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Network Infrastructure

  • [Live Interview] Ask the Expert: How to be the IT Champion of a PRM Installation
    [Live Interview] Ask the Expert: How to be the IT Champion of a PRM Installation Gary Sabin, Senior Director, Product & UX and Dan Lang, Senior Salesforce Developer, Impartner Recorded: Sep 25 2018 28 mins
    Sales tech stack: ✓ Martech stack: ✓  This year’s hot tech stack is for the channel -- which typically represents 75% or more of a company’s revenue. 2018’s breakthrough technology is PRM – Partner Relationship Management. This foundational system of record sits at the core of a chantech stack and everyone from Splunk, to Zendesk to Xerox have made PRM this year’s must have technology. IT leadership is uniquely positioned to ensure the quick, on-budget implementation success.

    Join this intense “Ask the Expert” session with one of Impartner Channel Innovation Labs top installation experts to learn best practices on how to streamline deployment of this highly-visible, revenue-generating solution.
  • Re-defining the WAN with Session Smart Networking
    Re-defining the WAN with Session Smart Networking Sterling Perrin, Principal Analyst, Optical Networking & Transport, Heavy Reading Recorded: Sep 25 2018 57 mins
    In this webinar, 128 Technology and Light Reading will discuss the benefits of session-smart routers in SD-WAN deployments.
    Network complexity not only increases IT costs, but can also create network fragility and security risks. Recent approaches to reducing network complexity through Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) offer some short-term relief, but are still largely based on decades-old network paradigms that only create more complexity in the long run.

    Session Smart Networking is different. Session Smart networks can truly simplify the network, as well as provide a breadth of SD-WAN capabilities – including application visibility, software-define branches, multi-path routing and network segmentation. As a result, organizations using a Session Smart approach can realize breakthrough gains in performance, agility, security and scale.
  • Improve TIC Performance and Security with Session Smart Technology
    Improve TIC Performance and Security with Session Smart Technology Mark Bunn, TIC Program Manager, Office of Cybersecurity & Communications, DHS Recorded: Sep 25 2018 54 mins
    Federal CIOs recognize the need to develop “zero-trust” networks — designed around the assumption that every user and every session on the network poses a risk for data compromise. That means finding a way forward, beyond trusted internet connections (TIC) and other perimeter defenses. Find out how agencies are augmenting their infrastructure, using new generation cloud tools, to easily manage network micro-services to govern user sessions and better protect their networks.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - How to deploy policy-driven, software-defined security services without replacing your existing infrastructure
    - How to reduce bandwidth consumption and improve TIC and satellite transmission performance by eliminating the need for virtual LAN tunnels
    - How moving to smart-session technology can improve existing network agility and security — and streamline cloud adoption
  • [Live Panel] Tech Stack Secrets from Top IT Teams
    [Live Panel] Tech Stack Secrets from Top IT Teams Dave R Taylor, CMO, Impartner, Lief Koepsel, Fortinet, Armin Moaddel, Marketo, Margaret Back, McAfee & Kevin Sequeira, Splunk Recorded: Sep 25 2018 44 mins
    How do you support your business units?

    How do you decide to make or buy?

    How do you decide whether to use functionality from an existing vendor or bring in a totally new technology provider?

    These are the questions top IT teams are and should be asking. In this webinar you’ll hear from top IT leaders – and one business unit buyer – from today’s most progressive tech companies for insights on how they’ve navigated these questions for their organizations and helped them construct a world-class tech stack that outpaces the competition.

    Join Dave R Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at Impartner for this live streamed panel during Dreamforce 2018 in San Francisco.

    Lief Koepsel, Senior Director, Channel - North America, Fortinet
    Armin Moaddel, Senior Partner Operations Manager, Marketo
    Margaret Back, Business Process Architect, McAfee
    Kevin Sequeira, Senior Director, Sales Technologies, Splunk
  • API Gateways: Why You Should Use Them in Microservices Development
    API Gateways: Why You Should Use Them in Microservices Development Charles Pretzer, Technical Architect, NGINX Recorded: Sep 25 2018 64 mins
    The use of an API gateway and the move to microservices are two of the most important trends in application development. But are they similar, or different; complementary, or contradictory? In this webinar we discuss the advantages of an API gateway, the advantages of microservices development, and how and when they can work together.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - More about the advantages of an API gateway
    - More about the advantages of microservices
    - Whether an API gateway approach works with different microservices network architectures, including service mesh
    - How to reduce rework if your application needs to move from one network architecture to another
  • Fighting Cybercrime: Discover the Top 5 Attack Vectors to Watch For
    Fighting Cybercrime: Discover the Top 5 Attack Vectors to Watch For Narayan Makaram, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Sep 25 2018 40 mins
    With the major cyber-attacks headlining the news, many of these cyber threats fall into five different attack vectors. Whether it's user credentials, personally identifiable information (PII), payment card information, health care information, intellectual property, or another form of data, nothing is safe from these bad actors. So, how do you protect you and your business from these debilitating attacks?

    In our upcoming webinar, we arm you with the essential components needed to defend your business against the top five attack vectors we see in a Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC).

    After attending you will:

    - Recognize what are the top 5 attack vectors and the counter-measures you can take
    - Understand the importance of detection and response in the kill-chain for each attack vector
    - Discover how Arctic Wolf Networks (AWN) CyberSOC works to provide the essential components to protect against each of them

    Register now to understand the different ways an attacker may cause harm to you and your business and how to defend yourself moving forward.
  • Infrastructure as Code & Changing Organizational Design: 2019 & Beyond
    Infrastructure as Code & Changing Organizational Design: 2019 & Beyond Mark Thiele, Erik Ottem, Jeanne Morain and Karthik Krishnaswamy Recorded: Sep 25 2018 49 mins
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's I&O Tech Talk Series.

    Data center hardware and configuration are on the outs as technologies such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) take shape. The world of manual processes and provisioning is disappearing before our eyes, and it's changing the way organizations are designed and modernized.

