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The Integrated Marketing Summit provides educational content designed to help marketing professionals drive revenue rapidly via in-person events, online webinars and hands-on workshops.

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7 Deadly Sins of CRM Scott Mangelson, Partner of Armanino’s CRM practice and special guest From making CRM an administrative nightmare to deterring users – discover seven of the most common “deadly sins” companies make with their CRM - and how to correct and avoid these pitfalls.

Join the operations manager of a leading electronics manufacturer and Scott Mangelson,

Partner of Armanino’s CRM practice as they share the impact the Seven Deadly Sins of CRM have on users and your bottom-line. Use these tips to breathe new life into your current CRM or plan your next project.
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Aug 12 2015 6:00 pm
45 mins
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  • This webinar will be presented by Grant Johnson, VP of Strategy at ClickMail and Brian Steacy, Regional Director at Adestra. Grant and Brian will look at these two key marketing tactics and explain how they can form the basis of a successful marketing program.

    You’ll learn more about:

    The importance of email marketing
    How to make sure your emails get in your subscribers inboxes
    Ways to grab the attention of your recipients
    The growing influence of content marketing
    How to build content that engages your audience
    Testing to optimize your customer journeys
  • With the growing importance of social media within today’s marketplace, social media has now become a critical part of the customer service role for many brands. Traditional methods of call centers and canned email responses have given way to full-service customer service teams dedicated to resolving customer needs and concerns quickly and efficiently via social media. In a recent survey, nearly 60% of global CEO’s expect social media to be their primary customer engagement channel within 5 years. Also, 90% of companies will utilize social media for customer care by 2020. Join us to discuss the current landscape and the future direction of social customer care through an examination of best in class brands.
  • Did you know that 89% of marketers say measuring social ROI is a priority, yet almost half say they’re unable to quantify whether social has made a difference in their organization? In this live webcast, we will bring order to ROI chaos and show you how to make the business case for social.

    You will also learn about:

    •Avoiding making ROI the enemy of social value
    •How brands boosted ROI with World Cup social activations
    •Translating social data you are collecting today to business key performance indicators
  • Join ITX’s Executive Vice President of Strategy, Sean Flaherty and Paychex’s Director of Program, Product and UX, Jeremy Durham for an informational webinar that discuses how your technology plan can earn your company brand advocacy.

    Abstract: As a marketer, brand advocacy is always your end goal. There is no better feeling than one of your customers, being so inspired by your solution and sharing that experience with their connections. In order to move clients to brand advocates, you must have a centralized technology strategy.

    So what strategy do you choose? In the webinar, Sean Flaherty and Jeremy Durham will take you through the questions you must answer in order to obtain a technology plan that puts you on a track to inspire brand advocates. The key is to have technology solutions that are worthy of your brand and fully represent the experience clients and prospects can expect from partnering with your company. Creating digital experiences that engage, inform, inspire, and influence the people that matter to you most, where and when they need it, is critical to your success. With so many opportunities to explore, like mobile, social, and location-based offerings, the clever use of technology needs to be a differentiator for your business.

    Be sure to listen in as Sean and Jeremy go through the steps and thought processes required to come up with a winning solution around your technology experiences.

    What You Will Learn:

    It’s important to understand why you do what you do.
    Learn the steps you much achieve to obtain brand advocacy.
    How various technology features can engage your users.
    How various organizations aligned their top executives and executed their technology roadmaps
  • It is harder than ever for today’s marketers to capture and retain customers. Buyers today are even more empowered with an increased access to information. And now, marketing teams must compete across a growing array of digital channels to get their audiences’ attention. Customers get bombarded, and it becomes much harder to know if you are reaching your customers — and if your messages are resonating.

    All this means that the era of campaign-centric, start-stop marketing is over. Marketers can no longer wait until after a marketing campaign ends to determine if it is having an impact. Marketing must be data-driven, continuously improved with predictive outcomes. This webinar will examine how the best marketing organizations are breaking out of the campaign-centric marketing trap, achieving predictable outcomes, and outpacing their competition.
  • Bernie Borges of Social Business Engine and Mike Lemire of HubSpot interview Dan Moyle from Amerifirst Home Mortgage to unveil secrets to their social business success using persona based content marketing. Mike offers an e-book How to Do Inbound Marketing Like HubSpot.

    You'll learn how Dan and Mike developed a content strategy with multiple nurture touch points to drive people into the Top of the Funnel, guiding some of them through the Middle of the Funnel and some to the Bottom of the Funnel resulting in new mortgage customers.

    Rather than the old sales cliché "always be closing," Amerifirst's content is predicated on a different mantra; "always be helping." This approach is producing stellar results. Website traffic has grown from 3,000 to 40,000 per month. And, those visitors are relevant as evidenced by their sales growth.

    Finally, on this episode you'll be entertained by Mike Lemire's amazing singing talent. We managed to get a small sample of Mike's singing on this episode for your entertainment.

    A social business enjoys significant competitive differentiation, brand loyalty, employee loyalty and measurable business results. The Social Business Engine digital TV show will help you advance your social business journey.
  • As markets become more fluid and fragmented, it becomes increasingly complicated for marketers to deliver the right messages to the right potential buyers to cultivate ready-to-buy leads. Traditional demographics are failing as a method for identifying likely buyers, so how do modern marketers keep up?
    Join us to explore the world of lead scoring. Learn how to cultivate a tight relationship between sales and marketing by identifying hot leads, ranked and scored based on profile characteristics and tracked online behavior.

    This session will cover:
    • Why traditional demographics are failing as an identifier for likely buyers
    • The lead scoring equation: Profile + Behavior = Likely Buyers
    • Using lead scores to influence marketing & sales messages
    • Cultivating sales & marketing alignment
    • Case Study: NuGrowth Solutions
  • After the first and second iterations of Google’s Penguin update, which was aimed at sites conducting black-hat link building, the world of link building (actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a page) seemingly changed. Especially with Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm setting the stage for the future of mobile search. Authoritative websites that are focused on the end user and links that you want are now the key focus.

    During this webcast you will learn

    What it takes to build critical links in a post-Google Penguin world.
    Tactics that no longer work
    How the recent Hummingbird update affects your online marketing strategies
  • Become a marketing alchemist and turn leads into gold. Learn how to: align with Sales to understand the four “whats,” understand your market’s key interests, handle responses to provide both short and long term gains, and translate what you have into what people want so you can attract the most promising buyers.
  • Companies are investing millions of dollars to build an eCommerce site focused on driving more traffic, delivering on brand promise and increasing sales success. Yet customer visit bounce rates remain well over 50%, while online conversion percentages have flat-lined at <2% over the last decade.
    Marketers continue to search for deep insights about their customers in order to make their online investments count. With the tremendous amount of data available today, gathering and analyzing the right data with the most effective tools will promote better website targeting, increase conversions and improve customer service.
    Join us on Thursday, August 29th as leading industry expert Bruce Temkin and Head of LP Insights at LivePerson, David Flammia, discuss:
    • New techniques for tapping into more robust unstructured data sources
    • Using text analytics to deliver richer insights about customers
    • Actionable strategies from leading eCommerce and retail brands

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