineer, Fortinet Dec 12 2018 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    In this webinar we will discuss some of the key security events and trends over the last year, drawing on threat intelligence facts and statistics as researched and reported by the FortiGuard Labs.

    As as both cyber criminals and cyber defenders look to new technological advances, we will then consider some emerging threats and defense strategies and discuss how both sides are likely to benefit, and to what extent?
  • Estratégias para extender a vida útil de IPv4 e introduzir IPv6 em provedores
    Estratégias para extender a vida útil de IPv4 e introduzir IPv6 em provedores
    Thiago de Lima, SE Brazil from A10 Networks Dec 12 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    O esgotamento global dos blocos livres de endereços IPv4 disponíveis e a adoção de IPv6, impõem uma série de novos desafios ao crescimento e a rentabilidade dos provedores de serviços. Na maior parte dos casos, os provedores de serviços devem desenhar e implantar estratégias de curto e longo prazo, para preservar recursos extremadamente escasso como são seus endereçamentos IPv4 e migrar sua rede, serviços e assinantes para IPv6.

    - Preservação de endereços IPv4
    - Migração e coexistência com IPv6
    - Aspectos legais, visibilidade e acessibilidade dos usuários
  • The alchemy of data
    The alchemy of data
    Chris Wigget, Director Insights and Analytics, Britehouse a division of Dimension Data Dec 12 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Information is the heart of the modern organisation. For many years now business intelligence has been at the forefront of taking data and attempting to turn it into actionable insights.

    The truth is that traditional business intelligence approaches are not able to provide the digital organisation with the level of insight that the modern business environment demands.

    In this talk we’ll examine how traditional business intelligence is failing the modern, agile organisation, how simply embracing ‘the next big thing’ can backfire, and why organisations find themselves in this situation.

    We’ll also show how advanced analytics can help companies escape the information swamp and start turning the data they have into the information they need.
  • The Evolution and Future of DevOps
    The Evolution and Future of DevOps
    Jonathan Sullivan, CTO Dec 12 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    At NS1, we see DevOps as helping improve scalability and the application delivery process as a whole. Despite its benefits, moving to DevOps can be a challenging undertaking, especially for organizations riddled with legacy applications and technology. Many companies fail to reap the benefits because making the shift requires substantial changes to culture, processes and the resulting toolset.

    As we move into 2019, the emergence of DevOps continues to be a part of a growing number of global enterprises. With the rise of this methodology, what new DevOps trends have yet to appear?

    In this panel we will cover:

    - What DevOps looks like at NS1
    - What has the evolution of DevOps looked like?
    - What are some of the remaining challenges left for DevOps to solve?
    - What we still see as lacking from the DevOps tool belt?
    - What is the future of DevOps?
  • Enforcement & Containment with Segmentation
    Enforcement & Containment with Segmentation
    Josh King, Director of Security Solutions; Mark Moretti Vice President of Infrastructure and Security Dec 12 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    You don't have to look far to find a current news story about ransomware taking down networks in record time, or a data breach involving millions of customer records by a malicious actor who has hid in an environment for months.

    In an "Assumption of Breach" world, we accept that it's statistically impossible to keep all the bad guys out. That inevitably at some point, we will receive that phone call or email that says it's happened to our organization. But that doesn’t mean we are powerless against it either. We have the tools and practices to help limit the impact that such an incident can have on our business, we just have to exercise them.

    Segmentation is one of those practices that has the ability to significantly impact your overall security posture, but it's impact depends on how well it's implemented. The industry has been using VLANs for segmentation for decades, but they are combat ineffective when it comes to stopping the spread of ransomware and other malicious threats.

    We need to look at more advanced capabilities like Data Center Next Generation Firewalls, Micro-Segmentation practices, Behavior Analytics, and even Network Access Control (NAC) among others to help us contain, mitigate, and eventually remediate the threats that face us.