    Tune into this roundtable panel discussion led by Mark Thiele, Chief Strategy Officer, Apcera as they discuss the phenomenon of Infrastructure as Code and other emerging technologies, and how they are disrupting IT infrastructure and the traditional data center.

    Moderator: Mark Thiele, Chief Strategy Officer, Apcera
    Panelists: Erik Ottem, Director of Product Marketing, Western Digital and Jeanne Morain, Digital Strategist, Author & Speaker, iSpeak Cloud, Karthik Krishnaswamy, Sr Product Marketing Manager, NGINX
  • Neuer OneXafe: nächste Generation für konvergierten Speicher und Datensicherung
    Neuer OneXafe: nächste Generation für konvergierten Speicher und Datensicherung Ivonne Ehle, DACH Sales Engineer - SCME, Certified Trainer Recorded: Sep 25 2018 28 mins
    Das Wachstum virtualisierter Anwendungen, immer kleinere Backup-Fenster und ein explosionsartiges Datenwachstum haben die Anforderungen an die Datensicherheit und die Speicherinfrastruktur enorm belastet. Backup- und sekundäre Speicherinfrastrukturen kommen oft von mehreren Anbietern, was die Kosten erheblich steigert, betriebliche Ineffizienzen erhöht und zu Datensilos führt, wodurch die zentrale Verwaltung immer komplexer wird.

    Registrieren Sie sich für unseren Webcast und erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit der neuen konvergenten Datenplattform StorageCraft OneXafe Ihre Daten in heterogenen Umgebungen besser schützen und verwalten
  • Pilotez vos programmes de transformation
    Pilotez vos programmes de transformation Jean-Bernard Adda, CA Technologies et Richard Bouchereau, ISPA Consutling Recorded: Sep 25 2018 55 mins
    Votre entreprise innove en améliorant ses services, en intégrant de nouvelles technologies et de nouveaux usages portés par la digitalisation.
    Dans cette dynamique, votre entreprise se transforme sans cesse et doit s’adapter aux nouvelles attentes métiers et à l’optimisation des programmes de transformation.

    •Organisation, règles, visibilité, prise de décisions, quelle gouvernance adopter pour ces programmes de transformation ?
    •Entre méthodologie classique et Agile, quelles facilités l'outillage peut-il apporter afin de négocier adroitement le virage de la digitalisation ?

    Découvrez lors de ce webinar animé par les experts de CA Technologies et d’ISPA Consulting, comment répondre à ces 2 défis en 45 minutes le jeudi 31 mai à 11h.
  • How Snapper Further Protects Data in Amazon S3 Using CWP for Storage
    How Snapper Further Protects Data in Amazon S3 Using CWP for Storage Sameer Vasanthapuram, Kevin Stultz and Paul Hortop Recorded: Sep 21 2018 43 mins
    Snapper, a New Zealand-based company, needed a security solution to protect their customer data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) from advanced threats and malware. In our upcoming webinar, learn why the flexibility and scalability of Symantec Cloud Workload Protection for Storage (CWP for Storage) made it the right solution for Snapper.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - How CWP for Storage protects against the latest threats and malware

    - Ways CWP for Storage delivers scalable security that integrates with DevOps workflows

    Register Today
  • Learn How to Close the Gap in Your DNS security
    Learn How to Close the Gap in Your DNS security Troy Hager Recorded: Sep 21 2018 48 mins
    There’s Something Missing from Your Defensive Lineup
    Cybersecurity is a team sport. No one player can win the game solo. Unfortunately, existing “players” often leave gaps in your defenses. One of the most serious of these is DNS. It's used by more than 90% of malware to communicate with C&C servers, steal data, or hold it hostage through ransomware—malicious activities that go undetected by traditional technology players.

    Learn How to Close the Gap in Your DNS security
    Infoblox ActiveTrust® Cloud turns DNS from a security gap into your MVP of defense. The live demo from product management will focus on production use of actionable threat intelligence within your DNS security policies and configuration and demonstrate performing threat research and hunting using Dossier to optimize your security team and boost ROI and productivity.

    This webinar will highlight how to:

    -Automatically detect and block DNS-based data exfiltration and malware proliferation
    -Leverage actionable threat intelligence within your DNS security policies
    -Perform daily SOC and threat intelligence research and threat hunting, on DNS and other threats in your environment using Dossier
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 20 | ft Globalstar | Satellite & IoT in Oil & Gas
    Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 20 | ft Globalstar | Satellite & IoT in Oil & Gas 151 Advisors | Marty Jefferson | Ken Briodagh Recorded: Sep 21 2018 50 mins
    On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses why satellite connectivity is crucial to the productivity of the Oil & Gas Industry with Data Services Manager at Globalstar, Marty Jefferson.
  • An Introduction to Catchpoint Performance Monitoring
    An Introduction to Catchpoint Performance Monitoring Craig Lowell, Manager of Global Customer Programs, Catchpoint Recorded: Sep 21 2018 17 mins
    This presentation introduces the nuts and bolts of synthetic, real user, and on-premise monitoring, and explore the visibility into your end users' experience that each of these Catchpoint solutions provide to help detect and fix service delivery issues faster.
  • [PORTUGUESE WEBINAR] A entrega de aplicações acaba de se tornar mais eficiente
    [PORTUGUESE WEBINAR] A entrega de aplicações acaba de se tornar mais eficiente Ricardo de Melo, System Engineer Brazil, A10 Networks Recorded: Sep 21 2018 44 mins
    Adotar uma estratégia híbrida e em várias nuvens para a entrega de suas aplicações tambiém pode levar a perda da percepção de rendimento de suas aplicações. Compartiremos e demostraremos as últimas funções de análises centralizadas nas aplicações com o Harmony Controller 4.1. Nosso mais novo controlador ajuda as organizações a obter informação útil sobre o rendimento das aplicações, a experiência do usuário final e os problemas de segurança, além de permitir uma resolução de problemas de forma muito mais rápida e fácil.

