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  • Enabling Content in Chatbots and AI: The Microcontent Solution
    Enabling Content in Chatbots and AI: The Microcontent Solution Steve Manning, Vice President Consulting Services, Precision Content Recorded: Oct 3 2018 77 mins
    We are giving you a second chance to catch one of our favorite sessions! The addition of Bots, voice-enabled interfaces, and Artificial Intelligence means we must change the way we structure content. We are moving from a broadcast style of communication – publish and hope for the best – to a more conversational style of communication. More question and answer.

    This imposes requirements on the content models you need to create if you want to talk to the Bots. We must be more granular in our models. We need to implement Microcontent.

    Join our special guest host, Val Swisher, and Steve Manning In Part II of this series, where Steve will go a little deeper. He will discuss the language of bots/AI: intents, attributes, and assets. Then he’ll relate that to how the granularity you design into your models, the semantic labels you apply to elements, and the taxonomy you capture in creation can make or break your ability to publish DITA content to the new technologies. The session will include real-world scenarios that rely on a microcontent strategy.
  • Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer
    Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook Recorded: Oct 3 2018 60 mins
    Where are your target customers going, and how are they spending their time and, more importantly, their dollars? Location data and intelligence – not just on how consumers are interacting with your brand but also with your competitors – is key to crafting a killer consumer experience and reaching them when and where their hearts and minds (and wallets) are ready to be captured.

    From foot traffic patterns and location visits to frequency analysis, custom venue visit analysis offers powerful, actionable insights to companies looking for a competitive edge in a crowded field. Learn how to capture new customer interest, keep older customers coming back, and boost your market share when you join this VB Live event!

    Register for free now!

    During this webinar you’ll learn how to:
    * Boost engagement with location-based consumer insights and competitive intelligence
    * Gain insight into the behavioral patterns of customers and prospects
    * Apply the best use of location data for your business

    * David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook
    * Sheryl Jacobson, Principal Consulting Strategy and Analytics, Deloitte Consulting LLP
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst at Large, VentureBeat (Moderator)

    Sponsored by Skyhook
  • Persuading Prospects Through Personalization
    Persuading Prospects Through Personalization Randy Frisch, Founder & CMO, Uberflip Recorded: Aug 21 2018 38 mins
    If you're like two out of three marketers, you recognize that personalizing content is critical; but you also know that it's damn hard to do. Aligning the buyer's journey to customers' growing appetite for personalized experiences is easier said than done--or is it?

    Join Uberflip CMO Randy Frisch as he presents an actionable framework for persuading prospects through the power of personalized content in acquisition, sales enablement, and ABM.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - How content fuels personalization and how to approach developing and organizing it at scale
    - To deliver truly relevant content to customers and prospects across different channels, formats, and touch points
    - Tips on using customer and prospect scores to trigger personalized ads and landing pages—and how to distribute specific content across channels
  • Aligning B2B Content to Specific Buyers: Do You Know Your Audience?
    Aligning B2B Content to Specific Buyers: Do You Know Your Audience? Melanie Turek, Vice President of Research, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Aug 9 2018 40 mins
    As they look to build out their communities to appeal to a wide range of members, companies must rethink the types and formats they use for delivering relevant content. Webinars, videos and buying guides that directly cover products and services are always in play, but to stay relevant and sticky, companies must also offer value-added information, including peer reviews and independent analysis from industry experts, case studies that
    show exactly how new products have worked for other
    businesses, and best-practices advice on professional development and wider market trends.

    Marketers should also encourage collaboration among the members of their communities and enable information sharing as much as possible. It’s clear that buyers rely heavily upon these peer reviews before making a decision.

    Finally, marketers must work with analysts and other non-biased third parties to get their input on the market overall, and their business specifically, to help prospective customers make well-informed decisions.
  • Answers From an ABM Expert: B2B Content Marketing
    Answers From an ABM Expert: B2B Content Marketing Sangram Vajre, Cofounder and CMO, Terminus and Damon Waldron, Marketing, BrightTALK Recorded: Aug 9 2018 42 mins
    Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the strategy that just about every B2B marketer is either trying to ramp or at least trying to understand in 2018. ABM content is a critical piece of the puzzle. How do you create effective content that works with ABM tactics but is also scalable? We’re excited to interview one of the foremost ABM thought leaders, Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder of Terminus, about this very topic.

    BrightTALK marketer interviews Terminus Cofounder Sangram Vajre on Account Based Marketing strategies using Uberflip.

    In this lively interview, Sangram will dive into:
    What ABM content is and why it’s different
    How to tackle the right amount of customization and personalization for the right tier of accounts
    Great examples of how marketing teams have been successful with their ABM content approach
  • Reaching the C-Suite: Engaging Executives with Ideas and Innovation
    Reaching the C-Suite: Engaging Executives with Ideas and Innovation Rob Leavitt, Senior Vice President, ITSMA Recorded: Aug 8 2018 59 mins
    B2B marketers have long invested in thought leadership content to demonstrate expertise, fuel issue-based campaigns, and equip sales for higher level conversations.

    All too often, however, we still struggle to reach the C-suite. Senior executives are more important than ever for B2B marketers, but they are notoriously the toughest audience to engage. Their time is short, their BS meters are on high alert, and they ignore all but the most compelling content.