    Join Josh King, Carousel's Director of Security Solutions to discuss what an assembly of the right mix of people, process, and technologies might look like to combat this evolving threat landscape.
  • 3 Key Essentials for Moving AV to the LAN
    3 Key Essentials for Moving AV to the LAN
    Brian Simmons, Copper Product Manager Dec 12 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    AV technologies are advancing rapidly, and the amount of video traffic crossing IP networks is growing at a rate of 25% every year. By 2021, it’s expected that one million minutes of video traffic will cross global IP networks every single second. With that kind of demand, it’s more important than ever to install an AV system that not only delivers flawless image quality with low latency but also delivers the scalability and flexibility needed to expand your system. Attend this webinar to learn best practices for enterprise AV systems.

    This webinar will cover:
    -AV technologies available today and on the horizon
    -Benefits of migrating your AV system to the IP network
    -How to select the right solution to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Threats on the Horizon – What to Look for & How to Prepare
    Threats on the Horizon – What to Look for & How to Prepare
    Bob Rudis, Chief Data Scientist & Michelle Martinez, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst Dec 12 2018 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Wondering what the top threats are for 2019? Join Rapid7 experts for a discussion of the top threats our team is tracking for the new year. Through extensive research and the engagements of our managed detection and response team, Bob Rudis and Michelle Martinez will share their research to help you protect your organization in the new year. 

    Some of the topics our experts will cover include: 

    1. The most prevalent threats we are tracking for 2019
    2. Top cybersecurity incidents of 2018 and how we expect those to impact 2019
    3. Key takeaways to help you put our research into practice at your organization
  • Containers: accelerating your move to a next-gen, on-demand digital data centre
    Containers: accelerating your move to a next-gen, on-demand digital data centre
    Nathan Vandenberg, General Manager – Data Centre, Dimension Data & Sean Bedford, Cloud Engineer, Google Dec 12 2018 11:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Your enterprise is on a journey to become an on-demand digital business. Your data centre must be able to adapt and scale to achieve your desired digital outcomes. Emerging technology such as containers can unlock a myriad of operational and cost benefits to accelerate your move to a next-generation data centre.

    A 451 Research report commissioned by Dimension Data* found that 52% of enterprises are using container technology to transform that way work is done in their data centre.

    Containers solve the problem of portability and getting software to operate reliably when moved from one computing environment to another. In a next-generation data centre, containers achieve benefits including automation of workload provisioning, ability to scale and orchestration across technology.

    Join Dimension Data and Google on this webinar to find out how your business can take advantage of the opportunities presented by containers. We’ll discuss how containers work, the difference between virtualisation and containers, existing barriers in this space, how you can extend containers to the cloud and the benefits for your business.
  • Сетевая фабрика Dell EMC для современных ЦОД
    Сетевая фабрика Dell EMC для современных ЦОД
    Сергей Гусаров, Старший системный инженер Dell EMC Dec 13 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    На этой сессии мы расскажем, как сетевая фабрика Dell EMC помогает решать текущие задачи современных ЦОД. Мы представим облачный сервис Fabric Design Center: помощник в проектировании и развертывании сетевых фабрик Dell EMC. И рассмотрим возможности масштабируемой сетевой фабрики для модульной платформы PowerEdge MX.
  • Tear down barriers for a stronger cyber defence with DNS
    Tear down barriers for a stronger cyber defence with DNS
    Gary Cox - Systems Engineering Manager, UK and Ireland - Infoblox Dec 13 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Businesses today are under an unprecedented level of pressure to ensure they get the balance between agility and security. Enterprise mobility and BYOD has meant there is a vast number of network and security devices – all generating their own incidents, but they don’t always share information.

    According to the ESG research report on Security Operations Challenges, Priorities and Strategies in 2017, keeping up with the volume of security alerts and lack of integration between different security tools are the biggest challenges related to security. Organisations are investing heavily in automation/orchestration of incident response to improve collaboration, prioritize alerts and shorten time for incident response.