    O Harmony Controller de múltiplas nuvens nos entrega inteligência conectada através de uma série de serviços de aplicações seguras da A10: ADC / balanceamento de carga, inspeção SSL, Gi-Firewall e Carrier Grade NAT.

    Ao se conectar a este webinar, você aprenderá como:
    * Simplificar e agilizar suas operações de TI
    * Assegurar a disponibilidade da aplicação
    * Separar facilmente os dados contextuais e rapidamente identificar as áreas problemáticas
    * Acessar aplicações centralizadas, redes e análises de segurança a partir de um único painel
    * Habilitar a análise de auto-serviço para vários proprietários de aplicações
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: Microservice & MDM Strategies for Agile Architecture
    Staying Ahead of the Curve: Microservice & MDM Strategies for Agile Architecture Primitive Logic President Kevin Moos, Chief Architect Eric Greenfeder, Technical Director Steve Ernst Recorded: Sep 20 2018 40 mins
    In the race towards digital transformation, fueled by growing competitive pressures, enterprises need an architecture that responds quickly to escalating customer expectations — while also maintaining security and reliability.

    Join Primitive Logic to discover why your EA roadmap must begin with your business priorities … and how microservice architectures and master data management (MDM) strategies can help you achieve your objectives.

    You’ll learn:
    - How to build a secure EA roadmap grounded in your business priorities
    - How microservices let you move quickly in keeping up with customer expectations
    - How MDM helps you deliver the insights businesses need to make data-driven decisions
  • Executive Insights: Inner Workings of Ransomware and Ways to Detect and Respond
    Executive Insights: Inner Workings of Ransomware and Ways to Detect and Respond Dinah Davis, VP Research & Development - Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Sep 20 2018 38 mins
    Last year was all about large Ransomware hacks like WannaCry, Petya/NotPetya, and CRYPSHED to name a few. These various strains of Ransomware can bypass your perimeter controls and infect your critical systems, bringing your business to a grinding halt.

    However, focusing on prevention technologies, with point security products, may not be sufficient enough to fight these key security concerns. So, what are your options?

    In this webinar Dinah Davis, VP of Research & Development, at Arctic Wolf Networks, will share her key insights on a ransomware cyber kill chain from delivery, infection to command and control activity, and walk you through the following:

    - What happens when a ransomware is exploded in a computer, with a demo
    - How do you detect and respond to a ransomware attack?
    - What is coming next in the world of ransomware?

    To discover how to fortify your network with 24/7 monitoring with managed detection and response, register for our upcoming webinar.
  • A Zero Trust Approach to Decoupling Intent from Implementation
    A Zero Trust Approach to Decoupling Intent from Implementation Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst, Risk & Security, Forrester and Matt Dean, Vice President, Product Strategy, FireMon Recorded: Sep 20 2018 60 mins
    Adopting a Zero Trust model means taking the first steps to redesigning your network in order to strengthen data security, detection, and response.

    In such an ecosystem, it can no longer be about just writing security rules. Instead, enterprises must adopt a method of security intent and separate that desired goal of security from the specific implementation.

    This hierarchy allows you to set a single global policy that’s applied to any network resource with all its defining attributes – regardless of mutations in the network.

    At the same time, you can reduce the number of access requests that need to be managed manually and automatically ensure real-time compliance. And even more, business intent can be fully in line with security policy controlled at speed and scale.

    At most hybrid enterprises right now, these aren't realities -- but they can be, and that's where network security is headed.

    Join our guest, Forrester's Chase Cunningham, with FireMon's Vice President, Product Strategy at FireMon, Matt Dean for a look at the future of network security, which will ultimately enable each business team to fully own their security policies.
  • Optimize Your Application Delivery, Gain Visibility and Cut Cloud Costs
    Optimize Your Application Delivery, Gain Visibility and Cut Cloud Costs Greg Schulz, Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert, and founder of Server StorageIO & Kamal Anand, Vice President, Cloud A10 Networks Recorded: Sep 20 2018 58 mins
    Businesses today are migrating their application workloads to hybrid infrastructures, spanning from on-premises to public clouds. They expect to get better ease of use, rapid deployment, elastic scaling, automation, and increased operational efficiency. They don’t expect hidden costs or a loss of control—but that is exactly what many organizations experience.

    Learn to manage cost, complexity, and control of your application workloads in this interactive fireside chat. Greg Schulz, MVP, StorageIO, and Kamal Anand, Vice President of Cloud, A10 Networks, will be looking at the trends, tools, and best practices you can apply right now to make your cloud-based application delivery a success.

    In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn to:
    * Boost your productivity and application performance
    * Avoid getting locked into a single public cloud platform
    * Gain visibility and deep insights into your applications
    * Eliminate unexpected monthly expenses
    * Steps you can take today, during, or right after the fireside chat
  • IT Ops SIG Talk Ep. 10: Building a Hybrid IT Blueprint
    IT Ops SIG Talk Ep. 10: Building a Hybrid IT Blueprint Bobby Allen Recorded: Sep 20 2018 29 mins
    Building a Hybrid IT Blueprint – Discover the right mix of public vs. private providers and services for your application portfolio

    Many decision makers will say they need more information. The reality is that most leaders are actually drowning in information. What they really need is to move from information to clarity to insight. Attend our talk on building a hybrid it blueprint to see how CloudGenera can quickly take large amounts of data about your applications and provide data-driven analysis on best execution venue. We believe these sorts of insights should happen in minutes not months.