    The good news, however, is that senior executives are anxious for new ideas, and they’re happy to engage when approached in the right way. Join ITSMA’s Rob Leavitt to explore highlights of five specific ways in which leading companies stand apart from the rest in developing and using thought leadership content to engage at the executive level and drive reputation, relationships, and revenue.
  • Promo Smarter, Not Harder: Strategies to Expand Your Audience & Boost Engagement
    Promo Smarter, Not Harder: Strategies to Expand Your Audience & Boost Engagement Hilary Lunkes, Email Marketing Specialist, CareerBuilder Recorded: Aug 8 2018 40 mins
    As marketers, we understand how important it is to produce and share relevant and timely content. But what good does your important message or carefully curated blog post do if no one can find it?

    Content Distribution is an often overlooked component of any marketing strategy, especially as it pertains to webinar promotion. A great message will go nowhere unless properly positioned to spread far and wide. Before spending hours or days working on a presentation no one will attend, develop a solid plan of attack for getting those invites out and your audience RSVP’d.

    Join CareerBuilder’s Hilary Lunkes as she explores the relationships between content distribution, development, and measurement of reach & effectiveness. Learn how to set yourself up for success with a bulletproof promotional strategy by clearly defining your audience, timeline, messaging, and channels for distribution.

    About the presenter:

    Hilary Lunkes is an Email Marketing Specialist at CareerBuilder. Hilary develops strategic campaigns designed to introduce solutions to businesses as they navigate the human capital management space, and educate current clients on new trends and challenges facing the industry.

    About CareerBuilder®
    CareerBuilder is a global, end-to-end human capital solutions company focused on helping employers find, hire and manage great talent. Combining advertising, software and services, CareerBuilder leads the industry in recruiting solutions, employment screening and human capital management. CareerBuilder is majority-owned by funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management, LLC and operates in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.careerbuilder.com.
  • Turn on, Tune in, Drop Knowledge: Build Your Brand via Podcasting
    Turn on, Tune in, Drop Knowledge: Build Your Brand via Podcasting Kent Lewis, President, Anvil Media Recorded: Aug 7 2018 59 mins
    While podcasting was invented in 2004, it wasn’t made popular until Adam Curry of MTV fame brought it to the mainstream over a decade ago. Since then, the platform has grown in popularity, both in terms of listeners and resulting advertising dollars.

    Now that podcasting is back in favor, thanks to investments by media companies ranging from NPR and WCNY Studios to New York Times and Wondery, brands are following suit. This presentation will outline essential strategies and tactics for creating, producing, syndicating, marketing and measuring branded podcasts.

    Key takeaways:
    - The benefits of podcasting
    - Required hardware and software
    - Best practices for creating a winning podcast
    - How to market your podcast effectively

    Kent Lewis is President of Anvil Media Inc., an award-winning digital marketing agency founded in 2000. Since 1999, he’s founded or co-founded four agencies and two professional associations (SEMpdx & pdxMindShare). Lewis has been an adjunct professor at Portland State University since 2000, where he currently teaches search engine marketing. Lewis was a recipient of Portland Business Journal's Top 40 Under 40 Award and named Marketer of the Year by American Marketing Association Oregon.
  • The Revenue-Focused B2B Content Marketing Playbook
    The Revenue-Focused B2B Content Marketing Playbook Jason Stewart, VP Strategic Content, ANNUITAS Recorded: Aug 7 2018 51 mins
    Buyers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content that is being pushed their way on a daily basis but underwhelmed when it comes to quality and relevance. Campaign-based marketing and static nurture programs do not adapt to the buyer’s needs and are typically misaligned to the buyer’s stage in their decision-making process. Designing a strategic content model, friendly to Demand Generation requirements and focused on the buyer’s process get prospects more engaged and converts them to sales at higher rates. But how do you do it?

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • The problems with campaign-based Demand Generation marketing
    • How to create a customer-focused content model optimized for Demand Generation
    • How to improve the customer experience with buyer-focused content
    • Methods for building an integrated and scalable content marketing program

    ANNUITAS VP of Strategic Content Jason Stewart will share how getting the most from content is not about how much content is produced. It is about developing the right content that aligns to the buyer(s) and their purchase process. Move away from tactical, volume-based campaigns and into a strategic, holistic Demand Generation content program that serves the needs of the buyer at every stage of their buying process.
  • Got Leads? How to Find Your Content Core and Drive Revenue From Content
    Got Leads? How to Find Your Content Core and Drive Revenue From Content Garrett Moon, CEO & Co-Founder of CoSchedule and author of the 10x Marketing Formula Recorded: Aug 7 2018 56 mins
    The promise of content marketing is that it’ll create a magical inbound funnel that drips money into your bank account. **headscratch** Not the case? It's time to avoid content marketing traps and develop your content core. Discover how to ride the fine line between traffic and revenue growth by creating content that actually gains customers.

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Discover the Content Core formula for developing content that connects the dots between what your customers care about AND the value your business provides.
    2. Learn to avoid two big “parallel content” booby traps: The Traffic Trap and The Promotional Trap.
    3. Get repeatable steps to research and find your own content core, put it to work, and most importantly, measure results.

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