    Join Infoblox on December13th to understand how you can enrich your security product stack with the power of IPAM & DNS. The topics we will cover include:

    • Provide better visibility across your entire network and remove silos
    • Improve agility and automate IT workflows
    • Enable faster remediation to threats

    Please join Infoblox for this key discussion on the integrated ecosystem -- taking your organisation to the next level of security.
  • Zscaler's wealth of capabilities
    Zscaler's wealth of capabilities
    Yogi Chandiramani Dec 13 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Zscaler constantly innovates its offering and capabilities with the objective to provide best security protection and user experience. Zscaler 5.6 was released in October 2018 and brings a wealth of new capabilities. During this session, you will learn how to best leverage the investment you have made int he Zscaler platform. Our experts will be covering all new security features such as Company Risk Score, Threat Insights Plugin, Threat Library, SCIM authentication and many more.
  • 9 Steps to Building a Smarter Network
    9 Steps to Building a Smarter Network
    Cherie Martin, Network Solutions Manager - Aruba Dec 13 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Did you know that over 50% of issues with network experience can be attributed to lack of pre-installation planning? There is a lot to consider, but the effort you put in up front saves time, money, and frustration over the life of your network. Join us as Cherie Martin, Network Solutions Manager, reviews the 9critical steps you should take to ensure your network is smart and reliable.

    Attend and you could qualify for a FREE Access Point and a 90-day trial of Aruba's network cloud-management solution, Aruba Central.
  • Kong 1.0 and Beyond: Preparing for a Cloud-Native World
    Kong 1.0 and Beyond: Preparing for a Cloud-Native World
    Marco Palladino, CTO & CO-Founder, Kong; Cooper Marcus, Director of Ecosystem, Kong Dec 13 2018 6:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    With Kong 1.0, we confirm that Kong is a proven, robust, stable, and production-ready API management platform. Kong stands poised as an API gateway, service mesh, and the basis for a control platform that will serve users faithfully as their information exchange needs, and those of the industry, change.

    As the amount of data and services explodes, enterprises must prepare for a cloud-native world that enables them to free and scale their architectures.

    In this presentation, Kong CTO & Co-Founder, Marco Palladino, and Director of Ecosystem, Cooper Marcus, walk us through the journey towards Kong 1.0 and share the vision that positions Kong as a service control platform for all of your data flows, regardless of your chosen architecture or deployment patterns.

    Webinar takeaways:

    - Learn about the three forces leading us towards cloud-native first architectures
    - Understand how we got here – the milestones marking the maturity of Kong
    - Gain visibility into the future of APIs and the implications for your architecture – Cloud-Native First, but hybrid while you get there.
    - Why you need a solution that can support all of your deployment patterns.
  • Design your hybrid cloud for the end user - or fail
    Design your hybrid cloud for the end user - or fail
    Cameron Wyatt and Ian Tewksbury, Red Hat Dec 13 2018 7:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    The usual approach to beginning business transformation lies with the cloud, and the benefits of a hybrid cloud are clear and uncontested. So why is it that so many enterprises struggle to adopt this exceedingly prevalent technology? Historically, the problem has been an exclusive focus on the tools instead of the people using the tools.

    In this webinar, we we'll discuss why it's imperative in today’s IT landscape to keep the end user as your primary focus when designing and implementing your hybrid cloud.

    We'll cover:
    - How to build your cloud incrementally to accommodate future fixes and enhancements.
    - Why you need to consider your existing policies and procedures when defining your new cloud experience.
    - How to iteratively design and implement a successful hybrid cloud experience.

    Cameron Wyatt, Consulting Architect, Red Hat Consulting, Red Hat
    Ian Tewksbury, Consulting Architect, Red Hat Consulting, Red Hat
  • Netzwerk Upgrades bereiten Ihnen Kopfschmerzen?
    Netzwerk Upgrades bereiten Ihnen Kopfschmerzen?
    Daniela Fusaro, Senior Solutions Architect Dec 14 2018 9:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Trotz der unstillbaren Nachfrage nach Bandbreite müssen Unternehmen die Sicherheitsrichtlinien des Netzwerks immer noch schnell überprüfen und durchsetzen. Das ist besonders schwierig, wenn Sie Netzwerke von 10 Gb auf 40 Gb oder von 40 Gb auf 100 Gb aufrüsten.