    Attendees will learn the following:

    •Elements that must be part of Total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis
    •How to analyze public vs. private execution venues
    •How to quickly revisit decisions when inputs or market factors change
  • OpenDemo: Network Automation with Ansible
    OpenDemo: Network Automation with Ansible Eric McLeroy, Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat Recorded: Sep 20 2018 56 mins
    Ansible's simple automation framework means that previously isolated network administrators can finally speak the same language of automation as the rest of the IT organization, extending the capabilities of Ansible to include native support for both legacy and open network infrastructure devices. Network devices and systems can now be included in an organization's overall automation strategy for a holistic approach to application workload management.
    The original airdate of this demo was Sept. 18.
  • DDoS Attack and Bot Protection: Defending your Applications
    DDoS Attack and Bot Protection: Defending your Applications Chad Lavoie, Senior Support Engineer Recorded: Sep 20 2018 52 mins
    We read about DDoS attacks and bot threats causing companies millions in lost revenues and battered reputations almost every day. By leveraging an extremely efficient and innovative design, including extensive ACL and Stick Table tracking systems, HAProxy Enterprise Edition is able to perform the real time behavioral analysis that mitigating today’s threats demands. Rather than being caught off guard, join this webinar to see how you can use HAProxy Enterprise Edition to create an effective, high performance threat protection solution.

    In this webinar we will present how to:

    •Protect against application-based DDoS attacks such as HTTP request flooding
    •Protect against bot threats such as web scraping, brute forcing, and vulnerability scanning
    •Implement an advanced threat response policy with Antibot and Google reCAPTCHA
    •Implement cluster wide threat protection with a Stick Table Aggregator
    •Enhance bot threat protection with WAF and Fingerprint modules
    •Dynamically maintain cluster wide whitelists and blacklists
    •Monitor threat protection status
  • Part 3 of 3: Secrets of Mature DLP Programs -  Getting from "How" to "Wow"!
    Part 3 of 3: Secrets of Mature DLP Programs - Getting from "How" to "Wow"! Carmine Clementelli, Tim Merriam, Daphne Zhao from Symantec Recorded: Sep 20 2018 49 mins
    In the third and final session of the three-part webcast series:

    Part 3: Data, Data Everywhere - Increasing DLP Value as Everyone Goes Cloud

    As hybrid cloud infrastructures become the new normal, DLP programs must adapt and expand to ensure that data – where ever it’s located – stays protected. New challenges include uncovering shadow data in unauthorized apps, eliminating multiple islands of DLP overhead, and maintaining performance across on-prem hardware and the cloud.

    Join Symantec on September 20 and Learn how to:

    -Reuse existing DLP policies and workflows for cloud apps

    -Incorporate authentication and encryption with Symantec ICE & VIP

    -Discover sensitive data within cloud apps with Symantec CloudSOC

    Register Today

    About the three-part DLP webcast series:
    The need for data protection continues to increase as organiztions mature, acquire new organizations, adopt cloud applications and infrastructure. The need to maintain visibility protection and control over the data is extremely difficult. This is especially true with increasing and more strict compliance laws such as the new California data protection law, GDPR. While each DLP initiative launches with high expectations, many remain immature after years. Root causes can be understood - technology, people, and processes – and addressed so DLP can effectively protect data in the hybrid cloud world.

    This 3-part series features pragmatic insights and lessons learned from mature DLP programs on making their teams effective and getting buy in from their organizations.

    Part 1: First Things First - Understanding "Normal" Through Smart Incident Response and UEBA (View Now: http://bit.ly/0809DLPWebinar)

    Part 2: Talking it Out - Cross-Functional Communication Key to Mature DLP Programs (View Now: http://bit.ly/0830DLPwebcast)
  • IT Ops SIG Talk Ep. 9:  Work with OpsBridge API’s
    IT Ops SIG Talk Ep. 9: Work with OpsBridge API’s Amr Fahmy Recorded: Sep 20 2018 29 mins
    Work with OpsBridge API’s

    In this session, Amr will give a small introduction of OpsBridge and then will start with a basic introduction about OpsBridge API. Next, he will give a simple example on how we can call the OpsBridge API’s and start creating custom Attributes in the events. Finally, Amr will do some modifications on Events Custom Scripts.

    What you can expect to take away from this session:

    •Basic information on how API’s works and the difference between them
    •How to integrate third party applications with OpsBridge using API
    •Basic Bash Scripts or Python Script depending on the Operation system we will use
  • How to Build an EA Roadmap for the Future
    How to Build an EA Roadmap for the Future Jeanne Morain, iSpeak Cloud, Bala Kalavala, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Anthony Nguyen, HP Recorded: Sep 20 2018 62 mins
    Tune into this live panel discussion and start building your enterprise architecture roadmap for 2020 and beyond.

    Topics in this panel discussion will include:

    - How to drive business value through technology
    - Enterprise architecture from a UX perspective
    - Cloud transformation and automation, including Robotic Process Automation
    - Services and API strategy
    - How technologies like Blockchain are changing the enterprise

    And much more!

    Moderator: Jeanne Morain, Digital Strategist, Author & Speaker, iSpeak Cloud
    Panelists: Bala Kalavala, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and Anthony Nguyen, UX/Enterprise Architect at HP
  • 4 Practical Ways Cloud Simplifies Managing Apps, Devices, and Data
    4 Practical Ways Cloud Simplifies Managing Apps, Devices, and Data Vishal Ganeriwala Sr. Director, Workspace Marketing, Citrix Sep 26 2018 9:00 am UTC 35 mins
    Traditionally, apps, desktops, devices and data are all managed through different systems, which is complex and time-consuming. Unifying management as cloud services with a single control plane improves the delivery and management of the apps and data employees need. Citrix delivers a complete, secure digital workspace.

