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Improving the 3 P's (Performance, Portfolio and Process) with Analytics Andrew Line, Lauren Danker, Kevin McCleary, Deloitte Analytics (on behalf of Tableau Software) By using an Issue--Solution--Impact diagram, three Tableau power analysts from Deloitte's analytics team will discuss actual problems organisations have faced and will share practical techniques for interpreting and communicating tonnes of heavy data into digestible content and visuals. Be ready for some amazing tips to take your dashboards to the next level!

This presentation aims to answer the following:

-How can data visualization and agile analytics be used to turn a mess of data into a clear, visual masterpiece?
-Where is the organisation spending too much money, and what can you do about it?
-Where is the business performing well, not well, and why?
-How can you automate many of the reporting processes to make everything simpler and quicker?
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Mar 26 2015
45 mins
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