    Nehmen Sie teil am Webcast von Daniela Fusaro, Senior Solutions Architect bei Gigamon. Sie erläutert, wie Sie die mit diesen Netzwerkupgrades verbundenen Sicherheitsrisiken lösen, Ihre Sicherheit stärken, die IT vereinfachen und Kosten senken können.

    Sie erfahren folgendes:
    - Erhöhen Sie Ihren ROI für die Sicherheit: Filtern Sie die richtigen Daten aus dem Netzwerkverkehr der physikalischen, virtuellen und Cloud-Infrastruktur und leiten Sie diese an die relevanten Tools weiter
    - Reduzieren Sie Ihr Sicherheitsrisiko: Überdenken Sie Ihre Netzwerksicherheitsarchitektur neu, indem Sie verschlüsselten Datenverkehr nur einmal entschlüsseln und die Überprüfung dieser Daten durch mehrere Sicherheitstools ermöglichen
    - Verbessern Sie die Reaktion auf Bedrohungen: Erkennen Sie Muster und Bedrohungsvektoren in heterogenen Netzwerken schneller

    Finden Sie heraus, wie sowohl Netzwerk- als auch Security-Teams bei Netzwerk-Upgrades schneller und sicherer zusammenarbeiten können, um Sicherheitsbedenken zu lösen - registrieren Sie sich noch heute!
  • Der Anstieg von Cyberattacken auf dem DACH-Markt und wie man ihre Auswirkungen m
    Der Anstieg von Cyberattacken auf dem DACH-Markt und wie man ihre Auswirkungen m
    Flaviu Lang & Maik Pietsch | Cloudflare - Experten für Cyber-Sicherheit | DACH Dec 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 27 mins
    Dieses Webinar bietet Ihnen einen Überblick über die Lage der Cyber-Sicherheit in der DACH Region. Thematisiert werden die verschiedensten Formen, die Cyberangriffe einnehmen können, sowie passenden Schutzmechanismen, die Sie in Ihrem Unternehmen implementieren können.
  • More Things You Can Do with a Security Policy Management Solution
    More Things You Can Do with a Security Policy Management Solution
    Dania Ben Peretz, Product Manager Dec 17 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Are you getting the most out of your Security Policy Management Solution?

    Today’s security policy management solutions do much more than automate traditional change management tasks. And yet, managing processes is becoming increasingly complex, time consuming and riddled with errors.

    Many professionals believe they need additional sophisticated tools to address these challenges. However, you may already have what you need, up and running in your organization.

    Join us in this webinar to learn how AlgoSec’s solution simplifies and automates security policy management to make the enterprise more agile, more secure and more compliant across your ever-changing network:

    •Gaining visibility of unsecured traffic used by your business applications
    •Closing the gaps in your network map to get your automation in place faster
    •Tying cyberattacks to business impact
    •Being audit-ready all the time
    Ritesh Mukherjee, Vice President Product Management at 128 Technology Dec 17 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Bring your toughest questions and most important SD-WAN challenges to Ritesh Mukherjee, Vice President of Product Management at 128 Technology.
  • VMware vSAN Technology: актуальное решение для гиперконвергентной инфраструктуры
    VMware vSAN Technology: актуальное решение для гиперконвергентной инфраструктуры
    Николай Куликов, менеджер по развитию бизнеса VMware Dec 18 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Самые «быстрорастущие» продукты Dell Technologies - VxRail и VxRack - основаны на VMware vSAN, ведущем решении хранения для гиперконвергентной инфраструктуры (HCI). Послушайте экспертов, обсудите, как последние инновации vSAN помогают организациям модернизировать свою инфраструктуру и обеспечить общие операции – от границы до ядра сеит и облаков. Узнайте у экспертов, как работают последние функции vSAN.
  • App and Network Attacks
    App and Network Attacks
    Akhilesh Dhawan, Dir of Prod Marketing- Cloud/Security Citrix & Darshant Bhagat, Dir of Prod Management/Strat Citrix Dec 18 2018 11:00 am UTC 47 mins
    Find out how the Citrix Security approach brings together the entire Citrix portfolio to address internal and external threats by providing holistic visibility and proactive protection of your company assets.