    Join this webinar to learn more about how managing apps, desktops, devices and data with Citrix Workspace is:

    • Fast: Deploy apps and desktops, or complete secure digital workspaces in hours, not weeks.
    • Simple: Implement a fully-integrated portfolio via a single-management plane to simplify administration.
    • Adaptable: Choose to deploy on any cloud or virtual infrastructure — or a hybrid of both.
    • Secure: Keep all proprietary information for your apps, desktops and data under your control.
  • IT Security’s Offering to Cloud: Enable DevOps with Automated Security
    IT Security’s Offering to Cloud: Enable DevOps with Automated Security Colby Dyess, Director Cloud Marketing & Dan Rheault, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin Sep 26 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    DevOps teams often operate outside the purview of IT security, but security is still necessary in the cloud. IT security can ensure that DevOps teams retain their agility and maintain strong security using automation. By integrating security through automation, the security watchdog now becomes the trusted advisor, helping DevOps enable the business.

    Join this webinar on September 26 to hear Tufin experts Colby Dyess and Dan Rheault discuss how information security operations teams integrate security into a dynamic delivery process. We will cover how to:
    •Find commonalities between information security and cloud teams
    •Gain visibility into cloud security
    •Assess risk within the cloud by leveraging a policy-driven approach
    •Enforce security in CI/CD without impeding application delivery
    Register now to learn how automation enables organizations to align cloud and DevOps with security policies.
  • Elevate Your Network Security with NSX SD-WAN and Palo Alto Networks
    Elevate Your Network Security with NSX SD-WAN and Palo Alto Networks Brian Tokuyoshi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks & Nitin Kumar, Product Line Manager, VeloCloud Sep 26 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With an ever-increasing amount of enterprise traffic driven by Public Cloud SaaS applications, security has never been more complex. Direct access of applications over the internet, while inexpensive, does not provide Enterprise-grade performance and simultaneously leaves the network susceptible to attacks. Furthermore, the traditional approach to branch connectivity involves a convoluted backhaul of traffic to a centralized firewall located in the corporate HQ or Data Center before accessing the internet.

    Why does it need to be this complicated? The short answer… it doesn’t.

    Join this webinar for an overview — and a deep dive — of an integrated approach to wide area networking that combines best-of-breed security and SD-WAN solutions. Experts from Palo Alto Networks and VeloCloud, now part of VMware, will discuss next generation Enterprise WAN and outline an approach that makes it simple to assure the performance and security of applications, dramatically simplify deployments with various options, and cut costs.
  • Turbocharge Data Pipelines with VelocityAI
    Turbocharge Data Pipelines with VelocityAI Jason Blum, CTO at GPL Technologies and Shailesh Manjrekar, Sr. Director, Product and Solutions Management at Vexata Sep 26 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Data is doubling every two years, driven by human and machine-generated data, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). The analysis of patData is doubling every two years, driven by human and machine-generated data, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). The analysis of patterns and structure in this data and its transformation into actionable insights is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) workloads.

    IDC predicts that in the next three years over half the businesses will use AI, ML, and DL workloads. This has given rise to the NVIDIA DGX-1 GPU-based supercomputer to accelerate these workloads. Vexata supports the DGX-1 and delivers ultra-low latency, massive ingest bandwidth, and heavy mixed random and sequential read/write I/O operations. Using direct attached storage (DAS) or all-flash arrays (AFAs) limits the usefulness of the DGX-1 by restraining performance and requiring complex data provisioning, mobility, and growth. Vexata addresses these issues with VelocityAI, which combines the NVIDIA DGX-1 and the Vexata VX-100FS Scalable NVMe File Array.

    Learn about VelocityAI and how we built it to overcome these machine learning challenges. This webinar is targeted to those that want to leverage GPU for data analytics. Our expert will cover:

    - Dealing with large training and inferencing data-sets by leveraging NVMe media
    - Using the VelocityAI to eliminate movement between data pipeline stages
    - Dealing with data security, protection, and efficiency concerns

    Learn how you can leverage VelocityAI to deliver transformative performance with breakthrough economics at scale for your AI, ML, and DL applications.
  • Ruggedized Routers Maximize Connectivity & Readiness for First Responders
    Ruggedized Routers Maximize Connectivity & Readiness for First Responders Dale Rolfson, Battalion Chief, Indianapolis FD, and Kevin Gona, Chief of Logistics, Indianapolis EMS Sep 26 2018 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The modern first responder relies on always-on mobile networks to keep their mission-critical applications and devices up and running. These teams need technology to just work — anytime, anywhere — so they can focus on doing their jobs and trust that the technology will function.

    Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) and Emergency Medical Service (IEMS) agencies are both increasing communication and response times by leveraging Cradlepoint’s solutions with:

    •Constant network connectivity and redundancy for in-vehicle devices,
    such as Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs)

    •NetCloud Manager to troubleshoot issues

    •Rugged and reliable wireless router solutions

    Soon, both agencies will take advantage of the U.S. government created First Responder Network Authority’s nationwide public safety broadband network. Other carriers have announced or are planning their own mobile public safety network using a dedicated cellular “core.” These networks provide a common ability to prioritize first responder communications and can preempt all other cellular traffic to deliver needed performance.

    In this webinar attendees will learn:

    •The different ways agencies are implementing Cradlepoint solutions

    •How agencies are gaining faster response times with always-on

    •Details on why agencies are leveraging wireless solutions

    Join Dale Rolfson, Battalion Chief, Indianapolis Fire Department, and Kevin Gona, Chief of Logistics, Indianapolis EMS for a live webinar to explore how Cradlepoint’s easy-to-use and best in class solutions are helping first responders to act and communicate faster.
  • (Replay) How End-to-End Copy Automation for SAP Systems Can Save Budget
    (Replay) How End-to-End Copy Automation for SAP Systems Can Save Budget Samer Kamal, SAP Solutions Manager, Pure Storage Sep 26 2018 11:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Companies are facing increasingly complex IT landscapes, and testing needs to occur quickly and with consistency. Resource-intensive tasks, such as SAP system copy, clone, and refresh, can be complex and time-consuming – some customers report spending 3-5 days for one system copy. In this webinar, learn about a copy automation tool for SAP applications that incorporates more than 75% of all pre, copy and post functionality – and automates it. Whether for traditional SAP or SAP HANA, Pure Storage’s Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for SAP applications drives digital transformation with huge gains in productivity and cost savings, and is included with every Pure Storage FlashArray. In this webinar, you will learn:

    - How some companies have saved up to 80 percent of time and budget when performing SAP landscape copy, clone, and refresh tasks, freeing up time to focus on increasing innovation

    - How to simplify SAP copy functionality and gain flexibility through additional integration or customization, to speed SAP migrations, upgrades, and testing

    - How to reduce risks by automating the refresh process, and reduce complexity through the use of this embedded tool
  • 第2のエンドポイント:スマホが狙われている!モバイル脅威に纏わるリアリティと対策
    第2のエンドポイント:スマホが狙われている!モバイル脅威に纏わるリアリティと対策 髙岡 隆佳, エバンジェリスト, Symantec Japan Sep 27 2018 6:00 am UTC 60 mins


    業務でスマホを安全に活用するために欠かせない、Mobile Threat Defense(MTD)という技術がMDMを補うものとして注目されています。本ウェビナーでは脅威の実例を交えながらMTDを実現するソリューションについて解説いたします。

  • Nouveauté OneXafe: nouvelle génération d'appliances de sauvegarde convergées
    Nouveauté OneXafe: nouvelle génération d'appliances de sauvegarde convergées Florian Malecki, International Sr. Product Marketing Director Sep 27 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    L'explosion des applications virtualisées, la réduction des fenêtres de sauvegarde et la croissance impressionnante du volume de données ont placé un immense fardeau sur les besoins en matière d'infrastructure de stockage et de protection des données. La situation se complique d’autant plus en raison des environnements de protection des données fragmentés actuels et des besoins de sauvegarde de données physiques et virtuelles, sur site et hors site, qui doivent tous satisfaire des niveaux de service différents (SLA). L'infrastructure de sauvegarde et de stockage secondaire est souvent fournie par plusieurs prestataires. Résultat : une augmentation des coûts d'acquisition et des inefficacités opérationnelles. L'agrégation de tous ces produits entraîne de silos de données difficiles à gérer de façon centralisée. Une vue incomplète du flux de protection des données peut conduire à une hausse des coûts d'exploitation, une perte des données et une incapacité à respecter les SLA ainsi que les réglementations et exigences de conformité propres au secteur.

    Rejoignez StorageCraft pour un webcast exclusif afin de découvrir les avantages de la nouvelle plateforme OneXafe converged storage and data.
  • Firewall Regelwerke ausmisten mit Tufin
    Firewall Regelwerke ausmisten mit Tufin Joachim Nossek , Presales Engineer, Tufin & Thorsten Geissel Senior Systems Engineer DACH,Tufin Sep 27 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Ist Ihr Firewall Regelwerk schwerer zu lesen als die Assembler Code?

    Tufin kann Ihnen helfen ein bestehendes Firewall Regelwerk aufzuräumen und von nicht mehr benötigten Regeln und Objekten zu befreien.

    Wir zeigen Ihnen exklusiv welche Werkzeuge Ihnen helfen Transparenz und Compliance sicherzustellen.

    Treffen Sie unseren Systems Engineer Thorsten Geissel in einer Online-Sitzung um mehr über die Best Practices bezüglich der Bereinigung von Firewall Regelwerken zu erfahren:

    •Automatische Entfernung von doppelten oder verdeckten Regeln
    •Effektives Entfernen von Servern, die nicht mehr im Einsatz sind

    Melden Sie sich heute noch an und tragen den Termin in Ihren Kalender ein!
  • Next generation SD-WAN:  true end-to-end network visibility and control
    Next generation SD-WAN: true end-to-end network visibility and control Keith Langridge, VP, BT; Adrian Comley, General manager, BT; Saurabh Sandhir, VP, Product Management, Nuage Networks Sep 27 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    SD-WAN is the network technology everyone’s talking about. Like any new development, as it matures, it’s capabilities grow. We all know it offers agile WAN connectivity, but organisations now want it to do much more. They want to integrate their cloud services, use new virtualisation and orchestration capability and do all of this in a secure way.

    Keith Langridge and Adrian Comley of BT are joined on this latest webinar by Saurabh Sandhir, VP, Product Management, Nuage Networks. Together they’ll take a look at some of the latest developments to enhance your SD-WAN, including:
    •achieving end-to-end visibility and control across your data centres, public cloud and branches
    •SD-WANs as a VNF or delivering VNFs on a SD-WAN
    •orchestrating services across your SD-WAN
    •and making sure your solution is supported and secure
  • A Coffee Chat with Cricket: How to Automate Your Security
    A Coffee Chat with Cricket: How to Automate Your Security Cricket Liu and Krupa Srivatsan Sep 27 2018 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Increasingly, malicious actors exploit DNS to spread malware, steal data, and launch ransomware attacks. 

    While your organization is able to manage DNS more efficiently than ever through its use of Infoblox DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) solutions, there is a lot more you can do to improve your security posture at scale using these core network services.

    Discover how to Automate Your Security. 
    Join us for “A Coffee Chat with Cricket.” A foremost expert and author on DNS, Cricket Liu leads this timely discussion on how Infoblox Next Level Security can turn DNS into your most valuable defender and enforcement point, while automating your incident response through an integrated ecosystem approach.

    Register today!
  • From Experimentation to Insights: Building an End-to-End Deep Learning System
    From Experimentation to Insights: Building an End-to-End Deep Learning System Tony Paikeday, Dir of Product Marketing, NVIDIA Deep Learning Systems; Roy Kim, Dir of Product Solutions, PureStorage Sep 27 2018 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    Every organization wants to infuse the power of AI in its business. From development to production training, you need an end-to-end AI workflow that’s optimized for the rigors of deep learning, that offers predictable performance as your neural network models and datasets grow. Attend this session to get insights into use cases, best practices and architecture examples that can help you and your data science team get started now, accelerating your path from experimentation to business insights.

    About the Speakers:
    Tony Paikeday is the Director of Product Marketing for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Systems, responsible for the world's first portfolio of AI supercomputers for enterprise - NVIDIA DGX Systems. Tony was previously with VMware, managing product marketing for the Horizon 7 portfolio and focused on key enabling technologies, including GPU virtualization and software-defined data center. Prior to joining VMware, Tony was at Cisco, building its data center solutions marketing practice focused on desktop and application virtualization. Prior to Cisco, he held business development roles at Nortel working with enterprise and service provider accounts, after having started his career as a Manufacturing Engineer for Ford Motor Company. Tony holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto.

    Roy Kim joined Pure in 2017 as Director of Product Marketing for FlashBlade. Previously, Roy led product marketing at NVIDIA for deep learning, HPC, and enterprise analytics industries. Roy has Masters of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Bringing Your Business Up to Speed with Smarter, Better Wi-Fi
    Bringing Your Business Up to Speed with Smarter, Better Wi-Fi Newsha Sharifzadeh and Roderick Dixon Aruba Product Marketing Managers Sep 27 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Your business site is changing, workplaces are transforming. We’re going from cubes and square footage, to any location, with mobile devices, for a wide variety of applications. That’s why it’s essential to choose access points and network management tools to meet the demands of your guests, employees and IT team.

    Join us and qualify for a Free Aruba Instant Access Point and 90-day Aruba Central trial license, and learn about a cloud-managed Wi-Fi network that can fit your needs, including how to:

    •Scale your network to your users and locations
    •Manage your network the way you want (Demo)
    •Detect user-level activity so you can better prioritize applications and plan your network expansion
  • Improving Security Forensics in Kubernetes Environments
    Improving Security Forensics in Kubernetes Environments Christopher Liljenstolpe, Chief Technical Officer, Solutions at Tigera Sep 27 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The success of Kubernetes has made monitoring and alerting more difficult for traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools. Attend this live webinar to learn how implementing the right network security and compliance solution will improve the accuracy and completeness of security forensic monitoring and alerting when using Kubernetes.
  • Benefits of a SD-WAN Development Ecosystem
    Benefits of a SD-WAN Development Ecosystem Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst at Doyle Research and Joel Christner, VP of Marketing, CloudGenix Sep 27 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    CloudGenix has created a powerful platform to enable its partners and customers to easily customize its AppFabric SD-WAN platform, integrate with existing management systems and create custom dashboards.

    The AppFabric DevOps Ecosystem allows DevOps to integrate AppFabric awareness into new and existing workflows, improve agility, reduce cost, and automate infrastructure management, monitoring, and operations.

    Attend this webinar to hear how CloudGenix partners and customers, including large retailers and financial services firms, are leveraging the AppFabric DevOps Ecosystem to automate branch deployments, improve visibility, and integrate with existing monitoring/management systems.
  • A Hyperconverged Solution for Networking and Security Applications
    A Hyperconverged Solution for Networking and Security Applications Paul Andersen, VP Sales and Marketing, Array Networks Oct 2 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    As data center and IT managers have increasingly moved to virtual environments, they’ve quickly come up against a hard reality of virtualization: Networking and security workloads often yield sub-par performance due to resource contention and hypervisor overhead. Join Array and Intel as we present a new alternative: The Network Functions Platform, a hyperconverged solution designed for the specific needs of networking and security, leveraging Intel technologies to deliver guaranteed performance in shared environments.
  • Adapting and Using the 12-Factor Application Model for Microservices
    Adapting and Using the 12-Factor Application Model for Microservices Eduard Borges, Software Developer, NGINX; Floyd Smith, Director of Content Marketing, NGINX Oct 2 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Learn how to adapt the core ideas in the classic 12-factor application model to a modern microservices architecture optimized for continuous delivery.

    More specifically, join this webinar to learn:

    - The history of the 12-factor app and the problems it solves
    - Industry changes that have happened since the 12-factor app was introduced
    - What each of the current 12 factors are
    - How each of the 12 factors needs to be updated to fit microservice needs
  • TechTALK: Innovate without Ripping and Replacing Legacy Systems
    TechTALK: Innovate without Ripping and Replacing Legacy Systems Johnathan Flowers, Sr Product Marketing Manager Oct 3 2018 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Innovating and adopting new technologies is key to every business’s success and longevity.

    But how do you do that without ripping and replacing all your current software with the latest and greatest? Moving from system to system is cumbersome, time consuming, and resource-draining. And once implemented, how do you know the new technology is actually what you need?

    Join us Tuesday, September 18th, at 9am PT to learn why business are moving away from ripping and replacing systems and services to integrating new technologies using extensible platforms. This movement allows you to:

    1.Increase engagement and improve user experiences, by removing friction from your customer journey with content, data, and information delivery services.

    2.Streamline data sources by integrating systems of engagement (touchpoints) with the rest of the business and enterprise architecture.

    3.Work more collaboratively with across teams inside business groups and adopt more agile development practices.
  • [Ep.21] Founders Spotlight: Matt Angerer, Founder, VerticalRent
    [Ep.21] Founders Spotlight: Matt Angerer, Founder, VerticalRent Matt Angerer, Founder, VerticalRent Oct 3 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In 2014, the founders of VerticalRent (www.verticalrent.com) were featured by Microsoft BizSpark for their early achievements with launching the industry leading rental property management and tenant screening software platform for property managers and landlords. In that article, Microsoft wrote: Matt Angerer is an IT professional by day and a landlord by night. At all times, he has an entrepreneur’s heart and mindset.