    This webinar deep dives into: protection of applications from on-premise to the cloud, hypervisor protection of servers before the threat hits the operating system, and device and user protection from external threats. Proactively counter internal and external threats through analytics.
  • IoT Series [Ep.1]: Foundations -- Architecture and Framework
    IoT Series [Ep.1]: Foundations -- Architecture and Framework
    Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder, Nemertes Research Dec 18 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Everyone talks about IoT, and many organizations are implementing it and reaping the business benefits. But even those who have had IoT projects deployed for years may not have a comprehensive architecture and framework in place to help guide technology decisions and streamline operations.

    Join Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson as she reviews the IoT architecture and framework and shares guidance gleaned from leading-edge clients and research study participants.
  • Top 2018 Cyberattacks and How to Avoid Them in 2019
    Top 2018 Cyberattacks and How to Avoid Them in 2019
    Joe Schreiber, Technical Director, Business Development, Tufin Dec 18 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Breached. Hacked. Cyberattack. These are all words that dominated headlines in 2018.

    While we all know that the attacks that prompted these headlines were largely avoidable in hindsight, we also know that enforcing security policy across the legacy physical network is challenging. Furthermore, the Cloud First Policy and the adoption of containers introduce new risks to organizations and raise new security concerns that need to be anticipated.

    Join us on December 18 for a webinar with Joe Schreiber, Technical Director of Business Development, to learn from the mistakes of others in 2018 and how to avoid making them – and the headlines – in 2019. We’ll draw from his 20+ years of experience including security operations and incident response.

    Key topics include how to:
    •Develop and deploy an enforceable security policy
    •Clear time for proactive security initiatives
    •Mitigate the inherent risk of DevOps’ CI/CD agility
    •Contain malware outbreaks
    •Anticipate security risks of containers
  • Flexible Service Orchestration for converging Core and Edge Networks
    Flexible Service Orchestration for converging Core and Edge Networks
    Shay Naeh, Cloudify; Petar Torre, Intel, Telco Lead Architect Dec 18 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Diverse environments between CommSP IT, Core and Edge networks require flexible orchestration to implement multiple design principles from Telco over IT to cloud native. Solving orchestration and platform requirements for edge computing is critical from very small sites to much bigger ones. We will explore much better business and service agility for more performance and cost-optimized Intel(R) Architecture platforms.
  • Smart Buildings, Smart Networks
    Smart Buildings, Smart Networks
    Limor Schafman, Mario Blandini, John Toomajon Dec 18 2018 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Smart buildings are the building blocks that will enable society’s digital transformation. This revolution will leverage data from myriad devices to bring new insights and enable new products and services. Around the globe, the smart buildings technology market will explode 16.1% over the next five years from a 2018 market size of $30.5 billion. In this webinar we will look at the changes inherent in the digital evolution as well as the infrastructure solutions that will support them.
  • How to Build a World Class Monitoring Strategy, Hosted by AWS & LogicMonitor
    How to Build a World Class Monitoring Strategy, Hosted by AWS & LogicMonitor
    Sam Khidhir, AWS Solutions Architect & Sarah Terry, LogicMonitor Sr. Product Manager Dec 18 2018 4:30 pm UTC 44 mins
    When it comes to IT infrastructure, hybrid is the new normal.

    Understanding true performance across cloud-based infrastructure and your on-prem systems can be complex. But with the right monitoring approach, you can expect the same comprehensive insight and quick resolution time from your hybrid environment as you've always enjoyed with your legacy systems.

    Learn from leading industry experts AWS and LogicMonitor as they present the key components of a world-class performance monitoring strategy, along with a framework to improve monitoring effectiveness.

    Join AWS Solutions Architect Sam Khidir and LogicMonitor Sr. Product Manager, as they discuss how to build the ideal framework for monitoring effectiveness in a hybrid IT environment.

    How to Build a World Class Monitoring Strategy will cover:

    • Best practices for viewing performance, availability, and cost across hybrid systems
    • How to ensure the right teams are getting notified of the right issues
    • Tips tips to reduce mean time to resolution in a hybrid environment