    A lot has changed since 2014. VerticalRent has more than quadrupled in the sheer number of landlords using the platform from every corner of the United States. The one thing that has not changed is that VerticalRent remains a small operation without employees that epitomizes the concept of a Lean Startup. If you're an IT professional by day who has been toiling with the idea of launching your own "side-gig", you'll want to tune into this BrightTalk webinar to learn how Matt Angerer, Founder of VerticalRent, started with a simple idea and scaled it into a platform that services over 25,000 landlords and nearly 50,000 renters across the United States in 5 short-years -- all while keeping his day job, running his rental properties, and financially supporting a family of 4.

    Matt will share with you the techniques he learned that allowed him to balance his personal and professional life to create a software as a service business. In this Webinar, he'll cover:
    - The Learn Start Up Mentality - What it Means and How to Live it Day by Day
    - Why a Slow-Growth Approach is Better for Certain Personality Types
    - How Anyone Can Create a SaaS Platform to Create Side Revenue
    - Why SaaS is More Lucrative in the Long-Term than Consulting
    - The Darkside of Entrepreneurship and Why Its Necessary

    Join us on Wednesday, October 3rd at 9am PT / 12pm ET for this live interview!
  • Automate the Dreaded Task of Software Asset Management
    Automate the Dreaded Task of Software Asset Management Gary Paquette, CTO, Mike Schmitt, Sr Director Product Marketing, Karen Hutton, Sr Director of Marketing, at Nlyte Oct 3 2018 5:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    Nlyte’s Gary Paquette uncovers how you can automate discovery, management, and reporting with Nlyte Software Optimizer agentless software.

    What you will learn from the webinar:

    - Organic installation and distribution of software
    - Lack of visibility in current and new deployments
    - Matching databases to physical and virtual
    - Reconciliation between required services versus installed
    - Inaccurate systems, too many systems and files
  • Containers and Kubernetes: Visibility through CloudLens
    Containers and Kubernetes: Visibility through CloudLens Sushil K. Srinivasan, Sr. Product Manager, Ixia, a Keysight Business. Chris Hein, Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Oct 3 2018 5:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    As systems evolved from physical servers to virtual machines to the public cloud to containers, the design focus shifted from building a single robust, stable component to building a more stable microservice oriented system where individual service components can be modified or replaced without affecting the overall system. Enterprises in this evolution cycle continue to have a mix of their applications running on physical hardware, virtualized platforms, in public cloud infrastructures and Kubernetes container clusters.

    During this webinar, experts from AWS and Ixia, a Keysight business will share:
    •Strategies to provide packet visibility to your workloads in any environment
    •Insights into planning and implementing strategies
    •Review emerging designs and best practices

    You will also see a step-by-step demonstration of how you can establish packet visibility into your workloads in Physical, Virtual, Cloud, Container or in a Kubernetes Cluster by continuing to maximize on your existing investment in APM, NPM and IDS tools.

    Register to watch this webinar and demo now.
  • Make Your Home a Haven for Online Safety
    Make Your Home a Haven for Online Safety Paige Hanson, Chief of Identity Education, Symantec; Collin Robinson, National PTA & Larry Magid, CEO, ConnectSafely.org Oct 3 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Part 1 of 4: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)

    Kick off National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) with Symantec’s program partners, the National PTA and ConnectSafely to discuss the basic essentials the entire family can deploy to protect their homes against cyber threats.

    Please Join Us, Register Today
  • Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer
    Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook Oct 3 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Where are your target customers going, and how are they spending their time and, more importantly, their dollars? Location data and intelligence – not just on how consumers are interacting with your brand but also with your competitors – is key to crafting a killer consumer experience and reaching them when and where their hearts and minds (and wallets) are ready to be captured.

    From foot traffic patterns and location visits to frequency analysis, custom venue visit analysis offers powerful, actionable insights to companies looking for a competitive edge in a crowded field. Learn how to capture new customer interest, keep older customers coming back, and boost your market share when you join this VB Live event!

    Register for free now!

    During this webinar you’ll learn how to:
    * Boost engagement with location-based consumer insights and competitive intelligence
    * Gain insight into the behavioral patterns of customers and prospects
    * Apply the best use of location data for your business

    * David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook
    * Sheryl Jacobson, Principal Consulting Strategy and Analytics, Deloitte Consulting LLP
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst at Large, VentureBeat (Moderator)

    Sponsored by Skyhook
  • Marketing Analytics: How a Data Company Manages Marketing Data
    Marketing Analytics: How a Data Company Manages Marketing Data Fraser Harris, Head of Product at Fivetran, Ryan Segar, Head of Sales Engineering & Brenna Robinson, Head of Growth Marketing Oct 3 2018 8:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Marketing is increasingly becoming a data-driven function — tracking more activity than ever before — but how can you make sense of it all? What tools do you need? What roles do the marketer and the analyst or technical partner play?

    Follow along with Head of Product at Fivetran, and Periscope Data’s Head of Growth Marketing and Head of Sales Engineering to get a full picture of how a data company handles marketing metrics — from the perspective of both the data analyst and the marketing professional.

    This webinar will cover:
    - Setting objectives and goals for marketing analytics
    - Tying together disparate marketing data sources
    - Some best practice dashboards Periscope uses
    - How analytics and marketing should work together — and how analysts can enable marketers to explore their own datasets
  • Media at the Edge: A new content technology perspective
    Media at the Edge: A new content technology perspective IBC365 | Schneider Electric | BASE Media Cloud Oct 4 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What you will learn:

    - What is Edge computing and why it will be key to broadcasting, media and entertainment

    - How edge computing is rapidly evolving to provide content anywhere and everywhere through the IoT and soon across 5G networks
    - What mobile edge computing means for production, processing and video distribution
    - How new consumer experiences, VR, AR, UHD streaming will be driven by the availability of edge infrastructure
    - Protecting the physical and digital assets. How to secure the critical IT infrastructure which will house valuable content at the edge of the network

    Steven Carlini, Senior Director Data Centre Global Solutions, Schneider Electric
    Damon Neale, Chief Technology Office, BASE Media Cloud